Who Shot Otto Mueller? (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Second Best

I snuck the last sandwiches
from the fridge.
I'm not hungry.
You must eat,
otherwise you get an ulcer.
I speak from experience.
Chicken or tuna?
Fine. Chicken.
Good. Here's your chicken.
It's going to be a long day.
Your daughters are cute.
Only I haven't seen them
for two years.
Come in!
I'm in a hurry.
I have a board meeting.
Oskar Müller, hello!
Have a seat.
Please, have a seat.
Detective Vanem.
Detective Maramaa.
I'm not guilty.
I haven't done anything wrong.
Let's just say that your brother
Oliver tells a different story.
He said that you
looked into the room from the terrace
right after the shot.
"With a monstrous grimace
of anger and fear."
What kind of bullshit is this?
This is not true.
I was simply surprised.
Oliver is delusional.
What would you look like,
seeing your father shot to death?
Tell us what happened that day.
I told you I'm not guilty.
This is your chance
to convince us of it.
On that day
I understood that our family
is surrounded by sharks.
The dishes.
Is my father in his study?
No, he is not here yet.
You know he's turning 65, right?
Don't you think
it's time for him to retire?
By that age,
your life's work is done,
you can chill in your armchair,
enjoy your achievements
Otto will never just sit around.
Why not? He should!
Why keep running if you're
already across the finish line?
Don't be so pessimistic.
I will change his mind.
I don't quite get it. Had you
discussed it with your father?
His retirement?
Discussed? I have never
discussed anything with him.
Other than work.
Then why did you think
he intended to retire?
Yeah, actually
He asked me about
life insurance some time ago.
Life insurance?
Do you know if Otto
got around to obtaining it?
And would you tell us
who was the beneficiary?
I'd rather not.
You're not doing yourself
any favours.
You admit that you're withholding
important information from us.
Are you making yourself
look bad on purpose?
Fine, I guess it'll all
come to light anyway.
Once I had finished breakfast,
I went to father's study.
Did you have a habit of visiting
his study when he was not there?
I have to know how things are.
It's our family business.
My father was an important man,
but let's be honest,
his era was coming to an end.
I was looking for contracts
related to the port.
I wanted to know if he had appointed
me as the new chairman of the board.
He's an old school guy
who keeps important stuff on paper.
I imagined what it would feel like
to have it as my study.
Have you spoken
with your father today?
About what?
Well about that.
How do you know about that?
Are there ever
any secrets in this house?
What did he say?
I haven't seen him today.
But where is he then?
"Where is he? Where is he?"
Why do you ask me?
He'll show up.
I didn't know that my mother
already knew about the port.
Mom and dad
were like cats and dogs.
Always at each other's throats.
What is it?
I know it's not always easy
with your father,
but trust me, he is doing it
so we could all live better.
I remember when you were little,
we went to the seaside.
Your father, you and Oliver.
The seagulls were squealing,
the waves were roaring.
Oliver was building mud castles,
drop by drop.
You were running around on the beach,
sending sand everywhere.
Otto told me: "This boy will
become a world champion."
But he didn't.
Well, you're not gonna buy me a car.
Or are you?
What is that? Is it yours?
Where did you get it?
What do you think it is?
It's my new car. A present!
You mean to tell me that
father gave you this car?
I can't help it
if I'm so dear to him.
Dear? Very dear indeed!
Shouldn't you at least pretend
that you try to manage on your own?
On my own?
But I do manage on my own!
At least we are not living here.
You should ask your Oliver for money,
not my father.
A man has to take care of his wife.
I'm not gonna starve to death just
because Oliver can't earn enough.
And who are you to lecture? You are
totally dependant on your daddy.
"Daddy, give me the sawmill."
"Daddy, give me the port."
It's not your job to count
Otto's money. His money, his call.
And if Anneken can accept money
from Otto, then why can't I?
Monika told me
something weird.
She said
that you are taking money
from my father.
Is this true?
