Wicked City (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Previously on "Wicked City" You feel more alive than you have in your entire life, right? But I'm tired of being collateral damage.
Deal with your real life while you still have one.
About the case It's not gonna be like the Hillside Strangler.
You and Vicki are my priorities.
He lured us here.
Knew we were on to him.
He's been five steps ahead of us.
"Do you want to play? Prove your worth?" I think this is from the killer.
From this moment on, there won't be any secrets between us.
[Muffled screaming, crying] Betty: [Heavy breathing] Betty: The maiden ran with everything she had.
Never before had she been more frightened or more exhilarated by the wickedness of the woods.
[Breathing shallowly] For when the wolf bared his fangs at her, still bloody from the attack on his prey she feared she would be next.
Did the girl get away? Or did the wolf catch her? She could hear him coming, chasing her, catching up.
[Breathing heavily] The wolf, he found her, ensnared her in his deadly trap, and pounced.
- Please.
No! - Kent: Stop screaming, Betty.
- I won't say anything.
I won't say anything.
- Stop screaming.
- I promise, I promise.
- Stop screaming.
- I promise I won't, I promise.
- Stop screaming, Betty.
- I won't saying anything.
- Stop screaming.
Did he kill her? Betty: No, sweetie.
She bit back.
Aah! Tiffany: Does that mean she's a wolf, too? Freddie: Mama, what happens next? The maiden returned to the village.
You may need time.
I know that.
But I have faith in us, Betty.
[Sighs] [Door opens] And though she was home She knew she was not entirely out of the woods.
[Inhales deeply] You're up early.
I didn't hear you get out of bed.
Uh, yeah, that's 'cause I never got in it.
No rest for the wicked.
I have to head into the precinct now.
Yeah, yeah, of course, of course.
Um listen, before you go, Jack, um, Vicki is all bent out of shape with me 'cause I said "no" to this party this weekend.
But we don't know the parents whose house it's at and - So we're gonna say "no" to the party.
- Yes.
Because you know that whenever I say no, she tries to get a different answer out of you.
Well, she won't get one.
All right? We're a team.
"No" to the party.
- I got to go.
- Okay.
And remember, just say no.
All right, Nancy Reagan.
[Telephone rings] Paco: New development on Mallory Kharchenko? Huh? No, no.
She still hasn't shown up at work or home.
The roommate's got all her friends looking, posting fliers, local stations are putting the word out.
Yeah, we'll find her.
What do you got? Ah.
I traced the lease records of the warehouse kill spot back to a guy named Bruce Forrester.
He owned the upholstery shop that used to be there.
Petty officer, Navy.
He would've known how to tie those military knots - on Emily Fuentes.
- Right.
Only he couldn't have tied his shoelaces a week ago.
Read the fine print, the dates he served.
'42 to '45.
He's a good two to three decades older than our profile.
Well, not only would he have been an old man during the recent murders Here, drink this He has been a dead man for the last 10 years.
He's not our serial killer.
Does he have a, uh a son? Yeah.
I already shook the family tree.
The only thing that fell out was a daughter, Rita Forrester, and she died even earlier than pops.
No grandkids to continue the lineage.
Dead man, dead lead.
I showed you mine Oh, yeah.
Coroner's office came through with an I.
on our Jane Doe from the warehouse.
The dental records match a missing-persons file from '68.
Her name was Vera Bennett.
Says here that she's 34 years old.
It's a good 10 years older than our other victims.
- Going somewhere? - Yeah, back to the warehouse.
I got to I got to stay in this guy's head.
You know, it seems like he hasn't made a single mistake, right? But you know what? We all make mistakes.
I got a feeling this Vera is his first one.
Let's go.
Paco: I got to say, I'm not sure why we're back at the killer's lair.
Victimology's off.
Strangulation instead of stabbing, no signs of necrophilia I mean, Vera doesn't seem to be the work of the same guy.
Maybe this Forrester did her back in his heyday.
Traces of blood here that matched Wanda Phillips and Emily Fuentes.
