When Hope Calls (2019) s01e07 Episode Script


1 Previously on When Hope Calls I'm gonna go out for a few days, work on the claim.
I didn't say for certain that it was Sam.
I said the poster kind of looked like him.
I never saw him with beard.
I just hope it's a misunderstanding.
What was the name of the teller or manager again? Mike Sinclair was the manager.
Russell Meeks was his teller.
And this home that you and Lily had made the kind of home I hope to have someday.
I'm just surprised that you think that I'm the kind of man that would blow up a train.
You don't have to leave.
Oh, Gabriel, good.
You've saved me a trip to your office.
- Nothing official, I hope.
- No, um, personal.
I was wondering if you would be free tomorrow evening.
- I certainly could be.
- (GIGGLING) Um I'm planning a party at the orphanage for Grace's birthday.
The children are going crazy with the decorations.
A party.
That sounds like fun.
It's a secret, though.
I can keep a secret.
I'm taking Grace to Pearl's to keep her out of the house until 6, so can you be there for 5:30? Of course.
Whatever you need.
I just I want everything to be perfect.
Knowing you, it will be.
I'm gonna have a new server tomorrow.
Fred's gonna be with me.
Isn't he too young to take a job? It's vocational day at school.
And Fred was sick, so he missed it.
So, he's gonna make it up tomorrow and he chose to work with me.
And he chose to work in a hotel? As a server? Yeah.
(WHIMSICAL MUSIC) - What? - Well, you'd figure a child would dream bigger, like a doctor or a lawyer.
Your uncle works in a hotel.
- Well, he owns it.
- (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) Well, maybe Fred understands that we all can't own hotels.
- I I didn't - Excuse me.
I didn't I didn't mean that.
You're pretty handy.
I get by when I'm not robbing trains.
So, you're working for Hinson now? I am.
Do you think you'd be free tomorrow night, after work? It depends.
You gonna set the Mounties on me again? It was an honest mistake.
Hold on.
What time tomorrow night? 5:30.
It's for Grace's birthday.
I'll be there.
- (DOG BARK) - (OWL HOOT) (DOG BARKING) Blankets must be in here somewhere.
The girls are ready for their bedtime story.
I'll be in in a minute.
What's this? That is my old music box.
I remember that.
There's no music.
It's been broken for a while.
Why do you keep it? My mom and dad gave that to me on my fifth birthday.
It's the last one I had with them.
That was a long time ago.
Here, um there we go.
Can you carry these into the house? I remember that birthday.
That was a great day.
It was.
So, birthday girl, tomorrow after work, coffee and a cupcake.
Right? I really don't wanna make a fuss.
Oh, honey, you gotta let me do something.
- It's just another day.
- Not to me, it's not.
It's the day my incredible sister came into this world.
- Okay, fine.
- (CHUCKLING) - One cupcake.
- Perfect.
Are you sure you don't want to do anything else? I don't want anything.
Coffee with my sister that I can manage.
(THEME MUSIC) Where are you off to? One of Ralph Thompson's goats has mange.
What about my mare? I don't think she's ready yet.
Looked to me like she could start labour anytime.
Well, if she does, have one of your ranch hands come get me.
What, and you'll be at the Thompsons'? Yeah, and then in town.
(SCOFFING) You mean the hotel? Yeah, I might get a bite to eat.
You remember Mike Sinclair, the manager of the Savings and Loan? And Russell Meeks, his clerk? - Sure.
- Any idea where they are now? I haven't heard anything.
I've sent out a few inquiries as to their whereabouts.
- No luck.
- Why are you looking for them? They've got some answers I need.
You're not going to tell me the questions, are you? (SCOFF) What was your impression of them? You knew them as well I did.
I was only in the bank once a month to deposit my pay.
Figured with the store, you had more dealings with them.
Just us talking? Of course.
(SIGH) Sinclair had an attitude.
Like the Savings and Loan, or even this town, weren't big enough for him.
Meeks? Meeks had to look to Sinclair to see which way to jump.
