When Hope Calls (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

About a Girl

1 Previously on When Hope Calls Russell.
I'm planning a party at the orphanage for Grace's birthday.
That sounds like fun.
Do you think you'd be free tomorrow night after work? You gonna set the Mounties on me again? It was an honest mistake.
Hold on.
What time tomorrow night? - Pardon me, ma'am.
- Hey! From what I understand, stealing money from the bank, that's not the worst of it.
Sinclair's operation is much bigger than that.
- What do you mean? - He's been using his money to invest in businesses, but then he starts demanding bigger and bigger shares of the profit.
What if they don't wanna pay? - (GASP) - Ronnie! - Are you okay? - It's nothing, I'm fine.
(ALL TOGETHER): Surprise! - (GASP) - Happy birthday, Grace! (BIRDS CHIRPING) (SOFT MUSIC) (DISTANT MOOING) - All done.
- Oh.
- Fixed the kitchen window.
- Thank you.
- Kids were playing ball.
- Well, was it a bad throw - or a bad catch? - It depends on who you ask.
Well, is there anything else you need? Actually Oh.
That's right.
You like your lists.
What's wrong with lists? They're just sort of the enemy of spontaneity.
Well, spontaneity's the enemy of efficiency.
Lillian? This telegram just came in for you.
Thank you.
(PAPER RUSTLING) (SOFT PIANO MUSIC) What's with Miss Lillian? What's with Miss Lillian? - What did you do? - I don't know.
Helen, this just came! We found your grandfather.
- You did? - He's sending his lawyer tomorrow.
- He is? - Yeah! (LAUGHING) - More coffee? - No, thank you.
Don't you ever get tired of the food here? I come here for the special.
There isn't a special.
Well, then you're not seeing it from my perspective.
What's a girl gotta do for service around here? Eve?! Hi! - Oh, my - What? I (STAMMERING) I can't believe this! I thought you were in San Francisco.
It's such a beautiful city.
You have to see it.
Well, yes.
Someday I will.
But where did we say we'd end up? - New York?! - New York, that's right! I'm on my way there, but I thought I'd take a slight detour to see my oldest and dearest friend.
- A slight detour? - Well, I'd travel to China to see you.
Okay, so how long are you staying? As long as it takes.
For what? To convince you to come with me.
(NERVOUS CHUCKLE) (THEME MUSIC) As the banker in town, you must have an idea of what's being bought and sold.
Apart from financing the purchase of 500 acres for Ian McMichaels, we haven't done much recently.
What about private investment? Stuff that hasn't gone through your bank? Well The biggest is the hotel.
Yeah, well, as a Stewart, Ronnie probably wouldn't need financing.
As far as I know, Tess is the only one with money in that family.
So, you're saying Ronnie couldn't build it on his own? No.
He did try and get a loan from us at one point.
Tried? It was before my time.
Back when Mike Sinclair was bank manager.
I saw the paperwork.
Ronnie applied, but his application was denied.
So, where'd he get the money to build? Your guess is as good as mine.
(TENSE MUSIC) This is a beautiful little town.
It is.
But what happened to the Grace I knew who was desperate to move to the big city? You got my letters.
Lillian happened.
I'm happy you reconnected with your sister.
But New York.
I know, I know.
We always talked about going - to New York - It was more than just talk.
This was our dream.
It got us through the tough times.
There were a lot of them (SIGH) They say over 5 million people live there.
Can you imagine? (CLATTERING) Excuse me.
Hi! - Can I help you? - Ms.
Joanna Larkin.
I have a reservation.
Okay There you are.
Is it true about the restorative properties? The what? "Feeling fatigued? Unhappy? Anxious? "Come to the Royal Brookfield and experience the restorative properties of this little hamlet.
" Ronnie? Ms.
Larkin is responding to your ad about the hotel's restorative properties.
Ah, ah.
Not the hotel's, the town's.
Why pay for a pricey wellness centre when you can be reinvigorated in Brookfield? Ronnie.
