Wicked City (2015) s01e01 Episode Script


If I looked all over the world and there's every type of girl but your empty eyes seem to pass me by - leave me dancing with myself - Leave him alone! So let's sink another drink 'cause it'll give me time to think If I had the chance I'd ask the world to dance and I'll be dancing with myself A doctor You wanna take a break we'd like to take you there you argue about the world Woman: Here, I'll lay it out.
Woman 2: Okay, we'll see what happens.
I'm getting tired of crashing on people's couches, you know? He's showing me, like, these bitchin' apartments.
He's got for rent.
- Yeah? - He's big in real estate.
And yeah, he's totally fine, too.
- I'll catch a ride home.
- You're so lucky.
- Dr.
Rock - Okay.
Come on, girl.
Let's go! Let's go.
Don't need no headache Don't need to move so slow Let's go.
How ya doin'? Nice.
Hey, hey.
You're not the band's type.
Come on, man! Hang out here.
It's only one of those things.
You know you need to rock.
Call you Dr.
Rock Excuse me! Excuse me! Bourbon.
What you drinking? Vodka orange.
Vodka orange.
It's the least I could do, backstage rejection and all.
Save your pity.
I don't want to party with the band.
I'm working on a story.
What's the story? All this.
The Sunset Strip is insane Who's it for? Rolling Stone I hope.
Right now I'm slummin' it with that magazine,L.
Listen, I work at A&R.
I hear about gigs all the time.
You do know that Rolling Stone's not the only game in town? Do you have a card? I read people pretty well.
Got a good feeling about you.
You know what? I'm all out.
You got a pen? Write your name and number down.
You need your time Yeah Smooth.
Am I flirting? Aw, yeah Maybe a little.
But I was you.
People helped me out.
So kill me, I like giving back.
Karen what? I'm John.
Look, I gotta split, but I'll, uh, I'll call you, Karen McClaren, when I want to hear something.
Man: KVXT.
Yeah, hey, um, I'd like to make a dedication, please.
For Emily F.
Thank you.
You're gonna love these pads, Emily.
A bit out of your price range, but I was you once.
You're gonna love these pads, people helped me out.
So kill me, I like giving back.
All right.
Let's go.
Don't want to pack my things and go tainted love whoa-oh-oh-oh tainted love whoa-oh-oh-oh tainted love whoa-oh-oh-oh - tainted love - It's taking you a while, huh? Touch me, baby, tainted love touch me, baby, tainted love tainted love Man 2: I gotta tell you, I am loving that new record.
And I can't wait to see those boys live.
Now, I've got Foreigner.
This is "Feels Like The First Time" for Emily F.
, and it's from her secret admirer.
Cool Feels like the first time feels like the very first time Won't you open up the door? KVXT, Los Angeles Man: It's another scorcher in Los Angeles, folks.
The Hillside Stranglers, Bianchi and Buono, may be in jail now, but it doesn't look like the city can sleep easy just yet.
They've found another body.
That's right, folks.
Another day, another corpse in the murder capital of the country.
Left them at the office.
Thank you, Eileen.
Good thing you brought them.
I could've been blinded by Contreras' getup.
What's he still doing here anyway? There's always some guy in the local homicide who thinks he's gonna move up to the big leagues by kissing ass.
Why am I not surprised it's him? So what have we got? We have a dead girl with a bunch of dead movie stars, placed at the Hillside Strangler's first kill.
Probably not a coincidence.
That was your case.
Somebody wants your attention.
Well, they got it.
Victim looks between 15 and 25.
Exact age is hard to pin down because Yeah.
Not medical, but it's a pretty clean cut.
Looks like he's done this before.
It's 90 degrees out and she's cold.
He kept her on ice.
No bruising or signs of struggle.
He tied her up after he killed her.
What's that? Fly brand coke.
Seen that before? No.
Looks like he slit her jumpsuit here.
To have sex with her? The cut was made after she died.
See? It's a perfect cut.
If she'd been alive, there would have been a struggle.
It would be jagged.
What if he drugged and raped her? The blood pattern is perfectly divided, which says it had already coagulated.
No bruising in the vaginal region.
Well, I'm I'm guessing a postmortem party.
Necrophilia? Well, the press is gonna have a field day with this one.
Uh, Contreras, you know what your problem is? No, but I'm sure you're gonna tell me.
To me, this girl is a victim, but to you she's a step up.
That's where you're wrong, Jack she's both.
There's a military knot.
That's right.
You served in Vietnam, so you should understand rank.
