Who is Erin Carter? (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[phone ringing]
[Erin] Hey, it's me. Leave a message.
[Jordi] Erin, where are you?
I'm worried. I hope you're okay.
[mysterious music playing]
[machine beeping]
[indistinct chatter]
[door opens]
- [nurse in Spanish] You should be resting.
- What happened?
- [in English] What day is it?
- [nurse] Monday.
You're at Tarragona Hospital.
Your phone and keys are there.
Your clothes were covered in blood.
No, I need to get home, okay?
I need to get to my husband
and my daughter. They don't know I'm here.
[nurse] You were brought in last night.
A driver found you injured
by the side of the road.
No ID Nothing.
Is there anybody you'd like me to call?
No. Can I please get a charger
for my phone?
[indistinct speech over PA]
[line ringing]
[Erin] Hey, it's me. Leave a message.
[Jordi] Erin! Where are you?
Call me, please.
[Harper] A training course?
She had to leave early.
But she's still taking me
to the hospital later, right?
- Yeah, of course.
- Don't fuck with me, Jordi.
Whoa! Hey. Hey.
Watch your mouth.
- You don't know where she is.
- I told you she is at a training course.
Now eat your breakfast.
[sighs heavily]
[indistinct chatter]
[Jordi] Uh,
Harp, wait.
Good luck in your exam today, huh?
I'll be thinking of you.
Hey, come on.
Don't leave me hanging.
I've got to go, Jordi.
[Jordi in Spanish]
Mate, do you know anything about Erin?
- [Emilio] Why? What's up?
- She didn't come home.
Called her, but her phone's off.
It goes to voicemail.
Don't worry. There'll be a reason.
I have to answer this work call.
It's important.
They'll kill me if I don't.
Yes? Everything will be fine.
[in English] Where the hell are you?
I messed up, okay?
I was in an accident. I'm in Tarragona.
Tarragona? Jesus Christ.
Jordi's going out of his mind with worry.
What the fuck are you doing there?
I'm at a hospital.
Things with Valeria got complicated.
- I told you to stay away from her.
- [groans]
[Emilio] Wait. That shooting at the hotel
that was you?
No! I was trying to protect her.
You know that the police are searching
for anyone in connection with that?
No, because I just woke up. How's Harper?
Does she know I'm missing?
[Emilio] I don't think so.
- Listen, I'm gonna have to call you back.
- [phone beeps]
- [phones ringing]
- [indistinct chatter]
[officer in Spanish] I'll have a look.
[suspenseful music playing]
[baby crying]
[phone ringing]
[police radio chatter]
[man speaking Catalan over PA]
- [radio beeps]
- [police radio chatter]
[officer in Catalan] She ran away.
Check all the hospital rooms.
[Erin] Oh, perdón.
[man speaking Catalan over PA]
[indistinct chatter]
[elevator beeps, door opens]
[police radio chatter]
[elevator beeps]
[elevator beeps]
[woman speaking Spanish]
[police radio chatter]
[elevator beeps]
[in Catalan] Nurse. Here.
The patient is a 60-something year old man
with cardiac arrest.
Systolic blood pressure is 60.
[Erin] Sí.
[officer speaking Catalan]
[man speaking Catalan over PA]
[line ringing]
- Jordi.
- [Jordi] Erin?
[in English] Where are you?
[Erin] I'm so sorry.
Um, I'll explain when I get home, okay?
[Jordi] I asked you where you are.
Can we just please talk about this
when I get home? Please.
No. No, no, no, you can talk to me now!
Okay. Okay, um
I don't know how to say it, but
[dial tone]
- [scoffs]
- What the fuck?
[officer] ¡Eh!
¡Eh, tú!
[suspenseful music intensifies]
[in Spanish] Stop!
[speaking Spanish on TV]
[woman yelling indistinctly]
[officer] Freeze!
Stop! Don't move!
Ah! [groans]
[Olivia in English] I thought I'd pop in
because I saw the police appeal for info.
She was at school.
May 13th.
Night of the musical.
- She's a parent of someone at the school?
