Wild Cards (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

The Infinity Thief

Who are you? Where's Maria?
Maria's appendix burst last night
she asked me to fill in.
It's always something with her.
Ma dai.
I don't have change.
You can send five dollars with Maria
when she's back tomorrow.
And tell her, I expect
her back tomorrow.
Mi raccomando.
Excuse me, where's the bleach?
Maria should have told you all this.
All you had to do was look.
I'm getting my hair done.
I'll be home by five. Be
gone by then. Va bene.
Have a nice day! Thank
you, Mrs. Pallione.
(MIMICKING): All you had to
do All you had to do
All you had to do was look.
Bad chick, I could be your fantasy ♪
I could tell you got big energy ♪
I don't have change
I don't have change
I don't have change.
Make 'em sing to this
thang like a melody ♪
And if your girl ain't
right, I got the remedy ♪
It ain't too many of
'em that can handle me ♪
Bad chick, I could be your fantasy ♪
Yeah, tell me how
you want it, want it ♪
Three, two, one camera rolling ♪
Do it slow motion, real chick ♪
All that big talk,
latto put 'em on it ♪
Latto, I'm just bein' honest ♪
Lingerie dolce. Blindfold ♪
Tie me to the bed while we roleplay ♪
Can't skip foreplay,
kill the kitty cold case ♪
They never hide the key.
On the count of
three, bad get money ♪
Money broke to the
left, we don't want it ♪
I need help with my box.
- Sorry, what?
- My safe deposit box.
Here, take all the things
you need or whatever.
(SIGHS) I've had a terrible day.
My pussycat, benigni, he died.
Oh my God, you poor woman.
Grazie. Now please,
make it fast, fast, fast.
- I need to lie down.
- Absolutely, Mrs. Pallione.
I'll handle it myself.
Tell me how you want it
three, two, one and I'm on it ♪
Let me know if there is
anything else you need,
and once again, my deepest
condolences on your loss.
I like what I see ♪
A boss like you need a boss like me ♪
(MRS. PALLIONE): That's her!
- (WOMAN): What's happening?
We'll get back there, someday.
- Just not today.
Captain Nemo, something wrong?
Yes, she can't ride on the bow.
The what?
The bow. The front of the boat.
Why not?
It's illegal. While the boat's moving,
everybody's gotta in their proper seats.
Are you giving me a ticket?
Yeah, that's what happens
when you break the law.
What about him?
He's a cat.
- (RADIO): Come in maritime unit.
It's maritime unit here.
(RADIO): Robbery in progress.
Aldicott bank on 4th
and Balsam. Backup needed.
- Oh, you need me?
- (RADIO): Yes, you!
Alright, I'm on my way.
It's your lucky day.
- Hold on, Marc.
Hey, where are they?
so, I asked her, what
the hell she was doing,
and she said, don't look
at me, that's not my ocelot!
Hey, what's the situation?
Hi. Are you my ride?
You guys call for
backup, what's going on?
Take it easy, skipper.
You just gotta bring
her in and book her.
- Why can't you do it?
- Let's not fight over me, guys.
We have an important assignment.
They have a baseball game
against fire station 18.
Big game. I got 50 on these guys.
(OFFICER): We won't let you down, Max.
I know you won't, Jim.
- Where are you going?
- I'm not a damn taxi service.
Direct order from the
chief because everyone else
In the area's on a real case.
Or was the demotion to
water cop not enough for you?
'Cause I heard there's an
opening in animal services.
- Oh, a cat! Hey girl.
Damn it, he must have
slipped through the grate.
- Is this your cat?
- Yes.
Damn, I'm having a cat
day. Oh and she likes me.
What's her name? Why do
you have a cat in your car?
Is she magic like Sabrina's cat?
I have so many questions I'm vibrating.
His name is Marc. End of conversation.
I see you, Marc.
Heads up everyone.
As you all know, a
valuable painting was stolen
out of the lobby of the
law firm of Lee and Tordano.
