Who Shot Otto Mueller? (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

The Lost Son

I didn't kill my father. I swear.
I know you're guilty.
Dear god.
I already told you. No.
The gun was in your hand. A Makarov.
Your fingerprints were on it.
For the hundredth time, I picked it
up from the floor and that's it!
You certainly understand
that all the facts are against you.
You could ease your situation
if you'd just confess everything.
It's been two hours.
People deserve the truth
about what happened.
Otto Müller had an important
standing in the society.
He influenced lots of people.
And these people need to know.
Oliver These people are waiting.
I'm sorry, but I have
nothing to confess.
Money, right?
You rent an apartment,
you work in a door factory.
You're tired of being poor.
Thought if your father was dead,
you'd get his money, right?
Dear god No. No!
I can't confess to something
that I haven't done!
Mister Müller, please.
Just tell us once more about
the events that occurred yesterday,
the evening of October 15th.
Take your time.
As much as you need.
Last night
Last night I realised what kind of
man my father really was.
In our household,
everyone had specific tasks.
Father always insisted that
things had to be in order.
But this was a special day.
His 65th birthday.
Back in the day, we had guests.
I had to rake the leaves.
But I remembered
the old photos in the depository
and I felt the urge to look at them.
I don't know, maybe I was
looking for answers.
Birthdays remind us so much
of ancient history.
I was pondering my life.
My father
Father had never liked me.
I kept thinking, why do I even exist?
Nobody needed me.
And all this
was because of my father.
Because of him?
What on earth?
We all know your father. Otto Müller.
Otto Müller was a board member
of the airport and harbour.
A shareholder in a big sawmill.
A distinguished person,
a true leader.
A Soviet Union champion, European
wrestling champion, need I go on?
Was your relationship
with your father tense?
I was a huge disappointment to him.
Sorry, what?
I was a huge disappointment to him.
Tell us, what happened next.
You were in the depository
and then got back to raking, right?
Yes. And then my wife arrived.
Hi there!
Look what I've got! Isn't this nice?
My new baby.
-What? Where did you get this?
-I bought it, okay?
It's so pretty! Look at the colour!
Goes perfectly with my personality.
-A perfect match!
-What have you done now?
Must you Just look at yourself!
All sweaty and dirty again!
Must you scrape the lawn
like a servant?
We all have our duties.
Duties? What duties?
Life is too short to waste it
on such a dull job.
Ask your father. He'll teach you.
-Where are you going?
-To tell your father
Did my father buy you this car?
And if he did, so what?
You won't buy me a car.
Will you?
Wait Monika, wait!
Mum! Have you seen Monika?
Monika? Is she here already?
-Is the yard done?
-No, not yet, I was
You know very well
Otto can't stand messy surroundings.
Got it, I'll do it. Don't worry.
Is Otto in his office?
No. He's not here yet.
You look a little off.
Is everything all right?
All right? Has anything ever
been all right in this house?
You wanted to talk to Otto?
-Yes, I wanted to tell him
-Don't. No point in irritating him.
What were you going to discuss?
Monika, of course.
I wanted to tell him
Could I have something
to drink, please? Coffee?
Of course.
Wait here.
Made the papers.
A well-known family.
Successful businesses
and the son is just a
-A regular factory worker.
-On the contrary.
I can't help feeling
he's a nice person.
Not as in attractive, but
He's a kind person.
Det. Maramaa, when we were introduced
at the crime scene last night,
I didn't catch your first name.
-I'm Gabriel.
-I know.
-How long May I call you Agnes?
How long on the force?
10 years. But this is
my first murder case.
There are things you can't do.
You can't take suspects for humans.
The lie. They betray.
They hide things.
People are nice until
you realise who they really are.
This is not an ordinary case.
We must learn the truth somehow.
Everyone's on the chopping block
and I can't afford mistakes.
I don't make any.
You wanted to talk to me?
Yes, I
Actually, no,
it's not really that important.
You've always been a shitty liar.
Tell me.
Be a man for once.
Tell me what you came to say.
-This just isn't right.
-What exactly isn't right?
All this. You and Monika.
And your
You giving her money.
You are coming to tell me
about what's right?
How should I feel about this?
She is my wife after all.
Who cares what you're feeling?
You think a man's purpose in life
is to have some damn feelings?
No, but
You don't have a proper job.
You don't have a home.
You have no kids.
And you
You dare come speak to me
about what's right?
I don't blame Monika.
She's a beautiful woman, they
deserve to have beautiful things.
All beautiful women do.
