When the Weather is Fine (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

Two Different Stories

You even came to see me off.
What an honor.
Maybe you can finally tell me about it.
About what?
About that day.
Why you broke up with me.
I broke up with you so many times.
About a thousand times.
The very last time.
On September 5th, 2010 at 9:23 a.m.
You texted me, "Let's break up."
I want an answer to that, Myeong-yeo.
Why on earth did you do that?
Let's break up.
I said let's break up.
Class is over. We have to go now.
Everyone left.
How could you wear a sweater
with a dog on it?
Let's break up.
Don't stop pushing, though.
-Go on!
More! Higher!
Keep pushing.
-Stop crying!
-I'm not crying.
Don't you think you walk too upright?
I'll walk like this.
I'm getting a headache.
Let's break up.
Answer me.
There's no reason.
"Cancer ward."
Why is it always tangerines?
I know you got them for yourself.
I got them for us both.
I don't want them. You ate them yesterday.
Eat the tangerines. They're in season.
I asked you to buy me peaches.
I should just plant
a peach tree at this rate.
I want to eat peaches
-that look like you.
-I don't have any right now.
Sim Myeong-yeo!
You bought peaches.
What's your deal?
You're showing your face
now that I'm about to die?
You never came to any of our reunions
no matter how much I asked.
I'm here.
That's all that matters. Get off my case.
-Ms. Choi Sun-yeong.
You asked to move to a six-person room?
-It'll be a bit of a wait.
Are you really dying?
That's what I was told.
Watch out for breast cancer, you two.
You need to get checked regularly.
What the heck?
What's wrong with her?
Who knows.
You really are an old lady.
Seeing how you bought canned peaches.
Who does that these days?
What happened to your eyes?
Does it make you feel better?
-They say misery loves company.
What are you saying?
So do you like it?
Explain this to me.
Sim Myeong-yeo. Tell me!
It's as you can see.
So what am I seeing?
It's glaucoma.
-Did you see a doctor?
-I told you earlier. It's a hassle.
-Are you out of your mind?
-Lower your voice. We're at a hospital.
I'm okay.
It doesn't hurt.
I'm in zero pain. Isn't that good enough?
Let's go.
-You should at least get examined.
-It's too late for that.
It's not too late! Let's get it checked.
I can no longer see.
I'm already blind in one eye.
So what if I can't see out of one eye?
I still have the other one.
Don't follow me out. Take care of her.
You should at least get it checked!
I see.
One moment.
So the landlord said that himself?
Okay, I understand.
What is it?
It was the landlord's daughter.
She wants me to move out right now
if I'm not going to pay rent.
You're going to go now?
The landlords live in Suncheon.
I think it'll be best to
talk to them in person.
Then those people
let you stay here for free?
It was a deserted house.
I'll be back.
Then I want to go too.
-We'll close the bookstore for a day
since we sold
a lot of books at the flea market.
Are you uncomfortable with me joining?
No, not at all.
Let's go together then.
-It's cold, right?
Raise the temperature to 28 degrees.
The temperature has been adjusted.
It'll warm up.
Yes, Mother, I just got here.
I'm on the second floor.
Mother, you've gotten much younger
since we last met.
Which was this morning.
You should tell me beforehand--
-Are you Lee Jang-u?
I'm Cho Yeong-mi.
But why did you take the train that day?
The day I was standing
under the maple tree.
I realized that means
you took the train too.
I ran away from home that day.
What about you?
I'm certain it was a weekday.
Why did you cut school to take the train?
Are you…
It's me.
Your mom.
Kim Jin-ho.
Kim Jin-ho is your name.
I gave you that name.
I guess your father didn't tell you.
My name is Eun-seop.
Im Eun-seop.
Listen, Jin-ho.
I'm very sick.
I was hoping you could come and see me.
I really…
want to see you.
I'm in Andong.
Could you come?
So, did you meet her?
I didn't go that day.
Why not?
It felt like…
I would be betraying
my current parents if I went.
I saw you there that day.
Please enjoy.
Usually, servers wear masks these days.
Day drinking?
Yes, I have my reasons.
I heard you signed a deal
with Myeong-yeo, honey.
What about it?
Call it off.
I don't like it.
No, thanks.
Why not?
You used to date her.
For 20 years, at that.
What idiot doesn't know that in our field?
So cancel the contract now, Mr. Cha,
if you want to continue working with me.
I have to publish her book.
There's something I have to find out.
"Grandpa Hamil."
"Can people live without love?"
Then we're done.
Is there something you want?
Something I want?
You see,
I really need you as a writer.
So tell me.
What must I do for you
to publish your next book with me?
"Instead of answering the question,
Grandpa Hamil simply took a sip
of healthy peppermint tea."
We're here.
I know you're not asleep.
