Wild Cards (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Strangers on a Wave

(NARRATOR): Previously, on Wild Cards.
- So, do I get a shirt?
- No, you see Ellis here isn't exactly a team player.
- So
- Why'd you get kicked off your desk?
I'm a cop. You're a criminal. That's
all we need to know about each other.
I'm giving it to Simmons and Yates.
No, the commissioner didn't ask for
Simmons and Yates. She asked for us.
You guys are making this entire
station look like a circus.
- Thanks for having my back.
- I got you.
Woo! Stoked to be back!
West coast best coast.
Out of the water! Now! Go!
(MAX): Just when you thought it
was safe to go back in the water.
Oh, it's okay, she's with me.
See? This is why I need a badge.
You do not need a badge.
Well, if I had a badge that
wouldn't keep happening.
Hey, what do we got?
Oh, Max, Robin. Robin, Max.
Robin's our pathologist.
They're the best in the biz'.
Pleasure to meet one of the
team. Minus the dead body part.
Really the only time
that we would ever meet.
Are you a detective?
A badge would really
help out with that, right?
- I'm his partner.
- She's a consultant.
- What do we got?
- (ROBIN): Two gunshot wounds to the chest.
No contact wounds, no exit wounds.
How long has he been in the water?
(ROBIN): Say, five hours, ish?
I've always wondered,
how can you tell that?
Well, I look at the vascular marbling.
You can see the discoloration
of the skin and the soft tissue.
You're like a psychic for dead bodies.
Yeah. Or A pathologist.
Okay, so, if the gunshots
went off at 12:05,
high tide's 12:15
My guess is the tide took him
out and then brought him back in.
Sounds about right.
(MAX): What are you looking at?
These are wetsuit tan lines.
Yeah, and there's
something on his fingertips.
Looks like board wax. We'll
need to confirm that though.
(BOTH): He was probably a surfer.
See? We're already finishing
each other's sentences.
The mind meld has begun.
Oh yeah?
Are you kidding me? What
the hell are they doing here?
All hands on deck.
It's summer and the mayor
needs the beach reopened ASAP.
No matter how many people
get eaten by sharks.
So who's running point?
I'll let you know. We
still need to ID the vic.
They're from the live stream.
- Yates, Simmmons, start with them.
- We're on it.
If they try their usual
my way or the highway crap,
these guys are going to close
ranks, we'll get nothing.
All right. Why don't
you let the detectives
who weren't demoted do their job?
Sir, surfers are like a tight
knit tribe. They hate cops.
Simmons and Yates are
going to blow this for us.
Did you hear me give an order?
I didn't ask for your opinion.
Yes sir.
- Name was Koa.
- Koa? Has he got a last name?
Don't know.
- How long have you known him?
- Don't remember.
Know anyone that might want to kill him?
Okay. If you guys
don't start cooperating
we're going to drag
you down to the station.
We're answering your questions.
And I'm recording all of this.
You know, to show how
cooperative we're being.
You still want to take us in?
- They're striking out.
- They're doing their job.
They're following a script.
You can't do the same act with everyone.
Where's the artistry?
Where's the inspiration?
Where's the element of surprise?
- Wait, is that ?
- Ellis?
(BOTH): Oh my God!
(CHIEF LI): What's
Johnny Utah playing at?
Identifying with the
mark. Inspired choice.
- Maybe I am rubbing off on him.
- That's what I'm afraid of.
Bad news. This is our beach.
Pretty sure it's everybody's beach.
You ride here again, and
we're going to have a problem.
Oh yeah? Is that what
happened to the dead guy?
Did you have a problem with him too?
Don't talk about our friend.
I don't want to talk about
anything but you guys seem to be
really enjoying this
conversation. You gonna move?
Or do you want to throw
down in front of these cops?
(WHISPERS): Grab my
arm. Grab my arm, hard.
- What?
- Hey, get the hell off me, man!
What're you doing?
(WHISPERS): Hit me. Come on.
- You're going crazy, you know that?
