Wicked City (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

Running with the Devil

- Previously on "Wicked City" - [Screaming] This killer wants fame and recognition.
That's why he dumped the body at the Hillside Strangler's location.
I saw Emily the night she was murdered.
Maybe something you saw could lead us to the killer.
I met a music guy at the Whisky that night.
I like you, Betty.
We have a real connection.
And this is just the beginning.
I got you something.
The V.
list from the Strip.
You're a cop.
We need to find your music guy.
I think he is the killer.
In olden days, a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking now heaven knows anything goes good authors, too, who once knew better words now only use four-letter words writing prose DJ Kevin: And now Motley Crue's "Shout at the Devil.
" This is dedicated to Mallory K.
from her secret admirer.
[Engine turns over] Shout shout shout shout at the devil [Siren wailing] We got a serial killer who left the Whisky within the last five minutes and probably grabbed a young woman named Karen McClaren Brown hair, brown eyes, white female.
She was last seen wearing an orange tank top and a brown skirt.
Go, go.
Karen McClaren.
Woman: Roth, Contreras, are you there? Go for Roth.
So, get this.
The radio station calls again.
The dedication was just changed from Karen M.
to Mallory K.
- Anything? - Nothing, man.
It's like she just disappeared.
He called in a dedication to Karen, and now he just called in another dedication to a Mallory K.
Maybe he spotted us inside with Karen and switched gears.
Yeah, and girls.
You need to hit the streets for leads on a Mallory K.
I'm gonna call in an A.
on Karen.
This is Detective Jack Roth.
I need to call in an A.
on a Karen McClaren, last seen at the Whisky a go go on Sunset.
brown eyes, white female, last seen wearing an orange tank top and a brown skirt.
[Breathing heavily] Thanks for getting me out of there.
I-I couldn't breathe.
[Exhales sharply] You really think that guy you met was the killer? Yeah.
And w and when I got in that bathroom, my my mind just started racing.
I remembered seeing that Emily girl just Just talking about apartments and some hot guy, and Then she was dead.
[Sighs] Do you think she knew? Knew what? Before she died.
Did she know he was gonna kill her? I hope she didn't.
Yeah, use that.
See, most people always think about the end, the death.
[Exhales sharply] Aah.
I f I feel so So jacked up! Yes, that's the fear.
That's the fear.
It's fight or flight.
And in your case, it's write.
Put it all down on paper.
All of it.
[Engine shuts off] I don't feel good about this.
It's okay.
You'll see.
I-I didn't think it through.
I think you did.
[Car door closes] What are you feeling right now? [Sighs] Terrified.
It's not fear bubbling up inside you.
It's adrenaline.
Admit it.
You feel more alive than you have in your entire life, right? [Sighs] [Chuckles] Come on.
[Breathing heavily] There's no turning back now.
[Muffled screaming, crying] [Muffled screams] [Head thuds] Oh.
Oh, my gosh.
Are you okay? [Panting] I should've waited until you had me all the way out before I struggled.
[Chuckles] I feel like an idiot.
Not at all.
It's no big deal.
I ruined the moment.
It was so hot, me all tied up and you my captors.
I was really into the role.
Could you tell? I mean, you're a producer.
You know when it feels real, right? You're bleeding.
I am? Is it bad? Um well It is gonna need a couple stitches.
I'm an actress.
I can't have a scar.
I'll never make it if my face is all messed up.
Oh, no, no, here.
I-I'll stitch you up in two secs.
- Mm.
- You'll be fine.
Either I'm still really high and can barely feel this or you know what you're doing.
I am a nurse, and that Valium I gave you is probably helping with the pain.
You're very gentle.
I love watching you work.
It's so sexy.
And how's our patient? Perfect.
There won't even be a scar.
Thank you.
Embrace it.
Whoo! I love your angle.
"The Sunset Strip creates killers.
" People coming to the Strip for fortune and fame, even if they have to kill for it.
- It's good.
- Glad you like it.
I want to leave on a positive note.
What does that mean? It means this might be my last piece for you.
I'm thinking about moving back home.
Why? Why would you do that? [Sighs] I'm not risking my life for a story.
It's not a story.
It's the story.
It's a huge story.
[Scoffs] Way to think only of yourself.
No, no, I'm thinking about you.
This is your dream.
I mean, this is your chance.
That's true, but but there's a killer out there and he knows where to find me Right here.
I'll protect you.
[Scoffs] With what? The first amendment? [Banging on door] [Banging continues] Jack: It's Detective Jack Roth.
Let us in.
No, no, no.
