When the Weather is Fine (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

The Wind in the Willows

Are you back from school?
Did you see something?
What did you see?
A ghost?
Aunt, it's me.
What brings you here unannounced?
Am I not allowed here?
I ask because you don't have
a reason to be here.
Want some pie?
Where did you get this?
It's from Su-jeong.
It's cold. Warm it up in the microwave.
You do it then.
Did you take time off from work?
That's me.
Didn't you know I was in this picture?
You can see this
every time you do the dishes.
Are you on vacation?
Until when?
When are you going back to Seoul?
I'm not sure.
I don't intend to go back for a while.
Do you mean it?
Are you really not going back to Seoul?
What about your mom?
By the way, I noticed
two new guest houses on the way here.
Is that why ours is going out of business?
Are you really going to live here?
You're joking, right?
I'm not joking.
That's hot.
I'm seriously considering
living here for a while.
You can't survive here.
I'll just live aimlessly, like you.
What about the academy?
I don't think…
I deserve to teach anyone.
Nobody has the right to teach.
No one does something
because they deserve to do it.
It's work. They just do it.
To earn money.
All the more reason why I can't do it.
Are you done eating?
Finish up and go to bed.
You know,
one shouldn't quit their job so easily.
And I'm not living aimlessly either.
What did you just say to me, Ms. Mok?
Answer me.
What were you so worried about
that you cut Si-yeon's cello strings?
That brat said that
all I have going for me is my nice cello!
She's not wrong.
What? How dare you say that!
How on earth is this acceptable?
It's unbelievable. Explain yourselves!
How could a teacher hit a child? Back off!
Nowadays, teachers don't even
hit children in school.
Do you think teachers hold all the power?
You're wrong! We hold the power!
You're right, of course, the parents--
Yet she hit my child?
A mere music tutor at that.
Give us a refund immediately!
Where did she hit you, Na-gyeong?
My cheek.
-Hey! Come here, you little…
-Come here!
-Oh, my goodness.
-Please calm down.
-Let go of me!
-Apologize to her now!
-How dare you hit my daughter?
I'll shut this place down.
You'd best be prepared.
-Goodness, hurry up and apologize.
-I can't believe this.
You know…
those things that look like marshmallows.
What are they called?
Do you know?
Or silage.
That's the name.
Come in, Im Eun-seop.
Come in. Over.
Father, I can hear you
without that from here.
But I can't.
Can't hear you. Over.
I can hear you just fine without it--
Use your walkie-talkie. Over.
Yes, Father, what…
Bring a rake to the ice rink later,
Im Eun-seop. Over.
Come down. Over.
End it with "over." Over.
Why are you here?
I needed to borrow that.
Is that all?
How long will you be staying this time?
I'm thinking of staying until spring.
Bye then.
Let me know if you need anything.
If I need anything?
Like a car or something,
since Myeong-yeo doesn't have one.
Could I borrow it now?
I mean, can you lend me your car now?
Can I borrow it?
You know the guy next door?
Im Eun-seop.
What about Eun-seop?
I feel like he's changed.
How so?
How do I put this…
He seems like a different person.
-A different person?
Like someone who went missing
and came back.
What are you saying?
What? It's possible.
Now that I think about it,
I didn't see him around for a few years…
He didn't go missing though.
What is it now?
Why does he call you by your name?
You're way past 40.
What did you say?
And why don't you
ever take your sunglasses off?
Did you get work done
on your eyes while I was gone?
"That day, Irene asked…"
Hey, Im Hwi!
Come on, Eun-seop.
I told you not to touch my stuff
without permission.
"Those things that look like marshmallows.
What are they called?"
Hey, who's Irene?
-Don't follow me.
-Come on, who's Irene?
-Tell me about Irene!
Did he engrave it himself?
Your glasses are
the best-looking thing about you.
Excuse me.
What did you need to buy?
A flexible faucet hose, a door handle,
an electric drill, some screws,
a caulk gun, and a snow shovel.
What kind of shovel…
Also, do you happen to have
mint green paint?
My goodness, you scared me.
You're even painting the place?
It'll look so pretty, right?
Not at all.
You're quite pessimistic.
I think you're just overly optimistic.
Isn't the color so pretty?
No, it's not pretty.
This is the least we can do
to attract customers.