You think our killer just conveniently happened upon the lair of a former murderer? No, the work is different, but the killer is the same.
What we're seeing here is a progression.
We pegged our guy to be between his late 20s and his mid 30s.
That would have made him a young adult, possibly a teenager, And since psychological markers present themselves in adolescence, you think that maybe she was his first kill.
Vera wasn't just his first kill.
The care he took of the body Those clothes are the same clothes she was last seen in, but they were taken care of.
They were laundered over time.
And that wig that wig is good as new.
He brushed it.
He gave this woman a dignified end, and he kept her close to him.
She was special to him, and that makes her special to us.
We find out as much we can about her, we find out a hell of a lot more about our killer Maybe enough to find him.
Let's go.
Diver: "Do you want to play? Prove your worth.
Come and see, Karen McClaren, if you have the spine to go where St.
Jerome meets St.
" This killer enjoys playing games.
I mean, how can you be sure you know where this riddle leads? Dude, I graduated Berkeley summa cum laude.
[Chuckles] You sexy smart girl.
You know, goodbye sex is called that for a reason Typically, someone leaves.
Since I ended up staying in L.
, we need to keep this aboveboard Above the sheets, more specifically.
Oh, that's all right.
We don't need no sheets.
That's not the point.
You'll see that business and pleasure can go really well together.
And if I were you, I'd be more concerned about my hot editor's attention than some serial killer's, but, you know.
I'm not after his attention.
That girl who's missing, Mallory What if where his message takes me is the key to finding her, maybe even saving her? Karen This dude originally picked you as the victim.
He was planning on killing you.
W what if he circles back? What if that letter is just another way of him drawing you back into his trap.
I know.
I know.
But it's a public place.
Plus - I'm packing heat.
- [Scoffs] That'd be great if the killer was a mosquito.
It just needs to slow him down.
And then I'll take over.
Lead the way, Karen McClaren.
I am all yours.
Let's go.
[Chuckles] What happened to you? What? What do you mean? Your arms, they're all scraped up.
Oh, yeah.
Um I went hiking.
Not really the outdoorsy type.
Guess this new boyfriend is really getting you out of your comfort zone.
You could say that.
Is that a good thing? Mostly.
But I just found out about this habit he has.
And I'm trying to figure out if I can Handle it or not.
Habit? You mean like he smokes? Yeah.
He's a smoker.
But I think he realizes it's bad for him, but he needs it.
It's like like it defines him.
Well, nicotine is addictive.
Maybe you could sign him up for one of those new trials for that patch thingy.
No, I I can't ask him to quit.
That wouldn't go over well.
Why? I just I feel like You know, if you love someone, you should accept them as they are.
He should accept you, too, though.
If his smoking makes you uncomfortable, he should try and stop for you.
I kind of like it, though.
He just kind of makes it look enticing.
Betty, get real.
Even secondhand smoke can kill.
No, you're right.
I I want to be with him, but I can't.
Mary: Thanks for bringing me.
- So, I'll meet you back here in 20 minutes? - Mm-hmm.
- What are you gonna check out this time? - I don't know.
Just not another dumb fairy tale.
And what's wrong with fairy tales? Please.
There's no such thing as happily ever after.
Mary, just because your mom and you haven't met the right Prince Charming, doesn't mean he isn't out there.
He just hasn't found you yet.
You know, it's kind of like a Jigsaw puzzle.
You have to find the two matching pieces that fit together perfectly to complete the picture.
They can be hard to find, but your missing piece is always out there.
That girl that I met, is she your missing piece? Yeah.
She is.
She just isn't sure I'm hers yet.
But sometimes you got to fight for your happy ending.
I'm gonna help her see just how well we fit together.
Kent, um Can you not call me for a little bit? Um I hope you know I care about you so much, and and I know you care about me.
I just need some time.
And then, when we're both ready, we can talk, okay? I'll be thinking of you.
Please know that.
So, did you let him know it's over? [Breathes deeply] I did what I had to, for my family.
