Wild Cards (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

The Accountant of Monte Cristo

- Previously, on Wild Cards
- Working with a cop?
This is gonna get us both what we want.
You two. I said, "No big
swings," and what do you do?
- Swung big.
- I followed you
because I knew I couldn't trust you.
- That's insulting.
- This your girlfriend?
- This is not my girlfriend.
- We're comrades.
- (COLE): I always surfed with my brother.
- Where is he?
He's dead.
So are you nervous or excited?
- About what?
- Well, it's our day off
and the boss wants to talk to us.
- So?
- So it could be good,
it could be bad
Maybe we're getting promotions.
Max, get off of the chair. Right now.
Or maybe I'm getting a badge.
Oh yeah.
That's definitely what it is.
Here we go.
Don't have a lot of time.
The commissioner called me
- about the two of you.
- Ah, she's the best.
Remember two seconds ago when I said,
- "I don't have a lot of time"?
- Sorry. I'm just excited.
We're about halfway through
your probational period.
The commissioner recognizes
that you solved a few cases
and she wanted me to
pass on her appreciation.
She's just the sweetest.
She also reads every case report.
While she's happy to take the winds,
she's concerned about the direction
- this team is heading in.
- Well, "concern"
- doesn't sound so good.
- Max.
You've crossed the line a few times.
When you're working for us,
the ends don't justify the means.
We have to do everything by the book.
And you.
It's your responsibility to teach
her that and keep her in line.
So I'm not getting a badge?
- Thanks for the lift home.
- If we're gonna work together,
you need to be more professional.
How can I be more professional
if I don't have a badge?
They don't just give you a
badge. You gotta earn it, Max.
Go to the Police
Academy, putting five to
seven years in uniform, and then maybe,
- you make detective.
- They gave Bon Jovi
an honorary doctorate.
I can't even get a badge?
It's not the same thing.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down.
What's going on?
Are you hurt?
Okay, just don't move.
I'll be right there.
Who was that?
- Get out of the car, Max.
- I'm not getting out
of this car until you
tell me what's going on.
And I think you know me
well enough by now to know
if I say I'm not
getting out of the car
All right, fine. An
old friend needs help.
Well, I'm ride or die.
Let's go.
(SIGHS) Fine.
Okay, stay here.
Rachel?! Rachel!
- Hey.
- Hey!
- You okay?
- I'm fine.
- Who's this?
- Max.
- I said to come alone.
- I know. What happened?
- I'll tell you in the car, but we have to go now.
- Okay.
Come on!
Sure. You can ride shotgun. (GRUNTS)
It's only a one door.
Right, okay. Drive.
Two SVUs boxed me and six
armed men surrounded us.
.223 assault rifle round.
They got me at a precise location.
Two freeway entrances a
mile in either direction.
For a quick getaway. So they were pros.
The two SUVs ambushed me.
They shot out the engine
and the tires, and then grabbed
the package and sped off.
- What was the package?
- Not "what," "who."
A guy named Albert Ripley. He
was an accountant for the mob,
set to testify against them tomorrow.
Do you think this has
something to do with the mob?
- Or one of their rivals.
- You were the only person
- transporting him?
- And the route was kept airtight.
- Why didn't you just call it in?
- I can't.
The leak might have
come from the inside.
I don't know who to trust.
This guy Albert Ripley is
the most valuable witness
we've had in years. He could
put away half the mob captains.
I have to get him back
by 10 a.m. tomorrow.
I think I know where this is going.
I need your help, but no one can know.
All right, fine, I'll help you.
That was riveting.
Even kinda hot.
- You can't come, Max.
- Oh, I'm coming.
- Who are you?
- We work together.
- We're partners.
- You have a partner?
- It's a long story.
- But a good one.
You can't come, Max.
It's too big of a risk.
- Risk what?
- Going back to jail.
The hell is she talking about?
It's another part of that
long story I mentioned.
I'll explain later.
Look, I trust Ellis with my life, okay?
I've known you all of two seconds,
- so thanks, but no thanks.
- Suit yourself.
First, we need to know the crews in town
who could pull off something like this.
I might be able to help with that.
- How?
- I know all the wrong people.
It's true. She does.
Cole, are you sure about this?
How do you two know each other?
- We used to work together.
- We were engaged.
You were engaged?
(RACHEL): Get down! Get down!
- So who did they grab?
- Albert Ripley.
- The Count?
- Yeah.
- You know him?
- Just by name.
