Wicked City (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

Heat Wave

Previously, on "Wicked City" I've never felt closer to anyone.
Baby, you used to love getting down on your knees for me.
Get out of my house.
[Bang on window] The cops knew where and when to hit us.
I'm not a rat.
It's time to cut loose ends.
[Gunshot] Let's see if you can do better.
The victims that he targets, the way he kills them.
He's killing his mother, over and over again.
Man: It's 5:30 A.
in Los Angeles, and already, 78 degrees outside.
Looks like today's gonna be the hottest day of the year.
[Siren wails in distance] You have to go.
- I do? - Mm-hmm.
I've got to get to work.
Really? You got the early shift today, huh? Oh, I got every shift now that Bucket's gone.
Graham has me working at Enzo's on The Strip - the new club? - Fancy.
Guess that's one way to keep people working hard blow their co-workers' brains out.
Well, don't worry.
I'm gonna have Graham behind bars in no time and his boss.
I have no doubt.
So you'll keep your eyes open for buyers with fancy cars? Let me know if something pops up? You think that's the key? The killer drives different high-end cars? Now if I can figure out why, it might just get me something.
Well, we know he's probably stealing them, 'cause a guy like this isn't buying them.
Yeah, but wh-why is he using them all those different cars? It's not to blend in.
They're vintage.
People notice.
Yeah, that's weird.
Someone like this probably wouldn't want to bring attention to himself.
And he hasn't not since he was about 9 years old.
Check this out.
This is the only visual I have on him.
That's the killer? Cute kid, huh? I wonder if he knew what he'd become If he felt the darkness.
[Sighs] I knew I wanted to be a cop.
Yeah? Me too.
I used to wear my brother's toy gun and holster everywhere.
[Both chuckle] I would have loved to see you as a little girl.
Well, I would've kicked your ass.
Yeah? Oh, yeah.
All right, get out of here.
We both got work.
Betty: But I never want you to leave.
But I have to.
These cars won't reupholster themselves.
I wish they did.
I'm so happy with you.
I feel so safe.
And you are.
But I can't always be there, you know? Of course.
I got you something.
Safety first.
Honey, I love it.
Ah, yes.
You want me to cube you, McClaren? Yeah, right.
Diver, we're the fourth estate.
A little professionalism? [Door opens] Hey.
I got something for you the Hollywood Slayer as a kid.
So? Why'd you bring it to us? First name's Cooper.
Should be about 28, 29 years old right now.
He looks so sweet.
You two are gonna run a story on Baby Slayer there.
"Are monsters born or made or " All that crap you do.
"All that crap.
" With the picture front and center, plus the tip line, we're hoping somebody recognizes him.
So can I count on you guys? - No.
- Sure.
We're halfway there.
You want to let the cops force us into writing a piece? It's a huge scoop.
You just hate Jack Roth.
I don't hate him.
Just that Dudley do-right won't play all take, no give.
Hey, hey.
Excuse me.
How about I take you downtown? Jackass.
Fine, but I want something in return.
Getting greedy, man.
I've been looking for Bucket, that guy you popped a week ago.
Dude's been missing ever since.
Since when do you care about drug dealers? Since the killer cares.
The Hollywood Slayer plants "fly brand" coke on his victims.
That's what Bucket sells.
At least that's what I've been told, anyway.
Now, that's for calling my work "crap," brother.
- You gave him that? - I had to trade.
I mean, how do you think we found Bucket in the first place? Just make sure the photo runs front and center.
Yes, sir.
Let me see that.
Hi, there.
Man, nice wheels, huh? Looks expensive.
Jimmy Lovett.
Uh, neighbor.
You live around here? No, I'm just, uh, visiting.
Excuse me.
Oh! [Laughs] [Engine turns over] See ya.
Yeah, I'll see ya.
[Indistinct talking] Hey, Betty.
[Sighs] What a nice surprise.
Is it really? Kent: Hi, there.
- Hi.
- Hey, babe.
Jimmy, it's nice to see you again.
You've met.
That's nice.
Jimmy is here with his kids.
Yeah, over there.
Yeah, little one's a real wimp.
Yeah, well, most children model their behavior on the same-sex parent.
I got to get these out of the sun before they melt.
Mm, see ya.
So that's your new boyfriend, huh? Um, it's none of your business.
Well, I think it is.
Our kids play together.
I'm guessing he's gonna be around a lot.
You know, we don't want a bad element in the neighborhood.
What are you saying? Oh, come on.
Like you didn't know.
