Who is Erin Carter? (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Now let's invite Ana, Emilio's wife,
and his son Rafa to say their farewells.
May God bless you. Amen.
- It's okay, Dad.
- Yeah.
A few days ago we were having beers
and playing petanca
Yeah, I know. I know.
I'm so sorry for your loss, Jordi.
Thank you.
If there's anything I can do to help
Actually, we'll probably be looking
at putting the house on the market.
Oh, I think that's something
we should discuss, okay?
I don't want us to sell our house.
No. No, it's not
We're just talking.
It's not a great market right now.
Hey, listen, why don't you go and see
if Rafa is okay?
Shall we go?
Okay, Jordi,
here's what we're going to do.
- Hey.
- Yeah. Yeah.
Listen, why don't you take a few days?
Hmm? Get away?
Go with Harper.
You know, you can see your parents.
- That's not a bad idea.
- Right?
It'll be good for you and Harper.
Uh, Ana.
- But, uh, Harp still has school.
- It's just one day until the end of term.
You should've
protected him from the gangs.
- Don't touch me! Don't touch me!
- Calm down!
- You're a fucking liar!
- Help her!
- How dare he come here?
- I'm all right.
I'm going to take a minute.
Inspector Tabarez.
Um, Emilio, he did mention a name
Daniel Lang?
I don't know.
Might be worth looking into.
A schoolteacher should not
concern herself with such matters.
Be with your family.
Stay away from gossip.
What are you doing?
Is that more homework?
I thought school was almost done.
We're making cards for Rafa.
He's a kid in my year. His dad died.
Yeah, I saw that on the news.
I didn't know you and him were friends.
We're not.
I don't know.
Mrs. Carter had us do it for Julie
when her grandmother died, so
So pin a medal on Mrs. Carter.
Well, the kid's just lost his father,
so I don't think a badly drawn picture
is gonna really be
that much comfort to him.
Just finish the card. It's a nice gesture.
What is this?
You don't let me have
sugary cereals for breakfast.
Yeah, well, you're off on holiday.
It's a special day.
And you're okay with this?
It's a breakfast cereal.
I'm trying not to overthink it.
I'm gonna put this stuff in the car.
Yeah, sure.
We're coming back, aren't we?
Of course you are.
It's just for a few days.
You go and see Grandma and Granddad.
You know, hang out at the beach.
Spend some quality time with Dad.
This is because you told Dad
the truth about me.
No, of course not.
Listen, you're not the problem here.
I promise.
So there is a problem?
Harp, you've spent all year asking me for
chocolate cereal, and now you've got it.
Jordi's right. Don't overthink it.
It's Dad, not Jordi.
I'm gonna make some toast.
Time to go.
Okay, Harp. You've got everything?
Glasses, swimsuit, toothbrush?
Yeah, see, I knew it.
Can't find it anywhere.
I don't know where
- Jordi. Jordi.
- Yeah?
She feels like something
something isn't right between us.
Well, it's not, is it?
Yeah, but okay,
so what if we just take these few days.
I'll finish up at school,
and you and Harper can have a holiday
And we just press pause on everything?
Pretend it's fine?
You know, in medicine,
they teach you about triage
and how to deal
with the most immediate trauma.
That doesn't mean
everything else goes away.
So, sure, we can we can take a few days.
you know, I just don't know
what difference a break will make.
It'll make a difference to Harper.
I'd come with you,
but I need to finish up here.
Whatever happens to us, Harper needs
to know you'll always be her dad.
Hey. Say bye to Mum.
Bye to Mum.
- That never gets old.
- Ah, it really doesn't.
Have a safe trip.
Call me when you get there. I love you.
Love you too.
Here are the pupil assessments.
If you get stuck, just say they did well
but, uh, need to pay more attention.
That basically applies
to every child that ever existed.
- Okay.
- Um
I know you're hurting and, uh
- Well, I'm here for you.