(SENTIMENTAL PIANO MUSIC) (LIGHT INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) So, you put the cutlery on the napkin like so.
- Oh! Good morning.
- Morning.
- You remember Fred? - Hello, Fred.
I hear you'll be working with us today.
- Yup.
- Oh, I shouldn't say "working".
You do know there's no pay involved? I can get more knives, forks and plates too! Oh, there's a lot.
I can give you a hand with that.
- I got it.
- (CHUCKLING) I just wanted to be clear about the money situation, you know, so there's no expectations.
We understand.
And thank you for letting Fred help out today.
It's OK! I didn't drop them all.
It's okay! I didn't drop them all.
- I'm gonna - Yes, go, go.
I'll take those.
- I'll get more.
- No, no.
That's okay! That's okay! (BIRDS CHIRPING) Really coming along.
Better be or I'll be out of a job.
Well, looks like you're almost finished.
I don't know.
This stencil's really fighting me.
I could help you with that.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
And that would give you some time to show me some marquetry and refinishing.
Why? What's this? Oh I see.
Looks like it's had a rough ride.
Grace has been carrying it around for almost 20 years.
I wanna restore it for her.
Well Let's see what we can do.
There's a secret to this.
Oh Thank you, Fred.
How's the waitering business? Great.
I dropped your knife and fork.
Don't worry, they're clean.
I wiped them on my pants.
Thank you very much.
New help working out? Well, if he stays through the dinner shift, I won't have a single plate left.
GRACE: There you go.
That's good.
Someone took a bite of my pie! (STAMMERING) I'll get you another piece.
I'll handle this.
Fred, I think you and I need to have a little chat.
I'm so sorry.
I can see why Fred likes the restaurant business.
- I'm afraid you're right.
- (DISHES BREAKING) Excuse me.
Where did you learn to do all this? Well, my father believed you should learn every skill that you can because you never know when you might need it.
With my father, it was a fascination with how things worked.
Being able to take something apart and put it back together again.
Without having any pieces left over.
Put you to work, did he? I do the building and she does the decorating.
We make a perfect team.
Actually, it's a barter arrangement.
I'm stenciling in return for instruction.
I think I got the better end of the deal.
I'm really looking forward to tonight.
Me too.
I'll see you there.
Yes, you will.
I need a box of your best chocolates.
Best box has been sold.
- Really? - Ben Mendelson was in earlier and he snapped them up, but I can sell you my second best box of chocolates, if you think Lillian will be okay with those.
- Oh, they're not - Oh, I don't need to know who they're for.
It looks just fine.
Thank you.
This just came in.
It's marked "Urgent".
Any reply? Yes.
"Thanks, I'm on my way.
" Stop.
"Signed, Kinslow.
" - On your way? - The telegram's from Constable Clark.
Meeks was reported getting on the stage in Benson Hill.
He's headed south.
I gotta catch him at the next stop.
See Fred, I have contingency breakage costs built into the budget, but you already exceeded this month's numbers.
I don't understand.
Well, for today, you're going to just watch, and not do.
Heh heh.
You're fired, son.
Oh, excuse me.
Stewart said I was fired.
It's okay.
Everyone gets fired from their first job.
At least you got it out of the way.
Thank you both for a fine lunch.
Tess needs you back at the ranch.
The mare seems to be having trouble.
- Okay, let's go.
- You're going to a ranch?! - Can I come? - You like ranches, do you? Mr.
Stewart has a lot of work to do.
I like animals.
I thought you wanted to learn about working in a restaurant.
I got fired.
Please? I'll write my report about working on a ranch.
Well, if it's okay with Miss Bennett.
Go get your coat.
I'll wait for you two outside.
Thank you.
I guess you were right all along.
Being a waiter wasn't the best choice.
I disagree.
I think it's an essential service, and one of my favourite people waits tables.
There will be eight.
My brother and his wife and my aunt and uncle are all coming from Hamilton.
- Hamilton? - They wanted us to all meet there, but I told them the Royal Brookfield was as good as anything they had in the city.
Well, of course it is.