Excuse me.
- Can we talk? - Certainly.
Have a cup of coffee and I'll be right with you.
I mean in my office.
Uh, why there? It's official business.
Well, surely you can see how busy I am.
Are you? Another time, please.
Tomorrow morning? Sure.
I'll see you then.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) Lillian, I want you to meet Eve.
Eve Gardener? The one and only.
Oh, it is so nice to meet you! I've heard so much about you.
- And I've heard about you.
Something has the girls excited.
Take a look.
(SOFT MUSIC) Excuse me.
Helen! We, uh we tracked down the grandfather of one of our children.
Finding family, that's the dream.
- It is.
- Can I give you a hand? That'd be great.
Thank you.
You can start with the peas.
So Grace tells me you grew up in this house.
Yeah, that's right.
It's a far cry from the dormitory Grace and I shared with eight other girls at the Binford Orphanage.
Yeah, I bet.
She told me about those days.
That must've been hard.
I protected her as best I could.
What do you mean? We had a couple bullies.
I kept them away from her.
I didn't know.
You two were apart for a long time.
Yeah, we were.
Helen wants a special hairdo for tomorrow.
It's just his lawyer, not quite her grandfather.
Well, it's close enough.
I'm gonna try out some hairdos on her after I finish helping you with dinner.
Oh, you can do it now if you like.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
I'll help.
Grace does the best French braids.
- Good.
Heh heh.
You're here.
Well, so can I, uh how can I help you? Have a seat.
Well you know, as it turns out, we are quite busy this morning.
Maybe we should just reschedule, and It'll only take a minute.
So, as you know, I was in the hospital for a while.
Yes! And may I say, you were always in our thoughts and prayers.
I appreciate that.
So, I'm still trying to catch up with all that went on while I was gone.
Oh, I'll bet.
So, during that time, you built your beautiful hotel.
I did that.
She is my pride and joy.
- It must've been pretty costly.
- Well, it wasn't cheap.
How'd you afford it? Oh, well you know.
No, I don't.
Well, I borrowed some money.
- From? - The bank.
- The bank here in town? - Mm-hmm.
The bank manager told me your loan application was denied.
Oh, wait.
(STAMMERING) That's what I meant to say.
That's actually the opposite of what you just said.
Uh Golly, do you have a fire on in here? It, um No.
So, you were saying about where you got the money? Uh, right.
Well, to be honest, the reason I mentioned the whole bank thing is because she didn't want anyone to know.
- Who? - My sister-in-law, Tess.
You borrowed the money from Tess Stewart? Yes.
She recognized the strong investment opportunity.
And if I were to ask her, she'd back you up on this? Oh, of course she would.
Thanks, Ronnie.
Wonderful chatting.
When is his stagecoach gonna be here? Oh, soon, I'm sure.
How do I look? Beautiful.
Thanks for letting me stay home from school today.
Yeah, we know this is a special day for you.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Would you excuse me? Gabriel.
- Did you hear the news? - No.
We found Helen's grandfather.
- Really? - You were such an important - part of that search.
- I'm just glad I could help.
He's sending his lawyer today.
Why a lawyer? Oh, I'm sure there's some paperwork we have to sign for him to take custody of her.
Is it true? Helen is being reunited with her family? - It is.
- Oh, that is so wonderful! (NEIGHING) There it is! (RISING MUSIC) Whoa.
- Mr.
Charles Talbot? - Yes.
I'm Lillian.
- This is Grace, and this - Oh, don't tell me.
You must be - Helen.
- That's right.
So, our orphanage is just at the end of town.
I'm going to check in and wash up.
Then, I'll meet you there.
- When do I see my grandpa? - Well, first things first.
I'm sure there are some papers we have to sign.
More than that, my client needs to know that this young lady is actually his granddaughter.
- I'm sure you can understand.
- There's no doubt.
- Just look at the poster.
- I did.
She definitely bears a resemblance, but that's not enough.
