Who Shot Otto Mueller? (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Until Death Do Us Part

Let's calm down.
-We have a murderer to catch.
But solving cases is about teamwork.
That's what we're trying to do.
Teamwork is based on trust.
You were hiding important
information regarding the case.
You're right, I should have told you
about my father and the port earlier.
How can I trust you
if you're not honest with me?
I don't think my old man
has anything to do with it.
-How long did he work at the port?
-Come on
-40 years.
-And Otto fired him just like that?
How can I be sure
that you're not involved?
I haven't seen my dad for five years.
Fine. Sorry.
Why didn't you just tell me
at the beginning?
I'll tell you now, if you let me.
My dad worked
at the port all his life.
I didn't know that Otto was
on the board of that port.
Yes, my father is
quick-tempered and nasty,
but he is not a killer.
I don't really get along
with my father either.
He never got over the fact
that I didn't become a lawyer.
He thinks that I am doing
everything wrong.
That I work so much.
That I am a police officer.
That I don't have a family.
I'm a total disappointment to him.
Fucking fathers.
-Don't you find one thing strange?
Merle does yoga.
-Many people do yoga.
-No, I mean on that day.
It's her husband's 65th birthday
and she decides to work out.
Let's visit the winter garden first
when we get to the manor.
Merle knew of Otto's mistresses.
She even knew the apartment
that Otto had for them.
Why did she put up with it?
She's a therapist
with her own source of income.
She could have divorced long ago.
I don't agree. I think marriage
was important to Merle.
She was ready to
sacrifice everything for it.
Like my mom.
If she had any Xanax-free days,
she might even realise
what kind of a man she's living with.
Although that probably
wouldn't change anything either.
Men like Otto Müller think
they can do absolutely anything.
No one's doing yoga today.
There's a stain on the floor.
Seems recent.
Like someone broke a planter.
You wanted to talk to me?
Sorry I kept you waiting. Coffee?
Actually, we came
to invite you to the station.
Don't worry, we'll get there.
Please have some pastries.
These are very good.
Anneken baked them
for this afternoon.
She makes them right.
The old way.
With yeast and butter.
We promise we are doing
everything we can to solve this case.
Oh, you know
It's all so strange. I still can't
believe that Otto is no longer here.
I still feel like he's going to walk
through the door at any moment.
Energetic and busy as always.
Frankly, I can't say
that I was entirely surprised.
So you expected that
something like this might happen?
I wouldn't put it like that. Otto
Otto was a very special man.
Many people don't like
those who are special.
Otto's way of solving conflicts
and his life philosophy
made him a lot of enemies.
In his private life or work?
As a family therapist
I meet so many people. Couples.
I have never seen two people
with identical world views.
People have different backgrounds,
different life experiences.
Tensions and conflicts arise easily
once the honeymoon phase is over.
It's better if I show you something.
Did you know that Otto
kept a gun in his desk drawer?
Did he? He didn't tell me
anything about that.
He knew I can't stand
guns and violence.
But you had a gun
in the living room cupboard as well?
Oh that was more like a memento.
Otto liked to tell a tall tale
of how he met a wolf.
You didn't know him,
but he was a handsome man.
It was love at first sight.
He was still
a poor athlete back then.
Such beautiful fair eyes!
And how mad my father got
when he found out about him.
Me, a sophisticated young lady
from a family of intellectuals,
a descendant of Vaarmanns. And he
a yokel with a manure fork.
That's what my father called him.
But I liked him.
Because he was different
from all the other boys I had met.
He was blunt.
Courageous. Eager.
When we moved here,
it was all just a thicket.
But Otto put on his wellies,
took a saw and chopped away
at the thicket for weeks.
How long ago that was!
The funeral home is calling.
I'll be right there, sweetie.
I hope it's okay if we continue
this conversation a little later.
I have many things to take care of.
Is it alright if I see you out
and come to the station later?
Yes, of course.
We need a new memory card.
In the first drawer.
Don't take this one. Here.
The right way Yes
I'm sorry if I'm being blunt,
but you probably haven't been
working together for long?
You can say that.
Beginnings are always hard.
Don't be discouraged.
If people have something in common,
they can build a strong partnership.
-I think the same.
-Let's get back to the case.
Yes, sorry. I didn't mean to
make you uncomfortable.
It's just an occupational habit.