Don't don't answer it.
We can hear you.
How did you know I was here? We know where you work.
And so does the killer, so this was a stupid move.
I'm sorry.
I ran.
I w I was totally freaked.
I just panicked.
And you felt safer with Diver than with two detectives? Okay, you know what? It doesn't matter.
We found you.
Listen to me.
We need your help.
The killer grabbed another girl from the club.
We need to find this guy.
She's gone.
God only knows what he's doing to her.
[Inhales sharply] [Chuckles] That kind of hurts.
Then don't move.
Oh, my God.
No, don't say a word.
Don't even breathe.
[Moans] Shh! Quiet.
[Panting] Okay, that was freaky.
Incredible, but freaky.
[Whimpering] [Crying] [Gasps] [Breathing heavily] You two are too much.
Where are you going? I should run Mallory home.
I don't want that little kitty cat to stay here.
Let's call her a cab.
I'll take her.
Just lie with me for a minute.
All right.
But only for a minute.
[Sighs] [Birds chirping] Where the hell is Mallory? [Clears throat] Is something wrong? No, I just have to get going.
I, uh Have someplace to be? You know, I really do.
I forgot I have this early morning thing.
Is it something I did? Don't be silly.
I just, uh I have a big day.
I can't find my keys.
This is about Mallory, isn't it? What do you mean? I mean I've never done anything like this.
Maybe after last night, you don't respect me, or maybe Mallory is more your type.
She's so young and free and Does that answer your question about how I feel about Mallory? I wanted to drop her off.
It was the right thing to do.
That's all, okay? I'm sorry to rush out.
Here they are.
[Door closes] [Sighs] Jack: We're gonna need to get you to sit down with a sketch artist.
We got a patrol car waiting.
Oh, were you locked out? We hadn't realized.
Yeah, joke all you want.
At least I care about Karen.
You guys are just using her for bait.
Hey, uh, let me talk to him.
Have at it.
You two are made for each other.
Care so much about Karen Why don't you help me out? All right, look, what do you know about this cocaine? [Chuckles] It's that fly brand.
Best blow on the Strip.
Got a name? Come on, man.
You know the deal.
You help me, I help you.
How about I give you something worth more than money? Okay.
Fly brand coke was left on the victim.
Only the L.
knows that.
- Now so do you.
- [Chuckles] And why are you trusting me with this? Because you're smart.
I know you'll get into it.
Maybe you find something new for us.
[Chuckles] Us? "Us" as in me and-you us? Sure.
What about your little partner? He's not gonna get jealous? Nah.
- Let me worry about him.
- Okay.
So, this fly brand coke dealer, what's his name? Jack: This guy's name is Bucket? You sure Diver isn't playing you? This will play out.
You didn't tell him anything about our case, did you? Of course not.
Just used my charm.
You lie worse than Nixon.
And I want the correct amount.
Paco: I believe that is our guy.
Certainly looks the part.
No light this week.
No parties, no nothing.
Just move it and move it, all right? And that's 35 for these lemons, all right? How do you want to play this? Take him down.
Bucket! Really? Is that just drugs sitting there out in the open? Let's see coke, Quaaludes.
Anything I'm missing here? Such an egregious display of narcotics is flagrantly illegal.
Fancy words for a dumb pig.
Well, you're under arrest.
Are those fancy enough for you? For what? For telling the truth? For possession with intent to distribute, actually.
Take her away.
Hands behind your back.
Let's go.
Hey, easy.
That's a lady, man.
You lose something? What? That's hers, man.
[Sighs] Frisk me.
I got nothing, man.
Come on.
Listen up.
I got two names for you.
Emily Fuentes And Mallory K.
Either of those ring a bell? Hmm.
Who are they? One of them's dead, the other one might be, and that could be because of you.
[Scoffs] Look, man, I might move a little bit of medicine, - but I don't kill people.
- Okay, that's fine.
I don't care about your little business here.
These girls were between 18 and 25, they hung on the Strip with guys like you who feed them coke and promise them the world.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I got it.
- Yes.
- Yeah? That is every girl I've ever met on Sunset Strip, man.
- No! Hey! - You're gonna waste my time? - You're under arrest.
- Easy.
You have the right to remain silent.
Whoa, whoa! Light bulb moment.
I got it, I got it.
All right? She's queen of the Sunset Strip.
She knows all these chicks out here, man.
Look, if your girls are out here, Angie will know them.
How do I find her? She's a dancer for MTV, man.
Look, she's shooting some video downtown.
Just That's where she is.
