When Hope Calls (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

The Search

1 Previously on When Hope Calls Sam Tremblay at your service.
Can you swing a hammer? - With one hand? - This? It still works.
(HAMMERING) Ask him to, you know, clean up.
Wondering if you had any work for a couple of handymen.
- I'm sure Sam could use a hand.
- Sam? I hear Tess is looking for a new foreman.
- Yes, she is.
- So tell me what happened.
- I walked into a door.
- What really happened? Uh, Sam? He landed on our doorstep at the perfect moment.
So you don't know anything about him.
(SHRILL WHISTLING) Just make it tight.
You go like this.
It happens.
Why don't you go find another piece.
Great job on the girls' ceiling.
- Thank you.
- I have a few more projects if you don't mind sticking around a little longer.
Oh, a list.
I'm not so good with lists.
Oh! But hold on to it.
I'm gonna go out for a few days, work on the claim.
You'll be back? Unless I strike it rich.
(DOOR CLOSING) (COWS MOOING) (GEESE HONKING) (SIGHING) - (DOG BARKING) - (HORSE NEIGHING) Ugh! Ah! Kids, let's go! Eleanor, are you alright with Fred and Mary Louise? Oh, we'll be fine.
Are you taking the wagon? We find much better flowers by foot.
Have fun.
- I'm gonna start the ironing.
- Nope, nope, nope! You don't have to.
- It's ironing day.
- Take a look! LILLIAN: When did you do that? This morning, when you were upstairs with the children.
Thank you.
Uh, I guess I'll come with you - on your field trip then.
- Nope.
No, no.
You are gonna relax.
You can go read a book or get a coffee at Pearl's.
Thank you.
Off you go! I've reinforced the door, put double locks on it.
Nothing lasts longer than a day.
Constable, I think we've got your next case for you.
What's that? Well, somebody's been stealing from Ken's smokehouse.
That's right.
And it's not the first time.
Last night, they stole some bacon I had in there.
- And an entire fish.
- Really? Yup.
I give you a description, I've seen him before.
Please, let's have it.
Beady yellow eyes, pointy ears, and I saw him wearing a black mask across his face.
I don't suppose you have any handcuff about yea big? You know, Ken, we Mounties don't have jurisdiction over raccoons just yet.
But as soon as I'm allowed to arrest wildlife, I'll make sure to come see you.
Appreciate it.
- Hey! Grace come with you to town? No.
She's with the kids.
She wanted to give me the morning off.
Oh, that's nice of her.
I need a sister like that.
I have four different appointments at different ranches across - the valley today.
- Yikes! What's going on? - Oh! Hello, I'm Constable - Nathan Grant.
- Gabe! - It's good to see you.
Sorry for jumping the gun on this, I just didn't see you in there.
This fella blew the rail line in Kennisis County.
Tried robbing the train.
- Spotted back in Hope Valley? - That's right.
Been on his trail for about a week now.
I lost him three days ago up around these parts.
Does he look familiar? Lillian? Sort of looks like Sam.
(THEME MUSIC) Mounted Police! He's not in there.
Not in the orphanage either.
I didn't say for certain it was Sam, I said the poster kind of looked like him.
I never saw him with his beard.
How long he been staying here? Well, three days.
I lost him three days ago just south of here.
He was looking for food and work.
Well, he didn't get any money from that rain robbery.
Did you get a good look at his hands? What do you mean? Apparently, he's missing the top part of his little finger.
It's on his left hand.
Uh He was wearing a bandage on that hand.
Sometimes gloves.
I don't think I ever saw for sure.
He said he got it scraped up prospecting.
Let's check out the cottage.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
Lillian! Where's Grace and the rest of the kids? They went up towards Fraser Woods with the older ones.
They had a school project.
I'll go get them.
No, no, no, you don't.
You stay here, I'll go, just to be safe.
(BRITISH ACCENT): Nothing's broken.
Ice it when you can and keep it wrapped.
Well, thank you for taking a look.
I just wanted to make sure it wasn't anything more serious.
Well, I didn't quite say that.
You just said my hand was fine.
Stewart, how are you sleeping? What does this have to do with my hand? I'm concerned that your injured hand isn't your biggest issue right now.
Everyone needs a good night's sleep.
I've lost my foreman, my cattle drive starts in a little over two weeks; there is no time for sleep.
Then, make time.
A tired mind makes mistakes.
The axe just slipped.
Has an axe you were swinging ever just slipped before? It was your hand this time, but next time could be much worse.
