When the Weather is Fine (2021) s01e16 Episode Script

After a Long Winter

-Don't water it too much.
-I'm coming!
-She asked you to bring it over.
-Snacks are here!
-Let's have some snacks!
-We also have some makgeolli.
-All right.
-Come over here!
-Come have some snacks.
-Let's go.
-Come for some snacks! Quick!
-Hurry up!
-Quick, come have some snacks!
You know what, Hae-won?
I have a feeling…
that you're doing well.
All right, we'll be going inside.
You can leave your belongings here.
Just bring your instruments and follow me.
Wait! Can you give us another 30 minutes?
-We're not done with the rehearsal.
I'm sorry, but please wait here
for a bit longer.
We're sorry.
This is Goodnight Bookstore.
Please hold.
Yes, we have it in stock.
Five copies?
All right.
Are you doing well, Hae-won?
I'm also…
doing well.
-Is this stew?
Why is there seaweed in it?
It's seaweed stew.
There's also sausage.
It's sausage seaweed stew.
Did you ask me to take care of Hae-won
when you're this bad at cooking?
You don't remember?
-When are you going?
-A week later.
Are you never coming back?
Wouldn't that be better
for both of us if possible?
Do whatever you want.
The publishing industry has already been
in decline for a few years.
However, you successfully
published best sellers
that have sold more
than 50,000 copies every time.
Where do you get this ability?
Let's see.
I don't think it has to do
with my ability.
I would think it's a gift
sent from up above.
Is that so?
Let's end our official interview here.
Off the record,
I heard you're dating Ms. Sim,
whose book you'll soon be releasing.
Is that true?
We were once in a long-term relationship.
But we aren't together now.
But the two of you collaborated this time?
Well, we broke up
after being together for so long.
Our relationship then turned into one
where we root for each other's future.
I see.
Thank you so much
for your interview today.
Don't mention it.
By the way, please write
a nice article for Ms. Sim.
I can see how much
you're really rooting for her future.
Yes, where are you?
Do you know where the ziplock bags are?
-What's this?
-A letter you wrote to me.
Okay. So what?
Write something like that.
To whom?
To your daughter.
Listen, Myeong-ju. Hae-won knows nothing.
She has no idea
why you rejected her visit requests,
sent back all her letters,
and don't live with her.
You were so cold to her every time,
and she doesn't know anything.
That's why…
you should try to write it down.
Listen, sister.
Some things go unrecognized forever
unless they are said explicitly.
Dear Yeong-su.
Yeong-su, are you enjoying
your university life?
I'm at this school
where you're no longer around.
Today I walked through the dry,
plain hallway by myself,
feeling lonely and empty
like any other day.
I'm doing a good job of putting up
with this boring, dull school life.
All right, let's begin our class.
Hey, the teacher's here.
Quiet down.
We have a new student.
His name is…
-Im Hwi?
What? So your name is Im Hwi too?
Yes, it is.
What are the odds?
It's not even a common name.
Her name is Im Hwi too.
You're insane.
It's only been a month
since Yeong-su graduated.
Don't you think it's too soon?
Hyeon-ji, I'm sure Yeong-su is happy.
-He has Song Je-in.
I pray for Je-in's happiness.
Please, I beg for Je-in's happiness.
This is ridiculous.
Anyway, I'm really going to
be in a relationship this time.
You see, it's not something you can do
just by saying you're going to.
Do you think life is that easy?
I see. By the way, Hyeon-ji.
Are you jealous of me?
What did you say?
Once things go well between me
and the hot, handsome new student,
I might not sit with you at lunch.
Is that making you jealous?
Don't do that.
I know. I love you too.
Anyway, I'm now in love
with the new Im Hwi.
Excuse me.
You're in your senior year of high school,
and with your grades,
you can barely get into a local college--
There's Im Hwi! Bye!
Excuse me?
Im Hwi!
Hi, Im Hwi. I'm also Im Hwi,
the best girl there is. Do you like books?
Who was I talking to all this time? Gosh.
What does your name mean?
Mine is "Im" like important,
and "Hwi" like the sound of a whistle.
-What? What's going on?
Im Hwi, wait up!
The books are here.
-You're here.
-You have more than usual today.
By the way, this book here
seems to be very popular.
It's in great demand.
Even the downtown bookstore bought
many copies of this one.
Yes, it's selling pretty well.