That's my girl.
[Car door opens] Jack: What you got? Well, I couldn't find any living relatives of Vera Bennett's in California, but I found out that she worked at this library branch - for 11 years.
- Really? Was still working here when she disappeared.
Figured might be as good a place as any to start digging.
Yeah, definitely.
This this could be where she crossed with her killer.
You know, the more I think about it, with the age difference and the respect he treated her in death, I get the sense that Vera was some kind of a mentor figure to him.
This would fit with that.
I never knew Vera Bennett.
I've only worked at this branch for a few years.
But I've heard all about her.
I think there will always be a part of her here for the people who loved her.
You mean through the stories they've shared with you? Well, yes, that, but what I really meant was through her books.
Her whole collection is in circulation at this branch.
- They were donated by her family? - By her parents, yes.
Apparently, since Vera was single and had no kids, they donated them all to us.
I think she'd be glad to know how many young people she inspired to become readers.
- Hey! - Diver! - Get your hands off me, man! - Karen: Hey! - Hey, stop! - What, are you following us?! Huh? No, we didn't follow you! Then what are you two doing here? Huh? - Karen? - We followed this.
The killer led us here.
Hey, what happened to you leaving town? Oh, wow.
You control the city population now, too? No, I control a serial-killer case, - one you two continue to tamper with.
- I swear.
I was gonna come to you with whatever I found here.
I didn't want to get in the way of your search for Mallory if this didn't turn out to be anything.
I mean, how did you guys know to come here, anyway? Listen, we'll be asking the questions here, all right? Well, I think I've got an answer for you.
Karen He wants me to locate a book in this library.
"Where St.
Jerome meets St.
" Jerome is the patron saint of library.
This branch is the only one on Santa Monica Boulevard.
And it's not my spine he's referring to.
It's the spine of a book This book.
He put a code in here Ended up being the Dewey decimal call number for the 1911 printing of "The Phantom of the Opera.
" Why the hell would the killer want to lead you to a book? I'll give you the Cliff's Notes version It's about a misunderstood monster on a killing spree in Paris.
Swap the opera house for the Sunset Strip, the killer could be trying to explain himself - with the story.
- Hey, yo, maybe he just wants us to join his book club.
You know, you never know.
Lead the way.
[Indistinct conversations] Hey, that's cheating.
I just need to know if the spider and the pig die.
I don't want to get too attached, you know? What happens in the end isn't important.
It's the friendship between them while they're together on the farm that really matters.
Okay, I'll read the whole story.
Did you get a book? I did.
One that someone very special introduced me to.
Now I want to share it with someone new Make sure she understands what she means to me.
The author's name is Leroux.
Here are the M's.
Uh L Karen: Uh Oh, God.
It wasn't a book he wanted us to find.
Get back.
- That's Mallory.
- Get these kids out of here.
Lock down the library.
Nobody gets in, nobody gets out.
He could still be here! - Let's go! Time to put the camera away! - Come on, man! - Diver, go! - Let's go! Come on! So, no one saw anything suspicious.
No single men on their own.
And the book, did we find it? Well, it wasn't checked out, but it's not here.
Librarian said that they can give us some extra copies, and if there's anything Jack.
Jack! I heard Roth got pretty dark on the Hillside Strangler case Tough on everybody around him, including his partner.
I mean, good luck, man.
It looks like he's taking a nose dive on your watch now.
Yeah, no thanks to you two.
You know, if you had shared that letter with us to begin with, we might have gotten here in time, caught the son of a bitch.
Okay, don't you put that on her.
Karen, do you not realize? This killer's just using you.
He's choosing me.
You know, it's not lost on me that the book's author, Gaston Leroux, he was once an investigative journalist, too, who who exposed important truths to a society that needed to face them.
You know, it's no wonder the killer chose you.
You're just as hungry for fame and recognition as he is.
Coming from a cop who forced his way on to a high-profile case.
I mean, it takes one to know one, right? If the killer contacts you again whether you find it significant or not, you call us.
