Who Killed Sara? (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

The Two Faces of Sara

1 [Lucía.]
Sara, I'm home.
- [Marifer.]
Come with me! - What's wrong? - It's Sara.
She's freaking out.
- [Lucía.]
Sara? - [crashing, banging.]
- [Sara screaming.]
[dramatic instrumental music plays.]
- Sara, what's wrong? - [Sara crying.]
They hate me! They hate me! No.
That's not true.
Sara, I love you more than anything.
Put it down, please.
Please, Sara.
- [Lucía.]
Put it down.
- [Sara.]
Get away from me.
- [Marifer.]
Sara, give me those.
- [screaming, panting.]
[Marifer and Lucía gasping.]
Everyone wants to kill me.
[Lucía panting.]
- [Sara.]
You want to kill me too! - [Lucía.]
No! [Sara gasping.]
[music builds.]
[Sara panting.]
- [Marifer.]
Oh my God! Are you okay? - [Lucía gasps.]
[Lucía panting.]
Thank you.
Thank you.
[music crescendos.]
[birds chirping, dog barking.]
Sara! - [Sara.]
Hey, guys.
- [José.]
You ready? You know it.
I've been waiting.
- [Rodolfo.]
Hey, babe.
- Hey, you.
- How are you? Good? - I'm good.
[Sara giggling.]
- You're going out? - We're going to see a friend of Rodolfo.
- [Lucía laughs.]
- How's it going, Mrs.
G? - Okay.
- [Rodolfo.]
Good? - Really good.
- [Rodolfo.]
Don't worry.
I'll bring them back both safely.
- [panting.]
That's fine.
- [Álex.]
You seem a little agitated.
- [Lucía.]
We were just working out.
- Okay.
Well, um - You're not going? - I'm not.
- [Rodolfo.]
Let's go.
- Let's do it.
- You all right, though, Mom? - [Lucía.]
[dramatic music rises.]
- Bye, Mom.
- Álex.
Please watch out for Sara, all right? - [Rodolfo.]
Hop in.
- Yeah.
- [Sara.]
Let's go.
- [Álex.]
Here we go.
[horn honking.]
[music building.]
[Álex cheering.]
All right.
Let's do this.
TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY FOR US BOTH I CAN'T BELIEVE I I can't believe how blind I was.
Sara was completely insane.
[dramatic music crescendos.]
[theme music plays.]
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [music crescendos.]
MEDICAL CENTER [somber instrumental music plays.]
[muffled traffic noise.]
Alejandro Guzmán? - Come in, the doctor is ready.
- Thank you.
Sara was murdered, doctor.
Eighteen years ago.
[grim instrumental music plays.]
And your mother? [Álex.]
She died two months after Sara.
From kidney failure.
[music rises.]
So, how did you hear about me? Your name was written in a diary I found in Sara's room.
Google took care of the rest.
Doctor, uh, this Sara, the one you treated, your patient, I never knew my sister in that way.
My mother trusted me a great deal, I mean.
There wasn't much about her I didn't know.
But I had no idea about this, that Sara was having psychiatric treatment.
And I need to know about who Sara really was.
[music builds.]
She was found to have schizophrenia and paranoia as well.
Your mother brought her here during a psychotic episode.
I couldn't do much.
Schizophrenia has a strong hereditary factor.
A component that's genetic.
[music builds.]
But listen, be careful.
You might end up discovering something about your family that you can't handle.
What is it you're trying to tell me, doctor? Do you know who killed her? No.
I don't.
But I'm going to find out.
And I'm also going to find out why my mom lied to me about it.
[music tempo increasing.]
Your mother was living in fear of her daughter.
Under threat? But how? Doc, do you think that Sara was capable of committing an act of murder? [music building.]
Your sister was a sociopath.
She was truly dangerous.
I'm certain she could've killed someone.
I wouldn't be surprised if someone killed her because they felt threatened by her.
[music builds.]
I don't want to take responsibility away from your mother.
But dealing with a schizophrenic patient who was also your daughter? That would be very complicated to cope with.
And it's difficult for the family to understand when someone is sick like that.
