Who Killed Sara? (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Blood on Their Hands

1 Álex? Álex? Álex.
What have you done? I didn't do anything.
I I just found one of Sara's diaries and there was a map inside, and I started digging.
And I found this buried here in my own yard.
Do you realize what this means? I'm not going back.
I'm not going back to jail.
All right.
You need a good lawyer, okay? - A lawyer.
- You know I'm an ex-con, Elisa.
Come on.
Shit, shit, shit.
Lorenzo? Who? Elisa, what's wrong? We agreed we'd give each other time.
Álex needs a lawyer.
Got here fast as I could.
You okay? What took you so long? - What's going on? - You two don't say anything.
Do not answer any questions, period.
- Thanks.
- Hey Thank you.
Good evening.
- Is that a body? - Yes.
Lorenzo Rossi, Alejandro Guzmán's lawyer.
What happened? Apparently, Sara was a lot more dangerous than any of us thought she was.
NO TRESPASSING Alejandro, nice to meet you.
Lorenzo Rossi, your lawyer.
At the moment, my partner's drafting an injunction.
And we'll present it this evening.
That will keep you from having to spend the night in a jail cell.
I don't know how all this happened.
I don't even know I don't even know who that person buried over there is.
Don't say another word.
This is not the place.
I'm gonna handle all this for you.
All right? Rest assured I'm here to guarantee your rights are protected.
As long as they can't prove you're guilty, they won't be able to put you in jail.
Of course they will.
They're gonna say that not only did I murder my sister 18 years ago, but also that I killed Not the place.
Leave it to me.
I'll take care of it.
Obviously the body's been there longer than you've been out of prison.
It's time.
Considering the subject's criminal record and the injunction submitted by his lawyer, this court grants six months time for authorities to conduct an investigation into facts.
During said time, Mr.
Guzmán is ordered to sign in every week, to stay in the country, and to remain under strict police supervision.
Is that understood? I'm not going back to jail.
Look, I have to find out who murdered Sara.
And who that person was buried in my backyard.
And for that I have the next six months.
It's dangerous.
You might get hurt.
Yeah, come on.
Get outta the way.
Hey guys, quit it.
Shot, shot, shot! Go, go, go! Yeah! All right.
Get outta the shot.
Nicandro! You having fun, Sara? Do you even know what happiness is, man? Dopamine.
What's up? Anything you do that feels good turns into dopamine in your motherfucking cerebral.
All right? Let me know what you guys think about it.
Let me explain something to you.
What's up? If you fuck your girl, it's dopamine.
If you get an A on your exam dopamine.
Smoke ♪ I can make you smoke, be afraid ♪ So why the hell would you study for a fucking exam if you could just get dopamine here? Well, fuck.
This is much easier.
This is pure happiness.
Álex, pass me the vodka, man.
Hey, hey.
Thank you.
Hey, that order will be ready in 15.
Chema, did you see what they bought, man? This shit really sucks.
Vodka, boss.
- No, no! - Ahh! What's wrong with you? Smoke ♪ I can make you smoke, be afraid ♪ Nicandro.
You and I have to talk, you idiot.
May your merciful heart be moved for our brother Elroy.
Open the doors of heaven for him.
And grant us comfort with words of faith until the day we may all find Christ and remain at his side.
For Christ, our Lord, amen.
I know you as well as I know my three kids.
That's how I know you appreciate beautiful things, like me.
We've always had such a close relationship.
That's why it's difficult to let you go.
- Who, me? - Yes.
It's time we said adiós.
For your own good.
And for mine.
I've been dreaming of a love ♪ I've been looking up above ♪ For someone, lately ♪ Come on, Chema.
Cheer up.
Think about Well, your friend Álex avoided going back to jail.
I've been dreaming of somebody lately ♪ I'm not like this because of him.
It's I never imagined my last name would drive a wedge between me and Lorenzo.
But it's true.
Your family is really nuts.
But Chema, you're not your family.
You're very different from the other Lazcanos.
You are unique and special.
