Who Shot Otto Mueller? (2022) s01e05 Episode Script


Gosh, I'm sorry!
Are you hurt?
-It's okay. I'll get better.
-I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you.
Who else were you planning
to greet this way?
-Good morning.
I wanted to kill Otto.
I was planning to do it.
I knew how I'd do it.
Wait a minute. Hold your horses.
-Is this a confession?
-A confession?
I confess.
-You confess to killing Otto Müller?
-Someone beat me to it.
So you didn't kill him,
but you were planning to?
I put rat poison in his coffee.
In his coffee?
The toxicology report?
-I can order a new one, just in case.
-Do it.
He always had a cup of black coffee
before going to sleep.
He wouldn't have tasted
the difference.
But if you'd brought him coffee,
everyone would've known it was you.
Do you want to go to prison?
I would have given some to everyone.
More to Marleen.
We have mice. Merle is always
bringing rat poison to the house.
I kill the mice without it.
The poison is just lying there.
Thought I'd say I used it to clean
bacteria from the coffee machine.
Did you know they're everywhere?
-Weren't you afraid for Oskar?
-My husband doesn't drink coffee.
You kill mice with your bare hands?
It's so easy.
Thank you.
Let's do it this way
Tell us what happened that day.
Sleep, my dear.
You don't have to worry
about a thing, I'm here.
I like it when the manor is in order.
It goes with the territory.
Why did you shoot the wolf?
You don't know.
I'm glad you're telling us
everything in great detail.
It gives us a clear picture
of your living situation.
Please excuse me, but you seem
to be like unpaid staff at the house.
From dawn till dusk. Why?
You're not the sharpest pencil,
are you?
Have you seen the manor?
-I have.
-Wouldn't you like to live in one?
With a house like that,
everything always goes well. Get it?
So there was a time in your life
when everything wasn't well?
People say that childhood
is a beautiful time.
People are stupid.
There were seven of us.
Tiiu and Mati liked making babies.
Taking care of them, not so much.
I was the middle child.
Dropped out of school.
People thought I'd stay at home.
I didn't have anyone or anything.
I was nothing.
But I haven't seen my parents
for 25 years.
Don't you miss them?
But why haven't you seen
your parents for 25 years?
Because I met Otto.
Our house was near the woods.
Nothing else there. Woods, fields.
Not a soul around.
A happy childhood
I was always hungry.
Total hunger.
I dreamt of fried potatoes.
All we had at home was vodka.
Vodka, vodka, vodka
I went to the woods to pick sorrel.
If you're really hungry,
you'll eat even grass.
Like you're not human.
Then, there was a bang.
I went towards it.
A man lay on the ground.
Dead. A hole in his head.
There was a nice pistol next to him.
I picked it up and walked on.
I saw Otto
walking on the path nearby.
Bloodstains on his trousers.
But I saw that later.
First, I saw the wolf.
Hungry, like me.
Blood stinks, you know?
Grovel crunched as it went for Otto.
I shot the bastard right there.
You're saying
that the wolf legend is a lie?
You mean Otto wasn't the one
who killed that wolf?
It's our secret.
The man in the woods
with the pistol next to him
Had he shot himself?
Did you know who it was?
He had a birthmark. Somewhere here.
Did he go there with Otto?
They weren't gathering mushrooms,
that's for sure. Didn't see a bucket.
And you've never told this to anyone?
No one asked.
I'd like to know
How would you describe Otto?
What do you mean?
Was he a bad man? A good man?
He was a man like any other.
Picked his nose
and spat on the ground.
Sometimes he talked about Siberia.
Sixty years had passed,
but he still remembered
hunger, cold and loneliness.
Others didn't understand it. I did.
How did he treat you?
Well, I didn't think of him
as a person.
He was my goldfish.
I went foraging and found a goldfish
who asked me what I wanted.
What did you say?
I recognised him immediately.
Everyone in our village
watched sports events on TV.
We all knew the wrestler Otto Müller,
Oskar's father.
Oskar had just been accepted
to the decathlon team.
He was the most handsome man
I'd ever seen.