Different cars every day? That Jag, the Fury, the hours he keeps.
Whoo! [Laughs] Yeah, it took me a while, but I finally figured it out.
Your hunk is a drug dealer.
[Laughs] He's a drug dealer? - Yeah.
- Hmm.
And I can't have no dope pusher coming into this neighborhood.
So I'm asking Ron to look into it.
Ron? My cousin in the LAPD.
You called the police? Mm-hmm.
Ron'll look at Kent hard.
Everything his work, his home.
Man has secrets.
They got a way of coming out.
Jimmy, Kent is not a drug dealer.
Maybe that's what he's telling you, but do you think the police will believe you didn't really know? Probably not.
W shoot.
I wonder if they'll take your kids straight away or will they give you a hearing or something.
No one's taking my kids anywhere.
Kent's dirty they'd be stupid not to look at the girlfriend, right? Maybe arrest her, get her to testify.
That's when Child Services swoops in.
[Laughing] Whoop! But hey, look.
I just wanted to warn you, 'cause I'm always looking out for you.
'Cause that's what friends are for.
You know what else friends are for? Just being sweet to each other.
[Inhales deeply] One night of fun, Betty Then I'll leave you and your boyfriend alone.
I'll tell your wife.
[Laughs] It wouldn't be the first time.
So tonight, around 6:00 my place.
Wife'll be at work.
[Moans] [Smooches] Here's the paper you like.
Thanks, Dave.
I don't know why you like looking at all that gore when the new Playboy just came out.
Find this world intriguing.
So, uh, different from ours.
Guys, whoa.
[Phone rings] Paco: Hey, Jack, some chick in the Valley is claiming she knows your guy Cooper.
So this is the Cooper that you knew in junior high.
Do you think the news stations want to talk to me too? Ma'am, the photo.
Yeah, yeah.
That's Cooper Flynn.
You sure about that? Do you want to hear the story or not? Of course I'm sure.
I had to sit across the kitchen table from his geeky face for like a month.
He tutored me in science class.
Okay, so Cooper was a smart kid? If by smart you mean "loser," yes.
I was a finalist at the Los Angeles cheerleader championship in seventh grade.
I had other things going on besides the periodic table, you know? I bet you were amazing.
I still am.
Now, you say that he tutored you at his house.
- Yep.
- What do you remember about that? His grandfather smelled like pee and mothballs.
And Cooper built those stupid model cars.
[Chuckles] - Finally, a real lead.
- Yeah.
Flynn an actual last name.
Okay, I'll put Bukowski on it see if we can get a social or birth certificate.
And don't forget, we now know he was a loser who built model cars.
You know, there's nothing wrong with building model cars, okay? It promotes discipline, focus.
Give me Bukowski, ASAP.
Man: Yes, sir.
You get a message from diver Hoping you'll give him another valuable piece of evidence? You know, we would've never found Bucket had it not been for that trade.
Remember that.
Yeah, well, diver's looking for a dead man.
You know, Graham offed him right in front of Diane.
Really? Yeah.
Yeah, well, that guy's a maniac anyway.
Nah, this was just, uh, family stuff.
My wife soon to be ex-wife I told her that I can't pick up my kids tonight, and she's not too happy about that.
How long's it been? Well, we've been separated over a year now.
Not my choice, but definitely my fault.
Let me guess you're hard to live with.
I have my demons.
Don't all cops? Yeah, only mine affected my son.
He has night terrors now.
That sucks.
You know, we think that the selfish things that we do to cut loose, just get out of our own head, that it won't affect us.
We control it, but then we lose the thing that we actually need our family.
[Whistling] [Phone rings] Hello and good evening.
You sound chipper.
You're not worried about that article in the paper? That picture is of you, isn't it? I I didn't know your name was really Cooper.
You know, I always preferred Kent.
I thought it sounded cool.
Plus, it's what you call me.
That's why I never told you.
Don't worry about the story.
It doesn't matter.
I promise.
So what are you doing tonight? I'm gonna be watching "Love Boat" a little "Fantasy Island" if I'm feeling adventurous.
Well, don't be too adventurous without me.
So, you coming over? Probably not.
Depends how long this project takes.
Sometimes these things can get a little messy.
And Betty, about your friend Jimmy.
He's not my friend.
Well, he was, though, right? I mean, you guys dated.
I could tell.
Look, it's okay.
I just don't think he's very good for the kids.
That's all.
I don't really care for him.
[Sighs] Neither do I.
I don't care about your past.
I care about your future.
You know I'd do anything for you.
