Who Killed Sara? (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Life Insurance

1 We all win if you take the blame and plead guilty.
I'll be there to take care of you, and watch your back.
And you'll have to do some jail time.
It will only be a couple of weeks.
And what am I offering? The health of your mother.
Your sacrifice will save your mom's life.
How are you? There's some things going on here that are more painful than that beating those fucking cowards gave you.
Nice to meet you.
Carlos Sánchez.
How long you in for? I've been here eight years.
Twenty-two to go.
Who the hell are you? Your fairy godmother, Alejandro Guzmán.
Is there any news, or So what'd the judge say? They promised I'd be here two months.
Been almost eight.
Your case isn't easy.
I have little evidence in your favor.
César Lazcano said it would be two months at the most.
He made a promise.
My momis out there, and she's alone.
She can't visit me because she gets sicker by the minute.
They didn't tell you? Your momdied last Monday.
Thought it might help you.
Well? How long are they gonna keep you? No idea.
They know I'm an ex-con, so they'll do whatever they want with me.
- I'm gonna talk to them.
- No.
- What? Álex! - No, don't interfere.
I don't want you talking to them.
I'm just trying to help.
Did they hurt you? They went straight for Ortega.
I swear, I did nothing.
I swear.
I just went to my dad's offices.
I was trying to find the accountant so I could speak to him, that's all, Álex.
They won't come after you.
No? How can you be so sure? Because I'm gonna be your life insurance.
As long as I'm with you, my family won't do anything.
I've decided.
Oh, I'm so glad you're back.
I've been sleeping alone for too long.
I've been sleeping alone for too many nights.
I know, I know The casino, the clients, the new venue.
- Don't fuck with me! - No, I like that.
César, keep going.
Don't stop.
You gonna call the priest - so he can give you permission to fuck? - I'll take it off.
Yeah, I guess I should carry the guilt of you burning in hellfire.
- Ah.
- César, wait.
I need help.
Are you all right, hon? Yeah.
You're not eating, Bruno.
Will you tell me what's wrong? It's a girl from school.
Good night, Mom.
One more, come on.
Push it, push it.
Nice, nice.
Good shift.
Now rest.
A minute, no more.
- Hey.
- How is it going? I'm glad you came.
Come here.
May I present my most disciplined pupil, - Rodolfo Lazcano.
- Hey.
This is my sister, Sara.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
Sara, pleasure.
Now, you'll be coming by here more often, I suppose? Mm.
- You start today? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - Yeah, she starts today.
Awesome, I'll see you.
Look through me ♪ - Who'd you tell, bitch? - What the hell? Let go of me! - Let go of me.
- You better not say shit.
Keep your mouth shut.
I was looking for you.
Want to come with me? Listen.
I don't wanna do anything you don't want to do, okay? Oh, don't you want To see me in the moonlight? ♪ Hold on Don't you want to do me right? ♪ Are you afraid your dad will beat you for being a homo? Fuck you care? It's my life, and it's private.
It's my brother.
Álex is my brother.
You're fucking my brother, no one says shit.
And that's normal.
It's because we're two men.
Right, bitch? Huh? Hey.
What about - Rodolfo? - It's just a ride.
You can tell Rodolfo.
It's okay.
But you can also keep it to yourself.
And maybe have a good time with me.
It's your call.
Now you're really screwed, you bastard.
Forgive yourself ♪ Forgive yourself ♪ Forgive yourself ♪ Forgive yourself ♪ Sara! Rodolfo's looking for you.
You all right, Elroy? Yeah, I'm fine, Don César.
Forgive yourself ♪ We'll let you know if we have any more questions.
- You're free to go.
- Yes, sir.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Thank you.
You're good.
The police couldn't harass you.
Thank God there was another witness.
Come on, I promise.
Confess, and we'll be even.
Are you gonna come here every day to harass me, or what? I need to know if it was you.
What are you talking about? Someone trapped me inside the sauna.
And they raised the temperature.
What makes you think it was Álex? Please spare me the sanctimonious older brother comment, would you? It wasn't me.
Álex was with me most of yesterday.
He wasn't at the casino.
Since when are you two - Dad is aware? - No.
There's no point.
You're getting screwed.
First, they blame you for my sister's death and now this.
Can't be a coincidence.
Whatever's going on between you two definitely won't end well.
Come in.
No way.
Oh, how cool.
This is great.
Excellent house! Ooh! I mean, of course it's awesome, right? Gay men always have the best taste.
It was Lorenzo who decorated.
Waitress? Assistant for a casting agency? Manicurist? Now you're making me a little nervous.
A building super, salesperson.
So many jobs! Why so many professions? - I'm just versatile, man.
- Hm.
Besides, it's not my fault people get me fired all the time.
- Some people can be - You interested in working? Yes, I'm interested.
But I want it to be a job that that fills my heart - and fills - And what if you were offered a truly important position? Like, say something that that fills your heart and fulfills your life? - Hm.
- What would you say? Well, I'd accept and devote my mind, body, soul, and feel profoundly happy.
Lorenzo and I would love to offer you perhaps the most important job of your life and of our lives as well.
That's amazing! But we haven't told you what it is yet.
So, dummy, are you afraid of needles? - No.
- Or gaining weight? Oh, come on.
Of having a baby? Um We would you like you to, uh, carry our child for us.
Lorenzo and I wanna be parents, Clara.
And, well, all we need now is a woman to help us by lending us her uterus.
You in? You mean No, no, no! Are you serious? Are you serious? - Of course I'll do it! Of course! - Careful with the glasses.
I can't believe this.
I can't believe it.
Oh, thank you! Thank you, thank you! Of course! It's the most beautiful thing anyone's asked me.
