Wicked City (2015) s01e06 Episode Script

Blizzard of Ozz

Previously on "Wicked City" Hi, Karen McClaren.
Tell Jack Roth I said "hi.
" We are doing this.
You gonna be mine from now on, baby.
No! What we do is special.
It's unique.
You betrayed me.
How do you not see that? Kent clocks in early every day.
To kills girls in customers' cars, you'd have to get in early.
I write my R's backwards, and he never makes me feel bad about it.
Detectives are working off of clues found at various crime scenes, and there may be a break in the case.
It's another gorgeous day in Los Angeles.
In the news headlines, there's a big break in the gruesome Hollywood Slayer murders.
There are a lot of rumors that the LAPD have a subject of interest.
Also in the headlines, trouble seems to be brewing at We have our suspect, Cooper Flynn, also known as Kent Grainger.
Got a very bloody piece of fabric that may tie one of our killer's victims to his job at Edgeway Car Upholstery.
Getting close.
Any luck running the killer's name through the DMV database? No, I didn't come up with anything.
No Kent Grainger.
Well, that's nada-helpful.
Bukowski, the red Corvette give us anything? All tech found was a thing of, uh, Tic Tacs, and then multiple prints, none of which are in the system.
No identity on file, which means no address.
- Okay.
- Oh, we're hoping the owner of the shop has it.
- Yeah, where the hell is he? - I finally tracked him down.
He was on his way to Big Bear for a family vacation.
I've got a black-and-white escorting him here now.
What about the two knuckleheads who work for him? T.
and Dave? Uh, on their way.
What's with the pimp-daddy shoes, man? Oh, these are limited edition, uh, Stacy Adams.
- Our manhunt good-luck charm.
- Exactly.
All a little before your time, Paco.
Here's hoping we get to the chase.
Well, I just hope you got a canary-yellow zoot suit to match, Huggy Bear.
Huggy Bear.
Where's the love? Huh? So, how long did Cooper Flynn work at your auto shop? I I don't know him by Cooper Flynn, only Kent Grainger.
You got an address to go with that name? You know, I I got a copy of his I.
with his address on it in here somewhere.
Where do you send his checks to? It's an all-cash business.
An all-cash business that clearly requires a trapper keeper organizer.
Got it.
Thank you.
Well, Kent attracted a lot of women like bees to honey.
Yeah, I mean, more like moths to flame.
Not his fault.
Chicks dig him.
I just figured it was the bike.
He drove a motorcycle? Yes, a Bonnie.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
Did our guys bring the trash from the garage? It's right there.
Hey, when was the last time your trash was picked up? Week or so ago.
I don't know.
God, that smells like my second ex wife's pumpernickel bread bowl.
- You guys, pick out your trash.
- What? Pick out what you personally threw out, please.
Who do those Hobie's ice-cream wrappers belong to? Kent.
Had one most every day.
- Hobie's ice creams.
Write that down.
- Found it the xerox of Kent's I.
Got a photo.
Let me see.
Let me see.
Ugh, it's blurry.
It's no better than the composite.
- Yeah, but there's an address.
- Yeah.
Mary, did you finish your breakfast yet? _ Mary? Sweetie, that's a grown-up magazine.
Wouldn't want it to give you nightmares.
- Mommy, why - Mm? Why doesn't Kent go to neighborhood block parties or invite anybody over to his house but us? Well, maybe 'cause we're just special.
Now wish me luck on my new job.
- I love you.
- Love you, too.
Oh, and if there's an emergency - Call Kent - Call Kent.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
_ Oh, I picked the wrong time to go on a diet.
What do you got? Well, checked with the DMV.
The killer hasn't registered the Triumph Bonneville motorcycle.
Nothing? Of course.
And, uh, no surprise, the Addy on his I.
was bogus.
Fake address to go with the fake name.
Blurry, but the I.
looks legit.
Figure out where the guy procured it.
