Who is Erin Carter? (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Good morning.
No, no, hear me out.
Look, they're quiet,
they're clean, and they
basically look after themselves.
Nah, you're wrong.
Yeah. That's a very persuasive argument.
Look, there's no way
that cats are better than dogs.
I suppose we'll have to get
one of each to find out.
Uh-uh. No, this is
a theoretical discussion, Harp.
Emphasis on the theory.
Sorry, can't hear you!
La, la, la, la, la ♪
Can't even hear a word!
We have to go to the supermarket.
Can you come down?
We could get you a hamster.
We could get a little wheel for it.
Yeah. I think we should just
stick to a dog, if I'm completely honest.
Of course you'd say that.
Who the fuck are you?
Throw your arms up
Yeah, throw your arms up ♪
I can make your hands up
Make your hands up ♪
Throw your arms up
Yeah, throw your arms up ♪
I can make your hands up
Make your hands up ♪
I am the next big thing ♪
- I'm home.
- Erin.
I got shot.
What? How? Who did this?
Jordi, listen to me.
You need to take Harper out of here.
Why? What happened?
Your mother is very hurt.
I'm calling an ambulance.
- No! No ambulance!
- You need medical attention now!
If you call an ambulance,
then there's police.
Just please
Erin, what have you done?
Move the stuff on the table.
Hey. Hey, how was the holiday?
Did you get to swim in the sea?
A little bit.
It's going to be fine.
Whatever you do, just listen to Dad.
- Hold on. I'm coming.
- Jordi!
Harper, I need you to go to your room now.
Trust me. Please. Go.
Harper, go!
Jordi, where is she?
- Who did this?
- Lena.
- The bullet went through.
- Harper's mum.
Harper's mum, she was supposed to be here,
but she's not here. Where is she, Jordi?
You need to stop moving.
Stop moving, please.
I have to take this off, all right?
This is going to hurt.
One, two, three.
I hear you have information
about Erin Carter for me. Is that right?
Aren't you gonna say hello?
Why? Am I supposed to know you?
I stayed at your house.
Years ago.
Thomas Ramsey.
Back when you were bankrolling
his extracurricular activities.
- Lena.
- Mm.
Lena Campbell, I want to say.
Is that right?
You can go.
Why were you at Erin Carter's house?
I assume for the same reason
that you have people watching it.
And what would that be?
Well, she's Kate Jones.
The undercover cop
who fucked the Harwich job.
No, she's a teacher at my kid's school.
Wow. You don't know.
I don't fucking know.
She was the rat, Daniel.
And she's been here under your nose,
teaching your child. Fucking hell.
She's amazing.
- Don't push it.
- Sorry.
It's all right.
You don't have to worry about her.
Oh, you killed her?
I shot her.
Left her up in the mountains.
Okay, that's a very distinct hair
that you're splitting, Lena.
She took my daughter and I want her back.
Harper's your kid?
Look, Daniel, you're a parent, right?
I mean, you can imagine
If anything happened to me,
my son would be properly taken care of,
and I certainly wouldn't let some stranger
just run away with him.
I just meant that
We've got eyes on Erin
coming back to the house.
So I have information that Erin Carter
just arrived back in her house.
So much for taking care of her.
- What? That's fucking impossible.
- How long to get a kill team up there?
- Thirty, 40 minutes, tops.
- Do it.
No, no, no, wait. Wait. please.
I don't want anything to happen to Harper.
I don't remember
owing you any fucking favors.
I've got the gold.
The bag that got away.
It's like seven figures. I have it.
- Oh, you took it?
- No.
Kate Erin, took it, and I took it back.
You give me Harper,
I'll give you the gold.
- Technically, it's mine anyway.
- That's how I feel about my daughter.
We're set.
Daniel, come on.
Kill Erin Carter
and make sure the kid isn't collateral.
- So Harper's mother is still alive?
- Yeah.
Stop moving. Stop moving.
And she shot you.
And now she's going to come here.
I didn't know she was still alive.
No, but she is.
You brought this to our front door, Erin.
That's not my name.
I'm not Erin.
That's not my name.
I know I brought all this shit
into our house. Just
just do this one last thing for me.
Just please take Harper somewhere safe.
Just please.
Come on.
