Whiskey Cavalier (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Hearts & Minds

1 Previously on "Whiskey Cavalier" WILL: How about some mutual respect? As of today, we are all officially working together.
As a team.
- Led by me.
- Led by me.
I mean, your team needs you.
Do you think they need me? You were Will's best friend, and you slept with his fiancée.
JAI: God! - What's up? - No, never touch my stuff.
My teacher wrote in my report card, "Doesn't play well with others.
" - All right, I'm in position.
- [MAGAZINE CLICKS, RIFLE COCKS] It's showtime, people.
Follow my lead.
Or follow our lead, 'cause, again, co-captains.
[CLICK] - Jai, stun gas primed and ready? - Yep.
You don't have to say "primed" and "ready.
" They mean the same thing.
Message received and heard.
[LAUGHS] Come on.
Not even a chuckle? That was comedy gold right there.
Standish, how long do you need to knock out security? Already done.
I'm that good.
Hey, who picked out these uniforms? What are we, space janitors? Only thing that could make these better if it was a onesie.
Frankie, Susan, you in position? Yeah.
No sign of the target.
His car's still here, though.
Oh, come on.
I'm starving.
Can we just go get a pizza? Hey, guys, McElroy's the biggest heroin importer in Southeast Asia.
Let's try to focus on what's important.
I want pepperoni.
So we're gonna do pizza in Hong Kong? It's better than you think.
No, it can't be better than that place that we went to - in the Village on Friday.
- I know! I asked the two of you out to dinner on Friday, and you both said you were busy.
That's not cool.
You're confident that stun gas can neutralize McElroy andall his bodyguards? If by "stun gas," you mean my own special blend of methoxyflurane, then, sure.
Oh, that's cool Metha-fl-snore.
- Mm-hmm.
- That's great.
How did you come up with that stuff? Why are you asking all these questions? Oh, it's not a big deal.
I just You know, we work together.
We really haven't got a chance to know each other.
I mean, I don't know where you grew up.
I don't know what your parents are like.
I don't know what kind of ice cream you like.
I like pralines and cream, but it's specific to me.
So, I grew up in this really small town in India called none of your damn business.
All right, well, you can try to fight this, but it's gonna happen.
It's not.
[CHUCKLES] Kidding.
SUSAN: Hey, Frankie, where'd you go? I'm exploring.
Hey, look.
Up here.
No, over here.
I've got eyes on McElroy.
He's not looking too good, but he's only got two men with him.
I'm sure I could take him now.
No, don't engage.
Let them proceed to the exits and have the gas take them out, as planned.
I hear you.
I'm starting to really like my idea, though.
Great, and I hear you, but plans usually work best when you stick to them.
Frankie, don't put that down.
Don't Don't Frankie, don't You listen to me.
You get back here right now.
Don't you Where are you going? Hey, stop it! Frankie, do not use that Taser! [TASER CRACKLES] Target on the move, stairwell 3.
Where's the rest of the security team?! Susan, he's probably coming to you.
Jai, go help her grab him.
Copy that.
WILL: Standish, get the car.
Why do Ihave to get the car? I can help with McElroy.
Aw, come on [GUNSHOT] I'm-a go get the car.
Get down! Frankie, you need assistance? - [GUNSHOTS] - I found the rest of his security team.
[MEN SHOUTING IN CHINESE] There might be too many to shoot our way out, but I say we go for it.
Yeah, no, no, let them get closer, though.
[PANTING] Freeze! - Freeze.
- In the air.
- Get down on your knees.
- Come on.
[WHISPERING] Now? [WHISPERING] Just a little closer.
[MAN SPEAKING CHINESE] Jai take us all out.
JAI: If that's what you want.
Come on.
Nighty night.
[BEEP] [AIR HISSING] I blame you for this.
I need to know now Know now Can you love me again? I need to know now Know now Can you love me again? Can you love me again? You ready to train? Let's do this.
My turn.
- STANDISH: You seem tired.
You all right? You need a break? Whew! I'm good.
[GRUNTING] [GROANS] I think I'm bleeding internally.
WILL: Hey, man.
I, uh, I had some crazy dreams last night.
Uh, does that That stun gas of yours Does that leave any permanent damage, or Well can you taste everything? No.
You should be fine.
Hey, you know, you're you're missing quite a show in there.
No, I'm not.