Yeah, Miller and Bukowski are digging up forgers the killer could've used.
In the meantime, we're gonna get the fake name out there.
If he went by "Kent" at work, maybe other people know him.
What the hell? What are you wearing? Clothes.
Clown clothes.
It's not Halloween, so that can't be a costume.
Yeah, well, I kind of have to wear it.
Did you lose a bet or something? No, I kind of have a standing Tuesday golf game with my dad.
You have a dad? Yeah.
A dad who makes you wear that stupid getup? No, not him, but his country club.
What? - I I said that - I heard what you said golf, dad, country club.
Are you rich? Uh You're such a freaking poser.
- What are you - All your ranting about being punk, being real Yeah, I am.
I am both those things.
You're a Trustafarian pretending to be down with the people when all you are is a rich kid.
That's not very nice.
We're asking for the public's help in finding our suspect of interest in the Hollywood Slayer killings.
Uh, his name is Cooper Flynn, but he goes by the alias "Kent Grainger.
" He's in his 20s, Caucasian, brown hair, 5'9".
He drives a baby-blue 1976 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle.
If you see him, don't be a hero.
Call our tip hotline.
You could be saving the life of another girl.
Kent! Are you okay? You're all over the television.
Which is why I don't have much time, okay? Okay, just - come with me.
- All right.
No one will see us here.
I want you to know I Took care of our problem.
Jimmy? That was my mistake.
I'm so sorry.
Doesn't matter.
It's it's taken care of.
Thank you.
I know how mad you were.
Doesn't matter anymore.
So you forgive me.
We can be together.
I forgive you, but I'm meant to be a lone wolf.
With Jack Roth dogging my every move These violent delights have violent ends.
"Romeo and Juliet.
" Please don't break up with me.
Kent this is what I want.
It can't be.
It can't be.
Then let me say goodbye Our way.
So, this is really a first edition of Achebe's "Things Fall Apart"? I thought it was just a copy or something.
He's a family friend.
What are you doing? Why are you so upset about this? I'm not upset.
I'm just I'm confused why Mr.
Lay It All Out There would be hiding something so big from me.
Yeah, it is a big part of me.
So why were you keeping it from me? Is L.
Notorious just your bourgeois rebellion? No.
Notorious is me.
It's my soul.
Where I came from that part of me is why I believe that Look, my my pops loved my mom every single day she was alive.
Treated her like a princess.
But those Beverly Hills bitches never let her forget she was black or where she came from.
Okay, now I just never want people to forget the people that didn't have a man like my dad to tell them that they matter, 'cause they do.
Black or white, rich or poor, they matter.
- Well, it's not really punk.
- Mm.
But it's kind of amazing.
- Oh, my god.
Really? - You don't have a butler? This is Diver.
Yeah, she's here.
Really? - The search is continuing - It's the big leagues.
KABC wants to come do an interview here about the Slayer.
If you know this person or have any information as to Mary, you scared me.
Do you think a good person could do something bad? Is this about Billy from down the street again? Yeah, he got some ice cream from Hobie's the other day, and when he went to pay, he realized he he didn't have the money, so he walked out.
You should tell him to come clean, go back and pay them.
Since since he didn't get caught, he thinks he doesn't have to.
It's like I always say, you got to tell the truth, Mary.
Even if that means Billy gets into a lot of trouble? Well, maybe getting in trouble will make him stop.
I have to go.
Where's your motorcycle, Kent? You know what? It was such a beautiful day, I thought I'd walk.
See ya.
Hello, police? The man that you're looking for Kent Grainger? I know where he lives.
LAPD hotline.
LAPD hotline.
Uh, can I get that address again one more time? LAPD hotline.
Right? Okay.
Extra manpower from Rampart any help? Hasn't even made a dent.
We're getting 100 calls a minute.