- (SURFERS): Whoa!
(CHIEF LI): What the hell is he doing?
There's that element of surprise.
(ELLIS): Back off, man, I
don't know anything, okay?
(WHISPERS): Arrest me. Come on.
Yeah. I'm going to enjoy this.
You lost your damn mind? Come on.
I'm so proud of you I could just burst.
The two of you, the chemistry,
it was like watching a tango.
- I should've benched you.
- What was that?
You heard me. I should've benched you
after you decided to hang
ten instead of doing your job.
I was doing my job.
Punching Simmons bought
him a ton of street cred.
Yeah, see, that's why
we're not partners anymore.
Wait, hold the presses,
you two were partners?
- How did I not know about this?
- Just focus on the present, okay?
Cole Barnes. Our victim.
34, no fixed address.
Australian citizen.
Got an outstanding bench warrant
from here in town this time last year.
Yeah. Locals say these guys
travel the world chasing waves.
They roll into town once a year,
stir things up, then take off.
Like carnies with better abs.
The guy Koa roughed up. Maybe
he came back and pop him.
All right. Yates,
Simmons, go pick him up.
- What about me?
- What about us?
Now I know why Simmons
has beef with you.
Put me in under cover, sir.
I'll get in tight with them.
- No way.
- Then somebody else is gonna die.
Cause those surfers were live
streaming when Koa was killed.
And none of them reported him missing.
He's right. I know a lot of
nomads with a hate-on for cops.
When they find out what happened to Koa,
they're gonna handle it themselves.
You observe and report.
And don't make a move
without telling me.
So you listen to her but not me. Nice.
Okay. I'm going to ignore
that because I'm a good person,
and officially your handler.
I don't need a handler. Okay? Thank you.
Okay, Donnie Brasco.
We've got work to do.
(MAX): Have you been under cover before?
- Yeah, of course.
- So why's Li so hard on you?
It's a long story. Let's move on.
Okay. So what's your under cover name?
- Declan.
- Ew! What? No!
Okay, let me think
Jesse. Yep. I buy you as a Jesse.
Okay, so why'd you pick up surfing?
I'm sure I'll think of something.
When pulling a con you don't lie.
You just tell a slightly
different version of the truth.
Okay? Now let's try this again.
Why'd you pick up surfing?
Well, my brother was ten
years younger than me.
I had to watch him a lot.
One day we were watching this
cheesy surfer movie on TV,
and as soon as he saw it
he just knew he had to surf.
And keep going.
My dad couldn't really swim,
and he was too little to
go in the water by himself.
So I took him.
We ended up learning
how to surf together.
Kind of became our thing.
And that's your story.
So what's your next move?
Right. Uh Well, get them to trust me.
Ugh, Ellis, baiting
a mark is like dating.
- You have to get them to want you.
- And how do I do that, huh?
By being mysterious and hard to get.
Okay, you're going to take
the car, go back to station
- and check in with Li. Got it?
- Got it.
You have a driver's license right?
Of course. I have nine.
Saw you hit that cop.
Those guys keep coming down
here trying to intimidate us.
If we let them get away
with it, they'll never stop.
- Well, how are you out already?
- I got a really good lawyer.
I'll give you her number.
So why are you out
here on your own, then?
I only surf with my brother.
- Where's he?
- He's dead.
We're having a little send off
on the beach for our brah tonight.
You should come by.
I'll think about it.
Boss? Ellis called.
He's in with the bruhs.
- Pardon?
- The bruhs. The dudes.
The water Muppets. He's doing great.
We'll see about that.
I got a budget meeting.
Ellis checks in, tell Simmons.
She's your responsibility now.
What you say we polish our
shields and pull a code seven?
I already ate.
So, uh, what's Li's dealio?
Why's he so sour on Ellis?
- Stuff happened.
- History. I get it.
No, you don't. You weren't there.
- Put me there.
- It's none of your business.
Come on, I'm working with these guys.
What am I getting myself into?
- Li and Ellis used to be tight.
- You're messing with me.