"The old man looked at me in silence."
Get off.
I don't want to.
"It seemed he thought I was too young
to know about many things in life."
-Hurry up.
-I'm going.
-No, don't. Sit down.
I'll do it.
"Grandpa Hamil, why won't you answer me?"
"Sir, can someone live without love?"
So this was what you wanted?
This is everything to me.
"They can."
"The old man looked down
as if he was ashamed."
"I suddenly burst into tears."
It must've been a long drive.
Come on in.
You two must be tired from the long drive.
We could've just spoken over the phone.
I thought it would be best
to discuss this in person.
it seems like our daughter
happened to pass by the store.
She said your bookstore is doing well
and that we shouldn't have given
the house away to a stranger.
The town held an event,
which caused a lot of foot traffic.
She must've misunderstood.
If the two of you are upset,
I can pay rent starting this month.
Forget it.
Come with me to my library.
I knew he'd do this.
He wants to show off.
Show off what?
His books.
When he heard the bookstore lad
would be coming in the morning,
he organized all his old books.
I see.
Does someone play the piano?
I do.
I've been learning these days. It's fun.
Do you happen to know the anthology
Deer by Baek Seok?
Yes, sir.
Only a hundred copies were
originally released,
which made it very rare.
This is…
Even the poet Yun Dong-ju
couldn't get a copy,
so he had to transcribe it by hand.
How did you…
Through the black market.
It might be a fake.
But I stared at it for a while
because I was so happy.
"In a room where the light was off,
a white garment was on a hanger."
"It looked cold."
"I can hear horse bells
ringing out in the open."
"When I opened the door
into the crimson night sky,
I smelled the scent of pine mushrooms."
Don't worry about what my daughter said.
But, sir…
I'm happy that you're using
the house I abandoned as a bookstore.
Yes, but--
I showered my daughter with love.
But that meant nothing
when it came to money.
Everything in the world changes.
It changes and leaves.
Even your kids.
However, books are different.
It holds so much,
yet it doesn't change.
Please take good care of the bookstore.
Didn't I tell you
I'm fine with however you use it
as long as it's a bookstore?
You did.
-I had a great time.
Where are you headed now?
I need to get back to the office.
You should go eat.
We can meet next time.
Yes, I'll see you again.
-Goodbye, then.
-Yes, goodbye.
Hello there, friend.
A friend who is older than me.
What are you doing right now?
What? What do you mean?
I knew you'd play dumb.
Playing dumb about what?
Will you still play dumb even with this?
Explain yourself, friend.
My friend, who is much older than me.
I'll explain, Hwi.
I was just saying hi.
-I see. Is that so?
I ran into a long-lost friend.
I guess you greet
your long-lost friends very politely
with an awkward smile and a handshake?
I didn't know that about you, Jang-u.
Delete the picture now.
Who taught you this despicable act?
You're nothing like your brother.
You're a good judge of character.
Eun-seop doesn't even compare.
Listen, friend.
I pay Kwon Hyeon-ji 10,000 won for
every piece of information she gives me.
My gosh, Mr. Jang-u.
I meant 10,000 won was enough.
No! Thank you!
I'll call you Mr. Jang-u
to express my gratitude.
That's weird. Just call me Jang-u.
-I'm sending it now.
-Don't send it!
I'd be grateful if you just deleted it.
Thank you.
Hey, you…
Why aren't you at school?
It's lunchtime, so I came out for a bit.
You should be at the cafeteria then.
You were smiling like this instead of
eating at your workplace too.
That's because I--
It's the same thing, friend.
My friend, who is much older than me.
I'm busy, so I'll get going now, friend.
-Just hurry up and leave. Go.
Didn't I just tell you to go, friend?
I meant that you can go
after you drop me off at school.
I'm in a rush, Mr. Jang-u.
We need to hurry.
My lunchtime is almost over.
It might already be over.
Do you want me to get penalized?
I've already gotten penalized
because of Eun-seop recently.
-Let's go.
I don't have much time either.
Let's go, friend.
Why are you so heavy, Hwi?
Pedal harder, my friend.
What can you do with those weak legs?
You know that day.
The day…
that I took the Mugunghwa train.
I really wanted to die that day.
That's all I could think about back then.
Waking up and going to school
felt like hell back then.
I debated about how I should die.
I decided to go to a station with a river
and kill myself there.
But I felt like I wouldn't die
if I simply jumped in.
So I thought to myself,
"Maybe I should at least
put some rocks in my pocket."
But I was starving.
I figured I'll die after having a meal.
But once I finished eating,
I was sleepy.
So I decided to take a quick nap.
Half the day had passed.
Then a thought came to my mind.
"You know what?"
"I won't be able to die at this rate."
"I have to die."
"I have to die…
and make everyone who bullied me
regret what they did."