STANDISH: I don't have pads there! Stop kicking me! Jai, you've got to stop bugging people, seriously.
I feel so much shame.
You totally turned me around on that.
Are we done? You know, I'm thinking about getting some fresh air.
I'm gonna go for a run.
You want to join me? I'm gonna make myself clear.
We're not gonna bond.
Of course we are.
And that way, when you die, I don't have to call your parents, because I won't know their names.
Well, I'm I'm not gonna die.
Ever, so [CHUCKLES] We're spies, Will.
Do you know any 60-year-old spies? Me, neither.
But look, I'm sure there are other members of the team, right, who really want to hear about your past and And stories from that perfect little town you grew up in.
I'm sure it was named something like Caucasian Corners or WASP-ington.
Huntington, Indiana.
See? I was close.
You were only close with WASP-ington.
Just 'cause of the "-ington.
" Yeah.
I think you've had enough head blows for one day.
[SIGHS] Aw, man! [WHISPERING] Thank you so much.
What's going on here? Oh, I asked Frankie to teach Standish some fight techniques.
Yeah, I'm the only one without any combat training.
Whenever we have a physical confrontation in the field, I feel like I can barely help.
Eh, "barely" is overstating it.
Calm down, before I have to kick your ass again.
- [GROANS] - [CHUCKLES] Okay, kiddo.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] Hey, uh, Will, you think once I finish my training I'll be able to run point? Hold up.
We're supposed to be co-leaders of this team.
Why are you asking Will? Hmm? Will, you want to help me on this one? Uh, well I gotta nope.
I don't wanna.
I am just as much in charge as heis, right, Susan? Back me up here.
Susan? Hm? Oh, my God.
You think Will's in charge? No.
I think it's what you said before.
I think you two are co-leaders.
Good save.
KATHLEEN: But all they're really saying is that something you didn't want to happen at all There you go.
My store is closing this week.
I own a store Do you know why they think you're the leader of this team? Shh.
This is "You've Got Mail.
" I love that you came over to watch this, by the way.
I came over to talk to you, and you were already watching it by yourself when I got here.
Yeah, but then you said you'd never seen it, so that's what tonight's become about.
Seriously, why do they think you're the leader? Really? You're gonna make me turn [SIGHS] Uh - [REMOTE CLICKS] - [SIGHING] Okay.
All right, look, um Hm.
Frankie, you're an amazing agent.
No, get to the part that I don't already know.
You know, in my spare time, I-I coach this youth soccer league.
Of course you do.
But at the end of the season, during our trophy ceremony You won the championship? No, we didn't win a single game, but I still give every kid a trophy for things like, you know, Most Improved, Best Dancer, Best Hair That kind of thing.
No, I-I don't think you understand how soccer works.
[SIGHS] If you could see the look on their faces when they get that trophy Leading them is so fulfilling.
You got to realize, you have the same opportunity right here.
No, you've got to realize that we're not talking about kids.
We're talking about government agents who shouldn't have to have their hands held when they have a job to do.
Well, thanks for hearing me out.
Hope I'm not interrupting anything.
No, he's making me watch "You've Got Mail" with him.
Making you? Will, that's our movie.
Yes, I'm cheating on you.
How does it feel? Come on, Ray.
What do you want? Look, I just wanted to call and say great job taking down McElroy in Hong Kong.
Although he wouldn't have gotten far.
Ticker's on the fritz.
Told you he wasn't looking too good.
Which brings me to my next point.
McElroy was in the market for a heart.
Turns out he's been in contact with this international organ-harvesting ring that we have been hunting for for years.
Now's our chance to finally take them down.
So pack your bags.
You're headed to the Ukraine.
Copy that.
I'm gonna download this for the plane.
FRANKIE: All right, listen up.
Our target's Michael Kenner.
Former henchman turned international terrorist.
His organ harvesting ring is responsible for thousands of missing persons.
WILL: His team of mercenaries hunt the most vulnerable refugees, the homeless, young tourists.
They don't care, as long as they're healthy.
Wait a second.
Is that that urban legend where you wake up in a bathtub full of ice with a really cool scar but one less kidney? Except these people never wake up.
Every piece of them is harvested and sold to the highest bidder.
[FLATLINE] Their customers are CEOs, drug kingpins, even dictators The morally bankrupt elite who will pay anyprice to stay alive.