You want some Be-Bop,
you call Coltrane.
You want some magic, you call Houdini.
You need to hide some
money, you call The Count.
He's the greatest
artist of his generation
- when it comes to numbers.
- We need to find who took him.
- If he's still alive.
- If it wasn't the mob,
he's definitely alive and well.
I can think of a lot of people
that would like to have
The Count at their disposal.
Who would you call to
hire a crew this good?
Get me early release and
clear my daughter's name,
we can talk.
Cole, you might have to
work with a con artist,
- but I'm not making a deal with one.
- Okay, wait, wait.
George, come on. You know that
she can't get you released.
Okay? But if you help us,
maybe she can put in a good word
- for some extra privileges?
- If we get Albert back.
You tell me, kid.
It's okay, Dad.
There's plenty of brokers
for rock 'em, sock 'em jobs,
but something like
this, there's only one:
- The Fortune Teller.
- "The" Fortune Teller?
- Who's that?
- I've only ever heard of her.
Say you get your hands on the schematics
of a government gold reserve.
It's great information to
have, but useless to most people
because who the hell
could pull that off?
So The Fortune Teller can
assemble that kind of a crew?
But don't you two go waltzin' in there.
- She'll smell a cop a mile away.
- We're not letting her
- go in there.
- Ooh, then better start working on your resume,
'cause The Fortune Teller
won't give you anything.
She may not give my daughter anything,
but at least with her, you got a shot.
What do you think?
We're running out of time.
So we go with the devil
you know. Okay, let's do it.
Give me a hug, honey.
What's with these two?
They were engaged.
- No way!
- Yes, way.
- Max.
- Wow. Hey, you're gonna need
the latest passcode. Tell her,
"Love is evil, it will make
you fall in love with a goat."
- Okay.
- Oh, by the way.
Fortune Teller and I,
we got some history.
- What kind of history?
- The messy kind.
- Dad.
- Max, let's go.
We're done here.
So she just keeps a change
of clothes in your car?
She says it's part of the trade.
Tools to help her transform
into whatever the
mark's most receptive to.
Speaking of marks,
what about you and her?
- What about me and her?
- You just said
she'll become anyone to get
what she wants out of people.
What makes you think she's
not doing that to you?
Because I would know.
- It's a temporary arrangement.
- Right.
She does her community service,
you get your desk back. Simple.
That's the plan.
Whatever you say.
Ah! A seeker.
Please sit.
You seem troubled.
If you only knew.
A man?
A woman?
- Both?
- Remind me to never play poker
- against you.
- The cards tell me
that it is time for
you to trust your heart.
Take a leap of faith.
Love is evil. It'll make
you fall in love with a goat.
- Where did you hear that?
- A friend.
Your friend gave you the old passcode.
A friend told me you could help come up
with a talented crew for a big job.
But once again, you were misinformed.
She's got three minutes
until I bust in there.
Are you still on the boat?
I wanted to call you.
So many times.
But this job
Always came first. I know.
My boss asking for an update on Albert.
You could just tell him the truth.
I can't be the one who lost
our most valuable witness
against the mob. Told him
it's going according to plan,
- but if we don't find Albert
- Hey. Relax.
We're gonna find him, all right?
Cole, do you ever wonder what
would've happened if we'd
Not now.
Great ink, man.
I especially like the one that says,
"Death, Death, Death."
Ilya's getting impatient. And so am I.
Who are you and what do you want?
I got a line on a high-value container.
- North of 20,000,000 in gold.
- Continue.
The crew has less than
five minutes to empty
the contents of the container.
Anyone on your roster
that fit that bill?
You're lying. That airport
gold heist was planned
by one of the best I've ever known.
Alas, unfulfilled. And before your time.
You have his mouth.
But you have her eyes.
How is Georgie?
He's fine.
- You knew my mother?
- Well
if things had been different,
you might've been my daughter.
He broke my heart when
he gave his to another.
She was a firecracker, that one.
And a pain in the ass. A
lot like you, I'm guessing.
I'd like to think so.
But she was the one for him.
I'm sorry she's gone.
Thank you.
So if Georgie sent
his daughter to see me,
it must be important. Tell
me what you really want.
I need info on a crew that
pulled a job this morning.
- Time's up.
- No, wait.
Just give her one more minute, okay?
I don't trust your
"partner" as much as you do.
She better have answers.
- So what did you find out?
- (MAX): We're going to the park.
There he is. Bobby Za.