[Footsteps departing] [Answering machine beeps] Betty: Kent, um Can you not call me for a little bit? Um I hope you know I care about you so much, and and I know you care about me.
I just need some time.
And then, when we're both ready, we can talk, okay? I'll be thinking of you.
Please know that.
[Answering machine beeps] [Answering machine beeps] Hey, it's Jimmy again.
Where you been, Sugar? I'm starting to think you're avoiding me.
I sure hope not.
Come on [tape fast-forwarding] [Answering machine beeps] Kent: Betty, it's me.
If you're there, pick up.
[Sighs] When a woman sees me as you have seen me she belongs to me.
She loves me forever.
Gaston Leroux.
You belong to me, Betty.
You belong to me.
[Answering machine beeps] [Knock on door] [Knock on door] [Sighs] Jimmy, what do you want? Where you been? You haven't been answering my calls.
What does it matter? I'm not your wife.
So, is that what it is, huh? You're suddenly, uh Too good to screw a married man? Well Looks like you've definitely been on your knees for someone.
That someone wouldn't like the way you're talking to me.
Is that so? Yeah.
He respects me.
- He sees something in me.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm not just a warm body to him.
I miss you.
Hmm? Don't touch me.
Ow! Damn it, Betty, that hurts.
Aah! I don't know what the hell's gotten into you but you've changed.
[Door closes] [Red Rider's "Lunatic Fringe" plays] Lunatic fringe I know you're out there you're in hiding and you hold your meetings I can hear you coming we know what you're after [Indistinct conversations] We're wise to you this time we're wise to you this time we won't let you kill the laughter whoa-oh, oh ho whoa-oh, oh ho whoa-oh, oh ho we can hear you coming coming no, you're not going to win this time - - [engine turns over] [Sighs] Guess I know who I got my insomnia from, huh? Hey.
Did I wake you up? - Oh.
No, I was just, uh, getting water.
- Okay.
What, "The Phantom?" Are you seriously up late reading a love story? [Laughs] It's for work.
Hey, how can you possibly call this a love story? This monster abducts a woman and then kills whoever gets in his way.
Okay, sure, Erik is a bit of a freak, but he's kind of romantic, too.
I mean, his chamber underneath the Paris opera house where he helps Christine become the most beautiful singer Paris has ever heard Sure, he went about it the wrong way, but You know, he genuinely loved her.
He wanted her to be his wife.
- And he married her? - Well, not exactly.
Christine's boyfriend kind of got in the way of that.
But he did give her a ring.
And my English teacher said that there was a dead body found under the Paris opera house with a wedding ring on it.
How creepy is that? Yeah, that's really creepy.
So, um, that party tomorrow night, not not sure if mom mentioned it or anything, but I I do really, really, really want to go.
Can I? I mean, I'll call you like every two hours, and I'll be back by, say, 11:00? Please? Uh, yeah, sweetheart.
Thanks, Dad.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
[Door closes] - Betty.
- [Gasps] I know.
You said to stay away.
I get that.
I know you had a lot to think about.
Are we really right for each other? Are we so right we're wrong? Well, if you haven't settled on that, there's something I want to share with you.
Do you know the story? Well, I, uh I hope you see us in it.
And when you read it, think of me.
That's all I ask of you.
You're my missing piece, Betty.
_ [Elevator bell dings] - Paco: Yeah, that's good.
I'll take it.
- Hey, Contreras, I need you to dig back into - Vera Bennett's family and friends.
- Oh, yeah? Well, I need you to start treating me like a partner.
Listen, you don't get to just walk out on our crime scene, then avoid all my calls and pages all night.
Jack: I was on to something, Paco.
Yeah, the verge of a breakdown, from what I'm hearing.
What? Look, I worked way too hard to get here - just to go down with you, Jack.
- Yeah? You worked hard, or did you work the right people? Look, you got a problem with the way I do things, put in for a reassignment.
I'm sure your friends at the top would be happy to do you another favor.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
- You know what? I may just do that.