Ah, he was like Ellis' rabbi.
Brought him up to detective.
So what happened?
All right. We were
working a case, right?
Months of work. Stake
outs. Couldn't close it.
Li finally pulls us,
Ellis couldn't let it go.
Dedicated. Sounds like Ellis.
Nah, more like Obsessed.
Yeah, he went down a dark rabbit hole.
Shut me out. Wasn't
acting like himself at all.
And then we found drugs
in the trunk of his car.
- Do you think they were his?
- No.
No, I think he was getting
too close to the truth,
and drugs were planted so
they could shut him down.
- That's what I think.
- And what does Li think?
Ellis got demoted, did he not?
It's a wake, for our boy
Koa. What's your name, anyway?
Oi! Everyone! This is Jesse,
and he's the maniac who
was punching those cops
who were hassling us.
Somebody get this dude a beer!
(ALL): Cheers!
It's quite the memorial
you got going on here.
Yeah. Still can't believe he's gone.
- Did he have any family?
- Yeah. Us.
Koa brought this whole circus together.
Picked me up in Australia.
Slater in Mexico. J.T. In Maui.
Been chasing the big
waves together for years.
Seems like a pretty tight crew.
We'll be tighter now.
Koa was a tough guy to please.
Is that why somebody killed him?
I dunno. Maybe.
Hey Chilly. Just got
word, we gotta roll. Now.
Where you headed, man? The
party's just getting started.
None of your business.
Why's this dude even here?
Slater, chill! Catch you in
the morning? Hit it early.
Hot surfers with no job
and they travel the world?
Even if they are murderers, sign me up.
They left in a pretty big hurry.
Slater made it seem extra urgent.
Maybe they found Koa's killer.
All right. I'm going to go see
what they're doing. Stay here.
You're adorable.
- What are they doing?
- You don't listen, do you?
I don't know.
Those aren't their
regular surf boards though.
There you go! Check the goods boys!
All good.
And those aren't your regular
surfer babes with six packs.
They're drug smugglers.
- (MAX): Are we gonna arrest them?
- (ELLIS): No.
- Those are bricks of cocaine!
- Oh, really?
- So you gonna call it in?
- No.
Okay, did you miss the day in cop school
where the kids learn that
drug smuggling is illegal?
Look, I don't think these
guys killed Koa, all right?
But maybe whoever they're
selling drugs to did.
(MAX): So if we call in narcotics now,
our murder investigation
goes out with the tide.
Maybe you do have a
badge in your future.
- Really?
- No.
(ELLIS): Looks like they're
getting ready to roll out.
Let's move.
- We gonna follow them?
- Oh, yeah.
We're gonna follow them all right.
So. When you and Simmons were partners,
you took turns driving?
I usually drove. He was
a pretty nervous driver.
Hmm. Half the fun of being a cop
is putting a cherry on
the roof and gunning it.
Oh, hey, look, he's turning.
So what next?
Well, now we wait for someone
to come pick up the drugs.
Does this qualify as a stake out?
Yep. And buckle up, cause
it could take a while.
Yes! Finally!
All right.
You brought pistachios?
You've seen me pull a
wig, a grappling hook,
a pair of four inch
heels out of this bag,
but it's the pistachios
that surprise you?
Okay, you've never pulled a
grappling hook out of your bag before.
Well, now you have
something to look forward to.
Actually, I want, I want these ones too.
Oh, okay.
This real life detectiving
isn't as exciting
as the movies make it out to be.
Okay, so come on.
Now this is usually
the part in the movies
where the two cops come together
and share something
personal about themselves.
Well, you're not a cop,
and we're not partners, so.
Why you gotta hurt me like that?
Fine. Okay, look, if I
tell you something personal,
- will you shut up?
- Absolutely.
Great. I'm an open book.
What do you want to know?
About a year ago you went
off the rails chasing a case
Li closed, why?
Who told you that, Simmons?
You know what a Chatty Cathy he is.
So what happened?
It's a long story, but
Chilly's on the move.
