When the Weather is Fine (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

The Wolf's Silver Eyelash

She has returned.
I didn't know you owned a bookstore.
I didn't know this was
a real bookstore either.
How long will you be staying this time?
I'm thinking of staying until spring.
Do you plan to just keep bumming around?
No, I plan to stay here
for a while and work part-time.
There's not much to do.
I rarely get customers.
He has a girlfriend now.
Her name is Irene.
Is it this lady, perhaps?
Did you or did you not like someone here?
I liked Mok Hae-won.
I hope you're not upset…
about what I said to the group.
I should have just said a random name.
I regretted it on my way home.
Mok Hae-won.
I mentioned Bo-yeong the other day, right?
She said you two have a misunderstanding.
I'm not sure
what the misunderstanding was.
All I know is that she was in the wrong,
and she didn't apologize in any way.
Where are you going so early?
To my part-time job.
I'm so glad you're here.
-You're here early.
Yes, I woke up early.
Do you want some coffee?
By the way, you're really a lightweight.
Yes, you're right.
You fell asleep after one drink.
I recall things up until I fell asleep,
but I completely blacked out after that.
You were sleeping so soundly.
Didn't you say you have insomnia?
I do. Maybe I should drink more.
Right, you also said something.
Said what?
"I'm so glad you're here, Irene."
You said, "I'm so glad you're here."
-I did?
-Yes, you did.
You said it quite lovingly.
How have you been, Hae-won?
It's good to see you.
It's me, Bo-yeong.
It's been so long, right?
I'm sorry.
That hurt.
Of course, he's dead.
-I can't believe it.
-I'm sure.
I sentence the defendant Sim Myeong-ju
to seven years in prison.
Although the defendant, as a spouse,
has the duty to faithfully carry out
the conjugal relationship,
she has failed to do so,
and then used a car to murder the victim.
Taking the method of her crime
and her relationship with the victim
into consideration,
a severe penalty is inevitable.
I can't imagine your pain.
I won't tell anyone.
Your secret's safe.
Not a single soul.
No, not a single soul.
Don't cry.
I heard that Hae-won's mom…
is a murderer.
On top of that,
I heard she killed her own husband.
-Hae-won's dad?
-Are you serious?
Yes, that's why she came here.
Her mom went to prison.
-Who told you?
-Who told you?
Tell us.
Kim Bo-yeong.
-Kim Bo-yeong?
-Kim Bo-yeong?
No wonder Hae-won always has
that gloomy vibe around her.
No wonder.
But aren't Bo-yeong and Hae-won close?
Yes, that's exactly why we can--
What is that?
Hae-won, hold on! Please hear me out.
You're mistaken.
It's all a misunderstanding.
Please, Hae-won.
-Hold on…
-Let go.
Hae-won, please.
I didn't mean to tell anyone.
Ju-hui told everyone…
I mean, our classmates…
I didn't mean to.
-I said, let go.
-Hae-won, just a minute.
Hae-won, please--
Let go!
I heard that she beat Bo-yeong up.
Unsurprising behavior
of the daughter of a murderer.
Her mom's a murderer?
She's so scary.
How can she stomach her food?
Don't hit me.
It was an accident.
You need to hit him intentionally
for you to get charged with manslaughter.
No. Then I'll have to go to prison
like Mok Hae-won's mom.
You're so right.
I don't like the look in Hae-won's eyes.
Isn't it creepy?
Hey, your eyebrows are uneven!
Right? I told you countless times.
No way. They're the same.
-The bottom part.
-It's not the same.
-This is the second point.
-You're crazy.
-Then you draw to the third point.
-This is hilarious.
You need to trace this line here.
Hey, how do you think Mok Hae-won feels?
Like absolute crap, of course.
It's disgusting the more I think about it.
Can't she just drop out?
I don't want to see her at school.
Hey, Hae-won!
Come in.
You forgot your bag.
What are you looking at?
Do you really see ghosts?
Goodness, that brat threw down her bike
in front of the house again.
-I can't with her…
-Welcome home, Dad.
Hey, soccer's on tonight, right?
Should we order some fried chicken?
No, thanks. I'll be back.
What? Where are you going?
-My book club meeting.
-All right.
-Hey, be careful, all right?
I'll be back.
