When the Weather is Fine (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Let's Hold an Event

I need to bend down to pick this up.
Okay. Go ahead.
-Just do it?
-Yes, that's fine.
Are you teasing me?
No, of course not.
It's because I like you.
-I'm quick to notice these things.
-No, you aren't.
-I'm not?
-No. Jang-u is the quick-witted one.
You're right.
-Hello, Hwi.
-You're here.
What was that just now?
What are you talking about?
Hyeon-ji, I just saw something strange.
What was it?
Eun-seop and our dear Hae-won…
No. What did we do?
I think they ate something.
I can smell it.
Whatever. Guess what?
Hwi went to buy a bike saddle
and got kicked out of the store.
Hey, don't tell them that!
Guess how stupid she is?
It was 300,000 won,
but she thought it was 30,000.
Cut it out!
So why are we here?
Well, I came to steal Eun-seop's wallet
but he's here, so I don't think I can.
I see. Then let's go.
Okay. We should also eat something.
I'm hungry.
-Let's pick up where we left off.
-Hey, get over here.
-Did you want one?
-Things are slow these days. It's crazy.
-I know.
-The economy's bad.
-Excuse me…
Do you know where Im Jong-pil lives?
Im Jong-pil?
Who is Im Jong-pil?
Isn't he the Jong-pil we know?
That's right, it must be him.
Why are you looking for him?
He's right. Why?
I have all kinds of bolts and screws here.
Hello? Darn it.
-Someone's looking for Im Jong-pil.
Isn't he Eun-seop's family?
Who's looking for him?
You have to get it this time.
All right. Just stay put.
Let's not go easy on him.
"Cosmos Billiard Club."
The total is 17,000 won.
Can you please sign here?
Hey, don't put that on there!
-All right.
-Move it.
Hurry up.
Give me a minute.
I need to check how far it is.
What's there to check? Just hit here.
Hurry up and take it.
Isn't that Jong-pil?
-Hurry up!
-I'll get going.
-Get this one closer to that one.
Hey there, Jong-pil!
What is it?
Come over here.
So someone was looking for me?
I heard that he asked around
starting from the terminal.
Who was it?
Well, I heard
he may have looked like
someone related to Eun-seop.
Look now. Don't try to get away.
-We're going to Jinjune for another round.
-Let's go.
Come on, Jong-pil.
-Thanks for the game.
All right. Thank you.
Im Hwi!
Hey, Im Hwi!
Why isn't she coming?
Im Hwi!
"Im" like important.
"Hwi" like the sound of a whistle.
Im Hwi!
I'm coming, Kwon Hyeon-ji!
Gosh, it's cold.
Who is he?
Oh my. Do you have a crush on me?
-Shut up.
-That will be awkward.
-Come on.
Isn’t this the first time
you linked arms with me?
Just keep on walking.
Im Eun-seop.
Wake up and play with me.
I'm bored. Please?
-You like it?
-What did you do?
What does it taste like?
It tastes funny.
You're so mean.
What is it?
You're radiant.
Can I cook for you?
What's that supposed to mean?
I'm a good cook.
Better than my aunt, at least.
I wouldn't put ham in doenjang-jjigae.
This tastes fishy.
What could have gone wrong?
But it was impossible
to get your mobile number.
You did a great job
keeping your personal life under wraps.
Get to the point, crybaby.
What will you do about the contract?
I can’t wait around forever
after making an offer.
I see.
What's it going to be?
Are you signing or not?
I'll sign.
What? You will?
No, if you have a problem with it.
No, listen.
It's nothing like that…
Then send the contract
via registered mail, crybaby.
Within a week.
Wait. Hang on.
The thing is,
that’s not how we do
our business around here.
Then what do you use? A carrier pigeon?
So, in our company,
we like to do business in person.
That's why my calendar is packed
with back-to-back meetings.
Let's see.
Why don't you come by sometime?
Whenever you can.
I'm incredibly busy,
but I'll specially make the time for you.
Our office is at Hoedong-gil, Paju-si…
From 6:18 a.m.,
there's one at 9:18 a.m.,
12:18 p.m., 3:18 p.m.,
6:18 p,m., and 9:18 p.m.
Trains from Hyecheon.
What? So are you telling me
I should come to see you?
In case you didn't know,
beggars can't be choosers.
Listen, Myeong--
Are you signing a book deal?
When did you get back?
Just now. So, are you signing a deal?
Yes, I am.
But you made a commotion
about how much you didn't want to write.
