When the Weather is Fine (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Noblewoman From the West

She has returned.
How long will you be staying this time?
I plan to stay here for a while
and work part-time.
He has a girlfriend now.
Her name is Irene.
I mentioned Bo-yeong the other day, right?
She said you two have a misunderstanding.
It's been so long, right?
Everything burst.
I'm escaping from here, just like this.
I'll just go back to Seoul.
Just stay here for five days.
With a little fixing up,
it will be as good as before.
If he's not at the other places,
he's probably there.
Why would he go there?
He sometimes goes there like a lunatic.
How can you roam around there so freely?
Because I'm familiar with it.
That's why.
It's complete chaos right now.
Someone went missing in the mountains,
so the whole town is going crazy.
Why does everyone assume it's okay
to ask Eun-seop to do this?
Some people never share their worries.
They can't say they're struggling
or that they're in pain.
Maybe even until they die.
What is this?
Did you harvest sweet potatoes?
No, my sister-in-law gave me some.
Lucky you.
I wish I had someone
to give me sweet potatoes.
Don't eat them all by yourself.
Share some with me, okay?
Of course, I'll call you over.
Good, you better.
I'll buy a bottle of makgeolli for us.
I feel carsick.
It's because you were
chatting so much on the bus.
That makes no sense.
Chatting doesn't make you carsick.
It's possible.
By any chance, are you Myeong-ju?
You've aged quite a bit.
Wait for me.
Did you suddenly accelerate?
Was it an accident?
Did the car not stop
even when you hit the brakes?
I never stepped on the brakes.
Despite the fact that
your husband was in front of the car?
Despite that.
Is it because you panicked,
or did your legs cramp up?
I saw my husband in front of the car.
But I had…
no desire to step on the brakes.
I sentence the defendant Sim Myeong-ju
to seven years in prison.
However, I deem this an accident,
as the incident happened
while the defendant was running away
from the victim's violent outburst.
Considering that the defendant
was trying to escape
physical abuse from the victim,
and that the victim's family
doesn't wish for…
Mok Hae-won.
Sim Myeong-ju, inmate number 3901,
has refused your visit request.
You should eat.
-I think that's the eldest daughter.
-Is it her?
I think you're right.
Let me explain what happened, Mom…
Sir, there's no need to be gentle.
It's fine if it gets damaged.
It's out of business,
so it doesn't need to be pretty.
Just tear it all down--
We're doing construction
because the pipes burst.
He said it'll take two weeks…
You have three days.
That's impossible.
He said it'll end in ten days.
Shall I end it for you?
I'll talk to the contractor.
Where are you two staying?
She's at Eun-seop's. I'm with Su-jeong.
-He's a guy and Su-jeong's a girl.
We sleep in separate rooms.
-Then what about me?
I'll try to ask Su-jeong.
She'll let you stay for one or two days.
Next question.
Did you close down the cottage?
How do you plan on making a living?
You've got some nerve.
Right, Myeong-yeo?
Did you stop by your place?
Yes, my mom's here.
Your mom?
My mom and I meet twice a year.
There's a wait.
Take a seat here. It won't be long.
It's hot now.
Here are your noodles. Enjoy.
We meet once in the summer.
- Hi.
- Hi. One without seaweed, please.
-Sure. One order with no seaweed!
It's cold now.
Then once around when winter comes.
Guess what we do when we meet?
We eat a meal and get tea.
See you next time.
Then we part ways.
It's because we have
nothing to talk about.
My mom has always been
indifferent toward her family.
I see.
I wonder why she came here.
Did she suddenly show up without notice?
There must be another reason.
What's more, she hates
coming back to her hometown.
She says it reminds her of my dad.
Then why…
did she suddenly show up?
Hold your arms up.
Hey, you! Your skirt!
Hey, Yeong-su.
Try and learn from him, kids.
My gosh, we meet again, Yeong-su.
How do we always meet at this time?
Is this what they call fate?
So, what did you do yesterday?
I read a book. A novel.
The title was
Natasha, the White Donkey, and Me.
So what?
You mean, what did I think of the book?
I didn't enjoy it, but Jang-u did.
-Not that.
-Then the price of the book?
I think it was 12,800 won.
Or maybe it was 11,500 won.
-Aren't you a junior?
-Yes, I am. My name is Im Hwi.
"Im" like important,
and "Hwi" like the sound of a whistle.
What is it?
Don't tell me you regret that you said
you didn't like me last time?
No, I don't regret that.
Then what?
It's irritating because I'm a senior.
What about that?
You're talking to me informally right now.
That's because
I don't like using honorifics.
You like to speak informally
because you don't like honorifics?
Then I'll reject you
because I like rejecting people.
Don't talk to me until I graduate.
By the way,
Natasha, the White Donkey, and Me
isn't a novel.
