Who Shot Otto Mueller? (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Desire Of The Soul

What are you up to?
Did you really visit Otto Müller
the night before the murder?
Yes. But it has nothing
to do with this case.
This is a breach of protocol.
When you took this case,
you knew you were compromised
and that you should turn it down.
How could I have refused?
This is my first murder case.
There might not be another one.
Damn it. You will not fuck up
this case for me.
-You knew Otto Müller personally?
-No, he was my father's friend.
Did you take the gun from the drawer?
-Why didn't you tell me yourself?
-I don't want to talk about it, okay?
It's in the past.
It has nothing to do with this case.
I know what happened with your wife.
I know you went
straight to the crime scene
from the maternity ward.
I know how important
this job is for you.
I want to know the truth, too.
You have to believe me.
Monika Müller.
I'm meditating.
I'm detective Agnes Maramaa,
I'm here to invite you
to the police station.
We've called you multiple times,
we went to your home.
There's no service here.
You're an important witness
in a murder case.
I'm imploring you to come with us.
And if I refuse?
I can cuff you and drag you
to the station but I'd prefer not to.
I like cuffs.
Monika, are you happy
that someone killed Otto?
Why do you think that?
You look great. Completely relaxed.
-Hence, I think you're relieved.
-Is that so?
I don't know, maybe.
-Can't say that I liked Otto.
-Even though he gave you a new car?
So familiar with my life already?
What else do you know?
Who I had lunch with yesterday?
The colour of my eyes?
Marleen told us
about your little spat.
Little spat?
That bitch is crazy.
But then, it's not normal
for a young beautiful girl
to be interested
in an old goat like Otto.
He wasn't unattractive, was he?
Really? That's your taste?
-You fancy men like Oliver.
I like men who do their own thing.
It takes a lot of courage
to be unpopular.
Or maybe I have a thing
for failed musicians.
A thing?
The universe works
in mysterious ways.
-But it's never wrong.
-These ways have panned out poorly.
Otto is dead
and Marleen will get all the money.
-We'll see about that.
-Did you kill Otto?
-What do you think?
-I think you're capable of it.
Tell us more about that day.
I've always liked to live well.
My glass is full.
In any weather.
my husband didn't understand it.
Look what I got.
Isn't this nice? My new baby.
And what did Oliver say?
He started whining
about how I shouldn't accept money.
You don't love
your husband much, do you?
Why else would I have stayed
with him for all those years?
You're not actually married, are you?
You just changed
your last name to Müller.
It's not forbidden, is it?
There are reasons other than love
for being in a relationship.
-Such as
-Such as?
Material reasons.
Well, if the police says so
You asked Otto for money
that morning. Do you deny it?
Oskar told us that you argued
with him over money, as well.
Ossu we talked about it, yes.
But it wasn't an argument.
Did father really give you a car?
I can't help it
if I'm that dear to him.
That's really nice.
That he supports you like this.
-He's not just supporting us.
I think Oliver should take
better care of you.
Sweet of you to worry about me.
Oliver works. He does what he can.
Besides, it's only right
that Otto take care of his family.
If I had all that money,
I would do the same.
It's Otto's money.
He decides what to do with it.
We've heard
a slightly different version
of this conversation.
But isn't it normal?
He had all that money,
why couldn't he have supported
his family?
So you went to thank Otto?
In his bedroom?
Can I get a cider, please? With ice.
The lady wants a drink.
Alright. But we don't have
alcohol in the station.
Only at the store.
You went into Otto's bedroom, right?
I wanted to thank you. Got the car.
It's great. Excellent.
Happy birthday.
You know I don't like
useless trinkets.
It's not useless, it's
It's a mountain crystal. It helps you
think clearly and cleanses your aura.
My aura is as clean
as that of baby Jesus.
What are these paintings?
I don't know.
Merle's family's paintings.
Completely useless stuff.
Supposedly very valuable.
Some bushes and trees.
I don't know.