You went on about how your mind is blank
and your creativity well has dried up.
What's gotten into you?
Once you hit rock bottom,
the only way is to go up.
As it happens, I'm now poor and in need.
That brings me to my question.
Why are you taking those?
You have my carrots,
potatoes, and tomatoes in your hands.
It's really bothering me.
Do you mean these? I bought them myself.
With your money?
Yes, when I was at Eun-seop's.
So these are mine.
I see. So you bought them?
By the way,
I’m really curious about your new book.
You know how much I like your novels.
-Once it’s published we can--
Winter is almost over.
Isn’t it time for you
to wake up from hibernation?
Didn't you say you'll go back in spring?
What? Who?
You know, Eun-seop's biological father.
Mom! I need my gym t-shirt.
Yes, it's in the bottom drawer.
But that man is dead.
Then it's obvious.
You mean, his uncle?
Yes, I think so.
The town gossip mill has already gone
into overdrive because of him.
Goodness. I've never liked this darn town.
It's teeny tiny.
So whenever something happens,
everyone gossips about it.
They gossiped about
a vagrant living in the mountains.
When he came to work in town
every so often,
everyone gossiped about that.
Whether he has a young child or not
was the next subject of gossip.
Then the gossip went on about
if we were taking care of that child.
All this gossiping!
I mean, he died a long time ago.
Do they even remember what he looks like?
Goodness, I'm so sick and tired of this.
But why is that man looking for you?
Well, he probably just wants to know
where Eun-seop is.
He has stopped looking for me,
so he might've already
gone to the bookstore.
Why on earth would he go there?
What is he going to do?
Take Eun-seop's money again?
He took a great amount
the last time he came
because he wanted to buy a boat.
He also took money
when his leg got injured.
What is it going to be this time?
Why does he keep coming back
when Eun-seop doesn't even have money?
He probably won't do that again.
All right. Let's put money aside.
But he keeps…
He keeps asking Eun-seop
to become a sailor like him, so I--
Mom, Dad! I'm going to school!
-All right, Hwi.
-Okay, have a nice day!
I will!
But that man is dead.
Then it's obvious.
You mean, his uncle?
Has it already been five years?
The last time we met
was before you went to military service.
-Did you buy the boat?
I couldn't.
look what I found.
Do you also have one?
They were taken on the same day.
I took these.
I want you to come with me.
It's a bit far from here.
If this is about me becoming a sailor…
Well, you could say…
it's something like that.
You better get it straight.
I'm the one related to you by blood.
Don't you get it?
You and I share the same blood
flowing inside our bodies.
That's why we're drawn to each other.
Remember how you went
to see your mom in the end?
You took care of her
for three years while she was sick.
It all boils down
to having the same bloodline.
Do you understand?
When you call those people who raised you,
you say "Mother" and "Father"
and act all polite, don't you?
That's all because
you're unrelated to them.
What did he say? Gosh.
"Unrelated"? What does it mean?
Gosh, that darn dog.
-What's he saying?
-Hi, Hwi.
Gosh, you scared me.
-Why aren't you going in?
Have you finished catching up?
Tell me.
I think I have to go somewhere.
Just somewhere…
But I might not get back today.
Is that okay with you?
But you can go.
What about the flea market?
It's okay. I'll try to get it done myself.
Hey, Eun-seop!
Don't you dare leave! You can't go!
Stay where you are!
I'll kill you if you go!
What's with her?
She seemed very upset.
Hey! Why are you not at school
and back home?
-Did you skip school again? You brat!
-It's not like that.
-I told you
to at least try to be diligent
if you're not book-smart.
What were you thinking? Goodness.
-Listen, Mom!
-Why? What is it?
Eun-seop ran away!
What did you say?
That uncle came by
and asked him to go with him.
He didn't ask for money?
Money, my foot!
I wish he had asked for money instead!
He just took him away!
Said something about "bloodline."
Are you sure
Eun-seop went with him?
He followed him on the spot!
Why didn't he just take money from him?
Gosh, this is so annoying!
What are you doing?
Hey, let's go.
-A flea market?
I think it will be fun.
Okay, everyone. Let's hold an event.
What kind of event, Su-jeong?
A flea market.
A "flea market"?
Are you giving me ideas
for a City Hall event?
I was thinking more of a small event.
What's a "flea market"?
I know! I know for sure!
It's to reduce, reuse, and--
No, Hwi. That's not it.
But Su-jeong,
a flea market is where you sell items
you no longer use.
You're right. That's true.