[Álex inhaling.]
The psychiatrist gave me Sara's medical history.
[dog barking outside.]
You read it? [Álex.]
Not yet.
I have to find out the truth about Sara.
Now more than ever, I have to know what happened to her.
It's the only way I'll be able to avoid going to prison.
[Álex pacing.]
[eerie instrumental music plays.]
I have to find out everything.
All of it.
I need to know who hurt her, who her victims were, and who hated Sara.
Why would they kill her? [Álex.]
Don't you get it? For 18 years I thought that your family killed my sister, because she came from a family without money, and she got knocked up by Rodolfo, and that was why you guys killed her.
Álex, Álex.
- Wait.
- What? We need to stop this.
- Your plan's getting out of hand.
- What're you saying? And I think you should try and concentrate on something positive.
- Álex.
- My sister was killed.
Sara might've been crazy.
She may have been a psychopath like he said.
But someone murdered Sara.
And they were there that day at that lake.
Someone in my family, that's what you're saying.
[music building.]
[Elisa inhaling.]
Yeah, the parachute was cut by someone in your family.
[sound echoing.]
Here you go.
You can use this.
No, ma'am, this is too much.
I won't be able to [Mariana panting.]
Do what you have to.
And don't disappoint me.
[sound echoing.]
[suspenseful instrumental music plays.]
[water lapping.]
[Elroy breathing rapidly.]
[suspenseful electronic music plays.]
[Elroy panting.]
Elroy! - [Elroy.]
What's up, Nicandro? - What's up? Nothing.
What are you doing alone? Why aren't you up Chema and Rodolfo's ass like usual? Yeah, I was just about to check on them.
[music crescendos.]
What's tormenting you? [sound echoing.]
[heart monitor beeping.]
[Elroy gasping.]
What happened? [sound echoing.]
[Elroy gasping.]
I need to confess, Mrs.
Try to relax.
I'll get you a priest.
- [air rushing.]
- [Elroy panting.]
You said [dramatic music plays.]
What is that? You said I would need to cut the cables that day.
[Elroy gasping.]
I'm not quite sure anymore.
I didn't cut the parachute.
I couldn't.
I didn't get the chance to.
[Elroy panting.]
Of course you did.
Those cables had to have been cut by somebody.
- [Mariana.]
That's what killed her.
- It was someone else.
[Elroy gasping.]
Another person who was there.
It wasn't me, Mrs.
I swear to you it wasn't.
Are you saying it was one of my brothers who murdered your sister? I don't I don't know.
I mean, maybe it was Nicandro or Elroy - You were also there that day on the lake.
- Álex, focus.
Sara was a mess.
She had schizophrenia.
You found her diary.
And in it was a map of a dead body that for years was just out there on your patio.
I'm sorry, but What if you know she? - What if she what? - Committed suicide.
And maybe it was her who cut the cords on the parachute because she wanted to kill herself and put the guilt on you guys.
[Álex sighing.]
Álex, what if you're looking for the killer in the wrong place.
What if [dog barking.]
What if what? [ominous music plays.]
Um, I saw Uh [dog barking.]
[suspenseful instrumental music plays.]
[multiple dogs barking.]
[dog howling.]
I swear I saw someone.
[dogs barking.]
Come on.
[dogs barking.]
[music crescendos.]
[air rushing.]
When did Sara start showing signs of mental illness? [doctor.]
According to your mother, it started when Sara was little.
At out first meeting, she told me a story about one event in particular.
[eerie synth music builds.]
I think it was on her sixth birthday.
Do you remember? [music builds.]
[children yelling.]
[sound muffled, echoing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
I don't think I'll ever forget it, doctor.
I had invited all of her friends and for some reason, she wasn't happy.
[children's voices echo indistinctly.]
She didn't want to play with anyone.
[eerie synth music plays.]
I was speaking with another mom, and And I saw her start to walk away from where we were standing.
[music rising.]
She picked up a rock from the ground.
A big one.
[music builds.]
She could barely carry it.
And holding up that rock, she approached a little girl who was sitting by herself on the ground.
