Who Shot Otto Mueller? (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Thou Shalt Not

I wanted to tell you
I killed Otto Müller.
You killed Otto Müller?
I shot him.
You can take me away right now.
Can I go on now?
I'm all ears.
I killed Otto Müller.
I threw the gun in the pond later.
-Why did you do it?
-He deserved it.
-Where were you at that moment?
-Outside, of course.
-How else could I have shot him?
-You used to be a biathlete.
Three-time national junior champion.
You were married to Oliver.
Happily married.
Officially, you still are.
If your marriage was so happy,
why did you leave so suddenly?
What do you get out of this?
I did it.
-Take me away. Where do I sign?
-Wait a minute.
Why wait that long?
Why didn't you whack him
when you were still living there?
I was young.
I didn't have the courage to do it.
Do you believe in God?
My profession makes it difficult.
The Bible makes it simple.
"But if there is serious injury,
you are to take life for life."
We'll still need
your full confession.
-Full confession?
-Everything you did on October 15th.
-Everything I did
-Since the morning.
I woke up at 5:30 as usual.
I went on my morning jog.
I took a cold shower after that.
I ate six egg whites.
I went to Robert's room.
And I saw he was gone.
I always thought this day would come,
but when it did, I realised
I was not actually ready for it.
I was afraid
something terrible would happen.
Pick up.
Come on, pick up!
He said clearly not to go after him.
But you still did.
-You always ignore your son's needs?
Not at all. I went there
with his needs on my mind.
He had the right
to know who his father is.
-Of course he wanted to meet him.
-You're too young.
Maybe you're one of those who believe
that children are here to teach us.
Let me tell you how it is.
Children know nothing.
That's why they have mothers.
Because mothers know.
What about fathers?
Do they know nothing either?
I'm not making generalisations.
But speaking from experience
You didn't even give Oliver
a chance to be a father.
Yeah. You're right about that.
I'm truly guilty of that.
How did you meet Oliver?
We met through Otto.
He was the sponsor of our team.
See? That's something
to be grateful for to Otto.
I knew at first sight
that Oliver was the one.
It's not easy to talk
about all of this.
I don't get it.
Although you had this big love,
Robert grew up thinking
That his father's dead! Yes!
I thought it's best for everyone.
Did you learn that morning
Robert was going to see his dad?
I didn't tell you.
We spoke about it the night before.
We had a huge argument.
I don't get why you want to go there.
After everything I've told you
about the Müllers?
Was it for nothing?
That's the thing, mum.
You've told me nothing about them.
I told you, I've been trying
to save you from them all my life.
I'm telling you. This isn't a family
you want to get involved with.
But I'm a part of the family!
Should I stay away from myself, too?
-Robert, you know what I mean.
-No, mum, I don't!
I've never seen these people.
How bad can they be?
Do they have
small kids' blood for dinner
and hang from ceiling lights?
Please try to understand me, too.
Oliver is my father.
You had a father.
You know what it's like.
I've never had a father.
Is it really so hard to understand
that I want what's rightfully mine?
-I have the right to a father!
-Robert. You have got me.
-Are you my father?
Robert Do you?
You simply don't know.
I'm telling you, you don't know.
If you knew what I know,
you wouldn't go there.
Don't treat me like
I'm still a child!
I told you Please don't smoke.
It's bad for you. You know it is.
-Not knowing is even worse!
-You know what!
You think it'll be
some great adventure?
You just show up
and see their neat manor
and neat clothes and cars
But I'm telling you, you don't know
what's behind all of that.
I've been in touch with grandpa
for almost a year now.
How did he find you?
It seems I know him
a little better than you already.
I, for one, wouldn't ask
such a stupid question.
Think about us.
All those years we've been
happily together, the two of us,
do they mean nothing to you?
Fine, I get it.
We've had simple kinds of joy.
Pancakes, kids singing in church,
freshly picked blueberries, but
-Doesn't it mean anything?
-It does.
But it's only half
of who I really am.
I won't let you go.