- No.
Then why would she
be at the school musical?
- I notice things.
- [Emilio] Okay.
Right. Like the fact that Erin left
shortly after it started
and didn't come back.
[phone buzzes]
Well, I don't know about that.
But this has been very helpful.
So thank you.
It was good of you to come in.
- [sighs]
- Thanks.
You left the performance as well.
About halfway through.
You didn't come back either.
No, I did. I sat in a different seat.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am.
Well, I suppose either one of us
is mistaken or one of us is lying.
- [phone buzzes]
- [Emilio] Yeah.
- Give me a minute, please.
- [Olivia] No problem.
- Hello there.
- I'm in a lot of fucking trouble.
Great. And where are you now?
I'm in a police car.
What? You you you
you stole a police car?
I borrowed one.
All you had to do was walk out
of the hospital and come home.
Can you just please log on to the police
system and see if they're onto me?
Yeah, and I understand.
[Erin] It's not like I spent the past week
risking my life
- Thanks for calling. Bye.
- [Erin] to fucking help you!
Don't! [sighs]
How's Erin?
That wasn't Erin.
It was my window cleaner.
I didn't mean that.
She's off sick from work today
and you are her neighbor, aren't you?
Yeah. Sure, but I haven't spoken to her.
I mean, I'm a very busy man.
Well, if you do, um,
please send her my best.
Yeah, I will. Thank you.
[suspenseful music playing]
[phone rings]
- Yeah?
- [Emilio] Okay, bad news.
They are closing in on your position.
Listen, I'm gonna need to call you back.
[siren blaring]
[horn honks]
Come on, move.
Move it!
- [pedestrians shout, scream]
- Move!
What the fuck?
I brought you some clothes.
- What happened to your window?
- Don't ask.
[buzzer blares]
[indistinct chatter]
[man] Lena, I put my neck on the line
trying to get you that work placement.
- [Lena] I made a mistake.
- It was more than a mistake.
You assaulted the homeowner.
I just found out my friend had died.
They are canceling your work release.
And they're looking to move you
to a higher security prison.
Oh, man, come on.
I can't do this anymore.
You have to help me.
Well, I did help you.
But I'm your parole officer.
I'm not your friend.
I'm sorry, Lena.
[indistinct chatter]
[buzzer sounds]
[mysterious music playing]
No, Gaspar.
You are fucking kidding me.
Don't do it.
I know you think you should go home
and tell Jordi the truth, but
I'll leave you out of it
if you're worried.
No, it's not that, Erin.
I know Jordi.
If you tell him you've been lying to him
all this time, you'll lose him.
No, Emilio. I don't think you understand.
I can't do this, okay?
Jordi deserves better.
Tell him some bullshit.
You've got a drinking problem.
You need help. Make yourself the victim.
Maybe I'm tired of lying, okay?
Thanks for coming to get me.
[dramatic music playing]
You changed your clothes.
Okay then.
Can we sit down?
I'm okay standing.
Where were you?
I haven't been honest with you.
I've been lying.
[tense music playing]
I have a problem with alcohol.
I thought it was under control, but
it's not.
So last night
I got in my car. I
drove out of town. I
got drunk, and I
fell over.
And how long has this been going on for?
It's always been there, but, you know,
after the supermarket and everything,
it's just
I need your help.
There are support groups for expats
I can recommend.
[Erin] Thank you.
[dramatic music playing]
[footsteps approaching]
Hey, you.
You missed my doctor's appointment.
I know.
I know. I'm so sorry I missed it.
How did it go?
Nothing's changed.
Just so you know, this is my angry face.
Wow, it's very good.
Except you're smiling a little.
Hey, I'm I'm really sorry I missed it.
I was at a a training course.
It's just that Jordi told Olivia that
you were sick and
I thought you were gonna leave me
and never come back.
Oh, no. Why wouldn't I come back, Harper?
Look at me.
I would never leave you.
- Ever.
- Okay.
Now you're being a little overdramatic.
I missed you.
Then help me finish my family tree.
And don't color over the lines.
I promise.