We're robbery/homicide, so unless you got a promotion I haven't heard about, you're off the case.
Thanks for stopping by.
A lust for life ooh I've got a lust for life ooh got a lust for life ooh oh, a lust for life ooh - Hey.
Hey, Mary.
- Hi.
You're a lifesaver, Kent.
Bye, sweetie.
Be good.
See ya.
Let's have fun.
Anchorman: You're saying it's just a coincidence the body was found in same location as the Hillside Stranglers' first? I I can't comment on that at this time.
- Kent? - Mm-hmm? How come you're not married? Kent? I Just haven't met the right woman yet, sweetie.
I think you'd be a good daddy.
You do, huh? That's a really good elephant, Mary.
Good job.
Was found in the earlier hours of the morning.
Detective Jack Roth, the lead in the infamous Hillside Strangler case is heading up this investigation into what may be a copycat killer, on the trail of a murderer who's already got the attention of the whole city.
Missing persons filed reports on these five in the last month, so maybe one of them is our girl.
Peyton, you got a match on those prints yet? It's backed down.
If she's in the system at all, we won't get them till Tuesday, Wednesday, maybe.
Excuse me, detective Roth the victim is the one on the far left Emily Fuentes from Echo Park.
She was printed when she joined the R.
You see, there's a new national fingerprint database gearing up, and I was one of the officers that inputted the information into the computer.
So I had a little inroad.
There's the out-road.
- Roth.
- What? See you've met your new partner.
New You serious? Yep.
Captain, I don't need a new partner.
I'm fine working alone.
Came from the chief.
Not my call.
Nobody wants you here.
You you know that, right? Come on, Jack.
You used to enjoy working with me.
Yeah, that was before I figured out how your operate.
Oh, yeah? How do I operate? Six months ago, you're Vice.
Then a bunch of cops go down, including my partner Vince, and suddenly you're here.
Coincidence? Just keeping my eye on the ball.
Yeah? The rest of us, we worked our asses off to get here For years.
But not you.
You always got an angle, don't you, Contreras? You say that like it's a bad thing.
Hey, I don't trust you.
How am I supposed to work with a guy I don't trust? You better get used to it.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm all out of hope one more bad dream Here's the real deal Everybody's looking for love, right? I mean, that's the Sunset Strip Accept me for who I am.
- When I'm far from home - Right.
We all want that.
- Don't call me on the phone - "Kill me or take me as I am, because I'll be damned if I ever change.
" To tell me you're alone - The Marquis de Sade.
- Oh.
It's easy to deceive You can be anybody you wanna be out here.
So they, and you - but hard to get release - whomever Become the very thing you wanna be loved for.
See what I'm saying? - Les yeux sans visage - That's so true, Brent.
- Eyes without a face - You know I almost didn't come out tonight.
- Les yeux sans visage - What made you start talking to me? - Eyes without a face - Are you kidding? - Les yeux sans visage - I'm just glad some other guy didn't get to you before I did.
- got no human grace - So um.
- Your eyes without a face - What do you say? You, uh, wanna get out of here, Betty? Yeah.
Oh, no, please, please.
Just give me a sec.
I gotta make a call.
I'll meet you outside.
May I? Man: KVXT radio.
I'd, uh, I'd like to make a dedication, please.
Man: Man, that song is on fire.
Now here's Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, "Crimson and Clover.
" This is for Betty B.
, and it's from her secret admirer.
I don't hardly know her but I think I could love her crimson and clover ah Am I doing something wrong? Oh, I'm so sorry.
It's probably my babysitter.
It is.
I'm over an hour late.
You've got kids? Yeah, a boy and a girl.
Five and eight.
Um I should go.
I'm sorry.
Well, where's the father? He left when I was pregnant with my boy.
such a sweet thing Well, I know how that feels.
- What a beautiful feeling - My dad left me and my mom when I was seven.
You must be very strong.
Over and over Do you like kids? I absolutely love children.
Crimson and Clover over and over Crimson and Clover over and over Hey.
I'll get you a drink.
I'm gonna take a quick shower.
So what's going on? Why are you out running at dawn? Can't I just run? Is it Vince? He was my partner.
I should've seen something.
It's this new case.
It's a big one.
You're a good cop, Jack.
Yeah, says the woman with a kilo of coke who's having sex with him.
It's half a kilo, and I didn't know you were coming over.
Ever since Vince killed himself, I just I want to I don't what I want.
I want to be better.
Is this about us? No.