She moved forward step by step.
And she looked at her head as if as if she was going to [music crescendos.]
We were seconds away from a horrible tragedy happening.
[eerie synth music plays.]
Nobody even noticed.
But when Sara looked at me, it was like Like nothing.
No fear and no remorse.
[eerie instrumental music plays.]
Do you think she, um wanted to hurt her? I don't know.
But I was so scared because her father was such a violent man.
Tell me more about her father.
[music rises.]
When Sara was a teenager, complications arose.
Why? There are two factors that always repeat without fail.
Affective disorders and controlled substances.
[music building.]
A guy and drugs.
That's what drove Sara crazy.
Hard drugs.
It can be fatal for a person as unstable as she was.
[pop music plays.]
Yeah, whenever you need someone To talk to ♪ I wanna be the one you can run to ♪ Make things right ♪ You know you can call me ♪ Whenever you feel down ♪ [Rodolfo.]
Oh, yeah.
You ready, Sara? [friends chatter indistinctly.]
- [Rodolfo.]
Here we are.
Here we are.
- [Sara cheers.]
- [Sara.]
This is your friend's house? - Nicandro's, yeah.
Why? - [laughing.]
It's so big.
- [Rodolfo laughing.]
It's bigger than yours.
You'll also meet my brother, Chema, today.
He just got back from Miami.
- Ah.
- Huh? What's up, brother? [laughing.]
Oh! - [Rodolfo.]
How are you? - You took forever.
I'm sorry, but look.
This is Sara.
- [Sara.]
- Hello.
- You too.
What's up, man? - The infamous Álex.
It's great to meet you.
- [both chuckling.]
- Infamous Álex, Chema.
- [Rodolfo.]
This is his sister.
- [José.]
Hey, I'm sorry.
This is new, right? - No.
- [Rodolfo.]
Who needs a drink? - Would you like anything? - [Álex.]
Whatever's clever.
Come on.
What are you feeling? [laughing.]
Of course.
What's good, dude? - [Rodolfo.]
What's up? - Hey.
In the kitchen, my man.
- Yeah.
The maid will tell you what to do.
- [Rodolfo.]
No, no.
This is Álex, my trainer.
One I told you about.
Remember? - [Nicandro laughs.]
- Uh, my best friend, Nic.
- What's up, Nic? - Nicandro.
[moody music plays.]
- [Nicandro.]
You took forever to get here.
- [Rodolfo.]
We got held up.
Everybody's got so much shit.
It took forever.
Yo! Hey, are you fucking nuts? My mom will totally kill me if you break that thing.
Dad got it for her from who knows where.
- You really can't take your eyes off them.
- [Rodolfo.]
For real, man.
- [Nicandro.]
Fuck, man.
- Oh, hey.
Come here.
Welcome, Sara.
This whole mess is in your honor.
Her honor? Dude, I just got back from Miami.
- Welcome back.
- [Rodolfo.]
He wants to be wanted.
- Thanks.
- [José.]
- Come on.
Too much shit-talking.
- [Rodolfo.]
Shall we? [José.]
Let's go.
- What the hell, bro? - What's wrong, dude? Now you're hanging out with the janitor from the gym? [Rodolfo sighing.]
Come on.
Álex is really cool, man.
And plus, - I'm crazy about his sister.
- [Nicandro.]
Sara's the janitor's sister.
So you're hanging out with a drug dealer so you can bang his sister.
[muffled dance music playing.]
[Nicandro sniffs.]
Don't be sorry.
It's okay.
You want some? Mm.
[Nicandro chuckling.]
I always got some if you want it.
And it's free for chicks like you.
[Nicandro sniffing.]
All right.
Time to get this party started.
[Nicandro chuckles.]
[eerie synth music plays.]
[music builds.]
Sometimes, the best thing we can do is just let go.
[dog barking outside.]
What are you saying? What do you mean let go? The police are doing an investigation because they dug up a dead body in my yard.
That person was killed and it went down before I went to prison for Sara's murder.
It's been 18 years.
How do you think that'll go? [Álex.]
Huh? They'll say that I was the one who did it.