He doesn't have the drugs with him.
He must have left them in the room.
Yeah, but what the hell has he
been doing for the last hour?
Well. It doesn't take
long to raid a mini bar
and refill the bottles
with colored water.
Not that I've done that.
So whoever's coming to pick up the bags,
chances are they'll be back later.
(ELLIS): All right,
I'm going to follow him.
Okay, look, stay here and do
not go into that room. Okay?
You see something, just call me.
Roger, dodger.
So I'm just supposed to wait here?
Where did you put the bags?
You miss me?
You broke into that room, didn't you?
I'm wearing gloves and I'm
not touching anything, okay?
You taught me well.
Max, get out of there, okay?
The traffickers could
be there any second!
- The duffle bags aren't in here.
- What?
Nothing. As in the duffle
bags are nowhere to be found.
That's impossible.
Chilly went in with the bags
and he left without them.
Chilly's heading back to the beach.
There is a connecting door, though.
Maybe that's where
Chilly met his contact.
Max, stand down.
Max, get out of there.
Max? Max!
I know where the drugs went.
(CHIEF LI): And you didn't
get a license plate number?
It's a fruit trucking
company called Cranway.
The van had a busted tail light.
So you think the homicide is
connected to a drug trafficking ring?
Could be a motive for Koa's murder.
Maybe he got in too deep?
Messed with the wrong sharks.
I got Simmons and Yates going
over Cranway's financials,
looks like they might have been
trucking more than just fruit.
Well this sounds like a job for
(SOUTHERN ACCENT): I'm surprised
Memphis didn't tell you, honey.
They didn't.
Why do we need an efficiency expert?
Is this because of Mr. Trip?
He's really messing things up.
Your new GM?
When Mr. Hickenlooper retired,
I was supposed to get that job.
But head office gave it to this new guy.
I feel you, honey.
Here are the paper products
statistics for the week.
Paper products statistic?
Well, somebody was stealing
toilet paper from the bathrooms
until I instituted a fob system.
And put a stop to personal photocopying.
Give these people an inch,
they will take a mile.
Y'all run a tight ship.
I bet you even track
every truck and van.
Kathy! I told you how
I want the invoices
and routing spreadsheets done!
Mr. Trip, I've been doing
this job for 15 years.
Three orders were routed to the
wrong vendors because of your system.
There are always growing
pains to progress.
Everything is moving towards the app.
I want all the employees up to date.
The app is too complicated!
The only complication
I'm seeing is you, Kathy.
I'll get right on it, sir.
My, my. I bet he thinks the sun
comes up just to hear him crow.
Can you believe when he arrived
I thought he was three spoonfuls of yum?
But I'm sure that app is
going to make my job obsolete.
This company would've gone
belly up years ago if it wasn't for me!
I'm putting all this in my report.
What else can you tell me?
hate to gossip, but
I think he does drugs.
No! Oh, trust me sister,
a change is gonna come.
Mark my words.
You are exactly what Cranway needs.
- Marcy.
- Marcy.
How do you feel about coming to
office karaoke tonight after work?
It's John Hughes night.
Ah, dibs on Pretty in Pink.
Now tell me Kathy, how do you
manage the trucks and vans?
There's not an ounce of
gas or a tenth of a mile
that Kathy doesn't make me account for.
That woman is a real
stickler for detail.
Ugh, I know the type.
My aunt Daisy used to count the raisins
she put in her sticky buns.
Twelve raisins per bun,
and sticky sweet fun.
I betcha you could tell me
who was driving any
van on any given day.
If I couldn't, Kathy would fire me.
Well, how about that
old van right there?
With the busted tail light.
Who was driving it, say,
I don't know, last night?
It was the big cheese himself!
Mr. Trip? Why would he be driving a van?
Ah, who knows with that jerk.
Man's bought a brand new luxury car.
But if he wants to
drive one of them vans,
I ain't about to stop him.
Are you sure about that?
(MAX): Scott Trip was definitely
driving the van last night.