The orange.
Wow, this is so beautiful.
Aunt Lena?
Are you two still friends?
No, she
she passed away.
[tender music playing]
[Jordi grunts]
[train horn blares]
[horn blaring]
[suspenseful music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[officer in Catalan] Go, go, go, go!
Police! Police!
The products match the report.
We have snow!
Merry fucking Christmas, everyone!
- [speaking Spanish]
- [applause]
[in Spanish] Good job, son. Well done.
Thank you, sir.
Tell me, who was your informant?
[chatter over radio]
No, I can't tell you, sir.
I promised them they would be safe.
I can't do it.
Watch your back.
[Erin in English] And then last week
last week I slipped up.
I don't want to hurt anyone, um,
but I know I've hurt a lot of people.
My family, my friends, my husband.
But, um
but I'm here to make it all better and,
well, just to move forward
from all of this.
Yeah, thank you.
[indistinct chatter]
Well, that was all bullshit, wasn't it?
If that's the best you can do,
then maybe you're wasting your time here.
Yeah, I'm not sure
you meant to say that.
- Right. Give me a minute.
- To do what?
Give me a minute
where you tell me something real.
I I don't think I can do that.
No, I know you can't
because I heard you up there.
[sighs] Look, um
However painful it might be,
it's only 60 seconds.
Now, if you can manage to do that,
then you're doing much better than most.
Okay, um
It wasn't all bullshit.
Um, I've lied to Jordi, my husband.
He doesn't trust me anymore. And
I'm just afraid that if he finds out
who I really am
he'll stop, um
- He'll stop
- [Erin] You know
- Loving you?
- Yes.
So, is that 60 seconds?
Not even close.
Okay. If he wouldn't love you
for who you really are,
then why would you want to be with him?
What if
underneath it all I'm just a
really terrible person?
Good or bad, it's 60 seconds.
That's worth it.
Trust me.
[phone beeps]
Oh, fuck.
How was the meeting?
Yeah, I think
it's actually gonna be quite helpful.
Yeah, but you're not really an alcoholic,
are you? So
Okay, so what do you want?
Well, thanks to me, there was
a big drugs bust today and I think
I'm close to bringing down
one of the biggest organized crime rings
with info I got from the sniffer
at Agustín's villa.
- That's a bad idea, Emilio.
- Okay.
One, the evidence
was illegally obtained and inadmissible
because you made me
break into his villa.
- You do remember that, don't you?
- I remember.
Two, digital fingerprints,
okay, which will lead to geolocation,
which is traffic cams,
staff eyewitness accounts,
which will come back to me.
- Erin, please, I'm trying
- Three, you need to hear number three.
That's where Agustín gets killed
in a hit-and-run,
and you are the person
who did the hitting and running.
I understand the risk,
which is why I'm here.
We need to get our story straight,
just in case anything goes wrong.
Everything has already gone wrong, okay?
You need to drop this
or it will be bad for both of us.
I mean it, Emilio.
I didn't come here to ask your permission.
Maybe you
shouldn't have come here at all then.
[indistinct chatter]
[Harper] I talked to Antonio,
and he said that, um
- What?
- Are you even listening to me?
- Yeah, of course I am. You said
- Antonio asked me to prom.
Wait, really?
[scoffs] Thanks.
No, I didn't mean it like that. It's just
Did you say yes?
Yeah. But it's just prom.
Yeah, you're acting kind of weird.
No, it's just, you know,
you're you're growing up.
You're not my little mushy-mushy anymore.
Oh, I love that.
Hmm, it's a hamburger chasing
the person who tried to eat it.
It's perfect.
What do you think of that one?
[mysterious music playing]
[footsteps approaching]
[Jordi] Hey.
What's the news?
Harper got asked to the prom by Antonio.
Wow. Congratulations.
I hope you two
will be very happy together.
You guys are both acting really weird.
It's just prom.
How was, um
How was your meeting?
It was good. Yeah.
I mean, we could go for dinner tomorrow
and talk about it?
I, um I brought you
one of those donuts you like.
