When the Weather is Fine (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Search for the Legend

Hey, give me the ball!
Hae-won, take these to the gym for me.
Hey, don't play with the ball
in the hallway!
Hey, no dismissal meeting!
We can just go home!
-All right!
-Let's go!
Look who it is.
It's Mok Hae-won.
Do you know me?
You got tricked, you fools!
-Darn it.
Look who it is.
It's Mok Hae-won.
I got lost.
Where is the town hall?
It's not over here.
I see.
Then which way?
I'll show you. Come with me.
Hae-won! Mok Hae-won!
What? Choi Yeong-hun asked you out?
-So? What did you say?
What? But he's pretty decent.
His dad is a doctor
at Hyecheon Municipal Hospital.
A department head.
You really know everything, don't you?
Do you know about
the top three of our school?
-Top three?
Choi Yeong-hun is number three among them.
You rejected quite a good catch.
He didn't seem that great.
Don't you want to know
who the top two are?
-Not really.
-Come on.
You should still remember it.
It's a must-know.
First of all, he's number two.
-Lee Jang-u.
-Hello, sir.
He's the school president
and always gets the highest grades.
His father is a city councilman.
I see.
Hey, isn't this interesting?
No, not really.
Not really?
I think it totally is. Come on.
Well, then let me tell you
who number one is.
He's always around here.
Over there. There he is.
-You little…
-Hit him there.
He's a little scary.
Isn't he? I'm a little scared of him too.
But he's number one.
His name is Oh Yeong-woo.
Oh, right. He transferred from Seoul too.
He became number one immediately.
I don't really know what his parents do.
But what's important is
that he's incredibly handsome.
-Is it good?
Well, anyway,
I have a crush on someone else.
Really? Who is it?
Come on. Tell me.
-It's a secret.
Be patient. I'll tell you later.
Forget it. I don't want to know anymore.
Hey, are you mad at me?
Why would I be?
Hey, Mok Hae-won!
Let's go.
Hey, Mok Hae-won!
-Yes, it's true.
-Yes, it is.
-Are you serious?
Hey, Mok Hae-won!
Who keeps calling you?
I have no idea. What the heck?
-It happened before too, right?
-Bo-yeong, did you do the ethics homework?
-Did you?
-Yes, here.
Mok Hae-won! He wants to see you.
-Oh Yeong-woo.
-You punk.
-Ouch! Hey!
Oh Yeong-woo? That Oh Yeong-woo?
The number one guy in our school?
Why would he?
It beats me.
This is insane.
-Let me have some.
-Let go.
-But I paid for it.
-It's still mine.
-That hurts.
You punk.
-Hey, Mok Hae-won's here.
-Give it to me.
You came.
-Give it to me.
-Did you have to take that?
-I said give me one.
-Give me one, man.
Come up here.
-I won't let you slide.
-Give me one.
-Ten won.
-No way.
-For a second.
-Give me 50 won.
-Is she from Seoul?
-Just one.
-You jerk.
-No thanks.
-Aren't you coming?
-Come on.
You have no shame.
Take this one then.
-Give me that.
-Don't come near me.
Hey, Hae-won!
Come on, quickly.
So what did Yeong-woo say?
My bus is here. I have to go.
-I'll call you.
What's up with him?
I thought he was interested in you.
I don't think so. He was never interested.
What? He totally was.
He kept asking to see you, didn't he?
Let's just go.
He's so annoying.
Hey, Im Eun-seop!
Are you going home?
Wait up, Im Eun-seop!
What's wrong with him?
Hey, Eun-seop.
My mom keeps telling me to get married.
But I'm only 18 years old.
Does it make sense to you?
I get that she wants
grandkids soon, but still.
She wants me to get married
as soon as I enter college.
And have lots of kids as soon as possible.
You know my mom's dream
is to become a grandma, right?
I understand, but I'm still a teenager.
Don't you think my mom is ridiculous?
My goodness. Hey.
What's wrong?
You go ahead, okay?
Hey, Eun-seop.
Eun-seop, this bike is yours!
But I don't know how to ride a bike.
What do I do?
Is it fixed now?
I'm not sure.
Hurry up.
