When the Weather is Fine (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Is It Past Perfect?

Dear members of the Goodnight Club,
the longest-running
anonymous nocturnal organization,
are you all asleep?
As for me…
Sorry, I just wanted to ask you something.
-What? What do you mean, "no"?
About earlier. It's all in the past.
Are you talking about
when you said you liked me?
Yes. Those feelings are over.
As for me…
I'm screwed.
Totally screwed.
No running.
The teacher is coming!
-Good morning.
-No running.
-Yes, sir.
Sir, he broke the locker.
-Su-min, I'll see you after class.
-It's fine, man.
It really wasn't me.
We have a transfer student.
Her name is Mok Hae-won
and she transferred from Seoul.
Anything you want to say?
As you all know,
our school does not tolerate bullying.
Please be kind.
-Yes, sir!
-Go ahead and sit.
You know we have
a mock exam next week, right?
Let's all score five points higher
than you did the first semester.
Mok Hae-won, you can sit there.
If you have class duty this week,
stop by the teacher's office after class.
Got it?
What were you going to ask?
I wanted to ask if I could borrow this.
I see.
Sorry. It was nothing important.
No, it's…
You can borrow it.
By the way,
which one is your favorite among these?
I like them all.
I see.
Then I'll get going.
It's dark out.
You don't have to walk me home.
Just in case.
But it's so close.
But it's still quite dark at night.
I hope
you're not upset about…
what I said to the group.
It's nothing to get upset about.
I should have just said a random name.
I regretted it on my way home.
It's all in the past anyway.
It changed.
-The drawing.
Oh, this?
It's henna.
I drew it because I couldn't fall asleep.
Can I take a look?
Willow leaves, right?
How long does it last?
I'm not sure. About a week
unless you remove it on purpose.
I see.
It's pretty.
Doesn't it hurt when you draw it on?
Of course, it hurts a lot.
You have to brand it with a hot iron.
-You didn't know?
You're lying.
You're messing with me.
Hae-won doesn't want to go to Seoul.
She quit her job
when the unemployment rate is so high.
Darn it.
She's such a spoiled brat.
Grandma, Aunt smokes.
You little…
The house is a mess,
and she shut down the cottage business.
And she's always wearing her sunglasses
for no reason.
It's a fashion statement.
And Grandma, Aunt keeps…
-She keeps…
My goodness.
Why in the world
did you stick that up my nose?
My love, are you all right?
Grandma, I miss you so much.
I have a terrible headache.
Can you describe the headache?
Ever since this morning,
it's felt like my brain is being squeezed.
You can take this.
Thank you. Here you go.
It's been a while since you last came.
Do you know me?
Of course, I do.
The granddaughter
of the Bukhyun-ri guest house.
By the way,
wasn't there a little kid here before?
That kid? She's no longer here.
She's no longer here.
As for Ms. Kwon Hyeon-ji,
the fiery-eyed 18-year-old
whose heart is filled with rage,
who knows?
I suppose she's
roaming the streets of Hyecheon.
I see.
Thank you.
Has your aunt seen a doctor?
She had an excruciating headache.
-My aunt?
For that bad of a headache,
she must see a doctor.
If she collapses, she may never recover.
Mok Hae-won,
you haven't gone back to Seoul.
No, not yet.
Do you have time for coffee?
Here we go.
Hey, you want some coffee?
-No, thank you.
-No? Okay.
Our vending machine coffee is the best.
What would have become of you
if you hadn't gotten a job here?
I guess I would've found something else.
When are you heading back to Seoul?
I'm not sure.
Do you plan to stay here
for a while this time?
Perhaps until spring.
I see.
By the way, you know Kim Bo-yeong, right?
Kim Bo-yeong.
You used to be close in school, no?
Yes, we used to be.
She was very curious about you.
She wanted to come that day, but couldn't.
She was very sad to miss you.
Is that so?
Let's all meet up again sometime.