You don't have to lie to me!
You don't need it! You have me.
You can always ask me
if you need anything.
-But your money is also Otto's money.
-It's my money!
That I have earned!
You think board members
just sit around?
I give my all every day,
but it's still not enough, damn it!
And my father's money
will one day be our money.
Though I'm not sure
if there'll be any left
if everybody
keeps splurging like that.
I found something.
Otto was having breakfast.
I saw this book in his hands.
Otto doesn't read books.
Two million euros.
Who was the beneficiary?
You don't understand.
It wasn't like him at all.
He intended to live forever.
He was healthy as a horse.
I thought it was fake.
Yeah, I thought something
had happened to him.
He was acting strangely. Did things
that were very out of character
and didn't do things
that he had promised to do.
I was supposed to become
the chairman of the port.
Why the port?
It's calm there.
As I understand, your father wanted
to turn a new page in his life.
Oh, that foolish affair No, no.
The fact that it was serious
That was something new.
Was Otto
a womanizer?
You don't get it!
Otto was a great man.
Great men get away with more.
It comes with the territory.
Are you a great man as well?
I beg your pardon?
I mean, did you want to be
like your father?
As I understand, you wanted to
take over his businesses?
Yeah, that's what
I wanted to discuss with him.
Is this a joke?
Now you're snooping on me?
So it's true?
Two million!
When were you gonna tell me?
When the time is ripe.
When the time is ripe?
You are pursuing trivial matters.
What about the port?
Where's that document?
Time is ripe for that one. Overripe!
Things change.
You know I'm the right man
for that job.
The right man?
The right man would do things
that really need doing.
Have children.
So that I could caress
the hair of my grandchildren
and tell them how things are done.
He would think about how to continue
the family name and bloodline.
He would deal with things
that have real value.
What's some shitty port
got to do with any of it?
Because I'm familiar
with the matters of the port.
I have experience.
You know I've been waiting
for this chance for years.
You know I want to leave the sawmill.
That job is not for me.
The noise, the dust.
It eats away at my soul.
Listen, boy!
Listen. I am not saying
you haven't been good.
That you haven't done a good job.
But simply being good
That doesn't satisfy me. Understand?
Maybe it doesn't matter to you,
second best on the team.
It's business.
I need someone angry.
A hungry wolf.
I need a person
for whom the second place
would be unacceptable.
What are you doing?
I was just lost in thought
for a moment.
Yeah, you're good at it.
You are capable of losing yourself
for your whole life.
I have always admired that.
Tell me Am I also
just a failure in your eyes?
Is this some sort of a joke?
By the way, I saw your wife.
With her new car.
You got nothing to say about that?
I work my ass off
and nobody pays attention,
while some women just
keep mooching off. It's not right.
Me and my wife have never got
anything from father for free.
Is that so?
Father is 65. It's high time for him
to start thinking about retirement.
Make arrangements. Appoint
new people. Enjoy a peaceful life.
Instead, there are damn bloodsuckers
at every turn.
Does it seem to you like
I have any say in this household?
For fuck's sake, you cannot be
such a feeble frog all your life!
Let him marinate a little longer.
-Refresh again.
-Got it!
The gun Oliver was holding
is not the murder weapon.
Now we also have to
look for the murder weapon.
I kinda feel sorry for this Oskar.
Companies, assets, ships.
Only a helicopter is missing.
Don't feel sorry for them.
Why do you say that?
If I was born in such a house,
I wouldn't waste my time whining.
Rich people don't have it easier,
they just have different problems.
Would something be different
in your life if you were rich?
Now really
You wouldn't have become a detective?
Let's say I would have.
The job chose me,
not the other way around.
But would your hair be different?
Would you be wearing
Armani suits?
You have something
against my clothes?
-No, I think you look very good.
-You look nice as well.
Alright then.
Alright. Enough of your misery.
We got it. It's hard to live
in your daddy's shadow.
First, you had the opportunity.
