Wild Cards (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Show Me the Murder

Previously on Wild Cards.
- Hey, what's the situation?
- Hi.
- Name?
- Max Mitchell.
Used to work with them
but for some reason,
- got transferred to sea patrol.
- It's called Maritime Unit.
- You're gonna stay on the case.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Both of you.
- (BOTH): What?
Ma'am, you can't be serious,
she's a thief and a con artist.
Meet my dad, George Graham.
- Who's that?
- That's my butler.
What? You think that's funny?
I don't see you helping.
- Maritime Unit,
it's not a sea lion, it's a fender.
(MAN ON RADIO): You sure?
You wanna come down here
and pet it, be my guest.
Ahoy, partner.
Whose boat is that?
The director of the Milan Dance Company.
Why are still here?
Chief Li called us in.
Damn it. Okay, I'll meet you down there.
Absolutely not. This is our
first official shift together.
Okay? We need to project a united front.
You think Hall and Oates
walk on stage separately?
I'll meet you back on the shore.
Look, buying them donuts
isn't going to make 'em
like you, alright? What are you wearing?
I Googled what a detective would wear
for her first day of work.
And after three pages of
sexy Halloween costumes,
- I got this.
- You're not a detective.
You're a criminal consultant.
If I was a surgical consultant,
would you call me a doctor?
This isn't a joke, okay?
This is my life we're talking about.
- Of course.
- I need to get off that boat
and back to being a
full-time detective,
and you need to stay out of prison.
Best way we do that is
to keep our heads down
and do as we're told.
Think you can handle that?
- Absolutely.
- Great.
Good day!
It's an honour to be working alongside
the brave officers of the Metro PD.
I hope I do you all proud.
And I bring donuts.
- Donuts? I love donuts.
- Suck up.
- Catch more flies with honey, honey.
Simmons, you're a
maple glaze all the way.
- I feel so seen.
- Cruller. Sweet, but twisted.
- Need I say more?
- So, Li wasn't kidding.
Criminals are doing our jobs now.
It's only a two-month
trial. Stand down.
- What are you doing?
- Saving the best for last.
You. Apple fritter.
It's a maverick because
it's not really a donut.
Has a bit of health because the apples.
It's a work hard, play hard
treat of the pastry world.
Since the commissioner has consecrated
this unholy union
between the two of you,
I have to give you something to do.
Ooh! Let me guess, the
daughter of a Columbian
diplomat was kidnapped and we
have 24 hours to get her back.
Or an armed robbery by a ruthless crew
- out for one last score.
- If you don't cut her off,
- she'll just keep going.
- It's a case you two
are perfectly suited for.
Hi, I'm here today to talk
to you about porch pirate
- Oh, sorry about that.
Thieves who steal packages left
outside doors or in hallways.
Um What, uh What can we do?
Um, retrieve packages
as quickly as possible.
Are you just leaving your packages out,
waiting to be stolen?
That's probably a big part
- of why they're getting stolen.
- Alright!
Let's give it up for Detective Ellis.
Okay, you want to catch a
thief, you offer a reward.
Anything over 1,000
dollars will get 'er done.
There's a ghost in my neighbour's condo.
That's more of a statement,
but I'm super into it.
- Absolutely not.
- He moved in a few months ago,
some kind of big-time sports agent.
He's in the middle of a bitter divorce
and bought a fancy new
sports car last month.
- Bonny, you have all the tea.
- Not much else to do
- when you're retired.
- Come on,
- you're still a little spitfire.
- Okay, about the ghost?
Listen for yourself.
When was the last time you
saw your neighbour, Bonnie?
A few days ago. Maybe.
Alright Bonnie, look. I'll
call down to the concierge,
- we'll do a wellness check.
- No need.
Finger, we're in.
- Max, cops can't just
- I'm not a cop.
Okay, wait. Ma'am, stay here.
Police. Anybody home?
Max, stay behind me.
Alright, I'm done with
the bedroom walkthrough.
Windows are locked, but check
for latents anyway, okay?
Hey, I'm trying to get a
line on the ex-wife right now.
- Okay.
Oh, it's the chief. Hey,
I'm guessing you heard.
I send you for community outreach
- and you turn it into a homicide?