[Def Leppard's "Photograph" plays] I'm outta luck outta love got a photograph picture of left, upper level.
Passion killer you're too much you're the only one MTV.
Station that only plays music videos.
[Scoffing] Yeah.
No one's gonna watch that.
Although I could watch them all day.
Photograph all I've got is a photograph but it's not enough You're dynamite.
- Excuse me.
Buddy? - Okay, hey, you guys.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for a dancer named Angie.
I'm in the middle of a performance here.
Hang on.
- Swing over.
- Cut! - You make every - Stop the playback! - Cut! - [Music stops] This is my set.
Nobody makes a move without my say so.
Okay, uh, how about this? I could make a move to kick your ass, or you could tell me where the dancer named Angie is.
All right.
Angie! This gentleman wants to speak with you! We're looking for a girl.
We heard you might know her.
Mallory K.
Mallory Kharchenko.
She in trouble? No, we just need to talk to her.
Do you know where we might find her? You just missed her.
She was here? About an hour ago.
She was supposed to be in this video, but she showed up with stitches.
You can't exactly be gorgeous girl number seven with a giant gash on your forehead.
Do you have an address for her? Is Mallory Kharchenko home? Costello.
When will Mallory be back? Um beats me.
I don't know.
She's just been crashing here.
I haven't seen her in a few days.
It's important that we find her.
I understand.
I really do.
But I'm late for an audition, so if I hear from her, I can just Wait.
I thought you looked like an actor.
[Chuckles] Or a model.
What's the show? "Remington Steele.
" I love that show.
That lead guy is So charming.
Yeah, he is.
Well, like I said, if I hear from Mallory or if I talk to her, I'll definitely call you.
Do you have a card? Give me your number instead.
I like to be in control.
[Paper tears] Call me.
For sure.
Kent: [British accent] I'm Travis Coleman.
I'm producing a new Chuck Norris movie, and I was watching "The Love Boat" the other night.
Great job casting, by the way.
I couldn't take my eyes off this fiery redhead, Mallory Kharchenko.
That's the one.
Do you have a number for her? Perfect.
I'll take her manager's number.
[Normal voice] Miss Cartazzo.
Told you your car wouldn't be ready until next week.
Bridget: Oh.
I have a check.
Figured I'd pay in advance.
Has my phone number on it, if you need me.
Or For whatever.
[Chuckles] I'll, uh, call you when your car's ready.
How do you do it, man? You always kill it with the ladies.
I make their dreams come true.
You reupholster cars, just like us.
[Engine turns over] Jack: I sent the nearest unit to the apartment where Mallory's been staying.
I located the parents, but that was a bust.
They live in Brooklyn.
Haven't heard from her in six months.
I tracked down the owner of the building.
He said another detective was there earlier and talked to her roommate.
Really? We didn't send anyone there earlier.
The only detective that forces himself on cases is this guy.
Is that really necessary? He wasn't a detective.
It was our killer.
He's looking for Mallory, too.
Well, that's good.
Means he doesn't know where she is, either.
Yeah, but he's got a few hours on us, so we hit the hospital.
Mallory had to get her stitches somewhere.
I called the social security office, gave them Mallory's number.
Hopefully we can get a hit on one of her jobs, find her there.
That'll take forever.
Social security is worse than the DMV.
You always got your head up some federal ass.
You know anyone at social security? Was that your way of asking me for my help? Yeah.
I'll reach out.
Karen's here with the sketch artist.
Jack: How's it looking? Okay, I guess.
You know, Karen, you seem like a good kid, so I got to ask, why are you hanging out with Diver? That guy feeds on the darkest part of the Strip.
Diver's just exposing it.
If he didn't reveal it, who would? So, I spoke to my guy down at social security.
We should hear back soon.
Ready to hit the hospitals? Yeah, you take the city.
I'll hit the Valley.
Just show her.
What do you think? I don't know.
Kind of looks like him.
Maybe in the eyes.
The L.
is looking for this man.
If you've seen him, please call us immediately.
Here you go.
Pass these around to the rest of the staff, if you would.
Now, this man might have been seen with this woman.
She's a 19-year-old female.
Her name is Mallory Kharchenko.
I'll leave a stack of her photos over on the table.
Here you go.
Yeah, they're both persons of interest, and the woman might've come in late last night with a head injury that required stitches.
So, if you see either of them, alert security and then call us immediately, all right? I'll leave the rest of these over here.
Thank you for your time.
What the hell are you doing here? I paged you.
I called you.
You didn't answer.
Yeah, how about next time you page me before you have me arrested? Sorry about that.