I can't help but notice
the energy between people.
Okay, I will try to help you now.
Otto's birthday.
Let me think
I think I should start
from the night before.
-I was in my bedroom.
-What do you mean "your bedroom"?
Me and Otto have had
separate bedrooms for about 15 years.
New studies show it's very healthy.
I see.
Alright. Please continue.
Jesus! You startled me.
I almost had a heart attack.
It wouldn't be the first time.
And certainly not the last.
What's wrong?
Look, Merle
We've never had secrets
between us, right?
That's what you always say.
What have you done?
It's not about what I have done,
it's about what I'm going to do.
I plan to start over.
With what?
I plan to get to a point in my life,
where I can finally say
that I am satisfied.
Satisfied? You are never satisfied.
That's the thing!
All this here
I am capable of so much more!
I still have time!
I can build it up all over again!
You don't need to build
anything up all over again.
Enjoy the fruits of your labour.
Think of how far we've come.
Do you remember what a thicket it was
when we bought this place?
We fixed it with our own hands.
It's not about the thicket!
It's about the future!
Who am I leaving all this to?
We have Oskar and Oliver.
Two pieces of shit!
A fucking wuss and a failure.
Do you really think
I'm not capable of better?
-Do you see men in those two?
-Otto, you're hurting me.
I'm going to take a new wife.
And have as many children
with her as possible.
Children with real Müller blood!
I have always known
that your family lacks strength.
Fucking philosophy,
science, education
What has that given you?
-Someone might hear.
-Let them fucking hear.
This is my house!
Listen, if you want!
You too.
You must have been jealous.
How long have you
been in a relationship?
I'm single, but I don't see
how it's relevant.
And you?
Relationships are not for me.
Difficult person.
You are too hard on yourself.
I find you very charming.
Let me explain what happens
in a long-term relationship.
Young people who come to me
for couples therapy
think that a relationship
should be infinitely happy.
But that's not possible.
I have been taught that
marriage means work.
It wasn't the first time
Otto did this.
So there are more ex-lovers
with a motive out there.
Someone dethroned by Marleen.
Or pissed of exes
of those mistresses.
You use colourful words.
frivolities never lasted long
and the result was always the same.
He was disappointed
and came back to me.
Excuse me for being blunt, but why?
Did Otto have a reason to cheat?
Otto liked beautiful women.
They were his biggest addiction.
External beauty blinded him.
He thought it comes with
all other good things.
Elegance, femininity,
neatness, kindliness.
But a woman's appearance and
inner beauty are totally unrelated.
Same goes for men.
Tell us what happened
after the fight in your room.
I wouldn't call it a fight. It was
just a little difference of opinions.
I want to ask you something.
What's that? But we got you
a new mop bucket!
The one that rinses the mop.
It's easier and faster this way.
Anneken, did you know
that Otto has a new girl?
-What's her name?
Where is she from? Who is she?
From southern Estonia. A waitress.
They met at the Leetsaars' place.
You are a good girl, Anneken.
Please tell me you are
not killing them anymore!
Just take them to the other end
of the garden and release them.
They'll come back.
Tell me about Anneken.
She and Oskar are an odd couple.
Oskar is handsome,
athletic, successful.
-Anneken is
-What is she? Ugly?
You, young people, don't understand
the importance of loyalty.
Anneken is loyal.
Honest and faithful.
She supports Ossu a lot.
I mean Oskar.
How did they meet?
Otto introduced them.
They are a great couple.
Unlike Oliver and Monika?
Where does Anneken work?
What does she do?
She's a housewife.
She helps us with the housekeeping.
Why does she do that?
It's her choice.
She has every opportunity.
She could do anything she wants.
Why did you tell her
"please don't kill them anymore"?
Our house is very big.
It has big cellars.
There are mice in the cellars.
There's nothing we can do about it.
She breaks their necks
with her bare hands.
I have witnessed it.
It's a gruesome sight.
I don't like this kind of violence.
Anneken is a very nice girl,
but at times she can be a bit
Let's go back to that morning.
You were in the kitchen and
Yes, this is me.
Cancer. My doctor called.
A malignant tumour in my breast.
I had felt it
and I had my suspicions
but you always hope
until the very end, right?
-I'm very sorry.
-I yes
And how ironic that
on that very same day
my husband tells me
about the new life waiting ahead.