I'm talking about you.
You should think about securing
the future of your family.
But you
Wasting away in some factory.
You and Oskar.
A couple of morons!
Do I have to live to a hundred
to see my grandchildren?
I felt I couldn't
take it from him any longer.
So, as I gather, something bad
had already happened that morning?
Otto was angry and upset.
-What could have made him that way?
-Made him that way?
My father never needed a reason
to be angry. He simply was!
I was nothing to him.
A nobody.
Once I had love in my life.
But that was gone.
What are you up to?
You play the violin?
Used to. When I was young.
Nice instrument.
Very difficult to play.
Listen, tell me about
your brother, Oskar.
He's older, right?
I have a big brother, too.
It's not always easy.
Big brothers can be
quite the bullies.
Not Oskar.
He's always been good to me.
When we were little, he always
protected me from other kids.
He's very kind.
What game are you playing here?
You're all such good people,
wouldn't hurt a fly
One of you shot
a member of the family.
So cut the crap!
Tell us what really went down!
What are you up to?
-In here?
Just forgot myself for a second.
Yeah, yeah. You could forget
about yourself for your entire life.
-Raking doesn't hurt the shoulder?
-I'll survive.
Saw your wife. With a new car.
You know something about that?
Just saying, it can't go on
like this. It's simply not okay.
Adults should get by on their own.
My wife and I've never
asked him for anything.
Is that so?
God dammit! Dad's 65 now.
At that age,
people should get to retire.
Does it seem to you I'm allowed
to say anything in this house?
You can't remain
such a downer for life!
Excuse me, mister Oliver Müller?
Not buying any books.
Or vacuum cleaners.
And not becoming Mormon.
I don't even believe in God.
No, I didn't come here to talk
about books. Or vacuum cleaners.
I don't even know
how to do it, but
I came to tell you I'm Robert.
Your son.
What is this?
You've got friends
watching from the bushes?
Good one! You can come out now!
I don't have kids.
I have this too.
If you haven't changed the locks,
this should open the front door.
How could you not have known
about your son before?
This wasn't my choice.
Wait a second, now.
Should this strange occurrence
convince us you didn't kill Otto?
You asked me what happened!
I'm telling you.
You're telling lies!
Who's the mother?
My wife.
Monika stated last night
she doesn't have any children.
Not Monika. My first wife, Reeli.
A guy shows up with his story
and you believe him right away.
Did you ask for his ID?
A birth certificate?
Have you ever looked at photos
of people who are related?
At first, they might look different,
but the longer you look
Then you realise
The same eyes, noses,
and mouths appear on every face.
I realised that with Robert.
Looking at him, I realised something
about him reminded me of Reeli.
And of myself.
And something in him
is very similar to Otto.
Reeli's son?
My god Reeli.
How is she?
Fine. Mum is just fine.
She's active in the church,
teaches Sunday school.
What a lovely garden you have.
But is she married?
Is she with someone?
No. I've never seen
mum with a guy.
Wait, you said Sunday school?
I would've never guessed.
Reeli was very beautiful.
Very strict. A very determined woman.
She still is.
Everything with her is scheduled.
Can't sleep in even on Saturdays.
Tells me it's from the Spartakiad.
-That used to be a thing, right?
-Yes. She was a great athlete.
The champion of the youth team.
I know.
She doesn't talk about it much.
Or anything.
I didn't think the manor
would be this big.
Robert, don't take this
the wrong way, but
Why did you look me up now?
Today, of all days?
Mum didn't allow it sooner.
But I turned 18 and now,
she can't tell me what to do.
I've always wanted to
get to know my father.
Did Reeli ever
Did your mum ever
You look just like my father.
A spitting image of Otto.
Can you imagine what he'll do?
Oliver! What's with the talk show?
You haven't finished the yard work.
Only Oliver's
fingerprints on the gun.
There was gunpowder
residue on his hands.
The shot was taken
from about 1 to 3 metres.
Think he's our shooter?
The son changes everything.
Doubt a man who's just found about
his son would want to kill anyone.
-Which unit were you on?
You weren't offended when I said
you can't believe
everything they say?
Just every suspect wants
to put their best foot forward.
Same in narcotics.
Each suspect tries
to get off the hook.
But they're usually
not such ordinary people.
Compassion helps.
They must believe
that we believe them.
Then they'll make mistakes
and we can catch them.
You're young. Enthusiastic.
Full of ideas. Great.
I've been at this job for 21 years.
I'll get to the truth.
That's the only thing
that matters to me, the truth.