Thought I'd move them out my sight,
to the barn or somewhere.
I actually wanted to talk to you.
About what?
I just need a little bit
to cover some expenses.
How much?
Is this a joke?
No, it's not.
Considering your wealth,
this is not even worth mentioning.
No way.
-You owe me that money.
-I don't owe you anything.
Should I go
and tell Merle everything?
If you must.
And you needed the money for?
Right on time.
Monika here told me
about asking Otto for money.
He refused. Fifty thousand.
-He owed me that money.
-He did?
What for?
Doesn't matter.
Because after that,
everything got fucked up.
Because my husband's son arrived.
-Did you hear?
-Hear what?
Oliver's kid is here.
Oliver's kid?
Did you lose your mind?
Turns out Reeli was pregnant
when she left this place.
Crazy Reeli?
Oh please, you believe that?
How can Oliver have
a kid without knowing about it?
Oliver believes it.
Oliver would believe that pigs fly
if someone told him that.
This kid could be anyone.
Where is he?
I saw them.
They were walking there.
My husband's kid who wasn't mine.
I realised I had to be smart.
What are you doing?
Who, me? Exercising.
-I wanted to talk to you.
-Yes, dear. Get it off your chest.
I need money.
Right. My wallet's in the house.
How much do you need?
Fifty thousand.
Fifty thousand?
And I have to tell you something
about Otto.
-I know.
-You know?
I went to see that girl.
She's still a child.
Young and naive.
Isn't it horribly cheap?
To throw away all those years
for someone like this?
Throw away? Throw what away?
-Merle, what is it? Sit.
Don't When things go wrong,
they keep going wrong until the end.
Like a snowball
that turns into an avalanche.
-Want a drink? I have cider.
-No. I just
Merle was no match for Otto.
She was like Oliver.
Good but weak people.
But I'm no quitter.
When something goes wrong,
everything starts going wrong.
The hair dryer breaks down,
the starter motor needs replacing
I grew up in a small place.
A small town.
A lot of shabby wooden houses there.
A lot of drunkards.
I had an uncle named Inno
who stayed with us sometimes.
When I was five years old,
my dad gifted me a bicycle.
A red one.
It was
It was the only beautiful new thing
that belonged to me.
I remember how happy I was
when I rode it on the street.
I must've been the happiest girl
in that moment.
Until I saw uncle Inno
rushing towards me.
He started tugging
on the bike to take it from me.
I was pulling it back,
held on to it with all my strength.
I was screaming like crazy
on that street.
no one came to help.
I was five years old.
He was a big guy.
Of course I lost my bike.
What gives someone the right
to ruin another person's happiness?
Why the long face?
It's papa's birthday after all.
You didn't want to wait?
Eat and drink
with the rest of the family?
This mushroom is
more of a family to me than you are.
You and I have been here the longest.
What are you trying to say?
If things start going down,
whose side are you on?
The money's.
If new circumstances arise,
can I count on you?
What circumstances?
Circumstances other than the kid?
What kid?
-You haven't even heard yet.
-Heard what?
Let's keep this
between the two of us, okay?
And you think Oskar
was planning to kill his father?
How should I know
what he was planning?
Ossu has always been kind of
And now, suddenly he was all
Have you always had
problems with alcohol?
Have you always had problems
communicating with people?
-What did you do next?
-I didn't do anything.
Why do you think I did something?
If I was in a similar situation,
I think I'd do something about it.
Damn it. I wasn't going to sit there
and watch them rob me again.
So what did you do?
I went to Otto's office.
I've given you my whole life!
And for what? For what?!
What do you want?
Are you here to freak out as well?
Haven't had a man in a while or what?
You know very well what I want.
And that you won't get.
What are you going to do now?
You don't want me to do anything.
If I do it, it will cost you dearly.
Fifty thousand would be nothing
compared to this.
I don't care what Merle thinks.
I know that.
She's not the only person
in the world.
There are your business partners.
International relations, the public.
What would people think if they knew
what their hero was really like?