What should I do?
I don't have anything to sell then.
I think you can also sell items
you're good at making.
-Right, Eun-seop?
Did you have a lot of customers?
This is a great opportunity!
Don't miss it!
The one that you have looks great.
Try to smile, Hyeon-ji. You look so angry.
-This looks delicious.
Then Su-jeong, how about selling
your handmade pies or quilts?
For you, this is 5,000 won.
I think they'd be a big hit.
Then what about me?
Hyeon-ji, just go with calligraphy.
You're really good at it.
What would you like for me to write?
Let's see…
I want one for my son that says,
"Jun-yong, Mom loves you."
But his dad doesn't?
Hae-won, what do you think I should do?
Please try this.
It looks delicious.
Please try it.
We also have red bean porridge.
Have some scallions.
They're tasty.
In that case,
I can do a stock clearance sale
of my various lights.
Hello, everyone!
This is not just some everyday event!
Let me introduce you
to full-color LED display panels
that come in various sizes!
How much do these go for?
What's up with her?
She's not saying anything.
Hwi. Have you made a lot of sales?
Jang-u. You can take my spot.
-"Take my spot"?
-I'm going to the bookstore.
What has that got to do
with me taking your spot? Hwi?
How much is this?
-You mean this one?
Take a guess.
I've never planned such
a perfect event in my life.
It has got me thinking…
Hello, Jang-u.
-Thanks for all your hard work.
-Thank you.
-Shall we?
-Yes, sir.
What if the mayor appreciates
my work so much
and promotes me to deputy mayor?
Welcome, sir.
Even if all 50 million citizens
in Korea visit our town,
that's not going to happen.
I know you hate me. We need to talk.
So is everyone set?
No. Hae-won hasn't yet decided.
I'll be selling books
since I work at a bookstore.
With whom?
It looks really nice.
Excuse me.
What would be a good read
when you want to run away from exams?
-It's 4,200 won.
Thank you.
Hey, you're good at this.
Do you think Eun-seop will come back?
I don't think so.
Im Eun-seop is going to leave
and go somewhere far away with that man.
That's not true.
He said he'll be back by tonight.
He said he also called his mother.
-So what you're worried about--
is acting differently this time.
I don't think he is coming back.
I'll stay with you from now on.
I'm done working as a sailor.
It's about time, anyway.
Don't you think?
You're an adult now.
I know that family took care of you,
but I think you've stayed
with them long enough to pay the price.
Do you see that small building over there?
You really liked books.
When I visited you every once in a while,
if I came with books, you'd get so…
"Once upon a time, in a big mountain,
there lived a young child and his mother."
-It sounds like us, right?
-You'd get so excited.
That's why I bought it.
I used all the money I got from you
and my savings from working as a sailor.
Are you serious?
You bought that?
Some people…
are meant to be alone…
from cradle to grave.
Your father was one of them.
I'm also one of them.
You're one of them too.
That's the way we are.
We can't stay with anyone.
Like how your mom
also couldn't stand it and left.
It runs in our blood.
Our blood.
It's what makes us destined
to be alone until the day we die.
That's why I want to stay with you.
Isn't it better to live with someone
similar in that way?
It would also save us
from getting our emotions hurt.
Do you think…
you're different from us?
Hey, they're really good, right?
This is the work that the city does
to teach these brilliant, young talents.
Look at these brilliant, young talents.
Just hear me out.
They all learned to play at school.
I'm trying to listen.
-Right, I was about to do the same.
-Please be quiet.
But aren't they really good? Okay.
Did you all enjoy the music?
For 30 years,
-as a musician to the Esterházy family…
-Can you play for us?
-You're a cellist too.
Please play for us.
-You're right, but…
-Yes, I'd love to hear you play too.
-Why are you saying that?
-I can't!
Just a second. Ji-yeon.
-Hey, stop it.
-Hae-won wants to play the cello.
-Be quiet!
Play for us, just this once.
-She will play the cello.
-He's talking nonsense.
-You know what he's like.
-She's really good.
-Don't listen to him.
-No, thanks.
-Ji-yeon, let her play.
-Ji-yeon, it's okay.
Look at your face. What happened?
Some people
are meant to be alone
from cradle to grave.
I'm also one of them.
It runs in our blood.
Our blood.
It's what makes us destined…
to be alone until the day we die.
-What do you mean?
I was worried about what I'd do
if you suddenly disappeared.
Do you think you're different from us?
It's been a while since I took a train.
The ride brought back old memories.