I get a feeling the paint will peel off
when the temperature drops.
It won't drop anymore. I checked.
You actually believe the weather forecast
when they say it won't get any colder?
You're naive.
It's the weather.
I'd rather trust a meteorologist
over some stray dog.
I'd rather trust a stray dog.
Just watch. They said there won't be
any snow or rain for a while.
"There won't be
any snow or rain for a while."
Our house is going to be dripping.
In mint green.
It's ruined.
Aunt, open the door.
What is she doing? Aunt!
It's freezing.
Who is…
I didn't know you owned a bookstore.
I didn't know this was
a real bookstore either.
Yes. It's been about three years.
I see.
Do you sell used books too?
What's this then?
It's on reserve.
On reserve?
Customers will come here to read
and leave a bookmark if they don't finish.
Like holding a bottle of whiskey at a bar.
It's a system I tried out
so people can read more conveniently.
You can do it too
if there's a book you want to read.
Why is the bookstore called Goodnight?
I've been wondering
ever since I saw the sign.
Eating and sleeping well
is harder than it sounds.
Is it?
It's a basic part of life,
yet people struggle with it.
I named it…
in hopes that people
would eat and sleep well.
That's the meaning of it.
"Eat and sleep well."
Is that all there is to life?
What else is there?
Thanks for the coffee.
You should…
wear this.
Eating and sleeping well.
"Because sleeping well is a good thing."
"Waking up, eating,
working, resting,
and sleeping well."
"That's a great life."
"So good night, everyone."
Mok Hae-won, hurry.
Aunt, I'm cleaning out the storage today.
Eat this, Eun-seop.
-Here, Father.
-No, you eat it.
Your father ate a lot.
Okay, Mother.
Eat this, Dad. This is good too.
-Eat up.
He has a girlfriend now.
I don't. Ignore her.
Her name is Irene.
Is she a foreigner? Where is she from?
It's not true. Please eat.
As if. I saw it.
Mom, look at him lying so nonchalantly.
Eat and get out.
Eun-seop isn't even 30 yet.
I'm not ready to let him go.
My goodness. Unbelievable.
Right, Eun-seop.
Are you free in the afternoon?
I think it'll be good
if we sell tteokbokki at the ice rink.
Shall we go grocery shopping?
That's a great idea.
Tteokbokki is the best snack
for ice skating.
I hope this will bring in more customers.
How can nobody believe me?
Are you my real parents?
My car isn't…
What about it? Is it broken?
No, I lent it to someone.
You lent your car? To whom?
-Hold up.
Would you look at this guy?
You lent it to your girlfriend, right?
-Does Irene have it?
You see? I told you so.
Then she needs
an international driver's license.
No, it's not like that.
-I'm sure she has one, right?
-Yes, of course.
I wonder where she's from.
My guess is Europe.
I'm back.
Come on, just once.
Just take a class for one month
at the academy next door.
What's so hard about that?
You just need to blend in as a student
and play a few times.
And I'll cover the tuition fee.
-Ms. Mok.
Do you view this as snooping?
Because it's not. We're just researching.
You understand, right?
Goodness, you're fantastic.
How are you so good?
Come here, Min-ji.
It's your turn.
All right, give it a go.
Ready. Start.
Don't you think the director
only cares about her own health, Ms. Mok?
-Right, she always takes supplements.
Ms. Mok, did she ever give you any?
You also ordered a taro bubble tea, right?
Ms. Mok, are you listening to me?
Also, we're a classical music academy,
but her outfits are so old-fashioned.
-Like her outdated floral print dresses?
I can't believe you got caught.
I look like an idiot because of you.
You should've been more careful.
The director of the other academy
views me as a total joke now.
You've put me in a bad spot, Ms. Mok.
It's all your fault.
I'll be watching you, Ms. Mok.
Your teaching methods are boring too.
You should find something funny
and make it so that
the students have fun in class.
All you do is teach and explain theories.
That's why I told you to go to
that academy and learn something.
Shouldn't you show them some
comedy programs at the very least?
-What are you wearing?
-It's me, Mozart.
You said my class was boring.
So I'm going to make sure
you all have fun today.
-That's why I'm dressed like this.
-It's not fun at all!
I want to finish eating this first.
What should we eat for…
You'd like to make a reservation?