Everything's gotta be perfect.
- Did you put the champagne on ice? - The champagne Yes! Of course, we got the champagne on ice.
Well I'll come back later to check on things.
Sounds good.
I will see you then, Ben.
So Ben and his family - are coming from Hamilton? - Yes indeed.
Apparently, the Royal Brookfield is becoming a bit of a destination hotel.
Sounds like you might need my help tonight.
Oh, that would be great.
Are you sure? Yeah.
I'll stay and do the prep and then I'll just leave around 6.
That'd be an enormous help.
Not that I'm not totally in control of everything.
Just, uh, where do we keep the champagne again? - Root cellar.
- Right, right.
- And then the fancy table - The linen closet.
Thank you! Okay.
(SOFT MUSIC) What's the problem? I can't get it to play the music.
Let's see.
(MUSIC STARTS AND STOPS) Huh I wanted it to be perfect.
It's 20 years old, it's been through a lot.
Sometimes you fix what you can and be satisfied with what you can't.
I suppose.
You did a heck of a job repairing the inlay.
- You think so? - Yeah.
I couldn't match the grain, so I decided to use contrasting pieces.
Pairing the different woods together really brings out the best in each one.
It's much more interesting.
Yeah, I thought so too.
You have a really good eye.
Are you thirsty? Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Would it be possible to get some lemonade to take away? - Sure.
How many? - Uh, it's for Sam and I.
He's working for Hinson now, and I'm helping him out.
- Really? - No! No, it's nothing like that.
I just He has a piece he has to finish tonight, he needed an extra set of hands.
Oh, but don't worry, no! I told him I have to be done in time to take my little sister for her birthday cupcake.
Which I am all set for! So, you better start thinking about your wish.
Actually, Ronnie needs an extra set of hands tonight too.
So sorry, I'm not gonna be able to make our coffee date.
- But it's your birthday! - Yeah, I told you, it's it's not I just It doesn't matter.
But why does Ronnie need you? Ben Mendelson is having a party, and there's a lot of work to do.
Doesn't Ronnie have another waitress? Yeah, um, there's just a lot of prep, and I told him I would help.
What time are you gonna be home? Around 6.
Don't worry, we can we'll do the cupcake another time.
Did Ronnie ask you to help, or are you volunteering? I just, I knew he needed the help.
Or are you just looking for an excuse not to celebrate? I told you I don't like birthdays.
I don't understand why.
Do you remember your ninth birthday? Yeah.
I don't.
It was probably a lot like my eighth or my tenth.
Sometimes I would get a cookie, sometimes I wouldn't.
You know the thing I remember most about my birthdays? It was the saddest time of the year, because it is when I miss my family the most.
And every one reminds me of just being stuck in this orphanage and being scared and alone and not having you - or mom and dad.
- But Grace, I'm here now.
And we can replace all those memories with good ones.
It doesn't work like that.
Um I'll get you your lemonades.
I'm just (MELANCHOLY MUSIC) (MOOING) All right, little man.
You ready? Come on, let's go.
Today's a very special day.
One of the horses is having a baby.
She's up and down a lot.
I think that foal's turned.
I'll have a look.
Who's that? That's Fred.
Grace and Lillian's.
Well, you have a mare to look to, and I have a ranch to run; who's gonna watch him? I can watch myself.
Well, you'll need to.
C'mon, let's go see this mare.
What's wrong with her? - She's having a baby.
- Your mom is having a baby?! (CHUCKLING) Come on.
WOMAN: I thought you were taking Grace for coffee before the party.
- Change of plans.
- Why? She's working at the hotel now until 6.
That's still okay.
We'll be ready by the time she gets home.
- Oh - What? She says she doesn't want to celebrate her birthday.
Oh You know Grace, always putting everyone else first.
She'll change her mind once she sees what we have in store for her.
I hope so.
(SOFT MUSIC) (BIRDS CHIRPING) When's the southbound stage due? - Come and gone.
- Gone? How long ago? 30 minutes? There weren't any passengers, so no need for waiting.
