Wilderness (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Home Sweet Home

To have and to hold.
For better, for worse.
For richer, for poorer.
Easy to say.
Harder to stand by.
But this.
If you cheat and I kill.
Now, that's a vow.
Making my very survival
dependent on one person.
You know, if we're going to do this,
there is one pretty fucking basic rule.
Any more lies and I
will walk out of here.
And I'll go to the
nearest police station
and I'll tell them I made
a mistake with my alibi.
Okay. Okay.
We met on my initiation week.
She let it be known, you know,
in the way that women do, that
well, that it could be more than just
Anyway, I
I kept her at bay, I told her about you,
about us and how happy
we are, until one night.
Too much booze and not enough sense.
Hmm. When? What night?
The night before the launch.
And where was I?
What, still unpacking?
Ironing the creases in your trousers,
cutting off the crusts
of your sandwiches?
You know what that time was like, Liv.
It was insane.
I was just trying not
to fuck everything up
and then I'd come home
and you'd be asleep.
Oh, unconsciousness, that is a new one.
You know, if you had told me
that you were looking to stray,
- then I would've hit the caffeine harder.
- I wasn't looking to stray, Liv.
In all the years that
we've been together,
and I never, ever would again.
This was a
It was a mistake.
Cara, she she was a one-off.
A one-off that you went back
to, how many times, exactly?
And your go-to position?
No, Liv.
I'm not asking for diagrams.
Look, the sex was, erm
It It was different.
- Better?
- No.
No, I didn't say that. Different.
If this is you being
an open book, then
You're my wife.
There's certain things that I
would I would never ask you to do.
Oh, I see, you're protecting my virtue.
Please don't make this any
harder than it already is.
After you fucked her in all the ways
you deemed not appropriate
for me, then what?
Small talk, compare orgasms or
just rolled out from underneath her?
- I came home.
- To your wife.
Like the respectable man that you are.
The thing I cannot get my head around
is how then you could just sleep.
Because a guilty conscience
Yeah, sure, you can
push it down with a boatload
of whisky but the thing is
come bedtime it's there, it's
it's waiting for you.
The thing you've done.
We can get through this.
No more lies.
Says the liar.
Liv, I need you.
To keep you out of prison.
As good a reason as any.
I love you, Liv.
So you love me.
Do you love her?
I don't I don't love her.
I didn't I didn't love her.
She loved you.
She loved you.
You guys okay?
Your drinks are dead.
I've never been to jail ♪
Tell a nigga that
I'm in here like gel ♪
I just want the paper ♪
Can I read the mail? ♪
Tell them it's a fee without the male ♪
Do tell, do tell ♪
You dig it like a ditch, if
I paid you some attention ♪
You'd probably be rich ♪
Sucks to be you ♪
Ol' gold digging bitch ♪
Shit, I'm running this
shit like Drake with the 6 ♪
Let's go, let's get it,
I'm committed ♪
It's survival of the fittest
and I'll only take a minute ♪
Life is short I
compare it to a midget ♪
Shovel in the trunk of the '06 Civic ♪
I'm with it, I'm with it ♪
There's no way out ♪
You're stuck in the
mud, snow, rain, drought ♪
Like tits no bra ♪
You should go hang out ♪
Body like a shotgun just
don't bang out, woo, woo! ♪
Let's start a fire, baby ♪
I'm so inspired maybe ♪
Don't try to fight it ♪
I know you like it, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Taking over like a virus ♪
Let's start a riot, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Don't try to fight it ♪
I know you like it, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Taking over like a virus ♪
Let's start a riot, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Black or white, you are my type ♪
Like a keyboard, baby ♪
You earned your stripes ♪
I'm on your bike,
we ride together ♪
Jungle fever, a firm believer ♪
Lacking on rest but
I'm still a dreamer ♪
We can show out like Martin, Gina ♪
Offer a ring and I'll say yes eager ♪
Let's start a fire, baby ♪
I'm so inspired maybe ♪
We can get old together ♪
It is our time like Brady ♪
Let's start a fire, baby ♪
I'm so inspired maybe ♪
We can get old together ♪
It is our time like Brady ♪
Don't try to fight it ♪
I know you like it, yeah ♪
She won't leave me alone.
Because she knows the truth.
Are you a real priest?
I'm listening.
It was me.
I killed her.
Come on, then do
something. Smite me down!