-It's a poem.
You'd know if you actually read,
but a novel is a literary form of prose
where the author
makes up a fictional story
based on facts or their imagination,
whereas poetry is when one expresses
their emotions and thoughts
about nature or life
using connotation and rhythm.
-Forget it.
It was a poem?
I thought it was a novel
because it was so long.
Shouldn't the author have given me
a heads-up about the length?
Did he just reject me again?
I'll tell you the type of girl
a top student likes.
Yes, tell me. Who is it?
What kind of person?
It's no one.
They have no interest in girls.
-There's no top student out there
who can keep the title
while also being interested in girls.
Then Jang-u,
what about the guys who are smart,
but also popular with girls,
and good at sports too?
What do you call them?
We have a word for those guys.
It's "unicorn."
Did you say unicorns?
The flying horse with a horn on its head?
I'm saying it's an imaginary creature.
Wait, seriously? It can't be.
He really has no interest in girls?
He's a red-blooded youth--
You kids barely have time to study,
let alone date.
It's impossible to be interested in girls.
Why is the bus taking forever?
Are you being serious?
Were you like that too?
No, I was a unicorn.
But I am being serious.
The school's top student will never…
Right. He said they don't like girls.
Yeong-su obviously rejected me
because he doesn't like girls.
-Why? Because I'm a girl.
-He would've rejected anyone.
-Big news! Je-in has a boyfriend!
-Kim Yeong-su!
Is it the Kim Yeong-su I know?
No way.
Je-in probably just has her eyes on him.
That basically means they're dating.
Gosh, I feel bad for Yeong-su.
Did Je-in hit him?
I know, right? She has interesting taste.
-I can't believe it.
-That's crazy.
I don't know what it's like
in the orchestral music industry,
but in the literature field,
there were so many lunatics.
They all thought they were Virginia Woolf,
Natsume Soseki,
Svetlana Alexievich, Patrick Süskind,
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin,
Milan Kundera, and so on.
Bunch of narcissists who took themselves
for great thinkers or geniuses.
That's not all.
They think everything they spit out
is a poem or novel.
It was such a mess,
I could barely stomach it for four years.
But there was one person
who was the craziest among them.
-Guess who it was.
-I'm not sure.
The craziest of them all.
The craziest of the craziest.
The best of the nutjobs was who?
Me. It was me.
I was by far the strangest student
at Leesin University.
However, there was still one person
who beat me in terms of craziness.
Do you know who that was?
Is it…
That's right. It was your mom.
Your mom is the weirdest
no matter where she goes.
Common sense and words
don't get through to her.
She's cold, mean, and scary.
All right, we got it.
That's enough. We all know this about her.
You do?
So what's your point?
Get up. We must go out.
Go out? Why?
Your mom wants to get lunch together.
Why does she want to get lunch?
Who knows.
We just do as she says.
Let's go.
Shall I drop you off?
You better hurry up, Hae-won.
Let's go.
So why did you come here?
What did you say?
I heard from somewhere…
…that Sim Myeong-ju is here?
I've had multiple people
ask me that on my way here.
That's no surprise.
Myeong-ju was quite well-known.
It seems like it.
she was a year younger than me.
She was so pretty.
Yes, she is beautiful.
But she's cold.
That's her charm.
Hey, come on!
Hurry up!
Back then,
all the boys in this town liked Myeong-ju.
My gosh. Did you see her?
-Hey, it's her.
-It's Sim Myeong-ju.
-It's Sim Myeong-ju.
-No way.
The bus will depart now.
I always wondered
who she'd end up marrying.
To my surprise, she married the guy
who chased after her the most tenaciously.
She got pregnant.
But still,
I had no doubt that she'd be happy.
-I'll take these books.
-Okay, these here?
With the 20 percent discount,
the total is 102,200 won.
I'll wire you the money.
Do you still get self-published books?
Yes, sometimes.
I gathered them up over there.
Come by and take a look sometime.
-Take whatever looks interesting.
Hey, Hae-won.
I'm done. Where are you?
I'm done too,
but I have another engagement.
Yes. Around an hour.
Sure, you head back home first.
All right.
It's me, Eun-seop.
Where should we meet?
Are you going home?
-Bye then.
Do you have camellias by any chance?
Camellias? Hold on.
I have some leftovers
from another customer's order.
How many would you like?
I'll take half of these, please.
All right.
Shall I mix in some other flowers?
No, that's fine.
-Have you been well?
-Yes. Hi.
What do you want to drink? I'll get…
What's up?
I thought it might be urgent.
Is something going on?
-You look pretty today.
-Hey, did you hear?
Hae-won snatched the guy
that Bo-yeong likes.
-For real?
-I heard that too.
Bo-yeong says she's the victim.
She must feel wronged.
Who does Bo-yeong like anyway?
