When the Weather is Fine (2021) s01e15 Episode Script

Until We Meet Again

Sorry, have you seen a young woman here?
Yes, I think she was sitting over there.
Thank you.
I'm so scared.
I have no idea who people truly are.
It feels like I'm being deceived.
I can't trust anything.
Not even what I see…
nor what I trusted.
Do you want to go home?
Then where do you want to go?
I just got a call from Eun-seop.
He said he'll go get Hae-won.
So don't worry and go to bed.
Is this why you agreed to write this?
I still want to pay the price
for my wrongdoing.
It was something
I had to tell Hae-won one day.
Are you saying you'll turn yourself in?
Then what does that make me?
I was in jail for seven years.
What does that make me?
So why did you go?
How many times did I tell you?
I went because it's not your fault!
Do you…
really think this is your fault?
Isn't that obvious?
How is this your fault?
I killed him.
If it weren't for me…
you wouldn't have been there.
If I hadn't met…
a husband that beats me like that,
you wouldn't have seen what you saw.
What's more,
if it weren't for me…
you would've never had a reason
to step on the gas.
The day you turn yourself in…
I'll feel like
I'm being punished all over again.
Then what about me?
Do I just keep living like this?
Is this life so hard?
It's hard.
I think I can only live
if I confess and get condemned.
I think I'll feel better
if someone would condemn me.
Then just write the book
and say it's fiction!
I got greedy while writing it.
I figured I should
turn myself in at this point--
-Sim Myeong-yeo!
dream every night.
What do you dream about?
Does your brother-in-law
appear in your dreams
and blame you for it?
He's good to me.
Have a cup of coffee.
You like coffee, right?
He's so good to me.
That drives me even crazier.
Everybody, move!
Hey! Stop right there!
Im Hwi!
-I said stop!
Hey, stop!
Stay away! Don't come close!
Hey, stay away!
You're dead meat if I catch you!
-Im Hwi!
-Don't come close!
-Don't follow me!
-I said stop!
-Did you eat with Eun-sil yesterday?
-I didn't.
We went to a deserted place.
How did he know?
I'm glad I ran into you.
I'm on my way to file a complaint.
About what?
Someone keeps throwing out their trash
in front of my home.
-Is that so?
They just leave it there.
But there's nothing I can do about that.
Did you know Eun-sil is leaving today?
What? Leave?
She's going to Gangneung
because her leave is over.
But she didn't mention it
during dinner yesterday.
That's what I heard.
Her mom is packing side dishes for her.
Is that so?
But why are you telling me that?
I heard you like Eun-sil.
How on earth do you know this stuff?
I know everything.
Including the fact that
you liked her since high school.
I heard Eun-sil's going to take the bus.
What time was it again?
She said it was the 3:00 p.m. bus.
Right, there you go.
Are you not coming?
I'll get going then!
I need to install a CCTV or something.
What are you doing there?
Go ahead then.
With what?
Turning yourself in.
If this is so hard for you, do it.
I thought wrong.
I thought…
that if I left like that…
Mok Hae-won and Park Huin-dol.
-You'd like to send these back?
I have one more.
Sim Myeong-yeo.
Are you sending this back too?
I thought at least you'd be happy.
Myeong-ju, it's me.
How are you doing?
Hae-won is doing well.
The same goes for me too.
I'm not doing well.
I can't.
I thought you'd forget about everything
and go your own way.
I'm doing well too.
Seeing Hae-won adapt so well
without complaining
makes me feel a little better.
All the neighbors are kind to us too.
A couple of days ago,
the lady next door
brought us a box of tangerines.
We have no worries here.
So don't worry about me
and Hae-won anymore, Myeong-ju.
As long as you're okay…
that's all that matters.
I never thought…
that you'd be so miserable.
I'm really…
It's my childhood home.
The day my dad got into an accident…
That was my last day.
I heard the house is in ruins.