- Well, we didn't kill him.
I'm sending in Simmons and Yates.
No, I'm already here,
just let me see it through.
Let us see it through.
- (LI): This was never the plan.
- Look
We were the first ones on the scene.
Okay? I had to secure it and
start collecting evidence.
We mess with chain of
custody on a homicide,
the defense is gonna toss
everything out, you know that.
You do things by the
book, Ellis. No big swings
- trying to prove something.
- Yes, sir.
- Okay, what do we got?
- Victim died of multiple stab wounds,
I put the time of death
in the last 12 hours.
Somewhere between 10 PM and midnight.
There's a knife missing from
the knife block in the kitchen.
Could be the murder weapon,
he's also got a black eye,
- sustained hours pre-mortem.
- So someone punched him in the face,
and then hours later,
stabbed him to death?
- Rough night.
- Victim's name is Jake Boshep,
- 40.
- Look at this.
- Why is she touching things?
- Don't touch that.
Someone smashed his Sports
Agent of the Year Award.
Maybe his competition got jealous.
We only know what the scene tells us.
No forced entry, nothing was stolen.
Injuries suggest this was personal.
So, you think the vacuum did it?
Very funny.
There's not much personal stuff in here.
Maybe his car will
tell a different story.
Bet insurance doesn't cover that.
Hey, hey, what are you guys doing?
I'm detective Ellis. Is
this Jake Boshep's car?
Yeah, I heard what
happened. It's terrible.
We're gonna need to take
a look at the footage
- from your security cameras.
- There isn't any.
System reboots the first of every month.
Happened just last
night, wiped it clean.
- That's convenient.
- Happens automatically
- to free up space on the server.
- Alright, well, I'm still gonna
need to take a look at
your hard drives, then.
- Sure.
- Where were you last night?
Uh, I worked day shift, so after work,
I watched the game at
a bar with my friends,
- stayed there until closing.
- Oh, yeah?
- What was the final score?
- 114 to 95.
Watch out. You don't wanna
mess with those shoes.
Parking receipts and dry-cleaned shirts
still in the plastic and some cash
- in the front console.
- So not a robbery.
This was personal. I
wonder who hated Jake enough
to smash up his car, give him a shiner
and stab him to death.
Did you ever see anybody with Jake?
No. Guy, all he did was work.
He was barely ever here.
Well, Jake's whole life was his work.
We should probably start there.
Alright, there's a way we
do things around here, okay?
So just pay attention and
follow my lead. You got it?
- You got it.
- Hi, I'm Detective Ellis.
Hi, I'm Trisha.
You're Jake's assistant,
right? You poor thing.
They sent me to help out. Tissue?
- Thank you.
- Do you need a hug?
Help? Wanna vent?
I don't (SOBBING)
You don't need to choose.
Okay? I'm an emotional buffet.
- Okay!
- Come here.
Thank you. Gentlemen?
(KNOCKING) I'm Detective Ellis.
I'm here to speak with Bill Flaire.
That's me. Pleasure
to meet you, Detective.
I'm Dr. Melvin Tadlock.
I just came to give my condolences.
- Did you know Mr. Boshep?
- Only indirectly.
Some of his clients were my patients.
- I see.
- I'll leave you two alone.
- We'll be in touch.
- Sure.
I've got a few questions
for you, Mr. Flaire.
Yeah, I got a meeting
in about 15 minutes.
- I'll be brief.
- It's her title fight
tomorrow night. We are
about to make her the biggest
name in sports.
What can you tell me about Jake?
This whole thing is unbelievable.
He started on my desk as my assistant
about 10 years ago,
and last year, he was my top agent.
Anybody that might've been
jealous of that kind of success?
You don't get to the top
without throwing a few elbows,
but no. Everybody loved Jake.
He pissed a lot of people off.
He was ruthless and demanding.
It made him a great agent,
but not a very nice person.
I mean, I got shoelaces
for Christmas last year.
Did you notice anything
different about him lately?
No, he was a machine.
He was a consummate closer.
He was the most organized,
efficient guy I have ever met.
These last few days, he
was just a mess, you know?
How messy? On a scale of
one to Vanderpump Rules?
