When the Weather is Fine (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

The Road to the Cottage

There's a warm person.
When I'm with him,
he warms me up like a kettle on a stove.
The lights-out ceremony
with the City of Hyecheon will begin soon.
Please gather in the schoolyard
to watch the lights-out ceremony.
And as I mentioned earlier,
if you make a wish during the ceremony…
Who knows?
Your wish might come true
after the lights turn back on.
The event will start in ten seconds.
Let's start the countdown.
-Is something…
Lights out.
I like you.
I like you, Eun-seop.
All right, did everyone make a wish?
We'll turn the lights back on.
Lights on.
I said I like you, Eun-seop.
Hey, Eun-seop!
Mr. Park is here. Why aren't you at…
Oh, hey, Hae-won.
What are you two doing here?
I said to come to the field!
-Let's talk there.
-Why? I need to go this way.
-Okay, we'll talk there.
-Where are we going?
What's wrong?
Did you just confess your feelings
to Eun-seop and get turned down?
No, that's…
Why on earth would you like him?
I can't believe it!
It's crazy it started raining
right when it ended.
Wasn't Lee Ho-jun hilarious earlier?
"Hi. Hey, guys."
How is it that
they all haven't changed one bit?
When was the last time you visited?
I didn't come last year,
so maybe two years?
Hae-won. You come every year
during the holidays, right?
What? No, you don't.
From what I've heard,
Hae-won didn't visit
for about three to four years.
I came when my grandma passed away,
for Chuseok, and now this trip…
Right, Hae-won. How was Yeong-woo?
You were privately talking
to Yeong-woo earlier.
He said…
-What did he say?
-What did he say again?
-What's going on?
-What did he say?
-What's this?
Why won't you tell us?
I like you.
I like you.
I like you.
Hae-won. It's me, Hwi.
Are you free today?
Hey, Mok Hae-won!
Mok Hae-won!
Go and sweep the yard if you're up!
There's a bunch of stuff
that needs to be swept up.
Consider it as exercise.
Isn't it nice when I give you work…
Have a drink, Hae-won.
You should consider yourself very lucky,
I am?
I caught you red-handed
being rejected by Im Eun-seop.
That's lucky?
I may not look like one,
but I'm something of an expert
when it comes to getting rejected.
How can I put this? I have my know-how
and a great system too.
You have know-how?
Most people who get
their feelings rejected
have one thought.
What exactly did I do wrong?
No, you didn't do anything wrong.
Do you think so?
Of course, not. What did you do wrong?
What's wrong with confessing
your feelings to someone you like?
It's not our fault.
Even if we say that it is our fault
and we go to our crush
with our problems fixed,
is there any guarantee
that he'll like us back?
There isn't!
Even if I become
the prettiest girl in the world,
Yeong-su still won't like me back.
-Of course not, Hae-won.
Those who reject someone once
have a habit of never looking back.
Is this our fault or theirs?
It's their fault! Which means, we?
Have no fault.
Now you get it.
All right then.
Gently place your self-esteem
which has plummeted
in a distant drawer inside your heart
and enjoy this yogurt drink with me.
Hey, Mok Hae-won!
Get in.
-Hello. Have you eaten?
-I did.
-We just need to hand that over, right?
-Yes, hold on.
-Did you get your payment?
Is this why you kidnapped us, Jang-u?
To help you clean up?
Yes, Ms. Ji-yeon. I'll buy you beef.
A lot of it.
Do we need to pack up all these tents?
No, you two just need to
take down the frames inside.
Hey, Jang-u. Don't we need more people
for all this work--
Yes, we do.
Then should I call for backup?
Yes, you should.
Someone close to you will be good.
Better yet, call the pretty individual
who took days off from work
to attend this reunion.
I see.
I understand.
Head in with Hae-won first.
Yes, ma'am.
What do you want to eat, Hae-won? Beef?
Tenderloin, sirloin, chuck flap,
or skirt steak? What do you want?