Ethan McElroy had a meeting scheduled to purchase his new heart.
Because of his extreme paranoia, very few people have seen his face.
So Standish will be taking this meeting as McElroy.
The plan is to rendezvous with Kenner's advance team.
We'll flash the cash so they know that we're legit, and then they'll schedule the heart transplant.
His home base in Kiev is where we take out Kenner and dismantle his operation.
All right, you ready, "Ethan"? I don't know Does this ugly-ass shirt make me look like a paranoid criminal mastermind? It doesn't matter.
JAI: Oh, yes, it does.
I picked it.
Thank you, Jai.
Our guests are early.
I'll be in the rafters, watching your backs.
We got this.
Anything to add, co-leader? You're adults.
Do your job.
What? You want me to pick the Coolest Dancer? No.
But if I had to, it would be Susan.
He's right.
[VOCALIZING] Okay, Ray, transmitting recon photos now.
[COMPUTER BEEPS] [SPEAKING RUSSIAN] You're Ethan? My mama is the only one who calls me Ethan.
You can call me Mr.
This has all of my updated medical records, along with a password to access the other records online.
Password is "KittenKuddles.
" "Kuddles" also starts with a "K.
" When do I get my heart? You got the money? This guy.
Is an elephant heavy? Then you best believe the money is ready.
Guys, I hate to bust in on this channel, but major flag on the play.
We've got a facial recognition hit on one of the bodyguards.
The big tattoo on his neck, facial scar, bald dude.
Yeah, he used to work for McElroy.
He's gonna make Standish the moment he sees him.
Frankie, Susan, block his line of sight.
- [LATCHES CLICK] - We good? McElroy.
We will contact you once we've acquired a donor.
WILL: He made you.
No matter what happens next, do not blow your covers.
My guy.
Hey! [SILENCED GUNSHOT] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Get McElroy out! [SILENCED GUNSHOTS] Go, go, go, go! [STANDISH PANTING] [ENGINE STARTS] STANDISH: Go! Let's go! Go! [TIRES SQUEAL] Why is Will trying to shoot me?! He's pretendingto shoot you to protect our cover.
Okay, well, what's gonna happen to him? [GUNFIRE] [GUN CLATTERS] - [THUMP, ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] - [GRUNTS, GROANS] [THUD] [СRACKLING STOPS] FRANKIE: Will, come in.
Will? He's not answering.
I'm trying to find the car.
I could use something to go on.
- You're the one who saw the car.
- It was a black sedan.
Do you know how many people in this country have a black sedan? FRANKIE: Will, can you hear me?! Will! Aah! Too loud! Guys, sorry.
Call off the search.
We don't want to hurt his ears.
Will, we're in pursuit, but we need some help finding you.
All right.
Copy that.
[TIRES THUMP] Feels like we just went over some train tracks.
That matches a stretch of road up ahead.
Keep right.
[TIRES THUMP] [TIRES RUMBLE] And we just made the transition from regular road to cobblestones.
Cobblestones cobblestones There.
Turn left.
[GUITAR PLAYING, MAN SINGING INDISTINCTLY] More and more WILL: I think we may be in the Village.
I can hear some music.
[MUSIC CONTINUES] Guitar guy Right there! Okay.
We're close.
Who's behind the wheel? Is that Jai? That is correct.
Oh, Jai! Did your dad teach you how to drive when you were a kid? What was his name? Really? Now? You want to do this now? Well [INDISTINCT TALKING, HORNS HONKING] FRANKIE: We'd love to know what car you're in, Will.
I'm already way ahead of you.
Look for the sedan whose hazards are flashing.
Hold on.
[ENGINE REVS] Jai, don't you dare lose him.
Not gonna happen.
[PEOPLE SCREAMING] [TIRES SQUEAL] Heads-up You've been made.
[TIRES SCREECH] Yeah, I don't do well in car chases.
[TIRES SCREECHING, SQUEALING] Whoo! This is like driving in Mumbai! [TIRES SCREECH] [TIRES SCREECH] Jai, there's a car.
Jai, Jai, Jai, there's a car! [HORN BLARES] God! Remind me to never go to Mumbai with you! Go! Go, go, go! We almost have him! [TIRES SCREECH] Damn it! Aah! Damn! My ass, Jai! Would you please stop freaking out about everything? [TIRES SQUEAL] [TRUCK HORN BLARES] [TIRES SCREECH] [TIRES SQUEAL] Guys, there goes the car! - SUSAN: Hurry up! - Move, bitch! - Get out the way! - Get out the way! [ENGINE REVS] [SIGHS] We'll find him.