Oh, like Real Housewives of Jersey.
- So, like a nine.
- Cancelling all his meetings
and being all emotional
and all over the place.
Oh my God, this phone
won't stop ringing.
Okay, you know what?
You go take a moment.
You need time for you. I'll cover.
- Really?
- You go.
Record any message you
get into the call log.
Girl, they call me Queen of the Logs.
- Ew.
- (WOMAN): Jake was a great agent,
rest in peace, but I
am here for you now.
We'll talk. Next call.
Next call! We're not gonna
lose any clients today!
I told you to follow my lead, Max.
- Okay, don't do that again.
- Cross my heart.
Yeah, you keep saying that, and then
- What?
- It's Simmons.
Jake's ex-wife's got
a rock-solid alibi.
She's been at a
wellness centre all week.
They're applying for a
warrant to get his financials,
so we should have that shortly.
Well, maybe we'll have
better luck with this.
Jake's client list and call logs.
Jake made 23 calls to
Summer Lake the day he died.
- That's their big MMA client.
- Yeah.
Okay, that's a pretty good lead.
Oh, yeah!
Wow, she's got 23 million followers.
If that girl wins her next fight,
she'll break the record
for most championship wins.
Summer Lake?
Hi, I'm Detective Ellis, this is Max.
- Mind if we talk for a minute?
- Yeah.
- Hey, no stress.
- You're not in any trouble.
- I just need to sit.
It's just nerves. You
guys are here about Jake?
Yeah, we're sorry for your loss.
He was really good to me.
Jake called you 23
times the day he died.
- Do you know why?
- I assume he was calling
- to talk about the deal.
- What deal?
Video game. No one knows about it yet.
We're going to announce
it tomorrow at the fight.
I'm gonna be the first
female MMA fighter
- to have my own game.
- Wow, look at you.
I know, I still can't believe it, I
Growing up, every
minute I wasn't training,
I was playing MMA games.
Pretending to be them.
And now kids are gonna
be pretending they're you.
- That's pretty cool.
- Why didn't you pick up
- any of Jake's calls?
- I was on a flight back
from Norway. I took a
pill because I hate to fly,
but by the time we landed, he was
Oh, damn, uh
Yeah. I know. Okay, I will.
Yeah, I got it.
- Is there a problem?
- Dr. Tadlock,
he saw my Insta post
about me being here.
Right, I met him at your agency.
He's your doctor, right?
I'm supposed to rest before the match.
In case I hurt myself before
the big deal is signed.
I just came here to blow off some steam,
but I guess I should go.
- Thank you for your time.
- Yeah.
Being on a plane's a
pretty damn good alibi.
I started following
all of Jake's clients.
Summer posted a sweet message for Jake.
"It's raining in my heart." Tear emoji.
All his top clients posted
a hashtag RIP Jake message.
All except for one, Curtis Moorfield.
Curt Mo. The power forward?
And guess who was Jake's
last call before he died.
Curtis Moorfield, free agent this year.
And that's his wife, Candice.
They're gonna make
it rain in this house.
And see her?
She's the agent that's scooping
up all of Jake's clients.
Curtis will take questions
about his free agency only, please. Yes.
Curt, who's your top team
you want to sign with?
(CURTIS): That's a tough one, you know.
We have the Timberwolves,
they're really good
contenders for the NBA finals this year,
but we'll have to see.
Still in negotiations.
- You trust me?
- Not really.
Yak from Horse and Hound here.
Curtis, did you know
Jake was having an affair
with your wife? Is
that why you killed him?
No comment. We have no comment.
- What the hell was that, Max?
- I saw Curtis' wife
curling a straw wrapper around
her finger into a spiral.
- And?
- I found the same wrapper
at the murder scene. That's her tell.
- That's a leap.
- What else would she be doing
- at her husband's agent's condo?
- Okay, well do you have it?
Maybe I can get forensics
to lift a print off of it.
Oh. You guys have so many rules.
That's great. Look, I
told you to follow my lead.
Now what are you going to do?
I'm gonna get her to admit it.
We're gonna sue you, the city,
- the whole police department.
- That was on me, I apologize.
I could've handled that better.
I see you dropped the phony accent.
Who the hell are you?