The temperature tomorrow morning
is expected to feel like
negative 20 degrees Celsius.
A powerful cold wave is expected.
We predict the temperature to drop
to minus 15 degrees Celsius
in the central part…
Is it that difficult to eat your dinner?
I'm always cooking for you.
Princess Chan-bi!
I made you some stew.
Eat it if you're hungry, I guess.
We advise that you turn off your power
when you leave.
Pay extra attention to
your water pipes freezing
and to your agricultural products.
Don't forget to take care of your health.
You too.
The two of us live together
Let's just say we will forever
Goodness, it's cold.
There once was an old couple
who lived in the mountains.
One day, the grandpa rescues
an injured crane.
A few days later, a maiden appears
and says she'll be their adopted child.
I know this.
She weaves something every night.
It's cloth, isn't it? Hemp cloth.
She weaves the beautiful cloth every night
and she beseeches the old couple
to never look inside the room.
The Crane Maiden had swagger.
Swagger. And then?
At first, they sold the cloth
she had weaved at the market.
-They were a happy family of three.
But curiosity got the best of the couple
and they secretly peeked into the room.
In the room, the old couple saw
the crane they had once saved,
plucking her own feathers with her beak
and weaving them into cloth.
Once her secret was exposed,
the crane was disillusioned with humans,
so she immediately flew
far away into the sky.
The end!
How do you kids know this story?
I can barely recall it.
We learned it in school today.
My grandpa told me that story.
I have a question related to this story.
What is it?
Why is it that if you tell people
not to do something, they do it even more?
You're like that too.
What? Me?
-Just today, with Kim Yeong-su--
-I have no idea.
-What did you say?
-Who's that?
-Seriously, why do people do that?
I'm curious too.
All they had to do was not look.
They just needed to follow instructions.
-Rules are always difficult to abide by.
I wonder if there's another
injured crane around here.
All right, is it my turn?
-Yes, it is.
It's the folktale of
Yeoni and the Willow Bachelor.
On a cold winter night, much like today,
Yeoni's stepmother kicked her out
and had her search for herbs.
But no matter how much
she searched the fields,
it was impossible to find herbs
in the winter.
I think I know this story.
Then please take over, Geun-sang.
Then she runs into the Willow Bachelor.
He went into his cave
and brought out herbs for her.
This sounds like the start of a rom-com.
So? Do they end up together?
The Willow Bachelor dies.
What? Why?
The stepmother was jealous,
so she went to his cave and killed him.
It's a horror story.
That's the end?
What kind of folktale is that?
Then Yeoni finds a flower.
She makes medicine with that flower.
The bachelor came back to life
and the two lived happily ever after.
That's the folktale.
Goodness, you startled me.
This story had so many twists.
I got a bit worried
it might not be a happy ending.
What's your favorite folktale, Eun-seop?
We're sharing folktales today.
So which one do you like?
I like the tale of
The Wolf's Silver Eyebrow.
Sounds interesting.
Tell us the story, Eun-seop.
See you tomorrow.
Once upon a time, there was a boy.
He was often hurt by others.
People took advantage of his innocence
by constantly deceiving and betraying him.
Then one day,
the boy met a wolf in the mountains.
The wolf plucked
one of his eyebrows and said,
"Would you like to see people
through this silver eyebrow?"
"It will allow you to see people
for who they really are."
A cunning monkey,
a sly fox,
a mean pig,
and a wicked raccoon.
There were no real humans
in the world that the boy saw.
So the boy
decided to leave to look
for a place with real humans.
Did such a place exist?
It didn't exist?
No, it didn't. Not anywhere.
Hey, Hae-won!
The water pipes froze. Turn the faucet on.
Is it working?
-Darn, this won't do.
Is there anything stronger?
I heard the best way to
defrost a water pipe is
to cover it up with a warm, wet towel.
And how will we wet a towel with no water?
Just call a plumber. I can't fix it.
It's two in the morning. Who would come?
Did the boiler shut off?
It's no surprise
that this isn't working either.
So what do we do?
It's minus 17 degrees out.
Please work.
This is definitely not going to work.
It's totally dead.
Let's go.
All right.
Call a taxi.
A taxi won't let us in with Gunbam.
Then let's borrow a car.
Then what?
We'll go to a motel downtown.
You think they'll allow dogs?
I allowed dogs.