What would Robert think
about his grandfather?
You're bluffing, bitch.
Why would I bluff?
No one cares about my story.
Your story is a different thing.
Who would believe you?
Look at yourself.
You wanted to take the gun
from the drawer, right?
I wanted to threaten him.
The drawer was empty.
Did Otto make a pass at you?
You have no idea
how Otto treated women.
Especially young women.
What he did or what he was
I need to use the toilet.
Hallway. Third door on the right.
When are you going to tell me?
Tell you what?
Why the hell
did you go to Otto Müller?
The more I hear about that guy,
the less I like it.
-We can't work together like this.
-Then we can't.
What are we going to do?
You'll report me?
Let them take me off the case? Huh?
What were you doing at his place?
Let's move on.
What happened next?
That awful dinner.
When that whore squeezed her thighs,
my glasses snapped in half.
Ah, Monika. Meet my grandson.
This is Robert, Oliver's son.
-Boy, this is your father's wife.
-Nice to meet you.
What a great day for me.
I got a father and a new mother.
Robert is a musician like his father.
-Oliver is not a musician.
-Now, now
Oliver has a very special talent.
Speaking of
I never really figured out
your talents.
Maybe you have
something to say about those?
You don't work or make money.
You're not raising kids.
What do you do here all day long?
Sounds like me when my mum
sent me to work a strawberry field.
-You like field work?
-No. It was very hot, stuffy.
I was all sweaty. I watched others
stoop between the strawberry beds.
Ate strawberries for an hour or so.
Later, I took off
to the woods to take a nap.
I don't think
I'd make a good farmer.
There are easier ways to make money.
What do you think, Monika?
Where are you going?
The others will be here soon.
Come back and have a seat!
Otto still didn't consider me
his equal, after all those years.
Who did he think he was?
He owed me that money.
I'd just met Oliver back then.
There was a party
at his parents' place
and he invited me along.
A poor little girl
a big fancy house
and her boyfriend's father.
-I'm sorry.
I got pregnant.
In that house.
His wife was in the next room.
I didn't dare make a sound.
That fucking bastard.
Am I sorry that Otto Müller is dead?
No, I'm not.
You got pregnant?
They fucked up the abortion.
I was told I can never have children.
I was in a dark place after that.
As good as dead.
And then Otto said
that Oliver was alone,
that his wife has abandoned him.
You would've wanted kids
with Oliver?
Of course.
Why else do you think
I need the money?
Have you heard of surrogacy?
I'd like to finally have my own life.
You used this story
to blackmail Otto?
He has to pay
for something in this life.
It would only be fair.
And you've never told this to anyone?
When I saw Robert
He looks just like Otto.
I thought what if the same thing
happened to Reeli?
-Everything alright?
Nice view.
I wonder what it would've been like
to live here.
First of all,
no one knows who you are.
It's not been proven yet
that you belong here.
I promise to buy nicer clothes,
Mrs Müller.
And secondly
Don't think anyone here
has had a nice life.
It's an illusion.
A pretty cool illusion.
It's nice to see
what I've missed out on.
I figured it'd be like this
but to see it is a slap in the face.
We're all devoid of soul here.
-The poor sinners' alley.
-The poor sinners' palace.
-You don't mind, do you?
-Give me that.
Perhaps you're not the sheep
you seem to be.
Don't take the old man's words
too seriously.
You have no idea.
Half the country
is full of people like that.
Men who think
that only their opinion matters.
Don't even have to be rich for that.
Maybe the Soviet Union
told them to spew bullshit
and listen to no one.
Maybe that's why they don't doubt
anything or listen anymore.
What do you know
about the Soviet Union?
I see what it's done to people.
It's destroyed
their natural curiosity and openness.
These people are afraid.
Just look at Otto.
He's afraid, too.
That's why he plays a tough guy.
Stomps on everyone's lives
to elevate himself.
What is he afraid of?
I have no idea.
What are you afraid of?
I don't know.