I heard
the writer of this book lives
at the Walnut House.
Is that true?
Yes, that's right.
I'll get going. Take care.
Hae-won. Are you doing well?
I'm doing very well.
-More kimchi, please.
The weather is nice.
I don't have more to say.
Do you still hate me?
I don't want to make excuses
for how you feel about me.
But Myeong-yeo said
some things go unrecognized forever
unless they are said explicitly.
I was the same age
as when you graduated from university
when I had you.
When I was your age,
I was already a mom to a six-year-old.
And that was when your dad,
whom I believed to be
the sweetest man in this world,
had already started abusing me.
My life was horrible.
I didn't know how to console myself…
and I was cold to you.
I only thought about myself,
and I only took care of myself.
Despite everything,
there was never a moment
when I didn't love you.
I was simply not good…
at expressing how I feel.
Myeong-yeo is leaving…
for a faraway place.
So could you come to visit us before then?
The weather has…
The weather has gotten very nice, Hae-won.
Mom! I'm off to make some money.
I need some money.
-Hurry! I'm in a rush.
-All right.
-How much do you need?
-Hand it over here.
Let's see. 10,000 won will do.
So listen, Eun-seop.
We have a new student in our class.
And the student's name is Im Hwi.
Just like me.
I really like this person.
Is this a boy?
Yes, of course, it is.
Eun-seop, I like boys. I really like them.
I'm already into them.
I'm going to date him.
But Hwi, is it right for you
to already start dating…
Be careful when you go out.
Call me so I can join.
What? Are you out of your mind?
Should I take more of your money?
Get going.
All right, Eun-seop.
Thank you, Eun-seop. Sleep well, Eun-seop.
Good night, Eun-seop.
Goodness, hello.
Hi. Those flowers look pretty.
Did someone give them to you?
As if. I bought them myself.
Seems like you're going somewhere.
I'm also off to see some flowers.
Grandpa, I'm going to school!
Seung-ho! You should turn off the lights.
You're right!
Good job.
I'll get a new seatmate today.
I hope I get to sit with Ji-yeon.
Please make a wish
so she can be my seatmate.
Of course.
-Yes, of course.
I hope Ji-yeon becomes my seatmate.
"Come to the garden in spring."
"If you don't come,
what purpose would these have?"
"And if you do come--"
We want to decorate our newlywed home.
With this lighting,
once you have it installed
on your ceiling,
you won't need to replace it.
It will last forever.
This is a long-lasting,
-semi-permanent item.
-We'll come back.
-But this is a fantastic product.
-We'll come back later.
But excuse me, if you're interested
in purchasing, please call…
How far did I get?
Kwon Hyeon-ji!
Aren't you going to school?
It's almost ten o'clock!
Where did she go this time?
Hey! What are you
running away with this time?
Anthelmintics? For who?
Right, spring is the time
to take anthelmintics.
Out of my way!
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!
For one last time, out of the way!
Let's finish up and have a snack.
-Sounds good.
How many times does he need
to change in a day?
He could wear the same clothes for the day
and change his underwear at night.
But this morning, he got mud on himself,
so he had to change.
At lunch, he got gochujang on his clothes,
so he had to change.
It's not like he ever does any laundry.
Hello, son. Come on in.
Have you eaten?
Yes. Here.
What is it?
It's your birthday.
Right, it is my birthday today. Goodness!
So did you get this
for me because it's my birthday?
I just…
Son, you're truly the best.
My daughter and my husband
are both useless.
I bet they don't even know
about my birthday.
Let's see.
It's just something I bought from a store…
I see.
You should get going, son.
I'd like some time alone.
Please enjoy.
-Have you been well?
This suits you.
-Doesn't the coffee taste good?
-It's good.
But the name of this coffee shop…
Yes, you're right.
It's named after
the song you played that day.
What? You're making it sound
as if you've liked me for a long time.
But I have liked you for a long time.
You caught me.
Yes, I did.
How did you know?
How did you know that what I said
about liking you for a long time
wasn't one hundred percent true?
Well, let me think.
It's just…
Did I do something to give it away?
It's because…
I know the eyes of someone
who has liked me for a very long time.
This is bad!
You should redo the entire thing.
Gosh, we already lack customers.
This is annoying!
Hey, listen up.
My plan is to make something
like Jeju Olle Trail
-in Hyecheon, so--
-Hey, stop.