Get anything from the new batch of calls? Well, there was a little girl that says that the killer's her babysitter, but, I mean, what kind of parent would let this sociopath watch their kid? What do you mean? The charismatic sociopath whose coworkers want to elect as the next mayor? Sure, I had that thought, too, Jack, but I ran down the address she gave.
It doesn't exist.
Okay, just let me know of any new developments.
Need some help with that trash there, "Sanford and Son"? Sociopaths are defined by their habits.
My guess is ours drives to the same Hobie's.
We, uh, got our wall of shame ready for ya.
Okay, great.
Let's see.
These two recently paroled.
Ran a fake-I.
and check-cashing scheme at the forum.
That's too high-profile.
These lovelies part of the Deuce forgery crew.
They sell fake IDs out of MacArthur Park.
It's in our guy's best interest to do business with someone who's never been to jail.
Well, Hollen-Beck's got their eyes on seven forgers in East L.
A all virgins waiting to get their cherries popped.
Okay, well, let's be their first.
We'll split up the list.
We'll hit them all quietly.
They can't see us coming.
These cockroaches spook easy.
Pain management to O.
- Pain management to O.
- Hi.
Thanks for covering for me, Jane.
Oh, I don't mind.
Plus, Felecia here wanted me to give her my Cheryl Tiegs makeover to kick cancer's ass.
Looking good.
You must be freaking out.
Your boyfriend and the Slayer have the same name Kent? Oh, seriously? That is, uh, a crazy coincidence.
You haven't seen the news? No, I've been on the phone with a mechanic about my car.
It broke down.
Did I tell you? - No.
- Yeah.
- I'll get this in a minute.
- Thank you.
So, is it just the car that you're upset about? Jane.
Thank you.
It's relationship trouble.
I think Kent's breaking up with me.
He loves me, but somehow it's not enough.
We're so good together.
It's just Other people meddling with our business.
It doesn't work.
Been there, done that with my ex Carl.
That nosy mother of his was a psycho.
Kent just has to tell any busybodies in his life to bug off.
I wish it were that simple.
You love him, right? I would die for him.
So it's simple.
Tell them to back off or else.
Hi, Colette.
It's Betty Beaumontaine.
Yeah, it's been a while.
Listen, I'm running point for our hospital's charity ball this year, and I'm working the list for the fire department and LAPD.
Just want to make sure that the lists with the addresses are all updated.
I'll come by and pick them up.
Thank you.
You, too.
You look gorgeous.
Are you here with anyone? Can I buy you a drink? Stay tuned, as we're about an hour away from my live interview with Karen McClaren, the L.
Notorious reporter who survived a midnight encounter with the murderous Hollywood Slayer just last night.
Well, hopefully blondes really do have more fun.
Second unit.
Yeah, copy.
Another one bites the dust.
Fourth dead end.
Yeah, Miller and Bukowski aren't having any luck, either.
Well, uh, we got one more potential suspect.
Name's Bobby Jones, but he goes by the street name of Aunt Bobby.
Aunt Bobby? I don't get it.
Neither do I.
How long has it been? Two years.
Called yourself Travis then.
And you had perky "D" -cups.
Listen, when Diana Ross sang "I'm coming out," I figured, "why stay in the shell of a body?" - Say hello to a-men.
- You mean a-woman.
Yes! Hope you don't mind a little Earth, Wind & Fire.
My TV's been on the fritz today.
I like a little fire now and again.
I bet you do.
it's all right all right let this groove set in your shoes So, what are you thinking? So stand up, all right Thinking of going Americana this time around.
So, when did you say your TV went on the fritz again? Oh, a week or so.
So, what's the name? I thought you said today.
Damn hormones got my memory on the fritz again.
All right just move yourself and glide like a 747 and lose yourself in the sky I'm really sorry, Bobby.
- You don't have to do this.
- Yeah, I do.
The police are gonna find you, throw the book at you, you're gonna tell them my new name, my new look, - and I can't let that happen.