Hey, Bobby.
Kassandra says hello.
- Stop! Police!
- Oh, please, does that ever work?
Damn, girl. You got some game.
Looks like someone won the lottery.
- Where is he?
- Look.
- I don't know what this is about.
- Albert Ripley.
Why should I tell you anything?
'Cause right now, you're
looking at 15 to 20 for kidnapping.
And assault on a federal officer.
If you're worried
about mob retaliation
Who paid your crew?
And included investment advice?
"Mutuals are always a good bet.
If you're planning long-term,
stick with municipal bonds
for the tax break."
Oh, my God.
It was Albert.
The Count kidnapped himself.
(COLE): Bobby said
this is the intersection
where Albert was dropped off.
(RACHEL): I still think we
should've kept that guy on ice.
Nah, Bobby's like a hype
man at a bar mitzvah.
He'll show up, get your aunt
to dance to the Black Eyed Peas,
but he's just a hired gun.
He doesn't have any insider info.
What I don't get is why did
Albert get dropped off here?
Hey, you see that?
Let's go.
Those security cameras
are PX-11 Thermals.
- (MAX): Meaning?
- High-resolution lenses,
infrared illuminators, thermal imaging.
Pretty high tech for a florist.
She's good. Why did
you break up with her?
Why is he closed in
the middle of the day?
All that security and he
leaves his front door unlocked?
Seriously, she's kind
of the total package.
Shh! Focus.
Still warm.
200 in the register.
Federal agent! Hands in the air!
Damn. That is one dead
florist/passport forger.
I always carry an extra pair.
Thank you.
Hmm. Passport photos of Albert,
but no sign of a passport.
Maybe Albert killed the
forger to keep him quiet
and didn't clock the extra photos?
I don't think so. This
guy's thumb and index finger
are broken. Somebody wanted information
before they killed him.
So Albert's still on the loose.
Exactly. Right now,
whoever's looking for him
is one step ahead of us.
So much for any security footage.
Hey, guys.
"To Mary. I'm so sorry for everything.
Even though you'll never
be in my arms again,
you'll always be in my heart."
It's not signed, but do you
recognize this chicken scratch?
Let's see Yeah. Albert's handwriting.
(COLE): So Albert sent
some flowers to a Mary
- before skipping town, huh?
- Maybe a sister,
maybe his wife. Hopefully not both.
I don't remember any Mary from his file.
Hey, look at this.
A dozen peach-colored
roses for a Mary Esposito.
Delivery scheduled today.
Looks like a sign to pay Mary a visit.
Mary Esposito works at
Westerbrook Credit Union downtown.
She's a financial planner,
likes kittens, Sunday brunches,
and the movie Sleepless in Seattle.
(EXHALES) I love social media.
People post anything from
their breakfast to their privates.
Makes my job so much easier.
Just a reminder to watch what you say
in front of the federal
agent in the car.
Fed, schmed. We're a team, right?
By the way, who broke up with who?
- You don't have to tell me.
But if you don't,
I'm just gonna make up my
own version of the truth.
- She never stops, does she?
- Oh, you noticed.
Albert Ripley.
I hear you're a good accountant,
but your disguise game
could use some work.
- Who are you?
- Probably one of the few people
that aren't trying to kill you.
Easy, tiger.
You see that tall emotionally
repressed gentleman
with that holster-shaped
bulge on his hip? That's a cop.
And that's Rachel Cisco beside him.
Whom I believe you know.
So you see, resistance is futile.
Right. Okay. You got
me. I'll come along.
I just I just
I just wanna see the look
- on her face when she gets the flowers.
- The flowers aren't coming.
Forger is dead. Okay?
You aren't safe here, we need to go.
(ELLIS): Come on.
(RACHEL): Let's go, Albert.
- Get down!
- Get down!
- Get him in the car, I'll cover.
- Okay. Move, move!
Get in the car. Keep your heads down.
- Covering!
All right, I think we're clear.
Yeah, no thanks to you. What
the hell were you thinking?
We offer you protection,
a new identity, a new life,
and you blow the whole thing up. Why?
- Would it help if I said I was sorry?
- No.
Who the hell was that shooting at us?
Charles, my bodyguard
while I was with the syndicate.
We were close until I defected.
The only thing that matters
is you on that witness stand
- tomorrow morning, alive.
- Good idea.
Yeah. Yeah, it'd be very grim
if I was up there all dead.
All right, where are
we going, guys? Come on.