We have to go.
Who did this to you?
I just need you
to leave for a while, okay?
Stop treating me like a child.
I'm not. I'm your mum. I just need you
to trust me on this, please.
You're not my mum.
Harper, hey, why would you
No, no, no, you need to stay here.
You need to rest.
You're lucky to be alive.
I need to protect my daughter,
Jordi, okay?
You can barely stand.
Someone has just tried to kill you,
and I have to get Harper somewhere safe.
Then I'll come back for you.
Until then, just rest.
Call me if things get worse.
Is that you?
come in.
Successful entry.
Now closing on target.
Eyes on the target,
heading south, moving to engage.
Copy. She's wounded. she won't get far.
We're following. We'll get her.
We should've got her already.
What about Harper?
I know where she is. Can I go and get her?
I texted her. She told me.
Sure. Go ahead.
I can only imagine what a wonderful life
you have planned for her.
Thank you.
Keep an eye on her, just in case.
Come on.
Hi. Are you the owner? Do you have
a phone? I need to call my family.
- Jesus, Erin?
- Penelope.
Go. Go, go, go, go, drive.
What happened to you?
I fell over.
You fell over?
Oh, shit.
Go, go, go, go. Just drive!
Okay. Okay.
Do you need to go to the hospital?
I'm fine.
- Hello!
- Hi.
Come on in. Come in.
- I'm really sorry that we're doing this.
- No. Nonsense!
- Hmm.
- Thank you.
Always a pleasure, never a chore.
Now, there's some freshly-pressed
orange juice in the garden,
and, uh, Luca and Lily will be home
in about half an hour.
- Thank you.
- All right?
- I I I really appreciate this.
- Oh.
Uh, I just needed to get Harper out
of the house for a while.
I would normally go to Emilio's, so
It's okay.
You don't tell me if you don't want to.
Thanks, Olivia.
I am a very good listener though.
Sometimes it can be healthy
just to, you know, let it all out.
No, I I think I'm good.
- Thank you though.
- Of course, no problem.
Is Erin a drug dealer?
Like ice, meth Are those the same thing?
Which one's the crystal?
I don't know. She's not.
She's a teacher.
Yes, of course.
Um, I'll just get the sugar.
Look at you.
Are you going to help my mum?
Come on, Harper.
You know who I am.
You said you'd help her.
I just
I needed to find you.
I'm so sorry it took so long.
But Harper y
You know that I never left you, right?
That wasn't my choice.
Are you going to help my mum or not?
I'm your mum.
Come on. I know you haven't forgotten me,
not really.
It's just me.
Come on. Come here.
It's okay, I promise.
You can relax.
It's okay. It's okay.
What was that?
No. No, no, no, no, you can't be here.
I just want to talk to my daughter.
- Harper, come here. Come.
- No.
Come here.
You must be Jordi, right?
Yeah, I appreciate
that this is a difficult situation.
You hurt my wife.
And now you're scaring my daughter.
She is not your daughter.
Did you hurt my mum?
She isn't your mum.
She took you from me!
She took everything from me!
That's enough.
We're leaving now.
And you're not going to follow.
After five fucking years
you give me 60 seconds?
You think I'm gonna take that?
Are you kidding me?!
You are scaring her.
You want to see me scare someone, Olivia?
What you want, what I want,
it doesn't matter here. It's Harper.
Mr. Collantes.
- Come with us.
- What happened? Is my wife all right?
I think it's best if you and your daughter
just come with us.
Take his phone.
Get off me.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, what the fuck?
This wasn't the plan.
Mr. Lang just needs your help.
Now, you can be angry or you can be smart.
Fuck you.
Excuse me. Um, what's going on?
- We have this under control. Thank you.
- Are you the police?
I'd like to see
some identification, please?
It's in the car.
Are you going to make me walk all the way
to my car and back, Mrs. Thorne?
no, I'm not.
- That won't be necessary.
- Just get inside the house, Olivia.
They be all right, won't they?
- You have my word.
- Just go.
If anything happens to Harper,
I will fucking kill you.
Find Erin Carter. Use her husband's phone.
Jordi's still not answering.
What's happened, Erin?
I don't know where to begin, Penelope.
My whole life, it's been
it's been a fucking lie.