Hey, you're not back in Gangneung, right?
Come on out.
Eun-seop! Im Eun-seop!
Where are you, Eun-seop?
Hey, Mr. Popular of Bukhyun-ri!
You probably know, Jang-u.
About what?
Why Eun-seop wasn't
in the graduation photo.
The graduation photo?
-Park Sang-won.
-Kang In-hwan.
Im Eun-seop.
Im Eun-seop?
-Eun-seop's not here again?
-No, sir.
Hey, hush.
You know not to chat during assembly.
-Park Jung-hui.
Eun-seop didn't come
to school very often back then.
Why not?
I don't know.
What's more, I think he disappeared
for around three years.
You know the guy next door?
He seems like a different person.
-A different person?
Like someone who went missing
and came back.
Now that I think about it,
I didn't see him around for a few years…
Then he suddenly came back,
went to the military,
and then opened a bookstore.
You don't know why he disappeared?
No, I don't know.
If I'm being honest, we're close,
but I know little about him.
What Eun-seop likes, wants,
what his dreams are.
I don't really know.
I understand. In the past…
I don't have anything precious.
What did you say?
don't have anything precious.
You have nothing precious?
Not even one thing?
No, sir.
You rotten punk. Sit down.
Is Jung-hui here? Jung-hui…
I thought he was a bit peculiar.
"He's a little different from others."
He has nothing precious?
He really doesn't.
He never cared if he lost something.
Wait, there's one thing he likes.
The keychain.
You know, the one hanging in his car.
He lost it once.
Hey, Eun-seop. Tell me what you lost,
so I can help you or something.
You lunatic.
Let's go, Eun-seop.
I don't think it's here.
I'm going!
He ran around
looking for it like a madman.
Whatever, I'm leaving.
-Ji Eun-sil!
You know the one, right?
He always had it with him.
I wouldn't know that.
What is it?
Is it some sort of doll?
No, I think he made it
during metalworking class.
-Metalworking class?
We're supposed to give it
to our seatmate afterward.
Look how fast
we got things done with three people.
Now that we're done here,
let's go to the cafeteria--
-Excuse me.
That wasn't our deal.
We have a ton of leftover ingredients--
-Hey, are you trying to piss me off?
-I have to go.
-What? Where are you going?
-Sorry, Jang-u!
-Where are you going?
It's Eun-sil. Hi, Eun-sil.
You're here too, Jang-u.
I'm here too. I need to get going.
There's a bunch of leftovers
in the cafeteria.
Take care of that.
I'm in a rush, so I'll get going.
-Where are you going?
-What's with him?
Why did he ask me to call you over then?
Yes. I think he likes you…
but he's also scared of you.
Follow me.
You have work to do at the cafeteria.
Why? You said we were getting drinks.
Your mom said to stop sending letters.
Do the bare minimum.
We're supposed to give it
to our seatmate afterward.
You didn't know, did you?
-Hey, stop it! Give it back!
Who was my seatmate?
I'm not sure.
Isn't it Im Eun-seop?
I made this during metalworking class.
I have to give it to my seatmate.
-Hold on…
-I'll get it.
-By the way, Eun-seop.
You said Hwi is Irene, right?
Yes. The thing is…
I didn't think so.
It sounded like you were saying it
to someone you love.
Right. The thing is…
-It isn't Hwi, is it?
-Come on…
I like you.
I like you, Eun-seop.
Today's your day off…
I remembered something.
It's about…
the keychain in your car.
Was it perhaps…
the one I gave you?
From metalworking class our senior year?
We made keychains
to swap with our seatmates.
I was wondering
if it was the one that I gave you.
I didn't recognize it at first
because of the writing, but--
It's not the one you gave me.
It's not from you.
Wait, but you were my seatmate back then.
-I'm certain I gave it--
-That's true, but…
I didn't give one to you.
-Yes, that's true.
-It's that.
So the one in your car is…
Yes, it's…
It's the one that I made
which I didn't give to you.