Well, I'm interviewing prospective foremen this afternoon and maybe one of them will be suitable.
That'll lighten my load.
As your nurse, I encourage you to be open-minded.
As your patient, I will try.
(DOOR OPENING AND CLOSING) I let him stay so close to the house.
There's nothing to worry about.
It's probably not him.
What if it is? What if I let a dangerous man in? None of us sensed anything off about him.
What if we were wrong? I'm sure everything will be just fine.
Didn't exactly settle in, did he? Yeah.
Looks like he might have left in a hurry.
Did you say that this fugitive blew up a rail line? Yeah.
Yeah, that's right, why? Did he say anything about where he was going? He said he was going prospecting, but I don't know where.
- Is that dynamite? - Oh, it was.
It's empty now.
Show her the map.
We found this with his things.
He seems awfully interested in Hodges Pass.
- Is that far from here? - Not if we ride hard.
I'll keep the children inside.
I think that would be best.
Is it pretty? Oh! It is beautiful! MAN: Grace! GIRL: Who's that? I don't know.
Uh, why don't you wait here.
I'll go see what Mr.
Stewart wants.
What's going on? The Mounties think there's a fugitive in the area.
What?! He held up a train just south of Hope Valley.
The constable from that area tracked him this way.
Nathan Grant is here? Who's he? He's just a Mountie that I met in Hope Valley.
Why is there another Mountie here? He just had some business with Constable Kinslow.
It's no big deal.
Are you gonna help us pick flowers? Uh, what's We should we should head back.
Come on.
- (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - (HORSE NEIGHING) (MYSTERIOUS MUSIC) This shouldn't take too long to sort itself out? Lillian thought the fugitive looked like Sam.
How can that be? There's some evidence to that effect.
Let's just hope it's a misunderstanding.
Well, it has to be.
Have a good day.
See you.
Joe, where would you keep your jimmy bars? Uh, uh! Hmm Excuse me? Jimmy bars Crowbars, I think you call them.
Oh, uh I don't have any in stock, but I could order you one.
It's rather a rush.
- A rush? - Yes.
- For a crowbar? - Yes.
Is it a medical thing? Well, I-I work in a medical office and I need it for a thing, so, uh, so, yes, yes, you could say that.
Well, you could borrow mine.
It's just in the back.
"Train robbery.
" Imagine.
We've got two Mounties running him down.
I'm sure a man like that won't want to be anywhere near a town like this.
What do you mean? We're small enough to notice him and big enough to scare him off.
- Have you seen this? - Oh! He's about as well-groomed as my uncle Pete.
The man never did meet a bar of soap he liked.
(MEN CHUCKLING) Oh, excuse me.
, Mrs.
Clark! I, uh I thought you were staying through the weekend.
We heard there's a fugitive on the run, and we thought it best to head back to Union City.
Oh, well, yes, of course.
But if there is a fugitive out there, the open road would be the absolute worst place to be.
In fact, a couple of well-heeled, respectable folks like yourselves, you'd be perfect targets, really.
No, if I were you, I'd stay right here at the hotel 'til everything just blows over, huh? Safe as houses.
Here we are.
- (DOOR OPENING) - GRACE: We're home! Alright, grab some lunch and we can wax your flowers after.
Glad you're all home.
Just a walk in the woods.
Oh, it's better we're all in the one place.
Thank you for coming to find us.
I just had to make sure you all were safe.
I'm sure we've used up enough of your time.
Well, actually, I think I should stick around.
Are you sure that's necessary? Yeah, for my peace of mind and just to be safe.
But of course, it's up to you.
We'd like that very much.
Thank you, Chuck.
So, what's the idea? So, our teacher told us to pick a flower that's most like us.
- I picked a rose.
- It's a nice choice.
They've got thorns.
OK, this wax is very hot, so only Grace is allowed to do the dipping.
- Then what? - Well, once the flowers are coated in wax, then we dip them in the water to cool them off and then just let them dry.
That way they'll be preserved when you take them to school.
Nifty! What did you pick, Christian? It's a leaf from a maple tree.
I like 'em 'cause they grow tall, and they're good for climbing.
It's hard to beat that.
What about you, Grace? What did you pick? Oh, it's not my project.
But if you had to pick one, which one would you be? Maybe a morning glory because she likes getting up so early.
Maybe a violet because your favourite colour's purple? I think maybe a daffodil.
She's bright, they come up in the spring so they're hopeful, and I once read that they're a sign of creativity.