No judge is gonna believe me as an ex-con.
[Álex sighing.]
I need to figure out what the hell happened before the police.
It's the only way I'll stay out of jail.
[somber instrumental music plays.]
[dog barking outside.]
Oh, Álex.
[footsteps departing.]
[ominous instrumental music builds.]
You're not going to answer him? [music crescendos.]
That's cool.
It's not the right time.
I'll let you know when the time is right.
Got it? [distant sirens wailing.]
What's this? [Clara chuckling.]
Chema would carry one around like this everywhere.
It's the same one? No.
That was Nicandro's.
- [ominous music rises.]
- [Clara.]
Fucking asshole.
I really despise that guy.
- No one knows where he is? - No.
Disappeared years ago.
Fell off the face of the earth.
[moody music plays.]
- Why are you here, Clara? - Hey.
So I can help.
Things are going much better than we originally had planned.
You're doing well with Chema.
[Clara chuckling.]
Always listen to big sis.
Especially when she's a fucking genius, you know? [Clara sighs.]
I have to eat something.
This pregnancy, I'm always hungry now.
[footsteps depart.]
[music rises.]
As long as we're clear on the bilateral agreements I'm sure that we can proceed toward a smooth negotiation.
Would you excuse me, please? I'm sorry.
[indistinct conversation.]
How are you? What are you doing here? These letters came to the house and, well, I didn't know if they were important papers or - I felt like it would be good to - José María.
I don't need you bringing my mail here.
[melancholy instrumental music plays.]
[Lorenzo sighing.]
I miss you so much, babe.
[Lorenzo breathes tensely.]
Why don't you come home and we can start over.
Without attacking each other.
Without hurting [Lorenzo.]
You don't get it.
What? It's not just about the things that we said.
Our life together isn't okay anymore.
We wanted a family, right? - And now we have one.
- Well, we took the first step.
Clara is pregnant, but you don't really get it.
- Why is there always a "but" with you? - Of course there are buts.
We're not here to pretend to be a happy family.
- You are my family.
- You just don't get it.
And we're facing opposition from all sides.
- You are who I want.
- [Lorenzo.]
It's not what I want.
Not this way I don't.
I already told you.
I need time.
I need to be alone, all right? Do me a favor.
Stop finding reasons to come over here.
Especially my place of work.
If you'll excuse me.
[sniffing, clearing his throat.]
[music builds.]
- What's up, dude? - I need a word with you.
[Rodolfo panting.]
[claves banging.]
Bruno and his mother don't live here anymore so What's up? I learned more about Sara.
Some stuff about her past that I want to discuss.
I guess she had some really serious psychological problems.
[claves banging.]
- I want to hear what you know.
- No way that's true.
Yes, it is.
[clay drum echoing.]
But what I really need to know is if you were doing drugs together.
- [clay drum echoes.]
- [eerie synth music plays.]
- The hell are you talking about? - You heard me.
Of course not.
Enough, man.
Get out of here.
Sara went crazy.
Might've hurt a bunch of people.
That's what I'm talking about.
All right, asshole.
Every time someone mentions Sara, something in my heart is destroyed.
[somber music plays.]
And now when my life is finally a little bit better, here you come to destroy it again.
You just can't get enough, can you? You know what, Maldonado? Get this guy outta here.
[birds chirping.]
You know what, man? If your sister was crazy, that's on you, not me.
You lived with her, I didn't.
Okay? For me, Sara was just perfect.
She was the love of my life, bro.
Get out of my house! I know the way out.
[Rodolfo panting.]
[music crescendos.]
[distant traffic noise.]
Thank you.
César, the press is waiting to hear about the theme park.
What do you think of this? "Chameleon Park, where you and your family can go to regain a sense of magic together.
" "This project is another effort from our family to preserve the values that have made our country great.
" [jazz playing in background.]
Now tell me.
How did you justify Rodolfo's absence? I said he was away on a business trip.
[indistinct chatter.]
You need to prepare the new list for candidates for CEO because my son will resign at any moment.
What did you expect, César? He just learned about you getting his wife pregnant.
