When the Weather is Fine (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

The Secret of the Boy Who Hated Dung Beetles

So this view was only an hour away.
It's nice.
To be honest…
I can't look you straight in the eyes.
I just need to accept…
the fact that you don't like me.
But it's hard. I'm sorry.
Don't be.
You were so warm.
You were so warm to me.
So I kept on suspecting.
But I won't anymore. I will stop.
You told me not to,
so from now on, I won't.
I should stop.
But Eun-seop.
Never mind. I should go.
Who are you?
From that moment until now,
I have always loved you.
If I tell you that,
how would you react?
Hold my hand.
I like you.
I'll call you when I'm in Seoul.
Aunt, you're back.
Where are you coming from?
Where are you going?
You're such a good boy, Gunbam.
Did you bite me?
It's okay, bite this finger too.
Why are you so handsome, Gunbam?
Who called this handsome boy shabby?
Who said that? Tell me.
I'll give them a good talking to.
you see, Hae-won…
Warm and friendly things…
They always made me uneasy.
I was afraid
my precarious moment of happiness…
would disappear in an instant.
-Drive safe.
-Hi, there.
I'm in a hurry, so I have to run.
All right, bye.
Drive safely.
-I will, thanks.
-The road is very frozen.
Have some coffee.
Have a cup of coffee.
It's freezing today, isn't it?
Everyone, move!
That hurts.
Can you please do your job as a saddle?
Why are you acting up these days?
Please get it together.
Mok Hae-won.
You must be in a good mood.
Yes, why wouldn't I be?
By the way,
why did you suddenly pick up cooking?
You started cooking these days.
Just eat.
There's a deep meaning behind it.
It's the electrical company.
Can you come by next week?
Yes, someone will be home.
You haven't been here in a while, right?
Yes, it's been about a year.
We have a lot of new books
since it's the new year.
It's when books sell best.
That's true.
By the way, the chief editor
was asking about you.
About what?
About your book.
He asked if you really
have no intention of publishing it.
Not yet.
Why not? Is it not ready?
But I heard it's ready for publication.
There are already so many good books
out there without my contribution.
Don't be silly!
Your book will join
the other good books and play a part too.
Why don't you just give it to us?
I thought your dream was to write novels.
Your dream will come true
if you just hand it to us.
What's stopping you?
Give me a minute.
The book you want must be
in the other storage.
-I'll go look for it.
I'll call you when I'm in Seoul.
Everyone, move! Out of the way!
Everybody, move!
Get out of the way!
Everyone, move.
Hey! Kim Yeong-su!
He's so annoying!
This darn saddle! It's killing me!
When did you get here?
Just now.
Didn't you take the train to Seoul?
I did.
I parked my car at the station
and drove it back home.
-I see.
-I'll get going, then.
-I need to leave soon.
-Where are you going?
-Jang-u planned an event.
He pleaded that I go to it.
I see.
Have fun.
But I guess that's an event I can't go to.
I mean…
since you're not asking me to go with you.
No, you can go too.
Go get ready. Let's go together.
No, I don't want to go.
Why not?
Because I don't want to.
Come here.
I don't want to.
Come here.
-What's with the attitude?
-I'm not giving an attitude.
-You are.
-I am… No, I'm not.
Let's go together.
No, I'm not going.
Why not?
it seems like
you're uncomfortable being with me.
Do I?
I feel like you're regretting it.
Regretting what?
What we did on the mountain.
If you think it was a mistake,
then let's say it was.
I don't like things being uncomfortable.
I'm really okay with that.
It wasn't a mistake.
How can I believe that?
Then let's do it again
to confirm it wasn't a mistake.
I thought you didn't like me.
That's impossible.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
We'll begin Hyecheon's
afternoon cultural event now.
If you could all please get seated.
A cultural event
for the people of Hyecheon.
Afternoon in Hyecheon,
a Meet and Greet with Shin Yeong-chun.
It's an honor to get to host this event.
Nice to meet you.
Nobody knows what this author looks like.
You're curious to know what
Shin Yeong-chun looks like, right?
I feel like the host of a TV show.
We have prepared this surprise event
because the author
was more than willing to show their face
if everyone puts their phones away
for a brief moment.
A lot of people came.
That's true.
-What is it?
-All right.
-Let's bring out Author Shin Yeong-chun.
Please give a big round of applause!
I imagined it would be an old man
because of the name.
-Me too.
I have a question.
Why didn't you introduce yourself?
