Whiskey Cavalier (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

Good Will Hunting

1 Previously on "Whiskey Cavalier" Emma Davies, MI6.
Have I made it clear that I really like you? Well, just remind me.
The CIA assigned me here, so this office is gonna be my new home base.
- Cool.
- If you're ever in the mood, I would be down for a drink.
You guys remember Agent Tina? I think she just asked me out.
Cabot, I know you're not the one behind this.
You don't understand.
They'll kill me.
Who are "they"? They call themselves the Trust.
WILL: Ollerman.
RAY: You will be escorting him during transfer to interrogation.
FRANKIE: Shooter, 11:00! We're never gonna make it to the drop.
I need you to reroute us to the hive.
I was ready for a plane, but now I look ridiculous.
That was pretty close.
My car gets here in five minutes.
Yep, mine's here in three, but it was so worth it.
Seriously? They're early! No, that's me.
I got to fix my hair, too.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
- Mm? - Oh, well Wait.
Better? - Perfect.
- Thank you.
- When are you back? - Well, it might be a while.
Looks like we have another lead on the Trust.
Oh, good.
Maybe you can get us closer.
Where are you going, by the way? Uh, it's classified.
I showed you mine, but you won't show me yours? I can tell you this.
Until I see you again, I will be counting down the seconds in Spanish.
- Uno, dos, tres Uh, you're going to Mexico? Panama? cuatro, cinco, seis.
Oh Argentina? Peru? Nah.
No habla ingles.
I don't know.
I mean, here's the thing.
I think Emma is is great.
We just don't get to spend enough time together.
I mean, she called me "geographically undesirable.
" I've never been called "undesirable" in my life, so [SIGHS.]
I agree.
I mean, if we really like each other, it's worth the effort.
It just is.
So I'll do everything I can - [KEYS JINGLE, DOOR OPENS.]
- make it work.
Oh, gracias.
Oh, hey, you look great.
Doesn't she look great? Don't make him look at me.
You're right.
You got a point.
No, hey, look at me.
You don't want to see this.
- Ungh! - Ugh.
There we go.
You find out where they're keeping Pereyda? Yeah, West Wing.
He's in solitary.
The Miranda Cartel knows he's gonna roll on them, so if we don't break him out, they'll kill him.
Why do you think I'm here? Good point.
Guillermo, thanks for listening, buddy.
You got to make friends everywhere you go? What's the fun if you don't? STANDISH: Cutting off all prison communications.
The guards will not be able to call for reinforcements.
Are Will's comms online yet? Hey, could you show a little patience, please? This stuff takes time.
Your fingers aren't hitting any buttons.
Will's comms are already online, aren't they? Yeah.
- Hey, Ray.
- Hey, hi.
Guys, don't torture Ray.
He means well.
She's only defending you because you saved her life.
I got no problem with that.
Hey, Will and Frankie, there's a new extraction point.
We're sending you the coordinates.
- Yep.
We got it.
Mine's out first.
I win.
No fair.
I got Billy Beef Neck over here.
STANDISH: Okay, it's the solitary wing.
First cell on the left, about 50 yards down, cell number 927.
Also, you were using a nightstick.
Come on.
Susan, they should be ready for you in about four minutes.
- Getting in position.
And that is it for Jai and Standish's small but very important roles in this mission.
Are you ready? I've been practicing.
Prayer hands.
And dance.
And dance.
And slide.
And butterfly.
And salute.
All right! [CHUCKLING.]
That was so dorky.
You let that guy sleep with you? I was going to.
Wait, what? W A-Are you serious? That was actually really cool.
- I know.
- Okay.
- Poof.
All right, seriously, let's go back, switch guards.
You get Mr.
Thick Neck this time.
Just take the loss, man.
Aw, come on.
You're gonna love this briefcase Jai made.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Perfect timing! Actually, I'm early.
First in our class in evasive driving at Quantico.
Ask Will where he finished up.
Hey, there's nothing wrong with second place.
Will's been coming in second a lot today.
Hey, his neck was like a fire hydrant, okay? Come on.
I need to know now Know now Can you love me again? I need to know now Know now Can you love me again? Can you love me again? Okay, I got an idea.
