Who Shot Otto Mueller? (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Wind And Storm

Good morning!
-Thanks for picking me up.
-Of course.
Saves us time.
How do you turn the vent down?
Is there something
you haven't told me?
Are you a wife of a mob boss
or something?
-Or did you win the lottery?
-Nothing that dramatic.
My dad gave me this car.
Your father, the mob boss?
Okay, sorry.
Alright. Of course. Thanks.
They searched the crime scene.
No other weapon was found.
I was thinking about
Oskar's words this morning.
This morning? It's only eight.
I wake at five.
I like working out in the morning.
You were thinking?
We have to find out
if Marleen was even in the garden.
If yes, for how long?
At the moment of the shot, as well?
We must draw it out from Marleen.
Considering Oskar's state,
they might have stumbled around
in the garden for several minutes.
You will start the questioning.
I'll help you, if necessary.
Based on yesterday,
I'd say we work pretty well together.
I agree.
Which one will you be?
Good cop or bad cop?
Bad cop.
Marleen Tamm.
You are wasting my time.
We believe you have
valuable information for us.
Information? I have no information.
You can start by telling us
how you ended up as the beneficiary
of Otto Müller's life insurance.
I guess he thought it fair.
-I wouldn't use the word "fair".
-What word would you use?
Why don't you say
what you really mean?
I don't like to beat around the bush.
Alright, let's be blunt.
Your relationship
was not equal or mutual.
It was a business deal.
Between a wealthy old man
and a beautiful young girl.
It had nothing to do with love.
What do you expect me to say?
That it's a lie?
I'm the one asking questions,
not you.
You can ask all you want,
it doesn't mean I'll answer.
Can I call you Marleen?
Do what you want.
I don't want to hurt you in any way.
I don't agree with detective Maramaa.
I personally believe
in every kind of love.
Could you please tell us
how you and Otto met?
I moved to Tallinn a year ago.
Got a job in catering.
Higher price range, private parties.
Otto was at one of these parties.
He looked familiar to me
right from the start.
It's important that you tell us
your story in your own words.
Nobody else knows
what the two of you really had.
I am from a small town.
My father was a drunkard,
my mother worked as a cleaning lady.
Then she got laid off.
Neighbours gave us their old clothes.
Classmates laughed at me.
We ran out of firewood in the winter.
My life was horrible.
But everything changed
when I met Otto.
Hey, kitten.
He was sexy.
We had fun.
You know The tie is very pretty.
Nice present.
I have a proposition for you.
I want you to
come to my birthday party.
I thought you were gonna
celebrate at home with your family.
-I don't know if it would be wise.
-It would be right.
I have made my decision.
I'd rather not.
It would be awkward.
They've never seen me before.
And what would your wife think?
It only matters what I think.
I am ready.
There's no point in postponing it.
So what do you say?
I knew it.
You and me, kitten.
We are invincible.
Remember this.
Oskar and Oliver.
They've always had everything,
but what use have they made of it?
Oliver lives like a beggar.
Oskar doesn't even know
what he really wants.
You must understand
how disappointed Otto was in them.
So it was Otto's idea
to invite you to the party?
Why did he want to make
that evening as ugly as possible?
Otto was simply being
honest and straightforward.
Were you afraid of him?
Did Otto threaten you?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Sorry It just seems to me
that there's more to this.
It's a birthday,
the family has gathered.
And for some reason
Otto needs to cause a scene.
Was Otto suspecting something?
Otto was suspicious of everyone.
Maybe it didn't have anything to do
with family. Maybe he suspected you.
He believed someone
was stealing his money.
Otto wanted to see what they will do
when they hear they're
deprived of everything.
Who makes a move.
There's just one problem
with this story.
I don't believe it!
Otto Müller was a successful
businessman. An entrepreneur.
I don't believe
he could be so childish.
What are you trying to achieve here?
I don't have to tell you anything
if you won't believe me anyway!
Sit down.
Thank you.
I promise you we will take
everything you say very seriously.
Excuse us.
Detective Maramaa,
could we talk for a moment?
-Is something wrong?
-What do you mean?
I think you're crossing the line.
We won't get anywhere like this.
We must let her tell the story
the way she wants it.
Yeah, sorry. It's just that my dad
is a very successful lawyer.
All his friends are well-off
middle-aged businessmen.