I'll see you.
[Dial tone] [Sighs] [Whistles] [Knock on door] I I got it! [Sighs] Wife came home early.
She got a cold or something.
Come on.
We're gonna have to take this party elsewhere.
- Come on.
- Or we could just cancel.
Maybe it's a sign it wasn't meant to be.
Baby, come on.
I'm gonna do my best work on you.
You're gonna love it.
Jack: So, how was the concert, honey? Sting is a god.
I seriously think he looked at me.
Well, you know what? I'm sure he did.
How can you hate a band called "The Police"? [Chuckles] Uh, because they're not.
Well, this may be your last concert pick-up, because in three months, I'll be driving myself.
Three months? That's not possible.
Your your math is off.
- What? - Three months? Cast your mind way back ago when I was born? [Sighs] This is like my favorite time.
You know, it's our chance to just chill together.
Don't say "chill," Dad.
That's totally geeky coming from you.
- Oh [Chuckles] totally.
- And don't worry.
You can take Mom to a concert, like, I don't know, Barry Manilow.
Try Zeppelin.
Look, three months I'm driving.
and in two years, I'm off to college.
Hey, I know this.
What are you trying to do? You want to see me cry? Just get used to it.
- Soon, it'll just be you and Mom - Okay.
And Barry Manilow.
[Chuckles] And Barry Manilow.
Thank you.
You know what? Just pipe down.
[Music plays lightly on radio] Up next, "Overload" by Talking Heads.
This is from Randall to his main squeeze, Leila.
Why do people do these dedications? I mean, h how do they even know the person is listening? Because you tell them to.
You set the whole thing up so they're right there listening when the song comes on.
[The Talking Heads' "The Overload" plays] Terrible signal Jack: The radio dedications like "for Emily F.
, from your secret admirer" the killer is with the women when the dedications come on.
Okay, so what.
So, we called the radio station, and the timelines match exactly.
I mean, just think about it.
The Slayer, he leaves the club with the victim, drives her in his car, she hears the dedication Then he kills her in that car.
So it's a big honking mess.
Exactly, that's why he needs all these different vehicles, because they're trashed afterwards.
All right.
Miller and I will get back into the stolen vehicle reports.
Okay, I'll take used car dealerships.
Junkyards? Sure, give the Mexican the scrap yards.
You said that, not me.
Touch base if you find anything.
["The Overload" continues] I value these moments We're older than we realize In someone's eyes [Moans softly] [Gasps] Hi, Karen McClaren.
[Breathing heavily] How did you get in? You roommate's window.
She left it open, while she's out clubbing.
So her room would be cool, screw everybody else.
Doesn't she know it's a dangerous world out there? [Clicks] I pulled the fuse box.
You don't want to get a good look at my face, Karen.
That would be a problem.
Do you understand? Yeah.
- Attagirl.
- [Gasps] Why are you here? I saw something in you, Karen, something worthy.
And then you print that photo of me put me at risk.
They pressured us.
The police You're mine Not Jack Roth's.
You're mine.
I'm sorry.
Then prove it.
Be my voice, not theirs.
Then you have to share something with me about you something real.
[Sighs] How about an interview? [The Rolling Stones' "Play With Fire" plays] Well, you got your diamonds and you got your pretty clothes and the chauffeur drives your car you let everybody know but don't play with me - 'cause you're playing with fire - Cheers.
You paged.
How about a drink? I'm on the clock, so absolutely.
I think I got something.
Calvin, one of my guys, sold fly brand to a guy in a red Corvette last week.
Calvin's got a serious thing for Vettes said it was a beauty.
Did you get a description of the guy? He said he was wearing glasses and a fedora, like he was trying to hide his face.
That's our guy.
with me, 'cause you're playing with fire Hey, D-man, you seen Bucket? No, man.
'cause you're playing with fire [Sighs] [Chuckles] What? That's all I got.
[Chuckles] What are we doing? I'm giving you valuable information, and you're drinking scotch.
I mean us.
So don't play with me Don't you ever think about, you know, the future? The future? You know, shouldn't we at least talk about it? No, Jack, you're not doing this to me.
Yo, Skeeve, my man.
[Chuckles] You seen Bucket? Bucket? Nobody seen Bucket since the girl took over the route.
What girl? Diane, would you stop for a second, please? There is no thinking about us.
Okay, well I just Look.
I like what we have.
It's good.
Let's not make this into something it can never be.
Oh, wow.
Ain't that a thing? Turn the chair around, Karen.
Do it.
So, Karen McClaren.
