When the Weather is Fine (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Where Suspicions Become Reality

Mom. Don't go.
Don't go.
Im Eun-seop!
Eun-seop. You're full of happiness.
Look how your mom, dad, and sister
are all smiling.
I can see that you're really happy.
Eun-seop. What's wrong?
Eun-seop. Please stop. Look at me.
What's the matter, Eun-seop?
Eun-seop, what is it?
Im Eun-seop!
Where have you been? Aren't you sick?
Why aren't you dressed warmly?
You're sick!
I'm not cold.
Look at your face. What happened?
Have a seat.
The light was on,
so I thought you were here.
I leave it on,
so anyone who gets lost can come.
Did you get hurt?
I had a little fall.
How did that happen? You're a great hiker.
Are you okay, though?
Why did you come here?
You weren't coming down,
so we all got worried.
But it's late…
I did bring a lantern this time.
They said it would only be
a 30-minute walk,
and they were right.
That's how I got here.
And I didn't even trip once.
I told you not to come.
It wasn't as bad as I thought.
Right. The shoes you got me were good--
That's not why I got them for you.
Don't ever come up the mountain again.
Even if…
I'm sick…
or I…
never go back down.
You should never come up here.
Come out when you're done.
Once upon a time,
a brother and a sister
set out on a journey…
because they wanted to become happy.
They had heard that somewhere on Earth
lived a bluebird of happiness.
So they climbed mountains
and crossed rivers
to finally arrive in a town
where the bluebird lived.
But such a bird was nowhere to be found.
You should get inside.
In the end,
they return home
without finding the bluebird.
-It's nothing.
Stay for a meal.
I don't feel like eating. Maybe later.
Why did you come here?
-The courier is coming--
-I know.
We're here, Mother.
Are you here to shop?
Hello. It's been a while.
How are things at the ice rink?
They're just okay.
By the way, you should come by
for some dried sweet potatoes.
I've been meaning to go.
Enjoy your shopping.
-All right. Take care.
Yeo-jeong, you're here.
What is it? Is your son still sick?
I guess that's not why you're here.
I want to get some brain tonic.
Brain tonic? What for?
For Hwi.
But you didn't want to.
Remember you said,
"How would something like that
make her grades improve
when she's always been bad at studying?"
I offered you a real bargain
and practically begged you to get it,
but you only bought your son--
Just hurry up and get it for me already!
You only call me that out of need.
You're still mad at me, right?
I told you not to go there. Remember?
It bothers me when you go there
even when you're fine.
Why did you drag yourself up there
when you were that sick?
You're out to shop with your son?
Yes, ma'am. Take care.
How many times have I told you?
I get that the last time you went there
was because of a missing person.
Yes, it annoyed me. But we had no choice.
But you were sick this time.
You were unwell.
Then you shouldn't have gone there.
Why do you keep going there?
What's so special about it
that you had to go when you're sick?
Mother, it's nothing
for you to worry about--
How could you say that?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Mother.
Whatever. Forget it.
I saw that woman.
I was sitting out
on the porch that morning…
when I saw her illusion.
So I followed her
and found myself on the mountain.
I told you it's dangerous.
I promise…
I will never go there again
without your permission.
I won't go to the cabin
or anywhere else…
without your permission.
You promise?
Don't ever come up here again.
Hello, Hae-won.
I came for some sawdust porridge.
When you said "sawdust porridge,"
I thought it was made with real sawdust.
It's actually oatmeal porridge,
but I named it after what it looked like.
Then does it taste like sawdust, too?
No, not at all.
It's very tasty with a nutty flavor.
-I'm glad to know.
-Thank you.
Hey, I'm going somewhere today.
I have some business in Seoul.
-Are you leaving now?
I'll be back tomorrow.
Su-jeong will be taking care of Gunbam.
Check the boiler.
We can't have another breakdown.
All right.
Sweep the backyard
and don't skip your meals.
Gosh, seriously.
Seung-ho, go on and eat up.
So you're going where?
-Hello. He's cute.
-Yes, hello.
Come here.
-Seoul? Why?
I barely have any royalties
coming in anymore.
I'd need to write another novel
if I want to keep making a living.
That's what those publishers said.
Come on.
But this time I'm going to hear them out.
Fixing the house cost me a great deal.
I see.
With suffering comes creativity indeed.
Don't get ahead of yourself.
I don't know how things will go.
Besides, I can make do with less money.
I'm off.
Okay. I won't get ahead of myself,
Ms. Author.
Have a safe trip, Ms. Author.
Don't you worry about Gunbam, Ms. Author.
It's you, Hae-won.
Gosh. Where is Eun-seop?
He's not here. What is all that?
It's for Eun-seop.
He asked me for a favor.
And this…
This is for you.
What is this?
Yeong-woo asked me to give you that.
He did?
Yes. He runs a coffee shop in Seoul
and said you should come by
in spring when you're in town.