There were no passengers? No one got on here.
There was one fellow already on it.
How would I catch that stagecoach? Take the Fraser Cut-off, and you might have a shot.
- Obliged.
- (NEIGH) The foal's in a good position.
It shouldn't be too much longer now.
All right.
Well I'll leave you with her.
- Mr.
Stewart! Mr.
Stewart! - Sh! Not too loud, we don't want to spook the mare.
Something bad happened - Lock the doors.
Round 'er up.
- (MOOING) Why would you open the gate? I just wanted to pet one of the cows, but they started moving.
And you didn't think to close it behind you? - I'm sorry.
- Yeah, well, sorry isn't gonna get those cows back in the corral, is it? (MELANCHOLIC MUSIC) (SIGH) - What's the problem? - I'll deal with it.
What are you doing in here? You know, it's not a good idea to run away from your mistakes.
I, um I made a mistake a moment ago.
I spoke harshly to you.
So, I came in here to fix it.
To say I'm sorry.
That's what you need to do, too.
You made a mistake, now you should try and fix it.
I don't know how.
Come on, I'll show you.
(TENSE MUSIC) (NEIGHING) (DRAMATIC MUSIC) Whoa! Hold up! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Picked up a passenger in Benson Hills? Said he was going to catch a train in Clearwater.
- Heading to San Francisco.
- Where is he? Bunch of miles back, he told me to hold up.
Took his bags and got out in the middle of nowhere.
Where exactly is this nowhere? Oh, what beautiful roses! Can I get you a vase? Please.
Thank you.
They're my mother's favourite.
My father must have asked me four times to make sure they were the centrepiece.
- That's so sweet.
- I guess it's the kind of thing that's kept them happily married for 50 years.
- 50 years?! - That's what we're celebrating, their Golden Anniversary.
That looks good.
Thank you.
I'm really hoping the Royal Brookfield makes this a special night.
We'll do everything we can.
I'm sure.
I should get back to the store.
Yeah, um, my mom wanted to make sure you had the lemon cake - that she requested.
- I'll check.
Let me guess it's your dad's favourite? You got it.
You've been to so much trouble.
Well we love them.
We want to celebrate that fact.
(SENTIMENTAL MUSIC) - Looks like we're all set.
- I wanna stay.
I mean, it's their 50th anniversary, and I think everything should be perfect.
That would be great.
The reputation of the Royal Brookfield is on the line.
(CLAP) Okay.
- (MAN SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY) - (MOOING) MAN: Get ready to close the gates! How does he do that? Actually, the horse does most of the work.
- Not Billy? - No.
Cows weigh a lot more than people, right? But you get a good horse, it knows what to do and the cows listen.
Come on out.
Let's put the fence over.
All right.
Everything back the way it was.
Thank you for your help.
I like it here.
Well, I'm glad you do.
We're gonna do the count on that south herd, Ms.
Stewart? - You go ahead with that, Billy.
- Okay.
You, um you ever ridden a horse? No.
Come on.
(TENSE MUSIC) (TWIG SNAPS OUTSIDE) Who's out there? Don't come any closer.
I'm armed.
I need you to put your gun down.
- Constable Kinslow? - Russell The gun.
How did you find me? I think the question is: why are you hiding? - Someone's after me.
- Mike Sinclair? How did you know? Because I'm after him.
- Why? - I think the man I put in jail isn't the only one who stole from the Brookfield Savings and Loan.
SAM: Looks like we finished just in time.
- Yeah, luckily.
- Luck and hard work.
You did a fine job on that.
Thank you.
I'm guessing you had an excellent teacher.
(CHUCKLING) I hate to encourage you, but I have to agree.
I just hope she likes it.
She said she didn't want anything for her birthday.
When people go out of their way to do nice things it usually pays off.
I just wish I could have gotten the music to play.
She'll appreciate it all the same.
I'd better run though, make sure everything's ready.
Uh, you go, and I'll bring this at 5:30.
I'm gonna put another coat of varnish on it.
I will see you then.
See you then.