So we're not that different.
There's one thing I don't get. You
have a son you know nothing about.
She didn't know she was pregnant.
Why would a pregnant woman
leave her husband?
Leave the safe life behind
and start all over by herself?
Why did Reeli really leave?
Speaking from experience,
when a woman wants to, she'll leave.
All right. Let's continue.
Congratulations, you're a father.
What did your mum say?
Mum, I'd like you to meet someone.
This is Robert. My son.
What are you going on about?
This is no time to joke around.
If Otto hears of this
-You have to send him away at once.
-He has the house key.
Reeli was pregnant.
He is my son, not a joke.
This changes everything, get it?
But how's this possible?
After all these years.
Why didn't Reeli say anything?
Let me look at you, my dear.
So you are Reeli's son?
Believe it or not, my heart said
this day would come.
Yeah, all right, mum.
Let's invite Robert inside.
He must be hungry.
Anneken says you said
we should get Chardonnay.
It's more expensive, should we?
Oskar, let me introduce you
This is your nephew, Robert.
What the fuck?
No swear words in front of the child.
Come, I'll show you the house.
Wait a minute
-What the hell are you up to?
-Honestly Oskar, I had no idea.
I'm seeing him for the first time.
Liar. You're a fucking liar.
Reeli's son.
She didn't tell me.
Of course. Who tells you
anything ever?
Doesn't seem like a nice brother.
Or was something
going on with Oskar that day?
-That's none of my business.
-Just tell the truth.
I don't know! Well, just
He doesn't have kids either.
I thought maybe dad was giving
him a hard time about it too.
-He seemed upset.
It's your father's 65th birthday.
A happy day.
Yes? You're making preparations
for a dinner party.
Yes, there is an altercation
about your wife's new car.
And your son
shows up as a surprise.
But everything's fine.
Except for the fact that all your
family members severely dislike you.
Your mother, father, brother.
They all have a more say.
Why do you let them
treat you this way?
Are you lying, Mr. Müller?
Did you kill your father?
You've accomplished so much
in just a few years!
Oliver! Robi plays football.
And he's a gifted musician!
He's even got his own band.
What's it called again?
Dust Monkeys.
It was meant as a joke, really.
Dust Monkeys. It's catchy!
You'll get far, I tell you.
Have you been told your grandfather
killed a wolf with his bare arms?
And your father is a gifted
was a gifted violinist.
We were thinking about enrolling him
in the music academy, but
Things don't always
work out in real life.
Well, a dapper one, right?
Look, I'm really glad you
Well, are.
I always imagined
what it'd be like to have children.
What kind of dad I'd be.
I think the most important
thing is to care.
If I had known about you,
I would've been there for you.
-I hope I can
-Everything here is so
If I had grown up here
But no, mum didn't tell me.
But Müller isn't a common name.
I noticed Otto Müller's name.
Saw him on the news.
Put two and two together myself.
When I asked her about it directly,
she told me the truth.
I'm a random guy from nowhere.
And here's all this.
I don't really obsess about it.
But you could throw one great
party in this house, or what?
Hope granddad isn't abstinent.
Robert, my lad.
Hey. Let's go say hi
to your grandfather.
-You know he's turning 65 today?
For god's sake, put shoes on.
Let's make one thing clear.
First, your son just happens to
show up on your father's birthday.
Secondly, you say that the same night
the mother of that son turns up
you haven't heard from in 18 years?
Great story, really.
I don't know
what you want me to say.
I'm telling you
what happened that day.
You're telling us everything
but what lead to murder.
Where's your conscience?
I don't know who killed him!
-I'd like to clarify one thing.
-I'm trying
How are your relationships
with your wives?
-My wives?
I don't have
Or, well Monika and I
The usual.
Reeli and I
-That's different.
-But how do they feel about you?
I know you're there.
I can see you.
I came to pick up Robert.
-Where is he?
I'd forgotten how much
I hate this house.
Reeli Reeli, Reeli. Reeli, wait!
-You can't just walk in there.
-Why not?
-Are you going to stop me?
-No one's even seen you since
It's a huge shock. It's
dad's birthday, everyone's happy.
Me too, as soon as I get
my son out of here!
He came here willingly. He wants
to know his father and his family.
I'm his family! And you're all
Reeli Reeli!
What? Tell me! What is it?
Forgive me.
What should I forgive you for?
You had to raise
It's hard to raise a child.
You had to do it by yourself
I must've been a horrible man if you
didn't want to raise a child with me.
My god.
How stupid can you be!