- In what way?
- What
- I'm just asking in what way?
Since you fucked me over, stopped me
from getting the full-time position.
Okay. Uh, I think, maybe,
grief is making you paranoid.
Come on. Just don't.
I was asked my honest opinion
on your suitability, and so I gave it.
It's nice to know
how you really feel about me.
Come on, Erin.
I bent over backwards to help you
with that interview.
And you turn up late
in a fucking beach T-shirt
and then acted like it was everybody
else's fault that you didn't get it.
- You don't have to worry about me anymore.
- I do.
You never let me in.
I need to go.
She could focus more during class,
but, other than that,
she's had a good year,
and I hope she has
an even better summer break.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Mrs. Carter.
How's Dylan doing?
His grades have improved,
but there's still some distance to go.
- But he's been better.
- Yes.
Well, thank you.
Because a lot of that
is down to your tutoring.
How's he doing at maths?
He's, um
I can't do this.
I gave your friend
every opportunity to walk away
and I'm truly sorry for what happened,
and I'm aware of how hard this must be
for Ana and little Rafa
No, you don't.
You don't get to say their names.
Erin, can you please not interrupt me
when I'm threatening you.
I'm not the top of the food chain here.
I have fiscal responsibilities
to the people who are above me.
And they're a lot less reasonable
than I am.
Well, I'm not gonna pretend
that nothing happened.
Why not?
I'm not even gonna ask you
what you were doing there.
As far as I'm concerned,
this is a clean slate.
- Move on.
- Or else?
See, I think you know.
You got a visit this morning, didn't you?
Next time, they'll come
to your house one night,
and they'll shoot your daughter first,
because children can make a lot of noise
when they're startled.
And after that, you and then your husband.
And then they'll ransack your house
and make it look
like a robbery gone wrong.
And Jesus, Erin, these people
are animals.
If you come anywhere near my family,
I swear to God
I don't want to.
Just trying to manage this situation.
I want to protect you.
How's he getting on at maths?
He's improved.
He just needs to practice
and focus a bit more.
Overall, he's actually
a very kind and sensitive boy,
with a bright future ahead of him,
if he learns to apply himself.
Well, I hope he does.
Thank you.
For all your help.
Have a lovely summer, Erin.
Let's not do this again.
We're Mr. and Mrs. Davidson.
Our son is Dean.
Mr. and Mrs. Davidson, please, hello.
- Hi.
- Hey.
How's Harper doing?
My parents are spoiling Harp
every chance they get.
Her arteries are basically
full of ice cream.
And what about you?
I'm old enough to buy my own ice cream.
How are you really?
I want to feel sad about Emilio,
but I just feel so fucking angry.
I just want to say that I've
I'm really sorry for you.
just don't hang up.
I don't know what to say,
but just don't hang up.
Are you there?
- You asked me not to hang up.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I did.
I'm sorry, Jordi. For everything.
Tell Harper I'll call her tomorrow.
Goodnight then, Mrs. Carter.
Good night, Mr. Collantes.
Erin! Hello!
Your doorbell doesn't work.
Are you going to invite me in?
Yeah, apparently.
You look terrible.
Oh, thank you. Do you want a
I didn't mean it as an insult.
I wish I did.
It's the firework festival
in the city center tonight
and obviously
that's going to be tough for Ana.
Oh, okay, yeah. Sure. But why?
Because it's where
Emilio proposed to her years ago
Don't you pay any attention
to your neighbors' lives?
Yeah, I'm sure they mentioned it.
I wasn't taking any notes.
She wants to go to the bar
where he asked her to marry him.
They're hosting some big theme party.
She wants to get a little group together.
I'm not really up for going out.
It's what a community does, Erin.
We pull together at times like this.
That's actually a very nice idea.
I'll organize the dresses.
- Wait. What dresses?
- You'll see.
Was Jordi serious
about putting the house on the market?