Not this again.
But what else would he talk about?
Let him be.
-Think about it.
-For the city of Hyecheon--
-There's Eun-sil.
-Guys! Sorry I'm late.
-Take a seat.
-Why didn't you come the other day?
You had work, didn't you?
Eun-sil. You just came?
What about work tomorrow?
Are you on leave again?
No. Actually, I quit.
-In times like these?
-You're nuts.
You were complaining over nothing
and ended up quitting?
Gosh, this is upsetting.
It's late when you think it's late.
That's when you immediately have to quit.
Guys, don't you remember
how hard of a time I had?
-Right, Jang-u?
-What? Me?
-Good for you.
-Whatever. Give me a glass.
Hey, Jang-u.
-You seem pretty close to Eun-sil.
-Yes, what's going on? Something's fishy.
It's not what you guys think.
As a civil servant to Hyecheon,
it's my job to enhance--
Right, Eun-sil.
When you were not here last time,
-Jang-u said you used to like him
-and went on…
-Tell me about it!
Be honest. Did he hit on you
during the class reunion?
-Let me think.
-Stop asking.
-There was something…
-Gosh, I miss Eun-seop.
What? Eun-seop is here!
-He is!
-Great timing.
Handsome Eun-seop can sit here.
Just have a seat.
-I knew this would happen.
-Nice one.
How is the bookstore?
Things are okay.
Now that you're here,
I've always wanted to ask.
Eun-seop and Jang-u,
how did you two become friends?
-It's a weird match.
You guys didn't know?
Eun-seop saved Jang-u.
Guys who used to bully Jang-u
took him up the mountain
and tied him up with a rope and…
Hey, but how do you know about this?
You told me.
-I did?
-You did!
I did? When?
How did he get into SNU
with a memory like that?
I don't know. Maybe he won a bet.
No, but when did I tell you about this?
It was in the letter you gave me
with 100 roses.
"I'm Lee Jang-u,
the student council president."
"I know I look very decent on the outside,
-but to be honest--"
-What was his name?
"I'm being bullied by Jae-hyeong…"
Cut it out!
-That's funny.
-Don't laugh.
But isn't it funny?
-Come on, stop.
-All right.
Guys, he's telling us to stop.
Okay, this is all my fault.
Hey, I'll split the total amount
and get back to everyone.
-Send it to me then.
-Thanks for treating us.
-Thank you.
-You guys have to send me the money.
-Thank you for the meal.
Let's try another place next time. Please?
Do you know how hard it is
to reserve a large table?
-Why don't you try?
Can't you two stop arguing?
I'm getting tired of it.
Guys, why didn't Hae-won come?
-I really miss her.
-Should we call her?
-No. What for?
-She's busy in Seoul.
-We should.
-Forget it.
-You're all dismissed.
-It was fun. Let's go now!
-Let's have a second round.
The second round is going home.
-Just go home.
-Another round?
-Let's go home.
-I'll get going.
-Get home safely.
-Let's go.
-Are you okay?
-How about another round?
-Of course.
-Go home.
-I'm going for another drink.
-You'll get fat, you pig.
-Did you call me a pig?
-He keeps calling me a pig.
-Are you two dating?
-No way.
-How could you say that?
-I'm offended.
-We're not dating.
-That's never happening.
Myeong-ju, have you seen
the nail clippers?
I can't find them.
You're still here.
I thought you had left already.
-It's me, of course.
Hey, Mok Hae-won.
We can't give any more free fried eggs.
-All right.
-Don't ask for them again!
When are you going back this time?
Maybe after a week?
How did the interviews go?
I failed all of them.
I see.
So I'm thinking of getting together
with my university friends
to open an academy.
I realized I don't have
any other talent than teaching.
You said you weren't
qualified to teach anyone.
-That's true.
Well, I still don't know if I'm qualified.
But going back to teaching
reminded me that
what I have done so far wasn't too bad.
I don't follow.
What I'm saying is…
I think my life in Seoul
was so lonely and stressful
that I ended up hating
even the job I have.
Then I tried again after warming up.
It helped me to see my work properly.
So how did it look?
It wasn't all that bad.
There were some happy moments too.
That's about it.
When are you opening the academy?
Nothing's been decided yet.
So Mom, are you here for good?
Yes. I sold the house in Paju.
That's good.
But were you living there?
I took good care of it and sold it well.
That's nice.