There he is.
You guys stay here, preserve your covers.
I'll go get him.
[VAN DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] Come out of the car slowly, with your hands raised! Now! He's gone.
What? [ENGINE REVS] [TIRES SQUEAL] They switched cars.
We'll get him back.
Don't worry.
We'll get you back, Will.
[YAROSLAV CHUCKLES] Look at this guy, hm? Hey.
You look healthy.
Healthy like money.
And I like money.
They will pay a lot for you.
Every last piece.
[MAN COUGHS] RAY: I've cleared it with Europol.
All of their resources are at your disposal.
- Great.
Frankie, what can we do to help? - Nothing.
I've got this.
- Really? Because I can - I can get in one of these Get me all CCTV footage within 10 klicks of the hangar.
- Done.
- All right, listen up.
Will's comms are still active.
[KEYS CLACKING, COMPUTER BEEPS] I boosted the signal.
[COUGHS, GROANS] Ooh, hoo, hoo, hoo! Cold hands, buddy.
Yeah, why don't you go sit on those for a bit, huh? Yeah.
It's gonna be a long day for you.
Hey, I want to thank you for the free checkup, but your, uh, your staff at this hospital Horrible bedside manner.
Andtwo hours from downtown? So inconvenient.
Good job, Will.
Two hours' drive.
Okay, that means we're within this radius.
If the satellite flights are timed Shh.
I'm I'm thinking.
You do what you do.
Who are you working for? And how much do you know about my operation? I don't know anything about you.
I was paid to take out McElroy.
You're a merc? I used to be you Getting paid $60-70K to take out some target.
Maybe getting yourself killed in the process? Fool's game.
Now, this, my little chop shop We snatch them up, bring them in, take them apart Minimum effort, maximum profit.
Sounds great.
You hiring? Yeah, I'm afraid we don't currently have any openings.
Really? What about the guy with the scar on his face that I took out? Unfortunately for you, that was a close friend of mine.
Aw, I'm sorry.
[GROANS] [LAUGHS] Clever boy.
I assume this is the well-dressed bearded gentleman from the alley.
Don't bother trying to find your partner.
He'll be dead soon.
[WILL GROANS SOFTLY] Hey, for fun, let's test how strong that heart is.
[CRUNCHING] We got to do something.
Yeah, you think? Hey! Easy.
Okay, um this is a long shot, but I might have s-something.
I-I mean, he's gonna be okay, right? What do you want me to say? That everything's gonna be fine? That somehow, with no clear lead, we're miraculously gonna find Will before these butchers cut him apart? Yeah, yeah, everything is gonna be great! Everybody feel better now? I don't.
[SIGHS] Look.
I know that you are used to being on your own.
You've been on your own for a long time, and you're not used to leading a team.
That's why I gave you a push and asked you to train Standish.
Which isn't going anywhere, because I can't even get through to him.
You can, Frankie.
You are.
You can lead us.
You've got it in you.
I think so.
Will thinks so.
[SIGHS] What does he know, anyway? [CHUCKLES] [SIGHS] What are we gonna do? How are we gonna get him back? Because I mean, it's not like they're gonna call us.
You have an idea.
Is this an idea face? It's an idea face.
I love idea face.
Yes! Found you.
I'm betting you can hear me because I'm pretty sure that you bugged me.
Even though I told you to stop doing that.
Well, if I can't hearyou, you can hopefully hearme.
Knowing you, it's got to be microscopic Maybe on a button or [EXHALES SHARPLY] rivet on my jeans Yeah, it's in the jeans.
[SIGHS] You know, for once, I'm actually happy that you bug everyone.
So am I.
Just I wish you could hear me.
Um no obvious escape plan.
I was blindfolded the whole time, so I can't tell you much.
The building looks old.
Maybe former military.
Uh, I cantell you that there are other captives here A lot of kids.
So, regardless of whether you guys make it to me in time or not, you've got to get them out.
Look, in the meantime this is a pretty good opportunity for us to bond.
Oh, God.
Where do I begin, though, is All right.
William Stoddard Chase.
I'm the youngest of three.
Uh, my parents have been married for almost 50 years.