I think it's fixed.
Is it?
It's working.
Thank you.
What's wrong?
I guess Oh Yeong-woo
is here for the reunion.
A lot of people seem to be coming here.
Yes, probably.
The bookstore will get busy too.
I know.
-Good night.
-Thanks, you too.
Hey, Kwon Hyeon-ji!
Kwon Hyeon-ji.
Hey, I've decided.
What is it this time?
I'm giving up on Kim Yeong-su.
Sure, whatever.
I'm dead serious.
I'm really going to give up on him.
What made you change your mind
all of a sudden?
When the bully
was about to beat me up yesterday,
Kim Yeong-su showed up
out of nowhere and saved me.
Wouldn't that make you like him even more?
What? Hey, my pride is my everything.
-What the heck are you talking about?
-Only I.
-Only I can save myself.
Anyway, cheer me up later
at the claw machine arcade, okay?
The claw machine arcade?
Who goes there nowadays?
Outcasts don't follow trends, you know?
It's boring to live in the countryside.
From spring and summer to fall and winter,
only the same things happen
throughout all four seasons.
-That hurts.
-Right there.
You see the same people.
His back is acting up again.
-I'll do it.
-I'm not very good at this.
There you go.
Don't exaggerate, man.
This small country town
gets lively and exciting
twice a year.
Take it only when it hurts.
It's around Lunar New Year's Day
and Chuseok.
Only during those times,
people visit the countryside
from other places.
It's not even Lunar New Year's
or Chuseok yet.
But as you can see,
the town feels quite lively.
The all-class reunion.
Just because of that.
You can take it now.
But you can't keep going on like this.
You should go to the hospital
and get a proper diagnosis.
You have to find out
why you keep getting such headaches.
Okay, I'll keep that in mind.
By the way, are you going to the reunion?
You went to that school too.
Yes, I did.
But I'm not going to the reunion.
Why not?
I heard that you were
quite popular in school.
I heard it through the grapevine.
A popular girl's decline into misery
is nothing to be showing off about.
I think reunions are
better suited for people like them.
I don't know how they used to be,
but in any case,
they're successful now.
How is it that you have these?
She didn't know your address,
so she asked me…
to return them to you.
I see.
By any chance…
did she say anything else?
I have a message for him as well.
Should I tell you?
No. I don't think I can relay it.
She didn't.
I see.
She did say she wanted me
to relay a message.
It's nothing nice, is it?
Of course not.
I'm sorry, Mr. Park.
You shouldn't apologize.
Thank you for delivering these to me.
take care.
Bye, sir.
I saw you as I was passing by.
Can I sit?
What are you doing here?
Do you live here?
No, I don't. I live in the Walnut House--
I know.
Can I have some coffee?
Yes, sure.
Are you here to buy books?
Wait, how do I do this?
Wrong one.
Maybe not that one.
You don't know how, do you?
Well, I'm not the one
who usually makes coffee.
Then go have a seat.
What are you doing here then?
Why are you here if you don't live here?
I work here.
So why…
What's this?
My number.
Save it.
But I don't have a cell phone.
I threw it away.
You threw it away?
You didn't actually come here
to give me this, did you?
-I did.
I did come to give you that.
To give this…
To give this to me?
You're still the same, Mok Hae-won.
I'm still the same too.
Everything about me is the same too.
What's the same?
The way I feel.
I'll get going.
Give it some thought and call me.
Let's go skate.
Let's go quickly. It's so cold.
Eun-seop! Why did you come so late?
It's so busy today.
Do you see my frozen face?
Park and come quickly.
Let's go.
What's your shoe size? 220mm?
-You're going to be very tall.
-Hwi, hurry up!
Come quickly, honey. Can you help me?
People are waiting. Hurry.
Okay, I'll be right there.
You're back.
How were things today?
We had three customers.
We should thank Lee Jang-u.
They were all visitors to our town.
I never knew a single event
would bring so many people.
I know.
The ice rink was very crowded today too.
Go upstairs first and rest.
I'll wrap it up.
You must be hungry.
I'm going home today, though.
Oh, right.
Thank you for everything.
I'll head out now.
See you.
It's dark.
I'll carry that.