- She's a consultant.
- Special investigator.
We found this wrapper at Jake's condo.
- Your prints are all over it.
- See, at the moment, Candice,
you're the only person we can
place at the scene of the crime.
I get it. Curtis is away all the time.
He doesn't give you as much
attention as he used to.
And there's Jake.
He notices your fabulous manicure.
When you cut your hair.
There's no judgement here,
you're in a safe space.
Marriage is hard.
It was such a stupid thing to do.
Sometimes all it takes is one kind word
to make you realize you feel alone.
Jake was intense and overbearing.
But he could be very
charming and thoughtful, too.
Sounds like a toxic cocktail.
Been there, dumped that.
How did Curtis find
out about the affair?
Jake called him. He said
he wanted to come clean.
I begged him not to.
Do you think Curtis
could have killed Jake?
That afternoon he called me,
he said he had something
to get off his chest.
Jake told you he was
sleeping with your wife.
- Why would he do that?
- I don't know.
It sounded like he was in a confession.
Or 12 steps or some What do I care
about him making amends?
The dude was supposed
- to have my back.
- And that's when you
- took your revenge.
- On his car.
I smashed it and then I left. I swear.
Talk to us about those kicks.
- Special edition
Curtis Moorfield sneakers.
They're nice, man.
Oh, wait, they don't go on
sale until next week, though.
Even then, they're at least 10 grand.
That's a lot on a concierge salary.
I, uh sold some stocks.
Or maybe you erased
the surveillance footage
of Curtis smashing Jake's car
and in exchange, he gave
you those sweet sneakers.
- I never met the guy.
- So who gave you the shoes?
I was protecting the
agency's investment.
If that video of Curtis
trashing the car got out,
that's 150 million
dollars down the drain.
Yeah, well you wiping those
videos erased our only chance
- at catching a killer.
- I had one job.
Clean up Curtis' mess. So I did.
So, I'm assuming you both have alibis
for the night of the murder, then.
I have 100 of them. I
took Curtis for a drink
afterwards to calm him down.
Oh, their alibis all check out.
They were at a cocktail
bar from 8PM to closing.
So, we figured out
who trashed Jake's car,
but not who killed him.
We've got 100 crazy
reporters outside, and why?
A cheating wife?
We're working on the case, alright?
You know, you were
dangerous enough on your own,
but with this one, I'll be surprised
if this building is
still standing in a week.
Yates, Simmons, get back to work.
Yeah, get back to work.
And you two, I said no big swings,
and what do you do?
Swung big.
We're looking at these parking receipts.
See if we can't track
some of Jake's movements.
You better find something solid.
Yes, sir.
UH, Mr. Flaire.
You strongarm any more
of my clients, we'll sue.
Start being straight with me
and stop covering your ass.
Everybody loved Jake. Really?
Somebody hated him enough
to stab him multiple times.
You want me to ease off your clients,
give me something I can use.
Jake didn't even rep her anymore.
- Who?
- Hailey Chen-Lin.
Former client. Current whack job.
You didn't hear it from me.
What are you doing down there?
Hailey Chen-Lin works at
a track over on Burrard.
Burrard, Burrard.
I got a receipt that says
he parked there yesterday.
Let's go.
Hailey Chen-Lin.
Equestrian prodigy, headed
to the Olympics at age 16.
That's a pretty prim and proper sport.
Not always. Hailey was
banned for going after a judge
with a riding crop.
Okay, so she had a violent temper.
Or just teenage hormones
and too tight of a braid.
What, your teenage
years were a cake walk?
My dad was a cop. Nothing in my house
- was a cake walk.
- Your dad was a cop?
That explains so much.
- You wanna hear my life story?
- Not really.
- It's a long story.
- Make it short.
My mom and dad were
in business together.
- Both your parents were con artists?
- You say potato.
I know where your dad
is. What about your mom?
We butted heads all the time.
She was a lot like me.
She died in a car crash
when I was a teenager.
So, no cake walk here either.
It's, uh, it's just up ahead here.
Let's do it to it.
It's a long way from the Kentucky Derby.
I wonder what brought Jake
back here after all these years.
There she is. That's her.
Hailey, I'm Detective Ellis.