Oh hey, master and commander,
that's not your desk anymore.
How about a little decorum,
some professionalism please.
Leave Crimson tide alone.
(LI): Enough. Enough, eyes here.
Theft happened between two
and four A.M. This morning.
This was not a smash and grab.
Whoever stole this painting knew
exactly what they were doing.
Security system was disabled remotely.
So, we do not have exact time of entry,
nor do we have any footage from inside.
Cyber unit is currently reversing
- Name.
- Max Mitchell.
So, why's everyone
ragging on you like that?
- Address?
- 1736 Rosewood Crescent.
- Did you used to work with them?
- Date of birth.
December fifth, 1993. Sagittarius.
So, you used to work with them
but for some reason got
transferred to Sea Patrol?
It's called Maritime Unit.
I think I like 'Sea Patrol' more.
- (BEEP)
- (ELLIS): Dammit.
I need a new login. Alright,
look, you stay here. Don't move.
You got it, amigo.
(LI): so we have to be
better at uncovering them.
This was the third major
robbery in the last six months
by the same thief.
Well, how do you know
it's the same thief?
He leaves a signature at
every scene. This symbol here.
Internally we're calling
him the infinity thief.
(MAX): How do you know it's a he?
Forensic psychology
unit worked up a profile.
Any other questions?
I'm good.
(LI): Each robbery has
been executed to perfection.
Not a single print or speck
of dust to go on, until now.
The forensics unit found
specs of dirt at the scene.
Samples traced to a region
of vineyards outside the city.
- What's with the coins?
- Shh.
Hey, Chief, what's with the coins?
We're not sure. We think
he's messing with us.
Sorry, I just got
swept up in the moment.
- Sit down.
- (LI): This thief has been
ripping off the mayor's biggest donors.
So, call your families, Tell
them you won't be home for dinner.
You're gonna canvas every vineyard.
This is the mayor's number one priority.
- Move out!
This is exciting.
They'll take you for
processing tomorrow.
They're not going to catch that thief.
Really? Tell me, oh wise one.
Someone as good as that guy or girl
Doesn't accidentally leave
behind dirt that specific.
It's a game. A distraction.
But the pennies there
That's the clue they're
daring us to figure out.
So what are the pennies
supposed to mean then?
I don't know yet.
Well, you'll have 15-20 to
think about it in prison.
One more thing,
I'm pescatarian, who should I tell?
I'll pass be sure to
pass it along to the chef.
(MAX): Thanks!
Goodnight you Prince of
Maine, you King of New England.
This is Ellis.
It's Max. Listen, after dinner,
which was surprisingly good.
Oh and I just remembered
- (ELLIS): Who is this?
- Max.
You know, the sassy,
fiercely charming woman
with drop dead gorgeous
style you hung out with?
- How are you even calling me?
- I get a phone call.
(ELLIS): Well, I'm sorry you
wasted your only phone call.
- Goodbye
- W-wait! Listen,
I know where the infinity
thief is gonna hit next.
- Where?
- Heritage Appraisals, downtown.
- How do you know that?
- (MAX): Look 'em up.
They just received a rare coin.
A 1937 Edward the Eighth
coin, worth a cool 2.5 million.
(ELLIS): Their logo is the
same formation as the coins.
(MAX): Go check it out.
You heard your boss, you crack this one,
I bet the mayor will let
you out of Sea Patrol.
Maritime Unit. But w-what
do you get out of this?
If I'm right, give me the credit.
Wait, how did you get my number?
Police. Anyone there?
This is Detective Ellis, badge
number 8397, I need backup
at Heritage Appraisals, 2384
(LI): I'm just trying to
get the facts straight here.
So, you didn't see anyone?
He came at me from behind. The
guard said he was wearing a mask.
While you took everybody
in the department
for wine tasting, I actually
caught the guy in the act.
- Are we done here?
- The police commissioner wants to know
how you figured this out when
you're not even on the case.