Chema, I've always been attracted to you.
Remember when you were bisexual and we fucked in your family's garage? Clara, we were just kids.
Plus, I'm not bisexual, little lady.
- We were experimenting.
- That's right, Chema.
I swear I didn't know I had all these feelings pent up inside me.
And then when I met Lorenzo Well, I I'm crazy about both of you.
I swear I've never felt this before.
I swear.
Help me bring down that fucking son of a bitch who destroyed our lives.
You have the balls.
And I have the resources.
When and where? César and I have to complete a walk through of a theme park that we just bought.
No weapons.
Nobody else.
The path to vengeance always leads to two graves.
And I don't want you to end up in one of them.
I will always be grateful for what you did to save my family.
Even though you are not a Lazcano, you helped me save my family.
That's what a mother does, isn't it? Save her family, even from herself.
That's why that's why the accountant Ortega had to die.
If we hadn't stopped him he would've met with Álex, and who knows how that would've ended.
And when I asked you to teach Rodolfo a lesson, you didn't hesitate to obey me.
Are you accusing your own family? Yeah.
No other option.
There were only a few people there.
He would've done great harm to this family.
Influenced by spite from Álex Guzmán.
Hey! Open the goddamn door! But you failed me in the most important task.
It was you who was supposed to kill Sara.
Not one of my children.
Was Álex right? Is there a monster in my family? No.
You are the monster.
All along it was you.
You are so fortunate, Elroy.
God will greet you in his grace.
Nobody will be able to tell the truth.
You will never be able to tell any of it.
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.
Thy will be done as it is in heaven.
Give us the daily bread.
SANTA FE MEDICAL CENTER - What are you doing here? - Came to see Elroy.
How is he? Have you decided what to do with Sofía's child? Are you going to take a DNA test or what? First Sara's baby, and now you're pulling this.
Maybe I'm not supposed to be a papa.
You never met the real Sara, did you, Rodolfo? And you did? How dare you.
My papa lies to your face every damn day of his life, and you have no idea.
Now you're telling me that somehow you knew the real Sara? Come on, Mama.
I saw her making out with Nicandro once.
But, oh well.
Poor Sara can't defend herself anymore.
I'm sorry, dear.
I shouldn't have told you.
Go to hell.
And how the hell are you gonna do that? I have it all planned out.
I know where I want the meeting to take place.
I'm gonna make them think that they screwed me over again.
And then, when I'm inside, I'm gonna go off like a bomb.
What's up? I have some news.
The body is a male between 40 and 45 years of age.
It's a man? Do we know who he was? No, but we submitted the report to the police.
Better find out who he was before they do or those fuckers will have me put back in jail.
I'll send the deposit, okay? - Perfect.
- Thanks.
- No way, babe! - It's the right one, no? You remembered? Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
I want to be alone, Clara.
- You're not well, Chema.
- What do you expect? Lorenzo left.
Do you get how that makes me feel? - Go away.
- No.
No way.
I'm not gonna leaving you alone.
Lots of people do stupid things when they're alone and sad, but I won't let you do that especially when I'm pregnant.
Tell me.
What would I do if something happens to you? How will I raise this child on my own? I don't know.
You'll have Lorenzo.
Lorenzo abandoned us.
He couldn't care any less about his child.
We're alone in this.
We have to take care of each other.
Protect each other.
It's just you and me, Chema.
You've done so much for me.
Let me take care of you.
Surprise, motherfucker! I know you're here.
What did you think? Sergio would betray my trust? You won't make it out alive.
That's right.
Keep shooting, asshole.
Everything that the drone records is being saved in the cloud.
That file is going directly to the web in real time.
You have one minute to put your guns down and tell me the truth.
César, we should negotiate.
Papa? That was a stupid mistake, fucker.
He's fucking lying.
He's just trying to trick us.
- Goddamn son of a bitch! - Over here, fucker! Elisa! Jesus! What in God's name are you doing here? How about you explain to me why in the hell my papa is holding a pistol? Where is César? He ran off that way.