-I'll hide your clothes!
-Then I'll go naked!
Do you have kids?
Kids make you weak.
From the moment Robert was born,
I've been living in constant fear.
Scared something might
happen to him?
Children are so
So innocent.
So pure.
But when I found out what kind of man
this Otto really was
What did he do?
I told you. I shot him.
Take me away. I don't get it.
Why are you tormenting me?
Tell us about meeting Otto.
He was our main sponsor.
I was the best on the team.
-A biathlete, right?
We pulled 500 shots a day!
I could've shot him
with my eyes closed.
All right. I understand
you met in sports competitions.
-Various events, medal ceremonies
-In the dressing room!
He had this habit.
He called it hopping.
Every time he was around
he would hop in the dressing room
at any given time.
He said that he had to know
what shape we were in.
Fucking abuser.
He was a pervert.
Would the abuse get physical, too?
But not in there.
Not in front of others.
-Why didn't you file a complaint?
-Against him?
To who?
Everyone depended on his money.
Everyone kept their mouths shut.
Our chairman personally came
to beg me.
"It's just a joke. It's a joke."
"It's just the way he is."
Luckily, I wasn't very pretty.
But some smiled when Otto Müller
treated them like hunks of meat.
And later, they cried
over the humiliation.
Let's get back
to when you arrived at the manor.
I ran away from this house
18 years ago and never looked back.
All these feelings I'd buried
emerged with every step.
This horrid manor!
And now it wanted my son.
I know you're there. I can see you.
I came to pick up Robert.
-Where is he?
Reeli. Reeli, wait! Wait a minute.
-You can't just walk in there.
-Why not?
Are you going to stop me?
It's dad's birthday.
It's a big thing, everyone's happy.
I'll be happy too,
once I get my son out of here.
Robert is my son too.
He came here by himself.
By himself? No, he did not. At all.
Otto invited him!
This is another one of his schemes.
Don't you think Robert wants
to know his father and his family?
I am his family.
And all of you are
I realise this must be
difficult for you.
Difficult? No, it does not
describe at all how I feel.
Shattering or nightmarish
would be more precise.
May I have something to drink?
-But you knew this day would come.
-Did I?
I'd get that. Every child needs
a mother, right? But a father?
My father died
when I was very little.
I don't feel
I missed out on anything.
Robert might have yearned
for a role model.
Role model?
What fucking role model
is Otto Müller?
-God forbid, what a thought!
-Otto Müller wasn't Robert's dad.
But what's that got to do with it?
Only Otto Müller
has a say in that house!
Even the walls bend after his will.
Thank you.
As I understand, you'd never been
in that house after you left?
Correct. Not once.
Everything must have changed.
Everything was just the same.
First, I noticed Merle.
Elegant as always.
She seemed to have been crying.
But that was nothing new.
Otto enjoyed making people miserable,
especially women.
He enjoyed his power.
Oskar. How sad when
all that people know of you
are the things you haven't achieved.
Every time he got back
from a competition, he'd get drunk.
We used to carry him to his bed.
Anneken. I always felt sorry for her.
The manor was too much for her.
Like a child
lost in an amusement park,
trying to go along with the rides,
but doesn't know how. And can't
Oliver's new girlfriend.
So crushed.
So desperate under that sheen.
God only knows what tragedy
brought her under this roof.
Otto Müller.
Looking at him now, I could no longer
see the secret to his power.
Did he think his success
gave him the right
to humiliate others around him?
What a worthless man.
Look, boy
Allow me to introduce you
to my partner in life and my love.
What was so funny?
You know
This fear I've been living in.
This constant fear about my son.
I was looking at these people
and thinking
"Are these are the people
I'd been so afraid of?"
How absurd.
My son is not that stupid.
They can't change him.
Those people can ever take him
away from me.
Yet, Robert stayed the night.
Guess it was all exciting for him.
A new situation and all
Let's take a break.
-Thank you.
Is she telling the truth or lying?
Reeli could manage whacking Otto.