There are so many people.
There might not be any seats left.
Hi, Hae-won. When did you come down here?
Just now.
Did you come to eat?
Yes, but I don't see any empty tables.
Those are all empty.
No, thanks.
I'd like to sit in the sun while I eat.
Such nice weather.
Hae-won, I'll see you later.
Let's get in touch.
Hello. Please enjoy your meal.
Two pairs of sunglasses…
See you later. I'll be in touch.
They don't have any empty tables.
What? It looks like they do.
No, I was just inside to take a look.
All the tables are taken.
-There's a table--
-No. There are no available tables.
Should we eat noodles? What do you want?
-Bye, Aunt.
Hey, get that.
Wait. That's it?
I didn't see any lingering there.
We'll get going.
Hey, why did you say goodbye like that?
What did I do? That was more than enough.
Are you coming back here?
I'm not.
-How about something steamed?
-How about stew?
Stew sounds good.
There's a good place we know.
-Please go ahead. I'll catch up later.
Ji Eun-sil.
-Gosh, you scared me.
What? Where did you come from?
Me? I was over there. What's up?
I'm jobless, so not much.
I just wanted to get out of the house.
-I see.
-What about you?
Me? Nothing much.
What? But you…
Right. I was going to take a half day off.
Go ahead.
I'm going to do that right now.
-What are you doing later?
Nothing. I have nothing but time.
Why? Do you want to do something?
Let's think.
See a movie?
We could go hiking.
No? Then how about grabbing a bite
at the market?
How about a convenience store?
-I actually ate, so I'm really full.
I ate too, so I'm full.
The thing is, I'm craving some milkshakes.
But no one sells them in this area.
They've died out.
So would you like to join me in finding
a milkshake-flavored ice cream, at least?
Sure. I can go with you.
You're so awesome.
Really? Tell me what I did.
Forget it. Stop your face from turning red
and go submit your leave.
I'll wait here.
Okay. I'll be back soon.
Thank you, Yun-taek, for driving me.
Aren't you going to cry?
I don't cry now.
Are you really not coming back?
No, never.
But can't you come visit sometime?
You know, at times
you might miss it all so much
and come back in between.
I don't want to.
I won't.
Just run! Why aren't you running?
Why are you in such a rush?
Okay, I'm coming.
Hurry up if you don't want to die.
-Were you able to hear me?
-No, not at all.
-Why you…
-What's wrong?
You said it'd only be a minute.
You said it won't take long.
Do you know how long I waited?
It was because of my boss.
He's got a pretty bad temper.
Let's go. It's my treat.
Thank you.
-But Jang-u.
Why did you come back here
after graduating from SNU?
-That's random.
-I just couldn't wrap my head around it.
Well, because I like my hometown.
I mean, I like it here too.
But with your education, isn't it common
to work for a big company in the city?
It was my parents' idea.
They suggested I come back
and work at City Hall.
I didn't see you as the type to dream…
But for me,
it ensures my happiness.
That ensures your happiness?
That's right.
So let me get this straight.
You're born into this world.
Not of your own will,
but of your parents' will,
you eat, sleep, and study
to become the top student in school
for 12 consecutive years,
then get into Seoul National University.
From there, you don't go out
into the bigger world
but return to your hometown
to take the civil service exam
like your parents wanted, then pass it.
Then you're confined
to the City Hall building
to work from nine to six,
then go home to sleep. This life--
it could feel like living
on a treadmill to you
or not mean much.
But to me,
that everyday life means happiness.
Someone might dream of graduating from SNU
and going to space.
But for me,
graduating from SNU,
then having an ordinary daily life,
and living each day one by one…
That's my dream.
I'm happy when I live diligently
in my ordinary life.
I tend to know that about myself.
Why didn't you write this in the letter?
Rather than an episode
about how you got bullied,
"I know what makes me happy."
I would've liked you better
if you had written that instead.
Is something like that kind of cool?
Not many people in the world know
what makes them happy.
So I may have come across
as attractive to you just now, right?
Gosh, I'm hungry.
We just ate and had ice cream for dessert,
but you're hungry? What should we do?
How long is your intestine?
Didn't you get
five rounds of food that day?
I didn't know about your good appetite.
The more I know you,
the more I find you my type.
I've fallen for Jang-u.
I said I've fallen for you, Jang-u.
Look at you blushing again.
I'm hungry.