Hey, Mok Hae-won!
Mok Hae-won!
Mok Hae-won!
Mok Hae-won!
Mok Hae-won!
That hurts.
Hey, Mok Hae-won!
You little brat.
Hey, Mok Hae-won!
Mok Hae-won!
It still baffles me.
I wonder how my aunt knew I was there.
Is that why you decided not to die?
If you want to die…
I'll gladly die with you.
What are you saying?
Let's just die together. It's not hard.
Stop it!
Why? Are you scared?
My desire to die vanished completely.
It felt like my aunt
would nag me even when I'm dying.
I'm glad you lived.
Thank you for not dying, Hae-won.
Tell me.
Tell me, Eun-seop.
Tell you what?
Is what we have…
Please answer me.
Is it love?
It's love.
Me too.
Gosh, you scared me.
Hey, how far are you
on writing your novel?
What's the meaning of this?
How far have you written?
Excuse me.
Listen, sir.
It hasn't even been four days.
What crazy editor of a publishing company
rushes over to the home
of a newly-signed writer
to pressure them about
how much they've written?
Are you mad?
You must've written the opening line.
The opening line?
You wrote it, right?
The opening line?
Yes, I wrote it.
Don't tell me you came here
to ask me that.
Of course, I came here to ask you that.
You have a lot of time
on your hands, crybaby.
The editors do all the work.
All I have to do is approve.
What work would I have, right?
Really? It works out
then. What does?
You know Sun-yeong, right?
Yes. Choi Sun-yeong?
Yes, she's dying soon.
She has terminal breast cancer.
It's spread too far.
Chemo isn't an option.
She doesn't even have a month left.
You're talking as if
this doesn't concern you.
It doesn't.
She was in Seoul
but wanted to die in her hometown,
so she's at the city hospital.
I need to go there now.
Take me to the hospital.
Come on. Unlock the car door.
I'm tired from driving all the way here.
Can't you drive instead?
No, I can't. I don't drive.
Why not? You used to drive well.
What? Just drive.
Amazing. Is it like this
only when I'm not around?
- It was huge. Look.
- Awesome.
Look at how much hair he lost.
I can't even recognize him.
-Cha Yun-taek!
-No way.
Hey, Sun-yeong.
She likes peaches.
You two look good.
-What are you saying?
-That looks expensive, Yun-taek.
What is it?
I hear your family owns a bookstore.
Yes. You know,
I changed my bicycle saddle.
I'm super fast now.
It'll probably shock you.
I want to go there.
-I know the location,
-Look at it.
-but I can't go alone.
-It's soft.
More so than that…
Did you hear what I said?
I want to visit your family's bookstore.
The truth is…
What? What is it this time?
Yeong-su likes reading books.
I heard there's a book club too.
-What's wrong with you?
-No. Don't come.
Don't come. Or you'll die.
Actually, you can come.
-As long as…
you abide by the conditions I set.
You're tired, right?
A little.
You should go up and rest. I'll stay here.
-It's fine.
-Go on, I know you're tired from driving.
What is it?
I have some stuff to do.
There are lots of books too.
I should organize this.
What is it?
Hey, Eun-seop.
I want to sleep with you.
-What did you say?
-I want to sleep with you.
I see.
Is this right?
If this is love…
it would be nice if you said to me…
"Please don't leave."
"Stay by my side,
just like snow that never melts."
Hey, Cha Yun-taek.
-You've got a lot cooler.
Was I that uncool back then?
Did you really not know that, crybaby?
I got it.
Go on then. We won't see you out.
Let's meet again, Sun-yeong.
It was good seeing you.
-Hey, but…
It's been bothering me.
What's with the bruises on your face?
Do they give shots in the face nowadays?
Why are there bruises on your face?
I bumped into something.
Isn't that right, Su-jeong?
Yes, that's right.
You bumped into something
while in the wheelchair.
That's what happened.
It wasn't even that hard,
but I bruise easily these days.
It's true.
Choi Sun-yeong.
She must still get beaten up.
She's about to die.
She should've divorced him first thing.
What's stopping her?
I really can't understand.
Maybe it's the same for Sun-yeong too.
It doesn't happen all the time,
so she puts up with it.
Take a look at this.
What do you think?
What's worse, when she's not getting hit…
It's pretty.
It's pretty, right?
What about Hae-won?
She should be here soon.
I prepared bulgogi, Hae-won's favorite,
and rice balls, which you like.
It doesn't look like enough.
Maybe I should've prepared more food.
It's fine.
…he's the sweetest
and warmest guy in the world.
Why are you so angry about that?
-Do you not know what you said?
-I didn't say it to you!
he just can't control
his sudden rage in the moment."
Honey, I am truly sorry.
I must've lost it.