The sheer number of rules and procedures
that were broken here is baffling.
That said, this is the closest by far
anyone has come to cracking this case.
You're making me blush,
but it was a team effort.
The mayor's biggest donors
are the ones being robbed.
They are not happy. That
means he is not happy.
He wants this case closed.
A man of action. I like it.
In here, I talk, not
you. Do you understand?
Clear as day.
- You're going to stay on the case.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Both of you.
- (BOTH): What?
- Be still my heart.
Ma'am, you can't be serious.
She's a thief and a con artist.
(LI): Us enlisting a criminal to help
solve a case. How's that gonna look?
If it works, it will
make the mayor happy.
And if he's happy, we're all happy.
Her particular skill
set can be helpful to us.
The two of you start
right away. Report to Li.
Wait a minute.
What do I get out of it?
(LI): Pardon?
Aside from helping the
mayor win his re-election.
What do you want?
I want off the boat and back on my desk.
- Ma'am, may I just say that
- Close the case
and I will recommend Your
reinstatement to the committee.
- Thank you.
- Since we're making Christmas lists here,
- I'd actually like
- You don't get to make any demands.
If you solve the case,
in a law-abiding way,
I will recommend probation
to the prosecutor.
And just so we're all equally invested,
If they do anything
to cause the department
any embarrassment, it's on you.
- I can't believe this.
- I can't believe this.
It's like winning the lottery.
- Well, isn't this a hoot?
- Look, let's get one thing really clear,
I don't like any of this. Alright?
So just do what I say and
we'll both get back to doing
what we're good at in
no time. Sound good?
- Why did you get kicked off your desk?
- No. This isn't a date, okay?
I'm a cop, you're a criminal.
That's all we need to
know about each other.
Okay, I get it. We're
not quite there yet.
- So what next?
- We look over the case files.
- See if anyone missed anything.
- (MAX): Waste of time.
If you're going to
steal a coin like that,
you need a fence. If it were me,
I'd go talk to Joey and Noah
over at Thorpe Auction House.
You heard the commissioner,
I got a particular skill set.
Fine, go.
Okay, when we go in,
I'm Claire, not Max.
- Mm, why?
- I know the owners.
- Best we don't mix history into this.
- Oh, did you rip them off or something?
Hm, you say tomato
Apologies for our tardiness.
My valet had a spell of
tummy troubles, let's say.
Oh, I adore your tie
and kerchief, Hermes?
No, it's hey!
Excuse me.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this next piece is
something my brother Noah
hounded me to get.
As irksome as that was, he was right.
Let's open the bidding at 70 thousand.
- 70 thousand.
- 90 thousand!
- What are you doing?
- 90 thousand.
This is part of our investigation.
The department will cover it, right?
No. No, they won't.
- 100.
- 175!
(JOEY): 175 going once,
- Going twice
- No!
175 sold to bidder 88.
Oh, don't be so glum, Rockford. We won!
Now let's talk to the Dead Ringers.
Ah, yes, you won the
Ho-Jin Nahng painting.
So, cashier's check or cash.
I'll be paying cash, but I must
speak with Joey and Noah first.
Well, I can help you with anything.
I understand you must
protect Joey and Noah
from the showboats
and divas around here,
but you see, about a year ago
Joey, Noah and I shared
a very special night
Together in my hotel
Isn't he just gorgeous? Oh.
He looks just like them. I just
I don't know which one.
- I'll take you to their office.
- (MAX): Thank you.
- Joey, Noah!
- Hey.
- No, no way, get her out!
- Hey, Max.
- Uh, Joey, come on
- No, last time you were here,
three of the vases
in our Ming collection
were somehow switched
with porcelain fakes.
It's so hard to find good appraisers.
- No, you're a thief.
- (MAX): Gentlemen let's not dwell
in the past, okay? I'm here in
an entirely new capacity today.
I am now a guardian of the law, okay?
- (JOEY): How did you give me that.
- Sorry.
I'm Detective Ellis.
