When the Weather is Fine (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

My Old House in My Dream

I took about 500 steps from the entrance.
So I should turn around…
what are you doing here?
I'm sorry.
I was so scared thinking I got lost.
You must be cold.
Let's go.
You can go up first.
It's green tea.
When I was little,
my mom wasn't at home from time to time.
On some days,
my mom wouldn't be there when I woke up.
Oddly, on those days,
I'd feel anxious all day.
I thought…
she might not come back.
When I was looking for you earlier,
the same feeling suddenly came over me.
You shouldn't go up the mountain at night.
I was just going to go
to the entrance and turn back.
You can get lost
very easily in the mountains.
Finish your tea and get to bed.
What about you?
How can you roam around there so freely?
Do you know your way around?
Because I'm familiar with it.
That's why.
But you aren't.
So don't ever go up the mountain
at night by yourself.
Get out of my way!
Out of my way!
Goodness. What?
I got new information on Kim Yeong-su.
-Why didn't you come?
-Okay. How much?
What? He's totally broke.
Did you steal your dad's wallet again?
No, it's my brother's.
I got it. Wait!
What? What is it this time?
Yeong-su likes reading books.
-What's wrong?
-Are you kidding me?
"Yeong-su eats three meals a day."
Why not call that new information?
Hey! He's at the top of the class.
Of course, he likes books!
Give me back my money.
No. I meant he likes fiction.
He loves fiction, so that's all he reads,
and he wants to become a writer too.
Like the weird stories my brother writes?
Yes, like that.
Hey, that's it? You got nothing else?
Darn it.
What's this?
You're up?
Yes. You're up too?
I'm going into town later.
For what?
To do laundry.
I don't have a washing machine at home.
I usually do it at my parents',
but since you have laundry too…
Want to come with?
Go wash up then.
You're not going to the ice rink today?
No. My dad is meeting his friends
today and tomorrow,
so the ice rink is closed.
I see. That's good.
-By the way, Eun-seop.
You said Hwi is Irene, right?
Then when you were drunk the other day,
why did you say,
"I'm so glad you're here, Irene"?
-Why, Eun-seop?
-The thing is…
-Did Hwi come back from somewhere?
Yes. Where was it again?
I can't recall…
I didn't think so.
It sounded like you were saying it
to someone you love.
Right? The thing is…
It isn't Hwi, is it?
Come on…
I'm getting a call.
Hello, sir.
-Good work today, Bo-yeong.
-Thank you.
So where had Hwi gone off to?
A retreat?
-Did you miss Hwi?
-Did you?
Mok Hae-won.
Hold the banner up higher!
-Take it now.
-Higher. A little more.
Everyone, say "Hyecheon!"
One, two, three.
-Got it.
With that, we'll conclude
the 2020 kick-off ceremony!
Let's take a quick break here
and head down.
-All right!
-I'll roll this up and bring it down.
It'll take a long time to get down.
Once again,
we kicked off the year by hiking.
I bought these hiking boots when I heard
we hike to kick off the new year.
I can't believe I've already
been wearing them for five years.
I got mine this year too.
I'll use them again, right?
But it's not so bad
to start the year off by hiking.
It feels like I'm getting a whole year's
worth of exercise in one go.
But I still don't like it.
Keep up the effort.
-Did you sell a lot?
My goodness. Min-jeong, aren't you cold?
I'm fine.
I was coming down with a cold,
but I'm okay now.
I'll be fine
if I take some medicine afterward.
No, I meant your shoes.
-She's right. Your feet must be freezing.
-No, they're not.
I'm okay.
Be careful. You might get frostbite.
You should get hiking boots
when you get your first paycheck.
They're worth it.
-They last a long time.
-They last a while. Get a pair.
-Yes, get a pair.
-Come on! Let's get down quickly.
We need to get down quickly to have time
for drinks with scallion pancakes.
Come on. Hurry!
-My goodness, sir.
-Wait for us!
Goodness, I'm so tired.
I'll take these.
Min-jeong, you can take the bag.
