Who Killed Sara? (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

It Wasn't a Mistake

1 "VERY FEW OF US ARE WHAT WE SEEM" AGATHA CHRISTIE ["Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin playing.]
[all laughing and shouting.]
- [man 1.]
What? What? - [laughing.]
- [man 2.]
Yeah! - [man 3.]
 Whoo! [cheering and laughing continue.]
- Put the camera away.
Come on.
- [man.]
Okay, okay.
- [cheering.]
- [man 1.]
How is it? Yeah! [laughing.]
[man 2.]
Bro, make her fly high.
Yeah! You can go! [cheering.]
Love you! Whoo! - [girl screaming excitedly.]
- [men laughing and cheering.]
[girl laughing and squealing.]
[song distorts.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[breathing heavily.]
Help me! - [man.]
Yeah! [laughing.]
- Something's wrong, guys.
- [man.]
Go faster! She wants to go faster! - Something's wrong.
- [man.]
Come on, faster! - Wait! [girl screams in fear.]
- You guys, come on! - Faster! Álex! - [men laughing.]
- Fucking stop the boat, man! Rodolfo! What's the matter? Álex! [screaming.]
- Álex! - Sara! [Sara, screaming.]
It's breaking! Stop the boat! - Sara! - [screaming.]
[water splashes.]
Sara! She fell.
Sara fell! What did you do, Rodolfo! Help, Rodolfo! Do something.
Sara! Please wake up.
Damn it! Call someone, call someone! Quick! [young Álex continues yelling indistinctly.]
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [opening theme music playing.]
[guard 1.]
Come on, shitheads.
Move! Hit the showers.
Let's go! [guard 2.]
What's the holdup? [inmate 1.]
Hey, hurry up.
We've got five minutes.
[inmate 2.]
There's no more hot water.
It ran out.
- [inmates speaking indistinctly.]
- [somber music playing.]
[indistinct conversations.]
Alejandro Guzmán? Guzmán.
You have a visitor.
I never have visitors.
It's your lawyer.
Your sentence has been reduced for good behavior.
It's been reduced to 18 years.
Which you've completed.
You're getting out, tomorrow at 8:00.
Hunting is very important for the balance of wildlife.
And it also helps to generate great benefits for the landowners.
There's absolutely nothing like the feeling you get in your balls when you hit the target.
It's your turn.
[rifle cocks.]
[unsettling music playing.]
Come on.
You're my step-grandson.
Let's find out just how big your balls are.
- Shoot.
- [boy.]
She she has a fawn.
Shoot, damn it! [boy grunts.]
[rifle fires.]
I don't want another faggot in my family, Bruno.
Don't ever forget it.
[ominous music playing.]
Do the Lazcanos know? Their attorney will notify them.
Why? [thrilling music playing.]
[cell phone ringing.]
What's up? I can't even step out of the office for a second? [man on phone.]
Álex gets out tomorrow, tell your son.
We're about to formalize Rodolfo's promotion.
- I can't do that to him.
- He's out for revenge.
It'll be okay.
I'll tell you what I told my son the day that girl died.
Natural selection doesn't make mistakes.
Nothing happened back then, and nothing will happen now to harm my family.
I'm more powerful today than I was 18 years ago.
Lights out! [prison doors buzzing.]
[young Álex.]
Do something, asshole! Sara? Help! Somebody! Sara.
Help! [panicking.]
My God, Sara! Open your eyes.
Sara! Please open your eyes.
Listen to me.
Can you hear me? [all speaking indistinctly.]
I'm sorry.
Unfortunately, she passed away.
The Court sentences him to 30 years in Do something, Rodolfo! César! Please, I had nothing to do with this! [somber music playing.]
[Álex's mom.]
Álex? Son? [young Álex.]
Mom, just stay calm.
- I'll be back.
- [knocking on door.]
And everything will be okay.
- [knocking continues.]
- [Álex's mom.]
Oh god, the police.
[knocking continues.]
Don't turn in yourself, son.
Don't do it, please.
Alejandro Guzmán? [girl laughing.]
[young Álex.]
Careful, Sara.
SARA GUZMÁN AVENUE - [Sara laughing.]
- [young Álex.]
Don't do that.
- No! - [Sara.]
You're shitting your pants.
Wait, don't do that! Someone will see us.