I don't know. That's a good question.
I assume all my safe
houses are compromised.
Not to worry. I know just the place.
All right, let's go. Come on.
Mi casa es su casa.
It's the safest safe
house you'll never find.
Whoever said crime
doesn't pay never met you.
We'll come get you in the morning.
What about, um
a little bit of dinner might be nice.
I can whip something up.
No silverware. Paper plate.
Chips and gummy bears.
Okay, well, if chips are my
last meal, don't wait to kill me.
Albert, I gotta ask.
What were you thinking?
You were home free.
Why did you go see Mary?
Have you ever met someone
who turned your life
completely upside
down, but in a good way?
This is your story, not mine.
We met 10 years ago. I was a
I was a struggling accountant.
We fell in love.
Then I took a job I knew
was a little bit shady,
but it paid really well.
And before I knew it,
I was trapped in the syndicate.
I tried to get out, but
they would not let me.
So you let her go.
I wanted her to have a real life.
They didn't know about
us, and I was determined
to keep it that way.
And so you became organized
crime's star accountant.
- Why run away now?
- One thing I've learned the last few years,
everybody has their expiration date.
I was getting to the point
where I knew too much.
So six months ago, I turned myself in.
And I didn't even get a
chance to say goodbye to Mary.
Well, I saw the note you
left with the florist.
Why not just deliver the
flowers to her yourself?
I don't want to implicate
her by talking to her, by
I just I
I had to see her one last
time before I left for good.
Why not ask her to come with you?
What if she said no?
What if she said yes?
All right. We'll hold
tight until morning
and then drive him to the courthouse.
My boss will never even
know he was missing.
You know, there was
a split second there,
after they took Albert,
where I wasn't sure
I should call you.
- Are you sorry I did?
- No.
I'm sorry about the way things ended.
The way things ended? You left.
I asked you to come with me.
It wasn't much of a discussion.
You'd already made up your mind.
You knew I couldn't pass up this job.
Yeah. And I get that. But
we hardly discussed it.
And let's be honest, we
hardly discussed anything
- when we were together.
- I tried.
But after Daniel died, you shut down.
You wouldn't let me in.
That wasn't fair.
It wasn't fair that my
brother was killed, Rach.
I know.
That was horrible.
Which is why you should've come with me.
It would've been a fresh
start for both of us.
But you wouldn't leave that boat.
And you're still there.
And I can't understand why.
And now you're partnered
with this felon?
- She helped you today.
- She's a criminal,
and you seem a little too
comfortable working together.
I'm just doing what I need
to do to get my job back.
I know you.
You're more trusting
than you think you are.
All I'm saying is, don't
let your guard down with her.
You think I can't see right through her?
Come on, Rachel. I just
need to get through this,
get my desk job back,
and then she's gone,
out of my life, forever.
One thing I hate about this place,
the acoustics are great.
Albert needs to go potty.
That's above my paygrade.
Yeah. I'll I'll take him.
Thank you for giving me some privacy.
Yeah, well, some things
should remain a mystery, right?
Are these really
necessary? You can trust me.
Trust you? Let's review.
You sold out the mob. You coughed
up all their secrets to the feds,
and then you engineered
your own kidnapping
from the very people who
are trying to help you.
- So no, I don't trust you.
- Come one, detective.
Haven't you ever wanted
to just throw it all away?
- No.
- No?
Never wanted to run away
with that special person,
start fresh? No history,
no regrets? A a new life?
Right now, the only life
I'm concerned with is yours.
Let's go.
Look, I'm not good at
lying, so I'll just say it:
I don't trust you.
Well, you trusted my information
when it got you Albert.
You trusted the safety of my home.
I don't think this partnership
- is going to turn out well for him.
- It's not only him.
- We're in this together.
- But here's the difference.
You'll do whatever is
needed to get what you want.
He has to play by the rules.
And that's a much harder line to walk.
I'm not the only one
breaking the rules here.
Hey. The perimeter is all secure.
I can stay up and keep watch
if you want to get some rest.
That coffee is like jet fuel.
I won't be able to sleep.
Oh, I know, right?
We should probably try anyway, right?
I'm sorry.
About everything.
And I'm so glad you answered
the phone this morning.
- Do you need anything?
- Yes.
A jet and Jim Croce's
greatest hits, please.
- So where were you gonna go?
- Kelingking Beach, Bali.
It was the first trip
we ever took together.
It's Mary's favourite
place in the entire world.