Oh, and my new best friend
tells me that he does drugs.
Plus, he just bought
a 300,000 dollar car.
This guy's like a walking cliché.
And now, our prime suspect.
He's on his way home.
I bet that's where he stashed the drugs.
I don't want to let these
guys out of my sight.
- (MAX): Maybe I can help
- No, you stay put this time, okay? I mean it.
I'll take care of it.
- What's up, Ellis?
- I got something.
- (SIMMONS): On the murder?
- On the drugs.
But, I think they're related.
Look, I need your
help on this one, okay?
Mr. Trip?
This is detective Simmons,
please step out of your car.
Mr. Trip!
(SIMMONS): We all here?
(ELLIS): Yep. (MAX): Yep.
He was shot in the head. Point blank.
Uni's are coming by with the K-9s
to see if they can sniff out
some drugs, but, I doubt it.
Did you find the casing?
Yeah. It's not the same
bullet that killed the surfer.
So, two guns, two killers.
Yeah. And you still
think they're related.
So the surfers were smuggling
drugs, Koa, their leader
is killed, and then
Chilly, the number two,
takes over the drug drop.
Chilly drops off the drugs at a motel.
Then a Cranway van sent out
by Trip picks the drugs up.
Yeah, and then Chilly
takes out Trip. Why?
Maybe Koa pissed off Trip, got greedy.
Made things difficult
so Trip killed him.
Then Chilly kills Trip
to avenge Koa's murder.
These guys really
need to get new names.
Where the hell are you?
I'm at karaoke night with Kathy.
She just crushed Don't Forget About Me.
I really need to up my game.
(SIMMONS): What's the plan?
I'll head back to the
Cranway office in the morning.
Try to get into Trip's computer.
Look for something linking
them to the surfers.
(SIMMONS): Cranway's
financials are clean.
I'll have them run
down Trip's personals.
So what about you, Keanu?
I'm gonna go poke the bear.
Hey, yo! I'm getting the hell
outta here. You guys should too.
Oh, chill, Jesse.
I'm not gonna chill, okay? The
cops just picked me up again.
They think one of us
killed some guy named Trip.
- Who's Trip?
- I don't know.
Why are they trying to pin it on us?
Something about drugs. I had
an alibi so they let me go,
but you guys should really get out of
here, I think they're on their way back.
Who's Trip?
You should split. I'm
gonna get out of here.
Chilly! What's going on?
Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss.
Terrible thing, but he's
in a better place now!
(KATHY): What are you doing in here?
Oh, my stars, Kathy!
You gave me a fright!
I just came to pay my
respects to the dead.
Oh, you heard?
Oh, honey, it's all over the news.
What a terrible way to die.
I remember I had an old
horse that went lame,
and one day Daddy took a shotgun
and put poor old Buttercup
out of his misery.
When I heard about Mr. Trip,
just brought back so
many memories, you know?
Yes. Very sad.
I brought cake.
Oh, how thoughtful!
Okay, lets go get some forks and plates.
I'm in. Guys like Trip
always have the most
obvious douche b passwords.
This will take about a minute.
Look for anything linking
Trip to Chilly. Or to drugs.
Any personal financial
hankiness is also welcomed.
Hanky. Gotcha.
By the way I was thinking lamb tonight.
Oh! The little chops with
the hats on the bones?
They're called manchettes,
darling. (SCOFFS)
Okay, I gotta go. Let
me know what you find.
Hey bruh, you still tailing Chilly?
So you're seeing what I'm seeing?
(ELLIS): Yep. Just
pulling in behind him.
Yeah, why would he come back here?
Maybe his relationship with
Cranway didn't end with Trip.
Look, I got eyes on the inside.
I'm gonna see where he's headed.
- (ELLIS): Max, don't.
- Later!
Come out to the coast,
we'll get together, have a few laughs
(ELLIS): Hey, why did
you hang up on me?
- Bad connection.
- Why are you whispering?
I may be in a vent.
A vent? What?
Kathy and Chilly snuck
into a storage room,
- and it's the only way I could hear them.