I see.
But did you maybe--
Should I go wait inside?
Yes, sure.
I guess you made plans.
Get to it then. I'll get going.
You're early.
Yes, I had some time left.
That's my gift.
Feel free to start reading.
Hey, Eun-seop!
Eun-seop! Are you busy right now?
Can you help me? Goodness.
My gosh, this is killing me.
-Goodness, that's heavy.
-Okay, Mother.
Gosh, why didn't you wear a scarf?
-It's cold.
-Give it to me.
-Did you eat?
-Yes. Where should I take this?
Over there. To the ice rink.
You should zip up your jacket.
I just packed up and got out.
That place is really expensive, though.
Okay, fine. I'll be there. I'm hanging up.
Jang-u, everyone's waiting at
the raw fish place across the street.
What? What do you mean?
The chief is treating us to a meal
because the event went well.
No, I can't go.
Why not? Let's just grab a quick bite
and then leave.
It's the weekend. I want to go home too.
Oh, come on.
By the way,
where did your friends from earlier go?
-They were pretty.
Bring them along.
I'll pour them a drink
for all the hard work they did today.
-I don't want to.
I don't like raw fish.
-You don't like raw fish?
But you enjoyed it last time.
I did? But I'm a vegetarian.
Since when?
I saw you eating a sausage yesterday.
Since this morning.
Gosh, the meat's color looks different.
Did they butcher it today? Eat up.
What was this?
-Chuck flap.
-Right, that's it.
This looks delicious too!
-That's the tenderloin.
That one's sirloin.
I see you brought skirt steak.
Just because I asked you if you wanted
tenderloin, chuck flap, or skirt steak,
how could you think of getting all three?
It's delicious! Have some, Jang-u.
I have no appetite. Zero.
Nonsense. Just eat.
Hey, Jang-u. You don't have a girlfriend?
Me? I don't have one.
What about the girl
you were dating last time?
You dated for a year or two.
What about Jung Hyeon-a?
The part-timer at the grocery store.
I thought it was going well.
I thought it was though.
When are you leaving town again?
I'm dying not to go back!
Just the thought of work kills me!
You're a civil servant
at Gangneung City Hall.
Stop whining.
You better be grateful and do your best.
Instead of taking a bunch of days off
to roam around town.
Speaking of roaming.
That's similar to what I've been planning.
Roaming Trail.
We can make Hyecheon look like…
- Hey.
- like Jeju Olle Trail…
That's enough.
You were just complaining
about not having time to eat
because of the all-class reunion.
The event just ended, you lunatic.
Jang-u, you must be a workaholic.
I guess you love working.
Yes, I do.
I think it's really fun.
The fact that people enjoy
what I had imagined.
Excuse me! Can we get
one more order of the skirt steak?
This place is self-service.
You have to get it yourself.
You both have such a big appetite.
Travels of a Separating Couple.
I went to Sandeul Bookstore
to buy that book
and Mr. Park said
you had bought that book.
Yes, I did.
You mean the self-published book, right?
I want that book.
I think it's around 18,000 won.
I'll check and let you know.
If you text me your address, I'll-
I want to go
and see it for myself before I buy it.
Is your bookstore open on the weekend too?
Yes, it is.
Then I'll go around Sunday evening.
Will that be okay?
Sure, you can.
I'll see you then.
Right. Eun-seop.
Hae-won also work on the weekend?
No, she doesn't.
That's a relief.
Hae-won hates me so much.
So I was worried
it'll be uncomfortable if I see her.
I'll see you on Sunday.
Are you back?
I'm sorry for the long wait.
It's a very thoughtful book.
Maybe it's because
there's only one in the world.
I read the first part and it's pretty fun.
Could you tell me more about this book?
I'm curious.
A couple that's broken up goes on a trip.
They made a savings account as a couple
to travel together.
They went together
even though they were broken up?
No, separately.
Is that so? Then what?