Sara! [Sara.]
Did you bring a screwdriver? Hurry, Álex! [Sara giggling.]
[young Álex.]
No! Sara.
What are you kids doing? Hey, come on.
Someone saw us, come down.
Come on! Let's go.
[Sara giggling.]
[somber music playing.]
[breathing shakily.]
Forgive me, Mamá.
What I'm about to do is for my family and for you.
I'm sorry.
What are you going to do? I'm going to make them pay for what they did to my sister, and what they did to my mamá, and me.
They will pay for every single second they made me live inside this hell hole.
[suspenseful music playing.]
- [woman 1.]
He your boyfriend? - What? - Is he your boyfriend? He's hot.
- [laughing.]
[both laughing.]
No! He's my papá.
[both laughing.]
- [woman 1.]
- [woman 2.]
I don't mind.
You're right.
- He's a good-looking older guy.
- [woman 1.]
He is.
[woman over P.
Last call for Flight 259 to Puerto Vallarta.
This is the last call for Flight 259 Look at her! - Chema! - [Chema laughing.]
Finally, shit! - I finally have you here with me.
- Oh, how are you? Great.
How are you? What's with the balloons? - They're for you.
- For me? Yes, it was a nightmare getting them here in one piece.
I have no idea where you're going to put them.
- [laughing.]
Is that my brother-in-law? - Uh-huh.
- Come on! In a no parking zone.
- He's cute.
- Come on, guys.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Sit up front with me.
[pop music playing on radio.]
- Welcome! - [all chuckling.]
So awesome! I love it.
- How are you? - A pleasure to meet you.
- Pleasure's mine.
- Heard lots about you.
And I've heard quite a lot about you.
- This is amazing! - How was your flight? Excellent.
[suspenseful music playing.]
I'm going to die soon, but you'll get out of here.
And when you're out, this key will help you take revenge for everything that they did to you, to your mother, to your sister Sara.
Rodolfo Lazcano murdered Sara.
Technically, was criminal negligence.
It wasn't negligence.
The ropes had been cut.
The fucking harness was broken.
[drill whirring.]
That fucking Rodolfo was wasted.
He sped up the boat.
Because that's what he wanted.
To make it look like an accident that could happen to anybody.
But, no.
Sara was murdered.
And you know why, counselor? Because they hated her dating a Lazcano.
I'm not scared of spending my life in prison.
And I will not rest until I make him pay for what he did to Sara.
The whole family.
They were all accomplices, those fucking shits.
Because they stole 18 years of my life.
You know what César Lazcano said? Rodolfo doesn't have the balls to confront this situation.
Just look at him.
My duty is to protect my family.
My son made a mistake that could screw up his life.
You're smart.
You know that I'm not going to allow my son's life to go to waste over an involuntary mistake.
You know how fond we are of you.
We opened our doors to you as if you were one of our own.
You were raised with Rodolfo.
You grew up together as brothers.
Brothers save each other, help each other.
They crawl through the mud to help one another, if need be.
Help us, Álex.
Save your brother.
And not just him.
Our entire family.
What are you doing, Papá? No We can't make Álex take responsibility - for something he didn't even do! - Shut up, shut up! One day, Rodolfo will be the head of the Lazcano empire.
Do you have any idea what my enemies will do to fuck him over? You're strong.
You know what it means to struggle.
You have a spirit of sacrifice, and we've done so much for you.
Your education And also for your family.
Your sister Sara.
Poor thing.
I'm so sorry.
May God rest her soul.
But the time has come for you to pay us back.
- Álex had nothing to do with it.
- Shut up.
- No! - Take him out.
Take him! - No! - [woman.]
Chema, please.
Álex was not involved with this! - [woman.]
Let's go, come on.
- She was his sister, Papá.
I can leave on my own.
This wasn't a mistake.
This was his fault.
Rodolfo? I'm ovulating.
[Rodolfo sighs.]
- Sofía.
- Mm.
- Hey, Sofía.
- Shh.
Not now.
Bruno went to Tlaxcala Ranch with your papá.
- Yeah, but - We're all alone.
- I know.
- Come on.
Hey! - What? - No.
[moans softly.]
- Come on, no, no, no.
- [annoyed sigh.]
It's not my fault.
Today's a big day.
You never think you're to blame.
We have to change.
Get ready.