Ah, well, that's really thoughtful of you.
I, um I have to have a shower, though.
- [birds squawking]
- [waves crashing]
I can't do it.
Of course you can.
The answers are all on that page there.
Fuck you. My dad's rich.
I don't need to know this stuff.
Listen, you know,
you're much cleverer than me.
It'll take you ten minutes. Tops.
[Erin] That's the spirit.
can I have a word?
So, how's he doing?
Well, I think
we're actually starting to get there.
That's good.
I caught him reading a book the other day.
It's like we live in an age
of miracles and wonders.
Also, I put in a word for you
with St. Joseph's.
- Wait, I didn't ask for this.
- [Daniel] No, I know.
I just thought
I'd just see what I could do.
[Erin] Okay, um
Look, I'm really grateful.
I really am. Um
But you don't want
to feel like you owe anyone.
The only thing that I really did was
I gave them a good reference.
And I guess that balanced out
the bad reference
that the secretary or something,
you know,
the perky hyper-caffeinated woman.
- Olivia?
- Mmm, that's it.
Oh, no, no, no, she's my friend.
She would she would never do that.
Oh, Erin,
there is nobody that can stab you
in the back quite like a friend can.
[indistinct chatter]
[officer in Catalan] You're far from
discovering who's in charge of the gangs.
But that is all really interesting.
However, I can't authorize anything
without clear evidence.
We don't have enough resources to keep
using them for your personal crusade.
Focus on Margot Müller, Detective.
[indistinct chatter]
[suspenseful music playing]
[in English] Mrs. Carter
is looking forward to getting Harper ready
for her big night out.
You know, me and Emilio
met at the school dance.
[Erin] Aw, young love.
[Ana] I'm so happy you're back together.
No offense, but you guys are all taking
this way too seriously.
[indistinct chatter]
- [gasps]
- [Jordi] Wow. Nice work.
- [Ana] Wow.
- [Jordi] Good job.
We need to go!
Come on.
If you want me to continue
keeping your secrets from Jordi,
you're going to help me.
There are millions being laundered
at the bullring
and I'm meeting an informer
who's willing to talk.
Oh, come on. Just give up.
Are you sure about that, Kate?
Hey, just go to the car.
I'll be there in a sec. Go.
[mysterious music playing]
I know about Margot Müller.
- I know about Lena Campbell.
- [Erin] Stop.
I know about you.
- Emilio, stop!
- I'm so close to breaking this case, okay?
So you will help me.
I just need you to watch my back.
One night.
Emilio, all you've got
is empty threats, okay?
You buried Margot with me.
You ran over Agustín
- So I'll do it anyway without you.
- Or don't do it at all.
Emilio, I'm trying to protect you.
- Mum!
- Yeah, I'm coming!
Maybe Tabarez has a reason
for shutting you down, okay?
Maybe he's trying to protect you, okay?
Don't be stupid.
And don't ever bring this up again.
[Erin] Are you nervous?
You look beautiful.
You have to say that.
You're my mum.
Yeah, it's true.
You actually look terrifying.
The moment you walk in, everyone
is gonna start screaming and running,
like, "Ah!"
It's a joke. I was just joking.
I wanna ask you something.
Okay. You can ask.
But I don't wanna make you sad.
[Erin] Okay.
What is it?
Are you my mum?
Of course I am.
My real mum.
Mr. Martín called you Kate earlier.
Everyone used to call you that.
And now you're Erin.
Okay, um
I didn't have a choice.
Do you remember our life before?
I couldn't just leave you.
She died, didn't she?
I'm so sorry.
But you told me
you told me you were my real mum.
I know. I know I did.
I was trying to tell you stories
to make it easier for you.
No, you lied to me.
That's what a story is, Harper, okay?
I was just trying to protect you.
So do you love me?
Or do you have no choice?
What do you think?
I think you love me.
I do.
I'd do anything for you.
- Would you let me have a motorbike?
- [chuckles]
[Harper] Do I really look okay?
More than okay.
You're the best thing
that ever happened to me.
And I hope, maybe
I'm the best thing
that ever happened to you.