That's not quite how it works.
Then what am I meant to do?
Because this
Living like this, I can't.
That's it, isn't it?
I'm not meant to.
An eye for an eye.
All that shit. I'll just
I won't be here anymore.
You're clearly torturing yourself.
But intention is everything.
Was it there?
To hurt this woman?
the thing becomes an accident.
An accident.
If it wasn't for the storm
and him fucking with my
mind over and over and over.
And she was close to the edge.
With the insane wind and the rain.
She could never have
known how close she was.
It was an accident.
It was an accident.
It was an accident.
It was an accident.
It was an accident.
It was an accident.
It was an accident.
What the fuck?
It's time to go home.
Riots on the TV ♪
Freeway dirt bike popping wheelies ♪
They want to keep it PG ♪
All their daughters wanna be me ♪
I'm Georgia peachy, believe me ♪
Head out the window, it's breezy ♪
They up my ass like bikinis ♪
I'm not nice, I'm a meanie ♪
Throw a tantrum, baby ♪
Doll me up 'cause I'm a brat ♪
I'm a handful, demi-devil pyromaniac ♪
Where have you been?
Should I expect this every time I'm
out of your sight for five minutes?
I wa I was worried, that's all.
Worried I'd have a change of heart?
Were you?
That's for me to know
and you to find out.
Is this how it's going
to be from now on?
For your sake, I hope not.
Yep. Bonnie, I'm on my way.
Well, don't you think
it's a bit too soon?
No, no. Er
Yes, of course. Er
Yes, I'll ask her.
Okay, bye.
Er, she she wants to
She wants to raise a glass to
It It'd be good
if you could be there.
As new starts go, toasting to your
dead mistress really is up there.
Will said you weren't coming.
Here, take, drink,
and drink some more. I intend to.
Darling, you made it.
I'm I'm sorry about your friend.
I guess you were one of
the last to talk to her.
Tell me she was having fun out there.
No, no, no. Tell me she was having
the best fucking time of her life.
Well, she
She was.
Well, you know Cara.
She was life and soul.
And anyone who got
in her way, be damned.
I think it's kind of a
now or never situation.
I vote never.
No, no, you're right, you're right.
It can't be chicken shit, so
Would you just quiet the rabble for me?
Of course. Yes.
Excuse me, everyone. Could you
just all gather round, please?
Er, Bonnie Bonnie's
going to say a few words.
Just a few because Cara had
to listen to me enough in life.
And I've been thinking
about beginnings a lot.
You know where we were when we met,
after a hideous day
of interviewing girls
with nothing between
their ears and then
In she walked, looking
the way that she looked,
which was one thing.
But then she opened her mouth.
And sometimes you meet
women like that in life,
and, frankly, you want to hate them.
It doesn't seem fair.
Them at the front of
the line when the big man
was passing out all the goods and, er
Well, maybe I did for
just a millisecond.
But then she brought me
in, which is what Cara did.
So as being with her made
you feel like your best self.
Quicker, funnier, smarter.
More alive.
Which is just this, er
just a fucking joke in all of this.
She really was the most alive
person that I ever met, so
Here's to keeping her that way.
To Cara.
To Cara.
Be right back.
Come with me.
We have to leave.
You guilt-tripped me into coming,
and now you've changed your mind?
- They're saying she didn't fall.
- What?
Who said that?
The police. The police are saying that.
They're saying that she was pushed.
She was murdered.
You know I couldn't do this.
Hurt anyone.
If anything leads back
to you and Cara then
we're done.
Both of us.
I know.
So we cover our tracks.
Make sure there is
nothing, and I mean nothing,
that connects you and Cara romantically.
We We can We can do that.
I mean, that's no problem. No one knew.
Yeah, that's what you think, but
This is about being definite, so
We go over everything.
Because I tell you one thing, your
lies are not landing me in prison.
Oh, Liv.
Thank you.
Thank you.
How would the two of you communicate?
We'd text, call if it was urgent.
Wipe your phone.
She she was more on the
paranoid side so she used a burner.
Okay, good.
The police won't know to check for that.
- Emails?
- Mostly sent from work.
I mean, her desktop's company property.
I just need some time
with it, that's all.
Well, yes, and her passwords.
Wow, you know each other's passwords.
Some, not all.
And what about your actual meetings?
I paid in cash.