I've seen many girls like Marleen.
She's smarter than she looks.
It's possible.
-Let me talk to her.
-I think she's into older men.
-You're too young to count.
Are you into older men?
Psychoanalysis is a waste of time.
If you checked my background,
you already know
I grew up without a father.
Marleen, we don't mean to offend you.
That would be something new.
People have tried to
put me down all my life.
Good cop, bad cop.
I did not kill Otto.
You had the opportunity
and the motive.
People think that just because
I'm pretty, I must be dumb.
At first, I cried when others
mocked me for being poor.
Later I just fantasized about
killing the bullies.
Okay, let's continue.
Otto had left.
What did you do then?
I got out of the bathtub
and stood naked in my room.
I did not think
we'd have a serious relationship.
Our family used to be wealthy.
I have seen the photos.
My grandfather had successful
companies, houses, and ships.
But by the time I was born,
there was nothing left.
Only a broken chandelier in the shed
and faded photographs.
I looked at those photos
and imagined that this is my life.
When I met Otto,
I felt for the first time in my life
that I am exactly where I need to be.
I understand
this must be a little awkward.
How did you know to come here?
Honey, Otto always
gives this place to his mistresses.
-Why are you here?
-I wanted to talk to you.
About what?
The furniture is arranged
much better than the last time.
Makes the room more spacious.
Was it your idea or his?
Did you come to talk about
interior design?
Take a seat, honey.
Don't be afraid of me.
I am not your enemy.
I believe your life
has not been easy.
And I understand that Otto
may seem like a way out for you.
Like he could give you a nice life.
But trust me, no one knows better how
charming he can be when he wants to.
Damn, you're beautiful.
Young and beautiful.
Otto has always liked
beautiful girls.
Young and beautiful.
What are your trying to achieve
by telling me this?
I know that Otto told you
to come over tonight.
I wanted to ask you
to give this plan up.
-How do you know that?
-You can't be that stupid!
Are you spying on us?
You must realise that
nothing good could come of it.
My sons Oskar and Oliver
don't need to know anything about it.
They have enough bad memories
they wish they could forget.
I promised Otto I would come.
I understand you want to believe
all his promises,
but don't be surprised
if he keeps none of them.
You are simply jealous.
He has made me promises
for 40 years.
And what a surprise,
he hasn't kept even one of them!
You believed Merle?
Of course, I understood that
she was saying it out of jealousy.
I am not naive.
I knew Otto as well.
If Otto wanted something, he didn't
care what it took to get it.
I realised he had
some sort of a plan with me.
You felt uncomfortable, right?
You knew that nothing
could ever come out of it.
And yet you went there. Why?
I did not want to go.
But no one ever said no to Otto.
A man must make certain
decisions in his life himself.
He cannot let himself be misled.
I have been lost for too long.
This ends now.
Meet my new partner
in love and life,
I knew these people only
by what Otto had told me.
Nobody asked who I was.
They looked at me like a cockroach.
I returned their look.
It actually wasn't that difficult.
Robert, be a good boy,
give us three a moment.
Welcome to the family, my dear.
Sit down.
So I will cut to the chase.
I have two problems.
Only two?
First, somebody
has been stealing from my safe.
And only you know the code.
Are you out of your mind?
Why would I steal from your safe?
Why would I compromise myself?
This is just an introduction
to an even bigger problem.
I'm lost. What problem?
The thing is, I don't trust you.
This is not news at all.
Starting from today,
you are removed from the boards
of all my companies.
Is this a joke?
Some friends of mine
are selling a tiny hostel in Spain.
You and Anneken would like it there.
Warm, sunny.
Awakens the passion
I'm not a fucking schoolboy anymore!
You don't decide
where I go or what I do.
Who's gonna replace me?
You trust no one!
I have already found that person.
I felt sorry for Oskar.
But he should have known
that Otto can't be trusted.
Got the answer!
Otto really did obtain
a life insurance two days prior.
Marleen Tamm was the beneficiary.
But why would Marleen
kill Otto right now?
She was winning. She would have
become the chairman of the port.
Would she?
We've only heard it from her.
No such document has been found.
Life insurance is something Marleen
could have cashed in instantly.
Possibly. But Merle
might have also been right.
Otto would have replaced Marleen
with someone younger sooner or later.
But would Marleen take that risk?