(MOOING) Tess? Fred? You just hold on tight.
This horse knows what he's doing.
I thought Sinclair was stealing money from the bank, and then doctoring the books to make everything look like it was fine.
So the robbery gave him a chance to cover it all up.
Yeah, I think so.
Can you prove it? I got to see the books one night, but he came in and shut them real quick.
- What did you see? - Nothing.
But I don't think he realizes that.
A friend of mine from my hometown said Sinclair was there looking for me.
- So you ran.
- From what I understand, stealing money from the bank, that's not the worst of it.
Sinclair's operation is much bigger than that.
What do you mean? He's been using his money and other people's money to invest in businesses, but then he starts demanding bigger and bigger shares of the profit.
- What if they don't wanna pay? - It's not an option.
I'd be happy to put a man like that in jail.
I don't know anything.
I mean, not anything I could swear to in front of a judge.
What I do know is I'd be in serious danger if he knew I was talking to you.
Grace It looks terrific.
But I thought Ronnie had other help tonight.
We all want to make it a special night for your folks.
Thank you.
We'll be right down.
My parents are just freshening up.
Miss Grace who gave you those flowers? What? Was it Mr.
Stewart? Vincent says he's sweet on you.
Uh, they're not for me.
They're for a celebration here tonight.
- Oh.
For who? - You know Ben? He runs the feed store.
It's for his family.
So what are you two doing here? We came to get you and Fred.
Just you know because.
That's so sweet.
But Fred's not here.
Stewart took him to the ranch, and I'm staying here to help with the dinner.
Don't worry, um, Mr.
Stewart will bring Fred home and you can tell Miss Lillian not to wait for me for dinner.
- Okay, but - We'll tell her.
(BIRD CAWING) TOGETHER: Surprise! - Where's Grace? - She's working late.
She told us to tell you not to wait on dinner.
Alright Fred, you ready to go? Can't we stay a little longer? I'm afraid not.
You've got a party to go to.
Can I see the baby horse first, please? I won't let it get out.
Mind you don't get too close.
I think he had a lot of fun today.
Thank you.
Somebody had to take care of him while you helped with the foal.
- Well, I appreciate it.
- Honestly, it was nice having a little boy around the place again.
Do you remember the first time you lassoed a steer? Yeah, I do.
And that knot cinched so tight, you couldn't get it off, but you didn't give up.
Yeah, once you got the hang of it, you were a natural.
This is the best place in the world for a boy to grow up.
It is.
Hold on.
I want to get something before you go.
So what are you gonna do now? Gonna follow the money trail, see where it leads.
Well, what if you can't find any proof? The thing about criminals is that they always stay true to their nature.
- What do you mean? - Sinclair will continue to commit crimes; the next time he does, I will be there.
Surprise! Grace is working late.
I guess Gabriel is too.
Hopefully, it's nothing serious.
So, do we wait? I don't know.
Maybe I should've listened to Grace.
She didn't want anything for her birthday to begin with.
People say that all the time.
Grace is the one person who might actually mean it.
Not wanting something doesn't mean that you don't need it.
- (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) - (PLEASANT MUSIC) Would you like a little cupcake? Oh no, that's fine.
(RONNIE SIGHING) (WHISPERING): Where were you? I'd like to say a few words.
50 is a lot of anniversaries.
In the early days, we celebrated in a one-room log cabin, and the bouquet was wildflowers that I'd picked in the pasture.
But we remember every anniversary because we are always with the family that we love.
And then and that's what (CLEARING HIS THROAT) that's what makes it special.
FAMILY: Cheers.
Happy anniversary, honey.
You're a sweetheart.
- (MAN LAUGHING) - MAN 1: Congratulations.
MAN 2: Yes.
Happy anniversary, you two.
Thank you.
My family said that was as good as anything in Hamilton.
Well, you're absolutely welcome, Ben.
And don't forget to spread the word.
- We will.
- (ADULTS CHUCKLING) - Have a good night, folks.
- Thanks.
Well! Thank you for staying.
- That was lovely.
- Mhm.