We used to ride trains a lot together.
Right. You'd cry every single time.
"Myeong-yeo, I love you.
Myeong-yeo, I'm sorry."
"Myeong-yeo, sob, sob.
Weep, weep. Sniff sniff."
I meant every word I said.
I see. Is that so?
Here. I'll sign if you delete this line.
I can't do that.
That's what will make this book appealing.
I don't think so.
I'd find it the least appealing.
That's not your call to make.
I'm the chief editor, so I get to decide.
Listen up.
It might be fun to stand back
and watch a house burn down
but it's hell if you're in that house.
Don't you get it?
I can't write about
what it's like to be in hell.
Then combine your stories.
You can mix fiction and non-fiction.
Who cares? I won't be able
to tell which is which.
In that case…
I'll never ask what parts are fiction
and non-fiction in your story.
Here you go.
You can sign here with your stamp.
What is this?
I knew this would happen
so I prepared an extra set
that includes what I've just said.
This is how a successful editor
gets his work done.
That’s the one you just pulled out.
Really? Wait.
-You fell for it again? Yes, you did.
It was really fun. Right?
Yes, it really was.
Well, I gave great discounts
but it was good
to get my inventory organized.
I have decided.
I'm going to open my pie shop.
It will be called "Crystal Pie."
But Hae-won's cello performance
was the most impressive out of all.
You're right.
I've never seen anything like that before.
Me too. That was on a whole other level
from what kids play at school.
I'd like to learn something
like that someday.
But Eun-seop isn't showing up.
I know.
It would have been great
if he was here with us.
I feel the same way.
I told you, he's not coming back.
Hwi, be careful with your clothes.
-It's already late. We should get going.
-It feels empty without the owner.
-I know.
Where are you going? We are not done yet.
Is the camera angle a little off?
-Right, I don't think it's straight.
-Are we taking it now?
-Hi, Hae-won. Yes, we are.
-Should I stand here?
-Yes, that's perfect.
Wait, just a second!
Gosh, seriously.
Can we all move a little to the left?
Why do you have a rag?
Seung-ho, we are taking a picture.
Did we get that? I think I blinked.
I think I posed well.
Jang-u, you can go now. I got this.
Well, let me just finish this.
Eun-seop talked so much about this
so it's hard for me to just leave.
-By the way, Hae-won.
How are you feeling these days?
You seemed to have
a lot going on in your mind.
I was a little frustrated.
But I feel better now.
Living in Seoul is really tiring, right?
I used to have those moments too.
I’d get an upset stomach
from eating alone,
so I’d hang out with friends
but that didn’t take the loneliness away.
But those moments
have all become memories after time.
Like how you’re making memories here.
I have great memories
from the time I was living in Seoul.
Where do you want this?
Where should I put this?
Right. That goes into the storage
over there.
The storage?
I was just there now.
Could’ve told me sooner.
Can you put
the light bulbs out in the front?
-Light bulbs go outside?
Those would need sorting.
Could've told me sooner.
And bring those books back in.
-Thank you.
I can’t let him go.
I'll stop him.
I’ll tell him not to go.
I'll cling to him.
He will go if that's what he wants.
How could you say
something like that so easily?
Eun-seop is not…
He is not our child.
What about how I feel?
Even when you brought him home
and told me to raise him like a stranger
since he's not ours,
I couldn't do it.
How is that even possible?
He eats and sleeps under our roof,
and goes to sleep
on my arms and in my arms.
How on earth could he not be ours?
He's my child. Am I wrong?
But he isn't.
That’s what everyone in this town says.
I believed in him!
I did, even when he left us
for three years
to be at his mom’s deathbed.
I believed in him.
That someday, he will come back.
Even when for three years
he never called us once.
Even when you kept on telling me
he will never come back to us.
I never doubted him.
I believed in him till the end.
And he came back.
In the end, he came back to us.
But the blood…
The bloodline means more.
"The bloodline"?
Is that how you feel?
Then do you also put more meaning
to your bloodline?
Because of that,
is Hwi more precious to you
and feels more like your child?
Not at all.
Just once.
Can you tell me just once?
Words like "I love you."
"I really do…
Are you hungry?
…love you very much."
What is it?
My goodness.
This is…
This is my favorite!
It’s a rhinoceros beetle, right?
Did you bring this to show me?
Aren't they really hard to find?
I haven't seen one in a while.
Hold on to it for a minute.
Are you hungry? I'll start cooking.
It won't be long. You must be hungry.
Hwi, look what your brother did for mommy.