Hae-won snatched Bo-yeong's crush.
It's Im Eun-seop. Look.
Guess what?
I have a crush on someone!
Who is it?
The loner in our class
who's always reading!
The loner who's always reading?
I like him so much!
-When did you get here?
-Just now.
Why did you really come here?
You had no particular reason to come.
I'm sure you're not here
to see me or Aunt.
It's neither Grandma's
nor Dad's memorial day.
There's no reason for you to come.
Did you leave something here?
You should've told me.
I could've sent it.
It would've been more convenient.
Although, it's not like
I have any idea where you live.
Are you…
trying to pick a fight with me?
Why would I do that?
Have you ever fought with me?
I don't think I've ever fought with you.
Don't you agree?
No, I haven't.
Why did you come?
Are you not going to tell me?
It's because it has nothing
to do with you.
Why are you laughing?
"It's because it has nothing
to do with you."
I've heard that so many times from you.
But you know what's hilarious?
That's not something
a parent says to their child.
It's usually the other way around.
But you don't only do this to me.
You do it to Aunt and Grandma.
You even did it to Dad.
That has--
Nothing to do with me? I know.
But then,
what exactly can I talk to you about, Mom?
I'm truly curious.
What can I ask you? What do I say to you?
I've never asked you anything until now.
Have I ever asked you anything?
Where you live, who you live with,
whether you live alone,
why you don't live with me.
Why we say we're family,
yet we only see each other twice a year.
I don't ask you those things.
why you never accepted my visit requests
and never once replied to my letters.
Why you…
why you did that to Dad back then.
Whether the reason I know is true.
That's enough.
Whether you really killed him,
whether it just somehow happened,
but you went to jail
out of your guilt towards Dad.
I never ask you this stuff, do I?
Stop it.
It was tough for me too back then.
I was also hurting at that time.
I'm sure it was worse for you,
but I really wanted to die.
I wanted to go crying to anyone,
asking why I deserved to
be punished like this.
But I didn't do that.
I had no one to ask.
Everyone abandoned me
to tend to their own pain.
I was left alone.
So I feel very awkward and uncomfortable
when you suddenly show up like this.
So leave tomorrow.
And make sure to let me know
the next time you come.
I'm back.
Myeong-yeo! Do you want one or two eggs?
Where did my sister go?
I don't know. She was gone when I woke up.
Watch out for cars, you punks!
Seung-o, Ha-yun, and Yu…
Hey, you.
You're Hae-won's mother. Hello.
Just call me Ms. Sim.
Okay, Ms. Sim.
Do you have a moment?
Yes, you.
You also asked her why she came?
-What did she say?
I don't know.
But she said she's leaving tomorrow.
Then why did she come here unannounced?
I just don't get it.
All right.
Can I help with anything?
Hey, the construction finishes tomorrow.
You know that, right?
Yes, I know.
-Excuse me.
-I'm sorry.
What should we do with the kitchen?
Just destroy it. Tear it all down.
You're not going to sit?
Are you friends with Hae-won?
Yes, since we were kids.
Has Hae-won perhaps…
Forget it.
It's nothing. My point is…
I'm listening.
Myeong-yeo told me…
that you know Park Huin-dol.
Yes, I know him.
I wanted to ask…
if you could give these to him.
I can't deliver them myself.
I don't even know his address
because he didn't write it.
I'll deliver these to him.
I have a message for him too.
Should I tell you?
No, I don't think I can relay it.
Is that so?
It's nothing nice, is it?
Of course not.
Then I'll just deliver these.
Then my business here is done.
-Goodbye then.
By the way,
haven't you seen me somewhere?
I think I've seen you somewhere.
Yes, I've seen you before.
So it is you.
Yes, it is.
You grew up well.
Why were you with my mom?
It just happened.
Do you know my mom?
No, but I met her once.
I think…
I was around ten years old.
It was at the Intercity Bus Terminal.
What is it, kid?
Do I look interesting to you?
What's so interesting?
You're pretty.
And that's cool too.
This is something
fashionable people wear.
They're like glasses.
I see.
What is it?
Are you a pretty person?
Yes, I am.
Do you want to see my eyes too?
I think your eyes behind that thing
will be very pretty too.
You think so?
Well then…
if that's what you want, cutie.
I'll show you.
What was my mom like?
What do you think?
Am I pretty?
She was a beautiful woman.
I see.
To be honest,
I was in a bad mood yesterday.
I saw you downtown.
I saw you with Bo-yeong.
Can I ask you something?
Have you been well, dear?
It's your favorite flower.
It's your birthday gift.
You carried this all the way here?
It's my birthday today.
I'll make you happy forever.
Please marry me.
I still hate you.
I also hate this day,
which marks the start of my misfortune.
So you came here for that? Clothes?
You should've told me.
