Who Shot Otto Mueller? (2022) s01e08 Episode Script


You killed Sverdlov?
No! He died six months later,
nothing to do with me.
-Did he report the stabbing?
My dad and Otto covered it up.
Otto tried to blackmail me.
What should I have done?
I was stupid, I know.
But it was self-defence.
I can never undo it.
If Otto wanted to blackmail you,
could he have told anyone else?
I don't know.
All right. I believe you.
You're my partner.
In good and bad.
You know why I left
the maternity ward that day?
An 8-year-old girl was found
raped and murdered.
The perpetrator was believed
to be still in the area.
I searched the area
until the morning, like a madman.
It was a freezing cold
November night.
The killer was never caught.
How can I look in my daughters' eyes
when there are such people at large?
If I worry about my life, then who
Who will protect them?
So, Robert Müller.
I'm detective inspector
Gabriel Vanem.
-This is detective inspector
-Agnes Maramaa.
Don't worry, it'll be fine.
We just want you to tell us
what you know
about Otto Müller's death
and the night before it happened.
Well, I really don't know
how I could be of help.
I barely know these people.
You knew your grandfather, though.
Well, That night was the first time
I'd ever met him in my life.
But you'd communicated
by letters before.
Yes, true. About a year or so.
Otto contacted me himself.
Marleen told us you had made a bet.
Who'd reach Otto Müller first?
Correct, detective Maramaa.
Otto won that bet.
Your mother told you
that your father was ?
Dead. Yes.
And you never doubted it?
When I was younger, no.
I had no reason to.
But as time went by
Müller isn't the most common surname.
I saw his name in the papers.
It caught my eye.
I googled him.
The similarity was
too great to ignore,
so I asked mum flat out,
if I was somehow related
to these Müllers.
And when she immediately
denied everything,
I knew she was lying.
How old were you?
-Five years ago?
And you didn't do anything?
I wouldn't say that,
but what could I have done?
I was a kid.
I pondered.
How did you find out
Oliver Müller is your father exactly?
Otto wrote to me.
I thought I had ended up
in some weird story.
I have a father. Oliver Müller.
I have a grandfather, Otto Müller,
who doesn't know he has a grandson.
Bullshit! Otto Müller doesn't want
to know about his grandchild.
I thought it was me,
that he wouldn't want
a grandchild like me.
But then he wrote to me.
But first, I saw my father.
He was a sad man.
Overshadowed by the manor.
Like a servant, not a family member.
I realised my father
had suffered a lot in life.
But I didn't understand why
he hadn't done anything about it.
Oliver, have you finished raking?
No, don't worry.
Anneken won't bother us.
How strange you happened
to come here today.
Any other day would have been better.
Such a grand day!
And we're celebrating
Otto's birthday instead.
Maybe it's even better this way?
I can sneak in quietly
without making a fuss.
But sweetheart! You are welcome here.
You're a member of the family!
Everyone knows that.
Yes, dad's really happy.
But what about the others?
Did your mother tell you
why she left that day?
Perhaps it's for the better.
Who'd want to recall
all those old things
What did Otto Müller
write to you about?
For example, "Boy, you have
so much yet to understand,
if you want to become a success."
He told me how he sees things.
How I should see those things.
All this sounded like
some big confession.
A confession?
My father and Oskar
got on his nerves the most.
Otto thought they'd had
it too easy growing up.
He was very happy
that this was not my case.
"Hardships make you strong, boy!
They harden you.
Make a man out of you."
Did I tell you of uncle Oskar?
Robert, my boy.
Let's go say hi to grandfather.
You know,
it's his 65th birthday today.
Hey, for God's sake,
put some shoes on.
Hey, listen
What are we doing here?
We're getting acquainted.
-Are you really Reeli's son?
-Yes, I really am Reeli's son.
You need to see my birth certificate?
And I have this.
How did you know
where to come?
-Grandpa Otto invited me.
-I didn't come to take anything away.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I understand it's an inconvenience.
Especially after all these years.
But it's hard for me too.
I feel that you're my family.
And yet, I'm a stranger to you.
Exactly. You're a stranger here.
Yes, but I didn't choose this life.
I would've done
everything differently.
Tell me, what did your mother
tell you about us?
Mum told me nothing.
Otto wrote to me himself.
-He wrote to you?
He said it was his birthday
and he'd like to see me.
-Will you join me?
-I don't drink.
At your age? An abstainer?
I've tried. Didn't like it.
A control freak.
-What about sports?
-I used to play football.
What are you planning to do now?
To get to know you all.
You're probably a nice guy, actually.
I think.
I feel sorry for you.