What do you mean? I have a questionnaire prepared by my client.
You just need to answer some questions, and then we can go from there.
If you'll excuse me.
(TENSE MUSIC) It's gonna be okay.
(SOFT MUSIC) Lillian.
I just saw Helen headed back to the orphanage.
- Is she okay? - Yeah, the lawyer just wants to ask her some questions, but it'll be fine.
So, Grace tells me you two were together for seven years.
Seven years at the Binford Orphanage, and then another three on our own.
She ran away from that orphanage.
Yes, well, two years after I was discharged.
How'd you two meet back up again? That was always the plan.
It must be so strange to have been away from her for so long.
We still have some catching up to do.
What would you like to know about her? First crush? Her first job? Her first heartbreak? Did you know she's allergic to walnuts? No.
No, I I didn't know that.
She always forgets to tell people.
I'll be right back with that.
Oh, Grace.
I've gotta leave for a few hours.
- What about the lunch rush? - Sorry, you're on your own.
Stewart? What is our itinerary for the day? - Itinerary? - Well, you must have some schedule for your restorative program? Ah oh! Excuse me.
- Table for one, please.
- One of my customers - requires your services.
- Oh.
What ails her? Well, you're the nurse! The first part of our wellness program is a complete and private consultation with our, uh, our nurse.
Larkin, please meet Nurse Parsons.
Now, if you'll excuse me, she'll take good care of you.
- How do you do? - How do you do? (TENSE MUSIC) (CHICKEN CLUCKING) Ahem.
- (ENGINE STOPPING) - Oh, for the love of Pete! - (GRUNT) - (ENGINE STOPPING) - Hey, Ronnie.
- Oh! - You leaving town? - Yeah, on business.
You know, it won't be long.
Just, uh negotiating some beef prices with a supplier.
Gotta run a tight ship, you know.
Keep those costs down.
That's what folks expect.
Anywho, toodles.
- (CAR BACKFIRING) - (SIGH) Sometimes it needs a little push.
Yeah, let me give you a hand with that.
Thank you.
(ENGINE STARTS) Thank you.
(SOFT MUSIC) - Coffee? - I think you know the answer to that.
One sugar, black.
Eggs runny and toast almost burnt.
Oh, hold on.
Hi! I've gone to a few doctors in Union City, but none of them seem to be able to get to the root - of the problem.
- Well, what are your symptoms? I feel anxious.
I don't have any energy.
Food hasn't been tasting good.
I'm afraid there's something seriously wrong with me.
Are you generally unhappy? Well, you might be suffering from melancholy.
Some of the doctors have said that, but no one seems able to fix it.
No, because there's no sure way.
Therapies range from inducing dizziness by spinning on a stool to having part of your brain removed, which I don't recommend.
I'm not totally sold on this restorative mumbo-jumbo.
If I'm wasting my time, please let me know.
Well, there is nature all around us here, which can make some people feel rejuvenated.
I'm at my wits end.
(SIGH) I'll try anything.
The bay looks like she's favouring her front fetlock.
- I'll have a look.
- (MAN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) Oh, look who it is.
(ENGINE STOPPING) Well, this is a nice surprise.
Well, I don't get out here as much as I'd like, that's for sure.
- Chuck.
- Uncle Ronnie.
Hey, can we-can we talk? (SIGH) In-in private? I'll check out the horse.
(MOOING) Gabriel is asking where my financing is coming from.
He's like a dog with a bone.
And I'm this juicy shank! - Take it easy.
- How?! It's bad enough that Sinclair is demanding bigger profits from the hotel, now I got a Mountie breathing down my neck.
You should've never taken the money from Sinclair to build the hotel.
Receiving stolen property is a crime.
- You can go to jail.
- I didn't know he was a crook.
- Hmm.
- Well, at least I wasn't sure! Uh-huh.
You should've come to me for the money.
Well, I'm coming to you now! Look, just please back up my story, alright? Tell Gabriel that you invested in the hotel.