She always said if she could
live anywhere, it'd be there.
- Great Mai Tais.
I'm sorry that this
is the end of the road.
Doesn't have to be.
I have a flash drive
with recordings of every single
mob conversation I ever had,
and many I wasn't even a part of.
But we got to you before
you could retrieve it.
Who else knows about this?
You are now the only
other person in the world.
With that kind of leverage,
you can make the mob
do whatever you want.
It's like having your
very own genie in a bottle.
Let me go, and it's yours.
- I'll go check on Albert.
- Oh, yeah.
- I'll do another perimeter check.
- Yep.
I don't have cell service.
- (MAX): What the hell?!
- (RACHEL): Where's Albert?
- He's in here.
- They're here for me!
- Max, stay with him.
- Uncuff me, please!
You're safer in there.
Both of you. Lock the door.
(TOGETHER): Albert!
- Hey! Hey!
Max! Max, you okay?
Come on, Max. Wake up!
Come on, Max. Hey!
- Let me know if you need anything else.
- Hey.
- Thanks.
- How did it go?
- Not good.
I'm sorry.
- You sure you're okay?
- Yeah.
Hard head. It runs in the family.
And you can't identify anyone?
(SIGHING): No. They
were all wearing hoods.
It happened so fast. I'm sorry.
Could've been a lot worse.
How the hell did they find us again?
I'm asking you.
Hey, Max had nothing to do with this.
- Are you sure about that?
- Yes.
- Then who
- What's that?
A tracking device found under his car.
The shooter must've placed it
when we were inside the bank.
I didn't check after the shots rang out.
Don't beat yourself up too much.
All right, chug your coffees.
- Let's go get Albert back.
- (RACHEL): I can't.
I was taken off the mission
for not calling it in sooner.
And I might lose my job.
Well, Ellis and I were
never on the mission,
and we're already
crossed a million lines.
So if we don't finish this,
our boss will probably kill us.
Or probably worse, actually.
The least we can do is get Albert back.
What do you have in mind?
She wouldn't have said that whole speech
- if she didn't already have a plan.
- He knows me so well.
You know, Charles, when
I heard you were after me,
part of me was rooting for
you. I mean, I'd like to live.
I'd really, really like to live.
But I know how much you
want to become a made man.
- It finally paid off.
- Stop talking.
You don't want to do this. You like me.
Remember all the good
times we had together?
I was your bodyguard.
I was just doing my job.
Now this is my job.
Turn around.
- What the hell?
- It's not even mine.
- Then why do you have it?
- Okay, it's been a whirlwind 24 hours, man.
(MAX): Charles! How the heck are ya?
It's Max. Albert's
told me all about you.
Speaking of which, I bet you have him
on his knees somewhere
in a remote location.
Like a field.
- So?
- Oh, come on, Chuck.
You really think knocking
off one rogue accountant
would get you a ticket into the mob?
No way. But it can get you a leg up.
- I'm listening.
- I'm in possession of Albert's flash drive,
full of recorded mob conversations.
Juicy, right?
Leverage like that could
definitely get you a spot.
And I'm willing to give it to you
for the low, low price
of one accountant.
Who has your flash drive?
Three. Two.
Max! Max! Max!
Max. Max has it.
Max has it.
I'll text you the details.
This better work.
Sometimes, you gotta
take a leap of faith.
But just to confirm,
you definitely don't have
- this flash drive?
- No.
This one just has photos
of Ricky's last trip
to Fire Island. Definitely
Not Suitable For Work.
- Ricky has OnlyFans.
- (RACHEL): Right.
Because recordings of mob
conversations would be
valuable. Like, more valuable
than Albert's testimony.
Like I said. I don't
have the slightest idea
- where the real one is.
- So this whole thing hinges
on a fake flash drive? Hmm.
- Why would Charles even show up?
- Albert said that Charles just wants to get ahead.
He's a real Succession type.
Or Game of Thrones type.
Or really any TV show with
ambitious white people type.
Albert! I missed you, buddy!
That's enough. Back away.
Give me that.
Not before we get Albert.
(MAX): Okay. This is how
this dance is gonna go.
How about we all just
put our guns on the ground?
You first.
Same time?
Great! Look at us,
playing together so nicely.
All right. Ellis is gonna
hand shot the flash drive,
and at the same time, Chuck,
you're gonna hand over Albert.
Then we'll go on our merry
ways, and no accountants die.
On the count of three.
One, two, three!
- No!