What if, instead of staying at this fake bar and only talking to each other, we went to a real bar and only talked to each other? I'm in.
We should celebrate.
Your Colombian witness rolled on his employers, so, thanks to you, we're gonna be able to totally decimate the Miranda Cartel.
And we still have your credit cards from the cover story, so it would all technically be on Penelope Suarez, attorney at law.
Since Ray's the only one that got a company car with this job, he is going to take Frankie and I to our favorite fro-yo place and drop us at home.
I did not know that that was my plan, but I'm Ray! All right, you guys.
I'm taking off.
- We'll see you later.
- Will! - Yep? - You have two choices.
You can go to a noisy bar with Bert and Ernie or hang out and have dessert with the cool kids and Ray.
- You're Bert.
- Bert's the hero.
Ernie's just piggybacking.
You're right about that.
But I'm gonna go home and I'm gonna call Emma.
- See you guys.
- Are you sure? They have a toppings bar.
Ooh, a toppings bar! [LAUGHTER.]
Well, I am in my apartment, warm and comfy.
I'm in Berlin, I'm freezing, and now I hate you.
Mm, no, you don't.
Are you eating while we're on the phone? No, because I know how much you hate that.
Hey, when are we gonna actually get to sit down together and have a dinner? Well, hopefully soon.
It doesn't look like the gentleman I'm staking out is gonna show up.
Hey, what about if I come to London? I-I can catch the next flight out of JFK.
That sounds like the best idea I've heard all day.
Will, um by the way I miss you.
I really miss you.
I'll see you soon.
All right, bye.
Eyes on target.
I don't know about love, but I know about you I felt something right away, but I don't know if it's true I never really thought I'd never have another moment with you Never felt so bad until they told me the news And now you're gone Who's gonna take all my broken pieces? And glue me back to life [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
And bring me back to life Bring me back to life Well, here it is Exactly like we left it.
You know, I kinda wish we would've cleaned up before we left.
That's disgusting.
Why would you smell that? I regret it.
So, Emma's funeral it was packed.
Lot of people.
She was, uh, well-loved, you know? Yeah, yeah.
I know.
S S-So, uh, where are Frankie and Susan? Getting our next mission assignment.
Oh, damn it.
I did it again.
I'm not good at learning lessons the first time.
I accept that about you.
- Oh, hey, ladies.
Have either of you spoken with Will? No, not since the funeral.
Well, he didn't even want to go on leave.
He needs a few weeks to heal, and I can cover for him until then.
Okay, well, usually I like to start with a little flattery to pump everybody up, maybe drop a couple jokes, but today, I'm gonna get straight to business.
- Thank God.
- Actually since it's my first time, I wouldn't mind getting the whole, uh, "Ray" experience.
- Really? - Really? Okay.
Um, flattery.
Oh, well, first of all, seriously, you guys were awesome in Colombia.
Just get to the joke, Ray.
Look, I-I don't have anything prepped, so, um Oh.
These two guys are going bear hunting, and the first guy says to the second guy No, uh, the bear says to the first guy Okay.
I think I've got the experience.
No, no, no, bear with me.
I didn't even mean to do that.
What's the assignment, Ray? [SIGHS.]
We are going after Emma's killer.
When Emma was killed, she was investigating the Trust and tracking a German intelligence agent, Henri Griffin.
He's been AWOL since helping Ollerman break out of The Hive.
We believe that Emma found proof that Griffin is Ollerman's second in command and she got too close.
So he killed her.
Is Griffin running? I wish.
It'd probably be easier to find him.
You see, Griffin's been a deep cover operative for years.
He's got countless number of aliases.
He's probably just hiding under one of those until, uh until the heat dies down.
But we're not gonna let it die down, are we? No, we're not.
And that's all we know.
We leave tonight.
There's one thing left to do.
Find him and make him pay.
For Emma.
WILL: I want in on that.
Hey, guys.
You're back.
All right.
Thanks, man.
Someone else might want a turn, buddy.
- In a minute.
- All right.
Standish! Lord.
- How are you? - Hey.
Ohh! Uh, honestly, not great.
You know.
But, look, I've been here before.
You know, I lost my brother, I saw friends go down in the military.
The only thing I know is that sitting at home just makes it worse, so I want to be here, working with you guys.