Why is your face so pale?
Did you catch a cold?
I don't know. I just feel chilly.
You should go see a doctor
or take some medicine.
It will go away soon.
No, it won't.
-You have to see a doctor for--
-Let's go.
Are you done?
I'm leaving.
Make sure to see a doctor. See you.
-I didn't know about this place.
-Take medicine!
Yes, that was quick.
What would they have said
when they were breaking up?
Hey, get lost.
Did he carry all the luggage as they left?
I said, get lost.
Why are you tagging along on my way home?
Listen, Myeong-yeo.
Stop calling my name, Yun-taek.
Why was it at night,
of all the times in the day?
Get off at the next stop.
I can't stand the sight of you.
Did they share tears
as much as they've known each other?
Stop crying and get off!
I really like you.
I love you so much.
They had run full speed towards
the other end of the world
in search of love.
Love, my foot.
I can't live without you.
What nonsense.
Then they exhausted all their energy
to give up on love
and return to where they were.
We call this a breakup.
But when you've devoted yourself
with nothing more left to give,
it's also
called love.
Hae-won, you can go home now.
-Do we have cold medicine?
Yes, we do.
Bring it over to the bookstore.
-I said to bring it to the bookstore now.
Listen. We have our book club in an hour.
It's just medicine.
Can't this wait till then?
Yes, you're right.
-What did you say?
-Don't forget to bring it then.
Wait. What did you just say?
Ms. Daughter, I'm home.
Can you guess what
Eun-seop just said to me
over the phone?
What did he say?
He asked me to run an errand.
Eun-seop asked me
to run an errand for him.
I see. Is that so?
Yes, he said it
in a really bossy and mean tone!
"Why, you brat!
Bring me that medicine right now!"
That's how he said it.
To me! He bossed me around
to bring him medicine!
Dad, are you listening to me?
Yes, of course.
I can't stand this.
Turn this off.
-Gosh, it's cold.
-Hi, Hae-won. How are you?
Hae-won, I'm back.
-Hi, Hae-won.
-Goodness. Hello.
So did you see a doctor?
-The thing about a cold is--
-Did you catch a cold?
-Yes, she did.
-Where is he?
Where is our dear crazy Eun-seop?
Hey, Eun-seop. Don't ask me
to run errands for you again.
We have sweet red bean buns today.
Really? That would go well with milk.
-You can just stay seated.
Seung-ho, let's move this over here.
One, two…
Su-jeong, over here.
Oh, no. Look what you've done.
Gosh, this is heavy.
Thank you.
This looks really delicious.
-Thank you.
-This looks too nice to eat.
-Please go ahead.
Grandpa is toasting sweet red bean buns.
-Let's eat them later.
-You made this yourself?
Of course.
Oh, right.
I read this beautiful article
a few days ago.
An 80-year-old Englishman decides
to travel with a travel brochure
he's had forever.
He plans to take a plane
to Bavaria, Germany.
The place has a vibrant city
that hosts music festivals every year.
But something wasn't right.
He follows the map on the brochure,
but instead of finding the city,
he gets lost deep in the woods.
He manages to find his way out
after spending two days in the forest.
Then he returns home
and shows others that the map is wrong.
That's when someone points out to him,
this was made right after
the end of the First World War."
"That happened more than 100 years ago."
He did visit the place of his dreams,
but it was completely different
from what he had seen
on his map countless times.
How is this a beautiful article?
I think it's sad.
I agree.
But I found it beautiful.
Even though he failed,
he completed a tough journey
for his dream and happiness.
I wanted to applaud him for that.
As you know, it's also my dream
to travel to faraway places as he did.
Well, I guess it was a brave
and beautiful thing to try
but this article--
To me, this sounds similar to
the story The Blue Bird.
In the book, a brother and sister travel
to find the bluebird of happiness.
But they fail and come back.
That's sad, Hwi.
No, it's okay.
They find the bluebird in their birdcage
when they return home.
It has a completely happy ending.
I don't really like
the story of The Blue Bird.
How come?
It makes no sense.
"Happiness has been by my side all along,
but I failed to notice."
Isn't that disheartening?
What's wrong with that?
You can go without knowing!
It's just like how I'm a gem
but Yeong-su doesn't know.
-You see?
-But to him, you're not a gem--
Anyway, I really don't think
it's a good story.
Really? But--
I agree.
I'm with Hyeon-ji on this.
It's a story about how they go
on a long journey to find happiness,
only to find it in their house.
it's an excuse we made up
to comfort ourselves
from having a hard time finding happiness.
Because I think happiness is far away.
Hye-won, but still.
I know. I'm just sharing what I--
No, that's not what I'm talking about.
I wanted to say that I'm a gem.
-A different topic.
-I mean it.
I really am a gem!
But he's with Je-in.
Je-in? Who is she?
what are your thoughts
on your book signing event?