We're here again, aren't we? What do you mean? This.
I didn't I didn't come over here to To sleep with me and dump me? Yes.
I mean, no.
Well, but Also, I'm a Screwed up mess? Yeah, I know.
Well, no one knows me better than you.
Maybe that's the problem.
That was never the problem.
You gotta go.
Mom?! What? Spider.
Come here.
Come on.
What do we say? - "Do no harm.
" - "Do no harm.
" "Do no harm.
" Mom, phone.
Thank you, sweetie.
Hello? Kent: Hey, Betty.
Brent hi.
Yeah, I wanted to see if you were free Thursday night.
- As a matter of fact, I am.
- Great.
I'll, uh, pick you up at 7:00? Okay.
I can't wait.
Woman: L.
tip line.
Woman 2: Uh, hi, I'm calling because Woman 3: Ice-cream man is hiding something Woman 4: There's a white man's been following me Woman 5: Hey, I heard KVXT dedicate Foreigner "Feels Like The First Time" to Emily F.
Last Friday night.
I think it was from a secret admirer.
Got anything on those cold cases? I'm inputting everyone of these that involved girls between the ages of 17 and 25.
Some working girls, some not.
Eight were chopped up and nine were decapitated.
If it is a serial killer we're dealing with It is a serial killer.
Well, either way, he could be changing up his game.
Sometimes they do that.
Yeah? You been reading the serial killer pamphlet? Gonna start schooling me on Ted Bundy and Zodiac next? I'm just trying to look at all the possibilities.
We don't know much about him.
Well, what do we know? We know he's probably older than Emily, because she was looking for someone to give her a way up in the world Possible military background because of the knots A real attitude toward authority with the big middle finger he gave us by dropping her body at the cemetery And some real anger issues toward women, which probably means his mommy didn't give him enough attention, so now he cuts their heads off.
Aside from the head-cutting, that could be anyone.
You're asking us to find a needle in a hay stack.
So maybe we make the needle come to us.
Los Angeles can sleep safer tonight.
We have our man.
He has confessed.
What's his name? What's he talking about? We don't have anybody in custody.
I have no idea what he's doing.
This killer wants fame and recognition.
That's why he dumped the body at the Hillside Strangler's location.
So at this point, we will release no information about him.
He isn't going to get the attention he craves.
He doesn't deserve it.
From this point forward, no more limelight, no more accolades, no more fear.
Nobody cares about this killer.
That's it for now.
Thank you for your time.
Well, did I capture the Strip? You're like Truman Capote without the lisp.
Karen, phone's for you.
Hello? Karen, it's John.
We met the other night at the Whisky.
Oh, yeah.
I hope you don't mind me calling you here.
Your roommate gave me this number.
Sure, of course.
I was thinking about you because I saw you got a story published.
Not Rolling Stone, but still.
You saw it? You're good.
Look, I've only got a sec 'cause I'm with a client, but you wanna see Billy Idol Friday night? And this time, I'll get you backstage.
It's gonna be a party.
Sure, I I'd love to.
I'll put your name on the list at the Whisky.
I'll see you there.
Who was that? This music guy I know.
I'm going with him to the Whisky Friday night Backstage pass.
Stick with me, diver.
This magazine just might get good.
What the hell was that, Roth? Uh, that was that was called a press conference.
You know, it's when I update the press on our investigation.
Well, except you lied to them.
Look, man.
If you're gonna make a move like that, you need to let me know about it.
If you don't like my style, man, feel free to walk out the door any time.
You better have a plan, Roth.
I do.
This guy loves notoriety, I just took away all his power.
"Wanda Phillips case.
Look at her apartment one more time, unless you don't care about me.
" What do we got on Wanda Phillips? Contreras: Wanda Phillips Murdered in 1979.
Her headless body was found on the Santa Monica pier.
She'd been kept on ice, hung upside down.
Jack: And drained, just like Emily.
What a surprise A murder took place here.
Hello? So where did you meet him? At Le Dome.
Oh, fancy.
He's so smart and he's so handsome and he loves kids.
Ask him if he has a friend.
I will.
Come on.
No, no, no.
Get back.
As soon as we know any information, we'll let you back in, but right now we cannot let you back in the building.
Stay off the sidewalk.
Man: This could take some time.
Woman: Drop those right in there.
Contreras: Jack, it's confirmed.
The head belongs to our latest victim.
Jack: He made her up just like Wanda Phillips.
He's taunting us.
I don't feel so Kidding me.
