Who Killed Sara? (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Fear and Guilt

1 We've got reports that indicate local businessman César Lazcano has mounting troubles.
A few hours before the disturbing photos of him standing over the carcasses of wild animals emerged at his new venue, his personal accountant, Mr.
Jorge Ortega, passed away in a car accident on a public highway.
And last night, during the inauguration of their new show venue and casino, Elroy Seriously, you people don't know your dad? How can you continue to look him in the eye and not say anything about how fucked he is or the harm he causes? Don't lump me in with them.
I left Mexico for a reason, but my brothers decided to stay with him.
Or am I missing something? Not me! I barely have a relationship with Dad since I came out.
What about you? Did you really not realize that when Dad asked Álex to go to jail for you, it was a plan to trick him? Hmm? I mean, did it not cross your mind when you just sat there like a fool and didn't even defend him that really Dad would just lock Álex up when it should have been you? - No, it didn't.
- No? - No.
- Ah.
I trusted him.
The administrator of the casino in the Polanco district was mixed up in an incident involving a firearm, where he was wounded.
I apologize if you don't wanna talk about this right now, but I do.
I dunno whether or not you're embarrassed to acknowledge what idiots you were all these years for believing your dad.
My father isn't right in the head.
- He's sick, Álex.
- No, he's a criminal.
What about you, man? What do you mean it didn't cross your mind, and you trusted him? Fuck you.
What kind of answer is that? What should I say, huh? - I've always been an idiot? - Yeah.
Sorry, but you were.
That's because you never had the fucking balls to confront Dad.
I've always been a coward.
I'm ashamed.
I'm warning you.
I'm all in.
If you wanna do something, that's your right.
If you wanna stop me or screw me.
But I dare him to try to get outta this one.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Rodi, wait up! Let's go! - Let's do it! Whoo! - Yeah! Tell me the truth.
Who got Sara pregnant? She told me that that I was her first, that she'd never been with anyone else.
Why'd she lie? - Ask Elroy.
- I'm asking you, Álex.
We're talking about my sister, asshole.
I'm not gonna discuss who she fucked with you.
You're right.
I wasn't good enough for her.
I know I should have confronted Why don't we stop talking about the past? Okay? I'm the only one here who paid the price.
Álex! - Something's wrong.
- Go faster! - Help me! - Chill out.
- Álex! - Sara! Sara! Help, Rodolfo! - Do something! - Who first? Rodolfo.
Your mom said you and José María can't go.
- Listen, dude - I'll go.
Give me the thing.
Whoo! No.
No, it wasn't even me who paid the price.
It was Sara.
Where are the videos I asked for? I couldn't find them.
I looked for them everywhere, I swear.
I think I might have lost them in a move.
- Uh-huh.
- What videos? The ones Chema and Nicandro were always recording when we were younger.
What do you want them for? Because they recorded the entire day Sara died.
I saw them at your place.
Sara and all of you were on the boat together? Someone going by Diana the Huntress sent them.
Turn it off or answer it.
It's Lorenzo.
He's probably freaking out because I never came home last night.
Why didn't you send him a text last night? At what moment? Tell me.
With everything that was happening? Cut it out.
That person says somebody tried to frame you for what happened to Sara.
He or she also said that they were here that day.
That's why I need those videos, to figure out who's sending those messages.
Chema, are you sure you don't have them? I mean, I could help you look around.
At your house.
The - Excuse me.
- Chema! Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! I DON'T KILL! We waiting for Rodolfo, or should we start without him? Those people on the street, yelling like wild animals They're jobless, and they're worthless.
How about we focus on what's important and leave that nonsense alone? It's not your name they're yelling or your honor that is in jeopardy.
Some things are more important than your honor and your name.
Like the casino, for example.
If things continue this way, we'll lose half of the clients by the end of the day.
Prognosis is worse for tomorrow throughout the country if you ask me.
At this rate, we won't even get through the month.
There's more.
Gonzálo Abascál called me last night.
They detected an unidentified server that was activated inside our own computers.
To put it briefly, somebody outside of this organization may have accessed our tax system, and we can't be certain who.
But I'm sure you've got an idea.
I don't have to explain what could happen if Álex Guzmán gets access to your taxes, and if the press finds out about tax fraud and connects it to the death of your accountant Government'd be on top of us in a matter of hours.
The IRA, DA, Treasury With the recent designation of Rodolfo as CEO, it's extremely probable that they'll decide to reopen Sara's case.
You wanna have the casino full of cops? Going to the basement? Or speaking to Elroy in the hospital? We have a time bomb on our hands.
You're gonna have to come to an agreement with Álex Guzmán.
Yes, I know it's fucked.
Give him what he wants.
A public apology.
We can erase his criminal file.