- Let this groove set in your shoes so stand up all right All right let this groove Looks like Aunt Bobby had a visitor.
Hello? Police.
I'll head around back in case they make a break for it.
Coming in.
Anybody here? There's nothing out back.
I've never been so happy to be in the closet in my life.
Thank god y'all came.
I had to tinkle.
- Uh, sir, we're gonna have to - Ma'am.
Too young to be a ma'am.
Okay, M Miss, the man who did this to you, you know him by Kent Grainger? Little punk.
Half my size, but strong.
W why do you think he didn't kill you? Honey, don't wish death on me.
Maybe it's because he has manners and he's fond of all this.
It's okay to look, baby.
I'm the Commodores' inspiration for "Brick House.
" Ooh.
Uh, yeah, d do you have an address for Kent Grainger? I don't know where he lives or anything else about him other than the fact that I give him a new name every time he needs a new identity.
What new identity would that be? I don't know.
We didn't get to that.
Blondie got antsy, put a knife to me, hog-tied me, and cleaned out my entire passport stash.
Blondie? His hair frosted very Farrah Fawcett without the feather.
If he's got a new passport and a new look, - he could be trying to skip town.
- We could have a border-jumper.
We need to alert the airports, train stations, and bus terminals of his new look until we can get people there.
Thank you.
This is Scott Wright.
I'm calling to confirm my flight to Sydney leaves in 45 minutes.
All right.
You take care now.
Just the young lady I wanted to see.
So, did you take my advice after our little philosophical chat earlier? Yeah, I told the truth.
I didn't doubt you for a minute.
And here's your reward.
I know it's you.
You're the Hollywood Slayer.
Well, I guess now it's my turn to pay for what I've done.
Did you call the cops? You did the right thing.
I don't want you to ever feel bad, 'cause it means you're a great kid.
And you're gonna grow up to be an incredible adult.
I love you, too.
Now get home.
In his 20s, 5'9", brown hair.
He drives a baby-blue 1976 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle.
If you see him, don't be a hero.
Call our tip hotline.
You could be saving the life of another gir - Who is it? - Luxe Calling.
I'm Nancy.
I work with the most glamorous makeup company in the world, and I'm here to change your life.
My secret mix a bit of eye shadow in with your foundation - Huh.
- To highlight the apples of your cheeks, the contours of your eyes, and the slope of your neckline.
Really? I never heard of that.
Some women mix primer in with their foundation, but I think that makes them look like the living dead.
Well, I guess it's better than being dead-dead.
But still, I prefer to look alive.
Well, I can help you out with that.
Ah, you kind of already are just by being here.
Really? Hmm.
You having a bad day? No.
No, no.
Um, I have nothing to complain about.
I I'm lucky.
I know that.
It's just that sometimes Do you ever feel like your life just isn't your own? Don't we all? With so much on our plates, it's hard for us ladies to keep any focus on ourselves.
Now you just sit back and relax.
Yes, ma'am.
Do I even want to know what happened? Yeah, we got a bad tip that our killer was at L.
We get there, this guy turned into O.
Simpson starts jumping over baggage, pushing people out of the way until he nudges the wrong person.
Hey, you know, what kind of elderly woman strikes a cop with a cane? You know, I should've arrested her for assault.
Hey, uh, anyway, we got, uh we got patrols at L.
and Burbank airports, Union Station, every Greyhound station in the city with the new sketch.
Miller and Bukowski are running point.
New tips.
Okay, uh, you start calling these Hobie's locations.
What? Are you craving a banana bazooka split? Guy goes into the same ice-cream shop three or four times a week.
Somebody might know him.
Maybe even where he lives.
I'm here with reporter Karen McClaren.
So, how did you feel when he contacted you? - L.
- I knew it was a huge opportunity.
No, she's busy.
What? Look, Joe, I'm not I'm Yeah.
Hold on a minute.