You can't compare our cottage to a motel.
How about…
we just stay at
that guest house over there?
That's not happening.
Why not?
They're the reason we closed down.
Have you no pride?
You're right.
Then reach out to anyone you know.
I don't have a phone.
How come?
I threw it away.
No, you call him.
You work part-time for him.
We're not that close yet.
Come on.
Don't give me that.
Aren't you two friends? You do it.
-Call your best friend.
Hurry, I'm cold.
I'm cold too.
Do you happen to be home?
If you are, can you open the door?
-Where do you think he is?
-He's probably home.
-Knock on the door.
-Why me?
-You work for him.
-So? It's not my home.
My goodness.
You can sleep here tonight.
Thanks. Sorry for inconveniencing you.
No, it's fine.
I'll just sleep at my parents'.
One of you can sleep in there,
and the other can sleep here.
I'll sleep inside with Gunbam.
Thanks, Eun-seop.
I'll get you some fresh blankets.
How's this?
Is that enough?
Thank you for letting us stay here.
No worries.
I raised the heat,
but let me know if you're cold.
-I'll get going.
I wanted to ask you something.
-This morning…
-She didn't say much.
She left without saying much.
I see.
All right, then…
Hurry up and go to bed.
-You too.
-Good night.
Hey, that's her, right?
-The murderer's kid?
I'm so scared of her.
She disgusts me.
-I wish she would transfer again.
-Me too.
Look at her.
Let's go.
-Should've put more strawberries in there.
-We didn't use enough.
What the hell?
What's your deal?
You little…
Let go!
I said, let go!
You better let go!
I'm sorry.
My apologies, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
I failed to discipline my granddaughter
because I'm old and weak.
I'm sorry.
Please forgive her just this once.
Look here, this is unforgivable!
She hit my daughter's face with a shoe!
What did you do to raise her this way?
How could she beat her up like this?
Hae-won. Hurry up and beg for forgiveness.
Tell them that you were wrong.
-Her mom is a murderer.
-She's obviously messed up.
Where is she…
You see, Grandma?
They said the same thing.
They called Mom a murderer
and spread baseless rumors.
They said I needed to be punished.
So they vandalized my desk,
put leftover fruit in my sneakers,
hid and threw away my gym clothes…
Neither the prosecutor
nor the judge blamed me.
Not even my dad who died blamed me!
So who are they to do that?
What gives them the right…
to condemn me…
and point fingers at me?
Isn't it so strange, Grandma?
I read that I can use a torch
to defrost the water pipes.
I saw it online.
But instead of it melting,
it caught on fire.
-The tragedy didn't end there.
All the water pipes at home
started exploding.
Is this funny to you?
The cold weather isn't all to blame.
Seeing how bad the leakage is,
I doubt it was just due to the cold.
It's probably because it's old, like me.
everything burst.
I suggest you remove whatever's valuable.
Did you get your valuables out?
I own nothing of value.
So I'm escaping from here, just like this.
-Yes, escape.
I'll be going to
the Holy Land of Su-jeong.
Where's the Holy Land of--
Hi, Hae-won.
Get in, Myeong-yeo.
You're going to Aunt Su-jeong's?
Yes, it's very warm there.
She never turns off the heat.
Then what about me?
That's for you to figure out.
You're old enough.
I'm leaving, my beloved niece.
You know what?
I just wanted to die
because of my splitting headache.
I can't believe this happened.
It worked out for the best!
Now that everything is in the gutter,
I'll just be homeless forever.
-Your head hurts?
The pain is driving me insane.
But you said it didn't hurt!
I was lying!
Bye, my niece.
Let's go.
-Bye, Hae-won.
You're really leaving?
Sim Myeong-yeo!
Are you kidding me?
Yes, all the water pipes burst.
A week later?
Won't the house be
completely frozen by then?
Yes, I understand.
What did they say?
Apparently, the whole city
is going through it.
Hi, I'm calling from
the Walnut House in Bukhyun-ri.
So you've heard.
Are you available to come by?
I see. Goodbye.
-Hi, there.
It's completely frozen.
You should look inside, sir.
Water was spurting out everywhere,
but it's frozen solid
because it's so cold.
Is it salvageable?
I'm sure it's possible
once the repairmen come
and work their magic.
Jeez, that's going to hurt her pocket.