I could've sent them to you.
I had specific clothes in mind.
Call in advance next time,
so I can prepare some stuff.
It's hard to remember
because he goes by the lunar calendar.
What's more,
you never really celebrated
his birthday to begin with.
He only celebrated
your birthday and Hae-won's, not…
I'm leaving.
By the way,
Hae-won's angry at me.
She's been angry at you
for the past 30 years.
But Myeong-ju,
she won't be angry anymore
if you do just one thing.
What is it?
A letter.
Write her a letter.
Like you did for me.
She suddenly asked to meet.
Eun-seop. It's me, Bo-yeong.
Do you have time today? I wanted to talk.
I have a favor to ask.
-Have you been well?
-Yes. Hi.
What do you want to drink? I'll get…
What's up?
I was hoping you could help me.
What can I help you with?
I want to be friends with Hae-won again.
But she doesn't even want to hear me out.
She keeps misunderstanding me.
I want to get along with Hae-won.
Even if it's been ten years,
I don't think it's right
for friends to be like this.
That's how I feel.
Can you help me?
I never liked the people
who would come over
even though they weren't welcome.
Some say that's romantic,
but I disagree.
That's an act of disregard
for my feelings.
They're saying
they'll do whatever they please.
They should respect my rejection too.
She needs to respect my decision
to not accept her apology.
Don't you agree?
I agree.
I feel pressured by Bo-yeong's actions.
I don't like it.
How about we do something
that will lift your mood?
It's nothing.
Yes, Grandpa.
I'm on my way. I'm almost there.
Are you at the town hall?
You should ask Father
about his matters, not me.
Okay, Grandpa. I'll see you in a bit.
Where am I?
I think it was over there.
There's a time
when something very small
and trivial enters your body.
Watch where you're going!
You little…
What are you doing?
It could be the scratchy seed
of a cocklebur.
Or Min-seok's finger
slightly touching my underarm.
Song Je-in is looking for you.
Or a toothache you forgot about
that comes back
and puts you in terrible pain.
It's like the smell of jjajangmyeon
after classes are over.
There's a time
when something very small
and trivial enters your body.
The very small and trivial thing
enters my body,
not knowing it's a prison.
There's a time it comes inside
and embraces me passionately.
That was a poem called
A Very Small and Trivial Thing
by An Do-hyeon.
Jang-u. Doesn't that go there?
-No, it goes here.
I've been dying to use the bathroom.
Why did you hold it in?
I loved the poem.
I had another wonderful time today.
-Please take a piece of pie, everyone.
-You didn't have to.
It's not the same without it.
-What's with your sister?
-It's big.
I don't know. She came in like that.
She's so scary.
I'm terrified of your sister.
She's always so bubbly,
so seeing her angry is terrifying.
I feel the same way.
You too, right?
-I'll see you all next week then!
-See you next week!
Bye, Uncle.
Bye, Hwi.
Hey, Hae-won. Bye.
That was terrifying. I was really scared.
I think I have a phobia of angry women
because of my mom.
Anyway, I'm off.
See you tomorrow…
or I'll see you again someday.
Why are you always so busy?
The Hyecheon High reunion, remember?
Is that really happening?
Didn't you get the text?
You know the 50th anniversary
reunion is in two days, right?
Everyone needs to attend.
But why are you preparing for that alone?
It's because I said something
completely unnecessary
when I met with
the former student council presidents.
I said it'd be nice to have
an all-alumni reunion
so everyone can meet,
so they're making me plan it.
I've been so busy planning
that I'm losing sleep.
It's been really rough.
It's exhausting,
but I still have tons left to do.
Goodbye, then.
-Good luck.
All right.
Let's go upstairs.
-He must've left something.
Excuse me, I…
Look who it is.
It's Mok Hae-won.
Do you know me?
Look who it is.
It's Mok Hae-won.
I looked back on the things
I have said to Irene.
"All first loves are over in the past."
Why did I say that at the time?
Thanks to the repair work
being done at the Walnut House,
she and I have ended up
sharing the same space.
If she asks me again, I might say,
"Most first loves are over in the past,
but I'm the exception,"
and that nothing is over for me
PS: Irene bought flowers.
I asked her, why camellias?
She said they were her father's favorite
when he was alive.
I'm starting to feel closer to her
with each story she tells me
about her family from time to time.
I came because of you.
Just to see you.
Go upstairs first and rest.
I'll wrap it up.
I'm going home today, though.
Tonight at ten,
the Hyecheon High School all-class reunion
will be held in the schoolyard.
Did you see? Oh Yeong-woo's here too.
He showed up with Mok Hae-won.
Does it bother you?
Whatever kind of feelings
you have for me right now,
I don't want to know.
It doesn't matter to me.
Do you have someone you like?
Subtitle translation by: Holly Kim
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