And apart from a joke
trip to the Empire State,
we chose pretty
discreet locations, so
I'm sure you did.
Are there any physical
items that connect you?
You know, ticket stubs, erm, gifts?
Er, look Erm
I gave her a key.
You gave her a key to our home?
I I just Liv, she
wanted more and more from me
and I didn't know what to do.
I tried to get her
off my back. It just
We only came here once, Liv.
You didn't think you'd
taken enough from me?
She's everywhere.
Do you get that? She's
everywhere and now she's here.
Well, I guess we have to go find
the fucking key now, don't we?
Are you Are you okay?
I just I heard a
sound and I came to check.
Please tell me I'm
not where I think I am.
I'm afraid so.
The last thing I remember,
I was dancing to Pat Benatar.
Quite possibly alone in the
I just like I just, er
It all just went, pffff!
Was that on when you got here?
Er, I don't I don't
know. I only just
I meant, did you turn it on?
No. I mean, that would
be a weird thing to do.
Because the police are coming
and they're going to want
access and ask questions.
- I just
- Bonnie, I didn't touch the thing.
I don't know but
Yeah. It's a lot.
What they're saying.
I know.
God, I need caffeine and sugar.
Fuck it, I need a Cronut.
In the nicest possible way, Bonnie
you need a shower.
I have fired people for less.
You did well, yesterday.
Oh, boy. Okay.
You know what?
You tell anyone about this,
I'll cut off your balls.
I know we said we weren't going
to do feelings, so don't get mad.
And, fuck it, maybe I
won't even send this,
so you won't even know how
insane you make me feel.
How many hours of every day
I waste thinking about you.
How terrifying it is to me that so fast
you seem to know me better than anyone.
And how much I wish you weren't
just this thing that exists
outside of real life.
I want you to be my real life."
Sorry. Sorry, I got
stuck between stations.
I don't want to be here any
longer than we have to be.
No, me neither.
Are you clear on the plan?
Yeah, yeah. Come on in.
Take a pew.
How, erm
How have you been?
Sorry. That was an idiotic question.
Got any friends or family staying
here, people you can talk to?
What's there to say?
sometimes it helps.
I take it you guys heard the news, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I still can't believe it.
No, it feels like the sort of
thing that happens to other people.
It is, that is unless the
police showed up at your door
asking you guys questions.
Er, sorry. Look, I'm really
not very good at this.
I brought you some chicken soup.
Figured you wouldn't have eaten.
Thank you.
It's just soup.
Well, why don't Why
don't I heat it up for you?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I'll show you where the kitchen is.
Do you mind if I use the restroom?
Oh, yeah. It's just, er
Where the fuck are you?
What you doing in her closet?
Oh, I didn't want to say.
I should have done. Sorry.
Er, Cara's clothes that
she lent me in Yosemite.
I was I was returning them.
She doesn't need them anymore, does she?
Well, if it was me, I'd want to
know everything was in its place.
And whoever was left behind had
as much as me as possible.
I should have said. Sorry.
It's fine.
Everything's fine.
Thank you.
You really came through for me.
So, thank you.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor?
Detective Rawlins. My colleague.
Detective Wiseman.
We're heading up the New York
City part of the investigation
into the murder of Ms. Cara Parker.
First off, I know you knew the victim,
so my sincerest condolences.
That said, we'd really
appreciate you coming down
to the station to
answer a few questions.
Oh, yes, of course.
You can imagine a lot
of what we need to do
is establish who's, where's, when's,
much of which we have in
your original statement
to the Yosemite Park rangers.
Nothing to scare the horses. You're
at liberty to leave at any point.
Of course, we hope our
company is not that unbearable.
Oh, well, anything you need
to know, just just ask.
You and your husband were
staying at the Majestic Hotel
on the night of Ms.
Parker's disappearance.
Er, yes. Yes, that's right.
And what was your
relationship with the victim?
Er I liked her.
Er No, I mean, what was the
nature of your relationship?
- Were you colleagues or ?
- Oh, right. Yes, of course.
Erm Well, er, no.
My My husband, Will, erm
He worked with her at the Lowbeck.
But you'd all become friendly?
Well, we hiked together, took a
drink. You know, nothing major.
Had you met her before Yosemite?
Er, no, that was the
first time, that day.
Your husband had never talked about her?
There was no crossover at
work functions or the like?
Well, it's a it's a big hotel.