(ELLIS): Sounds like she's
in trouble, is she okay?
Well, if you could be quiet
for two seconds I might actually
be able to hear them.
Jeez, and you call me the chatterbox.
Okay I don't like this.
I'm calling for backup.
- Uhh Yeah, don't bother.
They seem to be doing
just fine on their own.
(MAX): They must've known
each other a long time
because nobody gets it that
right after the first few times.
Max, get out of that vent.
Or what, you're going to arrest me
for being a peeping Tom?
And, now that I think about
it that's a really sexist term.
- (ELLIS): Max, get out, now!
- Shhhh.
I'm gonna miss that.
But now we both got what we want,
and we'll see each other in a year?
(CHILLY): Yeah. You don't understand.
Jesse was serious about the cops.
- He says they're on to us!
- Who's Jesse?
A guy you just met? Dammit,
Chilly, he could be a cop!
No way! Surfer's code.
Still, we should get out of here.
Any sudden moves and we blow everything.
Our alibi is rock solid!
You were on the
livestream when I shot Koa,
and I was at karaoke with
the office when you shot Trip!
Chilly killed Trip and Kathy killed Koa!
They did each other's murders.
Never done anything like that before.
You know? I mean, smuggling
drugs is one thing, but,
you know, one second
Trip's there in his car.
Then he's dead and I'm holding the gun?
I think I saw brains.
Trip swept in here and was going
to undo everything that I had done.
Koa was controlling and mean!
Your gang was falling apart!
And now, with you as leader,
everyone will get their fair share.
Baby! We gave each other the best gift!
Okay. I love you, Kathy!
Oh, and now they're kissing.
It's actually kind of romantic,
minus the whole murder part.
Did you record that?
No, of course not! I'm
on the phone with you!
Ricky's calling, I'll loop him in.
- No, Max, don't!
- (MAX): Ricky, what do you got for us?
Slipped into the Cranway system.
These companies!
Every room has a keycard,
and every van is LoJacked,
but they never know how to
protect their information!
- It's ridiculous.
- Okay get on with it.
Okay, the van from the motel?
It was signed out by Trip.
But it was signed out
on Kathy's computer.
And boom goes the dynamite.
So Kathy made it seem
like Trip signed it out,
but really it was Kathy
in the van that night.
Nothing like a little one star motel
to get a five star boom-chicka-boom on.
- Oh, hold on a sec.
- Simmons?
- Hey, I got your buddy Slater over here,
he was boarding a train
headed east. Get this!
I caught him running home
to see his folks in Kansas.
There's no way that kid killed Trip.
This kid? This kid
couldn't kill anybody.
He's in the back seat of my car
right now, crying like a baby.
When we nabbed him, he went from hostile
to relieved in a heart beat.
- He tried to hug me.
- So, what about the drugs?
Yeah, they were stuffed
in a mattress at the motel.
But that's long gone now. We
got a BOLO out on the connect.
That west side gang we've been tracking.
We're gonna hold the
kid on a drug charge.
Thanks Simmons. I owe you.
- You bet your ass you do!
All right, Max. We
got everything we need.
Just get out of there safely, okay?
Yippee-ki-yay, moth
I don't believe we've met!
Marcy, efficiency expert.
I was just checking the
vents. Great circulation.
- Babe, what are you doing?
- She heard everything!
What happens in the sex
closet stays in the sex closet!
Tie her up!
Kath, this isn't part of the
plan! Okay? I can't do this.
- I can't do this!
- Okay, baby! Baby, look at me.
Look at me. We're so close!
There's just one thing
between us and our freedom.
You know what we have to do.
So, I'm just spit balling here.
How about we go grab some
beers, get some nachos,
and talk this whole thing out?
Okay so, I'm guessing no?
- Where do I go?
- Same place we took care of Koa.
Hey, Ricky? Those LoJacked vans?
I need you to track the one
that just left the office.
On it. Sending info to your phone now.
- (SIMMONS): What now, Ellis?