Nothing waits for me anymore.
Did you tell that to Otto?
I didn't tell anyone.
After all, it was Otto's birthday.
I didn't want to ruin it.
What a horrible day
it turned out to be in the end.
I am really very sorry.
Thank you, dear.
But there's no need.
It's a natural circle of life.
The old must make way for the young.
And yet you didn't want Marleen
to take your place?
You went to her apartment
and wanted to stop her.
I didn't want to stop her.
I wanted to save her.
I wanted to prevent her from making
the biggest mistake of her life.
The furniture is arranged
much better than the last time.
Makes the room more spacious.
Did you come
to talk about interior design?
Why so hostile?
I am not your enemy.
I believe your life
has not been easy.
I understand that Otto
might seem like a way out for you.
Like he can give you a nice life.
Trust me, no one knows better how
charming Otto can be when he wants.
I wanted to explain to her that
she's not a real partner for Otto.
I wanted to save her the heartache.
But she didn't believe me.
They never do.
Poor stupid girls.
I wanted to talk to Oskar
about Marleen.
Have you spoken
with your father today?
-About what?
-That! I thought you'd talk to him.
How do you even know about this?
Are there ever any secrets
in this house?
What did he say?
I haven't seen him today.
He'll show up.
I felt so alone.
I wanted to tell him
about what the doctor said.
About meeting that girl.
About how I feel.
And did you tell him?
I suddenly felt sorry for Oskar.
What could he have done?
His life has been hard enough.
I know you don't have
it easy with father.
But trust me,
he's doing it all so that
we could all live better.
I remember how we went to the seaside
when you were little.
Your father, you and Oliver.
The seagulls were squealing,
the waves were humming.
Oliver was building mud castles,
drop by drop.
You were running around on the beach,
sending sand everywhere.
And Otto said: "This boy
will become a world champion."
But he didn't.
You may not understand,
but children will always be children
for their mother.
And Oskar was such a sweet boy.
Always climbing the highest trees.
And how well Oliver
played the violin!
My little maestro.
I wish you could have heard him play.
-Shame he doesn't play anymore.
-He can't play after the injury.
I decided not to burden my sons
with the bad news.
It would've done no good for anyone.
That's when I decided to meditate.
I grabbed my yoga mat and
Have you ever tried yoga?
Try it! Trust me,
it does wonders for you.
You grabbed your yoga mat
and planned to meditate,
but then Oliver came in
and you two talked.
Did we?
I don't recall.
I guess it wasn't anything important.
Oh yeah! I might have been
worried about the garden.
Oliver can be a bit clumsy at times.
I realised I simply
have to accept it.
Every day I see couples torturing
each other about who is right.
So who is right?
Did I have the right to say that Otto
has no right to take a new mistress?
I was so sure this shall pass.
I had to stay strong for my sons.
At that moment I didn't know yet
that there were
more reasons to stay strong.
Has your mom ever told you
that you look exactly like my dad?
You are a spitting image of Otto.
Just imagine what he'll do now.
When I saw Robert
Oliver! Why are you chatting?
You haven't finished with the garden.
I thought Oliver was having
a nervous breakdown.
Meet Robert.
My son.
I just met him for the first time.
has always had a lively imagination.
He's a really sensitive boy.
For a moment I really did believe
that something had broken him.
You thought he was
having a psychosis?
He was always so ecstatic
when he was playing the violin.
Has Oliver ever needed
psychiatric help?
Has he ever wanted to kill himself?
He was completely right this time.
Robert even had
the key to our front door.
A sweet golden boy.
Spitting image of young Otto.
It must have caused tensions.
A grown-up grandchild.
All these years you hadn't considered
there's someone else out there.
I don't understand. Is that a
question? It's not a question.
Trust me,
I was really happy to see Robert.
Another person entitled to
a part of this big empire.
Sorry, but it's hard to believe
that such a special and important
family could be so accommodating.
Robert is a member of our family.
If we had known of him before,
we would have cared for him
since his birth.
What did Robert think of it?
Would he have liked to be
part of your family since birth?
Forgive me for staring.
You just resemble Otto so much.
I only hope you haven't inherited
his crazy personality.
Was grandpa crazy when he was young?
To say the least.
He was a real savage.
The men in my family would sit around
and talk about the world.
Sometimes they played the piano
or a game of chess.
Otto could not sit still.