Our classmates all still live here.
Not many transferred to Seoul like you.
You went to college in Seoul too.
Seoul National University, at that.
But I returned
to work as a proud civil servant
for the city of Hyecheon.
Let's meet up again.
I'll make sure to get everyone
who missed the last gathering too.
Now that I'm older, I see that
nothing is better than old friends.
They remember me in my glory days, right?
Then they talk…
One second.
-Hey, Hae-won.
What are you doing tonight?
Nothing in particular.
I know a fun place.
Do you want to go with me?
Where are my neon socks?
I don't know. Did you check your drawers?
They aren't there, Mom.
Why else would I be asking?
Then I don't know either.
Look for them carefully.
I told you
I have something important today.
Come on, Mom. Find them for me, please?
Hey, Kwon Hyeon-ji!
Hyeon-ji, aren't you going?
You're going to be late!
Goodness, where did she go this time?
Why are you running away?
What did you take?
-Hot packs? You brat!
Who are you giving those to?
And who did she give the supplements to?
Let me tell you about this lighting.
Once you build it into the ceiling,
you'll never have to change it.
It's basically semi-permanent.
My goodness. It's such a great product.
If you'd like to buy it, please call me.
Sorry, I must rush out.
Please call me, okay?
-Yes, Seung-ho.
Seung-ho, you need to turn off the lights.
Oh, right.
That's it. Good job.
We're late, Grandpa. Let's hurry.
We'll tell stories about winter today.
-Is that right?
-So I read The Winter Guest.
-What's that?
You'll roast them too?
Whatever I roast will end up tasting good.
Okay, here we have…
-Hwi, come sit down quickly.
This is Mok Hae-won, our new member.
Hi, Hae-won. My name is Im Hwi.
We don't look alike, but I'm his sister.
-Let's shake hands.
As you already know, I'm Lee Jang-u,
the hidden treasure and talented resource
of Hyecheon City Hall.
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
Jang-u, why are you trying
to be funny these days?
Are you an aspiring comedian now?
It's not easy to become a comedian.
Eun-seop, is it okay if I hit them?
Sure, but they'd beat you up after.
Right, they sure would.
That's right.
Hae-won, you know me, right? I'm Su-jeong.
-Yes, I do.
-It's so good to see you.
My name is Kwon Hyeon-ji. I'm 18.
Oh, it's you. The pharmacist's daughter.
My name is Bae Geun-sang.
I run a LED lighting shop.
If you need to fix
or change your lighting,
please call me whenever, forever.
-Please dial 010--
My name is Seung-ho. Jung Seung-ho.
I'm nine.
That's my grandpa over there.
Hello, sir. Is your hip joint okay?
You seemed injured last time.
So what we're doing here today is…
Something very fun.
Something fun?
Shall we kick off
our reading club for the new year?
A round of applause.
Careful, it's hot.
Thank you.
I'd like to hear a passage
from our new member Mok Hae-won.
-Good idea.
Yes. What comes to mind
when you think of winter?
I don't think Hae-won
had time to prepare anything, so…
"Above the waves of Hyecheon Lake,
sleet started to fall."
"The moments of their love
from the night before
melted away as if they had been a lie."
"Y thought about the man
she left behind in the meadow."
"'How much longer do I have to
roam around the edges of pain
to kill off those memories completely?'"
"If the memory
of loving someone is like sleet
or a lost snowman
that came in the wrong season,
I wish not to regret it,
but only for it to disappear."
"Disillusionment is what's left
in the lonely meadow."
"A past love disappears
into oblivion and beyond."
"If only I could also
cross this futile field."
Where is that from?
An Empty Meadow by Sim Myeong-yeo.
That was so great.
I'm not sure if you all know this,
but it's a novel
that Hae-won's aunt wrote.
Ms. Sim Myeong-yeo was once
a very famous best-selling author.
Hae-won, how did you memorize all that?
My point exactly.