Yes, you can.
What dates were you--
Who said you could take reservations?
We need reservations to make money.
-We don't need to make money.
-Why not?
We've been closed for a year.
-Happy now?
Who said you could do that?
I did. It's my home.
Yes, it's your home.
But it's Grandma's too.
She passed the business down to you.
Who gave you the right to close it down?
Would you like me
to open up her casket and ask her?
How can you say that?
I'm too old for this now.
You're only 48 years old now.
And it's very exhausting to be 48.
How do you plan on making a living then?
I think that question is more for you.
Stop caring about this house.
I'll take care of it.
How can I not?
This place is falling apart.
Tell me how much you spent on repairs.
I'm sure you have no money.
I'll pay you back.
Pay me back?
Nobody forced me to do it.
And it wasn't just for the business.
I was worried about you too.
Worried, my foot.
Let's get things straight.
You don't worry about me.
What do you mean?
Weren't you just fixing things
to distract yourself?
You came running back to calm your anger,
then started hammering away
as a distraction.
Am I wrong, Hae-won?
No, you're right.
But do you always
have to call me out like that?
Hey, Eun-seop!
Who's Irene? Tell me.
Are you not going to tell me?
Is it this lady, perhaps?
Hello, everyone.
Dear members of the Goodnight Club,
the longest-running
anonymous nocturnal organization,
she has returned.
Did you see something?
A ghost?
There is only one good thing
about winter.
It's when the leaves
that were blocking my window fall
and I can see your window
across from mine.
When Christmas comes
and New Year's Day approaches,
you return to this village for a few days.
You know…
those things that look like marshmallows.
What are they called?
Do you know?
Or silage.
That day,
Irene asked,
"Those things that look like marshmallows.
What are they called?"
Could it be insomnia?
Then should I ask her too?
If she wants to join the longest-running
anonymous nocturnal organization,
the Goodnight Club?
Come in, Im Eun-seop. Over.
Yes, Father, what…
I bet I won't be able to say anything.
-Thank you.
I won't be able to say anything,
even if she's right in front of me.
Is coffee okay?
I didn't know you owned a bookstore.
I didn't know this was
a real bookstore either.
Why do you have
multiple copies of this book?
-The Wind in the Willows?
The story is interesting.
I bought other editions to see
if the story was the same.
Was it?
Yes, almost.
But why is the bookstore called Goodnight?
"Why is the bookstore called Goodnight?"
To which I answered…
Because sleeping well is a good thing.
Waking up, eating,
working, resting,
and sleeping well.
That's a great life.
So good night, everyone.
Im Eun-seop, pay attention!
-Okay, look.
-A good night
has been my life's biggest interest.
I'll never be able to
give her that answer.
That's because
I'm a fool who doesn't know
how to comfort others.
A fool who didn't know
what to say to her when she cried.
Hey, Eun-seop!
Who's Irene? Tell me.
Are you not going to tell me?
Is it this lady, perhaps?
-It's you.
-It's her?
No, it's you, Hwi.
Who? Me?
Yes, you.
Why am I Irene?
I don't know, it's you.
Why would you call me that
and write about rice…
-Just go.
-Why are you coming close?
Goodness, don't come close.
-Just go. Scram.
-Stay away!
You're disgusting. You're gross, Eun-seop!
So the Irene of "Goodnight Irene" is…
Yes, it's her.
My sister.
She has insomnia, just like me.
Would you like more coffee?
Yes, I'm screwed.
Are you sure about this?
It's just that…
I've never been to
one of our high school reunions.
I didn't even know we had them.
They've regularly gathered for ten years.
I didn't attend all of them either.
I hope I'm not dragging you into this.
I mean, I think it'll be nice.
We just opened up.
How could the electricity not be working?
Please fix it as soon as possible.
All right.
This is why you shouldn't hire locals.
-Don't be ridiculous!
-I'm serious!
-Just believe me.
-No, I don't want to.
-Remember you liked Eun-sil?
-Hey, that's enough.
-You've got the story all wrong.
Remember how you bought 100 roses
for Eun-sil to profess your love?
-Hey! I didn't do that.
-A hundred roses?
-I never liked Ji Eun-sil.
-Stop, that's enough.
-You liked her.
-You see?
-You were so dramatic about it.
You're twisting the story.