Whats your problem, man? You ever heard of the first amendment? Don't give me your constitution crap.
The constitution doesn't say you can break into a crime scene, idiot.
Now you bring your girlfriend along with you? I'm a reporter.
Yeah? You don't have the stomach for a reporter.
How'd they get past the uniforms? Let's just say I know my way around a crime scene.
- You now what I mean? - Hey, step back.
Yeah, not my crime scene.
I saw Emily the night she was murdered.
At the Whisky.
Oh, w when you overheard Emily talking in the bathroom, did she use any Any descriptive language about the guy she was talking about, anything? Just that he was hot and he was gonna help her find a place.
Okay, sounds like the kind of guy who tells a girl what she wants to hear.
Isn't that every guy on the Strip? You spend a lot of time on the Strip? Some.
I'll be there this Friday.
I met a music guy at the Whisky that night who said he could get me backstage for the Billy Idol concert.
I was looking for a good story, but who knows? You're gonna be at the Whisky this Friday night? Yes.
So, guys like the guy we're looking for They're creatures of habit.
They go back to the same hunting ground.
You might be able to help us.
How could I help? I mean, I want to, but I never saw her with the guy I saw her in the bathroom.
You might not know it, but maybe something you saw could lead us to the killer.
Will you help us? You know you can't go to the Whisky dressed like that.
You got "cop" written all over you.
No one will talk to us.
Supposed to look like you? Yeah.
Put that on your wish list.
Where we going? Jack: Place where big shots hang out.
I have a contact here.
Your love is like a tidal wave spinning over my head drowning me in your promises better left unsaid you're the right kind of sinner to release my inner fantasy - the invincible winner - I know I shouldn't be here.
And you know that you were born to be - Then don't be.
I got this.
- You're a heartbreaker - I bet you do.
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't important, okay? - Love taker, don't you mess around with me - It's really important.
- You're a heartbreaker - What do you need? - Dream maker, love taker - I'm working a murder A girl - don't you mess around - most likely last seen on the Strip.
Have you seen this brand of coke before? We found it on her.
If you know anything, who the dealer is Yeah, I know it.
I'm one of his feeders Buy and supply.
That's great.
Well, I need to talk to this guy You know I can't do that.
Listen, Dianne, if he sold to her that night, he might've seen who she was with.
For all I know, he sold it to the killer him self.
A million girls on the Strip are snorting coke.
Do you think one of these guys remembers who they sell it to? I can't tell you, I don't.
I think she might have left with some big shot.
- To release my inner fantasy - Look, you know everybody on the Strip.
- The invincible winner - Can you please just ask around - and you know that you were born to be - and see if anybody saw anything, heard anything? For me? You're a heart breaker Your picture ain't enough I can't wait to touch you in the flesh ooh-ooh, oooh - Darlin', darlin', darlin' - I really thought you liked me.
I can't wait to hear you remembering your love is nothing - without you in the flesh - Please, don't move.
What are you doing? It's just a game.
It's okay.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Don't breathe.
Absolutely still.
Not a sound Not a breath.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
That was weird.
Kind of amazing.
I like you, Betty.
I like you, too, Brent.
It's Kent.
You told me You told me Brent.
You just heard it wrong.
Kent, Brent.
We have a real connection.
I've never done anything like that.
And this is just the beginning.
You have no idea.
No wa Shh.
It's okay.
It's just a game.
I've never seen that jacket before.
Do I look like an idiot? I feel like an idiot.
I never would've married an idiot.
But come here.
Come here, let me help you.
Would you please? You look handsome.
Yeah? Thank you.
Reminds of that, um, sports coat you wore when you first started dating, remember? Oh, yeah.
I used to love that thing.
I spilled chili on it when I took you to Chasen's place.
Oh, that chili was good.
Better? Sure.
I hate that you take your ring off.
Like you don't want to be reminded of us when you're out there.
Baby, you that's not it.
I can't have people out there know about you That there are people I love.
It makes me vulnerable.
You look way too "Saturday Night Fever," Daddy.
- What? - What's that mean? You need to look more "American gigolo" if you're going to the Whisky, so you fit in.
Lose the pocket square.
Oh, okay.
H how do you know what people dress like at the Whisky? Yeah, inquiring minds want to know.
Hello? Yep.
Uh Yeah, okay.
Who was that? Uh, just about tonight Case stuff.
Will you be home later? Uh, I don't know.
On the case.
Yeah, of course.
Okay, so, what are you thinking for taco terror night? Vicki: Okay, uh, last week we did captain crunch and pickles.