Let's go! Get out of here! Bones sinkin' like stones ♪ All that we've fought for ♪ - So, you're going away for a month? - Yeah, babe.
I'm going to travel with Nicandro all through June.
Can't miss the swim meet.
All of June? I'm gonna miss you so much.
I'm gonna miss you too.
But when I'm back, well, I'm gonna eat you alive.
You'll see.
All of June? You're the idiot.
I saved your sister's life.
Álex! - Elisa! - Álex! Elisa! Elisa! - What the fuck? - Elisa! - Run! Run, run! - You have to stop this! Are you all right? Come on.
- Álex, listen to me.
- We gotta go.
Listen to me.
If my papa finds you, he'll murder you.
- I won't leave you.
- You have to go.
- Come on.
- Álex, I'm fine.
- My daughter! My daughter! - César.
Go! Go now! Elisa! - Elisa! Elisa! - César.
Goddamn motherfucker! Fuck you! I'm gonna have to kill you now.
The same way you killed Sara, asshole? I saved your sister's life.
Well, yeah, I have a lot I could say about your sister and her past.
Oh, are you safe tonight ♪ Free from your own cage? ♪ All the nights I cried ♪ It's okay, honey.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Call Dr.
He's our family physician.
I want to talk to him immediately.
You can't come through here.
Please just let us do our job.
I alone live ♪ Forever ♪ I'm sorry, sir.
You can't park here.
We've come to see Mr.
César Lazcano.
Excuse me.
Hello, how can I help you? We're from the Treasury Department.
We're looking for Mr.
EMERGENCIES Elisa? How's Elisa? She's in the ER.
She's in pain.
She's been burned.
- Burned? What is happening here? - Everything's gonna be fine.
- Where were you? - Stop asking questions.
And Rodolfo? Does he know? He won't answer his phone.
I left a message, but Stay with your mother.
- Where are you going? What's happening? - Miss? Elisa Lazcano? - Room 104.
- Thank you.
- 104, yeah? - Yeah.
Can we go see her? Why aren't you answering my calls? You said your plan would be perfect.
Why was my daughter there? I have no idea how Elisa found out.
- Or how she got in the park.
- If anything happens to her Álex wasn't just threatening.
The IRS is at the casino.
They're here for Don César.
I'm sorry, Don César isn't here right now.
What can I do for you? Nothing.
- We'll wait for him.
- They're going to audit us.
The fake statements and They know about the offshore accounts.
This is very serious.
Álex Guzmán divulged all of your most sensitive information.
- Figure it out.
- Yeah? How? Nobody in the casino can solve this problem.
Elroy is dead.
That's right.
I was told by the hospital a couple hours ago.
You didn't know? Hey.
They tell me tomorrow you'll get to go home.
I'm so happy it wasn't serious.
Well, for now get your rest and stay focused on getting better.
I'm not sure exactly what happened here, but I imagine it wasn't completely Álex's fault.
Were you with him? Did he try to hurt Papa or? Is all this part of his revenge? Elisa Fuck, please tell me that Álex is all right.
Tell me Papa didn't kill him.
I don't know how, but we have to put an end to all this.
Before the entire family is fucked, and we all wind up dead, in the ground.
I am not setting one foot in the casino.
I won't risk it.
Elisa was almost killed.
Go take care of the casino.
Álex and Elisa are accomplices.
Don't you get it, damn you? Security sent me the tapes from your cameras.
I'm aware of that.
Your darling daughter has been collaborating with that bastard all along.
That explains everything, right? And remember Álex Guzmán told her about Flor Sánchez.
And at this very moment, they both probably know what goes on in that fucking basement.
What happened with Flor was ages ago.
There's a statute of limitations.
There have been others.
What? Explain.
It wasn't my intention.
Just like you, sometimes I lose control and get carried away.
- It was a mistake.
- How many women have you murdered? That's not the point.
The fact is that we're screwed if we don't do something right away.
- Don César isn't answering.
- Fine.