It won't be easy with the old man.
He likes to make big promises,
but when it comes to keeping them
it's all forgotten.
He doesn't like
to share anything with anyone.
Specially his money.
And the fact
that he invited you here means only
that he has
some kind of a plan for you.
What kind of plan?
Don't know.
I'd be the last to hear about it.
A plan? What plan?
He said nothing else about it.
Is it possible that Oskar
just made up this story about a plan?
He was in no condition
to make anything up.
Did Otto ever write
anything about Oskar to you?
He did.
At first, he praised him.
He said he's a great
businessman and athlete.
-Later, it all changed.
Well, as far as I got it,
he had much bigger expectations.
For Oskar?
He said Oskar wasn't man enough
to have children.
Did Otto ever write to you
about Oskar's wife Anneken?
Out of everybody, Anneken was
the only one he never spoke ill of.
He liked Anneken didn't talk.
He said the best woman
is a silent woman.
Why do you think
he wrote to you about all of it?
I think he thought he was trying
to make a man out of me.
You still have them?
Father. Look who I've got.
So good that you could make it.
Come here!
-I'm very happy to be here, grandpa.
That word sounds strange.
I don't feel grand at all yet.
Even at 65?
This damn junk
Each "junk" painting in there
costs over 20 000.
"Sorry, sorry."
Sit down. And don't be so serious.
I'm not dead yet!
-A drink perhaps?
-A break perhaps?
It's been a long time, obviously.
But I remember the feeling.
You have to push
your opponent to the ground!
There's something
inherently masculine about it.
To be stronger than others.
Yeah, winning's a nice feeling.
Like you'd know anything about it.
I kept thinking about
what grandpa said about winning.
Dad and Oskar are losers.
I want to win.
You knew?
How did you?
How did you know?
And you didn't tell me anything?
You invited him here?
This is my birthday, isn't it?
Can't I invite my own grandson
to my own birthday?
I did this for you.
I wanted to surprise you.
I want a divorce.
A divorce? For what?
Look around. You have a house.
You have a garden.
You have everything
a woman can dream of.
And you got it all for free.
You haven't the faintest idea
how much hard work that required.
And do you really think
I'd hand over half of my assets
and businesses just like that?
That a therapist such as yourself
could manage those things?
-Did you ever love me at all?
-What's love got to do with this?
This is business.
Marriage is business.
A divorce.
Just think about our reputation!
What will people think?
And how would it affect Robert?
You had it all planned.
You kept Robert to yourself.
You hid him from me.
You waited for the right moment
to come forward with him.
Looks like Otto had everything
planned out.
He wanted the house cleared.
You would be
a consolation prize for Merle,
who'd have to give up
her position to Marleen.
Oskar and Anneken were about to get
one-way tickets to Spain.
Monika got a new car.
Oliver got a son.
It's not that Otto didn't want
to know if anyone would do anything.
He wanted to make sure
that no one did anything.
Why didn't you return home?
Once you realised Otto was using you.
Return? Where?
-Were you good friends with Marleen?
Did she know Otto had no intention
of getting a divorce?
You think she confided in me
how it was going with grandpa?
You got mad at Otto
for using you, right?
Yes, of course.
You killed Otto Müller?
Like, really?
Then who do you think did it?
Everyone had a reason.
If you're covering up for someone,
you're an accomplice, Robert.
It'll come out sooner or later.
To be honest, for a second
I thought Otto did it himself.
Will you sing a song for grandpa?
Or what?
You know, when I was young,
I wanted to be a musician, too.
When I was 13, I worked
an entire summer on a turnip field.
In autumn, I got myself a guitar.
It was the happiest day of my life.
I hid the guitar under my bed.
And dreamt all night
about performing on stages.
That the audiences loved me.
The next day, I found the strings
and knobs in the fireplace.
My dad had found it
and chopped it into pieces.
And burnt it.
Know this one?
Oh yeah
If my father
had seen or heard this,
he'd be turning around in his grave.
You know, I've always thought
that being a man was about
being strong.
Invincible. Fearless.
And this kind of nonsense
isn't part of a man's life.
But what if I was wrong?
What if my whole life
has been a lie?
Then dad came in the room,
yelling something.
They went downstairs.
That's when I heard the shot.
And somehow I remembered
how mum had warned me
about the Müllers.
We'll be in touch, if necessary.
Thank you.
Yes, got it.
No need for that. Thank you.
The pond got drained.
They only found
a 17th-century bracelet and no gun.
This is just a start.
There's a tiny detail in here.
-An important thing we've missed.
-Such as?
I don't know.
But we'll find it out.