I am not gonna lie for you, Ronnie.
- Look, it's my only way out.
- And what about Sinclair? One crisis at a time! (TESS SIGHS) Look, we don't even know what Gabriel knows.
I will go and talk to him.
You lie low here.
I will make up the spare room.
You can spend the night.
Thank you.
Oh, I should let the hotel know that I won't be back.
I'll see that that happens.
Thank you.
Thank you.
(TENSE MUSIC) What are you doing? What's it look like? It brings back memories, doesn't it? Mm-hmm.
Long hours and little pay.
But we made it work.
I'm so happy to see you.
I wasn't sure I'd ever see you again.
You know I'd never let you go.
Two peas in a pod? (CHUCKLING) Even if we're odd.
(LAUGHING) Miss Grace? Helen's about to meet with the lawyer.
Uh, Ronnie's not back yet.
You should go.
- What? - I'll cover for you.
- You sure? - I've got your back.
Always have, always will.
Okay, okay.
Let's go.
I'm really gonna miss you.
We'll always be friends.
You made it.
Of course.
Talbot is downstairs waiting.
I'm scared.
There's nothing to be scared of.
He's just gonna ask you a few questions.
That's it.
Have a seat.
- This won't take long.
- Thank you.
So, Helen, what is your last name? - McNeil.
- And the name of your parents? Ethel and John.
How did they die? We were on a boat.
It caught fire and sank.
And how old were you at the time? Seven.
Do you know your mother's father's name? It's the grandfather who's looking for you.
Miss Walsh, you can be here but you can't talk.
I don't remember his name.
He was always just Grandpapa.
She didn't call him by his name.
- I understand that.
- So are we all done here then? Not quite.
Your grandfather had a nickname for you.
Can you tell me what it was? Um I don't remember.
That's okay, Helen.
You got the other questions right.
What did your father do for a living? I don't remember.
Can I see your right arm, please? What are you doing? The real Helen McNeil had a little scar on her arm.
What do you mean, the real? Hmm.
I don't see one.
- Is this a scar? - That's a freckle.
When did Helen get a scar? She got cut by broken glass when she was two.
That's 10 years ago.
It must have disappeared by now.
Helen, you left England with your parents when you were six.
Before that, you visited your grandfather often.
Can you tell me the city he lived in? Um It was um, Bayswater? I don't think this is the girl I'm looking for.
Well, of course it is! This is the locket my mom gave me! I don't have any record of any locket.
I think we're done here.
(MELANCHOLY MUSIC) Wait! You can't just walk away! That's not the girl I'm looking for.
Helen hasn't seen her grandfather in six years! That's why she can't remember certain things.
I'm sorry, Miss Walsh.
Okay, if it wasn't her, then how would she have known some of the other questions? Four years ago, a story ran in the Hamilton Free Press about my client's search for his granddaughter.
It laid out all the names and some other details.
So, you're saying that Helen is pretending to be someone - that she's not? - I'm saying somebody already has.
Last year, a girl in a private orphanage claimed to be Helen McNeil.
She had all the details.
Turned out, the matron of the orphanage put her up to it.
I would never do anything like that.
You seem like a nice woman.
But I don't know you, and I have to look after my client's interests.
Well, right now, you're not looking after them.
Last time, he got his hopes up, and he was crushed when he learned the truth.
I won't do that to him again.
(SIGH) (BIRD CHIRPING) So, what do you think? Well, I'm, uh I'm not really a a woodsy person.
Take it all in.
Here, try this.
- (DEEP INHALE) - Breathe in this wonderful air.
- (HEAVY EXHALE) - So much cleaner than the city.
- (INSECT BUZZING) - (COUGHING) Oh! Are you alright? - I swallowed an insect! - Oh, dear.
- (COUGHING) - Yeah? There we go.
Oh, dear.
I'll get you some water.
I heard you talking to that lawyer.
I'm sorry.
Helen was so nervous.
Those questions She was so young at the time.