Are you here 'cause I
punched Jake in the face?
- You gave him that black eye?
- He showed up yesterday,
I haven't heard from him in forever
and he wants to all, like,
make up and apologize.
Yeah, I gave him a black eye.
Did that prick press charges?
- You really don't know?
- Know what?
Jake is dead. He was murdered.
No, he He's dead?
I'm so sorry.
He must have meant a lot to you.
- I hated him.
- Or there's that.
After my parents started
blowing through my earnings,
Jake was the one who
helped me emancipate myself.
- He stood up for me.
- So, you liked him.
- Until he dropped me.
- So, you hated him.
It's complicated, but
that's the best thing
- that ever happened to me.
- I find that hard to believe.
Everything is very
proper and conservative
in the equestrian world.
You've got to act a certain
way, look a certain way.
That was never me.
Here, I get to be
loud, I get to be rough,
and I get to be queer.
You're living on your own terms.
Which is why when Jake showed up,
I told him to shove his
apology and I let him have it.
With this knife.
What? No, that's that's not mine.
Max, step away from her.
Hailey Chen-Lin, you're under arrest
- for the murder of Jake Boshep.
- I didn't kill
- Hands behind your back.
- She didn't even know
- he was dead!
- It's not up for discussion.
- Come on, let's go.
(MAX): There's no way she did it.
- You don't know that.
- Yes, I do.
And that wrinkle in your brow tells me
that you're just as doubtful as I am.
We have to go with the facts here, Max.
That's such a cop out.
No pun intended.
Do you really think she
would leave the murder weapon
in the back of her truck?
I think someone wanted us to find it.
The point is, we did find it.
It's out of our hands.
Just got off the phone
with the prosecutor.
I have more than enough to lay charges.
- She didn't do it.
- Stop saying that.
I can feel it in my gut.
Hailey has a history
of violent behaviour.
She had motive, she
confessed to assaulting him,
and then there's the slam
dunk of the murder weapon.
He doesn't believe she's guilty either.
- I-I didn't say that.
- Don't back down, tell him.
Stop, just stop. Let me remind you
that closing this case
gets you one step closer
to you getting back on the squad
and keeping your ass
out of prison. Got it?
- What?
- Nothing.
You're not a cop. I don't know why
I keep expecting you to understand.
You make that sound
like it's a bad thing.
Motive, evidence. That's
how this job works.
Okay, the law doesn't care about
how you feel or what's right.
It's about what you can prove.
I'll be the first to tell you,
it's not perfect, but
it's what we've got.
He's right.
It's time to move on.
(MAX): So, it's almost
like the victim, Jake,
was on some kind of apology tour.
Sounds to me like a dying
man trying to make amends.
It's a shame you couldn't
make it in here. Honey
The guard brought in some
gabagool just for you.
I'm not hungry tonight anyway.
Do you know what I had
to do to get this in here?
We got the wrong person,
Dad. I can feel it.
So get the right person. Trust your gut
and you'll never go wrong.
It's not that easy.
Procedure, protocols,
train of evidence.
And Ellis is a "by
the book" kind of guy.
You know our code. Screw the rich,
but don't steal from the poor.
And if someone needs a hand up,
we give it to them.
Do you remember that oil well
scam we pulled down south?
I'll never forget it.
That whole deal almost
blew up in our faces. Literally.
So many times, I wanted to bail.
But you were a stubborn little bugger.
And you said,
"There's always a path through,
as long as we stay in the game."
Okay, I call you for
advice and all you do
is throw my own words back at me?
Hey, that's what fathers are for.
(ELLIS): So then Li
says, case closed, Ellis.
Take the win.
I should just leave it
and walk away, right?
Of course I'm not happy with that.
(SIGHS) The knife was in her bag
and the bag was in plain sight.
Anybody could've had access to it.
If I stir things up and then I'm wrong,
they're never gonna let
me back on the squad again.
Jake, Jake, Jake.
What the hell was going on with you?
Simmons said your ex-wife was
at a wellness retreat all week.
Untraceable, just like you asked for.
Turn the volume up and program
the number into my phone.
- Please.
- Already all over it,
Buttercup. There he is. Be safe.
