When the Weather is Fine (2021) s01e14 Episode Script

The Maze of Sisterfield

Are you…
Aunt! What's wrong?
Aunt! Open your eyes!
Aunt, what's wrong? Wake up!
Should I tell you?
What's going on?
I always rehearse
going back to that day in my head.
If I go back to that day,
I feel as if I can get everything back.
All that I have missed.
I'm going to do everything with you!
I'm going to do everything with you.
Including this.
All that I have lost.
Please let me return
to be the person I was back then.
Let me be who I was.
This is a type of glaucoma
called closed-angle glaucoma.
She seems to have fainted
due to a buildup of intraocular pressure.
-In that case…
-We'll need to run some more tests,
but it seems she's almost lost
her vision in one eye.
But has she been neglecting
all the symptoms?
This must have been very painful.
Has your aunt seen a doctor?
She had an excruciating headache.
Your head hurts?
Yes. The pain is driving me insane.
At this stage,
she probably had terrible headaches
and eye pain.
Vomiting at times too.
It must have been hard to endure.
Is this her first time seeing
a doctor about this?
Who is this?
It's me. Hae-won.
Mom, don't you recognize my voice?
Aunt fainted.
Did you hear me? She fainted.
-I heard you.
Hello? Mom?
Are you here with Ms. Sim Myeong-yeo?
-I'll be back.
One short rib soup, please.
-A short rib soup for table three.
So Jang-u, are you going
-to the Town Hall later?
-Yes, I am.
Go eat lots and help out a lot.
Yes, I will.
By the way, I heard Ji Eun-sil
broke up with her boyfriend.
Pardon? Eun-sil… Pardon?
You know, the one who works
at the Gangneung City Hall.
The daughter of that side dish store?
That's right.
I heard she broke up with her boyfriend.
Oh, dear.
She had a boyfriend?
Yes, I heard he was
her colleague at City Hall.
Why do you sound amazed?
It's the sound I make
when I'm processing new info.
-I see.
-Got it.
But where do you get this new information
even I'm unaware of?
-My wife told me.
-I heard from Eun-sil's mom.
Do you two know each other?
Yes, her store is
inside our apartment complex.
You know the alterations shop next to it?
The one with three sons and a daughter?
Yeong-ran's family?
Yes, I know the family.
Why? Is something up?
I heard that they recently had twins.
Yes, Ji-hu and Chae-yeon.
They had fraternal twins.
Right, and Hyeon-a who works
at the market is getting married.
Yes, I know. She's marrying
Kim Cheon-sik, the math teacher.
That's right.
Lucky them.
So, when will you get married, Mr. Jang-u?
I haven't thought about it yet.
Why not?
I'm not sure.
Hello, sir.
-Here to drop off some rice?
I'll leave this here.
All right.
I can see that many
have already made donations.
-Oh, hello.
-She's the daughter of that family?
In February,
the town holds
a rice cake-making event
like the ones seen in the movies.
-Here you go.
-Have a drink!
-Take a look at this.
-Oh, my.
-Can you bring that here?
-Come this way.
-Try this.
-My gosh.
-What are you doing?
That's when you know
winter is coming to an end
and spring is coming soon.
Oh, I want to try too.
-Shall we go together?
Hey, so what happened?
-Did she go to the hospital?
Yes, we took her there in Ji-Yeon's car.
Mom, it was shocking.
They say all her eye nerves are damaged.
-Her eyes were green from glaucoma.
Is this about the Walnut House?
The one with beautiful daughters.
-What's the point of having good looks?
One of them had a shotgun wedding
and moved to Seoul
but later went to jail
after her husband died.
The other one supposedly had
a great career as a writer,
but now she's stuck here
and living thoughtlessly.
So it's the eldest…
who committed murder, right?
My gosh, how could you call it murder?
It was manslaughter!
Was it? Is there a difference?
Of course, there is.
Anyway, their mom suffered
great heartache from her daughters.
She ended up getting cancer
in her final years.
That's right. Before that,
she used to be so healthy.
What a pity. I feel bad for her.
Hey, what is that thing you're making?
Goodness, you're doing such a great job.
What's the matter? It's pretty.
Isn't it pretty?
Yes, it is. It looks so pretty.
By the way, you know Jang-u?
The lad at City Hall?
He went on a blind date.
It seems to be going great.
-A blind date?
I heard he might get married next month.
What? Get married?
It's always great news
that someone is getting married.
We get to eat noodles and rice cakes,
as well as a buffet.
-Sounds good.
-I'd like that.
Eun-sil. Are things fun at work?
No. It's no fun at all.
But about that date--
Goodness. You should know
how blessed you are.
You even have a job.
-That hurts!
-And try to make these look nice.
You're too harsh on her.