Maybe you should try to get her to focus on something else.
What do you mean? Well, when I need to clear my head, there's always one thing that helps.
(FOOTSTEPS) How can I help you? Why are you harassing Ronnie? I'm not harassing him.
I'm just asking a few questions.
You gonna charge him with something? I don't know yet.
You don't have something better to do than go poking around in his business? Why don't you stick to ranching and let me do my job? I think Ronnie's got himself into some trouble.
What's this all about? I've got one question for you.
And I would think very carefully before answering.
Are you an investor in his hotel? Just feel the weight of it in your hand, and keep your eye on the stick.
(SOFT MUSIC) You think this is gonna help? Um, Sam's right.
Sometimes, changing focus clears your head.
(SIGH) I wanna go to my room.
Just play with us a little bit longer.
- Table for one? - Please.
Does Grace have the day off today? Well, she had to go to the orphanage, so I'm holding down the fort.
Well, if you see her, let her know that Uncle Ronnie's not coming back today.
- Sure.
- Are you from around here? No, I'm an old friend of Grace's.
Coffee? Please.
I'm a friend of Grace's as well.
- Really? - Yeah.
Then maybe you can help me convince her to leave town.
What do you mean, leave town? Well, friends want what's best for their friends, don't they? Why don't you think Brookfield is what's best for Grace? Well, for starters, she's not a one-horse-town kind of girl.
Well, I think I speak with some authority in saying there's plenty of horses here.
She wants to see the world.
See the world? Starting with New York.
(PENSIVE MUSIC) I was eaten alive in those woods.
The bugs certainly liked you.
You have no bites.
Afraid not.
This should help.
It's made from juniper berries and cloves.
Coming here was a big mistake, but I had to do something.
- Where are you from? - Hamilton.
Do you share a home? No.
I have an apartment on my own.
Why? What do you do for a living? I operate an elevator in a large office building.
- Hmm.
- What? You see the same people every day.
Yes But do any of them know your name? No.
Nice throw.
See if you can do better than that.
- London.
- What? My grandfather, he lived in London.
Why couldn't I think of that before? - It's okay, Helen.
- No, it's not.
- I'm not gonna see my grandpa.
- Hey, look at me.
Never lose hope.
Somehow, some way, you will see your grandfather again.
I promise.
(INSECTS CHIRPING) (SOFT MUSIC) - Where's Ronnie? - Oh, I got word he's staying at the Stewart ranch tonight.
Oh, I'm I'm so sorry you had to cover for me this whole time.
It's no problem.
How'd it go with Helen? Um, not as well as we hoped, but we're not giving up.
You've always been so positive.
Well, there's no point in being anything else.
Remember when couples would come to the orphanage looking to adopt? Of course.
They'd line us all up, and we both knew no one would choose us.
Do you remember what you'd say when those people would leave with one of the other kids? That we'd choose each other.
We'd always choose each other.
Boy, I slept like a rock.
Well, at least one of us did.
Uh, what's wrong? (SIGH) I lied for you, Ronnie.
Oh - Thank you.
- Doesn't sit right with me.
Well, I-I-I appreciate it, Tess.
I do.
Guess you'll be heading back to town? Yeah, sure.
I won't be here when you get back.
Hey, just watch.
Lillian and Grace will bring Mr.
Talbot back.
How are they gonna convince him? They'll find a way.
It's going to be alright.
What is it? Maggie.
What's going on? I need all of your help.
It's about Helen.
(TENSE MUSIC) Hello, Miss.
I'm looking for Ronnie Stewart.
Oh, he's not here right now.
We had a business meeting.
Uh, well, I believe he's at the Stewart ranch.
Thank you, Miss.
- Mr.
Talbot hasn't come down? - No.
Half an hour until the stage coach arrives.
Well, hopefully Sam buys us some time.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) Tree's fallen just up ahead.
Right up the way, there's another road to Brookfield.
Just set you back a couple hours.
Thank you.