The rhyme never bugged you? It's better than Kiki.
Growing up, until L.
, actually, - I've always been Kiki.
- Kiki.
But Karen is for a journalist someone who is taken seriously.
Well, I'm sure nobody would call you anything but very, very serious.
[Inhales sharply] So, shall we get started? - Hey.
- [Gasps] Hey.
Get started with the interview, of course.
[Breathes shakily] Why do you kill them the girls uh, women? Why does anybody do anything? Because it feels good.
So they're just objects to you? They don't matter? Vera, Wanda, Emily, Mallory, Natasha they matter very much.
I think about them all the time.
It's the city that kills them, Karen.
The Strip kills them.
There are men make millions selling drugs that take so many innocent girls many more than I ever could.
I doubt the police see it that way.
The police Detective Roth? He's gonna fail.
He's going to catch you.
Don't you know that? [Laughs] My, my.
Kiki's got balls.
It's Karen.
You need a new look one that shows what a formidable woman you've become.
New name, new look.
You see, with your hair down, you look like a girl.
- But like this - [gasps] [Breathing shakily] Like this, you look sophisticated powerful.
This this is Karen.
[Gasps] [Gasps] There.
[Breathing heavily] You haven't given me anything yet no new information.
Sure I have.
Can you figure it out? And you can do something for me tell Jack Roth I said "hi.
" What is it about Jack Roth? Why are you obsessed with him? Is it personal? Hello? [Exhales] [Breathes shakily] [Reo Speedwagon's "Keep On Loving You" plays] - You should've seen by the look in my eyes, baby - [Jimmy grunts] Betty: Can you get it over with already? Aw, baby, you're so good.
Oh, you're gonna be my regular thing, now.
No, just tonight, Jimmy.
Hey, come on.
You better stay on my good side that boyfriend of yours gonna be getting all of his action in prison.
[Sighs] Lord knows what could happen to those kids.
[Grunts] Ohh, yeah.
We are doing this, baby, whenever I want.
Whenever I say.
Oh, yeah.
You gonna be mine from now on, baby.
[Grunting] No! [Gasps] [Both grunting] [Gagging] 'Cause it's the only thing I wanna do [The Stooges' "Ddirt" plays] Ooh, I been dirt And I don't care Ooh, I been dirt [Breathing heavily] And I don't care 'Cause I'm burning inside Oooh yeah Yeah, all right Oh! [Instrumental solo] [Music fading] [Tires screech] [Dog barks in distance] Jack: Hey.
Jack, no more talking.
[Sighs] Okay.
No more talking.
[Camera shutter clicks] I love you, Jack Roth.
[Siren wails in distance] [Clears throat] Hey.
What time is it? Time for you to get going.
[Beeper beeps] [Beeper chirps] [Police radio chatter] Hey.
You okay? [Sighs] The killer said to say "hi".
No usable prints.
No hair.
No fiber trace.
I hate this guy.
But he gave me one clue.
He listed five girls he killed, not four.
Vera, Emily, Wanda, Mallory, and Natasha.
You're sure? Okay, check for a missing persons report.
Okay, we need to figure out a place for you and your roommate to stay.
Annie's already gone.
My roommate she's catching the first flight back to Minneapolis.
Me I'll figure it out.
Karen, I don't know what to say, but I promise you, we will protect you better this time.
I'm gonna take a quick look around, okay? Hello.
What's the matter? I taste adrenaline in your mouth.
What what's happened? [Gasps lightly] Tell me.
I did something.
How bad is it? It's bad.
- Did you get it handled? - I did.
I stuck a uniform outside the door to L.
Notorious a stand-up guy and he's built like a linebacker.
Okay, well, put an even bigger guy in the back.
That cannot happen again.
- What about Natasha? Anything on that? - It's done.
Uh, no.
I got nothing there yet, and I got no paper on Cooper Flynn.
They say the birth certificates - they're all in boxes at the county clerk's.
- [Phone rings] That could take weeks.
Hey, look, Jack.
I've been at it all night.
No one's tried to crush up a messed up vintage car.
Besides, guys here tell me they wouldn't destroy it anyway.
They'd fix it and they'd sell it.
What's next? Well, me telling you how he does it.
I think I figured it out.
All right, so after the Slayer kills these women, obviously he's leaving one hell of a mess.
So if he's not junking the cars, he must be repairing them.
So what if he does that for a living? He's a car restorer.
Takes the customer's car uses it for the kill.
And afterwards, he pulls all the bloody stuff out and he replaces it with brand-new seats, - a new dash the works.