I'm Cha Yun-taek,
Chief Editor of Dahui Books.
-She's quite sexy.
Hello, I'm sure you've all been curious.
That wasn't loud enough.
Hello, everyone.
I'm Shin Yeong-chun.
It's nice to meet you.
Ms. Sim. You went to school
with Chief Editor Cha Yun-taek, right?
Yes, what about it?
It's nothing much.
I heard Cha Yun-taek
will be releasing a book
around the same time as yours.
Is that so?
All of Mr. Cha's books
always sell over 50,000 copies.
We were wondering if you had
any information on his new release.
His publication just released
a novel by Shin Yeong-chun, right?
Yes, it's only been two weeks,
but it's already a best-seller.
I'm sure ours will sell even better.
By the way,
is the rumor about Shin Yeong-chun
and Cha Yun-taek dating true?
What? Shin Yeong-chun is a woman?
Yes, apparently. A young woman at that.
Yes, Min-jeong.
Hey, look at this.
Look at all the leftovers.
Isn't it such a waste?
I said we shouldn't order food.
-What a waste--
-I think I saw your friend.
My friend?
You mean Eun-seop? Yes, he was here today.
-I wanted to say hi to him.
-I see.
So why didn't you?
-Hey, you saw Eun-seop today?
Did you also see who he came with?
The really pretty woman?
Yes, Hae-won's pretty.
She dressed up today.
They looked like they were dating.
Then it'd be weird
to ask him out to dinner.
They're dating?
No, they're not.
No, they're not dating.
It's fine. You can eat with him.
They're not dating. There's no way.
Hold on.
I always get a call when I'm with you.
Just a second.
Yes, sir.
The noodle place?
Yes, I know it.
Okay, I'll head over right now.
You cleaned up well, Cha Yun-taek.
You've aged a lot, Myeong-yeo.
Do you still cry a lot?
Do you still swear in public places?
I heard you got divorced.
Yes, it's my third one.
It must be nice being sleazy.
What are you talking about?
I loved all of them.
Why did you ask to talk?
You're ruining my evening.
You came to Seoul recently, right?
I thought I saw you in front of my house.
Was I mistaken?
What are you, a hawk?
Did you ever think
your outfit is a bit peculiar?
I just wanted to see.
Since everyone was talking about
how successful you were.
I just wanted to see for myself.
Like how big of a house you live in.
It was big. Is it a monthly rental?
No, I own it.
Good for you, you jerk.
Just get to the point.
At least now
You're leaving now?
Yes, I'll be back.
Wear a scarf.
-A scarf?
-Yes, it's cold.
Come here.
No, it's fine.
It's not even cold.
I'm fine.
You are meeting
the other store owners today, right?
That's right.
Can you please talk to them?
Tell them to stop…
asking Eun-seop to help
when someone goes missing
in the mountains.
But that's a little…
Talk to them, please.
You have to tell the store owners
so that others won't ask him either.
But still…
The police officers
and first responders are enough.
Why do they need Eun-seop too?
That's true, but it's…
The last time he disappeared.
Do you know why he went to the mountain?
He said he saw that woman.
That woman?
He saw a vision of that woman
and followed her.
He said he couldn't help but follow her.
But that woman is…
I was worried the mountains
would possess him.
I was scared.
All right. I'll tell them.
Yes, I'll go and tell them.
Thank you, honey.
There's no need to thank me.
You should put this scarf on.
No, it's fine. I'll just lose it again.
I heard you're releasing a book.
I'll be releasing a book too.
So what?
It seems like your publishing company
is trying very hard
to find out my release date.
I was meaning to ask about that
since we're here.
When's the release of your book?
I'll release it with yours.
I finished writing my book.
So I can release it whenever I want.
Lucky me, right?
I'm going to release it
the day you release yours.
If this is revenge,
it's really petty.
I never imagined this to be
the way you'd get back at me
for being less talented
and less acknowledged than me.
You can't do this when you own a house
in the heart of Seoul.
That's low of you, Cha Yun-taek.
You were no good back then
and you're no different now.
Then release your book with our company.
Your book.
Release it with our company.
I'll publish it for you.
But in return,
you have to write about
your life from college until now…
as a novel.
What do you say?
The wise man in the saying
soothed his stomach
with noodles after a drink.
That's why the writing reads,
"Alcohol first, noodles second."
It's nice to meet you.
I've only heard about you.
It's nice to finally meet you.