- Good.
Then maybe they'll hand the case over to me instead of letting it go off the rails with you.
That isn't gonna happen.
I won't let it.
Just let me help.
Keeping me in the dark isn't gonna keep you out of it.
Paco: So, what'd you find? [Sighs] Well, our killer didn't think of Vera Bennett as his mentor.
He was in love with her.
Shades of Mrs.
And I don't think she was all that into it.
The librarian told us that Vera was unmarried, but the wedding band on her finger said otherwise.
And then I found more evidence at the warehouse of his love.
He made her his bride in death.
A wife that could never leave him.
That kind of psycho love, that that doesn't happen overnight.
This kid had to have been in her life for a while.
Maybe enough for someone to remember him.
- Exactly.
- All right, I'll look into everyone that knew her.
Ted: I adored Vera.
Couldn't wait to marry her.
I, uh I saved up to buy her the engagement ring she deserved, but I never got the chance to propose.
Paco: Now, this boy that you mentioned to me on the phone earlier, is there anything more you recall about him? Uh He was around 10 or 11 when Vera met him.
His mother had passed away.
Vera took him under her wing and inspired him to escape his pain - through, uh through books.
- Okay.
H how long would you say that Vera knew this boy? Well, maybe five, six years.
He came around more and more when he was 16, 17 A bit too much for my liking.
Now, around the library or Vera's house? The house.
Yeah, I caught him lingering outside a few times.
Just didn't seem appropriate.
I should've thought to tell the police about it when she disappeared, but it just really didn't seem like Do do you remember this kid's name? Yeah.
Yeah, it was Cooper.
That's what the "C" stands for.
You got a last name? Uh Sorry, no.
It's been a long time.
He did have a guardian after his mom passed His grandfather.
The grandfather, was his name Bruce Forrester? Forrester That sounds right.
All right, thank you for coming in, Mr.
- We'll give you a call if we have anything else.
- All right.
Woman: [ Speaking indistinctly] [Knock on door] I've been waiting for you.
But I've been here.
No, no.
I've been waiting for you My whole life.
[Inhales deeply] "You are afraid of me, and yet I am not really wicked.
Love me, and you shall see.
All I wanted was to be loved for myself.
- Was to be loved for myself.
" - " To be loved for myself.
" You read it.
You took off your mask for me, the way he did for Christine, and It scared me at first.
But now I understand why.
It's because what you showed me, what I saw in you You saw in me, too.
I saw your power passion Betty, you don't have to be afraid anymore.
You deserve to be everything you are.
I get that now.
I want it.
I want us.
Wouldn't bother putting this up.
I checked every possible database, area phone books No Cooper Forrester Not on paper, at least.
Well, I guess it was a long shot.
Anyway, Bruce Forrester was his maternal grandfather, so he probably has his dad's name, whoever he is.
So, how do we find a ghost? A phantom.
I'm sure that's why he left that lair for us to find.
Knew we couldn't trace it back to him Not to his actual identity, anyway.
But he did leave us something pretty big, though.
He gave us Vera.
This woman that As twisted as it may have been, he loved.
For him to let her go, after all these years That has to mean something.
What changed in his life? And is it for better or for worse? Where are you taking me? Back where we began the Sunset Strip.
[Keys rattling, door opens] Hey.
You're home.
Uh, okay, I know that I said I was gonna make that chicken you like with the lemon up its butt, but I ran out of time, so Chinese it is.
That's fine.
Need some help? Um, well, yeah.
You could clear off your work, and Vicki could set the table.
Uh, Vicki isn't here.
Where is she? She left with Marnie.
Uh, isn't Marnie going to that party? Uh uh, I don't maybe.
The party that we told Vicki that she couldn't go to, the party that you and I, we agreed that she couldn't go to? Right, right.
Um Look, it's just - It's just a party, hon.
- [Scoffs] that she went around my back and got you to say yes to, which I warned you about.
She didn't go behind your Oh, let me guess.
Uh, you were working, and you don't even know what you said "yes" to.