I didn't know you were gonna be there.
- I've been grooming bucket for a year.
- I know.
And I'm this close to getting to his boss.
You could've jeopardized my whole case.
But I-I didn't.
I didn't jeopar He didn't make you.
That isn't the point! The point is, is that you don't care that you could have.
You know what? Maybe if I have to burn a drug dealer to catch a serial killer, - maybe that's a fair trade to me you know? - No, it isn't.
The Sunset Strip and its vices kill more people in a week than your serial killer will all year.
So don't tell me that what you're doing is more important than what I'm working on.
Your victims at least have a choice in the matter.
- Come on! - Dianne, stop! Look! We have a real chance here to find this This girl before he kills her.
I'm glad you got what you wanted.
But I'm tired of being collateral damage.
Go home.
Deal with your real life while you still have one.
Man: Victim is decapitated.
11 lacerations located in the left and right trapezius.
[Sizzling] Small particles of what looks like upholstery foam in layers of inner subcutaneous fat.
Additional lacerations on the posterior deltoid as well as the neck.
Anal contusions Well, nothing goes with chocolate chip pancakes like anal contusions.
[Chuckles] Yeah, I thought it would spice the morning up a little.
Yeah, it certainly adds something.
Looking for this girl Mallory, and I was hoping the coroner's report on the last victim would give me some new leads.
Is she dead? I hope not.
But sorry.
I know I shouldn't be listening to that.
Oh, no, please.
[Chuckles] I've heard the word "anal" before.
Mostly from Vicki.
Apparently I'm very anal-retentive because I insist that she make her bed.
[Chuckles] You okay? Yeah, yeah.
I just I want to say, uh, you know, about the case It's not gonna be like the Hillside Strangler situation.
I made a promise to you and Vicki, and I intend to keep it.
Look, Jack, I've seen the news, you know? This is a huge case, and without Vince Yeah, it's it's definitely gonna be more difficult with a new partner, but You and Vicki are my priorities.
Well, let's start with breakfast, see how that goes first.
Looking good.
Oh, who is this strange man in our kitchen? [Chuckles] [As Darth vader] I am your father, Luke Skywalker.
Mark Hamill is so cute.
Oh, see? All roads lead back to boys.
Yeah, as long as they stay up on the, uh The movie screen, I'll be fine.
Daddy, I'm 15.
There will be boys.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Well, as long as they know I have guns.
- Hey.
- I I'm doomed.
[Pager beeping] Duty calls, huh? Go, Jack.
Love you.
Love you.
Dinner tonight.
I promise.
Hey, Doug.
This is Detective Costello.
How did the "Remington Steele" audition go? I didn't get it.
Their loss.
So, any word from Mallory? Just checking in.
Actually, she's here.
Can I speak with her? Uh, she's in the shower.
Should I call back? Or we could talk.
Maybe drinks later.
Hello? Uh, yeah, sorry.
Um, I can't meet for drinks later.
I have a thing with some friends.
[Train whistle blows] Some other time.
Let's meet up again.
So, what's it like being a cop? So, that's it? He's just still out there? Don't worry.
Whether he knows it or not, he just gave us something.
We need you to come down to the station and give us a composite.
Jack, it's me.
Think I know how we can find our killer.
Al gentleman.
- Oh, really? - Totally.
He babysits me all the time.
He helps me with my reading and writing.
I write my r's backwards, and he never makes me feel bad about it.
Woman to woman, he's awesome.
[Motorcycle approaches] [Engine shuts off] Totally just talked you up to your new girlfriend.
You did, huh? I'll come by later and you can tell me all about it.
- Bye.
- See ya.
Um, I tried calling.
How long have you been here talking to Mary? Oh, not long.
You don't just show up at someone's house.
Why are you being so cold to me? How did you find out where I live? Kent, I need to talk to you.
Sweetheart, you run back home, I'll call you later.
We'll go to Le Dome tonight or tomorrow.
How does that sound? I drove all the way over here, and you're not even gonna invite me inside? My place is a mess, and I What are you hiding? Absolutely nothing.
What is this? I don't know.
Who is this? It's you! Kent, look at it.
Look at the eyes.
That's you.
[Chuckles] The police came to the hospital.
They're looking for you and for Mallory.
- Why? - They were looking for Mallory? Who cares about her? Kent I've done things You know, stuff I never imagined because of you.
Just let me in.
Betty, if only you knew.
I've let you in in ways I never imagined, never done before.
For anybody.
Then enough about Mallory, [Chuckling] okay? What did the police say about her? Oh, my God! What What is with this girl? I put myself through nursing school, and I raised two kids on my own.