It really is a terrible time
to sell your house.
- Okay, um
- Yeah.
Great. Why don't you just fuck off
and I'll see you later?
Of course.
And don't worry. Things will get better.
Oh, bugger.
Hello. Are you Olivia Thorne?
Uh, yes.
Hi, uh, my name is Kate Jones.
I'm an old friend of Erin Carter's.
Oh, right.
Hello. Pleased to meet you.
Oh, nice to meet you.
I'm I'm so sorry to drop in like this,
only I know you work with her.
I do. Has something happened?
Oh, no, sorry, no.
Oh, I'm doing this all backwards.
I'm in town for work,
and I was hoping to catch up with her,
but, well, then I got here and I realized
I don't know where she lives.
- Have you tried calling her?
- Yeah, I I have an old number.
The truth is we had a falling out,
and I'm here because
I I want to patch things up.
Oh, right.
Erin can be a little stubborn sometimes.
Uh, yes. More than a little.
Oh, I'm sorry, Olivia.
Um, I'll figure it out. Thank you.
Actually, I I was just
about to put the kettle on. Um
That's so nice. Thank you.
Great. Come on in.
Nice garden.
So, how do you know Erin?
Oh, we worked together a few years ago.
As teachers?
Teachers? Yeah.
We were quite close for a while, actually.
Erin is Erin.
And then I read in the news article about
what happened to her in the supermarket?
Gosh, yes.
It was very frightening
for her and her daughter.
- Harper.
- Yeah.
How is she?
Uh, it's been so long since I've seen her.
She's a real treasure.
She's clever, funny.
We're actually very close.
Sorry, I'm not quite sure exactly
how you ended up coming to see me.
I have a lot of bad ideas, Olivia,
and one of them
was to surprise Erin at the school.
But when I got there
- School holidays, of course.
- Exactly.
When I asked around,
everybody said the same thing,
you were the one
I needed to speak to.
Olivia Thorne, school secretary,
keeper of secrets.
Mmm. That's me.
Obviously, I can't hand out
her personal details,
but I'd be happy to pass on your number.
Mmm. Hmm.
I really wanted to surprise her.
Uh, unfortunately my hands are tied.
Yeah, of course.
I get it.
Are these your children?
Yes. The twins.
A dynamic duo.
They're off to see the fireworks
with their dad tonight.
Which one is your favorite?
I love them both the same.
Of course,
but if you had to choose.
I couldn't.
Your house is on fire,
you only have time to rescue one,
which one?
Uh, well, I would
I would stay and burn
You'd let them both die
rather than make a difficult decision?
You're a callous little cow, aren't you?
I think maybe you should leave.
Oh, and I think
you should check your smoke alarms.
I mean it.
We're not done, Olivia.
Do you want to call the police?
No. Of course not.
Because by the time they get here,
I'll be gone.
And now I know where you live, so
And I can see you're thinking, maybe
maybe she was just joking.
Maybe she's got a strange sense of humor.
Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.
I've also had a falling out with Erin
and Harper's away
off on holiday with her father,
so I really think you should leave now.
Well, I think you should call her.
Make amends.
And then, I think it would be best
if you tell me where she is.
You make a thousand choices
every day, Olivia.
Don't make the wrong one here.
I mean,
think of little Lily and Luca.
I did not tell you their names.
I know.
Fanatics ♪
Fanatics ♪
Uh ♪
I'm about to boogie, got my groove on ♪
Fleeked up, trying to get my cute on ♪
Only main people in my circle ♪
Everybody else
Is getting cut like coupons ♪
Oh, only stacking bread
If it's gluten-free ♪
I say money over, never M-O-B ♪
You're hating, what? Get a J-O-B ♪
No negatives vibes
That ain't my cup of tea ♪
Hotline blinging when I ringtone ♪
I been single
I had to let my ting go ♪
Bad drama ♪
Thank you for being with me tonight.