Open a trust fund in his goddamn mother's name, whatever! He has us by the balls, César, and this is only the beginning.
The son of a bitch had 18 years to plan out his revenge.
This can't end well, César.
Out! Get out, damn it! You owe me, you know.
Without me, you wouldn't have solved your problem with Sara Guzmán.
Sara Guzmán is dead! Her child's dead, so is her mother! And before long, her brother will join them.
- What did you do with those videos? - Look, I told you already.
I misplaced them.
Misplaced? Or disposed of? Stop it, Elisa, now.
I don't understand why this makes you so nervous.
I'd be extremely embarrassed if people saw what's on them.
What is it that you're hiding? - What's up? - Nothing.
I'm going.
I dunno what I'm doing here.
Did you know that your father has a photo on his computer of Diana the Huntress? Álex, I really can't imagine my dad sending anonymous cell phone messages.
He's an old-fashioned man.
How do you know the messages came from a cell? - Mm, because, man - Because? Our father knows nothing about technology.
He can't even turn on a phone.
It had to be someone else.
- The photo was there.
I saw it.
- Elroy.
Must be him.
He does those things all the time for Dad.
Well, I already talked to Elroy.
He was there on the day of the accident and saw it all.
He seems to know a lot of secrets about Sara's life.
Could he be Diana the Huntress? What about Elroy? Does anyone know how he's doing? Or what happened? - No.
- No.
But I'll find out.
He's gonna have to do some serious explaining.
I'm sorry, Álex.
You're right.
We always knew our father was a scumbag and a criminal.
A son of a bitch.
It was just a lot easier to look the other way and continue our privileged lives.
No, let me interrupt you, all right? Don't include me in this.
You want me to applaud you for leaving? - Whatever.
- Knock it off! I really don't care what Dad does or doesn't do.
I didn't talk to the man for five years, I can do it again.
No problem.
I don't depend on him.
You're right.
- Let's go back to the city.
- Finally.
- What are you waiting for? - Coming.
If the thing about Sara's child turns out to be true Álex, I don't know how I'm gonna I don't know how Rodolfo.
Get some rest.
It's gonna be okay.
I'm staying here.
You better have a very good excuse, Rodolfo.
Call me as soon as you get this, okay? Your stepfather is so irresponsible.
How can he just disappear like that? And you go and do the same thing? I was worried sick yesterday looking all over for you.
Gotta go to the casino.
Only place you'll be going is straight to your school.
It's urgent, Mom.
You can't get in by yourself, Bruno.
You're underage.
- Mom, are you all right? - Where were you last night? I was there with everyone else.
Oh yeah? Why couldn't I find you, then? What did you get involved in, Bruno? Look at me.
Is it drugs? No.
Then why is it so urgent for you to go to the casino? Help.
They need me.
And who is this? If you go to the casino, I swear I'll call your dad and send you to live with him in the United States.
I'm serious, okay? Put away your cell phone.
You're gonna be late.
Now eat.
The day we begin our medical tests, you decide to run off without so much as a warning? I don't give a damn what's happening in your family! Okay, José María? Do what you want.
I'm sticking to our plan.
Clara! Yeah? We're leaving in 15.
I think that bandage needs to be changed.
I don't want it to get infected.
I need a computer.
Check this out.
My dad? Mm-hmm Last night.
He went to my place after he shot me.
I don't recognize him.
I know the guy has a short temper and everything, but this? It's fear and guilt.
I guess there's things about your dad you couldn't even imagine.
Do you think that that my dad murdered your sister? How far are you willing to go with all this, with your vengeance against my family? The entire world is badmouthing my dad.
It hurts me so much to know what they did to you and your sister, but Not just me and my sister were harmed.
My mom as well.
She was sick.
And your dad promised her a kidney transplant.
She died eight months after Sara, waiting for a kidney that never came.
You ask me how far I'm willing to go with this? I'm taking this to the point of no return.
When I see them pay.
Until they beg me for forgiveness.
So if you don't wanna help me anymore, say so now.
Elroy! Yes, ma'am? What did you see that's making you act this way? Elroy? Elroy.
What happened? Why did you do it? Why did you say you couldn't go on? I have regrets.
I have regrets, Doña Mariana.
I regret it every single day.
It's all right.
Get some rest.
Look into my eyes And all you'll see is lie ♪ I'll always be something That you'd never have ♪ I will be clouds And you'll be deep in ground ♪ Never within in your grasp ♪ Everything is too late ♪ Everything is too late ♪ 'N everything is too late ♪ Everything is too late ♪ Hey, what is it? Did the ice help? Because I asked to be transferred to this prison just for you.
It cost me a shitload, but it worked.
I'm not gonna get up until you and I have a little chat.