- Hey! I need your help.
- Untie her.
- Why?
Just do it. Now.
- Thank you.
Walk with me, Marcy.
Now, since this has
to look like a suicide,
we're going to ask you to
go ahead and jump.
Okay, I have a feeling you still want
me to do the whole jumping thing.
You might survive the fall.
You sure as hell won't
survive a bullet to the head.
Listen. I've been on your side of the
law more times than you can guess.
Theft, fraud, forgery.
I don't mean to brag, but,
I have an impressive resume.
I have access to a passport
gal, contacts at the airport.
You could be in Lisbon
by five PM tomorrow!
Portugal has great waves, babe!
Jump already!
Okay. I see I'm not
gonna change y'alls mind.
But to pull off a suicide,
you're going to need a suicide note.
Actually, that's a great idea.
And it's going to have to sound
like me or the cops won't believe it.
Just tell us what you want it
to say. We'll write it for you.
Mmm. Choosing last words.
It can be a lot, you know?
It's gotta be something
poignant, yet truthful.
But if I had to choose right now
Three! Two!
- It would definitely be
- Police! On the ground!
Jesse? What the hell!
You're under arrest, Chilly. I'm a cop.
I can't believe you lied to me.
Get up.
You idiot! All you had to do
was shut up and leave town!
Love you, Kath.
You're the one that sprung for
the afternoon delight, Kathy.
This one's kind of on you.
You all right?
Come on.
- Good work.
- You too.
Except for the part where
your partner almost died.
Speaking of which, I got
a report I need to finish.
Hey boss, can we talk?
Are we not knocking anymore?
Well, if you're gonna sit, sit.
Don't put this on
Ellis. It was my fault.
You're a civilian. I don't
expect anything from you.
He's a senior officer, he knows better.
You said you needed
people you can count on.
You can count on Ellis, he's a good cop.
You've been here three weeks.
You think you know so much?
I know Ellis is a good cop.
Well then you know the
drugs in his car weren't his.
What is this all about?
I'm just trying to
figure out what happened.
Close the door.
Ellis hasn't dealt with
his brother's murder.
He couldn't solve the case
and it started eating him up.
He lost all perspective.
I couldn't count on him
to make rational decisions
or take orders.
I still don't know if I can.
So you demoted him.
It's their job to protect
the people of this city.
And it's my job to protect them.
I know Ellis resented my decision.
But I'm okay with that.
Next time, knock please.
Hey! I don't remember
inviting you for dinner.
Marc invited me. Didn't you, Marc?
All right. I got
Ronny's eggrolls for us,
and chicken of the sea for him.
Did you come here to talk?
Because I brought Chinese food?
No, because you almost died today, Max.
Look, I've been there.
Many times. It's tough.
Well, that was then. This is now.
So you just brush
everything off, is that it?
I never wallow.
I just move on.
Anything you need to talk about?
- About today?
- Or earlier.
No. No, I'm good.
Okay, well just know
if there's anything you
need to talk about
Oh, please. You'd never let
me get a word in edge wise.
Here you go.
That was neat.
Yeah, I bartended a few summers.
Hmm. Just a kid with big city ambition
whipping up cocktails
and dreams for the ladies?
Ah, it was a dive bar. It
was mostly ex cons and bikers.
Mmm, that sounds more like you.
But I like the parallel universe Ellis
who's spinning bottles and
shaking his stuff for tips.
- Shaking his stuff?
- Yeah! Working it baby!
You know, the running man,
the electric slide, the wobble.
Oh, no, no, no. No, I don't dance.
Oh, we're going to change that.
- No, we're not.
- Yes we are! Okay, get up!
- Sit down.
- Get on up!
- I'm not getting up!
- Don't be shy.
- Marc's not even looking.
- What?
- Okay? Here we go.
It's like this.
Marc likes it.
- Easy.
This one's really trendy too right now.
- Nobody can tell me, this love ain't for real ♪
Now babe there ain't
no doubt about it ♪
Your love is so good to me ♪♪
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