He's so sensitive and fragile.
He's a bigger fag than his brother.
[grim instrumental music plays.]
MEDICAL EXAMINER [muffled banging.]
[ominous instrumental music plays.]
[music rises.]
[air rushing.]
[dramatic drumming.]
We never found an ID on the victim.
The forensics department will have to give analysis based on all the other evidence.
They discovered the remains of an entire skeleton.
[sound echoing.]
Considering your prior criminal record and the injunction submitted by your lawyer the court will grant six months for the authorities to conduct an investigation into facts.
For the duration of this period, the court orders that Mr.
Guzmán sign in weekly.
and remain in the country under strict police supervision.
[elevator humming.]
Were you able to see forensics? No, not yet.
What are you doing here? I received some mail from the University of Spain.
They want to know if I'm starting the masters program on Friday.
[melancholy instrumental music plays.]
And what did you say? - [man.]
Good afternoon.
- I don't know [Álex.]
Doctor, any news? No.
We haven't identified the body yet.
We ran some DNA, multiple dental tests.
But it doesn't coincide with anything from the police.
Were you able to determine whether it was a woman or a man? [doctor.]
We'll do more tests to make that determination, but it all takes time.
But I don't have time.
What am I paying you for if you can't give me information? The police think I murdered that person that was found in my yard.
I need to have any information you can get your hands on.
We did establish that it happened around 18 to 20 years ago.
From what we determined, it was a single bullet to the head.
Here, between the eyebrows.
One single shot.
Very precise.
[eerie instrumental music plays.]
Sounds like someone with some hunting experience.
Right? - Sound like someone you know? - Álex.
Keep me posted.
- Sure.
- [Álex.]
Excuse me.
[music crescendos.]
[phone ringing.]
[suspenseful instrumental music plays.]
What do you want? [Sergio.]
I want to know if you have an answer to my offer.
Help me bring down that fucking son of a bitch who destroyed our lives.
You have the balls.
I have the resources.
- When and where? - [Sergio.]
César and I have to complete a walk through of a theme park that we just bought.
No weapons.
Nobody else.
It would be the perfect time for you to arrive and intercept But I need you to do something for me.
What is it? I want to know about Sara.
- [Álex.]
About her past.
- What did you do? [Álex.]
Everything you know.
Well, yeah, I have a lot I could say about your sister and her past.
[music builds.]
I only ask that if it surprises you, that you don't don't shoot the messenger, yeah? [Sergio.]
See you then.
You're leaving? [Álex.]
Uh, yeah.
I have to stop by my house and pick up some stuff, take care of some things.
- Can I come with? - No.
It's something I have to do alone.
Thanks, and - Go to Spain.
- [gasping.]
That masters program is your dream.
And you're here.
I thought you said you wanted to leave your family.
Well, my papa.
- [somber music plays.]
- [Elisa sighs.]
After everything he's done and all we discovered with those women that he's hurt I hear you.
But I'm going to have to do everything in my power to stay out of jail.
I won't go back in for something I didn't do.
Never again.
Okay, but The path to vengeance always leads to two graves.
And I don't want you to end up in one of them.
Such is life.
[birds chirping.]
[music crescendos.]
Good luck.
[grim instrumental music plays.]
[car starting.]
If there is a history of schizophrenia in the family of her father, then you need to act fast.
I'll need to evaluate.
And about your [doctor.]
What did you say was your son's name? Uh, Álex.
But Sara's father wasn't my husband.
He's not Álex's father either.
My husband passed away a few years ago.
Sara [dramatic synth music rises.]
Uh, what I say is confidential? [Lucía.]
My children won't find out? [Lucía inhaling.]
Sara Sara was the result, uh of physical abuse.
A rape, doctor.
[music building.]
Please swear that my kids won't find out about any of this.
Legally, I'm not allowed to reveal anything you tell me in here.
Sara's father, the man who raped me was committed to a mental institution.
And I see him every time I look at her.
Those eyes.
[music crescendos.]
They're his, the beast that raped me that night.
[music building.]
[Lucía gasping.]
I don't know what to do to save my daughter, doctor.