So you weren't scared? In his presence? Alone? Of course I was.
It was terrifying, but I knew that I had a job to do, and that was to elicit any information I could from him.
Uh, we're, uh, in the middle of an interview here.
It's him.
Did you forget about me already? I love what you've done with the hair, Kiki.
Do you want to tell people who you are, or should I? Be my guest.
We're on with Kent Grainger, also known as the Hollywood Slayer.
Is it really him? - Mr.
Grainger - Ah, ah, ah.
On this call, we play by my rules, which means you just sit there and look pretty.
I don't like the monster you've been depicting me as, Penelope.
I wasn't trying to insult you.
I I I just Shh, Penelope, this is about Karen.
So, here's your chance to enlighten the world.
Isn't that your job? To expose me as who you think I am? My purpose is to simply be.
The police are closing in.
Are you going to give yourself up? And where would the fun in that be? Whatever way it shakes down, you're too late.
Big stories need big endings.
Big climax.
The explosion.
Far more cinematic, don't you think? You heard it here first, Los Angeles Karen McClaren's chilling conversation with the Hollywood Slayer.
He's calling into a live interview on a local station means he's still in the city.
We've got the air, the rails, and the highways on lock.
Which means he's trapped.
What are you doing? Listening to your interview, Kiki.
I've got a silly nickname.
So what? No, it's all good.
I'm just Glad to know I'm not the only one with secrets.
Why are you listening to it again? There was a melody playing in the background when you were chatting with Mr.
Thrill Kill that I just couldn't shake.
So I isolated it, and I've been listening to it again.
You recognize that? No.
"Suicide Solution.
" Is that a song? Really? It was Ozzy Osbourne.
That's one of the purest tunes about the fragmented human psyche.
An anyways, he said that you were too late when he called.
Too late for what? I think he's gonna kill himself.
Really? It seems so unlike him.
He's arrogant, like like he can never lose.
Yeah, but maybe he's not losing.
I mean, maybe he's going out on his own terms.
Wine is fine, but whiskey's quicker suicide is slow with liquor take a bottle, drown your sorrows then it floods away tomorrows Take me away Oh, oh tomorrow you never give me rest no first, no first, no first, no day Hmm.
Oh, wow.
You are far too young to have a 15-year-old.
Oh, I only look this young because of your magic.
No, no.
She's beautiful.
And suddenly so grown up.
So far, she doesn't hate me, thank god, but I have a feeling that's coming.
No, no.
You're lucky.
I was a horrible teenager.
Always causing trouble.
Oh, and I was such a goody-goody.
I was boring, really.
Do you have kids? I do, yeah.
I have a boy, 5.
- And my daughter is 8.
- Oh.
She wants to be a scientist.
Yeah, mine wants to be a rock star.
She sings in this band, has dreams of being discovered on the Strip.
Well, lots of girls have dreams - of being discovered on the Strip.
- I know.
I it's a teenage fantasy, nothing more.
But her father would, uh, make a big deal out of saying no if he knew, making her want it even more, so We've kept that our little secret.
Is he not around? Are you a single mom, too? I'm married, but I often feel like I'm a single mom.
My husband works a lot.
That must be hard.
Kind of used to it.
When it's just me and Vicki, you know, it's easy.
Pop two lean cuisines in the oven and call it a day.
But when Jack is here It's a lot of work.
Let me guess dirty laundry all over the floor.
Dishes in the sink.
Are all is this all men? I'm sure most.
My boyfriend actually always cleans up after himself, but he has other things.
He's so stubborn and - obsessive.
- Oh, I get obsessive.
My husband is the poster child for it.
Jack is a detective, and he Gets very caught up in his cases.
My boyfriend is not even sure we can be together because of what he does.
No, I I get it.
Their work is so important to them.
And with Jack, it's personal.
Really? How so? He lost his mother when he was young.
And now it's like he has to save people to make up for his own loss.
