When the Weather is Fine (2021) s01e13 Episode Script

Teardrop Tea Recipe

-Let's do it!
-No, I'm okay.
Please, just this once.
You really don't want to?
When it's with me?
But you said you use a hot iron.
No. That was clearly a joke.
Did you believe that?
-Hang on.
-Let's do it. I'll draw something cute.
Or else I'll really get mad.
Okay, fine.
Where should I draw it?
-Something cute?
-How about making coffee first?
-I want a cup.
Why all of a sudden?
-I always drink it.
-I'll let you drink after.
But Mom,
Bo-guk can fix his own dinner.
I made plans with Ju-hui today.
-Let's go downtown today.
-I can't.
Let's go. Come on.
Why not?
-Use this.
Is this Gunbam?
Were his legs always this long?
His face is spot-on, though.
-I'll try my best.
-It looks like Gunbam.
-It does, right?
The person you are trying to call…
-I'm done.
-You're finished?
It's cold, right?
Do you want something like hot chocolate?
I'd like that.
I think Gunbam is here.
Is that you, Eun-seop?
It's Bo-yeong.
I called…
because I lost my footing.
I'm sorry,
but can you come and rescue me?
I want you to come and rescue me.
I'll wait…
until you come.
Right here.
What did she say?
She said she's near
the entrance of the mountain.
She wants me to go and get her.
I'll be right back.
No, I'll go.
It's right that I go if that's the case.
-How will you go--
-I'll go, Eun-seop.
I have something to talk about with her.
I'll be back.
Are you disappointed
that I'm not Eun-seop?
You didn't even fall down.
This is nothing.
You could've come down by yourself.
Just like how I got here perfectly safe.
-Goodbye, then.
You're right.
I am disappointed
that Eun-seop didn't come.
I figured this was my last chance.
If you text me your address, I'll-
I want to go
and see for myself before I buy it.
Hi, welcome.
How pretty.
What do tulips symbolize?
A confession of love.
Shall I wrap some up for you?
This was my absolute last chance.
You have no idea
how much I've tried all this time.
A couple that's broken up goes on a trip.
They made a savings account as a couple
to travel together.
They went together
even though they were broken up?
No, separately.
Is that so? Then what?
I really did everything that I could do.
But why now?
Why are you doing this now
after doing nothing all this time? Why--
Because nothing worked,
no matter how hard I tried.
It didn't matter how hard I tried.
So what could I do?
The truth is…
I liked you.
For a very long time.
I didn't know.
What if you had known?
Even so,
nothing would have changed.
I didn't get accepted into college.
-It's okay.
-There's always next year.
-Shall we go get jjajangmyeon?
-I have to go.
-Hey, Eun-seop!
Let's go there.
Take this. I got a lot already.
I'll buy you jjajangmyeon. Come on.
Everyone's waiting. Be quick.
Hurry outside, okay?
All the opportunities meant nothing.
Things always went awry for me.
As if I'm not allowed to be in his life.
You said you'd buy me
a game console with your stipend!
-Did you bring it?
-Yes, it's in here.
Guys, say hi. This is my brother.
-My cool brother will treat us.
-Goodbye! Let's go.
-I'll call you.
-I'll see you later.
Let's go!
I heard the vagrant owns this place.
You know, the guy who came
from the mountains.
All right, let's go.
Yes, sir.
What do you want to eat?
That's why I couldn't do anything.
I couldn't talk to him
or even call him.
But I suddenly found the courage…
because you came.
Once you came here,
I felt rushed and spiteful.
I wanted to stand in your way
and be mean to you.
What did you say?
Be honest with me.
There was a time you stood in my way too.
Hey, Bo-yeong!
Why are you crying?
Why are you crying? Did something happen?
It's because of what happened
in the AV room earlier, right?
Hae-won seduced Eun-seop, didn't she?
I never liked her from the get-go.
That sly brat.
My gosh, she's unbelievable!
I have never stood in your way.
Not even once.
So you're saying
you never approached Eun-seop first,
even though you knew I liked him?
What's more, I only had an inkling
that you might like him.
I never actually thought…
Guess what?
I have a crush on someone!
I like him so much!
I never did that to you.
That's why I don't understand you
at all right now.