I'm here investigating the robbery
of a rare coin that was taken
from Heritage Appraisals.
Max is a consultant.
Silent consultant.
- You two know anything about that?
- What did you tell this guy about us?
- I didn't tell him anything.
- So why are you here?
Maybe I told him something.
Okay, gentlemen, look,
we're off the record.
I don't care what you
buy or what you sell.
- I'm looking for a lead.
- We don't sell hot properties.
We have, however, at times,
known of people in
possession of these things
and may have inadvertently
made introductions.
- For a fee.
- I got out of that game.
- A promise to my brother.
- It's true.
If Noah says so, I believe
him. Noah, how's the knee?
Better, thanks for asking.
Oh my God, these egg rolls are amazing!
- Best in town.
- The absolute best in town.
- (MAX): It's so good!
- Best in town.
- Everyone shut up!
My fav
You two need to give me something now,
or I'll just have to verify
every single piece in here.
We'll have to shut you down, of course.
But, uh, shouldn't take more
than a month or two, three.
Okay, okay, okay. You
don't need to play bad cop.
I can give you a list of
names. There aren't many people
who would be in the
market for items like this.
But if anyone finds
out I gave you names,
I'm a dead man so at least make
an attempt to play the good cop.
- Max?
- Yeah. We're good.
Thanks guys. Nice to see you.
- Don't come back.
- Nice to see you, Max.
Damn, that was amazing!
We're like bones and that
dude from Buffy, castle
and that hot girl, 'a star is
born, ' except you're Lady Gaga
- and I'm Bradley Cooper.
- Mmhm.
So, what next?
I guess we start running
down this list of names.
What are you doing?
These aren't real buyers.
I could tell he was lying.
Ah, great. So, we're
back at square one, then?
How 'bout let's grab a
drink at a seedy dive bar
you're a regular at,
talk about the case,
- get into a bar fight
- No. I'm taking you home
and we'll start first
tomorrow morning, okay?
Oh, and you are not to go anywhere.
You want some food, you order in.
You want some fresh air,
you open a window. Got it?
Got it, locked it, threw away the key.
(SIGHS) Where do you live again?
I hope it's not far.
- You live here?
- (MAX): At the moment.
I bet the owners are away and
you're squatting, aren't 'cha?
I'm in between residences.
And I have a lot of friends who
generously lend me their places.
Ms. Max, welcome back.
- Who's that?
- That's my butler.
Ricky, we got any more mac and cheese?
I'll cook some up.
Will your friend be staying for dinner?
- No, no, no. I'm good, thanks.
- You must be hungry
Hey, remember what I
said, don't go anywhere.
- I was just about to call you!
- Oh, yeah. Sure you were.
I followed you because I
knew I couldn't trust you.
You're very predictable, you know that?
That's insulting. I'm
hardly predictable.
Case in point
- I know you're impressed.
- Okay, move.
(MAX): Joey!
He's still got his wallet, his watch.
No sign of forced entry.
- This wasn't robbery.
- Cause of death appears to be
blunt force trauma to
the back of the head.
So, he was either taken by surprise
or he trusted the person
enough to give him his back.
There's an inscription here.
"What is right to be done,
cannot be done too soon."
Still no sign of the murder weapon.
I'll keep looking. Nice work.
Hey you, alright?
Who'd wanna kill Joey?
He wasn't a bad guy.
(LI): Did I miss something?
Because nobody called
me about a warrant.
What the hell were you doing
here in the middle of the night?
I was following up on a hunch.
I want you both out of here.
- Get back to your case.
- This is our case. They're related.
- How?
- We go talk to Joey,
and then later that
night he ends up dead.
There's no way it's a coincidence.
I'm giving it to Simmons and Yates.
The commissioner didn't
ask for Simmons and Yates,
- she asked for us.
- Yeah, but if you screw up
she's still the commissioner
and I'm out on my ass.
So you do everything by the
book from here on out, got me?
Yes, sir.