I'll be back in an hour.
["The Four Seasons - Summer" by Vivaldi playing.]
[man breathing heavily.]
[songs ends.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[phone buzzing.]
- [people laughing.]
- [slot machines jingling.]
[indistinct conversations.]
Thanks for coming.
- You look great.
- Finally, your official promotion.
- Congrats.
- Thank you.
I mean, it's what I was groomed for my entire life, so Leave it, dude.
Okay? - Hi.
- How was Chicago? God, it's freezing.
- It started snowing on my way in.
- Really? - Oh, welcome, dear.
- Mamá.
Oh, I'm surprised to see you're not here with some new boy toy.
New boy toy.
Great to see you, too.
Hello, hello! - Hey, hello.
- At least he came alone.
Thanks for coming.
I didn't come alone, Mamá.
Babe! Come here, my mom wants to say hello.
- [man.]
One minute.
- You can call him by his name? He's my boyfriend.
What do you want me to say? - Okay.
- [chuckles.]
- What do you call Sofía, for example? - Sofía.
- Huh.
- Come on, Mamá.
I don't understand it.
You say you hate it when I come alone, but you also hate it if Chema brings someone.
What's the problem? Honestly, I thought you were bringing someone.
A partner, a boyfriend.
You know, all of this doesn't simply happen in a day, Elisa.
- What doesn't, a casino? - A family, Elisa.
And a career doesn't just happen in a day, either.
It takes five years to become a neuropsychiatrist.
Seven, I mean, if you include my master's degree in Madrid.
Madrid? - Yeah.
- Seriously? - Yes.
Oh! - Congratulations.
- That's great.
- Sir, please excuse me.
Uh, pardon me.
I'm on business call right now.
- Oh.
Hello, Lorenzo.
- How are you? - How are you? You look great.
- Good.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
- Rodolfo.
- Hi.
- Congratulations.
It's a pleasure.
- Likewise.
Uh, soon as I'm finished with my call, I can join you.
- [mother.]
Of course.
- Great.
Yeah, check the end of the contract.
Lorenzo and I have an announcement to make, - but we'll wait for Papá to be here - [mother.]
I don't think that's a great idea.
You see, this is an important day.
Uh, why are all things pertaining to Lorenzo and me not a great idea, Mamá? [César.]
You don't recognize her? It's the slut my son was crazy about.
Álex Guzmán is free.
All that time in prison breaks a man.
I'm sure the kid's not trying to get into trouble.
So the very first thing he does is send me a photo of his dead little sister? - Is Rodolfo here? - Yes.
Notify security.
Go find that motherfucker and bring him to me, whatever it takes.
If he harms my family, I'll put him back in prison.
Or his grave.
Like his mother and sister.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Bruno! [upbeat music playing in background.]
Hey, what's up? How's everything? So how'd it go with Grandpa? Any kills? Hey, that's fine.
Because I don't believe in killing poor, helpless animals for sport.
[phone dings.]
Something wrong? No, everything's fine.
[suspenseful music continues.]
One more.
Thank you.
One for me.
How are you doin'? César Lazcano, father of José María.
We finally meet.
- Lorenzo Rossi.
Pleasure, sir.
- You, too.
Italian? My grandparents.
I always like Italians.
They're hard workers, and family people.
Pretty much like us Spaniards.
- What is it that you do? - Lawyer.
I'm a lawyer, sir.
Italian? - The broads must be endless.
- [chuckles.]
Pardon? [suspenseful music playing.]
You know, there's something about Italians.
They attract women.
They're like magnets.
[clears throat.]
Let's just say I'm not like the others.
Nice to meet you.
[tense music playing.]
Do you know what we're celebrating today? Of course.
Your son Rodolfo's promotion to CEO of the casino.
That honor would have been for José María.
But he made a decision I haven't forgiven yet.
- [sighs deeply.]
- In spite of everything, he's my blood.
And for our purposes, my son is interested in women.
And so is his boyfriend.
Are we clear? - [Elisa.]
- Honey.
- How was your trip? - It was great.
Well, look who just walked in.
I told him my life story from when I left Spain until now.
- [Sofía.]
Excuse me.
I want another drink.
- Where's Rodolfo? Uh, we have a really important announcement to tell you guys.
No, no.
Let's tell them another time.
- Do you want a drink? - No.