Let's proceed.
Check the offices.
Gather papers, computers, everything.
Look in that computer there.
Álex Guzmán may have notified the police.
I won't be jeopardized for your daughter's cocksucking sexual urges, goddamn it! You're a goddamn piece of shit murderer! Hey.
Hey, hey.
I am not your enemy.
Okay? I'm not Álex or Elisa.
Son of a bitch murderer! - What's going on? - You'd better be careful.
If anyone hurts my family, they'll be sorry.
Well, instead of wasting time with me Why don't you talk to your little girl and ask her where her little lover is hiding? He just vanished after the explosion.
His body wasn't even found.
So now your worst enemy, besides yourself, could be anywhere right now.
And it wasn't me who put him in jail.
It was you.
Félix, I need you to take Bruno out of the country as soon as possible.
I'm sorry, but my hands are tied.
I've had some issues with Rodolfo.
Look, please just call me back as soon as you have a moment.
Things aren't good, and Bruno really needs you.
Mama, how's Elisa? Sofía Villaseñor? - Who are you? - Mr.
A pleasure.
I represent your husband, Rodolfo.
I'm here to discuss your divorce.
Why the hell did you lie to me? Why did you suggest that Sara's baby was Nicandro's, if it isn't true? - I don't like your tone.
- It definitely wasn't Nicandro's.
And it wasn't mine.
Know why? Because we weren't in Mexico.
We were out of the country.
Who are you protecting? That was so long ago.
I don't want to talk about it.
Who's the papa? I need you to drop it.
Who are you protecting? - Fine.
Then, I'll go ask Elroy.
- Elroy is dead.
All right? You know why? It's your fault.
It was your bodyguard who shot him.
If you'd been a better son and helped your father at the casino Elroy would still be here.
You're still on Dad's side.
Are you serious? Have some self-respect already.
He was fucking my wife, and you don't care? You don't care, do you? First of all, we'd have to get authorization to do a psychiatric evaluation of Sara's father.
- Will I have to see him again? - No.
Not if you don't want to.
I'll be able to take care of everything from my office.
But I do need you to give me all the information you have about him and the place where he's been committed.
Are you able to do that? - I'll see you in a bit.
- Okay.
I gotta go out.
But I thought we were gonna hang out.
- Sara.
- Shh! I don't want Álex to hear us or my mom to see me.
Where is she going? That's what I want to find out.
She's been acting weird the last few days, like crazy.
I bet she's planning to fuck up my life.
God, Sara, you always think everyone's after you.
I heard her telling someone that she found a psychiatrist.
And I really don't think that that's for Álex.
Hey, Sara, your mama adores you.
If you can't see that, then you probably are crazy.
I'm what? LAS CRUCES PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL I told you, they're gonna commit me.
- Why don't we just ask her? - You want me committed too.
- I'm not crazy, Marifer.
- No.
You're helping her.
You little shit.
- No.
- You're no friend.
Ah! Uh, the patient's name is Abel.
- Abel Martínez.
- The waiting room's on the right.
Thank you.
PSYCHIATRIC CLINICAL HISTORY AGE: 41 YEARS RESPONSIBLE: CRISTINA SALAS HURTADO RELATION: WIFE Smoke ♪ I can make you smoke ♪ Be afraid ♪ That the devil is a woman ♪ Smoke ♪ I can make you smoke ♪ Be afraid ♪ That the devil is a woman ♪ Smoke ♪ I can make you smoke ♪ Be afraid ♪ That the devil is a woman ♪ Smoke ♪ I can make you smoke ♪ Be afraid ♪ That the devil is a woman ♪ Smoke ♪ I can make you smoke ♪ Be afraid ♪ That the devil is a woman ♪ Smoke ♪ I can make you smoke ♪ Be afraid ♪ That the devil is a woman ♪ Smoke ♪ I can make you smoke ♪ Be afraid ♪ That the devil is a woman ♪ Smoke ♪ I can make you smoke ♪ Be afraid ♪ That the devil is a woman ♪
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