I give up.
Look at you with your temper.
Let's scrape it all off.
-Are you all right?
Goodness, I'm so tired.
-Are you okay?
-Something smells nice.
Goodness, be careful.
-That looks about ready.
-Take it inside.
-Should I?
-Yes, to the lounge.
I got this. Hello.
-Hello, Jang-u.
-It's not ready yet?
-Go ahead.
-This looks okay.
-All right.
-Over here!
-You can take one each.
Here you go.
-Come on in, Jang-u.
Everyone, say hello to Jang-u.
He's the one who went on that blind date.
That blind date?
The one who's on a roll.
-He's handsome.
-You went to SNU?
Yes, I'm that Jang-u. Hello.
What? Are you looking for something?
No, I just came by to say hello.
It looks very delicious.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-He's good-looking.
-I agree.
Oh, my goodness.
Hello, Eun-sil.
Who are you looking for?
Me? You? Oh, wait.
I need to use the bathroom right now.
So long.
"That Jang-u"?
So, is Seung-ho's grandfather doing okay?
Yes, of course. He is doing fine.
That's a relief.
How did that coffee festival go?
It went well, thanks to you.
I heard about your date
and that you're getting married.
No, what are you talking about?
So is it a false rumor?
How much of it is false?
-That I'm getting married.
-And that you went on a date…
Well, I did go on a blind date.
My parents want me
to get married soon, so I did go.
But it didn't go well?
I see.
It's not cold at all anymore, right?
Well, I think it's very cold.
No, it isn't. Look.
That's only half of what I saw
in midwinter.
I think that has more to do
with your lung capacity.
-Is that so?
But Eun-sil,
you have purple lips now. It looks ugly.
Guess what, Jang-u? You're always ugly.
What are you doing?
They said you have to stay for a few days.
They wanted to run some tests.
I don't have money.
They'll switch you to a shared room
once there's a spot.
I heard you were in severe pain.
I could live with it.
The doctor said
it must've been excruciatingly painful.
Yes, it was painful.
But I couldn't be bothered.
They said the pain was so bad
that you would've wanted treatment.
My laziness defeated the pain.
Are you happy now?
Aren't you going back to Seoul?
Those who need to leave will leave.
I'm getting tired of you being here
and telling me what to do.
It's about time you go back.
Those who are left behind will stay.
That season is approaching.
-There it is.
-Hello, sir.
-Here you go.
-I'll do it.
After making rice cakes with our old crop,
we will prepare to plant new crops.
That's how it is, right?
That's right.
I should get ready
to close down the ice rink.
Time flies.
You're too young to be saying that.
-I'll take this.
My gosh! Darn it, you startled me.
Coming back from the hospital?
What brings you here?
Did Hae-won call you?
I'm fine.
Hae-won overreacted.
Sim Myeong-yeo.
Take off your sunglasses.
I didn't send you here
for you to live like…
I wanted you
to live your life to the fullest.
I told you to write books and go on dates.
-I said to try and live your best life--
But Myeong-ju,
how could I do that?
What did you say?
How could I?
I killed a man.
Those who don't know the truth…
will take pity on you.
But I didn't.
I felt sorry for myself.
Why would you feel that way?
I also have the right
to pay for what I've done wrong.
Yet you even took that away from me.
That's because…
you didn't do anything wrong.
Yes, I did.
I stepped on the pedal.
I killed him.
Myeong-ju, you know what?
I remember the smell of the blood.
How the wind felt on my skin.
I remember it all.
How could I not be guilty?
How can I…
live as if nothing happened?
How could I act as if nothing's wrong?
How am I supposed to…
Did you eat?
Have you tried talking to Aunt?
Try to convince her.
They said it isn't too late
to start medications
or laser treatments for her other eye.
You're close to her.
Were we?
She said she'd start writing books again,
and it seemed like
she was back together with Yun-taek,
so I thought she was making slow changes.
I was wrong.
She's never been the type to do anything.
I want to do everything.
Like what?
Everything in this world.
I'm going to do it all.
The weather is so nice.
I'm so scared.
I'm really scared.
I'm so afraid.
Myeong-ju, I…
I'm terribly scared.
-Hey, Im Hwi?
How dare you ride on the back
of Yeong-su's bike to get to school?
-Who are you?
I'm Yeong-su's girlfriend, Song Je-in.
I see. So you're that Song Je-in.
-I'm glad you came.
-Oh, my gosh!
-Let go of this!
-You go first!
-Let me go!
-I said, let go!
Let go on the count of three.
-One, two, three!
-One, two, three!
-You're still there!
-You let go first!
Song Je-in and Im Hwi
got into a brawl because of you!
Aren't you coming?
Yes, Mother.
I'm on my way now.