I guess you'll be want to be heading home? - It's been a long day.
- Yeah.
Uh, Grace, there is one other thing: I think some of the family were up on the balcony.
Would you mind just toodeling up there and cleaning up whatever mess might be around? - Sure.
- Good.
Thank you.
I'll give you a hand.
Ronnie, there aren't any dishes out here.
Oh! Neat guests.
Hahaha! That's a first.
Good night.
- Oh, uh, Grace, uh - Yes? I probably don't say this nearly enough, but you do a good job here.
Uh, you actually never said that to me.
Oh, really? Haha! Well, you do.
You do a good job.
Thanks, Ronnie.
Anything else? Uh, no.
No, I guess that's it, huh? - Well, after you.
- Thanks.
TOGETHER: Surprise! Happy Birthday, Grace! Oh! (CRYING) Why is Miss Grace crying? Because she's so happy I hope.
Are you? Um yes, I think so.
(CRYING) Yeah, yeah I'm happy.
Miss Lillian told us you love stars, so we made star decorations.
They're beautiful.
The children have something they want to tell you.
Miss Lillian asked us, each, to think of one reason why we loved you.
But we couldn't do it.
Because there are so many reasons.
Nobody could think of just one! So we made you a card and wrote down as many things as we could fit on it.
Thank you.
I love you all of you.
I thought maybe we could try a picnic again someday (GRACE LAUGHING) It's beautiful.
Thank you.
(CLANKING NOISE) Um, am I supposed to fill this myself? Nah, that'll be my birthday gift.
(SNIFFLING) Happy birthday, Grace.
Thank you.
CHILDREN: Ooooh! - What about me? - Thanks, Ronnie! - Oh.
- (CHILDREN LAUGHING) Just excuse me for a second.
Oh! Grace is all of this okay? Yeah.
You went to so much trouble.
Well, we were gonna do it at the house, but then you were working late.
I'm sorry.
I I didn't know that you were No, no.
I just I wanted to show you that we can make great birthday memories.
Thank you.
It's just, uh hard.
I know.
Ladies? Come on! Let's cut the cake.
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Grace Happy birthday to you (APPLAUSE) (MELANCHOLY MUSIC) When you blew out the candles, what'd you wish for? I may not know much about birthdays, but I know if you tell, then it won't come true.
Whatever it was, I hope you get it.
Now, time will tell.
May I have a piece? Of course! Here you go.
Oh, I love your hat! - Where did you get it? - It's Mr.
From when he was little! That's so sweet.
- You gave him your old hat? - Not him.
Mom will never admit it, but I think she was quite taken by this one.
Well, I guess you know what you want to be when you grow up.
- Dont you? - A rancher! - Mrs.
Stewart said I'm a perfect fit.
- Oh, good idea, Fred! Not sure you're cut out for the restaurant business.
(CHEERY PIANO MUSIC PLAYING) - Can I get a flower? - Oh, yeah.
Take this over to the orphanage in the morning.
I don't want the boy to be cold.
Yes, ma'am.
(LAUGHTER) What is that? Grace looks like she's okay with her party.
- Yeah.
Sure appears so.
- (PIANO MUSIC PLAYING) Sorry I'm so late.
I had to go out of town.
Nothing serious, I hope.
I missed this party, that's serious enough.
And I believe there's no cake left.
I don't know about that.
There might be a small piece.
- Hey.
- Oh, thank you! Thank you.
(OWL HOOTING) - What's this? - It's for you.
- The gifts keep coming.
- (BOTH CHUCKLING) (GENTLE PIANO MUSIC) Sam showed me how to repair it.
The finish is uneven and it still - doesn't play music but - It's perfect.
When it hurts too much to remember, it's like you put your memories in a box and if you open that box You're happy now It doesn't have to stay shut.
(MUSIC BOX PLAYING) Sam must have fixed it.
Hush, little baby, don't you cry Mama's gonna sing you a lullaby Feels like mom is gonna come in and kiss us good night.
And that Mom and Dad are wishing you happy birthday.
Thank you.