Wait for us!
-Excuse me.
-One moment, please.
I saw Eun-seop's car
as I was leaving the academy.
Did you follow us?
-"There was a misunderstanding."
You told everyone that, so I already know.
That's because…
Explain the next part.
What was it that I misunderstood?
There was a misunderstanding.
Hey, Bo-yeong!
You're close to Hae-won, aren't you?
Yes, I am.
Then you must also know
why she came alone to live here.
Hey, is that true?
She came here after causing trouble
at her previous school?
I heard that she was pregnant.
That's not true.
But someone from
her old neighborhood said that.
No, it's totally not true.
Maybe you have it wrong.
Seriously, that's not why she came here.
Then what?
What's the reason?
Come on, tell me.
I guess you're not that close to her.
Hey guys, big news!
-Did you guys know?
-Mok Hae-won's mom killed someone.
Hae-won's mom is a murderer!
Mok Hae-won's mom killed someone.
Oh, that girl Hae-won?
The one who plays cello?
Yes, that one.
Do you know why she came here
to live with her aunt?
Isn't it strange
that she doesn't live with her mom?
Only Ju-hui…
I only told Ju-hui.
Because she was
spreading rumors about you.
And Ju-hui promised me
that she would never tell anyone.
She promised me.
I won't tell anyone.
Not a single soul.
No, not a single soul.
Don't cry.
You too.
You also promised me
that you wouldn't tell anyone.
-But I trusted Ju-hui.
-I trusted you too.
But Ju-hui was spreading…
Bad rumors. So you did that for me?
Thanks, Bo-yeong. But…
That would've been better.
-I said that would've been better.
What do you mean?
To have bad rumors spread about me.
How would that have been better?
If rumors about you being pregnant…
At least that wasn't true.
It wasn't true,
so I wouldn't have cared,
no matter how much I was ridiculed for it.
I heard her mom killed her dad.
-Her mom is a murderer.
-Her mom is a murderer?
Because that was true about my mom…
-That's Mok Hae-won.
-So scary.
Because it was so true…
I really couldn't be okay with it.
-If I were her…
-That's Mok Hae-won.
Thanks for the coffee.
Mok Hae-won!
Is that why…
"Is that why" what?
Is that why you still can't forgive me?
Frankly, it wasn't entirely my fault.
So how could you…
do this to me over one mistake?
you're still good at pretending
to be a victim in front of others.
Mok Hae-won!
Call me when it's done.
-Stay for lunch.
-Next time.
Okay. Please send my regards.
-Thank you.
Since we're in town, should we go…
Not to my aunt.
Okay, got it.
Is it okay if I get some headache pills?
-Sure, of course.
Can I have some headache pills?
Strong ones.
My goodness. Your aunt just got some too.
-My aunt?
It should be enough to share.
Excuse me.
Can I have athlete's foot ointment too?
You have athlete's foot?
-For which area?
You have athlete's foot?
Why are you irritated with me already?
Answer me. You have athlete's foot?
-Then why are you buying the ointment?
Don't yell. Have you gone mad?
It's for Su-jeong! Satisfied?
Excuse me.
You're disrupting my business.
Eun-seop! Lower the window.
Lower it all the way.
Give me some allowance.
-It's been so long since the last time.
-Fine, I will. Wait.
I know you're trying to avoid it.
-Hello, Jang-u?
-Jang-u, can you give me some allowance?
-Eun-seop, we have a situation.
What do you mean?
Where are you?
Hello, ma'am.
Do you have hand warmers?
Can I get about 100…
if you don't mind?
And why do you need so many hand warmers?
You haven't heard?
It's complete chaos right now.
Someone went missing in the mountains,
so the whole town is going crazy.
Someone went missing?
The new employee at City Hall.
-Choi Min-jeong?
You know her?
The third daughter of the red-roof house.
The one who just passed
the civil service exam
and got a job at City Hall?
Her mom was so happy
that her daughter became a civil servant.
Are you saying
she went missing in the mountains?