You should be ashamed of yourself!
Why would you fight over a boy,
of all the other things?
You're such an embarrassment.
Boys mean everything to me.
Are you out of your mind? Seriously?
Are you crazy?
I'm not crazy. I'm fine.
I'm doing even better
after taking the brain tonic.
Why would you go after someone
who already has a girlfriend?
Mom, as I said, we had a deal.
Hwi, I think you got the spelling--
That's not important right now.
Hi, Seung-ho. What are you doing here?
Are you also my guardian?
I'm good with that.
I heard you got into trouble.
Yes. How did you know…
-You told him?
Why you…
Come on. Parents come to school
when their kids get into trouble.
I know all that.
You're right.
Goodness, Seung-ho. You're so clever.
Is that something to praise him about?
Why don't you announce it
to the whole town?
Goodness. You're scared of Seung-ho
finding out and yet you behave this way?
But we had a deal.
-Whatever. The whole town already knows.
-Stop hitting me. It hurts.
You're not sick anymore? You're better?
Yes, I'm fine.
You're all grown up, worrying about me.
Let's go back home now.
Shall we?
I did a lot of driving today.
Right, you did.
Did you talk to Seung-ho's father?
I called, but I couldn't get in touch.
But the number you had was his?
I'm not sure. No one answered.
I tried calling
the travel agency where he works.
But he wasn't there anymore.
I see.
When did you say was
the last time he visited?
About five years ago.
I left my contact information for now.
How are things with you?
The same.
Aunt keeps saying she's fine
and is being very stubborn.
Mom doesn't seem like
she wants to talk Aunt into anything.
I don't get why they're acting like this.
What Seung-ho's dad and Myeong-yeo…
are each going through…
It might just need some time
for it to be resolved.
Just as spring comes after winter passes?
I think spring will come soon.
I think so too.
Cha Yun-taek.
Yes, you're right.
What the others said is all wrong.
What you said is right.
To tell you the truth,
I've never once
wanted to give up on myself.
You know what?
I find these things ridiculous.
Why is that?
I'm the best writer here anyway.
I'm already the best,
so what's the point of winning a contest?
I will outdo them anyway.
Don't you agree?
I've never doubted my talent.
I've never defined my limits
or regarded myself as of little value.
I've never thought
I would fall apart, get sick,
and grow old and ugly.
It had never once occurred to me.
I never imagined I would live
in the middle of nowhere,
waiting to die…
for the rest of my life.
I wish you a good life.
Just have a good life.
Get married like you wanted to.
Better yet, have kids too.
Live a happy life and parade it.
And to be honest…
Please be happy
and forget about a jerk like me.
…there wasn't a single moment
in which I wanted to break up with you.
Excuse me, sir.
Could you please turn the car around?
That's the truth,
Cha Yun-taek.
Why do you keep coming to our town?
You gave me the train schedule.
Hey, Myeong-yeo.
Let me hug you just once.
Let me also be honest.
I didn't want to break up with you.
Not even for one moment.
Are you sure you read
about what I've done…
before coming here?
"Article four on the contents of the book.
Section three."
"I'll never ask what parts are fiction
and non-fiction in your story."
You don't know…
what parts are true
and what parts are fiction.
And yet you're here.
What's wrong with that?
You've got more nerve…
than you let on, Yun-taek.
You're right.
That's why I loved you.
-Hey, there.
-You're all here.
Hyeon-ji, please don't carry that around.
Did someone hit you in the head with it?
-Come on in.
-Hello, Jang-u.
Hey, you're here.
-Hello, Eun-sil.
-Good that you're here. Come in.
There? In that small space?
Just the two of us?
Wait. Let me just put this away first.
-What took you so long?
-I had to stop by my house.
-Eun-sil, what is it?
-Glad you're here.
I want you to try this.
How is it?
-How does it taste?
I don't know.
That's not good. What should I do?
how about this?
-Yes, this tastes good.
I bought this.
I bought this from my mom's store.
So what you just had is delicious?
What? No, that's not what I meant.
Then how about this?
How is it? Is it salty? Sweet?
-I really don't know.
-Darn it!
You're saying that
to only the ones I cooked.
Are you playing tricks on me? Why you…
Hey, you have massive arms.
I have massive legs too.
Oh, that's good. Good for you.
What are you two doing?
What do you mean?
-Why are you smiling?
-It's just…
What is it?
No, it's nothing.
Gosh, that blanket looks really nice.
Right? It took me a long time to make.
Isn't it pretty?
It is.
-By the way, Geun-sang.
After you're done with that,
can you help with removing the mold?
Yes, I was going to.
Hey, here you go.
Hyeon-ji, how come you're so good at this?
Did you take a special class?
I was practicing some moves
for my hip-hop performance.