-Hey, so what are we now?
Are we an item?
Where did you learn
to say things like that?
Then are we not labeling it?
-Let's go with "item."
Just so you know,
my mom wants me to get married soon.
But you haven't thought
about marrying me yet, have you?
Well, let's take it one step at a time.
Are you heading out?
Yes, I have a place to be.
It's the anniversary of my mother's death.
I'll get going.
What is it?
No, I just…
Just this once.
I want…
to hold you just once.
Can I?
It's dark out.
I'm so glad you're here,
I was going to pretend I didn't see you,
but I couldn't after I saw your face.
Sorry. I'd better go.
How long…
are you staying this time?
Until when…
are you planning to stay?
I thought I could forget.
"I'm very certain."
"I only dated you for one winter."
"I will completely get over you."
But it was foolish of me
to think this way.
Because you're different.
someone who will stay with me,
like the heavy winter snow,
and never leave.
I had forgotten that.
Did you send me the letters?
Yes, I did.
Let me ask you now.
Why did you do that for seven years?
reading good passages…
makes one feel better.
-Is it too big?
-Everyone's here.
-What do you think?
-I want one. Give me one.
This looks pretty. I want this one.
Spring is here.
The weather is very nice.
-It sure is. It's springtime.
-That's right. Flowers have bloomed.
-Look over there.
-This looks pretty too.
-Leave one for me.
Chief, let's go look at the flowers
in these clothes.
-Ma'am, one soup with rice, please.
We have a new order.
-One soup with rice.
Are the chickens big today?
Yes, we have the best ones.
Hello, can I get this one?
Yes. Take the freshly made ones instead.
Is this for your son?
Do you like him that much?
I can even see it in your eyes.
Your daughter would be upset.
I didn't give birth to him.
So I wanted to raise him
and my biological child the same way.
I pretended to like him
a lot more on purpose.
So what happened?
I've grown
to genuinely love him more.
-Look here.
-What is it?
My son made this for me.
It says, "love."
It says he loves me.
Lucky you!
-Hurry up, will you?
Are you going to stay up all night?
Come plant potatoes.
Hey, do you have a lot left to do there?
I have a long way to go.
But we are meeting
at the billiard club later.
-You think we can make it?
-We should go.
I'll pull an all-nighter if I have to,
to get this done and go.
What's the point if we can't make it?
-Hurry up, will you?
-All right.
The other day, Hae-won told me…
about happiness.
She said it is hard
to notice happiness on your own.
Even if you do, it takes a lot of work
and effort to make it yours.
She's right.
All of us try hard to become happy.
Happiness becomes yours…
only after you have struggled
and strived for it,
and it does not stay without effort.
Even if you put in a lot of time and work,
things might not work out.
-Make me some coffee.
Okay, I'll make one right now.
-Can I take off my jacket first?
One, two, three.
Okay. Let's go get a cup.
-This one?
no one knows what the future holds.
Out of my way!
Out of my way!
If we keep moving forward nonstop,
Im Hwi!
Hi, I'm "Im" like important,
and "Hwi" like the sound of a whistle.
Want to bike together?
Let's be friends!
Wait up!
…keep trying,
and keep living,
I believe…
the day will come.
Yes, I also believe…
…such a day will come.
-Like that.
-Like that.
I met Irene again after a long time.
I waited and longed to see her so much,
but I kept my feelings to myself
as I gazed at her,
then stupidly turned away.
Yet, she came running into my arms.
It melted my frozen heart once again.
I had spent days with my mind blank.
Sleepless nights were back in my life.
I can't believe these moments
are now all behind me again.
It's late at night.
She's had a tiring day
and has fallen asleep in my arms.
She is light and has a pleasant scent,
like grass in the spring breeze.
Dear all, the air is filled
with the scent of acacias in full bloom.
PS: She was half asleep
when she opened her eyes to kiss my nose
and went back to sleep with her head
buried in my chest. It feels too nice.
Happiness is as such.
It's hard work.
But you
opened your eyes this morning
to start the day
and live today doing your part.
That's enough.
When it's so difficult to find happiness,
your work
is giving happiness to someone.
We are all appreciated by someone
as we help others find happiness
without even knowing it.
For simply continuing to live on
from wherever you may be,
you have done a great job.
I'm grateful to you.
I sincerely wish you a good night.
Subtitle translation by: Sae-byul Chun
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