You were on the terrace. You and
your brother both testify to that.
Second, you had a motive.
Otto planned to
leave you empty-handed.
You thought your daddy will retire
and you will be the new bossman.
But suddenly everything changed
and you had to act fast.
And you are fast. Oskar Müller,
second best on the team.
If I remember correctly,
I told you right at the start
that I don't know
anything about this.
For the sake of clarity,
I can repeat it very slowly.
I did not kill my father.
Poor performance!
You have to try harder
to convince us of your innocence.
Third, you're hurting inside.
Losses have made you weak.
Why do you think it's easy to lose?
When you see everything you want
slipping from your hands
I'm not sure you could handle it.
I thought things over.
I decided that if anyone
was going deprive me of anything,
it would be me.
I decided to take control.
One loss means nothing.
There will always be a new chance.
You must start every fight
believing that you can win.
Even if you have never won before.
Because if you don't believe it,
you have lost already.
I decided to fight for my rights.
I decided to talk to my mom.
She couldn't leave it like that.
But unfortunately,
another obstacle appeared.
Let's take Robert to the house.
He must be hungry.
Anneken says that you told her
to bring the Chardonnay.
Is it worth it?
Oskar, meet your nephew Robert.
You are an uncle now.
I'm an uncle?
Is this another one of your schemes?
A wife wasn't enough? Now you come
up with a son to get money from dad?
I didn't know anything about this.
I saw him for the first time today.
Jeez, how everybody's lying
He's Reeli's son.
I didn't even know
Reeli was pregnant.
Maybe she wasn't!
Why do you think it's true?
Have you seen the birth certificate?
I understand,
you don't like it, Oskar.
But at least give Robert a chance.
What chance?
Remember how it was
when we were kids?
Of course I do.
How you hurt your leg on that stump
because father was yelling at you.
How difficult it was for you
to compete after that,
but you still helped me when dad
made me cut down the thicket.
-Even with a leg cast. Remember?
-Brothers have to help each other.
He had the key to the front door.
Look at him, Oskar!
He looks so much like us.
Take a look
and all your doubts disappear.
Robert is still young. He hasn't
seen the horrors that we have.
Couldn't just one person
be happy in this manor?
Rake the damn garden.
I couldn't believe this. My own
brother had stabbed me in the back.
Have you ever wanted
to leave this place?
Are you happy here?
Does it matter to you whether
I'm the chairman of the port or not?
-But it matters to me.
I want to win!
For once, I want to be first.
I want to own everything that should
have been mine a long time ago.
I am the eldest son.
Monika is spending money.
Now the boy is here.
And Merle took the Chardonnay
from the cellar after all.
Don't you think it's about time
we have some order in this house?
Medical report says
that all your injuries
are related to sports.
Achilles tendon injury,
dislocation of the left shoulder,
fracture in the right antebrachium,
patella fracture.
It's not true, is it?
If it says so, it must be true.
Did your father tell you to
blame sports for your injuries?
What do you think?
He beat you?
Did you fear for your wife?
That your father might hurt her too?
No, I didn't. They got along well.
What did you mean by
"it's about time we have
some order in this house"?
First Monika's car.
Then life insurance.
It wasn't like father at all.
And then came Reeli and
-I thought that
That it's time to make my own move.
Thank you, darling.
You want some chicken?
I can get it myself.
My father was obsessed
with the idea of a grandchild.
Now it was clear that father couldn't
care less about what I wanted.
I'll be right back.
I started thinking that
if there was no port document,
then maybe he hadn't appointed
the new chairman yet.
That he was bluffing
just to put me in my place.
But he forgot that I know everything.
I know his business partners
as well as he does.
They are interested in stability.
They wouldn't be thrilled about life
insurance and some babe showing up.
That's not trustworthy.
But business is based on trust.
I wrote an email
to the board of the port.
I called a meeting for today.
I explained to them that father
has had some health issues lately
and he's been acting inadequately.
And maybe it would be wise
to discuss alternatives.