Bright, hopeful, and creative, sounds like our Grace.
Uh, alright, so whose flower is ready? Okay.
(CLEARING HIS THROAT) (MOOING) The problem is you're just too worried about overgrazing.
Yeah, but when you overgraze, you create bigger problems.
- I remember the year when we - When I'm your foreman, we'll just move your herd to the winter pasture a lot later.
Will "we"? Yes, ma'am.
Just leave it to me.
I'm what's known as an ideas man.
I got a lot of 'em.
I bet you do.
Stay right there, Sam.
What's this about? Hoping you can explain this.
- It's for blowing stuff up.
- Like what, exactly? In my case, there's a ridge over there that shows some promising trace, so I wanted to open it up some more.
- What's this about? - Show us your left hand, Sam.
Why? I'm following a train robber.
Tracked him up these parts.
Seems like his love of dynamite cost him a part of his little finger.
You knew I was staying with Miss Walsh and Miss Bennett.
They would have vouched for me.
Actually, it was Miss Walsh who put us onto you.
Lillian? What are you doing? Oh, it's a public service.
I think people should know.
Really? Or you, uh, you could tell me the truth.
Well, it's also extremely good for business.
- Oh.
- I've already convinced four couples to stay a few more nights.
Personally, I'd be happier if the Mounties caught him.
Oh! Well, me too of course.
Yeah, it goes without saying.
It's just that right now I could use all the extra money I can get my hands on.
Speaking of hands, looks like I'm not the only injured Stewart.
Ah, nothing.
Banged it up at the ranch.
Not serious.
What, did you see Maggie? I did.
It's fine.
Good, good.
How goes the foreman hunt? They're either not experienced enough or they're too eager to tell me how to run my ranch.
Thank you.
Well, I'm glad you're looking.
I guess I'll head back into town and see if those posters sparked anyone's memory.
We've been tracking him for over a week, he's got to be getting desperate.
He'll be hungry.
He can't exactly walk into a hotel and order dinner.
But I might know where a bandit can get a free meal.
- (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - (BELL RINGING) Ronnie! How's Tess? Oh, salty as usual.
Oh, you mean her hand.
Uh, she seems fine.
You're family, so I want to tell you something: she cannot continue to burn the candle at both ends.
She needs rest.
Cuts against her grain pretty good.
Still, if you could find a way to reinforce my recommendation, I think it would help.
Excuse me.
Hello, Joe! - How are you doing? - Fine! Something, uh something ail you? No.
No, no.
Look at that.
Oof! Wonderful! My crowbar, is it working out? It's it's doing its job.
What exactly is that job? - Get inside.
- What? OK.
This used to be the gold office.
I know.
I was sweeping up this morning, and I think I found some Well, I'm not sure, but I think it was gold dust.
And then, I thought perhaps there's more.
I suppose it's foolish.
What's foolish is you're trying to do this on your own.
Let me give you a hand.
(BIRDS SINGING) Could you move those, please? Of course.
What's going on? Time to get ready for dinner.
Christian, can you get more tomatoes, please? Is there anything I can do to help? - Are you volunteering? - Definitely heard volunteering.
- Do you know how to use this? - I do, yes.
And how many? The whole pail.
There's ten of us.
That is if you're staying for dinner.
- I thought I might.
- Well then, better stop talking and start peeling.
Helen, one more place setting, please.
You're barking up the wrong tree here.
Raccoons got into my smokehouse.
They're clever.
But any of them wear a size-11 boot? If I was to follow that trail, where would it take me? Goes up north, towards Radford.
GABRIEL: Train line up there, isn't there? That's right.
If you went far enough, you'd hit the Northern Spur.
Gabe! Over here.
Still warm.
Looks like this guy doesn't have such a head start after all.
Hello? Oh, I'm sorry.
Do you have a patient? No just straightening up.
I came in for more of those eye drops, but I can wait if you're busy.
I'll get you a bottle right now.
Is everything alright? Everything is fabulous.
Maggie! I was able to find some more sif ters.
Sifters? Hm? No.
What? (SCOFFING) You know me, Joe.
- Joe? - Mmhmm.
I'm gonna get the story out of you one way or another.
Yeah Please tell her.
What's all this then? I was sweeping up this morning and I think I found some gold dust.
You know, that's not the craziest idea.
- It's not? - When mining was at its peak, Bart used to say that he didn't know what to do with all that gold.
I know where he kept his weigh scales and his safe.
You want in? Step aside.