I'll go in, then.
Okay. Here.
See you later.
Good night.
I'm home.
-He's here!
-My goodness!
-You're here!
It's been so long!
-How have you been?
My goodness.
Please stop!
Come on, this way.
Let's go.
Come on, Mom.
Get me a padded coat, please?
-Come on, Mom.
I need that to get good grades, you know?
I don't care what it is.
I can't get it for you today.
Gosh, why not?
I'm busy today.
It's an important day, okay?
Anyway, why is this necessary?
Ask Lee Jang-u.
He's the one who planned it.
What's the point of gathering people
who have already graduated?
What is there to do?
As for me, I'm going to look stunning
when we have our reunion later.
So that Yeong-su would say,
"It's Im Hwi. 'Im' like important,
and 'Hwi' like the sound of a whistle."
"I finally realized how pretty she is
after all these years."
"I should've been nicer to her then.
Should I approach her now at least?"
When he starts talking to me,
I'll turn him down right away.
Sounds like you really gave up on him.
Isn't that what reunions are all about?
You reunite with the people from your past
and bring back your old feelings.
"Oh, my. You're pretty great."
"Oh, my. You too."
"What about that café?
Isn't it pretty great too?"
That's exactly the type of café
that our pop-up will be.
So if they spend money there…
You brought the tablecloths, right?
You didn't forget, did you?
Of course, I brought them.
Stop spewing nonsense.
Why didn't I bring them?
What should I do? I'm screwed.
I'll be right back.
My goodness!
Hey, come on!
Hey, Mom.
Ask Bo-guk to do it.
I told you I'm going to my reunion today.
I'm going home just to change.
Bo-guk's always bumming around. Why do I…
Tonight at ten,
the Hyecheon High School all-class reunion
will be held in the schoolyard.
To our very first alumni event,
we invite all alumni
of Hyecheon High School.
Please make sure to attend
and honor us with your presence.
"Somewhere in the Andes Mountains,
there is a mountain called Baldemir."
"On the summer solstice,
men and women of a tribe nearby
climb to the top of Mount Baldemir."
One more time.
-Hello, sir.
Please put it here.
You can put it right there. Thank you.
No, that doesn't go here.
Over there, please.
Sir, can I check that lighting?
Please turn it off,
then back on.
Great, thank you.
"If you arrive at the top
before twilight is over
and confess your love upon it…
they believe that love will
always come true."
"If that were true,
love is
a rather simple thing."
"Don't you think?"
Aren't you going to the reunion?
No, I'm not.
-How about you?
-I'll go see
my friends and Eun-seop.
It's been a while.
Sure, okay.
Hold on.
How pretty.
I always am.
-I meant your earrings.
And your necklace.
What the heck?
See you.
Let's go together.
-Have a great time.
How have you been?
Thank you.
-Yes, let's have a drink.
What took you so long?
Hey, I told you not to drink.
But it's a special occasion--
Don't drink. You have to drive.
-Why did you come?
-Because I live here. Why else?
I live here too.
-Long time no see.
-My goodness. How have you been?
Look who is here.
-Is everything well?
-Look who is here. Sun-ae!
So good to see you.
-My goodness, Su-jeong.
-I can't believe it.
-My goodness.
-So good to see you.
You'll never have to change it
for the rest of your life.
Do you know what this is called?
-What is it called?
-What is it called?
"Edison's mistake."
Testing. Hello.
Dear Hyecheon High School alumni
who I respect and am proud of
and my dear classmates who I love.
Nice to see you all.
My name is Lee Jang-u,
a graduate of the 42nd class.
Please start gathering around.
You see that the schoolyard
is divided into different sections, right?
So where do you stand? Wherever you wish.
You can stand wherever you'd like
with your friends.
Everyone's gathered now,
so we'll get started
with the all-class reunion.
First of all,
I'd like to thank everyone here
for joining the all-class reunion
to celebrate
Hyecheon High School's 50th anniversary.
The first alumni night event,
"Camping in the Pitch-black Night."
As you can see,
it's decorated like a camping site.
We hope you enjoy good food and company.
In the building, the current students
have set up a café for drinks
and an exhibition
of the old graduation photos.