Where's the mistake?
Hey, what did Otto Müller
really want with you?
I don't know, now do I.
Probably wanted me to work for him.
On what?
Maybe he wanted
to get ready for the divorce.
He didn't want a divorce.
-You sure you didn't whack him?
-Not funny.
The suggestion is somewhere inside.
You always recognise the murderer.
None of this makes any sense.
Well, giving up already?
Which motives we've got?
Money. Money. Money.
Oskar wanted to be in charge.
Jealousy. Jealousy.
Reeli and Oliver wanted to protect
their son, Robert his parents.
Anneken wanted to protect Oskar.
Revenge. Revenge.
Only Reeli and Robert are outsiders,
everyone else was either in the manor
or the conservatory that day.
-The conservatory.
Let's invite all to the manor.
I have an idea.
Trust me.
Otto Müller.
The man I never met in life.
But his life is why
we're all here today.
Otto was a victorious athlete,
a successful businessman.
But he was best at making enemies.
Even I've felt these days
that I hate his guts.
He was cruel, domineering,
but most of all, damn egotistical.
He thought of himself
as a seasoned man,
but the truth is, he didn't see much
further from the tip of his nose.
And that cost him his life.
I've come to realise that his death
was just a matter of time.
You said you poisoned Otto's coffee.
I did. But I poured it out.
I poisoned your coffee as well,
That's why you got to the scene late.
The others were already there, right?
I would have done it only for Oskar.
You're lucky
to have such a loyal wife.
Your own motive wasn't as romantic.
Had you lost
your companies or your money,
Otto would've had it coming?
You're wrong. I would have never
killed my own father.
But you thought of it!
Like your brother.
You tried, but couldn't do it.
You would've sacrificed
yourself for your son, right?
By the way,
did you honestly think
Otto might kill you?
But someone interfered.
There are two ways
of dealing with violence.
Some will become suffering victims
who blame themselves.
Others become avengers.
The question is, who is who here.
You told us you had reason
to take revenge against Otto.
You believe he killed your grandpa.
I'm not saying anything about that.
Fine. Don't say anything.
But one can imagine
the relationship you would've had.
One girl
in an endless line
of many other girls.
We were going to get married.
Love has more mysterious ways.
Look at Monika here.
I didn't kill him.
But you needed Otto's money.
And that well was drying up, huh?
Otto suspected someone
was stealing his money.
Perhaps you were afraid
the truth might come out?
What is this nonsense?
Why bother us?
What do you want?
We'll get there. Soon enough.
When I think about what really
stands out on that day
It's Reeli and Robert.
Your appearance really
shakes up the pattern.
Leave my mother out of it.
She's suffered enough.
-Found in the conservatory.
As I was saying,
your appearance changed the pattern.
But the foundations to this crime
had been laid much earlier.
The gun used to shoot Otto was taken
from the drawer before your arrival.
Who could have?
Where did they hide it?
You said that morning
Merle was going to the conservatory
to work out, yoga mat in her arms.
In her arms. Not under the arm.
Merle was holding it,
because this gun
had been wrapped in it.
The gun used to kill Otto Müller.
The same gun found hidden
in one of the flower pots
in the conservatory.
Monika told us
when she came to talk you that day,
she saw you handling one of the pots.
I said no such thing.
That greenhouse was your hobby,
but it's your husband's birthday.
You stay there for hours,
doing gardening and yoga.
You could forgive many things.
Except questioning your marriage.
Except writing off you and your sons
after all these years.
Maybe you wanted to do it
in a more elegant fashion.
But at that moment, when you heard
Oliver and Otto arguing,
you ran to the conservatory,
took the gun, shot Otto, went back
and hid the gun.
I did it.
Damn it, I loved Otto,
but my father was right,
he was a hick.
I had to save my sons,
so he wouldn't ruin them
with his nonsense.
It's a mother's duty.
To save her children.
If it's been given,
we have to do it.
-What is the problem?
It's just a question of
One moment.
-Where are you going with this?
-Returning the gun to the Müllers.
Why you? They can pick it up.
I want to make sure
we didn't miss anything.
Agnes. Merle has been charged.
-The case is closed. All is well.
-I know.
By the way.
Thanks to Anneken's testimony,
remains were found in the woods.
A skull. And a bullet in it.
From the same gun
used to kill Otto Müller.
Most likely it's the skull
of Luukas Tamm,
Marleen's grandfather.
So we know who killed him.
Otto Müller.
Otto Müller.
Not here
You seem worried.
I just want to make sure
we cracked it.
Your first one.
-You want me to come with?
It's a quick run.
I'll be back in a few hours.