(SQUEALING) Then there was the time Miss Lillian and I went to our very first barrel race.
No, not this story - Sounds good! - What happened? Miss Lillian and I only went to watch, but then I realized she wasn't sitting next to me anymore.
- Was she lost? - No, she was out on the course with her pony.
She signed herself up for the race.
But it was a bad idea because I didn't have permission.
- Did you get in trouble? - I most certainly did.
But was it worth it? - Well - She won the blue ribbon.
Her very first time on the course.
But still, it was wrong and I hope that none of you ever do anything without permission.
Miss Lillian misbehaved! (LAUGHTER) - Can we hear another story? - Yes.
Please! There was the time she tried to cut her best friend's hair with these big garden shears Okay.
It's definitely time for everybody to clean up.
Thank you, Chuck.
At first light we'll be able to continue tracking.
I hope this guy is ahead of us and hasn't circled back to town.
Is that the bullet wound? It acts up on occasion.
Well, at least the guy that did that is behind bars.
I wish I was sure everyone involved in that robbery was.
What makes you think that they're not? Robber said he didn't steal all the money the bank said he did.
He's a criminal, Gabe.
- He's lying.
That's what they do.
- I know, I know.
But you don't think that's the case, do you? I'm not sure.
Just doing what we were trained to do.
(SIGHING) I need to talk to the bank manager.
And his teller.
But they've both moved on.
Well, that sounds like a coincidence or a clue.
I aim to find out which.
Time for me to get home and give Alice some supper.
Should we call it a night? We'll start back first thing.
Remember, we're in this together.
We won't forget.
By tomorrow we could all be rich.
Just think of the things I could buy my little girl.
- Good night! - Good night.
What would you do? If we found something? Oh I got so caught up in looking, I never even thought about the money.
But if you suddenly had hundreds, even thousands of dollars? You could do anywhere, do anything? I don't know.
- I got everything I want.
- You wouldn't change a thing? I guess I would.
I'd get some new shelves for the store, bring in extra dry goods.
(CHUCKLING) You must be very happy with your life the way it is.
I am.
What about you? What would you do? Nara.
I saw the temples in Kyoto, but ran out of money before Nara.
Then maybe Siam? Wow, you've been to some amazing places.
How'd you ever end up here in Brookfield? Well, I go to places I've never been, and I'd never been to the Great Northwest, so here I am.
- Wherever the wind blows.
- Adventure is my rudder.
Did you ever think it would lead you to finding gold in the floor of an infirmary? Well, that's the wonderful thing about adventure.
You never know what it'll lead to.
I'm not tired.
Are you? (DOG BARKING) - Gets cold out here at night.
- Thank you.
You should get some sleep.
I'll keep watch.
Or we could rehash old stories about when we broke rules.
Sorry about that.
I think at breakfast I'll tell them about what happened when you decided to break open that wasp's nest.
I was just trying to keep them from worrying about the fugitive.
I know.
(MOOING) That's a welcoming sight.
Thank you.
Go on inside.
Lillian! I'm going to have to ask you to stop right there.
That's the second time in two days I've had a gun pointed at me.
Can't say I like it.
- Can't say I blame you.
- Well, I surrender.
Me and all ten of my fingers.
- I had to check.
- Sure you did.
- Sam - Excuse me.
Drop it! (GUNSHOT) (TENSE MUSIC) Hands up.
Glad you're alright.
You don't have to leave.
Think I do.
Sam, I'm sorry.
When you got here, you'd been you'd been living in the rough and you looked it.
I get it.
These children are under my protection.
I understand.
You couldn't take any chances.
I'm just surprised you think that I'm the kind of man that would blow up a train.
I didn't think it was you.
I just I couldn't completely rule out the possibility that it was.
Thank you for the roof over my head and the meals.
Mighty grateful, ma'am.
(MOOING) Lucie.
Good to see you.
What brings you out here? That was a nice party you had the other day.
- Thank you.
Do you mind? - Yeah.
I don't think you rode all the way out here to tell me that.
You're right.
I came out here to talk business.
Oh! Well, what can I do to help you? I hear you're looking for a new foreman.
I am.
You couldn't do better than me.
Really? OK, why is that? I'm smart, experienced modest.
What would your father say about you leaving his ranch? My brother's taking over.
I'll be taking orders from him.
I'd rather take them from you.
I see.
Anything you need, I can take off your hands.
You think so? I heard about Daniel.
The thing is, you've known me since I was twelve.
You'd never have to wonder about trusting me.
You already started working?! We never stopped.