Do you want to go in?
Nobody will be inside anyway.
This is still here.
Did you leave something here?
You should've told me.
I could've sent it.
It would've been more convenient.
Although, it's not like
I have any idea where you live.
You're leaving?
I have to.
What about Ju-hong?
You came here for his birthday last time.
I can't commemorate the day of his death.
Be well.
Let me know when you turn yourself in.
All right.
Hey, Myeong-ju.
Where do you live?
Where exactly are you living now?
Since when?
Ever since I got out.
I mean,
I don't have any other options.
I'm leaving.
I think my mom still lives here.
How could this be?
Only I was kept in the dark again.
Everyone knew except…
she thought it would be better
if you didn't know?
Because if you find out…
you'd be in too much pain.
Maybe she's trying to
endure this as long as possible.
Then tell you…
after enduring it until the very end.
But I'm family too.
Is all of this really something
I could've lived without knowing?
Because the truth would hurt you.
Because she didn't want you to be in pain,
she probably…
carried the burden for you, Hae-won.
I'm sure that was the case.
My saddle.
You're pretty good at riding.
I'm sorry, Je-in,
but can you not talk to me?
I haven't yet
reconciled with you emotionally.
Right here. The spot where you
pulled my hair out still hurts.
I'll see you again tomorrow.
No, I don't want to.
I'm going on a date with Yeong-su.
Hey! Yeong-su is mine!
By the way, Im Hwi.
I heard you're the SO.
Yes. Did you have anything to do with it?
Well, I know I'm graduating,
but I'll put in a good word
for you to my juniors.
Don't worry.
You should be grateful.
Yeong-su asked me,
so I'm making a very special exception
for you.
A selfie for proof that we made up.
One, two.
We look pretty.
You don't need to thank me.
No. I'm not grateful at all.
Seriously, not one bit.
I'm not scared at all.
This hurts my pride.
My pride is hurt.
My pride is so incredibly hurt!
Hi, Eun-sil. I found this on the way here.
You lunatic.
You're prettier than this flower.
Yes, this will work.
Hi, Eun-sil. Have you been well?
Where are you going? Shall I drop you off?
From where to where?
From here to Gangneung.
What? You don't even have a car.
I have a car.
-My dad's car.
-I'd love that!
-Let's go.
-Where do I go?
-Is this all your stuff?
-Yes, just this one.
-Okay. Here.
It's yours. I found it…
What? What is it?
You don't really blush now.
-Your face.
You used to turn bright red
the second you saw me.
But now…
you instantly turn red.
All right, shall we go? Where's your car?
What are you eating?
Rice cake!
We had the rice cake festival.
It was tasty.
Why did that come out of your pocket?
Well, it wouldn't come out of my shoe.
-Do you want some?
-No, thanks.
Can I pig out at the rest stop later?
I haven't had breakfast yet.
My mom was rushing me out of the house.
Okay, I'll buy you food.
Thank you.
Let's go. Where's the car?
Over there.
Hey, so,
I heard you broke up with your boyfriend.
I did.
Everyone magically finds out
and comes running to ask about it.
Did someone post it online
that I broke up with my boyfriend?
Now, all we need is a banner about it.
Everyone knows.
The thing is,
my mom is all about getting married young.
So she wants a grandkid pretty quickly.
-Why are you telling me this?
What do you want to do?
I can go in.
-when you go in--
-I'll have to ask her.
I will ask.
I'll ask my aunt directly…
why she didn't tell me.
Why she kept it from just me
this whole time.
If she really did it to spare me the pain.
If it turns out to be…
as you said,
then maybe…
I'll be able to understand.
All right.
It must be very nice to be you.
How so?
Because you're this warm.
"'Do you know what warmth is?'"
"She asked this, and I answered,
'It's when my cold hands
touch your cold hands
and we both become warm.'"
"'It's when loneliness meets loneliness
to become coziness,
and when sadness meets sadness
to become happiness.'"