Why on earth did you become
spiteful and mean because of me?
What made you so twisted and messed up?
I'm with her.
No, it's okay. I'll bring her down.
Don't lose me. Follow me.
Everybody, move.
Move out, everyone!
What is it?
What do you mean, sir?
Just tell me the conditions.
Right, I was supposed to tell you that.
Why? Do you like it, sir?
-No, I don't.
-Then don't come.
It's just a mere book club.
Nothing special.
You're early.
Thank you.
I heard you've been meeting
Sim Myeong-yeo these days, honey.
Yes, I have.
She lives deep in the mountains
of Gangwon Province, right?
You know,
I wish you only had eyes for me.
Whether it be as a writer
or as a woman.
-I don't want you to meet Sim Myeong-yeo.
I'm not saying don't publish her book.
Let's be honest, you don't need to
meet her to publish her book.
So don't meet with her
and just publish her book. Okay?
That's all you have to do.
But it's all true, Cha Yun-taek.
-Excuse me, can I get some water?
What are you talking about?
What are they calling me?
"The next Sim Myeong-yeo"?
That's so ridiculous.
What does she have that I lack?
She's neither a better writer
nor prettier than me.
Right, I am younger than her.
You know about the rumors, don't you?
You don't?
Remember when she was at her peak
and suddenly dropped everything
and withdrew to the countryside?
What was it…
What everyone says about me is all true.
That's the truth.
The rumor about how
she had an affair with her brother-in-law,
so her sister killed him.
You should believe them.
I guess you didn't know that.
Then why did you break up with her?
That's hot.
Excuse me.
I want water instead of broth.
Cha Yun-taek.
Hey, Sim Myeong-yeo.
Sim Myeong-yeo!
Answer me.
You're persistent.
Just tell me the reason.
What's hard about that?
I wish you a good life.
Just have a good life.
Get married like you wanted to.
Better yet, have kids too.
Live a happy life and parade it.
Please be happy
and forget about a jerk like me.
Sim Myeong-yeo.
Let go!
I'm going to do everything with you!
I'm going to do everything with you.
Including this.
But I…
What everyone says about me is all true.
That's the truth.
You should believe them.
-You're up?
Are you feeling okay?
Did you catch a cold?
I didn't.
-What about your mood?
-It's okay.
-How did the talk go?
-It went well.
I'm glad.
Don't tell me you're sleepy again.
Tell me about it.
You said you have insomnia.
Were you just pretending?
-That's right.
-You were pretending?
No, as in I have insomnia.
No, you can't go back to sleep. Wake up.
-Hey, Hae-won.
I'll sleep a little more.
What? You've been sleeping until now.
Wake up already.
-I'm bored. Come on.
Wake up.
Wake up already.
Get up. Hurry up.
-Wake up or I'll pinch your face harder.
-All right.
-Get up.
Get up already.
Stop being stubborn, come on.
-Hello, Eun-sil.
-What the…
What was that smooth entrance?
Smooth, right?
-Your timing is perfect today.
These are the same ones
you gave me in the past, right?
Is this how
you're confessing your feelings?
I'm Lee Jang-u, student council president
of Hyecheon High.
I know you're Lee Jang-u.
You know me?
I see you have white roses.
You must be very kind and innocent, right?
Yes, that's right.
But it's too bad.
Baek Gyeong just confessed
his feelings for me during lunchtime.
And I reciprocated.
I'm sorry.
It was bad timing.
My timing?
-What's this though?
-It's nothing.
-Can I read it?
-Of course not. Why?
Don't. Put it back. Why did you take it?
-Thank you.
-I said it's not yours.
-Put it back.
-But I'll have to reject you.
-I reject your feelings.
Hey, everyone. I rejected him.
Give me the letter.
-She rejected him!
-He got rejected!
-She rejected him!
When did you guys get here?
Guys! He got rejected!
She rejected him!
So, if you didn't date Baek Gyeong then--
-I still would've rejected you.
Yes. You weren't my type back then.
Far from it.
I was kind of into bad boys then.
Bad boys?
I guess Baek Gyeong was pretty bad.
So you're going to a nice place later?
-A nice place?
-Yes, I'll be there too.
It'll be fun.
Be where?
You see,
I've already made plans.