Hey, thanks for not throwing
me under the bus there.
If we're gonna work together, I need
to be able to trust you, alright?
Don't do that again.
Thank you.
- Is that Joey's phone?
- Yeah.
We need to inform next of kin.
They got this, we should go.
(MAX): I'm so sorry, Noah.
Did Joey have any enemies?
Not that I know of.
Everyone loved Joey.
He was the life of the party.
Even if it wasn't a party,
he turned it into one.
- (NOAH): Penny.
- Well, it's true.
Were you ever jealous
of your brother, Noah?
People always thought
I was, but I wasn't.
- He was a showman
- (PENNY): Noah likes his routine.
- liked the spotlight.
- Yeah. He likes the quiet life.
- We made a good team.
- (PENNY): Yeah.
Where were you two last night?
Penny and I were both home all evening.
Would you mind taking
a look at these photos?
Let me know if there's
anything out of place.
I know this must be
so hard for you guys.
- If there's anything you see
- But don't touch those!
Sorry, those are all first editions
of every Jane Austen novel.
Those books are Penny's
most prized possessions.
She won't even let me touch them.
Um, nothing else is missing here.
One last question.
Joey's last phone call
was to the Russian embassy.
Do you know who he
might've been calling?
He promised me he stopped all that.
Stanislav Sokolov, otherwise
known as Caviar Stan.
You know why no one
steals the Mona Lisa?
Yeah. Because it's impossible to sell.
Exactly. Unless you're Caviar Stan.
(ELLIS): Okay, so, if
Joey had the rare coin,
he'd call Caviar Stan, right?
So, let's go talk to him.
- Can't talk to Stan.
- Why?
He's the son of a Russian
diplomat he has legal protections.
You want to get in, you
gotta have a direct intro.
And his circle is very
small and very tight.
- What?
- You're giving me this whole set-up
of how impossible it
is to get to this guy,
like you don't know how to
but you do know how to.
You know me so well. How
are we not a meme already?
Okay. We're going to see someone.
(GUARD): George!
You got a visitor.
What's up, Big G?
(GUARD): Clear!
My darling!
Hi. Hi.
Hey, what about the
no touching thing, huh?
That don't apply to George and Max.
Max, I took your advice.
Sure enough, my girl
gave me a second chance.
Treat her right, Davis. Treat her right.
- I got a surprise for you.
- What?
- I'm a cop!
- You are not a cop
- You have a badge?
- Not yet.
- Not ever.
- A gun?
- Soon.
- No, Max, you're not getting a gun.
This is my partner, Cole Ellis.
Meet my dad, George Graham.
Your dad? How did I not know
your father was in prison?
- Different last names.
- Yeah, in our line of work,
you want to be invisible.
Nice to meet my daughter's partner.
- We're not partners.
- We are.
Dad, we need your help.
We need a face to face with Caviar Stan.
- That's not going to be easy.
- I know.
But it's important.
Caviar Stan holds a regular
poker game for high rollers
at the Baroncrest Hotel.
Call Teddy Takamoro.
He'll get you in. He owes me.
Thanks dad.
Wear something nice.
I was afraid of this. Ricky!
By the way, I'm a Russian
heiress to a microchip oligarch
and you're my half-witted boy
toy slash goat yoga trainer.
- (MAN): Come here.
(MAN): It's not my luck.
(MAN): Alright, fill me in, huh?
- That's our guy.
- (MAN): We're all in.
- Irina Galenko?
- Da.
You're okay. He's not on list.
But he's my good luck charm.
Darling, please, a kiss for good luck.
Maybe you should get yourself
another good luck charm.
(DEALER): Two pairs, aces over queens.
And the winner with a royal flush.
(MAN): Oh, ho, ho.
(MAN): Too bad.
- May we join you?
- (STAN): No.
We'd like to ask you a couple
questions about Joey Vaziri.
I don't like questions.
Especially from people I don't know.
Tell you what, you answer
a few questions and, uh,
maybe we'll give you
back the money you lost.