That's hard.
Yeah, it is.
You want people to love the real you,
but what does that even mean?
Something like that, yeah.
Be a good wife, a good mother,
a good neighbor.
Have another handbag and shut your mouth!
I hate this fucking life!
Oh, okay, I feel like you have
something else going on.
So if I can keep your phone
and you can drop
Oh, no. No.
We have to go to María Tadavila's
fucking birthday party at Espectáculo.
Penelope, I'm not going
to a fucking birthday party.
- I need to find Jordi and Harper.
- Why? Where'd they go?
I don't know.
It's Jordi.
Answer it.
Hey, where are you?
I was getting worried.
It's me. Harper's fine.
We need to meet. Where are you?
What time is
your friend meeting you here?
She'll be here any minute.
You should clean yourself up.
I'm going to find Bruno.
Do you think I should do it?
Do what?
You would.
You're brave.
You don't care what people think.
I've been scared for so long.
Penelope, people are trying to kill me
because I wouldn't sit down and shut up.
Exactly. They will try to silence us,
but it will never work.
No, that wasn't a metaphor.
My God, what's going on with you?
I'm going to do it.
I'm going to ask him for a divorce.
Thank you, Erin.
Who is this?
Can we go outside? I need to talk to you.
- What are you doing?
- Come on. Just fucking come on.
I said I need to talk to you.
You look fucked.
Oh yeah? Well, you shot me!
Will you fucking stop it?!
I need to talk to you about Harper.
I didn't come here for a fight.
We've got a problem.
Daniel Lang has Harper.
And your husband.
What? How the fuck did that happen?
Are they all right?
For now.
But the deal is that I bring you to him
and I get to walk away with Harper.
Don't. There's no point in stabbing me
with a fucking fork.
- It won't solve anything.
- How could you leave her with Daniel?
Excuse me, you were the one
who got mixed up with him.
- What were you thinking?
- I didn't know he was dangerous.
He bankrolled the Harwich job.
Tommy Ramsey works for him.
What? No way.
Look, I made a deal with that man,
because I will do anything
to get my daughter back.
And if that means giving you to him,
then that's what I'm going to do.
I would've done the same thing
if you'd taken my daughter.
Look, I get it.
You took her because you thought
I was dead, right?
I betrayed you.
Yeah, you did.
But you gave her a home.
I mean, you gave her a life.
One that we both know
I wasn't capable of giving her. Not then.
I messed up.
What do you mean?
I lied to her.
We came all this way. It doesn't matter
if I'm Kate Jones or Erin Carter,
I'm still pretending
to be someone I'm not.
Like every parent in the world. Ever.
Pretending to be responsible.
Pretending to have all the answers.
Doesn't mean that everything
was a lie, Kate.
You're right.
I mean, I do love her.
I don't blame you.
She's amazing.
She's all the best bits of me.
And now
she's some of the best bits of you.
Even if you hand me over,
Daniel might not give them back.
Yeah, I know.
I've made a mistake.
We want the same thing.
We want what's best for Harper.
Harper's in that office over there.
Just trust me. Follow my lead.
It's going to be okay.
How do you know?
- Frisk her.
- She's clean.
Definitely frisk her.
- Hands up.
- Fuck's sake.
- Don't move.
- All right.
She's clean.
Just give me a second.
No. No.
Fuck you.
- Check her.
- We already did.
Check her again.
Can I go and get my daughter now?
No, you're gonna hang around here
for a little while.
Daniel, just please just let them go.
She's clean.
See, when I heard that you weren't dead,
I was almost quite happy,
because dead people can't pay their debts,
and you owe me.
I think we're even.
No, you're gonna come work for me.
No, I'm not.
This isn't an offer.
You came after me, Erin.
You caused all this.
This is me being very fucking reasonable.
Erin! Erin!
Give me Jordi and Harper.
I'm a bit fucking disappointed with you.
Bring Jordi and Harper out, right now!
Fuck this.
Daniel, no!
This way!
Whose stupid idea was this?
You didn't tell me
he had a fucking army!
Oh, shit. Last clip.
I have a spare. Get over here!
We need to get to Harper and Jordi.
What are you thinking?
Fuck! They're getting closer.
There's too many.
- You're not going to like it.
- Try me.