In a new place, on the first night?
They're all lying! We can't believe
anyone at the moment.
Very good, Agnes.
Marleen claims she was happy about
some clothes and a free apartment.
But maybe she
wished for something more.
Maybe she was desperate.
We can't dismiss Oskar either.
He's as quick-tempered as his father,
he was cornered.
He's not a quitter like Oliver.
And he's cunning.
It would be easier to believe
that Otto shot his sons,
not the other way around.
Out of these three, only Marleen
is cold-blooded enough.
Who is she?
Young, beautiful.
Let's go.
-Here you go. It's hot.
-Thank you.
You're welcome.
I'm not used to
someone being nice to me.
But wasn't Otto also nice to you?
You have an
interesting perception of life.
What he did that night
I felt like a pawn. Do you get it?
Like he needed me only
to put others in their place.
-Why are you doing this?
-Because it's necessary, kitten.
They are your family. You can't
take everything away from them.
Why not?
All this belongs to me.
I built it with my own hands.
I do what I want with it.
They will hate me.
A little hatred
just makes you stronger.
Let them test what we are made of.
But maybe I don't want this life?
When I was 11,
one winter me and my father
were returning home
after visiting relatives
in southern Estonia.
About 20 kilometres from home
my father stopped the car and said:
"Well, boy, from here
you'll go on your own."
We had skis with us.
The weather was crap.
It had been thawing
and then freezing for several weeks.
Thawing and freezing.
It was sleeting.
Before I was even able to protest,
my father was gone.
There was a lake on the way.
I wanted to be clever
and take a shortcut.
But there was water
under the snow on the ice.
By the time I reached about
the halfway point,
the soles of my old boots
had practically soaked off.
I couldn't stop.
I would have frozen to death.
There were no people nearby.
Somehow I got to the other shore
and called my dad from a forest
ranger's office or something.
I asked him to pick me up.
What did your father say?
He told me that
"If you've come this far
then you can come all the way."
I pictured what it would
be like to live in a manor.
Just Otto and me.
I thought about my old home
where in the winter water would
freeze in the kitchen overnight.
I thought about my ugly clothes.
I felt I deserve it all.
Come home with us.
-I can't.
-Mom misses you.
-Is she still going to the church?
But she is worried sick.
Tell her I'm fine,
she doesn't have to worry.
But it's not true, Marleen!
Why are you getting involved?
It has nothing to do with you!
I know Otto Müller.
-Everything he touches gets cursed.
-I was cursed before I was born!
This is my only chance to undo this!
Reeli. Oliver's ex-wife?
Robert's mother?
Well, yeah.
You didn't mention you knew them.
You didn't ask.
It means that this sad childhood
of yours I'm sorry
You spent it near them
or even with them?
We were next door neighbours.
So Reeli and Robert knew you?
They knew how hard
your life had been?
It wasn't anything special.
They had it just as bad.
Reeli had always been alone
and Robert also didn't have anything.
Speaking of Robert
-Hey, beautiful!
-Robert! You startled me!
Where are you running like that?
Is money burning somewhere?
-It's not funny.
-Maybe not.
But it is pretty funny
to meet you here.
My grandfather's girlfriend.
-It's not that simple.
-Oh no, nothing simple about it.
-To be honest, I admire you.
-Shut up!
No, really.
And I thought I was quick.
You're not seriously still thinking
about that stupid bet, are you?
You won.
Do you sometimes feel like
our childhood homes
are a million years away?
Full house.
Straight flush.
That's my last euro.
What would you do
if you had millions?
What do you think?
-I would buy new clothes.
-I'm serious.
Seriously, I would.
Just imagine how pretty I could look.
Don't you think we also deserve
to have opportunities in life?
What do you mean?
-My grandfather is rich.
What's that got to do with you?
My grandfather was also rich,
but look what's left of it.
Robert, these are stupid dreams.
They've nothing to do with real life.
Nobody cares how we live or die.
I plan to meet Otto.
What makes you think
he would care about you?
He's never seen you.
I might as well go for him myself.
What deal?
Whoever gets close
to Otto Müller first,
wins this euro.
I wouldn't have thought
you forget everything so quickly.
How long have you lived
this new life?
A year?
I haven't forgotten anything.
When you disappeared,
I first waited for your call.
A week passed.