It's been a while since I felt so moved.
Thank you.
My grandpa roasted some tangerines for us.
-Thank you.
-Thank you!
-Thank you!
-Thank you!
They're well-roasted.
Why does he roast them?
My grandpa always roasts everything.
He says it makes things taste better.
He's right. It does smell really tasty.
-It smells so good.
What is this white stringy stuff
on tangerines called?
What? That has a name?
Yes, it's called the pith.
He has a lot of useless knowledge.
Right, Eun-seop does have
a lot of useless knowledge.
But you don't even have that much.
That's not true.
I was always the top student at school.
You know that, don't you?
I was always the top…
Eun-seop, tell them.
I had no idea. I've never heard that.
What are you talking about?
I was always one of
the top three students, you know?
-What do you mean, "when"?
-I'm a historical figure at Hyecheon High!
-Since when?
Hyeon-ji, what's your dream?
Gosh, I'll be hearing this
for the thousandth time.
I want to become a rapper.
But I'll never go on an audition program.
I plan on having fame,
but I don't want the inconvenience.
I want to write lyrics
that are popular and relatable,
but I hate trite and overused sentiments.
What do you mean?
What else? It's just nonsense.
Are you guys even close?
Isn't it obvious we aren't?
Then why do you hang out?
Because I have no friends.
I'm being a friend to her.
Because I pity her.
Hey, I don't need your pity.
Why don't you eat alone then?
I can't do that.
Okay. Hwi, go on in.
Okay. Good night, Mr. Bae.
You keep walking with me.
See you later.
Whatever. Maybe.
-By the way, Hyeon-ji.
-Yes, Mr. Bae.
Does the lighting…
of your pharmacy sign work properly?
Shouldn't you change it to LED lighting?
Goodness, Mr. Bae.
Talk to my mom about that, not me.
You can borrow that too.
To be honest,
I haven't read any books in a while.
Why not?
Books contain certain stories, you know?
I found it a bit hard
to struggle with the lives
of the people in the stories.
My own life is busy enough.
I couldn't take on other people's burdens.
That's understandable.
But I became a little curious today.
Is that a good thing?
This book of poems in particular.
I'm still reading The Wind in the Willows.
I'll finish it soon and return it.
It's okay. Take your time.
Ji-yeon said it's fascinating
how the two of us weren't close,
even though we were neighbors.
But I do remember things.
About what?
About you.
What you were like as a student.
It's not much,
but I do remember.
What about you?
But I do remember things.
About you.
We have a transfer student.
Her name is Mok Hae-won
and she transferred from Seoul.
Anything you want to say?
As you all know,
our school does not tolerate bullying.
Please be kind.
Hey, Eun-seop! Are you going home?
Hey! Wait up, Im Eun-seop!
What's wrong with him?
Mok Hae-won, hurry.
Okay, that's it for today.
Make sure to memorize the rest
by the next class.
-No way!
-Come on!
All right, settle down.
Well, we have about five minutes left.
I hear the new transfer student
in Class Three plays cello very well.
Shall we ask her to play?
But I didn't bring my cello today.
Well, do you play anything else?
-That's unexpected.
-She's good.
She's really good.
I heard you have headaches.
The pharmacist at Hanim Pharmacy
told me about it.
Who doesn't have a headache?
On top of that, I'm a writer.
But you don't write at all now.
I wrote too much before,
so it still hurts.
-Then go see a doctor.
-I did.
-What did the doctor say?
-There's nothing wrong.
By the way,
do you plan to just keep bumming around?
No, I plan to stop.
Really? That's good.
Go back to Seoul next week.
No, I plan to stay here
for a while and work part-time.
I'm sure I can find someone
who wants music lessons.
No, you won't.
I've lived here for 20 years.
I've never met a single person
who wants to take music lessons.
Maybe the piano,
but definitely not the cello.
I play the piano well.
Oh, do you really?
I can dance too.