"'It's when a cold breeze
crashes into another cold breeze
and becomes soft snow. That's warmth.'"
So you are home.
We need to talk.
What about Mom?
Did she leave?
Yes, she left.
Then you explain to me.
How this all happened.
I killed your dad.
Is that all?
I'm sure you read what I wrote.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, Hae-won.
Why did you hide it from me?
Why only me?
It would've hurt you.
your mom,
and your dad.
The three of us knowing is okay.
But if you knew,
you would've been so hurt.
We couldn't do that to you.
If that's the reason, then why now?
Why are--
Because I'm turning myself in now.
Don't you think it's time
that I pay for my crimes now?
I really didn't want to write novels.
But I was at a loss
as to how to make a living.
Not for me, but for you.
I needed to make some money
for you to live comfortably.
So I decided to write one more book.
And right then,
Cha Yun-taek asked me
to write a book based on my life.
It was the perfect opportunity.
I thought, "Great."
"I can run away after I finish the book."
"No one has
a more shocking story than me."
"It'll sell well."
"That way, I can make money,
be harshly criticized,
and turn myself in too."
Are you really turning yourself in?
Your mom has been
adamantly against it until now.
But I won this time.
She gave me her approval.
So it's set.
Go to bed now.
If that's the reason, then why now?
Why are--
Because I'm turning myself in now.
Don't you think it's time
that I pay for my crimes now?
Aunt! Open your eyes!
Have I ever asked you anything?
Where you live, who you live with,
whether you live alone,
why you don't live with me.
why you never accepted my visit requests
and never once replied to my letters.
I never ask you this stuff, do I?
So I feel very awkward and uncomfortable
when you suddenly show up like this.
So leave tomorrow.
Hae-won, it's--
Answer me now!
No, it's…
-Let me go!
Hey, Mok Hae-won!
Mok Hae-won!
Mok Hae-won!
Hey, Mok Hae-won! You little brat.
Hey, Mok Hae-won!
Why did you want to die?
Don't die.
If you die, I'll die,
your mom will die,
and my mom will die too.
That's how it is.
We may not look it, but that's how we are.
We will all die.
Are you up?
I'm sure your stomach hurts.
The teachers and I
went to get noodles last night
but you were passed out at the restaurant.
So I brought you back.
Why did you drink so much?
Did you fight with Eun-seop?
Kim Bo-yeong.
I liked you too.
I liked you.
That's why I got hurt by what you did.
Because that's how much…
I trusted and liked you.
everything I had to endure back then…
was because of you,
so I couldn't forgive you easily.
That said, I don't think
we can go back to what we used to be.
Can a relationship not have its cracks?
A table doesn't have to be perfect
for you to eat on it.
Whatever it is,
there will be wear and tear over time.
I don't believe
any relationship is flawless.
So what if there's a little crack?
So what if we hurt each other a little?
None of us are perfect.
That's why we end up
doing wrong to each other.
Then we apologize
and put the pieces back together.
That's how we live.
know I gave you a permanent scar,
but I really…
wanted to earn another chance.
If you still feel the same,
then I'll wait.
Who knows, maybe with more time,
it might get a little better.
It's really pouring.
-Are you not cold?
The bus isn't coming.
Make sure the braids look neat and pretty.
Back when I was in school,
I used to braid my hair
in long pigtail braids.
I guess I'll be a student again.
We're done, Mom.
Take a look. Isn't it so pretty?
My goodness, what?
What is this?
Am I an alien?
No cute boys will come after me.
-No guys will like me.
-Hey, good job!
-Hey, come here!
-Now, your mom. Let's do hers.
-No, don't.
-Come here. Hold her.
-We'll braid your hair, Mom.
-No, don't do it.
-Come on.
-Hold still!
-Myeong-ju! Hold her tight, Hae-won!
-Don't do it.
Hold onto your mom! Come here.