Say cheese!
-Goodness, stop running around.
Let her be.
They're not available, right?
The earliest one available
is five days later.
Will the house survive until then?
-As long as it doesn't get worse--
-Hey, Eun-seop!
This is unbelievable.
The head of the village went in just now
and hammered a pipe to fix it.
Now there's water spurting out
from there too.
-You should go and take pictures.
Hurry up.
Do you have an Elsa costume?
A picture dressed up as Elsa
would've been perfect.
No, I don't think that's right, Eun-seop.
My father was fine with it too.
You should stay here.
I'll go stay with my parents.
Do you know what Hwi said?
She said because you stayed over,
she had to sleep with her parents.
-She told me--
-Hey, Eun-seop!
You better not come. Don't test me!
Then I'll use the first floor.
It's warm and comfortable here.
I'll just find another place to stay.
There's a motel downtown.
That's a long commute.
I'll take the bus.
It takes two hours there and back.
Then I'll stay at a guest house…
Scratch that.
I'll just go back to Seoul.
I have a place in Seoul.
I was planning to go back
around spring anyway.
My aunt keeps pressuring me to work too.
It's for the best.
The house is ruined,
and my aunt gets headaches.
This is all probably a sign
for me to return to Seoul.
-Once I get back…
-Calm down, Hae-won.
This is nothing.
-I mean, it's not a big deal.
How is this not a big deal?
Just stay here for five days.
Then we can call a repairman.
With a little fixing up,
it will be as good as before.
That's true, but…
I told you, it's warm here.
I sometimes even fall asleep
while organizing books.
Then I'll stay on the first floor.
No, it's cold here.
You just said it was warm.
It is, but the sofa is uncomfortable.
-You just said it was comfortable.
-It's comfortable for me, not for you.
You're saying it's cold
and uncomfortable for you too.
Forget it. I'll go back to Seoul--
Then I'll sleep upstairs too.
There are two rooms.
What do you say?
Okay, let me stay for just five days then.
What a long day.
I can't agree more.
-Shall I put this here?
-That goes over there.
He better not come home.
Has your aunt seen a doctor?
She had an excruciating headache.
I heard you have headaches.
I just wanted to die
because of my splitting headache.
-Your head hurts?
The pain is driving me insane.
But you said it didn't hurt!
I was lying!
What are we looking for?
A medicine packet or a prescription.
What for?
My aunt said she has a splitting headache.
What if she has a terminal illness?
Who knows? Maybe she even wrote a will.
You didn't have to come though.
It's dark.
Who is that?
My mom.
Let's go.
Some people never share their worries.
Not even to family?
They can't say they're struggling
or that they're in pain.
They keep it to themselves.
Maybe even…
until they die.
They build a cabin in their hearts
and never step foot outside of it.
They don't ever voice their loneliness.
In fact, they prefer the loneliness.
They prefer it over their families.
Maybe Myeong-yeo is one of those people.
Wasn't the lesson
on the Pythagorean theorem difficult?
What are you doing? Why are you downtown?
Be quiet.
It's time for delusions,
fantasizing, and daydreaming.
That's some stalker swagger.
No, don't laugh.
Think! I want you to be in anguish.
Yes, exactly. That's the look I like.
Just go and talk to him.
I did, but he turned me down.
That's why I need to regroup.
"One must know their opponent to win."
I have zero information on him.
I need information to talk to him.
I told you that he wants to go
to Seoul National University.
That reminds me.
I want a refund for that info.
I thought about it
and it's totally useless.
He's the top student.
Of course he wants to go there.
It's the best university in Korea.
That's a no-brainer.
I want new information.
Can you turn around, please?
Like this. I want to see you.
Try walking this way.
Oh, my goodness. He's moving! No way.
Why is he waving to me?
Hey, hurry up.
Why is he approaching?
-I like this distance.
Oh, my goodness. I'm leaving!
Hey! We have to take that…
Wait for me!
Goodness, that's heavy. Hey!
Do you want to go to Aunt Su-jeong's
since we're going downtown?
You can see Myeong-yeo too.
No, I don't want to go.
I actually have to
attend a meeting in that area.
Go ahead.
It's a meeting with other
bookstore owners.
It'll take around two hours.
Then I'll wait at a café nearby.
All right.