I didn't have to think long.
I said, "Otto, I want your son."
That woman is not all there.
A pretty normal outcome
when alcoholics have a child.
If she's certifiable,
then her story's no good.
The testimony is useless
and we're wasting our time.
I looked into it last night.
Luukas Tamm going missing,
it was a huge scandal in the 90s.
It's the same period
that Anneken was talking about.
Luukas Tamm
has a birthmark on his face.
Is it possible that Otto shot him?
That he was going
to stage it as suicide?
Well done.
Great job!
Imagine what life would've been like
if Anneken hadn't been in the woods.
I can't believe I'm telling you
what people usually tell me
but you have to take it easy.
It's no good for anyone
if you burn out.
Least of all for me.
I know.
Here you go.
-What's that?
-It's for you.
I was in a band when I was younger.
I wanted to become a musician.
I still dabble sometimes.
-You don't have to listen to it.
-Thank you.
Glad you didn't break it
in the morning.
Did you see this man in the woods?
I'll send an enquiry.
We can restart this investigation.
Otto gave you his son to marry.
This story is getting too crazy.
Believe what you want.
I'm allowed to believe my fairy tale.
You mean Oskar Müller agreed to be
forced into a loveless marriage?
Oskar loves me.
Of course he does.
Please, tell us more
about the last day.
It would make more sense
to talk about the day before.
Otto was an angry man,
always missing something.
Damn. Give it to me.
This is no job for a woman.
Anneken, I want to talk to you.
-You know Marleen, right?
I like her.
She has grit. A fighter's spirit.
Like you. When something needs doing,
she doesn't think. She does it.
I'd like to give her a chance.
I'd like to give
our relationship a chance.
I know it hurts Merle.
And some will say that the old man
has lost it. Let them.
I haven't heard anything smart
from people anyway.
Damn boots. Five hundred euros!
Can't walk with them.
See if you can take them off.
Damn it. Thank you.
You are a good strong girl.
If you found yourself better rags,
you'd still be doable.
You're not all fancy
and snobbish, like some
-The missus will be angry.
-Yes, she will.
And not only the missus.
Hey wouldn't you like
to live in Spain?
No. I like it here.
Oskar wouldn't want
to give up his business.
Like a knife. Damn,
I like how your mind works.
And you're right.
Oskar That boy
wanted my place long ago,
but what can you do?
I don't want to leave!
Listen You could live in Spain,
under the sun and palm trees.
A friend of mine is selling
a nice little hostel there.
The two of you could manage it.
Perhaps in a warm climate,
the old flame would burn again
and you could give me some heirs.
I look at the two of you
and I see an elderly couple.
You're still young.
Don't you two fuck anymore?
Just look around you. Paradise!
For whom? Who is it for?
I don't like children.
Here. Help me put this on.
Pull it.
Pull it!
According to him,
everyone else was at fault.
I'm taking a new wife.
I will have children with her,
as many as I can.
True heirs
with the Müller blood in them.
-Someone might hear.
-This is my house!
Listen if you want to!
But he wasn't right.
It wasn't just his house.
It is our house.
We're a family.
A home is not just the walls
and furniture. It's the people in it.
We all took care of Otto.
But he didn't understand that.
Did you know that he was missing
his two middle toes?
He lost them as a child
when his father
made him ski in wet boots.
He was bullied at school.
He told me. When his sons were born,
he checked their toes first.
No, Otto didn't want to be a bad man.
He didn't understand
what he was doing to others.
He never understood it.
I wanted to ask you something.
Do you ever wish
your life was different?
That you didn't live in
this grey everyday with old people?
I chose this life.
If I could choose, I'd like to be
young, pretty and slender again.
-Do you know how pretty I was?
-I've seen the pictures.
If I could be young again
Otto would come to me again
and ask me to dance
Did you know
Otto has a new girlfriend?
Marleen, from Valga. A waitress.
They met at the Leetsaars' place.
He'll get over it. They never last.
You're a good girl.
I felt so bad for Merle.
I think that's when I started
thinking of poison.
It just came to my head.