- What? No, we won't.
- Yes, we will.
- Maybe half.
- All of it.
Or I can take the money
and not say a thing.
Look you can call off your
goons, alright. I'm a cop.
I know and I don't care.
My father's a diplomat.
I could dump you both in the
river and nobody could touch me.
They're cheating you.
What happened to your accent?
Same thing that happened to your money.
Your buddy with the sunglasses
and the dealer there.
They're running the old Clark Kent.
The cards are marked with infrared ink.
And sunglasses can read 'em.
You should grab him before he leaves.
- (BEEP)
- I need you to check out
the sunglasses at the dealer.
- (GUARD): Security.
- (DEALER): Hey, hey! No, no!
- Help me!
- (GUARD): You're the boss
Okay. You bought yourself
a couple questions.
So, what about Joey?
He's dead.
Too bad for him.
We know you met up with
him a couple nights ago.
We were supposed to, but he didn't show.
How did you know Joey?
I didn't. He got my
number from an old friend.
Henry, how long have you
worked at the auction house for?
23 years. Noah and
Joey's parents hired me.
Did they know that you did six years
for robbery when they hired you?
I was 28-years-old, I
just got out of the joint.
Parents hired me when no one else would.
They took a chance on me,
made me part of the family.
I'd do anything for them and the boys.
- This is them right here, right?
- Yes.
Is this the Chinese restaurant
where you get the egg rolls?
When their parents were alive,
they'd go there every Sunday.
It's Joey's favourite
place in the world.
That's Stanford Vineyards, isn't it?
One of the crime scenes had
dirt that was taken from there.
And the thief left a
signature at every scene.
There's only question left.
Alright Henry, we
looked over your record.
Turns out you pulled off some
pretty sophisticated jobs.
Not to mention you used the same
techniques as the Infinity Thief.
And between us, kudos to you, Brother.
You were good.
Yeah, you seemed to
have taught him well.
I didn't teach him anything.
A year ago he asked me
about my life as a thief.
Six months later the robberies start.
Once I saw those cards,
I knew it was him.
Kid always needed attention.
Did you confront him about it?
He said he had a mountain of debt.
So, I made a deal with him.
I connect him to Caviar
Stan to unload those things,
and then no more after
that. I made him promise.
So run me through what happened
the night of the murder?
I went to the office to have a talk.
'Cause he was risking everything,
- I couldn't understand.
- Did he listen?
(HENRY): We argued. But
I thought I got through to him.
That's when you killed him, right?
I would never lay a hand
on either of those boys.
They're the only family I have.
He admits to being at the
scene, that's opportunity.
He admits they argued, that's motive.
Got a record and the
same MO as the thief.
We searched every inch
of his apartment, Li.
There's no murder
weapon, there's no coin.
Joey was the thief, but I'm telling you,
Henry's not the murderer.
I agree. He's telling the truth.
I know a liar when I see one.
Prosecutor says we got
enough to charge him.
I'll take it from here.
He's the wrong guy and you know it.
You can't charge him. It's not right.
Ellis, drop it.
You don't want to go
down this road again.
Hey, wait up. What was that about?
Leave me alone, would you?
We can't give up.
They care more about closing
cases than actually solving crimes.
Come on, we can finish this.
Let's pull an all-nighter,
drink some bourbon,
hunched over files
This isn't a game.
- I know.
- No.
I don't think you do.
(MAX): So, what did you find out?
(GEORGE): I called in a bunch of
favours to get the lowdown on this.
Ellis was demoted because when
he was in Robbery, Homicide,
they found a kilo of cocaine in his car.
Ellis? No way.
(GEORGE): Story is, he
was in deep on a case.
Everyone told him to drop
it, but he couldn't let it go.
Then just as he was getting
close to cracking it,
next thing you know drugs turn
up in the trunk of his car,
he's brought up on charges.
- Well, that sounds convenient.
- (GEORGE): Exactly.