Yes, so I heard…
-Then what do we do now?
You're all here. Hello.
Something terrible happened.
Jang-u's coworker
just went missing in the mountains.
What should we do?
That's what I just told you about.
On the way down, she said she wanted rest…
Someone saw her last
sitting on the stone wall earlier,
but didn't walk down together.
-Jang-u! Come here.
-Yes, sir.
I asked around already.
No one has seen her down here
after she took a break on the stone wall.
No one walked down with her,
and she was last seen taking a break.
How long has she been missing?
I'd say about 40 minutes
since we came down the mountain.
We checked immediately after.
-We haven't found her yet.
We filed a report, so everyone is here,
medics, police, and firemen.
But they haven't found her.
When was she last seen?
You came down together, didn't you?
We did.
Then what happened?
We're almost there. Just 40 more minutes!
Hang in there! Hurry!
Sir, I'm so tired.
What's our reward once we get down?
I said I'll buy you drinks
with scallion pancakes.
Come on, hurry!
Karaoke after? How's that sound, Jang-u?
-Sounds good to me.
-No thanks.
The chief hogs the microphone.
Then we can get
a separate room from the chief.
Everything will be okay then.
I heard Min-jeong is a great singer.
Really? We have to hear her sing then.
Ji-yeon, do you know where Min-jeong is?
She was lagging a bit behind.
She should be in the back.
Have you seen Choi Min-jeong?
No, I haven't.
I saw her in the back earlier.
She was resting, saying she had chills.
She's probably in the back.
I think she went missing
40 minutes before we got down.
A little below the midpoint then.
She was last seen resting on a rock.
Then she must've gotten lost
after falling behind.
It's easy to slip there.
It'd make it easier if she'd yell out.
No, they're not.
I'm okay.
Once it gets dark, it's over.
It gets very cold on the mountain.
But Eun-seop…
The sun is setting already.
If you can hear us, please answer!
Where are you?
Are you out there?
Requesting backup
on the missing person case.
Thank you so much. It's cold out here.
My goodness. It's so cold.
Oh, dear.
-Choi Min-jeong!
-I'm going.
-I'm really going.
-See you.
-Where are you?
-Can you hear us?
Choi Min-jeong!
Choi Min-jeong!
Choi Min-jeong!
-Where are you?
-Can you hear us?
Can you hear us?
If you can hear us, please yell!
Can you hear us?
Choi Min-jeong!
Where are you?
Choi Min-jeong!
-Can you hear us?
-Where are you?
-They still haven't found her?
It's taking a long time.
Everyone's looking for that woman, right?
So the police and Eun-seop
are working together?
No, Eun-seop is on his own
on a path they aren't familiar with.
A path they aren't familiar with? Alone?
He needs to search the areas they'll miss.
There are some mountain paths
only Eun-seop knows about.
Isn't that more dangerous?
Hae-won, I told you
my brother is a wild beast.
This mountain is different.
It's not a small hill
in the back of a village.
I asked someone earlier.
They said it takes
more than three hours to get to the top.
It wouldn't matter to Eun-seop at all.
She's right, Hae-won.
No one is worried about Eun-seop.
Why wouldn't you worry?
Why not?
Why does everyone assume it's okay
to ask Eun-seop to do this?
Isn't it dangerous? Can't he get hurt?
He's human like the rest of us.
Why does everyone
ask him to do this like it's nothing?
Wow, you sound exactly like my mom.
Why did you ask Eun-seop to come?
-You know how he is.
-Come on, honey.
-Oh, my goodness.
-Come here.
If something happens to him,
-I won't let you off the hook.
-Leave him alone. Come here.
-I'm so upset.
Hae-won, my brother
is gifted at climbing mountains.
That's why everyone asks him.
He is taking longer than usual.
Gosh. He's worrying me.
We found her!
Hae-won, they found her! Thank goodness!
My goodness, Min-jeong.
Thank you, Eun-seop. Thank you so much.
Thank you so much, Eun-seop.
Thank you so much.
You worked so hard.
Come on.