And what has she done? She's taken your order at hamburger heaven? How do you know she works at hamburger heaven? She told me when you were out of the room.
Why am I even telling you this? [Sighs] Kent, clearly you care more about her than you do about me.
Lose my number.
[Car door closes, engine turns over] I'm not gonna lie.
I'm mad you're leaving.
And I'm not gonna lie about how much I want to get it on with you.
I'm speaking truth to power.
Look, you know I think it's stupid you're leaving.
And I'm not gonna stop you, but, McClaren hey.
Yeah? Don't stop writing.
'Cause you got something.
You You got something real.
You think so? I know so.
What are you waiting for? You.
[Notebook clatters] All I see are boobs.
That's 'cause the only breasts you've ever seen are on stick figures.
You know what? Ha, ha, ha.
Very funny, okay? Look, you guys joke, but this is the most cutting-edge technology on earth.
That's an IBM 5150.
for your information.
Still look like boobs.
So, the killer calls from a payphone, and you heard a train in the background, right? Yeah, and based on the time of day, the computer narrowed down the location of that payphone to these two areas.
I wonder if he knows we'd be able to zero in on a location like that.
Well, the payphone lead's all we got.
I mean, we have to assume that he knows we have it, too.
All right, so what do we got here? We got a restaurant, some other restaurant.
This is an old people's home.
[Taps desk] Hold on.
It's an upholstery shop.
Yeah, so? So the coroner's report said they found upholstery foam in the last victim.
We got to check it out.
Let's go.
Hey, uh, Contreras.
Your contact's paid off.
Social security got a hit on Mallory's number.
She's a waitress at the Hamburger Heaven on Sunset.
Well, he may know we have our sights on him, but we might just be ahead of him now.
I'll check out the upholstery place.
You check out the hamburger heaven.
Not even a thank you.
You know, I don't remember you being this needy.
I'm Detective Contreras, L.
I'm looking for Mallory Kharchenko.
Is she here? You just missed her.
She left about, uh, 30 minutes ago.
Did you see who with? Nope.
She just said she's going to become a movie star.
I am a passenger I can't believe you were looking for me this whole time.
I'm totally firing my manager.
Calm down.
Can't have you all riled up meeting this director.
I don't want to blow this audition because I'm so upset.
Pop one of these.
It'll even you right out.
You know, it looks so good tonight Hope you're ready to be a star.
How crazy is this? One minute, I'm slinging burgers, the next, I'm in a Mercedes with a producer.
Where does this stuff happen? Only in Hollywood.
I look through my window so bright Hello? Police! Anybody here? Paco: "Detective Roth.
I'm sorry to have missed you.
From your secret admirer and Mallory K.
" He lured us here.
Knew we were onto him.
He's been five steps ahead of us.
Good night, Betty.
What are you doing here? I'm not gonna let go of the thing I need.
I feel like Deep down, you've known me forever.
Do you feel that? Yeah, I do.
And when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, the pair, lost in an amazement of love and intimacy, will not leave the other side even for a moment.
It's Plato.
[Chuckles] So, come with me.
Let me show you.
- Show me what? - All of it, all of me.
And if you don't like it after all you've seen I'll disappear.
[Chuckles] That was a pretty good goodbye to L.
I mean, I think we should say goodbye one more time.
[Chuckles] We already said goodbye twice.
[Chuckles] You better get used to bringing the mail now that I'm leaving.
Really? Yeah.
You should go get it.
[Clears throat] [Sighs] It's for you.
You got a 7-year-old pen pal you didn't tell me about? What? [Sighs] "Karen, I feel like we have a connection.
Something real.
Something that can give us both what we want, to make a name for ourselves, to make a difference.
Do you want to play? Prove your worth?" Oh, my God.
I think this is from the killer.
[Brakes squeal] [Engine shuts off] [Sighs] Trust me.
I promise, from this moment on, there won't be any secrets between us.
I'm scared.
Don't be.
Feel like my whole life has been leading up to this moment.
To us Being here.
[Muffled screaming, crying] [Police radio chatter] [Indistinct talking] So, uh, we're canvassing the neighborhood, see if anyone saw him with Mallory.
And they're working on I.
ing the body.
Look, Jack, it's not your fault we didn't find Mallory in time.
You need anything? I can stay if No, you go.
Get some sleep.
All right.
It's the only way.
She's seen me! She knows your name, knows where you live.
You know it's true.
She must die for us to live.
[Whimpering] [Sighs] Aah! [Knife rending] [Panting]