What happens?
The bookstore was warm.
Beyond the glass window,
the view of the winter fields at night
filled the panes like a picture.
The things in the darkness remained dark.
Mok Hae-won.
Come eat, Hae-won!
The things that glittered
continued to glitter.
They were all peaceful.
What do you think?
It's good.
-It is?
Then it's decided.
This will be the introduction
of the bookstore's website.
Can you add a sentence at the end?
What sentence?
So everyone,
I sincerely hope you have a good night.
Everyone, move!
-Be careful!
Out of the way!
Get out of…
Excuse me.
As of two days ago, I no longer like you.
This is me giving you notice.
Then goodbye. Off I go.
Why the sudden change of heart?
It's complicated, but simply put,
you can see it as a matter of pride.
I see.
Is it slightly disappointing
to find out I don't like you anymore?
No. It's slightly strange,
but not disappointing.
Everyone, move!
It's me. Eun-seop.
-What is it?
Don't come in today.
I don't think I can
open the bookstore today.
not until tomorrow or the day after.
Talk to you later.
Im Eun-seop.
Darn it.
Hey, Mok Hae-won.
Where did you go this early?
What's wrong with you?
Why do you…
Why do you have a dog?
What are you saying?
Did you forget how sad
we were when Hodu died?
So how could you get another dog?
He's Hodu's son.
So what?
Do you have to raise all her sons?
My mom didn't even raise me.
So what about it?
And why did you name him Gunbam
of all things?
What's wrong with his name--
Why is the dog's name Gunbam?
I bet Gunbam hates it too.
Why is it Gunbam? It's so shabby!
It's shabby! So terribly shabby!
What's wrong with her?
Ms. Kim.
What are you doing here?
You're not going to the office?
I'm in between classes.
I see. I'm heading out after I get my tea.
Okay. Goodbye then.
What's this book?
It looks interesting.
The title is unique too.
I haven't finished reading it yet.
Is that so?
Well, I'll head to the office first.
-I'll see you later.
-Okay, see you.
Yes, bookstore owner?
Every eight hours, okay?
Goodbye, then.
I'll get going.
Yes, this is Hanim Pharmacy.
Hi, Ms. Choi.
-Excuse me, Mr. Bae.
The book club meeting tonight
has been canceled.
Your grandpa will be here in an hour.
-Wait here with me, okay?
The book club meeting tonight
has been canceled!
Tell your grandpa too.
Okay, sir!
Wait, Mr. Bae!
Why is it canceled?
Ms. Kwon!
Does Hae-won know?
I'm sure she does. She works there.
-By the way, Myeong-yeo.
I went to the reunion
and Sang-ho said that
Yun-taek got divorced.
-So what?
So what if Yun-taek got a divorce?
What does it have to do with me?
I'm hanging up.
You're still in bed?
Hi, Mother.
My gosh, you darn punk.
Get up right now! Let's go home.
I'm fine, Mother.
How could you not call me
and let it get this bad?
-You drive me insane.
Why are you doing that?
We have enough firewood.
Hey. The book club meeting today
has been canceled.
I know.
But why was it canceled?
Because Im Eun-seop is sick.
He's sick?
Yes, he caught a bad cold.
Darn it.
Darn it!
My goodness.
Hey, Mom! Where are you?
Come on.
Is it bad?
What's wrong with him?
Did something happen?
I don't know.
How could he not tell me
and let it get so bad?
That crazy punk.
Mom, are you making
herbal medicine for Eun-seop?
What else can I do?
He won't go to the hospital
or even take medicine.
He's so obedient with everything else,
but why won't he ever take medicine?
Well, that's the same thing as
how Dad would rather die
than ask someone for directions.
you ignored me when I asked you
to make me some brain tonic.
-But you're making Eun-seop--
-That's different!
How is it different? It's the same!
Honey, Hwi, Dad's home.
I'll tell Dad everything.
You can't just throw your bike down
-Sure. Go tell him.