So I hope you enjoy
walking down memory lane.
In addition, at midnight,
the city of Hyecheon wants to welcome you
by turning off the lights
for about ten seconds.
You'll be able to enjoy
the magnificent sight
of the entire city going pitch-dark.
I heard it through the grapevine
that blowing out a candle in the dark
will make your wish come true.
If you make a wish
in that moment in the dark,
perhaps your wish would come true
when the lights come back on.
-No way!
-I don't think so!
-I doubt that!
I'll take that as encouragement.
Please enjoy.
Hey, Im Eun-seop.
Did you see? Oh Yeong-woo's here too.
-He showed up with Mok Hae-won. Ta-da.
What? You didn't know?
They haven't seen each other for a while.
Does it bother you?
-That's beer, right?
This is really fascinating.
Ten years have gone by.
Some who used to be great
aren't all that anymore
and some who used to be a bit lacking
are quite successful now.
-Then the tables should turn, right?
But it's not like that at all.
Why is that?
No matter how much time goes by…
Get your own bottle, man.
You drank it all.
Yeong-woo, come hang out with us too.
-Darn you, man. You're so mean.
-I'll be right back.
How can you do this to us?
Mok Hae-won.
Hey, you look so stunning.
You came with Oh Yeong-woo. What's up?
He came by to pick me up.
I have to say, he's still the same.
But he didn't say much, did he?
I think he has a knack
for things like that.
"Hey, follow me."
-"Follow me."
-Min Ji-yeon! Mok Hae-won!
Hey, it's been so long.
Look at you, Ji Eun-sil.
Hey, did you see Lee Jang-u?
-Lee Jang-u?
Don't mention him. It irritates me.
See? Lee Jang-u is the one
who liked Ji Eun-sil.
How is that he insists
Ji Eun-sil liked him?
I don't get it.
Seems like they still don't like you.
So childish. What's wrong with them?
They were childish back then too.
Was that in your junior year?
-That's right.
They were so mean to you for two months.
Talk about holding a grudge.
But Bo-yeong says she wants to resolve
the misunderstanding between you guys.
She doesn't know when to stop, does she?
Do you want to go get coffee?
Yes, sounds good.
-Let's go.
-He was totally curious.
Everyone's single.
-I'm a ghost.
That's insane!
It's so great.
Everyone, come play balloon darts!
Come on, everyone.
Who put all these together?
Lee Jang-u.
Wait. It's the owner of the lighting shop.
He hasn't changed a bit!
He does look chubbier, though.
Hey, your aunt's picture is here too.
Sim Myeong-yeo, right?
She was so pretty.
Your aunt was insanely pretty.
You're right.
Madam Quilt is here too.
Why is Aunt Su-jeong called that?
Because she makes quilts
and sells them sometimes.
Hey, you're all screwed.
-I found our class.
Look at this.
It's Mok Hae-won, Min Ji-yeon,
and me.
Where is Jang-u?
He wasn't in our class.
Which class was Eun-seop in?
-Eun-seop was in our class.
You don't care, do you?
I know. Poor Im Eun-seop.
He had such a meager presence.
I thought he was in our class
only during junior year.
He was in our class
during the senior year too.
I don't think he was
in the graduation photo.
He wasn't there that day.
I remember.
Right. He rarely came to school
during the senior year.
-Did he?
-You startled me!
Please come in
and spend some money at our café.
-This way.
-What are you doing here?
Me? I'm making money. Come on in.
Please spend a lot. Come in.
You're all grown-up now.
Everyone hasn't changed at all.
Even after eleven years.
You haven't changed at all either.
I'm still very handsome.
It's bothering you.
-It's bothering you.
-Don't be ridiculous.
-I think it's bothering you.
-What do you mean, why?
-Just because.
-Please enjoy.
-Thank you.
Wait. Hae-won, where are you going?
I brought out a dish.
Although it's not free.
Just stepping out.
By the way, your brother didn't come?
Eun-seop? I haven't seen him.
Really? Good luck with your business.
-Good luck.
I actually don't like this town.
Weird things keep coming to mind here.
Like what?
My scary father.
I came because of you.
Just to see you.