Me too. It's nice to meet you.
You resemble your mother a lot.
I do?
But our personalities are very different.
I don't think so.
Your personalities seem similar too.
Goodness, I'm sorry.
-Are you okay?
-Yes, I'm fine.
I guess Hae-won has her pros and cons.
Although I never met her mother--
Wait, is that you, Jang-u?
My gosh, hello!
Hello, sir.
-It reeks of alcohol.
-People will think I drank a lot.
-Although I never met her mother--
Is your father doing well?
-Yes, of course. He's well.
-Enjoy your meal.
All right.
I reek of soju.
Excuse me, you two.
So what I saw earlier was for real?
What's this…
chemistry between you two?
Why would you ask them that?
Even an old man like me can tell
there'll be wedding bells ringing soon.
-Come on, Mr. Park.
Hey, what's with you?
I can't believe you.
You're such a rascal.
Just drink, Jang-u.
-Don't mind them.
Then is this the end of that story?
That story? What story?
What else? The story of
when he fell for you.
Why? Should I tell you?
This sounds interesting.
No, Mr. Park. He's talking nonsense.
-Tell us. I'm curious.
-No, Hae-won--
I think it started
at the Mugunghwa train station.
-Stop it.
-"Stop it."
The Mugunghwa train and maple tree.
To be honest,
I can't exactly remember when that was.
I went to the train station
so often back then.
My guess is
that it was the day
you ran away from home.
Hey, hurry up! Mr. Park is waiting.
Come on.
Let's go.
Then was that the moment you fell for me?
Then when?
I fell for you a few times before.
That was one of them.
You scared me.
Do you want this?
Put your hand out.
-I don't want it.
I don't want it. Take it back.
Wait… Hey!
It's so cold.
What is it?
-What do you mean?
I was worried about what I'd do
if you suddenly disappeared.
There you are, Eun-seop.
The market is a mess right now!
What kind of mess?
-Why are you doing this?
-Come out quickly!
-We can't drink because of the ruckus!
-Don't be like this!
-Please stop!
So what if we get his help?
What then?
Should we have just let her die?
Whoever can save her should do it!
My kid can get hurt in the mountains too!
I had him go
because I know he won't get hurt!
Besides, it's not like
this was the first time.
You were always fine with it,
so what's your problem now?
Okay, fine!
I'll let it go when it comes to people.
But that time you lost your dog,
you called him out
in the middle of the night
to go up the mountain!
That's not right!
What's wrong with asking him
to look for my dog?
He found the dog just fine!
He came back safely.
That's all that matters!
And what if he gets hurt?
What will you do?
If Eun-seop gets hurt,
who will rescue him?
-That's enough!
-Please stop!
-Just because he's not your kid,
you shouldn't use him like that!
Is my kid the village lackey or what?
My goodness. "My kid"?
-It's a mess, Eun-seop.
-People might think he's your real kid.
Try to stop him.
-Hey, you can't say that.
-Come on.
It's true, though!
-You might fool someone
-What's with you?
into believing he's really your son.
I had forgotten about that.
-The fact that he's not your real kid.
-Hey, stop.
Good grief. He's just some scum
you got from the streets.
-That's enough.
-Oh, my gosh.
Don't do this, Father.
Let's go out. Come on.
I'm sorry. Let's go, Father.
Take your father out.
-Let's go out.
-Go on.
-I've known you for 30 years!
-How could you do this to me?
-That punk--
-Just get in.
-Please get in.
-Get home safely, sir.
-Hurry up and go home.
-I'm sorry, Hae-won.
-It's okay.
I'm sorry.
They caused a whole scene again.
Are they trying to make it
a quarterly activity or something?
How's Eun-seop's father? Is he okay?
Hey, Jang-u…
Don't rebuke your father.
He said he was going out
to see the store owners.
So I pushed him to tell them.
Not to send you out
into the mountains again.
I won't rebuke him.
Thank you.
It was in the second
or third grade of elementary school.
One day,
a kid with an eerie aura
suddenly came to school.
It was Im Eun-seop.
What are you doing?
We were going to play soccer today.
I forgot to tell you.
I heard a wolf brought him here.
According to the rumors,
he used to live in the mountains
-or he was raised by a beast.
-Let's go. Quick.
Hurry! Hey.
Why did they say that about him?
-I think a fight broke out.
-Let's hurry.
My mom said your dad is a vagrant!
He's not!
She said you were abandoned by a beast.
You're a beggar!