- [mother.]
Me either.
- [César.]
No? - [keyboard clacking.]
- [suspenseful music playing.]
This message is in regards to something that happened to me 18 years ago.
Is that Álex? [Álex.]
On August 9th.
On that day, my sister Sara Guzmán died while attending a party at the Lazcano's summer home.
That day was also the start of my own personal nightmare.
Rodolfo is your best friend.
The man your sister loved.
This message is for the Lazcanos.
For Don César.
- [Sofía.]
Who's he? - What's going on? Doña Mariana.
But above all for you, asshole.
For Rodolfo.
We all win if you take the blame and plead guilty.
When the police begin their questioning, you have to tell them that you put the parachute on your sister.
That's all you have to do.
As of today, you won't get another good night's sleep.
You're all screwed.
You will regret the day I met Rodolfo, because now your family will have to suffer for forcing me to lie.
Because Sara's death wasn't just a mistake, it wasn't negligence.
Sara was murdered.
[dramatic music playing.]
I'm not the same fool you sent off to prison 18 years ago.
[Lucía sobbing.]
- [young Álex.]
Wait, listen! - Álex! Mamá! [Lucía screaming.]
 Álex! [sobbing.]
And congrats on your new position.
You deserve it.
And I'll be seeing you, my friend.
Who the hell is that guy, and why is he accusing my family of murder? Rodolfo! What did security say? How the hell did he do that? They say he hacked into our system remotely.
That fucker has some big balls.
He's free? How is he out already? Yeah, he's free, but I'm not just gonna sit around Papá, just let me deal with it.
No way.
The family genius is going to be in charge of all of this? I mean it, Papá.
Trust me.
I know Álex.
If he feels threatened, he might do something reckless to harm us all.
You, maybe.
I wasn't even on the boat that day.
Get out, Rodolfo.
I'm handling it.
- Papá.
- I said fucking go! [young Chema.]
You're a piece of shit, you know that? Álex has always been your best friend, and you're completely fucking him.
It's either him or me.
[Rodolfo grunts.]
You're fucked up, man.
[Rodolfo groaning.]
Elisa Go back inside the house, please.
[Elisa, echoing.]
Would you explain who Álex is? Why he hate us, and why he's accusing us? It's something from a long time ago.
Rodolfo was Sara's boyfriend, and And is she related to Álex? Yeah.
You're too young to remember.
You were just a little kid.
What happened to Sara? Rodolfo, what did you do? - Rodolfo.
Rodolfo, wait! - Hey, Elisa.
We can't do this now.
- All right.
Tell me where I can find him.
- Rodolfo! I don't know, Elisa! [suspenseful music playing.]
[keyboard clacking.]
[horn honking.]
[somber music playing.]
Where do you think you're going? [both laughing.]
You're a little late, huh? Yeah, you are.
- [Sara.]
How do I look? - [young Rodolfo.]
Better than me.
[suspenseful music playing.]
- [car door closes.]
- [engine starts, revs.]
[tires screech.]
[phone dings.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
HE WAS TRICKED TOO [singer vocalizing over dramatic music.]
Love you! Sara! [screaming.]
Papá! Oh god.
Is something wrong? RODOLFO IS INNOCEN [young Álex.]
Sara! [sobbing.]
Sara! Come on! - [young Álex.]
Sara! - Do you hear me? Hurry up with the car! RODOLFO IS INNOCEN [indistinct shouting.]
[Sara screaming.]
Whoo! [engine revs.]
[tires squealing.]
- [machine gun firing.]
- [glass shattering.]
[intense music playing.]
["Fyre" by Rosie Oddie and Filippo Cimatti playing.]
Don't let a monster Through your door ♪ She will make a nest under your floor ♪ If you lock a dragon in a cage ♪ He'll do anything he needs to get away ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Fire ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Fire ♪ [electronic music intensifies.]
Fee-fi-fo-fum ♪ Look at what we've done ♪ Fee-fi-fo-fum ♪ Look at what we've done ♪ Fee-fi-fo-fum ♪ Look at what we've done ♪ Fee-fi-fo-fum ♪ Look at what we've done ♪ Don't leave a dragon in the woods ♪ Your mind has said you never should ♪ If you tie a dragon to a tree ♪ He'll do anything he can to break free ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Fire ♪
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