You know, he has a lot of colleagues.
You must have bonded
pretty hard and fast.
We have a witness from
the dining room that night,
said he saw you and
Ms. Parker locked in
"A tight embrace."
Oh, what can I say?
I'm a friendly drunk.
Good for you.
And after this embrace, you returned
to your room with your husband
and that was the last
you saw of Ms. Parker?
Well, it was a it was a long day.
Will and I ducked out early from dinner.
Went back to the room, had a nightcap.
Well, he fancied a nightcap, I didn't.
Er, and then he must
have come back around
That was us for the rest of the night.
We ducked out of dinner early.
Went back to our room.
I fancied a nightcap.
She wisely didn't.
And, er
I must have got back to the
room, must have been about 11.30.
And then
Yeah. I mean, that was us
for the rest of the night.
Very detailed, Mr. Taylor. Thank you.
Of course.
Erm, the part that's just
a little bit sticky for me
is the coincidence of it.
I mean, here's you and your
wife What is it, Wiseman?
Just shy of 3,000
miles as the crow flies.
So, a long way from home.
And you only go and bump
into your colleague from work,
who just so happens to have
stopped at the exact same trail
you and your wife had
planned to walk that day.
Never mind that she's staying
at the exact same hotel.
Listen, I I get it.
But that's not exactly an answer.
Okay, look, I, erm
I I really didn't want
to do this because, well,
you know, Cara Cara
was a great girl and
You know, I mean, what's happened,
I mean, it's horrific, but, erm
But this, this is Cara all over.
You know, she was she
was obsessed with keeping up.
You know, she heard a
hot new restaurant was the place to be,
she'd be there ready to document
the whole thing on Instagram.
You know, it's the same
with bars and clubs and
You think she followed you there?
No, no, no, no. Not me.
I think
she followed the experience of it.
So not a woman who
knew her own mind, then?
Like I said
You know, I would
never want to speak ill.
Thanks for coming in, guys.
Thank you.
Nice couple.
If you can forgive the British part.
The night she died and there's them
saying almost the exact same thing.
I'm pretty sure they
won't call us in again.
Because you made out Cara was mad?
No, not mad.
Just impressionable.
A silly girl.
A silly girl who you were
sleeping with for months on end.
A silly girl who you
gave a key to our home.
A silly girl who you made promises to.
Promises that ended up getting
her killed one way or another.
Hey, neighbour.
How you been?
I don't even know where to start.
He's nowhere near good enough for you.
I don't want you to be sad.
You deserve
Well, you deserve everything.
But mostly a shit ton of happiness.
You don't know what I deserve.
Don't look ahead ♪
There's stormy weather ♪
Another roadblock in our way ♪
But if we go, we go together ♪
Was she happy?
Is that a serious question?
Who's happy in this life?
Are you happy, Detective?
Extra hour in bed.
Baby sleeping through, wife
letting me watch the game.
Sure, wouldn't take much for me to be.
No, I imagine not.
We're trying to get a
better picture of your friend
and employee in the days
leading up to her death.
If she was happy, who
was making her happy?
If she was sad
who was coming for her?
It's pretty basic stuff, Mrs. Sizemore.
Some days she was happy,
some days not so much.
Why do you think that was?
Well, anything I say
that It would be a guess.
I mean, she made a point not to bring
her private life into the office.
Well, an educated guess.
Given that you spent more time
with her than anyone else here.
Probably anyone else in her life.
Barring Garth, who I
assume you've talked to.
Well, we're talking to you now, so
An educated guess, please.
Last few months, she was
first in, last to leave.
And after work, no matter what the hour,
she would go to the gym for a workout.
Instead of going home?
She called it her escape.
Boxed up her stuff already.
Apparently these lockers
are like gold dust.
Kinda cold, no?
I can think of more fun
ways to blow off steam.
I mean, the woman was in
great shape, but come on.
Are you really gonna go there? Yeah.
Objectively speaking and with
absolutely no Me Too connotations.
But please, she's working
out close to midnight.
It's on the sad side of things.
Don't hate the player, hate the game.
- Facts. Oh.
- Ms. Parker's belongings.
Much obliged. Thank you.
What do we got, Cara?
Why lie about knowing her?
All right!
Garth Lenihan, I have a
warrant here for your arrest
for the murder of Ms. Cara Parker.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and
will be used against you.
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