One of us draws fire,
the other one goes to Harper.
Draws fire, you mean one of us gets
ourselves shot.
You're right. I don't like it.
Lena, listen. Just tell Jordi
I'm sorry and tell Harper that
just tell them I'm sorry.
She's your daughter, Lena.
Take care of her
No, no way.
Tell them yourself. Okay?
And you make sure you tell them something
good about me, okay?
If you can't think of anything,
then fucking make something up. All right?
Go, go, go.
Move! Move! Move!
You know, I'm sorry, Jordi.
I really am.
Do you see what your wife's done?
See the mess she's caused?
Yeah. That doesn't look good.
I got nicked.
She's fast. I'll give her that.
I can help you with that.
You're bleeding a lot, Mr. Lang.
Thank you from
Little Miss State-the-fucking-obvious.
Just let Harper go.
And then I'll make sure you're okay.
There'll be somebody along in a minute
to patch me up.
But you
you don't even know
what you're married to.
I've got a pretty good idea.
Now I'm going to take
my daughter away, Daniel.
No, can't let you do it.
This is just a little bit of insurance,
just in case anyone's foolish enough
to come for me.
- Harper
- Don't.
Listen to your daughter.
Stop! On the ground! Up!
You okay?
We're leaving.
- We're not done.
- No.
We're leaving.
Nice and gentle. Nice and gentle.
You know,
Harwich was supposed to be my last job,
so when it went wrong,
there was a real sense of injustice.
I felt like my future
had just been ripped away from me.
Then there's been 11 or 12 last jobs
over the years, so
- You should've walked away.
- No.
I should've saw you for what you are.
You're not a teacher
or a mother or police. You're this.
I'm here for my family.
You know, I hope your family see you
for what you really are,
as I see you, Erin Carter.
Right now, I see you.
And I'm not done.
Oh, go
I'm so sorry.
I love you so much.
I'm so sorry you had to see that.
It's okay. You're my mum,
and you'll always be my mum.
I know. Not now.
We need to We need to go.
What happened?
Here we go.
Okay, I finished my letter to my mum.
Oh. Are you happy with it?
- Have you finished yours?
- Yeah.
So we take these to the ocean
and we'll say a few words
And then we just let them go.
Don't forget your goggles.
Oh, I think I left them in the restaurant.
That's fine. I'll go get them.
Thank you.
How are you feeling?
- Fine.
- Yeah?
- What is that?
- It's a margarita.
- Can I have some?
- Absolutely not.
It's disgusting.
I'm having a terrible time right now.
Hola, señorita.
Nice family.
Thank you.
You're a hard person to track down.
Apparently not hard enough.
Müller, Lang, Campbell.
- It was quite the trail.
- Are you gonna try to arrest me?
Now that an interesting choice of words.
No, it's not interesting. It's deliberate.
Nah, I wouldn't want to ruin your holiday.
But you know what they say about holidays.
They come to an end.
Then it's time to get back to work.
I already have a job.
You're trouble, Erin.
But I've always found a use for trouble.
- Thanks, Mum.
- Oh.
Come on.
Hey, you.
Are you okay?
I was thinking
that Harper might be right.
Maybe we should get a dog.
- Or a cat.
- You're a cat person?
I should've guessed.
Now you know everything about me.
No more secrets.
I think I've always known who you were.
You're someone that would risk everything
for their family.
The rest is just details.
I was the one that put you guys in danger.
Oh, yeah, I'm not saying you're perfect.
So, what do I call you?
Erin? Kate?
I'm Erin Carter.
Oh, I've been telling you lies ♪
Not so good at the truth ♪
So I wanted to try ♪
Being good for you ♪
So you never wanna let me go ♪
You wanna watch me leave ♪
And tell me, baby
How are you still breathing? ♪
Everybody's seeing this all with me
Go! ♪
Girls like the boys
When they act like the girls ♪
And all they ever wanted
Was the whole damn world ♪
Walking in the wild
Wearing bad, black leather ♪
Singing in the rain in a bad sweater ♪
The preacher's son
He taught me how to come ♪
Right down to the beach
Where we can have fun ♪
Where we can have fun ♪
Where we can have fun ♪
Beach ♪
On the beaches ♪
On the beach ♪
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