My goodness.
So the job requires skating skills.
Do you know how?
I see.
Do you have any use
for someone who plays the piano…
What? Piano?
Probably not.
Forget it. Bye.
Do you want to work at the bookstore then?
-I'll work here instead.
I know how to skate.
How does that sound?
There's not much to do.
I rarely get customers.
Then how do you make a living?
I sell books online too.
I need to ship these out today.
I see.
Customers do come by once in a blue moon.
I just need to watch the place, right?
-Got it.
-I'd better get to the ice rink.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Can you get something from home?
I left the gochujang there.
-I want to go too. I'm bored.
-Don't bother your brother.
-Let's go.
-He'll be back soon.
-Let's go!
-Ta-da! Where are you going?
I got some raw chestnuts.
You have one too, honey.
-Hey, ride safe.
-You took all the chestnuts!
-Where do you think you're going?
-You're my first customer today.
Sometimes no one comes at all.
Actually, nearly every day.
Thank you for your hard work.
You can go now.
I'll get going then.
Hey, where are you going?
The night starts now.
Here we go.
Darn it. This only happens to me.
I get indigestion
every time I talk about this.
She keeps making a fuss.
Just because she wants
to have a grandchild soon,
she's pressuring me to get married
when I should still be dating.
Who gets married by 30 these days?
On top of that, I'm still in my twenties.
I'm only twenty-seven.
But Ji-yeon told me
that people in this town
tend to get married young.
You're right. That's the problem.
Who on earth is advocating that?
Who could it be?
Your mom? It's her, isn't it?
My mom wants me
to get married as late as possible.
That's true.
Eun-seop's mother really adores him.
She's always so affectionate towards him.
You punk. You're still nursing that can?
Hurry up. I'm on my fourth can.
Okay. I'll drink it myself.
Good job.
Hey, Hae-won.
Who annoyed you the most in school?
As for me, it was him.
How should I put it?
He was so indifferent about everything.
That's my pet peeve. He was exactly that.
To be honest, I worked really hard
to appease my parents.
Receiving my good grades and accolades
may have appeared easy to others,
but I used to pull all-nighters to study
and would go around
trying to impress the other kids.
You worked hard and made it
into the top three of our class.
Right. I worked that hard
and became one of the top three.
-Are you laughing?
-"The top three."
Is that funny to you, punk?
Say you're sorry.
-Are you sorry?
-You punk.
I mentioned Bo-yeong the other day, right?
She wants to talk to you.
She said you two have a misunderstanding.
She really wants to resolve it.
I really despise that word,
What misunderstanding?
If you did something wrong,
just say that it was your fault
and apologize.
That word is just an excuse.
What kind of excuse?
It means she doesn't think
she did anything wrong.
It means, "I didn't do anything wrong,
but you misunderstood."
It means,
"Because you lack communication skills,
you misunderstood my actions."
It's an absurd excuse to give
so that you can keep blaming others.
I see. It's just an absurd excuse…
She's tough.
Really tough.
I'm not sure
what the misunderstanding was.
I didn't misunderstand.
All I know is that
she was in the wrong,
and she didn't apologize in any way.
I see.
My taxi just arrived,
ending this awkward moment.
My sincere thanks to the taxi driver
for such amazing timing.
Hae-won, you can be
quite scary when you're mad. Bye.
Bo-yeong asked for your number,
so I gave her the Walnut House's number.
She might call you.
I'll get going, Eun-seop. Bye.
Darn it.
Is there…
anything else you want to say?
Hi, I'm Kim Bo-yeong. Nice to meet you.
I'm Mok Hae-won.
I hear you play the cello?
Yes, I do.
That's so cool.
I know nothing about music.
Will you play it for me sometime?
I've never seen anyone play the cello.
Where do you live?
I live near the Bukhyun-ri Post Office.
Well, I live in a place
called the Walnut House…
I know that place.
The Walnut House is very famous.