After two months I realised
you had no intention to call me.
I had to find you myself.
It's not true. I just
didn't get to it.
Unbelievable what money
can do to a person.
Yeah, I called because I see there's
a meeting scheduled for tomorrow.
Who called it?
I wanted to get out of there.
It wasn't what I had dreamt about.
Sorry, but I have to leave.
I can't stay here.
Calm down.
Shall I pour you a drink?
Sit down.
Here you go.
You simply used me
to put them in their place.
That was just to remind them
who's the boss here.
You are a rough diamond, girl.
A diamond who is treated
like a cockroach.
You are miles above them all.
You know, I had a
really interesting conversation.
It turns out Oskar is not the wuss
I have always thought him to be.
He tried to stab me in the back.
This is what we're gonna do
And my decision is final.
Starting from today,
you, Marleen Tamm,
are the chairman
of the council of the port
and the CEO
of the shipping company it manages.
You just have to sign here.
Ships What ships?
Wind and Storm.
The names are a bit funny.
For the first time in my life,
I felt like I had won.
Wind and Storm.
It was you!
You destroyed my grandfather!
What did you do?
Your grandfather
was Luukas Tamm.
You are one of those Tamms.
We had houses, ships, companies.
You took everything from us!
You destroyed our family!
That's why you looked familiar.
You were in those photographs.
That was just business.
It has nothing to do with you and me.
Did you kill him?
I don't know what happened to him.
Luukas just went missing.
The 90s were a confusing time.
I was called to replace him.
I was trusted to manage this company.
Now I trust you in turn.
Full circle.
Everything falls into place.
You just have to sign here.
You know
You are so pretty
when you are fighting.
Disappearance of Luukas Tamm.
I remember it from the 90s.
A successful businessman
went missing.
They only found an empty car
near the bus station.
Could Otto be involved in this?
I didn't want to talk about it.
You are very brave
for confronting Otto.
It's good you told us.
And after this you decided to take
revenge and kill Otto Müller? Right?
I signed and went to bed.
-You are
I thought it was Otto's bedroom.
It's not.
Otto's bedroom is this way.
I picked the wrong door.
I don't know. Everything
seems quite right to me.
We barely know each other.
Oskar Müller.
Former track and field athlete.
Almost an Estonian champion.
I have always had
a thing for athletes.
What the hell do you see
in that old man?
A nymph like you
and such an old man
A woman like you could
have absolutely anyone.
Even you?
I should go.
No one can tell you what to do.
But that's not true.
Oskar Müller said you went outside.
Outside? Why?
I had no clothes on.
Did he say he saw me outside?
He said he saw the bedsheet
flash on the doorstep.
Bedsheet? It could have been anyone.
Even Reeli.
I went straight to Otto's room.
I thought it was Otto's room.
-What are you doing here?
-Me? I want to sleep.
-What are you doing here?
-You don't ask questions!
This is not your room though, is it?
What were you doing at the safe?
It's not your money! Yet!
So you are the one
stealing from Otto.
Fuck off, you fucking whore!
So you were in Otto's room
when the shot was made?
And Monika Müller was there with you?
Could anyone else confirm this?
I don't know.
Why are you torturing me?
What happened next?
I thought I wanted to be rich.
I did not know I needed love.
You don't know how I feel.
What it feels like
to be alone all your life
and then for a moment
belong with someone.
I loved Otto Müller.
I don't care what you think.
-That's all I have to say.
One more thing.
Who do you think killed Otto Müller?
Merle, of course.
How could she have
given up her husband?
Can I go now?
We got the medical report.
Oliver could not have
physically shot Otto Müller.
His arm wouldn't rise high enough
to match the bullet's trajectory.
So he was telling the truth.
About this one thing.
Maybe it was somebody
from the outside?
-Why do you think so?
-We can't rule this out.
Just had this feeling.
The picture of Otto Müller
keeps getting muddier every day.
Was he a defender or an attacker?
Was he an honest businessman
or a scumbag?
That's the key to the whole thing.
The reason he was killed.
We have to question Merle next.
I will call her to the station.
It seems we have to go
and pick her up.
When were you gonna tell me
that Otto Müller fired your father?
And when were you gonna tell me
that Otto Müller and the infamous
businessman Mark Sverdlov
have the same lawyer?
Your father. Attorney Maramaa.
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