I just give 'em air, let the wind blow ♪
Quick Westfield ♪
Of course.
Took pictures, felt famous ♪
Always been show
You can never outstage us ♪
That's so Emilio.
Well, anyway, he's on his knee
and I can't say yes because
- No ring?
- No ring.
But he had this car ring.
So the first two months
of our engagement, I wore this.
Would you like your face painted?
- No, thanks.
- I think we're fine.
It is kind of a stupid thing
Emilio would've done.
Okay, well, let's do it.
Okay, but please take care.
My skin is very sensitive.
Erin! Hi.
I'm busy.
Uh, I tried calling you before.
Yeah, I know. I was hoping
you'd get the hint when I didn't reply.
I am I'm very sorry,
uh, for the way I behaved,
and I I'd very much like to see you.
- Well
- Face-to-face to apologize.
Listen, it's okay. It's fine.
It's going to be a new term,
a fresh start.
Let's just put this all behind us.
Where are you just now?
I'm at the Rapture bar,
but it's not really a social thing,
so can I do it another time?
Uh, yeah, of course.
Thanks for being so
yeah, so understanding.
I really am sorry, Erin.
I've got soul on fire ♪
It's terrifying
to think of raising Rafa alone.
It's okay. You won't be alone.
No, it's
Everybody's being so kind to me, like
You, Penelope
Even Señor Lang, he he reached out
and said he wanted to help.
- I know.
- Wh Wh What
Help you with what?
He wants to pay for Rafa's schooling.
No, Ana. Ana, listen to me.
You can't let him help you.
It's okay.
- It just shows how much
- I don't think you understand.
You can't let him anywhere
near your family. Do you hear me?
He just wants to help.
He told me he looked out for you before
and now he's going to look after us.
Don't worry.
Thank you.
Dylan, out!
I need to make a phone call.
Go and see the Diablos.
Come on, guys. Let's go.
Now you listen to me!
When am I getting my shipment?
Why is it so late?
We have people waiting for this.
Now, no more excuses.
You shouldn't have come to my house.
We seem to be having a bit of
a communication problem here, Erin.
Which part of "walk away"
did you not understand?
Moses is ex special forces,
so I do have to ask the question,
who exactly the fuck are you, Mrs. Carter?
I'm Emilio's friend.
I'm not going to let you
buy your way out of this.
Ana's actually grateful
grateful that the man
who killed her husband
could spare her a bit of money
so she could send her son to school.
You really think you'd get away with that?
Under the circumstances,
I thought it was pretty fucking
Wait. Wait. Wait. Don't!
- No!
- Don't do it!
Look, my son is on his way up here
with all his friends.
I'm not gonna let you walk away.
Look, this isn't about me.
This is about my son walking up here
and finding me dead.
What do you think that's gonna do
to a kid his age?
- Shut the fuck up!
- It's not going to bring your friend back.
All it's going to do is ruin Dylan's life.
Leave another child without a parent.
I mean,
what kind of fucking teacher are you?
Can I use your bathroom?
Over there.
Erin, I couldn't tell you before,
but there was a woman looking for you.
Kate Jones. Uh, she threatened my kids.
I had to tell her where you were.
Sorry, Erin. She she scared me.
You're not going to say hello then?
- I thought you were dead.
- Oh, I know what you thought.
Where is she?
She's not home.
I didn't ask you
where my daughter isn't.
I asked you where she is.
You're fast, but I was always faster.
You know that.
Where the fuck is my daughter?
She's with her dad.
Well, that's impossible
because her dad is dead.
I meant, my husband.
You're a teacher, right?
So you know the difference between
"Who is my daughter with?"
and "Where is my daughter?"
She's in Canyelles.
She's with his parents.
They're at the beach.
Just, easy.
Can I get a whiskey, please?
Were you in a fight?
Did you win?
No, I don't think so.
- Are you drunk?
- What?