There's something
I've been meaning to ask.
Why do you call my aunt by her first name
but call Aunt Su-jeong "Aunt"?
They're the same age.
Oh, that…
Myeong-yeo told me…
to call her by her first name.
I see.
I apologize on her behalf.
-Take this. I'll call you when I'm done.
-Can you not tell Myeong-yeo--
-It's a secret.
I'm sorry.
No. I like it.
Hey, Eun-seop.
Eun-seop's in a meeting.
If you give me your name,
I'll tell him to call you back.
You're Hae-won, right?
I'm glad it's you.
I was calling Eun-seop
to get a hold of you.
I think…
we never resolved our misunderstanding.
When are you free?
I'd like to grab coffee with you.
I think…
it's too cold out these days, Bo-yeong.
Next time.
Let's meet when the weather is nice.
You want to meet when the weather is nice?
I'll meet you…
when the weather is nice.
The heavy snowfall during the cold wave
disrupted flight and train schedules,
and hundreds of schools
across the country were ordered to close.
It's expected to get colder from now.
In the Yeongseo region,
the temperature will drop below minus 20.
The powerful cold wave is
expected to continue for a while.
We suggest you refrain from
going out as much as possible.
The Ministry of Health and Welfare says
if one's skin is exposed to this cold,
it can lead to frostbite
in a matter of minutes.
They urge everyone
to take extra care of their health.
The Yeongseo region of Gangwon Province
is expected to receive a maximum of
15cm of snow this weekend.
Im Eun-seop.
-You scared me.
I have a crush on a guy
named Kim Yeong-su.
But shockingly, he doesn't like me.
Isn't that messed up?
There's nothing wrong with me, right?
-Also, I'm the SO at my school.
Take a seat here.
What does SO stand for?
School Outcast.
None of the kids at school like me.
All the more reason why
at least he should like me!
Is that how it works?
Yes, of course, Hae-won.
Why doesn't he like you?
Who knows.
I don't even know why I'm the SO.
How would I know why he doesn't like me?
What should I do, Hae-won?
By the way, Hwi.
Did Eun-seop go to your house?
Eun-seop? I don't know, he wasn't there.
Try calling him.
I wonder where he went.
Why are you looking for him though?
Does he owe you money?
He's not one to take off without a word,
but he suddenly disappeared.
Come on, don't worry.
The only places he'd be are here,
home, the ice rink, or the mountain.
Just those four.
-The mountain?
If he's not at the other places,
he's probably there.
Why would he go there?
He sometimes goes there like a lunatic.
-Which mountain?
-The one back there.
-The one back there?
-Yes, that one.
Is that so?
Wait, Hae-won.
-You're going there?
-Yes, why?
You must have no fear.
You shouldn't go there at night.
But Eun-seop did.
That's because he's a wild beast.
They say if humans like us
go to the mountain at night, we'll die.
Once upon a time, there was a boy.
He was often hurt by others.
People took advantage of his innocence
by constantly deceiving and betraying him.
So the boy
decided to leave to look
for a place with real humans.
Did such a place exist?
He couldn't find real humans anywhere.
So the boy ended up
living a lonely life until he died.
I took about 500 steps from the entrance.
So I should turn around…
what are you doing here?
I feel so bad for him.
The boy with the wolf's silver eyebrow.
He must've been lonely.
So terribly lonely.
How cold must he have been?
What could we do for that boy?
We have to give him a hug.
A really big one.
We have to squeeze him
with all our might so he can warm up.
We have to hug him tight.
She is asleep under the same roof as me.
She came into my room earlier
and said my old lamp was beautiful.
I felt so happy that all of a sudden,
I wanted to kneel, take her hand,
and passionately confess my love for her…
But I simply thanked her,
for fear that I may startle her.
Unbelievable things
are bound to happen, everyone.
What is it?
They're shoes.
I don't want you to wear those.
Mok Hae-won.
"There was a misunderstanding."
Explain the next part.
What was it that I misunderstood?
It's complete chaos right now.
Someone went missing in the mountains,
so the town is going crazy.
Why does everyone assume it's okay
to ask Eun-seop to do this?
Don't go up the mountain.
Nor to that house. Ever again.
How can you roam around there so freely?
Because I'm familiar with it. That's why.
Subtitle translation by: Holly Kim
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