There's something I haven't told you.
What is it?
She's actually the one who liked me.
-You're pathetic.
-Come on.
You all know I was her best friend, yes?
He's totally lying.
She talked about how big of a pain he was
when he chased her around
professing his love for her.
Is this how it's going to be?
Who has Eun-sil's number?
-We need to fact-check this.
Is this your scheme to get her number?
You don't give up, do you?
-That's not what I'm doing!
-That's enough.
It's time you give up, Jang-u.
Hae-won, aren't you training
to teach at a cello academy in Seoul?
How's that going?
It's fine.
Is it fun living alone in Seoul, Hae-won?
I'm sick and tired of farming.
-I want to live alone in Seoul.
-Me too.
Just stay here and farm.
-Seoul is for pretty girls like Hae-won.
-Don't say that.
Hey, you're not the one
to judge someone's looks.
-We're in the same boat.
-Don't kid yourself.
-Who invited him?
-Calm down.
-Hey, Ji-yeon's here.
-Hurry up, Ji-yeon.
Isn't it freezing these days?
Hi there, little Jun-yeong.
How could you come here by yourself?
I told you to go together, didn't I?
He's gotten so big.
My goodness. Hae-won!
Can you switch?
Oh, my goodness.
Attending these reunions has paid off.
I finally get to see you.
This is great.
-Have you been well?
-That's how you earn money.
-How did you end up marrying him?
Oh, that.
I'll tell you later.
Eun-seop came too?
-How's your bookstore doing?
-Not bad.
Hey, Ji-yeon. I need you to clear my name.
They're saying I liked Eun-sil,
but I didn't, right? She liked--
No, you liked her.
You see? I told you.
-You liked her.
-I won't go down alone. Be prepared.
Did you get a tattoo, Hae-won?
-What? You got a tattoo?
-What is it?
Oh, this? It's a sticker.
It peels right off.
-A sticker?
-They have those? It's pretty.
-It's really not a tattoo?
-It's pretty.
Oh, right! So enough about me.
Is there anyone who liked someone here?
Let's just call Eun-sil.
-Then he'll shut up.
No, hold on. I have my reasons for asking.
-What's going on?
-What do you mean?
did you or did you not like someone here?
As if--
-Stop it. You'll make him cry.
-No, he won't.
-He's right.
Eun-seop always stays under the radar.
-What if he stops coming?
-Where are you going?
-I won't go down alone.
-Eun-seop, answer or drink.
-Cut it out.
Who did you like among us?
-No one.
-You see? He can't say it.
That's proof that he used to like someone.
I'm going to say it.
I'll tell them myself.
You see? He can't say it.
Just tell us.
I liked Mok Hae-won.
No way.
Hae-won is pretty.
-Where did Jun-yeong go?
-What's wrong?
-What is it?
-Where did he go?
-Where is he?
-Where's my son?
-Why didn't you watch him properly?
-He's like a magician.
-Stop it.
-He should become a magician.
-Jun-yeong disappeared.
-Wait, what?
-Hey, Jun-yeong's here!
Goodness, Jun-yeong!
He should do shows as a magician.
Magic is in these days.
He should do shows all across the country.
Starting from Gwangju,
hit all of the rest stops.
Then he can go to Jeju Island
and eat perch.
-You're listening to me, right?
Parents need to raise their kids
to become the next Houdini.
Dear members of the Goodnight Club,
the longest-running
anonymous nocturnal organization,
are you all asleep?
As for me…
Sorry, I just wanted to ask you something.
-What? What do you mean, no?
About earlier. It's all in the past.
Are you talking about
when you said you liked me?
Yes. Those feelings are over.
As for me…
I'm screwed.
Totally screwed.
There is only one good thing about winter.
It's when the leaves
that were blocking my window fall
and I can see your window
across from mine.
When Christmas comes
and New Year's Day approaches,
you return to this village for a few days.
I hope you're not upset
about what I said to the group.
It's all in the past anyway. Right?
-What are you doing tonight?
I know a fun place.
Do you want to go with me?
It changed.
Willow leaves, right? It's pretty.
-Where are you going so early?
-To my part-time job.
There's not much to do.
I rarely get customers.
I just need to watch the place, right?
I'm so glad you're here.
Subtitle translation by: Holly Kim
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