- Of course! - Let me make this clear.
- You're gonna be compensated for this.
- Yeah.
But first, we have to agree on a price.
Okay, that's perfect, that's perfect! But you know the best part of all this? You, and you we are a family as of this moment.
I can't believe it! A family! A family! Oh! - Play it again, please.
- Yes, sir.
Huh? It's great, no? We have the best casino in México.
Jorge Ortega has passed.
A car hit him last night.
I bet he was drunk.
- What happened? - No clue.
The point is he's dead, and we need a new accountant, urgently.
You must have a few candidates.
So, what's the protocol for tonight? The invited guests arrive, and we'll keep them at the lobby.
Meanwhile, go inside so you can meet the press, and you can welcome them and visit with them I want the girls ready.
You got that? César, that's a risk we shouldn't take right now.
You know that the clients Are you gonna tell me how to manage my companies, amigo? I want them to be hotter than ever.
'Cause we're going to close a shitload of deals tonight.
Excuse me, Elroy? I was looking for you.
I have the invoice for Mr.
Jorge's funeral arrangements.
Can you approve it? I still can't believe it.
It was so out of nowhere.
It was completely useless.
Elroy, you check the cameras? Elroy, the cameras.
Did you look? - Do you hear me? - No, they weren't working right.
What do you mean, they weren't working right? That's your only Fuck, Elroy! We'll have them repaired.
Someone tried to kill me.
Because of you, I don't know who it was.
You should have never been hired.
I want you to look at me.
It was pity.
That's all it was.
Just pity.
Go bathe.
You smell like shit.
You can trust me, Sara.
What's up with Don César and you? - Let's wait one more year.
- No.
No, no, no, no.
- I want you to take every damn test - Sofía, it's terrible timing! Today? Seriously? I want us to have a child together, baby.
It's something I've wanted since the day we got married.
Plus, I need to know if you're the one with the problem.
Of course I have the problem.
- It's always my problem.
- No, don't play the victim.
Confront this issue once and for all.
The damn sperm count, just do it! Help me to know why I can't get pregnant.
Is that too much to ask? My, my, my How you have grown ♪ Since I saw you last ♪ You were on your own ♪ Whisper ♪ Sweet, sweet nothing of mine ♪ From me to you ♪ Whisper ♪ Sweet, sweet nothing of mine ♪ From me to you ♪ Give me sweet, sweet nothing ♪ You got me topsy-turvy ♪ What are you doing here? I'll wait downstairs.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
I heard that you talked about Sara to Elisa.
You said that someone may have tampered with the harness? What do you know that you haven't told us, Elroy? - You all right? - Hi, dear.
Of course.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Going over business with Elroy.
You don't need to worry about a thing.
This is your night.
Go out and shine.
You all right? Don't you forget.
Everything you've got, you owe to me.
ROYAL PARADISE PRESENTS I was a bad man ♪ Until I found God ♪ Asleep ♪ He didn't wake up ♪ But no one ever does ♪ For me ♪ I know you must hate this, but I'm here for you.
You've already helped me enough.
You don't have to come with me if you don't want.
I'm your life insurance.
You know a girl here who goes by Imara? Imara.
The first thing I'll need to get started is your father's IP address.
Then I need to get into his computer, introduce some code, and use inverse engineering, and I'll get all the info I need.
Aren't you curious about what I'm planning? I told you I want to uncover the truth.
Even if it involves your family? Especially if it involves my family.
When were you gonna tell me you were leaving for Madrid? Okay Where did you get that information? I have ways.
I was accepted to a master’s program for Neuropsychiatry at the Autonomous University of Madrid.
SAVING FILES TO USB So when are you leaving? Next month.
But I thought you were gonna stick around.
Yeah? That's it? No.
Still not finished.
You can't talk to the guests.
Tell them to come to me.
- That clear? - I'm sorry.
We won't have that issue again, will we? Okay.
One, three Happy to see you.
Come this way.
And here he is César Lazcano.
Thank you.
Thank you very much! Ladies and gentlemen, what an honor to have you here on such an important evening for the Lazcano family.
You, our friends of the press, have been very important, a key part in the success of our enterprises.
That's why we wanted you to be the first, before any of the other guests, to enjoy this new and beautiful venue that I know will bring our town some magic and much, much pleasure.
It's a very exciting evening.
You're all aware that first impressions are never forgotten.
That's why we have made a point to make absolutely sure that every detail has been taken care of.
I've always believed words are more than just I asked you not to call me.
Now, I have an appetizer.
Some images of what I am certain will be a great place in our city for years to come.
Enjoy yourself.
Three, two, one Boom! César, what was that? What's going on? What happened? What's this? Stop that video! Take the video down, now! - Take it down! Don't record this! - Oh, my God.
No one record this! Stop the video.
Everyone, please, stop.
That's enough! Elroy! No! That's enough! No.
Elroy! Hey, man! Enough! Shut up! - No, Rodolfo! - Watch out, Rodolfo! No more secrets, goddamnit! - Calm down.
- Shut up, now! Quiet! No more secrets.
Don't let a monster through your door ♪ She will make a nest under your floor ♪ If you lock a dragon in a cage ♪ He'll do anything he needs to get away ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Fire ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Fire ♪ Fee-fi-fo-fum Look at what we've done ♪ Fee-fi-fo-fum Look at what we've done ♪ Fee-fi-fo-fum Look at what we've done ♪ Fee-fi-fo-fum Look at what we've done ♪ Don't leave a dragon in the woods ♪ Your mind has said you never should ♪ If you tie a dragon to a tree ♪ He'll do anything he can to break free ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Fire ♪
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