[tender music playing]
Come here.
You need to tell Dad.
[gentle music playing]
You look beautiful.
[car engine starts]
[rock 'n' roll music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Erin] This place hasn't changed a bit.
[Jordi] Nope.
[in Spanish]
Two sparkling waters with lime.
[in English] So, how do we do this?
I brought a prop.
You did bring Harper's toothbrush timer.
So, we just turn it over and we start
asking each other questions.
And we have to be honest.
Yes. For 60 seconds.
That's it. Um
Whenever you're ready.
[Jordi] You sure you want to do this?
- Yeah.
- Listen, we could just say "fuck it."
No, but we've been saying "fuck it"
for a long time now.
[Jordi] Okay.
[Jordi sighs]
What's the one thing
you don't want to tell me.
Okay. It's okay.
I'm not Harper's real mum.
Okay, so she's adopted?
No, not exactly, no.
What does that mean?
Whose daughter is she?
[Erin] You know Lena?
The aunt in Harper's family tree.
- Yeah. That's Harper's mother?
- [Erin] Yeah.
So she died and Harper was
There was no one to take care of Harper.
So you just took her?
[clears throat]
Does she know?
[Erin] Yes, she does. She worked it out.
The worst thing is, I'd do it again.
The only thing I'd change is
that I'd tell you the truth sooner.
- We could lose her.
- [Erin] I know.
Someone could come to our house
and take her,
and there's nothing we could do.
I know.
I just
[ominous music playing]
[officer] All right, on your feet.
[door opens]
[indistinct yelling]
[buzzer blares]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Lena grunts]
[indistinct chatter]
It's getting busy out there.
Yeah. I was just thinking
about the first time we came here.
I was nervous.
I remember wanting to impress you.
I remember that you told me
you don't like to dance.
Then you made me dance
for about two hours.
It wasn't two hours.
It just felt like two hours.
You know, we could still be those people.
I guess it's only a minute.
[rock 'n' roll music playing]
[tender music playing]
Jordi, hey!
What's wrong?
- I can't do this anymore.
- I promise I'll never lie to you again.
No. No.
I don't believe you,
and I don't trust you anymore.
You vanished. You disappeared and then
you came back with some bullshit story
about being an alcoholic.
And now you're telling me that
after all of this time,
Harper isn't even our daughter?
I lied to you, yes,
but I never betrayed you.
That isn't a betrayal?
Everything we had is a fucking lie, Erin!
[ominous music playing]
That's not fair.
Then how did we end up here?
[line ringing]
[Emilio] Hey.
I thought
we weren't talking to each other.
Yeah, well,
I don't have anyone else to call.
Okay, that really is depressing.
I fucked it all up, didn't I?
And I think Jordi might leave me.
Yeah, but I don't think
Jordi will give up on you.
Wait. Why are you whispering?
Where are you?
- I'm at the bullring.
- What? You went there alone?
Yeah. I didn't have a choice.
Of course you had a choice, Emilio, okay?
It's not worth the risk.
Just turn around and go back home.
Maybe you're right.
[Erin] Of course I'm right!
Hold on. I'll call you back.
- [Erin] Get out of there!
- My informer is here.
Are you stupid?
[Erin] Emilio?
[suspenseful music playing]
[both grunting]
[Emilio screams] Ah!
[parking brake clicks]
Jesus, Emilio.
You really need to learn
how to take a hint, pal.
- [pulls knife]
- [gasps]
I know. It hurts.
I'm sorry.
But then, you've cost us a lot of money.
And you've put a lot of pressure on me.
That's just fucking selfish.
[Emilio screams]
I know that you've been working
with a woman
because she rescued you
from the prick Agustín.
Who is she?
I don't know.
Is it somebody from your department?
Or Hortrado?
Just give me the name.
help me out.
Tell me her name.
Then you can go home.
One last chance.
That's good.
It's childish, but still a bit funny.
Emilio, I gave you every chance.
So this is on you.
- [stabbing]
- [Emilio groaning]
[tense music playing]
[theme music playing]
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