If I don't get what I want,
why should he?
Did your father have other weapons?
Besides the one we found.
He had another Makarov
just like this one.
He always kept it
in his desk drawer.
Is that so?
You just admitted that you
frequently visited his study alone.
That you frequently
searched through his desk drawers.
Do you admit that you
took the gun from the drawer?
-Mr Müller, please tell the truth.
No, I didn't take it
because it wasn't there.
Wait a second. At that time
I didn't really think about it,
but now that you ask
It really wasn't there.
I don't get it. What does it mean?
Just tell us what happened next.
There are things that a man
must decide for himself in his life.
He must not let himself be misled.
I've been lost for too long.
But it ends now.
Let me introduce you to
my new partner in life and love
You all know that
I am a man of few words.
And this might come to you
as an unpleasant surprise,
but I have made my decision.
Mom, what are you doing?
Well, congratulations.
This whole family is nuts.
Do you think it could have been
one of the women?
Marleen, Merle, Monika or Anneken?
The gun with
Oliver Müller's fingerprints
did not make the fatal shot.
That is a fact.
Yeah, but did the killer
have time to shoot,
hide the murder weapon
and place another gun on the floor?
It's possible.
What if it all was premeditated?
By Oliver? Or Oskar?
Oskar's father told him
every day that he is not enough.
"You're not a real man.
You don't have children."
How much could Oskar take?
He snapped.
Why haven't you seen
your children for two years?
What's my private life
got to do with it?
We're partners.
It's a matter of trust.
I can understand the parallel.
Children have mothers.
The mother of my children
thinks they're better off
in Finland without me.
Allegedly, I am only interested in
my work and it doesn't pay enough.
That's very unfair.
She wanted a man like Oskar Müller.
And she found one.
Let's continue.
Not exactly the night you expected?
All kinds of things happen in life.
At least it's exciting here.
-Am I intruding?
-Of course not, dear uncle.
Have a seat. Relax.
Don't be so sombre all the time.
Do what you will, life goes on.
Very deep.
Take it. It won't bite you.
I wanted to tell you that, of course,
you're always welcome here.
By the way, has anybody told you
that you are
a spitting image of young Otto?
Yeah, at least three people today.
By the way, if you were my father
I mean
If you were young
Or if he were young
-I would tell him
-Well, boy! What would you tell me?
There's no point.
There's really no point.
-There's no point to fight anymore.
-Of course, there is.
If I hadn't fought, that little wolf
would have eaten me alive.
Hey, Oskar
Otto has Marleen now.
Maybe she also wants money?
Or maybe she wants an even bigger
and newer car than mine?
What are you gonna do then?
"Daddy, you can't do that."
"Daddy, I thought
I would get all your money."
"Daddy, there will be no money left
if you keep spending it on women."
It doesn't add up at all.
Robert and Monika
had never met before.
How could they be so chummy?
You had been drinking
alcohol that night?
I had some.
Alright. Continue.
I thought it was Otto's room.
It's not.
Otto's bedroom is over there.
I must have mixed up the doors.
Well, yeah
Otto told me you were
once a successful athlete.
He's very proud of you.
My father is proud of me?
Hard to believe.
He even showed me pictures.
You were very handsome.
I have always had
a thing for athletes.
Tell me What the hell
do you see in that old man?
A nymph like you could
have absolutely anyone.
Even you?
I think I must leave
No one can tell you what to do.
That's it. That's all I know.
Who did you see
when you got into the room?
Oliver. Kneeling.
And father.
Are you sure there was
no one else in that room?
I am not sure of anything.
The only thing I know for sure
is that I didn't do it.
You must realise
I had no reason to kill my father.
We got the impression
you had more than one reason.
You can think whatever you want.
Please don't tell my wife
about that bedroom episode.
She can be sensitive sometimes.
If you asked me
who do I think did it
Who do you think did it?
Who was the beneficiary
of the life insurance?
You still haven't told us.
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