-We were already waiting.
Thank you.
Come in.
Have a seat, please.
No, thanks. I only came for a second.
To return the gun.
The notorious wolf killer.
You must be pleased
to have solved the case.
I heard this was your first case
with inspector Vanem.
Who would've thought.
But you must be feeling great, huh?
It's great to see you've recovered
from this tragedy so fast.
We're expecting.
If it's a girl, we'll name her Merle.
To honour the Missis.
And if it's a boy?
Not picking Otto.
-Anything else?
-Thank you.
Excuse me.
Excuse me!
Can you give me a ride?
All right.
There's a cafe nearby.
Could we make a quick stop there?
-I got us hot beverages for the road.
I think you did an excellent job.
A workout mat.
I would've never thought of it.
Your grandma's had a very tough life.
Grandma felt she needed to sacrifice
herself to protect her family.
How's Marleen?
She's got two million reasons
to be happy.
All thanks to your quick work.
I still don't get why Otto
made her the beneficiary.
It's not like him.
Maybe he really knew grandma well.
And didn't want Marleen
to lose everything.
Maybe he was just poking.
He wasn't a very smart man.
I'm feeling sick.
You put something in my coffee!
I think it's time to stop the car,
detective Maramaa.
I'm actually glad
you realised what I've done.
It's just GHB. It will pass.
I just didn't want you go at it.
I saw you recognised my boyfriend.
You saw his photo
in the guitar case, right?
If Otto had found out I was gay,
I would have lost everything.
GHB is like an eraser.
You won't remember a thing tomorrow.
Would you like to hear a story?
It's about a man named Otto Müller.
Otto Müller was a monster.
How did he turn into one?
No one knows, let alone himself.
I think it was just in his blood.
Like it's in mine.
It took just one letter
to realise that.
What kind of grandfather
writes to his grandson?
Why wouldn't he make
a phone call and meet me?
But Otto didn't care I was a Müller.
He only cared
what kind of Müller I was.
If I would've disappointed him,
he would have discarded me.
Like garbage.
Didn't even have my dad's name
on my birth certificate,
to claim what's rightfully mine.
You see, Agnes,
I have a right to my inheritance
by birth.
You don't know what it's like
to be on the weaker side.
Coming home from school,
to a bunch of guys
waiting for you with a knife.
When they promise to widen
your smile with that knife
just because you're gay.
And that means you are not normal.
You don't deserve life.
You can't imagine what it's like
knowing you have to get out of it.
Whatever the cost.
Son of a bitch!
It's my last euro.
But what would you do
if you had millions?
What do you think I'd do?
I'd buy me some new clothes!
Monika was my way in.
We have some mutual friends
as all pot lovers do.
The plan was simple.
Monika would steal the gun
and provide Marleen with an alibi.
Marleen would bring
the gun to the terrace
and I would shoot Otto.
Then we'd swap the murder weapon
for the living room gun
and hide the real one.
And no one will suspect a thing,
because what could we have in common?
But when Monika went to get the gun,
the drawer was empty.
Anyway, I'm telling you,
it wasn't in the drawer!
Someone's taken it!
Calm down.
We'll just take the other gun.
-What other gun?
-The one in the living room.
But we can't switch them.
We don't know where the other is.
Someone's coming.
I thought briefly my plan would fail.
My future was slipping
through my fingers.
Someone had taken the other gun, too.
I thought it was destiny.
I'd lose everything.
And when he said
But what if I was wrong?
What if all my life
has been a lie?
I'm a man.
Not some ridiculous faggot.
Marleen saw, from Oskar's window,
my mum taking the gun from dad,
dropping it on the ground.
What do you want from here, Marleen?
Monika was brilliant.
You don't ask me anything.
What did you say?
Fuck off, you little bitch!
Anneken thought immediately
that Monika was with Marleen.
Anneken gave her an alibi,
as she retrieved the gun for me.
Everyone at the manor
wanted Otto dead.
I was simply the quickest.
Show me!
Show me what you're made of!
Father was willing
to take the blame for me.
But then grandma came
and gave her son the second gun.
She wanted to save him.
This was for the best.
No one but us will ever
know the truth.
Otto's goal in life
was to pass it on.
And I'm gay.
But this is just a fairy tale
about a family.
No one can ever prove it.
By morning,
you've forgotten all about it.
And you, detective Maramaa,
wouldn't say anything anyway.
Because you wouldn't want anyone
to know how you killed Mark Sverdlov.
I know you wanted to.
Sverdlov wrote to Otto
and Otto wrote to me.
A tale about a girl with evil eyes
who went willingly with a stranger.
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