(ELLIS): Whose house is this?
- Do you really want to know?
- Probably not.
What are you doing here?
I was wondering if you were up
for catching the real killer.
Uh, is Billy Idol up
for dancing with himself?
Is Fleetwood Mac up
for going their own way?
Okay, just get in the car. Would you?
Jake's ex-wife has been alibied.
- She doesn't have to talk to us.
- According to the call log
I swiped, Jake had a long
talk with her the night before
he died. And before that,
they hadn't spoken in months.
Maybe she knows something about
what was going on with Jake.
- They're in the middle of a divorce.
- What would they be talking about?
- Another apology.
- Phone sex.
Phone sex?
He's in the middle of a crisis,
it's late at night, she's lathered up
in eucalyptus oils with
hints of musk and cedar.
We've all been there.
It's either that or a butt dial.
Oh my God!
You're very tight in
the lower back and hips.
That means husband tension.
Oh, that's incredible that you know that
- just from touching me.
- It is.
Although, my hands
can only tell so much.
To release the pain, you
need to talk about it.
I'm in the middle of a divorce.
Or, I was. My husband just died.
Oh dear, I'm so sorry.
Did you two make up before he died?
We were miserable. All he did was work.
And he called me the
night before he died.
We talked and talked, and he apologized.
- Oh, he was so sweet.
- And then a little sexy time?
Maybe a little.
I even thought that
we maybe had a chance,
and then he died.
You know I did three hours
of scream therapy that day,
but you wanna hear the worst part?
Wild horses couldn't drag me away.
On the day he died, Jake
transferred 250,000 dollars
out of our account,
into another woman's.
Was her name Sylvia? I hate
Sylivas, they never tip.
Oh! Oh, yeah, right there.
Go deeper. (MOANS)
Her name was Katrina Westdale.
Okay, thank you.
Jake's financials just came through.
250K left his bank account
the morning he died.
- Ms. Katrina Westdale?
- Uh, yes?
Hi. I'm Detective Ellis, this is Max.
We're here to speak to you
about the money you received
from Jake Boshep.
Actually, that's for my husband, Danny.
We'll need to speak
to him as well, then.
Uh I'm afraid
that that's not possible.
Danny's dead.
It happened three years ago.
He took a hit to the chest
during a game.
Never got up. Everybody
just forgot about us.
We're the sad story that
nobody wants to think about.
Years go by and I'm not
a football wife anymore.
Just a single mom working two jobs.
I was about to sell my house.
And then yesterday,
I got Jake's transfer.
250,000 dollars.
Memo just said, "For Danny."
That's a pretty
life-changing amount of money.
You know why he sent it?
Is there any way he'd feel
responsible for Danny's death?
No, it was a freak accident.
The doctor gave him a clean bill
of health right before the game.
What did the autopsy say?
Danny had a heart condition.
Something called HCM,
which apparently is very
common, but we had no idea.
One day, he was about to sign
a 15-million-dollar contract.
The next day, he was dead.
There's no way 250 K wasn't
an apology for something.
Gas station carnations, if you ask me.
- Too little, too late.
- But why now?
Danny died three years ago.
It's not like a dead
guy killed Jake, right?
That just puts us right
back at square one.
"No one was put on this
earth for only one thing."
- Is that blood?
- Oh. Chili bean sauce, my bad.
Okay, come on, let's focus.
Alright? By all accounts,
Jake was not a good guy.
But then he apologizes to Curtis
for sleeping with his wife.
And then he apologizes to
Hailey for screwing her over
- all these years.
- And then to his ex
for being un grand douche bag.
It's like three days
ago, he just suddenly
- grew a conscience.
- And yet,
that's what got Jake killed.
I wonder what triggered
Jake's transformation.
We need to speak with someone
who spent more time with Jake
than his boss, his clients,
or even his ex-wife.
Oh, put me in, coach.
Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.
Double shot, extra sugar.
- My angel. Where have you been?
Blame that ogre in HR.
Camille? Oh my God, she's the worst.
- The worst.
- Flat earther.
- No!
- Crazy
- Where is everybody?
- Oh, they're at the big MMA fight today.
(SIGHS) It's such a shame that Jake
You know, yesterday you said
he was acting all weird lately.