Chocolate chips and fish sticks.
That's gross.
Jack: Hey, what the hell were you thinking, calling my house? You asked me for help, Jack.
You can't call my pager? Well, don't get me involved and then get pissed off how I go about it.
I got you something, all right? Here.
What is it? V.
list from the Strip.
Gazzarri's, Rainbow, Whisky You got the Whisky in here? They always comp V.
You said you thought your guy might be a bigwig, right? So this list is everyone who's everyone hanging on the Strip this week.
Maybe it'll get you somewhere.
I really appreciate this.
Let's keep this strictly professional.
Who're you trying to convince? Hey, Jack.
You know, as much as I enjoy watching you make eyes with your stripper girlfriend, we should probably get moving.
I got a killer to catch.
So why don't you get back in your car and go do your job, because I have a drug dealer to bust and I can't waste any more time with the dynamic duo.
You're a cop.
Who's gonna be a lieutenant.
Not if I don't get my supplier's boss.
So you do anything to blow my cover, I'll cut your balls off.
Understood? Understood.
I might like you better if we slept together I might like you better if we slept together I might like you better if we slept together but there's something in your eyes That says "maybe that's never" Hello? Betty: Kent.
I can't come tonight.
Wh what do you mean you can't go to the Whisky tonight? I got called into work.
I'm sorry.
Come on.
I meeting another friend there, too.
There's something I want to show you that I think you'll like.
It'll be a party.
Just tell them you're sick and you gotta go home.
God, I wish.
But, you know, I have my patients, and I thought we had a real connection.
What? We do.
We please, understand.
Understand? How about understand me? What about my needs? Oh, Kent.
You know I'll take care of your needs tomorrow night when I don't think I can make it.
See ya.
Wait, Kent.
Kent? - Never say never - H hello? Never, never, never I might like you better if we slept together Might like you better if we slept together I might like you better if we slept together I might like you better if we slept together But there's something in your eyes that says "Maybe that's never" Never say never You are definitely gonna bang her.
Mind your business, Paco.
I'm just saying.
The name A.
Buono is on the list.
Angelo Buono? One of the Hillside Stranglers? Angelo Buono is in prison.
You put him there.
Son of a bitch.
First he puts his name on the V.
list as one of his Hillside Strangler heroes, and then he dumps Emily's body in the same place they did.
He's drawing a map.
He's playing with us.
He's letting us know he's at the Whisky right now.
Karen's name's right there below his.
Her music guy would've given both names at the same time.
Which means Karen's guy could be our guy.
Let's go! Move it, move it! When we get there, we gotta split up.
Hot in the city Hot in the city tonight Tonight Hot in the city Hot in the city tonight Tonight brought you to me, babe What set you free I need you here by me Yeah, I'd like to make a dedication.
In the midnight hour, babe, "more, more, more" With a rebel yell "more, more, more" He lives in his own heaven Collects it to go from the seven eleven - Jack: Karen! - Hey! Has your music guy shown up yet? He's out all night to collect a fare He is here.
They told me he checked in.
But he hasn't come to find me.
Let's go back stage.
Get lost, man.
It's a club, man.
You don't own it.
Leave! - Are you - Just leave! Now.
- Okay, why don't you just let me know? - Thank you.
We need to find your music guy.
I need to talk to him.
Why? You think he saw Emily with the killer? No, no.
Karen, I think he is the killer.
Okay? I need a minute.
I have to go to the bathroom.
I'll be out here.
Hey, little sister, what have you done? Hey, little sister, who's the only one? Hey, little sister, who's your superman? Hey, little sister, shot gun It's a nice day to start again It's a nice day for a white wedding Jerk.
It's a nice day to start again Miller? Miller: You gonna want to hear this, Jack.
Miller, what? The radio station people called.
They just got a dedication for Karen M.
From a secret admirer.
It's a nice day for a white wedding Karen?! start again Hey, little sister, who's the only one? I've been away for so long, so long Where the hell is she? She was just with me.
It's a nice day for a white wedding - It's a nice day to - Excuse me! Start again Yeah, I had a guest spot on "The Love Boat.
" I was pretty good.
You're better than "The Love Boat", just need a good agent.
I know talent, and I got a good feeling about you, Mallory.
Thank you so much for this.
I was you once, trying to get ahead in this town.
Kill me, I like to give back.
Are you coming? It's a nice day for a white wedding Man: Now, this dedication goes out to Mallory K.
- It's a nice day to - This is from her secret admirer.
Start again