Word is some people
think he was set up.
Either way, brass
didn't want the bad PR,
so they knocked him down to water cop.
You've been working with him.
What's your gut tell you?
I gotta go, Dad. I love you.
Love you, baby girl.
I did not picture you as
someone who lives on a boat.
Do you like living on a boat?
I hate boats, actually.
So why do you live on one?
What are you doing here?
I found out why you got demoted.
Mm. So the woman who knows everything
has come by to tell me she
knows a little more, is that it?
Look, I've only known
you for a few days,
but I know this, you're not a dirty cop.
You don't have it in you.
You're actually one
of the rare good guys.
Alright, well, like Henry,
once the story sticks,
it's hard to get it off.
Well, he's not our guy. So,
if we don't close this case,
I'm going back to jail, and
you're stuck on the water.
Hey, J.J., what are you
hooligans up to tonight?
Shoplifting? Vandalism?
Robbing Flavour Flav's wardrobe?
Who's Flavour Flav?
God, I'm a dinosaur.
This your girlfriend?
- This is not my girlfriend.
- We're comrades.
She's way too cool to be
your girlfriend, Ellis.
She is not way too cool
to be my girlfriend.
- (J.J.): I knew it.
They like you.
No, they liked my brother.
He was their social worker.
They only talk to me 'cause of him.
Where is he?
He was murdered about a year ago.
It's a random mugging.
Never caught the guy.
You know how hard it is to get
teenagers to think you're cool?
He just had that gift.
So, this was your brother's boat.
And Marc was his cat.
He loved this crappy boat
and this dumb cat more than anything.
And he never gave up on
the people that he loved.
Hey, you hungry?
- Are you buying?
- No.
Well, can I at least put the siren
thingy on the roof of the car?
- No.
- Okay, great!
(ELLIS): Joey used this
logo as his signature. Why?
Well, Henry said this was his
favourite place in the world.
Maybe this is where he hid the coin.
But Henry said he was hard up for money.
So why play cute with the cops?
Everyone said that Joey
wanted the attention.
I know guys like him. They're all ego.
Hello, officers, I'm Ronny, the owner.
Hey, nice to meet you. I'm
Detective Ellis, this is Max.
Thank you coming. I was
so sad to hear about Joey.
I knew his whole family.
They came here for years.
When was the last time you saw Joey?
Aw, it's been a while, but
Noah started coming back
with his wife recently.
Look, Ronny if you
want to help this family
give me access to those tapes.
(RONNY): No tapes. But I got the cloud.
Can I actually grab
some of those egg rolls?
'Cause I'm starving.
There they are.
Ronny, what do you put in the food?
(CHUCKLING) That's nothing.
They had sex in the bathroom.
I don't have that on tape.
Wait a minute. Freeze that, right there.
You seeing what I'm seeing?
(MAX): Oh my God.
Send us that footage Ronny!
By the way, best egg rolls in town!
Review us on yelp! Five stars!
(ELLIS): We got a short video
we'd like you to take a look at.
Penny, what is this?
I can explain
My own brother?
Joey was dressing up like you so
he and Penny could go out together.
We realized it was
Joey from the necklace.
And it's got an inscription on it.
"What is right to be done,
cannot be done too soon."
- Do you know what that's from?
- No.
It's a quote from the book Emma.
I'll confess, I had to googled
that. I'm not that good.
What does all this mean?
It means Henry didn't kill Joey.
This is the best part.
You told us that no one touches
these books except for Penny, right?
If you look closely at the dust trail,
the volume of Emma is the
only one that's been removed.
Oh, wait actually I was
wrong, this is the best part.
My bet Penny and Joey's prints are
the only ones we'll find on this.
You killed my brother?
- That bastard chickened out on me.
- What're you talking about?
I wanted a life of
excitement and passion!
Joey promised that we were
gonna run away together.
But Henry made him realize
how much he'd be hurting you, Noah.
Were you so unhappy with me?
We still live in your parents' house!