It was a close call today, wasn't it?
Don't go next time.
Even if they ask you for help.
Just say no.
How can he do that?
He's the only one who--
But what if he gets hurt doing that?
Don't you see his face?
Look at what happened!
He's a human too.
He's not a wolf or an animal.
He can get hurt too!
If he runs up and down
such a big mountain alone,
he'll get hurt too!
They look for Eun-seop
whenever something happens in this town.
I was about to go crazy
thinking something might happen to him.
Mom, how come
everything makes you go crazy?
You said yesterday
that my grades were making you go crazy.
Dad, laundry is a living being.
It has a life--
-Don't touch it with your dirty--
-Have this.
Mother, I'm okay.
I'm really…
Isn't it delicious?
-It's really delicious.
-Gosh, her nagging.
Come in.
Hae-won, do you need anything?
No, I'm fine. Thank you.
Good night then.
Good night.
You must have no fear.
You shouldn't go there at night.
But Eun-seop did.
That's because he's a wild beast.
Forget it.
I was supposed to go with the rescue team.
But I felt more comfortable going alone.
And it's faster that way too.
From now on,
don't go up the mountain alone.
Don't go up the mountain out back either.
Nor to that house…
Ever again.
If you get injured in the mountains,
who will rescue you?
I can't.
Nor can your dad or Hwi. So--
All three of you can rescue me together.
If you, Dad, and Hwi all work together,
you'd be able to save me…
don't you think?
Forget it.
Don't ever go up again.
I'm going to get really angry next time.
But you're already angry at him.
What do you mean by next time?
Dad wants more roasted sweet potatoes.
-I'm not the one who is asking.
Dad's the one who's being oblivious.
-Gosh, he's so…
-I'll bring him some.
Why did you give Eun-seop
all the roasted sweet potatoes?
Dad and I want to eat them too.
But you already ate a lot!
I gave a bite to Dad too!
You ate the most. I saw it.
Dad, Mom is so weird!
She's like a thug. She keeps cursing.
What? I didn't curse.
On a cold day like this,
draft beer is the best.
The weather is crazy.
It's minus 17 degrees Celsius.
-You're here.
-Want a glass of beer?
Yes, please.
Frankly speaking,
I prefer soju on a cold day like this.
Slightly frozen soju
paired with spicy braised chicken.
-Soju freezes right at this temperature.
What about beer?
What's beer's freezing point?
Minus four degrees Celsius.
Seung-ho, one second.
You didn't have to.
-Enjoy the pie.
-Thank you.
-You really didn't have to.
-It's nothing.
For you, Seung-ho.
You just kept it outside?
Yes, it's practically a freezer out there.
Now that we're all here,
shall we continue?
"I received a letter
that tied up yesterday."
"The path that always followed you
suddenly disappeared."
"So did other things that are not paths."
"The stones that used to play with us
in our childhood
are embedded everywhere,
hiding their faces."
"I love you. I love you."
"In the cold evening sky…
you can see
the thoroughly shattered lines."
"The snow falls sparsely."
"A few flakes of snow
are unable to land anywhere
and keep floating around,
wide-eyed and trembling,
A Little Love Song by Hwang Dong-gyu.
I want them to land on me.
Poems and fiction
that go well with winter.
Who's next?
Jang-u, read something
that will make us feel even colder.
I'm going to read
Natasha, the White Donkey, and Me.
Oh, that…
You're into foreigners too?
My goodness.
What the heck?
You said "Natasha."
You're interested in foreigners.
I see. Foreigners.
People prefer foreigners now.
They can speak other languages too.
What are you talking about?
Whatever. It's a total mess.
-Irene, my foot.
-But you picked a good book.
Do you often hear
that you resemble a donkey?
What do you mean?
I don't look like a donkey.
Why are you laughing? I don't.
-See you next week.
-Take care.
-Let's go together.
-Come on, hurry.
I heard this by chance.
Red ginseng is an excellent cure
for athlete's foot!
-Min-jeong wants to see you.
To thank him. He saved her life.