We're family.
We are.
We missed you, Grandpa.
Thank you.
So, what do we know? I'm not sure he's ready.
Are you? I better be.
I called him.
He deserves to be involved.
Frankie! Do you ever stop and think before you You want to just be mad at me later and go hug him again? Deal.
Standish, give someone else a turn! [GROANS.]
I missed you! - So glad you're back! - Oh, thank you.
- Oooh! - Oh.
STANDISH: Griffin's literally got over 100 aliases.
Since Interpol's been watching the borders and Emma was killed in Germany, odds are he's still in Western Europe.
Okay, eliminating all non-Western European aliases, - [KEYBOARD CLACKING.]
- and it leaves us with - [COMPUTER BEEPS.]
- 78.
There has to be an easier way to do this.
There is.
We just got to be able to think like he does.
Look, if if Griffin's gonna live under a fake persona for an extended period of time, he's gonna choose whichever identity he's most comfortable with.
Yeah, like, if Will was gonna choose a fake identity, he would be a guidance counselor.
Or a youth pastor.
Okay, Griffin spent six years trying to infiltrate organized crime in Berlin.
His longest cover thus far Uh, he was working as a pit boss for a Mafia-run casino.
Endless resources, tons of contacts.
All right, that's where we start.
And if we don't find Griffin in Berlin, then we shake down some of his lowlife contacts, see what else we can find there.
Yeah, good idea.
All right, we're at the hotel.
Susan and Frankie are checking us in.
Standish, you have any luck hacking into the security cameras? Yes, but it's a casino, so there's 9 million of them.
Got us rooms Suites.
Plus, Frankie got the concierge to give her the security password so we can access the guest registry, see who else has checked in here.
How? Oh, I shot him.
Just kidding.
I bribed him.
But you wanted to shoot him.
Look, Griffin's too smart to be sloppy.
Uh, see if you can find any known accomplices staying here.
Get some rest.
Gonna hit the ground running tomorrow.
- Yeah.
Good night.
- [BEEP.]
You know, it's kind of amazing how quickly Will has just gone back into work mode.
I mean, I'm still trying to process the fact that Emma is gone, but Yeah, Will's a rock.
Oh, hey.
Let me just log out.
Hey, I was thinking.
We should check out Griffin's financials.
O-O-Order some food? Oh.
Nah, man.
I'm grabbing a bite with Tina.
Plus, I got to install this facial recognition software for the security cameras.
But, uh, have fun with that.
No, yeah.
No problem.
Good night.
Yeah, what's up? You're an idiot.
I know that.
But what are we talking about? Jai was reaching out to you.
Emma's death was hard for all of us.
He's obviously hurting, and he needs someone to talk to.
Well, he can talk to Frankie.
You know what? You're right.
As soon as I said that, it sounded dumb.
You need to help him get through this.
Just like I helped you.
Well, I mean we took a bath together, so Mm.
Just fix it, okay? Okay, but I'm not getting in the tub with Jai.
You could use the bath bombs.
Maybe I will get in the tub with Jai.
Okay, judgmental eyes! [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
Did I catch you at a bad time? Oh.
No, I was, um, just gonna take a shower.
That's probably smart.
Your hair's crazy right now.
You really know how to talk to women.
Come on.
Can I come in for a second, please? - Sure.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Oh, your room's bigger than mine.
Hey, uh, I can't sleep.
Uh, I just keep thinking that if I'd been able to stop Ollerman, none of this would've happened, you know? Emma would still be alive.
You cannot play the guilt game.
The only person responsible for Emma's death is that man who pulled the trigger.
I know.
You're right.
Griffin better hope I'm not the one who finds him.
- Hey.
- Hmm? You sure you're ready to be back out here? [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
Well, I'm here.
It's a little late for that now.
We all cope in different ways.
Just promise that you'll keep talking to me if you're struggling, yeah? I promise.
All right.
I'm gonna try to get some sleep.
Hey, uh I love that we tell each other everything.
It's important to me.
Thank you.
It's, like, twice the size of mine.
I don't get it.
I was suffocating under there.
That was too close! His butt cheek was touching my foot.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! What am I doing?! I am a terrible friend.
Ray, don't take this personally, but you You are the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life.