He always had to do something.
Once he cleaned
the whole yard of snow,
while the others debated who
was right - Plato or Aristotle.
So who was right?
I think the man
with the snow shovel was right.
You must understand
what a shock it was for me.
A young and mannerless guy
suddenly in your big palace.
My family has
always valued familial bonds.
We take care of our own people.
Blood is thicker than water.
Oliver was heartbroken
when Reeli left.
Was he angry? Disappointed?
Wanted revenge?
What was the real reason
why Reeli left?
I don't know.
Nobody knows.
Oliver least of all.
His heart broke
into a million pieces.
And Oliver really didn't know
that Reeli was pregnant?
This would have made things
a thousand times harder for him.
I'm glad Reeli didn't tell him.
You claim that all these years
none of you had any idea
that Reeli has a son?
You're reading!
Don't be stupid.
I don't have time for such nonsense.
Our boy is here.
Our boy?
You won't believe it!
You've been giving Oskar and Oliver a
hard time cause they don't have kids.
But you were wrong!
you are a grandfather!
Oliver had a baby with Reeli!
And that boy is here now.
You knew?
How did you know?
And you didn't tell me.
How long have you known?
You invited him here.
Well, it's my birthday.
Are you alright?
A loving woman
is a stupid one, right?
What happened
after you left Otto's study?
Nothing happened.
I took a shower,
got dressed and went to dinner.
-And what happened at the dinner?
Come on
When Marleen showed up
and stood next to Otto,
you must have felt something.
What do my feelings
have to do with it?
You left the room
when Marleen arrived. Why?
Why? Why does one leave a room?
Maybe I needed some fresh air.
You couldn't stand
the shame and the humiliation.
You didn't want to lose
you position and the luxurious life.
And the anger cut you so deep
that you decided to kill Otto. Right?
I left the room in order not to make
an embarrassing situation even worse.
Would you have agreed to a divorce?
Have you read "Truth and Justice"?
I really like Krõõt's character.
She accepts her faith
with such fortitude.
There's something
really beautiful about it.
Divorce is not customary
in our family,
but if I would have been
forced to be a pioneer,
I would have done it proudly.
In reality, it was just
one of Otto's big shows.
But the life insurance policy
with Marleen's name was real.
The position of the chairman.
I have nothing further to tell you.
Unless you want to arrest me.
I left, I went to my room.
I recovered when I heard the shot.
That's all I know. Can I go now?
I'm a little Don't!
My blood sugar gets low
when I haven't eaten for some time.
I apologise if I seemed abrupt.
No, I'm the one who has to apologise
for Gabriel. Detective Vanem.
He's usually not that aggressive.
It's just a difficult time for him.
I understand.
It's not easy for an ageing man
to work with a beautiful young woman.
I actually wanted to ask what did
you do when you left the party?
It wasn't time for bed yet.
I really don't remember.
It had been an emotional day
and I simply wanted to rest.
My health
There was actually
nothing special about that day.
What's unusual,
is how quiet the manor is now.
My new partner
in love and life Marleen!
Piggy, piggy, piggy.
Piggy, piggy, piggy.
-This is not love.
-You think?
Listening to them,
I'd want to kill that Otto myself.
I think he could be very nice
if he wanted something.
You have a lively imagination.
Maybe Otto had a
borderline personality disorder.
Instability, mood swings, violence.
We're not making any progress.
We need food.
They're all lying.
Not such good people anymore, huh?
What a facade.
A picturesque manor.
Beautiful wealthy people.
And then suddenly. bam!
Looks and inner beauty
are totally unrelated.
If you say so
Do you believe it's the character
that matters, not the upbringing?
I believe that people don't change.
Character remains the same.
-If I were Otto's child
I am not exactly tolerant.
What do we even know?
Oliver couldn't have made the shot.
Oskar definitely wanted to
take revenge on his father.
Marleen was the beneficiary
of the life insurance. A motive.
And Merle
She gave vague answers
to all our questions.
They all had a reason to kill Otto.
But we still don't have
the murder weapon.
Do you think we can solve this case?
I always solve all my cases.
It's not in my nature
to give up on the truth.
At least we know one important thing.
Which is?
Anneken killed mice.
Maybe not just mice.
I went to the station.
I'm afraid that what I told them
They might have
got the idea that you
But I did want to kill him.
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