I said I'm not!
Eun-seop's biological father…
was a vagrant living in the mountains.
A vagrant living in the mountains?
That's why…
Yes, that's why.
Then what happened to him?
I would think he passed away.
I don't know much about that either.
As you know,
Eun-seop isn't one to talk about that.
I've never seen a wooden tombstone.
Do you know who it belongs to?
Kim Gil…
The Wolf's Silver Eyebrow.
He's the one who told me that story.
Buy me a new bike!
One that goes 80km an hour.
I'm going to ride it super fast.
Or at least change the saddle of my bike.
My butt has been hurting these days. Dad!
What are you looking at?
So you had this.
I've been taking wallets for 18 years,
but I've never seen someone like you.
Your wallet disappeared,
yet you don't look for it.
Let me know next time.
Is that…
your dad?
He just looks like you.
Hey, Eun-seop.
About the picture.
Can't you throw it away?
It's just that knowing you carry around
a picture of a stranger
makes me jealous.
Excuse me.
I'm serious right now.
What's with him? Has he gone mad?
Dad! Eun-seop is acting weird!
He's smiling all by himself.
What's wrong with him? That ugly punk.
Did I happen to tell you?
That I…
I was really happy.
Dad. Hurry up.
When did you get so fast, you punk?
I can't catch up with you now.
Hey! There's a wild boar!
I'm kidding!
I'll teach you how to chop firewood today.
Let's go.
-Of course.
You'll become a man today.
It's cold, so wear your jacket.
Let's go. Come on.
I caught a beetle.
And then one day…
that happiness disappeared in an instant.
At least now
You're so handsome
now that you're all clean.
What's your name? What do you want to eat?
What should I make you? Tteokbokki?
Gosh, it's cold.
-I bought some clothes.
-Goodness, close the door quickly!
-He's going to catch a cold.
-Let him try it.
I don't know if it'll fit.
I should've gone with you.
It'll do for now.
We can go out tomorrow morning
and get him some proper clothes.
It should've led to immediate misfortune.
But it didn't, which made me more afraid.
Which is why
I've become afraid
of all the happiness in this world.
How can you roam around there so freely?
Do you know your way around?
Because I'm familiar with it.
That's why.
Don't ever come up the mountain again.
Even if I never go back down.
You should never come up here.
He's just some scum
you got from the streets.
-That's enough.
-Oh, my gosh.
There was a boy
who was often hurt by others.
At times, he watched people
through the wolf's silver eyebrow.
It was so that he could find
the real humans…
among the many fake ones.
However, no matter where
the boy looked in the world,
there weren't any real humans.
The boy was lonely.
He found it hard to open up to anyone.
People will only try to deceive you.
That's why we need to
read their expressions…
and find out…
their real intentions.
Why are people
trying to deceive us?
no real human
exists in the world.
You were wrong, Eun-seop.
Hi, Hae-won. My name is Im Hwi.
We don't look alike, but I'm his sister.
Why did you ask Eun-seop to come?
-You know how he is.
-Come on, honey.
You're wrong, Eun-seop.
About the story
of the boy with the wolf's silver eyebrow.
Remember what you said?
That the boy
fails to find a village with real humans.
But you're wrong.
The boy eventually finds the village.
Then he lives there…
happily ever after.
Just like you are now.
You were…
that boy.
You were…
also that boy.
You were just as cold as I was.
Then you know what?
I will hug you now.
Can you hug me back with all your might?
Hug me so that it won't disappear…
or melt away in an instant.
Come to me…
and hug me.
And I'll hug you back.
Can you hug me…
so that we'll be warm forever, Eun-seop?
Looking back now,
the Mugunghwa train was the problem.
It was an early morning in the fall.
There was a maple tree on the platform.
She was standing there,
where the early morning train stopped.
So how could I not fall for her?
The truth is,
my history with Irene dates far back.
I ran into her when I was around ten.
I thought Irene was a boy.
Yes, we probably spent many more pages
together than we thought.
Why is that man looking for you?
He probably just wants to know
where Eun-seop is.
He might've already gone to the bookstore.
You better get it straight.
I'm the one related to you by blood.
What will you do about the contract?
Winter is almost over.
Didn't you say you'll go back in spring?
Regardless, I can't let him go.
Hwi said you'll be leaving
this place soon.
Mom! Eun-seop ran away!
Im Eun-seop is going to leave.
Somewhere far away.
Subtitle translation by: Holly Kim
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