-Hi, Ji-yeong.
Take a bottle each from our store.
-All right.
-Sounds delicious.
-Hi, Mrs. Kim!
-You're here.
The dongchimi is fermented to perfection.
-I'm excited to try it!
-I hope you enjoy it.
-Thank you. I will.
-You're welcome.
It's nice and warm here.
Can I get a bottle
of freshly pressed sesame oil?
Okay, I'll get it ready
by tomorrow so stop by.
All right, thanks.
Oh, right!
-Hey, did you hear?
-Hear what?
The daughter of Walnut House came by.
Of course, she lives there.
No, not that one.
You know, the one--
I'm talking about the daughter
who murdered her husband.
Isn't it a little messed up?
How can she come back home
after what she did to her husband?
I guess all the women of that household
have a violent temper.
Including the grandma!
Both the youngest and eldest daughters
are just like her.
How violent must you be to kill your own--
Were you close with the granddaughter?
What are you doing?
Hurry on into your room.
I actually need to stop by work.
I'll get going.
You too.
You also promised me
that you wouldn't tell anyone.
But I trusted Ju-hui.
I trusted you too.
NO. 133
What are you…
I'm Irene?
You said it was Hwi.
Then that key chain is from me too?
No. You…
How far back did you read?
Then the "Goodnight Irene" in your car--
No, it's…
I engraved the title of my favorite song.
-Why am I Irene?
-That's because
you gave me the key chain.
You said that you made it.
I didn't know you kept a journal.
That's cute.
Could you tell me how far you got?
I'm not sure.
I saw you're the kid who gave me the bug.
-I don't want it.
I don't want it. Take it back.
Yes, that's because…
I thought you were a boy.
What? Why did you think I was a boy?
You were all covered up by the hat.
That's ridiculous.
Another thing.
You even slept over at my house.
Who are you?
That's because…
Hwi suddenly got sick.
My parents had to take her
to a hospital in Seoul, so I--
So you saw my angelic face
and fell for me again at that time.
This is fun, Eun-seop.
-Did you read all of it?
-No way, not all of it.
Just most of it.
I figured out what happened
at Nakdong River thanks to this.
I always thought
the timing was too perfect.
Turns out you called my aunt.
I had no idea.
I almost believed it was fate.
All right, Eun-seop.
I won't tease you. I'll stop.
Okay. Don't be like this.
-"That day, Irene asked,
-'Those things…
-that look like marshmallows.'"
-Be quiet.
-"'What are they called?'"
Hello, this is Goodnight Bookstore.
Why are you here again?
You told me the train schedule.
I've lost my light.
Now I have nothing.
So don't expect anything from me.
Sim Myeong-yeo.
Your hair…
smelled like the shampoo my mom used.
And your eyes
reminded me of the night before a storm.
I liked that so much.
Can you tell me…
it's all a lie?
What's a lie?
All of it.
The rumor that I had an affair with
my brother-in-law so my sister killed him?
believe what you want to believe.
The result won't change regardless.
Whether or not I had
an affair with him, he died.
Whether or not my sister killed him,
she still went to prison.
Whether or not my sister went to prison,
I'm already in ruins.
It doesn't matter.
Whatever you believe, that's the truth.
-No, it's not--
That's the truth, Cha Yun-taek.
Even if that's the truth,
at least you should
tell me it's not.
Don't I at least deserve that courtesy?
I'm sorry.
You know I'm not courteous.
Sim Myeong-yeo.
all withered.
We've all withered.
I've withered just as much as you.
I'm the only one who's all withered.
I'm the only one…
who's completely dead, Yun-taek.
I'll cut off five fingertips
and draw five bloody lines.
I'll cry in the night
when I'm alone but not lonely.
One glass for you who left.
One glass is for my pathetic self.
And another glass for our eternal love.
the last glass
is for God, who preordained everything.
I understand
you'll be leaving this place someday.
-You got a call, Hae-won.
From who?
She said her name was Bo-yeong.
Let's go!
Everybody, move!
Let's go!
Everybody, move!
It's such a beautiful morning!
You're probably the only person
who asks to meet on a bus.
So what did you want to say?
I thought about what you said.
About my twisted and messed up heart.
You're right, I was like that.