-I'll do it.
-You can't!
-Get her!
-No, stop, Mom!
-Get her.
Myeong-ju, it's your turn now!
I'm turning myself in now.
-Sir, can we talk?
-Pardon? About what?
No. It's not true.
So let's talk about this. It's--
What do you mean?
It's not true, you're mistaken.
Please let's talk--
-Why can't they cooperate?
-Put the middle one in here.
-Aren't you cold?
-Have the other two stand there.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
-Gentle! It hurts.
-Where'd the rest go?
-You're hurting me.
-Get in quickly.
-What's wrong with you people?
Sergeant Kim.
-What's all this?
Some residents reported
a nude party being held
in the guest house over there.
But they came running this way.
Anyway, what were you saying earlier?
Never mind.
-It was at the guest house?
I was thinking it was unusually loud.
-Did you talk to the owner?
-Don't let them off easy.
-Thanks for the hard work.
Were you startled because you thought…
I'd already turned myself in?
Why did you put that there?
It wasn't there when I lived here.
It certainly wasn't there
when Grandma was alive.
After Mom passed away,
you didn't visit.
I missed her.
Go on.
I hate you a little.
I understand.
You didn't tell me
out of fear that I'd be hurt?
To be honest, I thought hearing that
would make me understand you.
But it didn't.
I still don't understand you.
Why not?
If we're family…
I think it's right that we share our pain.
Let's share the pain, Aunt.
Don't turn yourself in.
You endured ten years for Mom.
I want you to endure another ten for me.
Mok Hae-won.
You once said…
that if I die, then you,
Mom, and Grandma will die too.
It was hell for me too back then.
I know I wasn't
the main character of that case,
but it was hell for me too.
If you turn yourself in now,
I'll be thrown back into hell.
So just continue living
like you have been.
I don't think I can see you
the way I did before.
At least for now.
I need time to sort out my feelings.
I'll leave.
I'll leave, Aunt.
Do you have a moment to talk?
Of course.
Do you want coffee?
Are you okay?
Aunt said she was
going to turn herself in.
So I told her not to.
I see.
I can no longer look at her properly now.
That's why…
I'm leaving.
Spring is here.
I hope your bookstore does well.
I hope you'll always stay warm too.
there wasn't a single moment
where my feelings were insincere.
You know that, right?
goodbye, Eun-seop.
I'm back.
Tell me, Eun-seop.
Is what we have…
It's love.
Me too.
The bookstore will be closed
for a few days.
Think about it carefully, Hae-won.
If Eun-seop disappeared at this hour,
where would he have gone?
I understand…
you'll be leaving this place someday.
I'm sorry, Eun-seop.
I'm preparing for it all.
when you leave this place,
I hope your heart won't feel too heavy.
I just hope you'll leave smiling happily.
I hope…
you won't be hurt even a little bit.
I'm sorry.
I truly hope for this.
I'm going to leave now.
You're disappointed by
how I just do as I please, right?
I still love you.
Goodbye, Hae-won.
If you keep recording,
entries for the same date grow in volume.
The accumulation of my daily life
doesn't present me with much change.
But when she came to me this winter
and we shared our love,
those dates no longer piled up
as the same comfortable days,
and today's volume
is different from before.
It'll change even more by next winter.
A volume of winter
that I've never experienced.
I put up a notice saying the bookstore
will be closed for a few days.
My nerves feel like a tight bowstring.
I decided to lay things down
for a moment and rest.
I have a feeling that you're doing well.
I'm also doing well.
When are you going?
-A week later.
-Are you never coming back?
Wouldn't that be better
for both of us if possible?
-Ji Eun-sil.
-I've fallen for Jang-u.
-I said I've fallen for you, Jang-u.
How did you know that what I said
about liking you for a long time
wasn't one hundred percent true?
It's because…
I know the eyes of someone
who has liked me for a very long time.
Subtitle translation by: Holly Kim
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