He caught this precious beetle
and brought it home.
Your name is Hwi.
"Hwi" like the sound of a whistle.
Goodness, Eun-seop.
You've been there for two hours.
Is she that adorable?
Are you okay?
I'm watching a drama.
Or "I missed you."
"I'm sorry."
We didn't get to say any of those things.
Hwi, come here for a second.
You'll just leave us anyway.
Forget it.
Just leave already.
Don't touch it.
You don't get to touch my stuff
since you'll be leaving!
Go become a sailor!
And sail all the way to the Pacific Ocean!
Does it matter to you
if I become a sailor or decide to leave?
Since when did you like me so much?
From the moment I was born!
I've liked you
since the moment I was born!
Ever since I came out crying
and saw the world for the first time.
I've liked you since then, you idiot!
"Don't cry."
"I'm not leaving."
Why is it so hard to say those words?
Because you're my brother.
My brother!
You've always been my brother
from the moment I was born!
So I liked you from the start.
What do you want me to do?
I hate you, Eun-seop.
I really hate you!
Get lost! Go and become a sailor!
Whatever. I don't care.
I'm telling Mom and Dad!
Mom! Dad!
-Eun-seop made me cry!
-This was expensive.
Really? Was it really expensive?
Made a big decision and got it downtown.
It's been a while since you've bought me
something to show how you feel.
It's the one I wanted.
This is it.
I thought it was 30,000 won
but it was actually 300,000 won.
My dear Eun-seop.
You must have a lot of money.
Next time, you can just give me cash.
Why would a student need
such an expensive saddle?
You can do so many other things
with 300,000 won.
Stop laughing, you lunatic!
It's unfair that you're laughing
when I'm crying!
Out of my way!
Gosh, it feels good.
It's great! Eun-seop, I really like it!
It's great!
Move out of the way!
You even came to see me off.
What an honor.
Maybe you can finally tell me about it.
About what?
About that day.
Why you broke up with me.
I broke up with you so many times.
About a thousand times.
The very last time.
On September 5th, 2010 at 9:23 a.m.
You texted me, "Let's break up."
I want an answer to that, Myeong-yeo.
It's not like…
I memorized the date
because I still have feelings for you.
I just remember because
I was so dumbstruck at the time.
So tell me.
Why did you have to break up
with me on that day?
I really can't think of what I did wrong.
Why on earth did you do that?
I can't remember.
You can't?
What's with you?
You thought I'd remember that now?
It happened more than ten years ago.
How would I remember?
The train is now approaching.
Please take a step away from the train.
I'll get going.
Take care.
Let me know when you have the draft.
Get lost, crybaby.
Maybe you can finally tell me about it.
About that day. Why you broke up with me.
On September 5th, 2010 at 9:23 a.m.
You texted me, "Let's break up."
I want an answer to that, Myeong-yeo.
So is that punk in jail or not?
As I said, our warrant got dismissed.
So an arrest is impossible!
This is driving me nuts.
I’m going to catch that bastard.
-Any evidence?
-Hey, there’s more than enough.
Gosh, it sounds the same.
Let's break up.
Well. I can't remember.
It happened more than ten years ago.
How would I remember?
Darn it. You! How dare you!
Don't talk back to me.
Who do you think you are?
What did you say? What?
-The man who came here yesterday.
I heard he's your uncle.
Hwi said…
you’ll be leaving this place soon.
That’s not true, is it?
You will leave when spring comes.
When the weather is nice…
and it gets warmer here.
You'll end up going back.
I don’t know what our future holds either.
But for the first time,
I can’t wait to find out
what will happen next.
I’m really curious about…
what’s next for us.
how about you?
It was the first event held
after the opening of Goodnight Bookstore.
Irene was the actual one in charge.
I'm grateful for all the loving support
from the book club members.
As I look back
at the photos of the members,
I can truly feel they had a great time,
so I'm a little jealous…
Irene seems much happier
than she was at the end of last year.
If I'm not mistaken,
she seems brighter and smiles more often.
I'm blinded every time I see her smile.
It was the landlord's daughter.
She wants me to move out right now
if I'm not going to pay rent.
Did you go on a blind date
during your lunch break?
Jang-u, then what's your ideal woman like?
I heard you signed a deal with Myeong-yeo.
Call it off.
I have to publish her book.
There's something I have to find out.
"Please don't leave."
"Stay by my side."
Tell me, Eun-seop.
Is what we have love?
Subtitle translation by: Sae-byul Chun
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