Uh, w-we're super close.
I mean, holidays at my house are magical.
Of course they are.
We carol.
We sing.
We're big singers, my family is.
We're You'll learn that later.
You'll come over.
Man, I really hope I get to see another Christmas.
Mostly for my folks.
My, uh My older brother Kevin was a Marine.
He was killed in Afghanistan.
I don't want them to have to go through that again.
Look, Jai, if everything goes sideways here, my parents are Richard and Lori.
Do me a favor and explain to them that, uh [CHUCKLES] Just tell them that they were always on my mind.
And that I did my best.
And that I love them.
[SIGHS] Okay, thanks to Will keeping your cover, they still think "Ethan" is out there and in desperate need of a transplant.
That's our in.
We're gonna have them give you Will's heart.
Quick question, though Doesn't Will need it? It's our quickest way to find him, and we're running out of time.
Okay, um what do you want me to change about Ethan's medical records? His blood type and tissue antigens.
Will's blood type is O positive, and HLAA1-B8-DR17.
I'm his "in case of emergency, please contact" person, so That's adorable.
Well, we're besties.
[KEYBOARD CLACKING] Okay, my Ethan'smedical records have been updated.
Now what? Send a message.
Say that we're getting desperate and you'll pay double.
You think that'll work? Do I have a crystal ball? I'm sorry.
I'm here for you, and I'm hopeful.
And if there's one thing that I know for sure, it's that criminals are greedy.
Let's try it.
Kenner's people responded.
We're in.
Ray, you and Jai be our eyes and ears on the ground.
Let's move.
Let's do it.
Roger that.
Now, look, I'm not saying I was a chubbykid in high school, right? I mean although I did have a pretty intense relationship with carbs.
Pizza, pasta.
Sometimes pasta on pizza.
Wrapped in bread.
Sometimes I just had bread with mayonnaise on it.
But, look, team sports saved me.
I developed a close group of friends, learned how to interact with people, connect with people.
That is why I'm really hoping we get to go on that run.
We have to save you.
So then I can kill you.
Going jogging with someone, Jai, that's the perfect opportunity to really bond.
You're a lot tougher than I thought.
Well, you know, I try to eat right, get enough sleep.
Funny story.
I think you'll appreciate it.
Your heart is going to the very man you were hired to kill.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] Well, if that was a flu shot, thank you.
I've just given you a slow-acting paralytic.
The paralysis will overtake you gradually.
Of course, you'll still feel everything when we cut into you.
Can't wait.
Guys, time's running out.
FRANKIE: We're here.
Have Ray coordinate a satellite above our exact location.
[VAN DOOR CLOSES] [SIGHS] You know what they say.
[LATCHES CLICK] Money can buy you happiness.
They don't say that.
I do.
Prepare the sedative.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold up.
Where exactly is my donor? I don't want some heart that's been sitting in a fridge, getting freezer burn.
I want a guarantee that this thing is farm-to-table, or the deal is off.
Your donor is downstairs, in the operating room, and is being prepped as we speak.
Thanks for the info.
What Thanks.
I, uh, wasn't much help.
You aren't a good fighter yet.
So use what you're good at Deception, screaming, surprise.
[WHISPERING] I am so proud.
I am I don't want to talk about it.
Do we know what the plan is? I'm gonna free the hostages.
And I'm gonna help you go get Will.
I'd watch your step.
Drop your gun.
- You drop your gun.
- What? I don't even think you You can lift your arm.
Maybe I can't.
Then again, maybe I'm doing everything I can to stop myself from killing you right where you stand.
And on that topic, I have actually shot my gun before.
And you're a doctor.
I'm willing to wager money that you've never even pulled the trigger on yours.
Y-You're bluffing.
Maybe I ambluffing.
Then again maybe maybe I'm fine.
[GUN CLATTERS] [GRUNTING] STANDISH: Will! [BREATHING HEAVILY] What are you doing? I can't move.
I'm-a hug you anyway.
- [STRAINED] Okay.
- Excuse me, sir.
There it is.
- [GROANS] - Nice.
[INDISTINCT TALKING] Okay, listen up.
I need you to move very quickly to that door.
Keep moving.
Let's go.
You're free.
Yeah? Come on.
You're safe now.
You're welcome, by the way.
For what? I was just about to save myself.
I mean, you know, as soon as I could walk again.