I really hated you.
Think about it.
You got rid of me after one strike.
Because of one mistake.
You didn't even hear me out.
Hae-won, just a minute.
Let go!
No matter how hard I tried,
you wouldn't even look at me.
After hearing that you came here,
I went to see you, but…
Is that why…
Is that why you still can't forgive me?
From then on, I started to wait.
Wait for what?
That your forgiveness would take longer
than my wrongdoing.
Which would make you
a petty and cold-hearted person.
Then people would have sympathy for me
because I'd be sad and pitiful.
"One strike"?
It might've been one strike for you,
but it was a strikeout for me.
I told my life's secret only to you,
but you told that to others.
You could stick with your excuse
of how you only told Ju-hui,
but because of that…
I wasn't able to think that far.
I'm sorry.
But I couldn't shake the thought
that it was only one mistake.
That's why I hated you.
You probably didn't hate me.
You just disliked me.
Are the two any different?
Yes, they're different.
Disliking someone ends there,
but hating someone…
That's only possible
if you have affection.
I really liked you.
We have a transfer student.
Her name is Mok Hae-won
and she transferred from Seoul.
You know we have
a mock exam next week, right?
-Let's all score five points higher…
-She's so pretty.
How is a mill so different
from a vacation cottage?
Wow, you speak so kindly.
I think that's why I kept trying
by going to see you.
Although for you,
our friendship probably didn't mean much.
It was one that you could discard
after one mistake…
without even giving me a second chance.
Hi, I'm Kim Bo-yeong. Nice to meet you.
Do you want to be my partner?
Take this.
My house is close. I can just run home.
See you tomorrow, Hae-won!
Mr. Jung Gil-bok?
Wait here for a bit.
I'm here to see Mr. Jung Gil-bok.
Please fill out this form.
He collapsed on the street.
Someone from town brought him in.
It's nothing serious,
but he has to stay a few days.
But he keeps insisting that
he wants to be discharged.
I think it's because of the hospital fees.
Don't worry too much.
He'll get better in no time.
At school,
we raise rabbits.
Eat up.
They were so cute.
But they died.
What if my grandpa…
ends up like the rabbits?
He won't.
I promise.
Let's go.
Yes, that's right. Pat it in like this.
Your eyes too.
Pat it in.
Keep patting.
Aunt, you need to take out
some blankets later.
I will, Ji-yeon. But I'm not "Aunt."
I'm Myeong-yeo.
She's right, Ji-yeon.
Ms. Myeong-yeo doesn't go by that.
You can't call her "Aunt."
Grow up.
You're at that age now.
-What's wrong with "Aunt"?
-Don't Eun-seop's parents
call you "young lady"?
Aren't you a bit old for that?
That's because I still look young.
Your skin looks like that of a student.
How is it so nice?
It's the moisturizer I just used.
Can you tell me?
That everything is a lie.
It doesn't matter.
Whatever you believe, that's the truth.
-No, it's not--
That's the truth, Cha Yun-taek.
Did you sleep well?
Say bye to Hae-won.
-I'll be back.
Wake up your aunt! It's time to eat!
Are you…
-I understand…
Aunt! Open your eyes!
…you'll be leaving this place someday.
Aunt! What's wrong?
I'm preparing for it all.
when you leave this place,
I hope your heart won't feel too heavy.
I just hope you'll leave smiling happily.
I hope…
you won't be hurt even a little bit.
I truly hope for this.
Oh, dear.
Irene discovered my private journal.
It seems that she saw
the bookstore journal tab.
I don't know how much she read.
But seeing how she teased me
about the marshmallow story,
that was around the time
she arrived in Bukhyun-ri.
How much did she read after that?
It's not the end of the world
if it turns out she read it all,
but I almost passed out
from embarrassment.
She probably had terrible headaches.
It must have been hard to endure.
You know Jang-u? The lad at City Hall?
He went on a blind date.
It seems to be going great.
Hey, Im Hwi.
Song Je-in and Im Hwi
got into a brawl because of you!
I said to try and live your best life.
How could I do that?
How am I supposed to…
It might just need some time
for it to be resolved.
Just as spring comes after winter passes?
I think spring will come soon.
Subtitle translation by: Holly Kim
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