Well, isn't it for you to decide?
How about the "Meet the Author" event?
That sounds good.
I'm down with whatever you suggest.
how about we go for another drink?
Yes, we can have something simple.
We had a great time today.
I said I'm a gem!
-Bye, Hae-won!
-I'm right!
-No you're not.
-Yes, I am!
-Good night!
-I really am a gem!
-I'll get going, too.
-Hold on.
-What is it?
Medicine. You'll get better sooner
if you take this before going to bed.
No, it's okay.
Mok Hae-won!
Take this with you.
I said it's okay.
No, I don't want it.
-I said I don't want it.
Take the medicine.
You got better without it.
I'll get better without it too
once I get a good night's sleep.
Please take it.
Then what will you do for me?
What can you do for me
if I take this medicine?
Must I
do something for you?
I wish you would.
-Maybe you could…
respond to my confession.
I want to hear it.
Can you do that for me?
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I like you, Eun-seop.
Mom! Do you know where that book is?
I don't know. What book?
It's the one I had to read this week.
I have to bring it to school today,
but it's gone!
Didn't you give that
to Eun-seop the other day?
You asked him for a summary.
That's right!
Oh, no. What should I do?
It's simple. We'll call him.
Right, a call. Then I'll go pack my bag.
Yes, hello?
Yes, Father.
Do you remember the book Hwi gave you?
You mean that novel?
The title was…
What's the book title?
I think it said "Rye"?
She says it's "Rye" something.
The Catcher in the Rye.
Oh, is that so?
No, I can go quickly.
What did he say? Where is it?
What? Is he bringing it?
What? Dad, I'm in a rush!
The thing is…
Yes. What is it?
Dad, I'm doomed if I get another penalty.
My whole life will come to an end.
What is it?
It's on the mountain.
He said he put it in his backpack
that he left on the mountain
the last time--
Whatever. Tell him to bring it now!
Tell him to scurry like a squirrel
to climb up that mountain.
Never! Not the mountain!
No, he can't go!
He can't.
No, never. Do you understand?
I can talk to Hwi.
So you're not going, okay?
-But I can--
-Now, you promised me
you'd never go there again, didn't you?
Yes, I did, but…
How about I go instead? Would that work?
-Or you and I could--
-But how will you climb a mountain?
Then just forget about it. I can just…
Do you have some time now?
Are you busy?
Mother, please don't.
-You can talk to me.
-Now isn't a good time.
Why is that?
We can talk.
Forget about what my mother said.
She's just worried
because I went missing the other day.
That's why she asked you for help.
I can just go by myself.
I'll tell her that we went together.
That's one way of doing it.
But I've never lied like that before.
We can go together. It's not a big deal.
Did you know that this was here?
It's a tomb.
This is where suspicions come true.
If you come here
and think about your suspicions,
they come true.
I think I was in high school.
I felt uneasy
about my father driving a tractor.
You're here.
Mother, what happened?
Your father was driving a tractor…
He ended up getting injured.
That's scary.
That means there will be misfortune.
Not always.
Sometimes good suspicions come true too.
Hae-won, where's your seat?
This way!
I've never seen a wooden tombstone.
The date of birth and death
are in question marks.
Stop suspecting.
It will come true.
You can go down first.
That way is to the summit.
I want to go there
since I've come this far.
That part is slippery.
Hold my hand.
So this view was only an hour away.
It's nice.
To be honest…
I can't look you straight in the eyes.
I just need to accept…
the fact that you don't like me.
But it's hard. I'm sorry.
Don't be.
You were so warm.
You were so warm to me.
So I kept on suspecting.
But I won't anymore. I will stop.
You told me not to,
so from now on, I won't.
I should stop.
But Eun-seop.
Never mind. I should go.
Bluebirds exist, Hae-won.
You're lying.
They're real. Trust me.
But you've never seen one.
You can't see them every day.
They only show up every once in a while.
Like a miracle.
A miracle?
What is that?
What do I do?
My suspicion came true.
It's when something you believed
could never happen, happens.
Who makes that happen?
A bluebird.
The bluebird that's always by your side
makes that happen.
That bird will bring you miracles.
There are things you can see better alone,
and it's not that bad
to learn from loneliness.
The less you expect, the easier life gets.
It hurts to genuinely want something.
Yet, my heart still has desires.
I kissed Irene on the mountain.
I almost fainted.
I can no longer joke about it,
which means that this is serious.
Now, she lives behind my eyes.
I thought you didn't like me.
That's impossible.
What's this chemistry between you two?
So what I saw earlier was for real?
You have to write about your life
from college until now as a novel.
About your book.
He asked if you really
have no intention of publishing it.
-What is it?
I was worried about what I'd do
if you suddenly disappeared.
They always made me uneasy.
I was afraid my precarious moment of
happiness would disappear in an instant.
Subtitle translation by: Sae-byul Chun
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