- Find anything? - Afraid not.
Unless you call this something! I believe, my friends, we have just hit what is it you say here? Hit the pay dirt! - Just hit pay dirt.
- Hit pay dirt! (SQUEALING) Have a look! We found our man.
I wanted to be sure you knew.
- That's good.
You're all right? - Yes.
It wasn't Sam.
Did he come back here? Yeah, he did.
And then he left again.
For good.
It's probably for the best.
Why would it be for the best? He wasn't a fugitive, but you barely know the man.
I had a good sense about him.
You did the right thing.
You have children to protect.
Thank you for letting us know that you found the right man.
Is Mr.
Sam back? No, Freddie.
'Cause I can do it now! I can whistle.
I want to show him! I'm afraid Mr.
Sam was just passing through and he won't be back.
But you could show me.
I would love to see you whistle.
(WHISTLING) Great! - Try again? - (WHISTLING) Headquarters is sending a transport wagon tomorrow.
- Good.
- Listen, um Thank you for all your help in finding this guy.
My pleasure.
Oh, uh, Gabe What was the name of the manager and the teller? Mike Sinclair was the manager.
Russell Meeks was his teller.
I'll keep my eyes and ears open.
If I hear anything, I'll be sure to let you know.
Oh, Gabe try not to get shot again.
And you try not to get blown up.
Twenty-four hours of digging and we found a lovely piece of fool's gold.
How about a cup of coffee and a free slice of cake for each of my fellow treasure hunters? That is tempting, but seeing as we're back to normal working folk, I better open the store.
It was a pleasure.
(LAUGHING) You know I enjoyed the excitement.
- So did I.
- Really? With all the places you've been, I would've thought Brookfield wouldn't be too exciting for you at all.
I came here on a whim, but this town continues to surprise me.
I'm glad.
But there is one treasure I can't find anywhere else.
What's that? Your Victoria sponge cake, of course.
You're obviously a woman with great taste.
(LAUGHING) Let's go in.
So, how 's your day off? (GIGGLING) - It's very relaxing.
- (GIGGLING) It's good we're safe and sound.
And I only managed to accuse one innocent man in the process.
You just did what you thought you had to do.
That's what Constable Kinslow said.
Constable Kinslow? He's not Gabriel anymore? Hey, he found the fugitive.
He was just doing what he thought he had do to.
I know.
So was I.
Just doesn't feel great.
(SIGHING) Sam's probably sleeping outside tonight.
The man's a prospector.
He probably always sleeps outside.
The kids sure like having Chuck around.
They do.
How about you? (LAUGHING) Chuck's a good man.
(GRUNTING) Here, Tess, let me get that.
Did Maggie suggest that the best medicine for your hand was more work? Just doing what needs doing.
Heard you were considering Lucie Clay as your new foreman.
Yeah, I considered her.
She's not the right fit.
I think she's the perfect fit.
- I disagree.
- Why? She's not a Stewart.
Tess, Chuck doesn't want the job.
If you keep waiting around for him, you're gonna run yourself into the ground.
He has a career.
It's gonna be his ranch one day.
Is it? You and my brother built your ranch up from a few acres into the biggest in the valley.
You should be proud of that.
- Yeah, I am.
- I completely understand - you wanna keep it in the family.
- I do.
But if you're asking Chuck to become the foreman just so he'll run the ranch, it's not gonna work.
Why not? It's the Stewart Ranch.
If Chuck is running it day in, day out, he is gonna see that this is what This is what he's meant to do.
Tess, Chuck loves you.
And he loves Brookfield.
But he studied hard to become a vet.
That's his dream.
How long did you want to tell me this? I've been practicing all day, pretty much.
You're not gonna drop it, are you? My brother would never forgive me if I didn't look out for you.
Well, I guess I need to have another chat with Lucie Clay.
A few more of those bags need loading.
You know, because I need the help Great.
- Thank you.
- Nothing to thank me for.
Well, Eleanor disagrees.
Her and the children baked you cookies.
Be crazy to turn that down.
Thank you.
The kids really enjoyed your stories about Lillian as a kid.
I have plenty more of those.
I can come by anytime to tell some more.
I think the children would be thrilled.
You know, growing up at the ranch, it was just my folks and I.
Here, it's a lot louder, busier.
- It's pretty crazy.
- Yeah, but it's fun and cheerful and warm.
Except for the fugitive part, I really enjoyed staying here.
I'm glad.
This home that you and Lillian made it's the kind of home I hope to have someday.