What if I poisoned Otto?
Once I thought about it,
I couldn't get rid of the idea.
-Mom, did you see Monika?
-Is the yard ready?
-Not yet, something came up.
-Your father doesn't like that.
Especially today
Wait a minute.
You're saying that Merle and Oliver
were talking in the foyer.
-And Merle was holding a yoga mat?
Go on. Did you tell Oskar about
this idea of yours, the poisoning?
Of course not.
I saw that he was stressed.
He wouldn't have touched a hair
on Otto's head.
Even for self-defence.
Honey, is dad in his office?
No, he's not home yet. What happened?
-You know that he's turning 65?
Shouldn't he retire, don't you think?
It's an age
where your life's work is done,
you should sit around and feel good
about your achievements.
-Otto will never just sit around.
-Why not? He should.
Why keep on running
after you've reached the finish line?
I knew what was on his mind.
The port. That was his dream.
Not Spain, but the Estonian sea.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
And what's my present?
Ah, my favourite cake.
Grandmother's curd cake.
I never met my grandmother, but
I know through my mother.
Grandmother's curd cake.
Do it well. Properly. Got it?
Hello? Properly.
Fucking port workers.
In the old days, life was hard.
But today
One cigarette break after another.
No overtime. Just give them money.
They should all be fired.
Oskar wants to find a compromise.
How can we find one with them?
They are proles. Proles!
They should all be fired! Get it?
They should all be fired!
This man was definitely not retiring.
He was so angry, like he was on fire.
There was no chance
he'd give up his place.
-Do you remember grain coffee?
And the Twix bars?
When I had my first Twix,
I thought my head would explode.
I couldn't have even imagined
anything as delicious.
It's the same with Oskar.
When I married him,
it was as if the sun had come out
and spread light over everything.
All the bad things
burned away, destroyed. Gone.
I was so happy.
I didn't care about anything.
A latte is just milk and coffee,
by the way. No magic involved.
You think there is, of course.
Oskar is still a man. Understand?
A man. He has a soul.
His soul was hurt every time
when Otto let him down.
Otto promised and didn't deliver.
Oskar believed him.
Every single time, hoping.
When Otto left the kitchen,
he forgot his book.
Truth and Justice .
As if he knew anything about either.
Between its pages, I found
a life insurance policy for Marleen.
I knew it was only the beginning.
I found something.
Otto was having breakfast,
and I saw this in his hand.
-What's that supposed to mean?
-Otto has Marleen now.
No, no. There's no Marleen
and there never will be.
-He asked me about Spain.
If we wanted to go live there.
What did you say?
That Spain is his way
of getting rid of us.
What is he thinking?
Who is this Marleen anyway?
I've never even heard of her.
Otto told me about her.
She's young and pretty. A waitress.
It seems serious.
What does a waitress know
about our life?
What will we do?
You have to do something.
Then, the boy came. Robert.
Otto was going to put us
in our places that night.
We were supposed to see who was boss.
All that talk about grandchildren
He was just mad that others
had something he didn't.
He didn't really care about Robert.
He was just keeping tabs on him,
seeing whether to let him in or not.
Didn't you and Oskar want children?
My childhood was filled
with screaming kids and broken toys.
We beat each other up.
-I haven't forgotten it.
-So you didn't even try?
It must've been hard
to put up with pressure from Otto.
That man couldn't even kill a wolf.
He's going to tell me what to do?
What if we did leave this place?
I mean
-Are you happy here?
-With you, I'm happy anywhere.
Even if I'm not chairman
of the board of the port?
I just want it all to be mine.
I'm the oldest son, after all.
You deserve it.
Don't you think we should finally
have order in this house?
I realised
we couldn't go on like this.
I had to do something,
for Oskar's sake.
I decided to end this mess.
I was only worried for Merle.
Otto was her husband, after all.
Good lord!
It's you, darling. You startled me.
I came here
to gather my thoughts and
a plant needed transplanting.
Are you crying?
It's been an emotional day.
-Robert and
I talked to her.
It's no use.
-She's just a child.
-Greedy little bitch.