I feel so honored.
Thanks for acknowledging it.
I didn't like this town either.
I was an outcast, remember?
To me, this town always felt like…
I was so afraid of that sign
when we were young.
Why were you afraid of that?
If I were to go into that area,
I thought I'd turn into
that kind of person.
"That kind of person."
You're that kind of person, right?
It seemed like
we lived in different worlds.
"Different worlds."
In any case,
you saved me back then.
-I did?
-Yes, you did.
Did you know that there's a flower
that only blooms in the fall?
No, I didn't.
I read it in a book once.
There's a flower which blooms
very briefly only in the fall.
-Let's go.
Have a seat over there.
Let's eat.
This was the only seat left.
In those days,
what you meant to me
who was like a dry desert…
Why is he sitting there?
-Are they going out?
-No way.
Do you know anything?
Of course not.
Hey, Hae-won.
I hear you're dating Oh Yeong-woo.
I'm not.
Are you guys just friends then?
We're not friends.
Do you want to go into town later?
You transferred from Seoul, right?
You must have good taste.
I want to go too.
Let's go together then.
There's a new tteokbokki shop
in Bukhyun-ri.
-Want to go there?
-Yes, I love tteokbokki.
Hae-won, do you like tteokbokki?
I do.
-Let's go.
-Let's go together.
I want to eat blood sausage too.
Come on, let's go.
A flower that only used to bloom
very briefly in the fall.
But you came into my life
in those desert-like days…
The thing is that I didn't realize it
looking at it from afar.
But when I looked at it closely,
it said, "The South Face."
-Did you see it?
It said, "The South." What a patriot.
He was being obnoxious about it.
I saw it.
It said, "The South Faith"!
…and I became a garden.
How is that possible?
We were…
only eighteen back then.
That's why it was possible.
The lights-out ceremony
with the City of Hyecheon will begin soon.
Please gather in the schoolyard to watch
the lights-out ceremony.
And as I mentioned earlier,
if you make a wish during the ceremony…
Who knows?
Your wish might come true
after the lights turn back on.
Mok Hae-won.
To tell you the truth, I…
Whatever kind of feelings
you have for me right now,
I don't want to know.
It doesn't matter to me.
Why doesn't it matter?
Do you have someone you like?
It seems like you do.
There's a warm person.
A warm person?
When I'm with him,
he warms me up like a kettle on a stove.
He warms you up?
I didn't even realize that I was cold.
But it hit me when I went back home.
That I've been…
feeling very cold.
Hey, Mok Hae-won!
Come. Let's go to the lights-off ceremony.
Okay, I'll meet you there.
Isn't that Oh Yeong-woo?
It's him, isn't it?
Anyway, if I were to see you again,
I really wanted to say thank you.
Thank you, Yeong-woo.
Aren't you going to the ceremony?
-I don't think I'm going.
Well, then…
I'll get going.
It's dark.
I didn't even realize that I was cold.
But it hit me when I went back home.
I'm home.
That I've been…
feeling very cold.
The lights will be turned off
in ten seconds.
Let's start the countdown.
Willow leaves, right?
It's pretty.
They're shoes.
I don't want you to wear those.
-Why not?
-"Why not?"
Because we're in the countryside, and…
and the roads are a bit rough too.
How about we do something
that will lift your mood?
Is something…
One. Lights out.
I like you.
I like you, Eun-seop.
Tonight, I want to read a book
written by an unknown author.
The precious stories
that you feel bad reading
since we can't pay royalties
to unknown authors.
Anonymous works will continue
to be published even in the future
as long as we keep forgetting,
and the sense of loss
from forgetting exists.
Gosh, I'm actually a little out of it.
I've been on cloud nine all day.
I want to say something,
but I need to give it some thought first.
What exactly did I do wrong?
No, you didn't do anything wrong.
What's wrong with confessing
your feelings to someone you like?
You probably know, Jang-u.
Why Eun-seop wasn't
in the graduation photo.
What's more, I think he disappeared
for around three years.
I said he disappeared.
I can't reach him either!
This just reminds me of that time.
When Eun-seop disappeared
and came back long after.
Subtitle translation by: Ji-young Hwang
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