You never wanna change anything!
Joey makes me feel alive.
I just I, I couldn't stay
in this life one more day.
Well, you're about to get your wish.
Penny Vaziri, you're under arrest
for the murder of Joseph Vaziri.
Turn around, put your
hands behind your back.
She remembered what he told her ♪
- As some nights were growing colder ♪
He said we all just
need a shoulder ♪
To cry on some days ♪
Yeah, we've all been
broken in so many ways ♪
She's leaving it all to fate ♪
We recovered all the stolen
items, including the coin.
Penny and Joey were going to
sell the coin to Caviar Stan
and then run away with the money.
That's why Penny was in
the office that night.
(MAX): But when Henry showed
up, Penny hid in a secret room.
With her dreams up in smoke,
she killed Joey and took
the coin for herself.
Murder weapon?
- Tossed in the ocean.
- (RUSSO): You got the thief,
two-million-dollar coin and a murderer.
Deal's a deal.
Ellis, you're on
probationary reinstatement.
You'll remain on marine detail,
fulfill the duties needed there,
and be an active part of Li's roster.
- So, I have to stay on the boat?
- I have to keep him?
Yes, and yes.
You've got two months to prove
you can be a team player again.
After that, we'll look at
getting you your desk back.
- What about her?
- Yes, do me next!
You did help solve the case,
but you also robbed a bank.
Commissioner, can you
take a look at this?
Now, this is footage from the bank,
the day Max was caught.
That's me!
Look closely right there.
I'm sure you're all
wondering what on earth
would she be mailing during
the day of a robbery, right?
It's this. It's addressed to
a Ricky Wilson. Max's butler.
It's a long story. But
essentially Max was helping
Mr. Wilson to free his friend
who was the live in house
keeper for Mrs. Pallione.
The woman who Max was
accused of robbing.
Mrs. Pallione made an insurance claim
for a 200,000-dollar necklace.
Which is yet to be recovered.
Max did steal from
the safety deposit box,
but it wasn't the necklace.
- It was this.
(MARIA): Max!
For two years, Mrs.
Pallione made her work
20 hours a day, forced
her to live in a small room
in the basement and she
still hasn't even been paid.
Maria doesn't have her work papers
so, with her passport locked
up, she couldn't leave.
See Max was helping to free
Maria from forced labour,
- and this passport was her ticket out.
- So, where's the necklace?
(MRS. PALLIONE): You! you did this?
I am going to have my
lawyer send you to prison
- for the rest of your life.
- Got it, Pallione.
Found the necklace in the house,
just like you said it'd be.
(MAX): It was never stolen.
She used my arrest to try and
defraud the insurance company.
Safe to say those robbery
charges will be dropped.
But the bank still maintains
that you broke into their vault
and that is a federal crime.
Oh, when you put it that
way, it sounds really serious.
However, because of your
assistance in this case,
I'm going to arrange for a two-month
rehabilitation program for you.
Instead of using your talents for crime,
you'll be playing on our team.
You'll continue working with
Detective Ellis under Chief Li.
- You've got to be kidding me.
- You've got to be kidding.
Good luck to you both.
See you in two months.
Damn, it's like winning
the lottery. Twice!
Look, here's the deal if
we're gonna work together,
no more secrets, no more lies.
Got it.
If there's anything you
want to get off your chest,
- now would be a really good time.
- Yeah, actually now that we're partners,
I was thinking you could
paint flames on your car.
- So, everyone knows it's us.
- No.
Okay, how about a tiger and a hammer?
Except I'm the tiger
rawr. And you're the
- Is this our theme song?
- Just the two of us ♪
We can make it if we try ♪
(MAX): go for karaoke, lunch,
maybe we can work on some sketches
- a pair of matching tattoos?
- Just the two of us ♪
Building castles in the
sky just the two of us ♪
Are you sure about all this?
Don't you trust me?
Of course I trust you.
But working with a cop?
Don't worry.
This is gonna get us both what we want.
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