It's a bunch of teenagers Yeah, who are most likely drinking, and there most likely is no adult supervision.
They're not gonna be dri No, she said the kid's parents are gonna be there.
And you believed her? Oh, Jack Well, she said she'd call in.
It's fine.
- She's a good kid.
- Yeah, she is.
She's a really good kid, but she's also a teenager who, like most teenagers, feels no guilt about lying to their parents.
Okay, okay, um She could be at the kid Mitch's place, like she said, or someplace else altogether.
Either way, Jack, we have zero idea what she's doing or where she's doing it.
[The Cars' "Just What I Need" plays] - I don't mind you comin' here - [Laughter] Man: Hit it, hit it.
[Laughter] You want some, babe? No, I'm I'm good.
I kind of lose my mind You know, if that killer wasn't already called the Hollywood Slayer, - it'd make a wicked band name.
- [Laughter] - Totally.
- Yeah, man.
Girl: Come on.
Doesn't he dedicate songs to his victims? - Girl: Yeah, that's true.
- [Laughs] Dead-ications Yeah, you know, guys, Vicki's dad is the cop on the case.
- Man: Say what? - Girl: Really? You know, he screws them after they're dead.
- Whoa! - Man: No way.
Vicki: Yes.
Aw, check it out! It couldn't be cooler.
We're right at the scene of the crime.
Sunset Strip.
Well, he doesn't actually kill them here, you know.
- This is just where he hunts.
- Mm.
Man, Mitch, your girl rocks.
[Laughter] Yeah.
Let's find a parking spot, hit the clubs.
Mitch: Yes, I'm down.
What do you say, babe? Girl: Let's do this.
Man: You've got the right stuff, Karen McLaren.
Now dive into your reservoir of talent to find the next part of the story.
[Clock ticking] I can't believe she hasn't called to check in.
She promised.
[Breathes deeply] I profile serial killers for a living, and my teenage daughter got one over on me.
Allison: Of course you caved, Jack.
She's a worthy opponent.
She is your daughter, after all.
- She knows how to read people.
- Ahh.
She's gotten really good at playing us against each other.
Yeah, well, that that's Because I taught her it works.
And it's it's not gonna happen again.
Of course it's gonna happen again.
You're always gonna feel bad when work takes you away from us.
But, giving Vicki what she wants isn't ever gonna make up for the time that you miss.
And at some point, it may even hurt her.
[Sighs] Look, I I didn't want her going to this party because I thought it might be nice to delay the life-changing mistakes You know, like, um drinking too much, - sleeping with the wrong guys - Wait.
You don't think Why hasn't she called? [Sighs] Betty: I am dying of love.
That's how it is.
I loved her so, and I love her still.
And I am dying of love for her, I tell you.
Darlin', you got to let me know should I stay or should I go? If you say that you are mine - [Telephone rings] - Jack: I got it! I'll be there till the end of time - Hello? - Karen: Uh, Detective Roth? Yes, this is Detective Roth.
This is Karen.
[Sighs] It's about the case.
Go ahead.
I think I know where Mallory's body is.
Okay, uh sit tight.
I'll be right there.
I got to go.
It's about the case.
It's okay.
I'll check in.
So if you want me off your back well, come on, and let me know should I stay or should I go? If you knew how beautiful she was - should I stay or should I go now - when she let me kiss her.
It was the first time, the first time I ever kissed a woman.
If I go, there will be trouble and if I stay, it will be double so come on and let me know - should I stay or should I go? - I'll be right back.
This indecision's buggin' me if you don't want me, set me free exactly whom I'm supposed to be [Door opens] Don't you know which clothes even fit me? Come on and let me know - [Sighs] - Yes, alive.
Should I cool it or should I blow? I kissed her alive.
Oww Hi.
I'm Christine.
- Come on, let me know - There's someone who wants to meet you as much as I do.
Should I cool it or should I blow? Oh-oh-oh - come on and let me know - And she looked as beautiful as if she had been dead Should I stay or should I go?