-in front of the house.
Dad! Mom keeps scolding me.
Why? What is it now? Go in first.
She always sides with Eun-seop.
Gosh, it's so depressing.
-I always come second.
-Why? Did something happen?
She's pouting like a baby.
This just…
reminds me of that time.
When Eun-seop disappeared
and came back long after.
He won't take any medicine
or go to the hospital.
It's the same.
I thought he was going to die back then.
Don't try too hard.
He's never going to say
what you want to hear.
He won't.
He's not one to express his feelings.
He doesn't have to.
But you wanted to hear it from him.
No, I don't. Nor do I need to hear it.
Are you not working today either?
No, I'm not.
How is the food?
What about it?
It's been a while since I cooked,
so I wasn't sure about the taste.
I don't know.
It's good.
I've been meaning to ask…
since yesterday.
Can you answer my question?
Go ahead.
Are you sick?
No, I'm not.
Darn it.
This is driving me nuts.
I'll have another meeting next week
and let you know.
-Okay, good job.
-Thank you.
-Go ahead with the project.
Ji-yeon went to her in-laws',
so I'm giving it to you instead.
Memorize it perfectly, got it?
This is spicy cucumber and dried pollack.
These are yours.
This is seasoned spinach and bracken.
This is for Ji-yeon.
Next is Hae-won's.
It's mustard greens kimchi and something…
And these three are for So-min.
These four here are for Jung-hui.
Then these three are for Eun-seop.
Are you listening?
Did you memorize everything?
The spicy cucumber
and dried pollack are mine.
Then the seasoned spinach
and bracken are for Ji-yeon.
The mustard greens kimchi
and something are for Hae-won.
These three are for So-min
and these four are for Jung-hui.
Then these three here…
are for Eun-seop.
I guess getting into SNU wasn't a fluke.
All right. Deliver these safely to them.
I'll get going.
Sorry for bothering you at work.
Load it up in this.
Is there anywhere to store this, though?
I'm going home now, so no worries.
You're off already?
I'm taking the afternoon off.
Why? Are you sick too?
You don't look sick to me.
I'm not sick.
But I want to go home and rest.
Be careful not to catch a cold.
Everyone in town has been talking about
how sick Eun-seop is from a cold.
He's sick?
Okay, bye then.
-Right, Jang-u.
-What is it?
What did we eat yesterday?
Thin flank and chuck flap.
Yes, I remember now.
If you go around spreading lies
that I liked you ever again,
then you better watch
your chuck flap and thin flank.
I'll get going. Bye.
Okay, bye.
She's scary. Just terrifying.
Ms. Yoon. It's me.
-Hi, Jang-u.
-Eun-sil got you some side dishes.
-Her mom called me about it.
-I see.
Hey, you should introduce a nice girl
from your office to Eun-seop.
Eun-seop isn't the type to date.
Eun-seop! Jang-u is here!
Hey, Eun-seop!
Why won't he answer?
Hey, Eun-seop!
Ms. Yoon. Eun-seop isn't here.
Are you inside, Eun-seop?
Im Eun-seop!
What, is Eun-seop inside?
Hey, Hae-won. Well…
It seems like he's not inside, right?
What the heck?
-He disappeared?
-Yes, suddenly.
Did you maybe meet him today?
No, I didn't.
Then where did he go?
I heard he was sick.
Yes, apparently.
He's not one to get sick.
But he disappeared?
Yes. Where did he go?
Have you tried calling him?
No. I think he left his phone behind.
Maybe he went to the mountain.
Hello? Yes, hello, Mr. Park.
Yes, I was wondering
if Eun-seop is with you?
I see.
Yes, okay.
I told you, Mom.
He probably went to the mountain.
What if he didn't?
He did. I'm a hundred percent sure.
Think, Mom.
Where did he always go
whenever he disappeared like this?
To the mountain.
Hi, is this Ji-yeon?
Yes, this is Eun-seop's mom.