I'm in prison for the same reason as you.
César Lazcano.
Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! WE DEMAND RESPECT FOR ANIMALS He's a liar! He's a goddamn liar! Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! Her name was Flor.
My little girl.
My only daughter.
When they gave me her body, I thought I couldn't make it.
But no.
You hang on.
You continue breathing.
She was killed by the Lazcanos.
They abused her.
They forced her to do things.
I went to confront them.
Taking justice into my own damn hands.
But I lost.
They accused me then.
I ended up here.
My daughter's killers are free.
And I'm locked up.
In prison with a 30-year sentence.
I'm really sorry.
If you think disappearing for over 12 hours will be forgotten with a simple apology, you're wrong.
You dunno what we had to go through.
How could I not know? It's all over social media.
Don't leave me out.
Are we in this together or not? If you want to be a parent and bring up a family, you better take these matters seriously.
This is not a game.
Or you can fuck off.
It's just that simple.
- Hey! - What's next? - How'd it go? - Fine.
Fine, fine.
- Yeah? It went well? - All good.
PASSPORT - HUNGARY This here's the key to a safe deposit box.
I put everything in it before I was arrested.
Photos, some names, documents from the Lazcano casino.
My savings.
In there, you'll find everything you need to bring them down.
In memory of your mother, your sister, and my daughter, finish them off, Álex.
All of them.
- Who is she? - Imara Bartha Almassy.
Twenty-three years old, Hungarian.
I saw her at the casino with Elroy.
Why does my dad have her passport? Not only hers, over 30 other women.
Have you ever heard of Flor Sánchez? She worked at the casino.
Died 21 years ago.
Her death certificate said that she was bludgeoned.
It's awful.
She had over three skull fractures.
Here she is.
But why does my dad have that woman's passport also? Of this group of women, four are missing, and your dad has copies of their passports, all four of them.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
And who gave you that information? Diana the Huntress? No.
Flor's father.
I met him in prison.
He claims someone in your family murdered his daughter.
What the hell? What's wrong? Nothing, I have to go to Mexico City.
I need someone to answer all the questions I have.
Of course.
I'd rather stay here.
What do you wanna do in this place? My life changed in this place.
In that lake.
And I want to I don't want to, I need to come to terms with it.
Come on, hon, go ahead.
I'll stay.
Some alone time will do me good.
Hmm? I don't feel like a traitor.
But I do feel guilty about everything my family's doing.
No, it's not your whole family.
It's someone within your family.
And we'll find out who it is.
Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! LAZCANO, YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! Bruno? Why are you here? I'm looking for my phone.
I lost it here.
What about school? Does your mom know you're here? Bruno, what is it? Hey.
Hey, Bruno! Bruno! No.
Where you think you're going? Nothing down here.
- There's only bathrooms and storage rooms.
- Let go.
- Please let go.
- Come on.
Just talk to me.
Talk to me.
What is it? What is it, Bruno? How did you get here? What are you involved in? How long have Rodolfo and his wife been married? - What exactly are you asking? - Nothing.
Something I should know? - Clara.
- Bathroom.
Hey! What's wrong? César is fucking Sofía.
- What? - Yes.
They were in the casino bathroom.
At first, I didn't recognize them, but then I watched them together, and I realized it was your brother's woman.
Your father was sticking his tongue down her throat.
No, wait.
Hold on.
 Chema! I could've made a mistake.
Maybe I'm wrong.
Chema! Chema! César brought me here.
You mean my dad? Yeah, César.
Don't tell him I said so.
- Don't worry.
- I'm serious.
- If you tell him, I swear I'll - I won't.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
Just trust me.
What do you have to do? Okay.
Do you have the code for the door? - No, but we can find it.
- Please.
You have the code or not? Let me call someone to to come and open the door or something.
What the fuck is this shit? But No, I went.
Álex, stop.
All right.
Let's go.
Whoo! Sara.
Sara! Álex! - Sara! - Álex! Sara! Please wake up.
Quick! Get somebody, please! Sara! Sara! But I do feel guilty about everything my family's doing.
It's not your whole family.
It's someone within your family.
No! No! Please! Don't let a monster through your door ♪ She will make a nest under your floor ♪ If you lock a dragon in a cage ♪ He'll do anything he needs to get away ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Fire ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Fire ♪ Fee-fi-fo-fum ♪ Look at what we've done ♪ Fee-fi-fo-fum ♪ Look at what we've done ♪ Fee-fi-fo-fum ♪ Look at what we've done ♪ Fee-fi-fo-fum ♪ Look at what we've done ♪ Don't leave a dragon in the woods ♪ Your mind has said you never should ♪ If you tie a dragon to a tree ♪ He'll do anything he can to break free ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Fire ♪
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