- Albert!
Don't move.
Too bad about your witness.
Yeah, well, we still got you.
- Get in.
- Find anything yet?
(MAN ON RADIO): Nothing.
Expanding search down river.
It's a shame things had to end this way.
I know he made a lot of rough choices,
but I actually liked Albert.
It's just too bad he
didn't give you a location
- of the real drive.
- Lean on Charles.
He'll crack and give
you everything you need.
I'm not saying I was
wrong about you, Max.
- Given I'm never wrong.
- Naturally.
But thank you. I won't
forget what you did for me.
It wasn't just me.
And don't forget what you
promised to do for my old man.
I won't. Thanks for everything.
Here, let me help you.
- What the hell?
- It's not even mine.
- What is it this time?
- I need an expert at wire work.
You already met him.
Hey, Bobby. Kassandra says hello.
X marks the spot. Don't be
afraid to take a leap of faith.
- Albert!
- Mary Esposito?
- Yeah.
These are for you.
Have a nice day.
Yeah it's staring you down ♪
When the water's getting higher ♪
And you're sweating it out ♪
Thought you followed good intentions ♪
But your feet are at the edge ♪
And you can't find direction ♪
- And you can't get ahead ♪
- Sorry, I'm late!
Long day in court.
Especially after Charles flipped.
He saw how in over his head
he was, and gave everyone up.
So does that mean you're
out of the doghouse?
Seems to, yeah.
My flight leaves tonight,
so I'm out of time to ask
this question delicately.
Come with me.
- Rachel, I
- Come on.
We still make a great
team. In every way.
A fresh start.
Leave all this history behind you.
You don't need to carry it
or talk about it anymore.
Tell me that doesn't sound nice.
Just think about it.
I'll leave a ticket at the gate for you.
This is just the beginning ♪
Just the beginning ♪
Stronger every minute ♪
Be careful with Max.
She can't change who she is.
I'm catching a double feature
at the Newell Theater tomorrow.
To Catch A Thief and Charade.
Just like our old Sunday afternoons.
Got it. Right where
Albert said it would be.
Remember, that's your ace in the hole.
You can only use it once.
I know, Dad. I love you.
I love you, kid.
Stronger every minute ♪♪
- (MAX): Ellis?
- It's open. Come in.
- You're moving out?
- Moving in, actually.
I never really unpacked, so
- I think it's time.
- Where's Rachel?
I thought you two would
be knocking back oysters
and looking at all-inclusive
vacation packages.
Rachel is on a flight home.
- You want to talk about it?
- I don't want to talk about it.
Got it.
- This is cozy.
You've never been down here before?
Not inside. I didn't
think I was allowed.
Oh, here you go, Marc.
You two were close, I can tell.
My brother Daniel put those up.
They were already there.
You never told me why your
brother moved onto a boat.
You know, from the first
time I took him surfing,
he just loved everything
about the water.
Couldn't get him out of it.
He always had this
dream about buying a boat
and fixing it up together,
sailing around the world.
But there was 10 years between us,
and when I finally moved out, he just
We just grew apart.
But Daniel never let go
of the dream you two had.
So one day, he calls me up and
says he's bought this thing,
and there's this boat we can
fix up like we'd plan as kids.
I never had the time.
I was too focused on being
a cop and making detective.
And all of a sudden, he's just
he's gone.
I just always thought I was gonna
have more time with him, you know.
He left me everything he
had, which was basically
just this run-down boat
and everything in it.
Well, I think this boat is fantastic.
Needs a little fixing up, though.
You know, he doesn't even run.
- Your boat doesn't boat?
- Yeah.
- My boat doesn't boat.
- What?
Hey, what do you want?
Hey, um Thanks or standing
up for me with Rachel.
I shouldn't have said that. All right?
She got in my head
about you, and I just
I didn't mean that, and I'm sorry.
Oh, hey, if you ever
need a renovation buddy,
I'm great with a paintbrush.
- Really?
- Well, I've never actually painted a wall,
but I've watched a lot
of home improvement shows,
so I'm sure it's like
sunk in through osmosis.
Right. 'Cause that's totally
how that works, right?
- Is that not how it works?
I'd love to see you with a paintbrush.
I don't think it's gonna go well.
- Okay, make yourself useful. Here, grab this.
- Okay. Sheets
- What else do we got?
- Gotta make this bed.
- You're gonna help me make this bed?
- What?
- Yeah.
- I don't wanna make the bed.
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