Oh, my. And yet I'm the weirdo?
Listen, Yeong-su. The more I think
about it, the angrier I get.
You know, I'm talking about Je-in.
The one who goes around the town
saying she's your girlfriend.
What on earth did you say to her
to make her beat me up like that?
Hey, I got slapped
in the face for the first time.
I've been an outcast for two years
but no one's ever done that to me before.
But you pulled out all of Je-in's hair.
Still, she hit me first.
Did you just laugh?
Do you want to take part in this fight?
Je-in said she'll go to school
with us from now on.
What? Why?
I don't want to!
I really don't want to!
They're here.
Seung-ho. Let's go inside.
Let's go.
One, two, three!
How are you doing?
I'm doing better.
-Have you eaten?
-You haven't?
-Take care of Seung-ho too.
-I don't think we can eat that.
-Why not?
-Let's hurry inside.
-Why do you say it like that?
You must be tired today.
No, I'm okay.
You should also go and get some rest.
I will.
Oh, that's right.
Bo-yeong apologized to me.
She said she was truly sorry.
Then she said she hates me
because she once liked me
and that I probably disliked her.
Did you?
I don't know.
Did I really not even like her?
How I feel about her now is so obvious
that I can't remember how I felt
about her when we were close.
But then again, even if I do remember,
that doesn't mean I can go back.
Trust is like glass.
Once it's been broken,
you can put it back together,
but the cracks are still visible.
That's true.
Don't overthink it.
You should go inside.
I'll get going.
Drive safely.
Eun-seop, I sent you an email.
Please check it.
I read your email.
You said I can decide
to show your story to Hae-won
after reading it.
But the fact that you sent this to me
seems like you'd like Hae-won
to know the truth.
Hi there, our dear Gunbam.
Our precious, cute Gunbam.
I'll be back soon.
As you said, it is a crime
to kill a family member
with one's own hands.
However, I don't know
the details of the circumstance.
So I don't think it's my place
to make the decision.
Although difficult, the right thing to do
would be to tell her yourself.
But if you can't bring yourself to do so,
I will get involved only so far
as to give the manuscript to Hae-won.
You must have suffered a lot…
having to keep your silence.
But whatever happens,
I believe in your love
for Hae-won.
What is this?
-You should read it.
-What is it about?
Is this something you wrote?
All right.
But why do you want me to go home?
I want to stay here longer.
I think it's more important
that you read this.
I'll go to your place after work.
We can talk about it then.
All right.
This is random.
I'm home.
But why do you want me to go home?
I want to stay here longer.
I think it's more important
that you read this.
It was the day before I broke up with you.
On September 4th, 2010.
It was pouring rain since the morning.
I got a message from my sister.
It was just like any other day.
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?
Why do you always do this to me?
Let go of me!
I said, let go!
Hey, how dare you do that to me?
Darn you.
Even the sight of my brother-in-law
beating up my sister…
was the same.
The only difference…
was that I ended up killing him.
-I'm home.
Mom, so is this…
Is this…
Who killed Dad?
So it's not you who killed Dad…
but Aunt, who'd been taking care of me?
So Aunt…
-Tell me.
Did Aunt really kill Dad?
Hae-won, it's--
Answer me now!
No, that's--
-Let me go!
So the two of you knew.
Hae-won, please.
I can understand why you hated Dad.
I didn't always like him either.
But still, he was my dad.
And the person who killed Dad…
wasn't you…
but Aunt.
Mok Hae-won.
I'm your guardian from now on.
She was the only person left
I could trust and rely on.
-You two are scary.
Don't come near me.
Don't follow me out.
Tell me.
Who do you think can forgive me?
Mom doesn't seem to be
in a good mood today.
Why don't we play together?
Excuse me.
Are you okay?
Sorry, have you seen a young woman here?
Yes, I think she was sitting over there.
Thank you.
There was a time when I thought living
was the process of finding my place.
A place where it's okay for me to exist
without bothering anyone
or being bothered.
Finding a place
where no one would reject me.
That's what I thought living was.
But now, I've changed my mind.
Wherever it may be, my place can be
the place where I am right now.
As long as I live as my true self,
I think it will be okay
for me to exist in this place.
That's all I have for now.
If I have to do more,
I might want to quit everything.
Is all of this really something
I could've lived without knowing?
Because the truth would hurt you.
She probably carried the burden for you.
Did you know Eun-sil is leaving today?
To Gangneung. Her leave is over.
I'm so scared.
I have no idea who people truly are.
It feels like I'm being deceived.
Are you saying you'll turn yourself in?
Then what does that make me?
I still want to pay the price
for my wrongdoing.
I'm leaving.
Spring is here.
Subtitle translation by: Sae-byul Chun
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