I wouldn't be so sure.
It's so easy to impress young girls.
You buy her some nice clothes,
take her on a limousine ride,
pretend to be a real gentleman
It can cause feelings.
Because what is love anyway?
Beautiful eyes,
a couple of nice gestures,
and you feel like it's destiny.
Otto shouldn't turn his back
on his family.
-What if that's what he really wants?
-It's not right. It's not fair.
Do you see what he's doing to Oskar?
-Do you love Otto?
How can you let him do this?
He should be yours.
What if he really does loves Marleen?
You've already given up on him.
I can't make decisions for him.
If I'm not enough for him,
if we're not enough for him,
then all I can do
is wash my hands of all this.
I realised that the missus was crazy.
If you love someone, you fight
for that person to belong to you.
If I wanted Oskar to be happy,
I needed to kill Otto.
This woman is either insane
or very cunning.
I ordered a new toxicology report
of Otto's blood. We'll see.
She would've dared to kill Otto.
What if all that talk about poison
is just to mislead us?
The more they talk,
the messier it gets.
If Anneken hid the murder weapon,
we'll never find it.
That's just the tip of the iceberg.
I've been working
in the police force for 20 years.
I can tell if something's wrong.
You can't hide anything from me.
Sugar, lemon, coffee.
Caffeine is absorbed quickly.
Russian coke.
As a narc, you should know of it.
What's wrong?
Are you afraid of something?
When will you tell me
what happened this morning?
Firstly, I think that
if Anneken had killed Otto,
she wouldn't be talking.
She'd only take the blame
for someone else if it was Oskar.
Secondly, I think she's been
underestimated many times in life.
It's her advantage.
She knows a lot more
than she tells us.
Thirdly, I really like
working with you.
I'm sorry!
-Sorry, I misunderstood.
-No! It's just
We work together.
Vodka, vodka, vodka
Too bad the blood test
showed no signs of arsenic, huh?
Tell us what happened next.
Then we had the party.
We ate and we drank.
Marleen barged in. Merle bailed.
Monika broke some dishes.
And then it got interesting.
I thought I'd lure Otto
away from the house
and no one would see me.
We'd go into the woods, I'd shoot him
and then pretend to be clueless.
I'd talk about his business partners
who want him dead. There are many.
No one would suspect me.
But the dark was my enemy.
Someone could've stumbled on us.
Then I saw them Reeli and Oliver.
Oliver had suddenly become a father.
I told Otto I didn't like children,
but it's not entirely true.
I couldn't tell him the truth.
Of course we wanted children.
Very much so. We tried, but
Oskar has problems.
Had problems.
I decided that poison
was my best option.
Otto used to drink
a cup of coffee before bed.
I could say that I was cleaning
the coffee machine and forgot.
Fuck off, you fucking slut!
An accident.
-What are you doing, spying on us?
-On you?
That crazy bitch Marleen gave me
a black eye. Does it show?
-What was that bang?
-I don't know.
-Give me some coffee.
-No! It's not for you.
What? Fuck's sake.
That's it.
That's it?
You didn't go to the living room
to see what had happened?
When I heard the shot,
I knew someone had beaten me to it.
I went to the kitchen
to get rid of the coffee.
-Did Marleen run past you?
-I didn't wait for her.
I don't think she could've done this.
Monika is a different story.
You just said that Monika
came from Otto's room.
-So it couldn't have been her.
-You don't know Monika.
Monika doesn't do things herself,
she has other people for that.
-So you think she's an accomplice?
-I've thought about it.
I heard her arguing with Otto earlier
in the antechamber of his bedroom.
-Arguing about what?
-I don't remember.
Sometimes, it's better
not to remember things.
Why Monika?
Why not Reeli?
I'm not the police. You ask her!
What time is it?
-It's 2:10 p.m.
-I have to go.
I have to make supper.
The mourners are coming.
I can go, right?
I'm not under arrest?
You're not.
It could've been someone
inconspicuous from the outside.
What were you doing there
the night before?
I saw you go into Otto's study.
-It wasn't me.
-Don't lie! It's impolite.
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