Are you drunk?
Then you can drive.
But not dressed like that.
I have a change of clothes in the car.
Leave your phone.
After you.
Keep the change.
Straight ahead.
If I'd known you were alive,
I wouldn't have left you.
I told you to drive, not to talk.
I'm taking her back, Kate.
Oh, I'm sorry. Kate, Erin
What should I be calling you here?
Erin's fine.
Kate suited you better.
But that was a lie too, wasn't it?
I'm really sorry
about what happened, Lena.
I have no doubt you are.
Especially right now.
You know, I never planned
for things to work out this way.
Where's the beach, Erin?
'Cause I'm pretty fucking sure
that this is not the way to Canyelles.
It's not.
But I want to show you something.
I'm looking for an excuse
to hurt you, Erin.
- Don't fucking give me one.
- Okay.
This is near where I hid the gold.
The Harwich job gold?
Pull over.
How far?
Five or six miles.
Does she ever ask about me?
She, um
Oh, fuck.
I thought you were dead, Lena.
What did you tell her?
I told her I was her mother.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
You show me where it is.
Switch off the engine.
And give me the keys.
Open your door.
Put your hands on your head.
And you wait.
You get out of the car on three, slowly.
One, two,
Where is it?
It's up there.
Where the fuck is it?
There's a hollow between the rocks.
There's a hollow between the rocks?
Jesus, anyone else
and I wouldn't believe them.
But you? You are fucking priceless.
You know,
Margot always thought that you took it.
I thought the police must have got it.
No, she was right.
She came after it.
Why didn't you just give it to her?
Because it's Margot, okay?
She was never discreet.
She'd have been picked up within weeks,
trying to spend it.
And you know
she wouldn't have kept my name out of it.
Were you afraid she'd ruin
your new, beautiful life?
I was scared.
You were scared?
So you fucking killed her.
She tried to kill me first.
You broke her heart.
She said she never liked me.
She fucking loved you.
We both loved you.
Well, go on then. Fucking get it.
Put it up here.
You don't move.
You really don't want to take me
to Canyelles, do you?
You know it makes no difference, right?
I know where you live now.
I can go there
and wait for Harper to come home.
Or you can just take that and go.
Lena, please, there's a few million.
You can take that and have a good life
Do you think my daughter is for sale?
No, I I didn't mean that.
Well, she's not.
Why haven't you done anything with this?
It could've led the police
to me and Harper.
I was scared that they'd take her away,
put her in care. I couldn't risk it.
And I felt
You felt what?
I felt guilty
for what I did to you and Margot.
Okay, I ruined your lives.
Yes, it was my job,
but it doesn't make it right.
Look, Lena, I know she's your daughter,
but I love her more than any
Oh, you, damn you ♪
How could you go ♪
Twist it sick? ♪
But I'm on the floor ♪
Come rescue me ♪
Tears ain't locked ♪
But oh, how they flow ♪
Fuck you.
Tell me no more ♪
Get it to me ♪
I should've gave a leash to your soul ♪
But now I've lost control ♪
In there, you wander aimlessly ♪
For you, that freedom's your goal ♪
But I'm telling you ♪
Your freedom is the end of me ♪
Your freedom is the end of me ♪
Your freedom is the end of me ♪
Your freedom is the end of me ♪
Ducking, dodging, stalking your prey ♪
Such a kidder, just another day ♪
No sympathy ♪
No sleep, can't eat ♪
I'm skin and bones ♪
I feel the jones ♪
Please come home ♪
It's getting late ♪
Can't eat enough
I just swallow them whole ♪
And at the scene
Of every crime you leave ♪
I'm an accessory ♪
For you
I see that freedom's your goal ♪
But I'm telling you ♪
Your freedom is the end of me ♪
Your freedom is the end of me ♪
Your freedom is the end of me ♪
Your freedom is the end of me ♪
Your freedom is the end of me ♪
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