Gown suits you.
Yeah, not if you see it from behind.
You may have the world's palest ass.
Frankie, you should see it.
Yeah, I think I'm good.
Mm, please.
I think I saw you check it out earlier.
I didn't.
I assure you, I did not.
I think you did, and I think you liked it.
Well, I can't like it if I didn't look at it.
Look, all this "hate flirting" is mesmerizing, but can we put it on pause until we get out of here? Jai, can you help us find Kenner? Yep.
We have eyes from the satellite.
They're heading towards the helicopter.
WILL: Kenner's a sociopath.
If he gets away, he'll just set up shop somewhere else.
He'll never stop.
Well, what if we makeit stop? You up for this? Ohhh.
I'm probably gonna need some pants.
WILL: You're up, Standish.
Take out that helicopter.
I'm in position.
[SWITCH CLICKING, ENGINE SPUTTERS] All right, you ready? [GUNSHOTS] [SPUTTERING CONTINUES] Get the lead out! Come on! [SPUTTERING CONTINUES] If you don't want to die, come out now.
It's over.
WILL: Kenner, step out quietly.
"Quietly" isn't really me.
Either I walk away or we alldie.
Surprise, bitch! Aah! [GRUNTS] Ha ha! Ha ha! I owed him.
Nice job.
Thank you! Now, quick question what am I supposed to do with this? - Ooh.
- FRANKIE: Hey, Will? We're gonna talk about this.
You find the pin, is what you do.
- Find the pin.
- Find the pin.
- Yep.
- It's a good game.
The pin.
[WILL LAUGHS] To being home! Yes, with no missing parts.
I never want to make that call to Richard and Lori.
You remembered.
That was a moment.
We just had a moment.
Okay, I'm gonna go.
- Where are you going? - Not sure yet.
Oh, come on.
- [DOOR OPENS] - [CHUCKLES] Oh, boy.
Whiskey! You're back! [LAUGHS] Whoo! No, no, no, no.
No, no.
That's all right.
[SIGHS] Listen, I, um I just want you to know that I'm really glad that you're okay.
Thank you.
And so, maybe we could have, like, a guys' night.
You know? We could watch, uh, "You've Got Mail" Okay.
You're done.
'Cause that's ourmovie, not yours.
- FRANKIE: Okay.
- It's ours! [CHUCKLES] Hey.
I just wanted to say thank you for the pep talk the other day.
Uh I didn't know I could do that.
I always knew you had it in you.
No, you didn't.
You're right.
But I'm proud of you.
We'll start training again tomorrow.
I, uh, can't wait.
Anybody want to play pool? No? Anybody? Nah.
Playing pool by myself.
What? That was your "trophy ceremony.
" Seriously, nice job.
You stepped up and you led the team.
I guess I owe a thank-you to the person who gave me a push.
Oh I appreciate it, but you do not have to thank me.
I was just doing part of my job as co Susan, thank you.
It's what I do.
- No.
Wha - She always knew I had it in me.
- I did.
- I [LAUGHS] No.
Isaid that.
I said literally, word for word, I said that to you.
[CHUCKLES] I'm sure I would've remembered.
[LAUGHING] What? W-Where is everybody going? I almost died, people! [WILL SNORING] JAI: Good morning, Agent Chase! If you're wondering what time it is, it's 3:00 AM.
Now, since I had to listen to you prattle on and on about your life for just hours I thought it was only fair that I did the same.
So, come on, Will.
Let's bond.
I was born Jai Amitabh Datta in Jamshedpur, India Wait.
This should be deeper.
[DRAMATICALLY] But I moved to the U.
when I was 5.
My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, but not the green kind.
We're bonding.
I'm exhausted, Jai, so I'm gonna have to take a rain check on this, but, uh, thanks, pal.
[NORMAL VOICE] Yeah, no.
Afraid not.
My mom, Priya, is a chef.
My dad, Gupreet, is a doctor.
[CHUCKLES] And I don't care about any of that, because when I was 8, I discovered their movie collection and became enchanted by the magic of Bollywood.
Cue music.
[UP-TEMPO MIDDLE EASTERN MUSIC PLAYS] [WOMAN SINGING IN HINDI] My favorite film "Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi," 1958.
Let me tell you all about it, Will In detail.
The plot, at an existential level, is about the search for happiness.
But can we really define happiness? Let's try, Will tonight.