Emotional. What do you
think was going on with him?
You ask a lot of questions.
Sorry, I think I'm just nervous.
I mean, what if a serial
killer is stalking this agency?
I could be next. You could be next.
Look at you, you're
incredibly beautiful,
you've got charisma oozing
out of your larger pores.
- Is that all for Jake?
- Yeah, Mr. Flaire said
all of Jake's mail is supposed
to go directly to him now, so
Not that other shark, Mackenzie?
Nope, straight to Mr. Flaire.
He was very clear about that.
Let me take it into his office.
You just enjoy that coffee.
Sounds to me like a
dying man making amends.
Hi. Can we talk for a second?
Not now. Come find me
after I make history.
You remember Dr. Slaney?
Jake took you to see
him a couple weeks ago.
Of course. Can this wait?
There was a problem with your tests.
I don't understand, Dr.
Tadlock said I was fine.
Did Jake ever tell you why he
wanted you to go see a cardiologist?
He said it was a second opinion.
Insurance reasons, no big deal.
What's going on?
Your ECG shows a thickening
of your cardiac muscle.
Basically, your heart can't
pump the way it should.
That explains your fatigue
and shortness of breath.
The doctor told me that
was because of anxiety.
No. Summer, you have
hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
It's also called HCM
and it can lead to sudden
heart failure from over exertion.
I can still fight.
HCM is serious, Summer.
Athletes have died from it.
Yeah, but that can't
happen to me, right?
If you were my daughter,
I'd never let you set foot
in a ring again.
Hey people, I'm Tamara Jones,
head of PR for the fight.
- I don't remember any
- I don't usually work
in the field, but
I've been riding a desk
in Brand Integration for years,
and ever since my divorce,
FYI, best thing I ever did,
my regional manager Ken,
he says to me, he says,
Tam, why don't you get out in the field
where you can meet people?
He thinks it will help
with my anger management issues.
- I don't care.
- Anyhoo, thrilled to be here
launching Summer's new video game.
I need Summer's team miced up ASAP.
I'm Bill Flaire, I'm her agent.
I'll be announcing the game launch.
- Love it. Are you colour blind?
- What? No.
Great. See these lights?
Red means the mic's off,
green means it's on.
Are you going to be speaking too?
Uh, just here to cheer on Summer.
Amaze balls. Okay, so
when I give you guys a cue,
you're gonna get into
the ring, do your thing,
and then we're gonna give
the people what they came for.
Blood, broken bones. Sounds good?
- Sure.
- Great!
I think we're just waiting
on the insurance rep
to go over Summer's cardiology results,
and then we're good to go.
No, there must be some mistake.
Red means the mic's
off, green means it's on.
We submitted her test results weeks ago.
I was told new results came in.
Ordered by someone named Jake Boshep.
There are no new test results,
- so you can just go ahead.
- Great.
You guys are so easy.
Okay, I need you camera ready in five.
We need to talk.
Is that thing off?
Jake ordered a second set of tests?
I didn't know until
a couple of days ago.
If they compare the results to mine,
- they'll know I faked the tests.
- Don't worry about it. I took care of it.
We can't keep doing this.
We did it once before
with that football player.
- He died.
- Tadlock,
this is a video game
deal. Do you understand?
It's worth hundreds
of millions of dollars.
So she just needs to sign the contract,
get through this fight,
and then we'll tell her
the truth, and that'll be it.
Right? You'll get your cut.
No, if they know that I faked the tests,
- then my career's over.
- With this amount of money,
- you won't need a career.
- What did you do, Bill?
I was protecting you.
- What did you do?
- I did what I had to do!
I killed the bastard, okay?
He was gonna expose us.
So you keep your mouth shut!
Take the win.
I did what I had to do.
I killed the bastard, okay?
He was going to expose us.
So, you keep your mouth shut!
What the hell is that?
(CROWD MEMBER): That's him right there!
Did I say red off, green
on? I switched the wires.
Bill Flaire, Melvin
Tadlock, you're under arrest.
Put your hands behind your back.
- Take them away, guys.
Con 101.
Put pressure on the marks
and watch the bad decisions roll.
We caught the bad guys,
okay? You can smile now.