How could anyone take that personally? Look, when Emma died, I was grieving.
We all were.
So we took comfort in each other.
Would you stop it?! Look, I made you swear that this would never happen again, so what the hell are you doing here? You called me and told me to come over.
Well, do you always do everything people tell you to do? I'm Ray.
Oh, my God.
Do you want me to leave? - Susan - I'm thinking! [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
- Oh - Hmm.
I am dressed and ready to gamble, and Will is dressed and ready to park some cars.
What are you talking about? This is a brand-new tux.
Okay, Standish, who are we looking for? According to the guest registry, one Nikolai Mueller, known associate of Griffin, checked in to your hotel about an hour ago.
He's your target, and he's not going anywhere because he's currently crushing it at blackjack.
Let's get ready to bust Nikolai's streak.
That's him Far-right table, middle seat.
Got him.
If I might, could you get me a glass of champagne? If you know what's good for you, you'll stop her at a bottle.
- Or two.
Oh, look at this.
You're on a roll, my friend.
I'm only here to gamble.
Ah, me too.
Table's hot.
I need a win.
Honey, honey, let's not have a repeat of Monaco.
We lost our summer home.
Come on.
I don't wish to talk to you, either.
That's lovely.
Not a problem, amigo.
Consider our mouths zipped.
Oh, you know what? I do have one question.
Where's Griffin? I don't know who that is.
Honey, he doesn't know who that is.
- [GASPS.]
How about now? For the record, I love this version of you.
If he saw me talking to you, he would kill me.
Saw you? He's here? - [KNIFE RETRACTS.]
- [GASPS.]
Will Chase is here.
Keep him off me.
Really like this version of you.
You two Take him out.
Griffin! Don't move! If you wanted to kill me, you would've done it already.
- Hey! - What?! You're gonna kill yourself.
He just did it.
Chances are someone survives that jump one out of two times, and the first guy just lived, so no.
You're no fun.
First time a guy's said that to me.
Hey, man.
What are you up to? Well, Griffin's scrambling to get out of Berlin.
I'm setting up wiretaps for Nikolai and all known associates.
You know, in case he decides to phone a friend.
Need a hand? We can split my fries.
Do you have any mayonnaise? No, but that's because only crazy people want mayonnaise on their fries, and I didn't think you were crazy.
So, how you doing, man? I'm okay I guess.
That Emma thing mess you up? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Me too.
Me too.
You want to talk about it? Let me guess.
She told you to talk to me.
Yeah, she threatened me.
Do you know how embarrassing it is that two people have to get together and decide to give me pity fries? - N-No! No.
No, no, no, no.
- Ah.
These aren't pity fries.
This is about friendship.
These are friendship fries.
Look, I think both you and I can agree that sometimes, maybe, I can be the teeniest, tiniest bit self-involved.
But I'm here now.
Okay? Cut me some slack.
What's it gonna take to get you to open up? There's mayonnaise in the fridge.
- I don't like you that much.
- Okay.
But when you're ready, I'm here.
- Are you ready now? - No.
Guys, you should've seen Will at the casino.
He was cold and violent and ruthless.
It was almost like - There were two of you.
- Yes! - I've had that nightmare.
- Huh? Frankie, two of you is not a good thing.
We need to pull Will back.
He'll listen to you.
Why? For once, he's not puking sunshine all over me.
I like edgy Will.
A-And besides, he seems fine.
Well, he's not fine.
This is Will handling loss very badly.
A good partner would be able to tell he's in trouble.
Oh, you're right.
I should totally call Gigi and ask her and you to tell me all about what a good partner would do.
Or who they would do.
Can we not constantly bring that up? It is ancient history.
Why Why are you defending him? He saved my life.
Totally did Saved her life.
- I was tied up in a boiler room with Todd.
- There was bad guys.
I went down there.
I mean, the last time somebody punched me in the face let me tell you what happened to them.
It was not pretty.
But I was tied up, so I couldn't even do any Shh! [SNIFFS.]
You slept together! Puh-lease! I mean, really? Frankie! Frankie.
Do you think that I would let this get anywhere near this? Like, this or this or this, girl? Like, could he even handle this for a second? He's Ray! I've got a lot going on.