Listen, we have to send in
the divers. Or drain the pond.
To find the gun.
Are you listening?
I'm sorry.
I haven't slept properly
for two nights.
I think she's lying.
-Not that she wouldn't be capable.
But she just confessed to not having
a strong motive any more.
That she no longer feared for Robert,
she didn't need to protect him.
-Protect? Protect him from what?
-From the Müllers.
But what if
-What if Robert killed him?
If Reeli is doing this
to protect someone,
who would it be?
and Robert.
Where did you get the gun?
-What gun?
-The murder weapon!
-I took it from the table.
-Before I shot him.
-But it wasn't there.
-How do you know? Were you there?
-Answer the question.
Maybe I got it elsewhere.
I don't remember.
I wasn't thinking clearly.
I was emotional.
Emotions. What emotions?
I wanted Otto Müller to get out
of my son's life for good.
-Why are you lying to us?
-I'm not. I know what I did.
I wanted Otto Müller to die.
You wanted to take your son
with you. He wouldn't go.
Then you left the living room. Alone.
What did you do next?
The manor. It just drew me in.
Everything was so strangely familiar,
as if I had never left.
For the first time after leaving it,
I thought of everything I'd lost.
Once, a long time ago,
I loved the manor very much.
All the art and the mentality.
Masterpieces from faraway lands
which names I didn't even know.
I'd only seen such life on TV.
And Oliver amidst all that.
So sophisticated.
So sensitive. So caring.
I felt like the time I lived alone
had never even existed.
Oliver loved music.
So does Robert.
I felt so sorry for Oliver.
When I saw our photo
it was like I would never have left.
-We must leave this place.
-Leave? Where?
Why should we leave?
You don't know my father.
He is an awful man.
I know what he's like.
He comes to our workouts
all the time.
-I know how he is. He means well.
-That's the thing.
He doesn't realise
he does something wrong.
He doesn't get how others feel.
-Something's broken in him.
-Many men are that way.
They grew up at a different time
and don't realise things
have changed.
That's not it.
I can't really explain it,
but I'm scared.
Don't be scared. I'll protect you.
I fear for you.
If you knew how father
looks at you sometimes
He looks at anyone in a skirt.
Reeli, listen to me. You're new here.
Father doesn't know
how to break you.
But if we stay here any longer
Look at Oskar and Anneken.
You want us to become like they are?
I don't want you to see
what father is capable of.
one for each time
I wanted to kill him.
Is this why you're doing it?
Want to protect Oliver?
It wasn't Oliver.
It was me.
Why can't you understand that?
Oliver is a good man.
He doesn't resolve
things with violence.
-But he thought about it, didn't he?
-On the contrary!
He'd do anything
to avoid inflicting violence.
How do you not get it?
People are different.
Otto, yes,
he was all about the brute force.
But for Oliver,
nothing excuses force.
Why didn't you leave?
-That time Oliver asked you.
Why didn't you comply?
You think I don't see you?
You think I don't see
this whole detective's outfit
It's just a disguise.
Every hair on your head
speaks of your family's wealth.
Do you think
it's somehow noble of you
to choose the so-called simple life?
You can't even imagine what it's like
to have no privileges in life!
When your only means of survival
are two skis and a gun.
Don't you dare judge me!
Perhaps to you,
furniture is just furniture.
Perhaps paintings are just paintings!
But to me, that manor
was the only way
to feel like a normal person!
Reeli, but
But something happened
that made you change your mind.
You left. Why?
One night, after our wedding,
I heard something strange.
I went to the living room.
Otto was forcibly having sex
with a woman on the table.
"Thou shalt not covet.
Or take by force"
I was there.
I saw them.
It was Monika. Dear God!
I'm sorry.
It's okay. No need to be sorry.
After you left the living room,
you went to talk to Monika, right?
I just felt sorry for her.
I could see
she didn't have it easy there.
-After that you went outside? Alone?
So many feelings. The past
and the present all melting into one.
I saw Oliver. He was desperate.