(ANNOUNCER): Ladies and gentlemen,
and now for the main event!
Well, that wasn't part of the plan.
No, it wasn't.
Summer. Summer, what are you doing?
This is who I am. It's
all I've ever been.
Go in there and stop her.
What do you want me to
do, arrest her? I can't.
She's not doing anything illegal.
She wants to fight, it's her own choice.
(ANNOUNCER): Summer's
looking as good as ever,
exactly as we've come to expect.
I don't think there's a fighter
out there who can beat her.
She looks strong. Maybe she'll be okay.
She is way ahead on points.
It's early, but I don't see
this going on for much longer.
Whoa! A back kick sends Summer reeling.
It doesn't look like it
was that hard of a shot,
but I've never seen her look like this.
The champ shakes it off.
And now she's back in control.
It looks like we are about
to witness history tonight.
- End of the round,
that was a great shot.
Summer please, stop this.
Millions of people are watching.
Girls that look up to you.
I can win this.
Yeah, or you could die.
Summer, listen to me.
No one was put on this
earth for only one thing.
You've got your whole life ahead of you.
(ANNOUNCER): I don't
know what's happening,
but Summer has gone to talk to the ref.
- This is a shocking turn.
Summer Lake, on the cusp
of breaking the record
for most championship wins
has conceded the fight.
Why would she walk away like this?
A few minutes before the fight,
I was told I have a heart condition
that can be fatal from
even a single blow.
(REPORTER): That must be really hard.
How do you feel about that?
Walking away from the only thing
I've ever known has been tough.
But somebody I know has reminded me
that no one was put on this
earth for just one thing.
Hailey Chen-Lin has been released.
And Flaire is finally starting to talk.
- How'd he catch on about Jake?
- Jake actually came to him.
Said he'd seen how
winded Summer was lately.
That it reminded him of the
football player's same symptoms.
So Jake ordered the extra tests.
When he figured out
what they were doing,
it triggered his apology tour.
He realized he valued
cash over his clients.
Oh, and Flaire admits
to planting the knife.
Nice work, both of you.
You hear that? He said both.
- Okay, don't press your luck.
- Duly noted, alright.
I got somewhere to be. Later, dudes.
- Hello?
- (MAX): Hello, spitfire.
How did you know?
Just like you asked for.
Turn the volume up and program
the number into my phone.
- Please.
- Already all over it,
One day I saw a package in
front of my neighbour's door,
and I just took it.
But it was exciting and dangerous.
Like sex on the back of a motorcycle.
Or so I've heard.
I hated feeling like I was
one hip replacement away
from afternoon Bingo and
reruns of Murder She Wrote.
A, Angela Lansbury is a legend,
and B, you still got gas in that tank.
Can I have a minute to
run a comb through my hair?
- For the mugshot.
- You're no criminal, Bonnie.
You're just a sassy broad
who wanted to feel alive.
- You're letting me off?
- But I am returning
those packages to your neighbours.
- You're collecting the reward.
- To the victor goes the spoils.
If we pin this on Lou Granway in 4F
we could split the money.
Don't push it, Bonnie.
Oh, fancy meeting you here.
You just happened to be
passing by the end of the dock?
Okay, I'll admit it. I'm curious.
Curious about what, Max?
Oh, I'm so glad you asked, Ellis.
Okay, if you couldn't be
a cop, what would you be?
- Nothing.
- That's it?
My dad raised me to be
a cop. It's who I am.
- What about you?
- Maybe I'd be
a nuclear physicist,
or I'd advise the royal family.
Ooh, or maybe I'd be a Trappist nun.
You've thought a lot
about this, haven't you?
Yeah. No, you're right.
I guess we're just two
apples that didn't fall far
from our trees.
Marc says we need a theme song.
- Oh God.
- Okay, wait, hear me out.
It's gotta be gritty like The Sopranos,
or maybe something a little
more fun like Dukes of Hazzard.
Or it could be silent, like silence.
He's got a cat, she's got style ♪
He's got a frown, she's got a smile ♪
That's not gonna work. (CHUCKLING)
- Marc likes it.
- No, he doesn't.
You hear that? This
is my favourite song.
- Just this.
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