Wow, look who's here!
Come on in.
The more, the merrier!
Dad, see who's here?
Mum, what is this?
I'm an adult, I'm 18.
You don't have to
watch over my every step.
Robert, I want us
to leave immediately.
And no congratulations?
Boy, you don't have to go anywhere.
-This is my house.
Reeli. It's so nice to see you.
I knew this day
would get even better.
We've got meat and fish and chicken.
Or have you become a vegan?
I'm not vegan.
Grandpa What's with that
wolf legend I heard about today?
Is it that one there?
Of course this one. Which one else?
You hadn't even been born yet
when it happened.
Here's what happened.
I had a Moskvich.
A pretty decent car.
Got it from the factory myself.
But it had one flaw.
The radiator kept overheating.
And once, I was in the woods.
The car died and it just
wouldn't start again, just wouldn't.
-Yes, really.
That's how the cars were back then.
But I was young and restless.
Got out of the car.
Couldn't call anyone.
Didn't have cell phones then.
I started walking through the woods.
Can't imagine what I'd do in that
case without my cell phone.
And suddenly, I hear
growling behind me.
I turn around
About 10 metres away
there's this one.
Showing his teeth.
Where did he come from?
I don't know.
A wolf this close to a human?
But fortunately
I had this with me.
I've got hunter's instincts.
Without this
I think, 2 or 3 seconds
and perhaps I
I wouldn't be here with you today.
-Cool story!
But what about it
We don't need to dig old things up.
Because it doesn't matter.
See, I've been contemplating
my life for a long time.
And I've decided to turn around.
Because I'm not happy.
A man must decide
many things in his life.
He must not become distracted.
But I've been distracted
for too long.
This ends now.
Allow me to introduce
my new partner in life and love
I'm starting to like this family.
The new wife and the old wife
nicely at the same table.
Is that what your family was like?
This wasn't the first time, was it?
Father hadn't brought them home.
You weren't introduced,
but you knew about his affairs.
-Why say nothing?
-What a good question.
I'd like to know too.
So the evening was a big performance.
He had everything planned.
As if he intended to hurt you.
How did your mother take it?
Did she know about Otto's plans?
Wait. Wait!
-Are you crying?
-Why are you running about like this?
-You'll stumble and get hurt.
-Mum! He can't do this to you!
I'm here, dear. I
You have to do something.
Robert is seeing all of this.
It's happening all over again!
Your father and I are adults.
We'll settle it ourselves.
Settle You've been settling
for 40 years. But nothing is settled!
Why doesn't anyone
ever say anything to him?
Why does everyone
put up with him?
You can't stay here.
-Okay, I'll sleep on the couch.
-You don't get it.
You don't know my father. You have
no idea what he'll do to you.
You don't know what we're all
like here. What we really are.
You're still young.
Joyful and enthusiastic,
but if you stay here
If you Listen to me!
This house will change you.
This house is full of evil.
No one is happy here.
Do you really want to become us?
I don't know why, but I thought
you'd be happy to see me.
I am!
I'm really proud of you.
And I'm very happy.
If you're so damn happy,
why are you sending me away?
So you took the gun after all?
I'll tell you why.
You were upset.
You were disappointed in your father.
And you wanted to kill him.
I wouldn't blame you.
You can tell us, we'll understand.
Oliver. What did you do with the gun?
Father was right.
I couldn't get anything done.
And then I heard it.
He was laughing at our suffering.
Get out of here!
Get the fuck out of here!
What's wrong with you? Fuck
What is wrong with you?
Get the fuck away from my son!
Why do you have to
ruin everyone's lives?
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Me! I am Otto Müller!
I'm a legend!
I am the man of this house!
Well, you factory rat
You think you can stand against me?
Show me! Show me what you're made of!
This was how father
dealt with problems.
Brute force.
When I was 17, I tried
to break up my parents' quarrel.
Father hit me.
Broke my clavicle.
Surgery. IV.
I could never play the violin again.
I thought this time he'd kill me.
But he simply said
Do you get it?
My only hope was that
if Robert saw what father was
really like, then he'd leave.
And I could save him at least.
Because that day I realised
what my father had done.
He'd destroyed me.
I'm just a shadow of the man
I could have been.
If my father hadn't been Otto Müller.
So you admit to having an opportunity
and motive to kill Otto Müller?
The motive being?
You wanted to protect your child.
So he wouldn't become a shadow.
But it wasn't you?
So who did?
And then I looked at my brother
and thought to myself
Had this day really come?
Had he really had enough?
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