This is a situation.
You know what I mean? [CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY.]
You know.
Done? Yeah.
How could you let this happen? I don't know.
You have no idea how much I hate myself.
I'm sorry.
Oh, it's okay.
I've gotten that reaction before.
I was in a vulnerable place, and Ray and I, we [INHALES DEEPLY.]
we found comfort in each other.
How many times? - Just once.
- 17 1/2.
- Come on! - Ugh! Does Will know? [SMACKS LIPS.]
Look, hey, I will take the blame, okay? I already tanked my relationship with Will, so I've got nothing to lose.
Do you think anyone will believe you had any control over this decision? I'm not just some Golden Retriever that does whatever she says.
- Sit down, Ray.
- Okay.
I wanted to sit down.
Look, we need to focus on Will now, okay? I know You like this shade of Will.
But the two of you are best when you balance each other out.
I think you know that.
If we don't get through to Will now, he might do something that he can't come back from.
Hey, pal.
How's that leg? No.
Turns out, I do have one more question.
Not again.
So, your friend Where is he? I have a lot of friends.
What friend? [SIGHS HEAVILY.]
I am so [CHUCKLING.]
tired of this dance.
Henri Griffin.
Remember? He works for the Trust.
Oh, and he also murdered my girlfriend.
If I talk, they will kill me.
Maybe I'll beat 'em to it.
Hey, Will.
What's up? Not much.
Could I just, uh, grab you for a sec? I'm kinda in the middle of something here.
He's crazy! Insult him That's smart.
Last chance Where's Griffin? Let's maybe take a pause.
Maybe not.
- [BLOWS.]
What the hell are you doing? I'm motivating him.
Hey! Be honest with me.
Is this motivating you? I-I don't know where Griffin is.
Uh, he usually stays at a hotel near Alexanderplatz.
That's all I know.
You see? It worked.
You have a blessed day.
You can't just leave me hanging here! Get back! What are you doing? This isn't right.
You, of all people, are judging me? Do you know how many people would be maimed or dead right now if I hadn't stopped you from hurting them? Will, this isn't you.
Maybe you need to talk to somebody about this.
Not me, because I'm horrible at it, but Susan No, the only thing I need right now is to find Griffin.
Why? So you can kill him? Are you in or are you out? Out.
I'll see you around, Frankie.
So, you were right.
When there's two of me, reason goes out the window.
Will is a ghost.
He's using an encrypted cellphone.
He's even avoiding CCTV.
We can't track him.
He's actually quite good.
Yeah, you think? We need to catch up to him before he does something stupid or he gets himself killed.
Why would you let him just walk away? Do you realize what a bad decision that was? Of course I do! now.
- Will could be anywhere.
- I'm gonna call him.
He'll pick up when he sees it's me.
Griffin wasn't at the hotel, was he? Good to talk to you, old friend.
I missed you.
Why are you calling me from Nikolai's phone? 'Cause you two recently met.
I knew you'd pick up.
So, tell me how are things? Eh, not bad.
I joined a spin class.
And I'm gonna kill your friend Griffin.
And when I'm done with him, I'm coming for you.
You know what's funny? I didn't even tell him to kill your girlfriend.
He just did it on his own.
Such a shame.
She seemed nice.
What do you want? I can't just call to say "hi"? Look, I thought you might be interested if I told you where Griffin was hiding.
Why would you do that? Well Griffin's obviously made a big mess of things, and you are a constant pain in my ass.
I figure if I put you two face-to-face, at least one of you has to die.
Either way, it's a win for me.
I'll get you the location.
Oh, and, Will I'm rooting for you.
You've had a long day.
Finish your scotch, for God's sake.
So many loose ends.
Okay, so, I hacked Will's e-mail account and his social media history.
Nothing on his whereabouts.
JAI: Guys, I got something.
Remember we put out phone taps on all of Griffin's known associates? I just got a hit on Nikolai's phone.
It was Ollerman.
He's behind this whole thing.
Ollerman set up Will and Griffin on a collision course.
Well, that's bad, right? Okay, I read the transcripts.
They're headed toward a shipyard.
- Can you send us the coordinates? - Yeah.
Hopefully, we're not too late.
That was good work, man.