I'm just not sure anything will ever fill that void.
Oh And you came here to try to sell color sticks.
I'm sorry.
Way too much information.
No, not at all.
I'm parched.
Could I trouble you for a glass of water? Oh, my god.
I can't believe how inhospitable I've been.
Yes, of course.
I'll be right back.
Make sure you call me if any of your employees recognize him as one of your regulars, okay? All right.
You know, I don't know how many more of these tips I can listen to, Jack.
I mean, these people are complete whack jobs, and the other half are obnoxious kids - who are calling to make prank calls.
- Are most of the kids boys? Of course, and they all think a serial killer is hilarious.
Any of them give an address? Well, sure, if the address has "Uranus" in it.
There was that one little girl.
Yeah, there's been a few girls.
The tape of of of the girl with the killer sitter.
Cue that up again.
Yeah, what are you thinking? I don't know.
The man that you're looking for Kent Grainger? I know where he lives.
He's my babysitter.
I live at 2003 Dover Road.
That's what I'm saying.
I already ran that down.
The address doesn't exist.
There's no 2003 Dover Road.
- Play it again.
- All right.
The man that you're looking for Kent Grainger? I know where he lives.
He's my babysitter.
I live at 2003 Dover Road.
The envelope that was sent to Karen the killer used a kid to write the address.
This little girl maybe it's her handwriting.
What if she's dyslexic? She gets her letters backwards, maybe her numbers, too, like her address.
Try, um try 2300.
Uh, negative.
What about, uh, 2030? Bingo.
This has got to be it.
There's a Hobie's ice cream right nearby.
Let's go.
Well, it's so nice to have girlfriend time for a change.
Nancy, until you came by today, I forgot how much I missed it.
Need it.
Life-affirming, almost.
For me, too.
You know, this was a perfect afternoon.
Good luck with Vicki, and I have a feeling we'll see each other again.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Open up.
Hi, young lady.
Are y are you Mary? He's not a bad person.
Listen, you did the right thing by calling us.
Can you tell us where he lives? Mary? What's going on? Ma'am, I need you to keep her inside.
Keep the doors locked.
Stay away from the windows, okay? - Okay.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Yeah, he's going door-to-door right now.
Sift through it.
Guys, he wants Fire department says your guy here drenched himself in an accelerant and set himself on fire.
Based on the heat damage, he must have spread it around the house, too.
So, suicide, huh? Yeah.
Nasty way to die, but given the grace he showed his victims, it's well-deserved.
How long until you have confirmation it's him? - Uh, a few days.
- Call as soon as you know something.
Could you move it along, please, ma'am? We're trying to keep the street clear.
Hey, the, uh, search dogs pick up anything? No, they had his scent up until the backyard, but then they lost it, so looks like our guy never escaped the fire.
We found his motorcycle in the garage, all burned up, but there was no evidence of any of our victims, - charred or otherwise.
- Ah, that could just mean his kill lair was somewhere else, right? I talked to Kent's neighbors.
They said he kept to himself.
Yeah, well, with the exception of Mary and her mother.
I talked to the social worker.
She says the mother and daughter are still in shock.
- Sure.
- The sad gist of what I could gather from Mary is that Kent was a great babysitter.
Well, I guess even horrible people do good things sometimes.
I guess we're 11 for 11.
Those shoes are still ugly, Bukowski.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
In an unexpected yet exciting turn, the Hollywood Slayer has eluded justice and has taken his own life.
I gave you my heart and I gave you my soul and now you gone and left me cold I'm merely asking for you to come on down You know I hate to see you cry.
They said you were dead.
You know I could never do that to you.
To us.
I have so much to live for because of you.
I saw the body.
Your little mistake came in handy.
Better together than apart.
That was "Fally Lover" by Johnny Osbourne.
And in the news, Angelenos can rest easy tonight as the Hollywood Slayer's murderous summer comes to an end.