-I just--
-Let's set a date later. Bye.
-See you.
-Should we clean up now?
-Yes, sure.
You can wear these.
What is it?
They're shoes.
I don't want you to wear those.
Why not?
"Why not?"
Because we're in the countryside, and…
the roads are a bit rough too.
In any case, wear them.
Where are you going?
To the bathroom.
It really is a relief.
Eun-seop is safe and didn't get hurt.
Right. I was so worried
because he was taking so long.
I almost forgot, Jang-u.
My mom is waiting to kill you.
I had no choice.
Imagine how desperate I must've felt
to have asked Eun-seop.
Do you like her?
What are you talking about?
No, it was simply
because of my love for all humanity…
Don't worry, Jang-u.
I doubt my mom would
actually go so far as to kill you.
She wouldn't, right?
Of course not.
She'll just hate you to death.
She's going to make a voodoo doll of you
and prick it with a needle.
"I'm not going to let this slide."
"I'm going to kill him."
But I can understand how his mother feels.
To be honest, just because
he navigates the mountains well,
everyone in this town relies on Eun-seop.
But he's still their precious son.
You're right. I'm completely to blame.
I'm just saying that's how she must feel.
By the way, Mr. Bae.
Were you ever the top student
in your school?
-That's difficult to achieve.
Gosh, then who might have?
He is quite famous.
He was the top student for all 12 years.
You went to Seoul National University!
Yes, I went there.
Do you have a question
for the top student, Hwi?
What is it? Functions?
Quadratic equations?
I know. English?
Or do you want me to recite a poem?
If not, I can discuss
-the use of definite integrals--
What type of women do top students like?
Give a real person as an example,
not Natasha.
A Korean, not a foreigner. Okay?
That must've hurt.
I'm so envious of you, Eun-seop.
Your family is so warm.
My family feels
as cold as a freezer compartment.
I truly envy you.
You have so many people who love you.
-Good morning, sir.
-Good morning.
Did you drink with Jong-min yesterday?
No, I didn't.
Gosh, how did he know?
-Oh, no.
-You're here early, sir.
A lot of deliveries for City Hall today.
Is that right?
I hope my package is here too.
Goodbye, sir.
All right. Here we go.
Hello, Jang-u! Are you heading to work?
Hi, Min-jeong. Are you all right?
Yes, I am.
Why are you here? You should rest.
By the way, did you ask your friend?
My friend?
-You mean Eun-seop?
I asked him, but the thing is…
What did he say?
-Min-jeong wants to see you.
To thank him. He saved her life.
Well, he wants to get a meal with you,
but not now. In other words…
So he doesn't want to?
No, that's not it.
That's not what I meant.
He wants to eat with you.
-Yes, someday…
-What a relief!
I was so grateful to him.
I'm sure you felt very grateful.
One second, Min-jeong.
My phone keeps ringing.
-I'll go first.
-Yes, go ahead.
-See you later.
Hello, this is Lee Jang-u, the 42nd class…
Pardon me?
Are you new here?
-Thank you.
Ma'am, did you go see a doctor?
-Yes, I did. He said I'm okay.
-Did he? Great.
One cabbage pancake, please.
-I'll get going.
-Eat first!
Next time.
Thank you.
By any chance, are you Myeong-ju?
You've aged quite a bit.
Today at the book club,
we picked passages we like
from poems and fiction
that go well with winter.
She is settling in quite well
with our book club.
She often reads the books
that other members have read.
I suddenly wondered
if she becomes curious about people
through their book choices.
If that's the case,
which book should I pick?
I wonder why she came here.
There must be another reason.
Why are you always so busy?
The Hyecheon High reunion, remember?
You know the 50th anniversary
reunion is in two days, right?
Everyone needs to attend.
Then what exactly
can I talk to you about, Mom?
Why you did that to Dad back then.
Whether the reason I know is true.
I'm done too,
but I have another engagement.
Is something going on?
You're still the same, Hae-won.
I'm the same too.
Subtitle translation by: Ji-young Hwang
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