Because of me
Or because of us
What is this?
I cannot save Robert.
Father will break him.
And it will all go the way
it went with me.
That morning when I woke up
and you were gone,
a part of me just died.
What will you do?
I won't let him ruin our son's life.
Wait! Oliver!
Where are you going?
I left as well.
I wanted to be alone.
All of this was too much.
So you got in your car and drove off?
I drove off.
I had very mixed feelings
and to be honest
I wanted to understand
what it all means.
At that moment I didn't even know
what had happened to Otto.
When Oliver went back to the house,
did he pick up the gun?
No. Definitely not.
But when you left the conservatory,
the gun was?
I don't know. I didn't look!
Oh, you're not sleeping? Come here.
Look. This is your grandfather
at the age of 25.
Barely recognisable.
-He looks like your older brother.
-Older brother from another century.
Sure looks like me.
Did you think
about what we discussed?
About university? I did.
Sure, it would be cool.
But I've been a little lazy
over the last years.
-I'm not doing too well.
-Everything can be fixed.
Besides, you have a full year left.
We'll get you a private tutor.
They'll get you back on track.
You're a smart kid.
And you have determination.
What do you say?
Let's do it!
Good boy! Did you talk to Marleen?
I did.
She thought it best
if Oskar handled the harbour issues.
Not her strongest suit.
But she was interested in
our proposal to start a new company.
She's interested in ships,
selling motorboats.
Oskar can help her with contacts.
She's one smart cookie.
Reeli just got back
from the station.
God, why won't they leave us alone?
-I presume it's my turn tomorrow.
-Don't worry.
You're not alone.
I'll come with you and wait for you.
I'm not worried.
And tell those officers
that if they don't leave us alone,
I'll sue them for harassment!
Marleen, Monika, and Anneken
are upstairs. Merle in her bedroom.
Oskar and Reeli are outside.
Oliver and Otto are in the house.
If these three weren't plotting,
it had to be one of the rest.
No. Why did Reeli really come here?
She came here to save someone.
She felt guilty about Oliver.
Guilty over keeping a father
and a son apart for all their lives
-she was ready to sacrifice herself.
-No, no, no!
There's only one person Reeli would
take the blame for. That's Robert.
We're not getting anywhere
with this tonight.
We'll talk to Robert tomorrow
and go from there.
I won't let you go until you tell me
what's really going on with you.
What did Otto Müller want with you?
How do you know Mark Sverdlov?
Your father told me
that you're doing really well.
How's your job?
I like it.
An odd choice.
Must have been pretty unexpected
for Artur as well.
Considering that his name
and position could have given you
an easy advantage over many others.
Oh well, you're still young.
You have some lessons to learn.
You see, it's not always wise
to choose the hardest path.
It can bring along many casualties.
I personally understand
your attitude.
I've also been a rebel all my life.
Maybe that's my biggest mistake.
Like this one.
I've been struggling
with these bushes here all my life.
I've been told there
was an easier way.
But "easier" and "Müller"
they don't fit in the same sentence.
Father said you wanted
to discuss something.
You probably know
the strongest currency today
is not gold or oil, but information.
He who knows, wins.
You and I could
work well together.
See, you hear things
that might be good for me to know.
Such as?
Many things.
Such as the reliability
of my business partners.
Or the background of a person
of interest for me.
Or, for example
My wife. That she isn't
up to anything stupid.
Accessing personal data
is against the law.
Is it really?
Laws are for those
who cannot rise above them.
-I am warning you.
-No. No.
It wouldn't be one-sided.
I could
I could help you
with your career. You know
Old cases, not so old cases
Some small details that have remained
a secret but would make the case
My answer is no!
Yeah, yeah. You don't have
to decide now. The offer stands.
The answer also stands!
You're really young
Does the name 'Mark Sverdlov'
ring any bells?
He had this fun story.
About you.
I stabbed Mark Sverdlov.
You stabbed Mark Sverdlov?
I was young.
It was a huge family get-together.
He attacked me!
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