Much obliged.
(MOOING) (ENGINE SPUTTERING) Ooh! Uh (TENSE MUSIC) Maggie! Maggie! I need some of that salve.
First, I need you to come with me.
What's this about? It's about a girl who needs our help.
(MOOING) I can't wait any longer.
(FOOTSTEPS) You have to come back to the orphanage.
- You two don't give up, do you? - Not when it comes - to our children, no.
- I'll report what I found.
If you'll excuse me, I have a stagecoach to ca No, no.
Helen's grandfather lives in London.
Did you re-read the newspaper article? - What are you talking about? - That said my client is a prominent banker in England.
Given that, London would be a good guess.
Helen said Bayswater.
That's a neighbourhood in London.
Never heard of it.
- Mr.
Talbot! - What's going on? We're here to support Helen.
I have done my due diligence.
What's the harm in talking to her one more time? Stage coach is due here any moment.
In case anybody was waiting I just got word that the stagecoach is going to be a few hours late.
That gives you plenty of time to talk to Helen.
Give Helen another chance.
(SOFT MUSIC) We actually helped convince that lawyer to try again.
We did it together.
Think they'll verify her identity? I hope so.
What was your favourite toy growing up? It wasn't a toy.
It was a doll.
Now, I have to ask this again, because it's important.
What was your grandfather's nickname for you? I'll report back to my client that this young lady answered some of the questions correctly, and we'll go from there.
My grandfather called me Poppy.
Don't make me come up and get you.
I don't have your money right now.
That's unfortunate.
Come on down.
We'll talk about it like gentlemen.
(TESS LAUGHING) That's funny.
Well, I mean, small-minded, no integrity, limited intelligence.
I guess they don't make gentlemen like they used to.
My business is with your brother-in-law.
Well, look, it's okay.
I'm coming down.
TESS: Don't bother.
Your business here is done.
You tell Sinclair that our Mountie's sniffing around and we need to deal with him.
Oh, and yeah, one more thing.
From here on in, we deal with Sinclair, not his messenger boy.
Okay, come on down.
Thank you.
(SOFT MUSIC) How long until I see my grandpa? Well, Mr.
Talbot's gonna wire your grandfather in England, and then await instruction.
Thank you.
Oh! Oh, your grandfather's name is Edward Martin.
His name is Grandpapa.
(SENTIMENTAL MUSIC) Can we go outside? Sure.
You hungry? Thanks to you, Helen's going to live a great life.
It's thanks to a lot of people.
When is it going to be your turn? - What do you mean? - For years, you and I dreamed of leaving the orphanage and now, here you are back in one.
I'm with my sister.
Living your sister's dream.
Not yours.
Yours is to live in New York.
I worked hard in San Francisco.
Saved my money.
(SIGH) Two train tickets.
To New York City The train leaves from Clearwater tomorrow.
We could be on it living our dream.
Good! - How did you know? - Know what? That getting me involved with that girl and the lawyer would make me feel better.
Well, I didn't.
But I do know we all need a connection to something.
Otherwise, we're just rudderless ships in the night.
When I get to Hamilton, I'm going to volunteer at the local orphanage.
I think they could use an extra hand.
That would be just lovely.
- Thank you.
- Good luck.
- No, no, no! No, no! You're - What? You're not actually Actually what? Grace, I don't want you to go.
Cookies for the ride.
Thank you for holding that.
- Oh - (NEIGHING) (BOTH CHUCKLING) Well, I have to go see a horse now.
One of many horses in this town.
- Bye.
(APPROACHING FOOTSTEPS) You reunited a family.
There's nothing quite like it.
Thank you.
- I'll be in touch.
- I'll be waiting.
(SOFT MUSIC) I can't wait to hear about New York.
I'll write.
Take care of her.
We'll take care of each other.
Does any part of you wish you were in that stagecoach, off on some worldly adventure? No.
I love Eve We we're always there for each other.
But you are my sister.
And my best friend.
And I choose you.