- Detective.
Call back.
And then he charges you top dollar for it.
Now, Slayer's grandfather he upholstered furniture, so we're thinking maybe the guy picked up a few tips.
This is L.
How many shops we talking about? We got 31 total listed businesses.
There are probably way more, but we'll start there, work our way down.
Divvy them up.
I saved these two for us.
A killer doesn't often play where he works.
These two are well outside the kill zone.
Got to start somewhere.
Kent? Hey.
Is something wrong? Kent.
How could you do that? You sneak out with somebody else and do it.
Jimmy forced me to do it.
I did not want to have sex with him.
- He - It's not about that.
Sex is what everybody does.
What we do is special.
It's unique.
You mean killing him? You betrayed me.
How how do you not see that? I didn't know that it was gonna happen.
Maybe I thought I could handle him, and I couldn't, and I I just made a mistake.
You made a choice.
It was cheating.
If you would've asked me to, I would've killed him for you.
I would've taken care of you.
I take care of myself because of you.
- You taught me that, baby - Just don't.
I don't think I can do this.
This this "us".
- Kent.
- I've got work to do.
[Tires screech] Paco: They don't open for another couple hours.
Should we try to get a warrant? Look.
Think that's the car Diane was talking about? Let's get S.
out here and find out.
Get some units out here, too.
This is Detective Contreras, requesting Betty: I'm so sorry.
I need to remove the body, clean out as much as I can, quickly.
Then I'll take the car.
I won't have time to reupholster it, but at least I can get these seats out.
Go home, Betty.
[Sirens chirp] What the hell? Cooper could be here within the hour.
- Did you tell them? - Yes, I told them.
Hey! We said set up a perimeter one block west, one block east.
- One block! - Get back in the car.
Back in the car.
The guy could be here any time.
Get back in the car and kill these lights.
Move! Move! Move! I don't know what happened, Jack.
Karen: As a headline "Interview with a killer.
" I've been writing since I got here.
I couldn't stop.
"Sitting there as the Slayer touched my neck, I was terrified but also exhilarated like I was sitting at the top of a roller coaster's tallest hill.
" Yeah, I kind of love that line, too.
The whole thing's garbage.
There's no way we're running it.
Garbage? It's a good piece.
"He touched me.
I nearly swooned, dear reader.
" You sound pathetic.
You sound like his girlfriend.
You are not serious right now.
He's a monster, and you're talking about him being a thrill on a roller coaster.
He wouldn't hurt me.
Oh, my god.
You are delusional! He could've killed you, and it would've been my fault.
Your fault? 'Cause I convinced you to stay.
Because I wanted a story.
I mean, I I wanted you.
But I mainly wanted the story because just to put my paper on the map to be the big man.
But now, if he hurt you All I'm saying is you're here because of me.
I'm here because of me, but it's sweet that you care.
I'm glad I stayed.
And not just for the story.
[Chuckles] Well, okay, then.
I I slept here last night.
Don't be sorry.
You got to stay with me until all this is over.
I mean, if if that's all right.
Man: Right here, fellas.
Here's the office.
Jack: Thanks.
Whose desk is this? Kent's a cool manager.
Hard work.
Clocks in early every damn day.
That makes sense.
See, he kills girls in your customers' cars, and then he swaps out the bloody seats for brand-new upholstery.
To do all that, you'd have to you'd have to get in early.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Sorry, I probably should've called to remind you, but I've got that job interview.
I don't mind, Gloria.
It's I just had a couple of things on my mind.
Okay, thank you so much.
- Come on.
- Bye, sweetie.
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
- See ya.
- Bye.
- You ready? - Yeah.
You know what? It's so hot, I think we should have ice cream.
Kent, it's not even lunch.
Ice cream for everyone.
[TV chatter] [Sighs] Man: 225 yards rushing today, simply guaranteeing the state victory.
Tech has no answer for him defensively.
Announcer: And now for your local Los Angeles news, here's Jason Brown.
Brown: Sources tell K.
the LAPD is moving in on the Hollywood Slayer.
His tragic victims were all young women Vera Bennett, Emily Fuentes, Mallory Kharchenko, and a potential victim now identified only as Natasha.
Detectives are working off of clues found at various crime scenes, and there may be a break in the case.
And from Washington, at President Reagan Chocolate and strawberry.
[Sighs] Isn't strawberry your favorite? Oh, yes.
Is everything all right? Yeah.
And I have approved Are you okay, Kent? Yeah.
[President Reagan continues indistinctly]