Sometimes I feel invisible.
What? I Oh, is this it? Is it W-We're We're opening up.
- Okay, yeah, no.
Uh, take a seat.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Take a seat.
Um Mm.
So, we do what we do.
And I-I never think about my own mortality, because no one in my friend circle has ever Yeah.
Me either.
Except for my great-aunt.
But she was mean.
Standish, there were so many people at Emma's funeral.
It just got me thinking Well, when I die will anyone turn up? I would.
So, at least there'd be two of us.
That's if Frankie doesn't have anything better to do.
I'm kidding.
Look, you got a family here, man.
We love you.
Thank you.
You know, I'll even bring Tina If we're still dating.
So I might have to die in the next few months.
I know you killed her.
Why? Because he told you I did? Are you saying it wasn't you? Are you?! - Aah! - Answer me! [GROANING HEAVILY.]
At this point, does it really matter? Where is he? Where's Ollerman? He'll come for you when he's ready.
You're You're just a puppet on a string, Will Chase.
We all are.
You thought losing Emma was pain.
That was just the beginning.
And this is the end.
Will, don't! He murdered her! What you're doing it won't give you closure.
I'm not looking for closure.
You're right about me.
I've lived most of my life consumed by revenge.
It's who I was Who I still am sometimes.
I can't judge you, but I can say this.
The only thing that got me out of that deep, dark rabbit hole is you.
Your kindness, your decency honestly, they're the worst.
Where are we going with this? Still, as annoying as you are, you've rubbed off on me.
And I'm grateful.
- And I know that you think that pulling that trigger is gonna give you payback, but it's just gonna cost you everything.
Get up.
We're taking you in.
Let's go home.
- STANDISH: It just feels right.
JAY: I think it's just more professional.
- Grounded.
- Yeah.
Babe, we have a new ending.
Ready? Yes.
And dance.
And left.
And right.
And - Omm.
- Omm.
- Whaaat? - Whaaat do you think? Maybe our handshake's just for us.
- Secret club.
- Mm-hmm.
Did he talk to you about whatever it was you needed to talk about? He did.
Good job.
No more handshake.
So you're officially in that phase where your woman controls you and tells you what you can and cannot do.
How is that phase? - Inevitable.
- Oh.
What up, "Death Wish"? Hey.
So, we recovered Griffin's laptop.
It's encrypted, and it'll take Standish a while, but he'll crack it.
You really think Griffin's dumb enough to leave all that intel about the Trust on there? I do.
Yeah, I mean, look, that's the thing about guys like that.
They never think they're gonna get caught.
But we're gonna get 'em all, Frankie.
We're gonna take down Ollerman.
Hey, when we find him, are you gonna be regular Will, or you think you're gonna go all psycho again? [CHUCKLES.]
I'll leave the psycho part to you.
You're much better at it than I am.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Two of me isn't as much fun as I thought.
How do you handle me? Uh, that's a tough question That I'm not sure I should answer to your face.
But I was talking to my therapist about it, uh, and my life coach, um and, actually, my Transcendental Meditation coach And that's how I handle you.
Ray, you were an itch that I had to scratch.
And I did that, and now it is over.
And it just cannot happen again.
Never? One of the things that I'm most proud of is that I don't repeat mistakes.
Especially not mistakes that make me feel bad about myself as a person.
I'm sorry.
No, I I totally understand.
Do you still want me to go wait for you in the car? Yeah.
Uh, good night, everybody.
I got a meeting to [DOOR OPENS.]
Hey, guys.
I'd like to, uh, I'd like to make a toast.
I just wanted to say how much you all mean to me and thank you guys for stepping up when I When I needed it the most.
I appreciate it.
We love you, Will.
And we owed it to Emma.
I agree.
So, let's raise our glasses.
Before we drink At Langley, when we lose someone, we put a star on the wall.
No name.
Just a star to honor their service.
Thank you.
- All right.
To Emma.
- To Emma.
- To Emma.
- To Emma.
Now, I think it'd be smart if we all drank way too much.
One step ahead of you.
- Oh! - Oh, hey! I like that.
Thank you.
Is that your gun, or are you just happy to see me? Both.
Hey, guys.
I want to thank you for letting me be a part of your family.
Of course.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
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