It's that gorgeous vacation cottage.
And I heard that
the owner's daughter is a writer.
A very famous one at that.
Is she your sister?
No, she's my aunt.
You're so cool.
Your aunt is a writer
and you play the cello.
You're so different from me.
What's so different?
It's quite clear.
My family operates a mill.
A rice cake mill.
How is a mill so different
from a vacation cottage?
You speak so kindly.
Gather around!
Come quickly!
Get into pairs of two.
We're going to do some stretching.
You need to stretch well to live a smooth…
Hey, get over here now!
You need to stretch well
to live a smooth life.
-Pair up. Quickly.
-You go with Ji-u.
Do you want to be my partner?
The rain looks so refreshing.
Don't you think?
Take this.
My house is close. I can just run home.
See you tomorrow, Hae-won!
Oh, that girl Hae-won?
The one who plays cello?
Yes, that one.
Do you know why she came here
to live with her aunt?
I did hear that she's living
with her grandma and aunt
over at the Walnut House.
You sat over there earlier. Look there.
You're right. Isn't it strange
that she doesn't live with her mom?
She must have her reasons.
Where's my phone?
Can you look over there for me?
My point exactly.
Aren't you curious about
what that reason must be?
You know something, don't you?
What is it? What's the reason?
I heard that Hae-won's mom…
is a murderer.
A murderer.
On top of that,
I heard she killed her own husband.
-Hae-won's dad?
-That's crazy!
That's insane. Are you serious?
Yes. That's why she came here.
Her mom went to prison.
No way. That's so ridiculous.
Are you making this up? Who told you?
Hey, who else?
-Who told you?
-Tell us.
-Kim Bo-yeong?
-Kim Bo-yeong?
No wonder Hae-won always has
that gloomy vibe around her.
No wonder.
But aren't Bo-yeong and Hae-won close?
Yes, that's exactly why
we can be sure it's true.
-You're right. How scary.
-Doesn't it give you goosebumps?
It really does.
Then we're classmates
with a murderer's daughter.
No wonder every time I saw her eyes--
What is that?
So what I'm saying is…
that the word "misunderstanding"
is complete nonsense.
Eun-seop, are you asleep?
You're drunk after two cans of beer.
You really can't hold your liquor.
I'll get going then.
Wait. I'm not drunk.
Let me see.
You are drunk.
I guess I'm really a lightweight.
Yes, totally. Much worse than me.
It's raining.
I'll really get going then.
I'm so glad you're here,
Aunt, do you have an eyebrow pencil?
Where are you going so early?
Me? To my part-time job.
-You're here early.
Yes, I woke up early.
Do you want some coffee?
By the way, you're really a lightweight.
Yes, you're right.
You fell asleep after one drink.
I recall things up until I fell asleep,
but I completely blacked out after that.
You were sleeping so soundly.
Didn't you say you have insomnia?
I do. Maybe I should drink more.
Right, you also said something.
Said what?
"I'm so glad you're here, Irene."
You said, "I'm so glad you're here."
-I did?
-Yes, you did.
You said it quite lovingly.
How have you been, Hae-won?
It's good to see you.
It's me, Bo-yeong.
It's been so long, right?
Irene borrowed the book,
The Wind in the Willows.
It would be nice if she likes it,
but it's okay if she doesn't.
Actually, my favorite version of that book
is the version
with Patrick Benson's illustrations.
But I don't say it in front of the books,
since books and pictures can hear too.
It's getting late.
I've gone on for too long
because the nighttime is a good time
for having conversation.
Some people never share their worries.
They can't say they're struggling
or that they're in pain.
Everything burst.
I'm escaping from here, just like this.
Then what about me?
That's for you to figure out.
I'll just go back to Seoul.
Just stay here for five days.
With a little fixing up,
it will be as good as before.
I'd feel anxious all day.
I thought she might not come back.
Subtitle translation by: Ji-young Hwang
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