Did you happen to see Eun-seop today?
I see. You're at your in-laws?
Okay. If you see Eun-seop,
please let me know!
My gosh.
Lower the volume! Now!
Why are you even worried?
You have nothing to worry about, Mom.
I bet he's all better now.
That's why he went there.
Old habits die hard.
"Hi, there. I'm Eun-seop.
I love going to the mountain."
Then later when your dad gets home,
let's go to the mountain together.
You, me, and your dad.
Why? I don't want to.
Aren't you worried at all
that your brother disappeared?
I'm sure he'll be back just fine!
-He goes there all the time!
-My gosh!
You little brat. I ought to just…
Can you please pay before you leave?
Let's all eat together.
He thinks he's the owner.
It's my wife.
You want to go now?
The village chief said to wait.
-He's right.
-You'll get in trouble.
Say it's urgent.
Now's not a good time.
-Why would you drink until you get drunk?
-You can't go.
-I can't believe you.
-He's going to leave us.
Why else would I drink
if not to get drunk?
I said he disappeared.
He's gone. I can't reach him either!
How much did you drink?
You can't even walk?
-Why would you drink that much?
-Rain check for the claw machine arcade.
-Eun-seop went to the mountain again.
-If you can't walk
-My mom will faint if I leave.
-it means you're wasted!
-Why does he always have to worry us?
-You saw how bad his fever was.
So how can you
be downing drinks like that?
I'm not sure.
I want to rest but why did the chief
have to call me out at night to work?
Good evening.
I'll probably be here
for around two to three hours.
What do you think? Should I ask the chief?
No, I think that's a bad idea.
Don't worry, okay?
I'm sure he went to the mountain.
He'll come back just fine.
Going to the mountain is
a sickness of his.
He's fine. He's a grown adult--
Yes, ma'am. I'm a City Hall employee.
-I suggest you call
the airport's support center.
Yes, that's right, ma'am.
Have a good night.
What's he saying? I'm hanging up.
You know the cabin that Eun-seop is in?
Is it far?
No, just follow the trail from the start.
Then it's about a 30-minute walk.
But the path is a bit rough.
Hae-won, don't tell me
you're going to go there.
You shouldn't go, Hae-won.
Look at the sky.
It looks like it'll rain at any moment.
If you go up alone and it rains,
you could die.
Yes, don't worry.
I won't go.
I promise.
Im Eun-seop!
When I was young,
my mom wasn't at home from time to time.
Oddly, on those days,
I'd feel anxious all day.
Im Eun-seop!
I suddenly got the feeling
when I was looking for you earlier.
Im Eun-seop!
Some people never share their worries.
They build a cabin in their hearts
and never step foot outside of it.
They don't ever voice their loneliness.
In fact, they prefer the loneliness.
They prefer it…
over their families.
Humans are dumber than animals.
How so?
They become stupid when they like someone.
Does that book say so?
They jump, knowing that they'll die,
just because they like someone.
They're so stupid.
Then you don't have to like anyone.
Just don't give anyone your heart.
Just deny yourself the happiness
you feel from liking someone.
Happiness and unhappiness
are like two sides of the same coin.
If you don't become happy,
you can't become unhappy.
If you don't gain anything,
then there's nothing to lose,
You can just…
disappear from that person forever.
Irene said to me, "I like you."
I froze and wasn't able to say anything
Is this what eternity feels like?
That one sentence she said made
both me and the universe come to a halt.
I pulled myself together,
but all I could say was, "Okay."
What have I done? What a cruel night.
Don't ever come up the mountain again.
Even if I'm sick
or I never go back down.
I just need to accept the fact
that you don't like me.
But it's hard.
-I'm going somewhere today.
I have some business in Seoul.
Why is your face so pale?
Did you catch a cold?
It will go away soon.
Take the medicine.
What will you do for me?
Must I do something for you?
I wish you would.
Maybe you could respond to my confession.
Subtitle translation by: Holly Kim
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