Okay. The pollution of the planet.
All these cool animals,
pandas and unicorns will die out.
-Super sad.
-It really is super sad.
I'm afraid there's no point
in having kids.
The future is too scary.
My life has been
no bed of roses either.
I had to work for my neighbours
because I had no money.
You throw manure a couple of times
and your whole life tastes like shit.
And I could've been growing up here.
No cows. No drunkards
camping out in front of stores.
The night was long and I drank a lot.
I was worried
about Merle, money, Oliver
About Oliver?
About us, yes.
I know I'm not the easiest person
to get along with. I'm very frank.
-Oliver is fragile.
-So you do love your husband?
-Unfortunately, yes.
-Yet you only talk about money.
Money means opportunities.
No money, no opportunities.
-I understood that long ago.
-You don't work, do you?
Do you know what the wages are like?
I was quite young
when I understood
that unless a miracle happens,
my life is going down the drain.
But a miracle did happen.
It did.
Oliver is a good man.
Truly. Gentle, caring.
Yes, you could say
that a miracle happened to me.
I've thought
about opening a crystal shop.
Crystals Items of power.
What's stopping you?
Are you an idiot
or just pretending to be one?
Tell us more about that night.
There was a dinner.
A story about the wolf.
Reeli arrived.
Marleen arrived. You fell.
I had to go to the bathroom,
there was a stain on my dress.
I was so angry.
Why did I have to suffer
while Otto got everything he wanted?
What is it?
It's me, Reeli.
I wanted to check
if you were alright.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
I wanted to let you know
how sorry I am about this evening.
I never would've returned here.
To be honest I didn't want
Oliver to know he had a son.
Not because of Oliver, but
Because of all this mess.
-Because of Otto?
-Yes. Mostly because of him.
When I left this place,
I thought I'd never come back.
I never told Robert about his father.
How did he find out then?
Nothing good will come of this.
Oliver has a new family. He has you.
Maybe you'll have kids one day.
Yes, maybe.
Robert and I we don't belong here.
Why are you telling me this?
I just want you to know
that I'm not trying
to ruin your life in any way.
To tell you the truth,
Robert has never listened to me.
It must've been difficult
being a single mum.
No. Being a mum is not difficult.
It's a delight.
It was difficult to give up Oliver.
I often thought
what he was doing
and how he was faring.
I missed being close to him.
I'm sorry. Please forgive me.
Why did you leave then?
I had my own reasons.
I'm never going to talk about them.
If I had to suspect someone,
it would be Reeli.
What a tough woman.
Turns her life around while pregnant.
Sounds like you admire her.
I do. It takes a lot of courage.
No one in this family
has any courage.
Except for Reeli.
So you think Reeli shot Otto Müller?
She's a former biathlete.
Estonian champion.
Her aim would've been true.
What happened
after you talked to Reeli?
I think I was hanging out
with Robert.
We were just chatting.
Oh, and then this happened.
-How did it happen?
That crazy bitch hit me.
I don't know what got into her.
Maybe she killed Otto.
How should I know?
Reeli Müller is here to talk to you.
Shall I bring her here?
Reeli Müller?
No. Let her wait. Thanks.
What were you doing
in Otto's bedroom?
Marleen said you fought there.
I was throwing up
in the bathroom or
I don't remember.
I honestly don't remember.
I drank so much.
I was upstairs with Marleen
when I heard the shot.
But that means I have an alibi.
Did you leave
the room after the shot?
Or I don't remember.
I honestly don't remember
anything that happened after that.
I can't work with you
if you don't trust me.
Your choice. Stay or go.
Otto was my father's friend.
It's always been like this.
Scratching each other's back.
Families sticking together.
Otto wanted to know
if he could use me somehow.
I went to tell him
that bribery is a felony
and that I was watching him.
As you can see,
I wasn't very good at that.
-What did he want you to do?
-I never found out.
Where's the fire?
I wanted to tell you Hi.
I wanted to tell you
that I shot Otto Müller.
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