[music crescendos.]
- My man.
- What's up? - I have a surprise.
- Hey, bro.
Find me.
- You know it.
- Yes.
[loud indistinct chatter.]
[suspenseful instrumental music plays.]
[music builds.]
[engine revving.]
[music building.]
[fast-tempo electronic music plays.]
[engine revving.]
CHAMELEON AMUSEMENT PARK [suspenseful synth music plays.]
You two wait right here.
[music crescendos.]
[insects chirping.]
[dog barking.]
When I was a kid I always dreamed about riding roller coasters.
To feel the thrill and the vertigo of seeing everything from above.
[dog barking.]
And then the feeling in my gut on the way back down.
But we couldn't afford it.
Because my dad, that asshole, only spent it on beer.
Don't you think we should have asked the body guards to come with us? [César.]
The thrill of hunting comes from doing it alone.
[dog barking.]
Just you, your gun, and the beast.
Surprise, motherfucker.
I know you're here.
You fell for it, like an idiot.
- César, don't provoke him.
- [César.]
What did you think? Sergio would betray my trust? You won't make it out alive.
- [carnival music plays.]
- [mechanical whirring.]
That's right, keep on shooting, asshole.
Everything that the drone records is being saved in the cloud.
[mechanical humming.]
That file is going directly to the web in real-time.
You have one minute to put your guns down and tell me the whole truth.
The truth? The truth about what? [Álex.]
If you don't do it, I'll send everything I'm recording to everyone in the media and all the national broadcasters as well as the coordinates on GPS.
In less than a minute, this place will be full of cops and the media faster than you assholes can imagine.
Only forty-five seconds.
You thought I'd take the bate, huh? Well, I'm not the same idiot who believed you 18 years ago.
Thirty-five seconds.
César, we should negotiate.
[shot ringing.]
[suspenseful music plays.]
That was a stupid mistake, fucker.
Why did you do that? He's fucking lying.
He's just trying to trick us.
You're fucked.
[cans banging.]
[music builds.]
[electronic beeping.]
These are copies of your statements from the bank.
You goddamn son of a bitch! [music crescendos.]
[gun firing.]
[shots ringing.]
[music crescendos.]
[suspenseful synth music plays.]
[Álex and César grunting.]
[both gasping.]
The IRS is already at the casino completing the audit, asshole.
I'm gonna kill you.
[both grunting.]
You'd better tell me.
Who did you kill and bury in my backyard? - Huh? - [César groans.]
[César gasping, groaning.]
Get up, asshole.
Come on.
[César panting.]
[César gasping, grunting.]
Hey! Hey! Come on! Álex is here.
[music builds.]
Go! [music crescendos.]
[electronic beeping.]
[gun firing.]
- [shot ringing.]
- [casings clinking.]
It was you, right, you fuck? The best hunter in all of Mexico, right? [Álex.]
Who the fuck did you bury in my yard? I'm gonna have to kill you now.
The same way you killed Sara, asshole? [César.]
I saved your sister's life.
[electronic beeping.]
Over here, fucker.
[music builds.]
Álex! - [Elisa.]
Álex! - [César.]
Elisa! - Elisa! - [beeping speeds up.]
[sound ringing.]
[suspenseful electronic music plays.]
Don't let a monster through your door ♪ She will make a nest under your floor ♪ If you lock the dragon in a cage ♪ He'll do anything he needs to get away ♪ There is a fire And we do not have the water ♪ To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fire And we do not have the water ♪ To put it out ♪ Fire ♪ There is a fire And we do not have the water ♪ To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fire And we do not have the water ♪ To put it out ♪ Fire ♪ If I go far ♪ Look at what we've done ♪ If I go far ♪ Look at what we got ♪ If I go far ♪ Look at what we've done ♪ If I go far ♪ Look at what we got ♪ If ♪ Don't leave a dragon in the woods ♪ You might, but said you never should ♪ If you tie a dragon to a tree ♪ He'll do anything he can to break free ♪ There is a fire And we do not have the water ♪ To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fire And we do not have the water ♪ To put it out ♪ Fire ♪
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