Honey, just once.
This is really the last time.
I'm really sorry, Myeong-ju.
"He's begging forgiveness from me."
So she believes him
and keeps forgiving him.
She believes in those false hopes.
They don't keep their promises, though.
They break them and continue to hit.
Sudden rage?
Everyone gets angry.
They just hold it back.
So why would she hold back
when he refuses to?
Yes, you're right.
Even if it's once in a while,
it's still hitting.
But the man is still warm?
How does that make sense?
No, it doesn't.
How could she…
What's there to like about him?
I feel bad for him.
Is that why you married him?
It's because he was good to me.
He was the best to me.
But he beats you.
But now I pity him.
Please come to your senses, Myeong-ju.
Hae-won will find out when she's older.
You need to hurry before that.
I pity him.
Hurry up, Aunt!
Hurry up, honey!
Let me out.
I really pity him.
How can I abandon him?
He just hits me once in a while
when he gets angry.
I can't leave him.
If I leave him,
who would take him?
Good night, then.
-Goodbye, sir.
-Yes, have a good night.
-Hey, Mr. Jang-u.
Did you go on a blind date
during your lunch break?
How do you know about that?
Goodness, don't you know
this neighborhood?
The chief probably knows
what I had for lunch by now.
So? How was it?
Well, I'm not sure…
Did you like her? What did you think?
Was she okay?
She seemed like a nice person, but…
You must've been a little flustered
if you didn't know beforehand.
Actually, no, because this isn't
the first time.
Please eat.
No, thank you. I'm on a diet these days.
You're on a diet?
What's your hobby
if you're a civil servant?
-All my friends who are civil servants
have at least one hobby.
Having to sit
and work in an office all day
is pure torture.
What about you, Jang-u?
Isn't work no fun?
And boring too.
Or is it not?
How should I say this?
I think I struggle to
find a woman charming
when I meet them in that setting.
That's understandable.
It's a shame though.
I heard she was pretty.
How on earth do you know about this stuff?
Did you take a picture?
We have our ways.
Jang-u, then what's your ideal woman like?
Are you interested in anyone?
This looks delicious too!
-That's the tenderloin.
I'm not sure.
She has to have a pretty smile
and a big appetite too.
A girl with a big appetite
who also has a pretty smile?
-That's too hard.
Is it?
-Get back to work, then.
Yes, get back to work.
What a shame.
You know,
when the sunlight hits
the surface of the lake and sparkles,
what do we call that phenomenon?
Sun glitter.
I want to sparkle like that too.
I should've died instead.
Get it together. You're the host here.
I basically killed her.
Even in death.
I'm sorry.
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?
Why do you always do this to me?
Let go of me!
I said, let go!
Hey, how dare you do that to me?
Darn you.
How dare you!
Answer me!
How dare you? Let go.
Let go! Let go of me!
How dare you do that to me?
Hey! What gives you the right?
What gives you the right to hit my sister?
-What gives you the right?
-What the hell do you know?
-No. Stop.
-You. Get over here!
-How dare you!
-Myeong-yeo! Don't do it.
-How dare you!
-Stop it!
-What the hell?
Damn it!
"My sister got hit once in a while."
"By her husband who is the sweetest
and warmest in the world."
Divorce him.
Just get a divorce!
Divorce him!
What are you lacking
to have to live with a loser like him?
-Divorce him. You don't deserve--
No, stop!
-Stop it!
-Let go!
Who are you to tell her to get a divorce?
Who are you to tell her what to do?
Let's go. Let's get out.
Stop right there, damn it!
Hey! Get out!
Get out!
This is where my story starts.
This is the opening line of my novel.
You know, Eun-seop…
What were you going to say?
Nothing. I'll tell you next time.
Look here.
Who do you think…
killed my brother-in-law?
I was the son of a vagrant
who lived in the mountains,
and one day, I was abandoned.
My adoptive parents raised me.
Though I did not view it as a weakness,
there were some people
who wished that this would hurt me.
"Aren't you unhappy?"
"Didn't you use to live in a cabin
in the back mountains?"
"Wasn't your father a vagrant?"
Should I be as unhappy and sad
as they wished I were?
I thought long and hard about it, but no.
I concluded that I have
no reason to be unhappy
when I have people
I'm grateful for in my life.
Anyway, it's all in the past now.
I'm sleepy.
But I want to keep looking at you.
Is this Eun-sil?
Actually, I have something I want to ask.
Is that okay?
This is a new member of the book club.
Round of applause!
What is this? Explain.
I'm talking about
the fax you sent yesterday.
Did you come to return that?
This was an excuse.
The truth is, I liked you.
I liked you first for a very long time.
What am I going to do?
I don't think I'll ever forget
the way you look right now.
Subtitle translation by: Holly Kim
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