Wilderness (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Wha what are you doing here?
I'm checking you're alive.
Do you have any idea what
it does to my to my insides
when I don't hear back from you?
The places my mind goes.
It's the curse of
motherhood. Well, one of them.
The constant, constant worry.
I should have called but
I Everything is I'm fine
That's what you're going for, is it?
[LIV NARRATING] Who gets it?
Who doesn't?
All comes down to who's
prepared to draw first blood.
Ca Caryl.
Well, it Is it Is everything okay?
I've been hearing all about this girl.
This Cara.
I don't like your little games ♪
Don't like your tilted stage ♪
The role you made me play ♪
Of the fool, no, I don't like you ♪
I don't like your perfect crime ♪
How you laugh when you lie ♪
You said the gun was mine ♪
Isn't cool, no, I don't like you ♪
But I got smarter ♪
I got harder in the nick of time ♪
Honey, I rose up from the dead ♪
I do it all the time ♪
I've got a list of names and
yours is in red, underlined ♪
I check it once then
I check twice, oh! ♪
Look what you made me do ♪
Look what you made me do ♪
Look what you just made me do ♪
Look what you just made me ♪
Ooh! Look what you made me do ♪
Look what you made me do ♪
Look what you just made me do ♪
Look what you just made me do ♪
Please tell me you
haven't told her anything.
- She's my mother.
- Yeah, but you hate her, Liv.
Look, I didn't I didn't mean
You know how it will
look, anyone knowing.
- Yeah, it'll look pretty fucking bad.
- Yeah, and then I'll go to prison.
And you'll go to prison.
Just just tell me what she knows.
She knows about Cara's accident.
And how
[WHISPERING] And how devastated
you were about your colleague.
Oh, Livvy.
You know, I really wanted to come
home and just hit the reset tonight.
- Yeah, well, my mother's here.
- And why is that exact
Because she's worried about me.
She's worried my marriage is in trouble.
But wait, you you
set her straight, right?
[WHISPERING] If this is your version
of a fully functioning relationship,
then you really are a sociopath.
[WHISPERING] Listen to me.
We cannot, cannot, afford to have
your mother here asking questions.
Okay, listen.
We we put on a show.
We reassure her that everything's
fine, and she goes home.
We get our lives back and then
I start showing you properly,
properly fucking show you, Liv,
how I'm going to make
this up to you, okay?
- Okay?
Yeah, it doesn't work for me.
Liv. Please.
You know the only thing worse
than your endless grovelling
is my mother's "I told you so".
[LIV] We should celebrate.
Your first visit to
this Big Apple of ours.
Champagne, don't you think, love?
Er, yeah, er, right, as ever.
I just found my wedding gift.
Stuffed in the back of that drawer.
That's weird.
Must have been the cleaner.
- How long are you with us for?
- Just a week. A proper chance to catch up.
What about work?
Oh, I've not had a holiday
day since Ron's cremation.
And they didn't even do a hot buffet.
I'll not be in your way, if
that's what you're worrying about.
You've already got enough going
on with all this Cara business.
You won't even notice I'm here.
And what are the chances?
The sofa's already made up.
Oh, no, no mother-in-law of
mine is gonna stay on a sofa.
I'll book you in at the Lowbeck.
[CARYL] Well, I don't need fuss
No, no arguments, please.
It's the least we can do.
I mean, you're our guest.
Well, I'm not a guest. I'm family.
Of course. And as family
your opinion please.
- Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.
You really are too good to me.
What do you think?
[CARYL] It's brave.
Colour like that.
What's what's the occasion?
[WILL] Oh, no occasion.
Just like to treat my wife.
[RAWLINS] I see you keep
yourself in pretty good shape.
Must be the not drinking and the
gym, three, four times a week?
I box.
[LAUGHING] Just never
understood the point.
Running in the same spot in a
room full of other folk's sweat
when the park's around the corner?
I get it, for some it's their religion.
Is that how it was with Miss Parker?
Yeah, she liked to work out.
What the fuck is this about?
And the two of you never went together?
No, it was her thing.
So, you won't know what's in her locker?
Forty thousand dollars.
Proof of ID.
The fuck
And this.
[WISEMAN] Your girl was
looking for a place to live.
She never said.
Oh, I don't think she
was factoring you in, pal.
[RAWLINS] So we have a bag.
Stashed in a spot where she
knows you won't come looking
'cause it's her thing.
And inside that bag
the means to escape.
[WISEMAN] Now, back in
Yosemite you said, erm
"Things were better than
ever in our relationship.
We were on holiday. We were in love."
[RAWLINS] The way I see it
you are Miss Parker were both
in different relationships.
You are delusional.
Or you're lying.
And if you're lying about this,
what else are you lying about?
[CARYL] I was awake.
It's hard not to be with
the noise from that street.
No wonder you look permanently tired.
And as for this joke sofa
- Well, there you are then. Lowbeck it is.
Be nice for you to see where Will works.
I'm sure it's suitably fancy.
He's got meetings later,
but when he's back from his jog,
he's insisting on making breakfast.
What's that involve, pressing
buttons on his shiny coffee machine?
Whatever you thought was going
on, you can see now that it's not.
There's no other woman.
No affairs. No drama.
So why was he sleeping out here?
Because as you pointed
out, most of my adolescence,
I'm a horrible snorer.
Will had a big meeting. End of story.
So will you just, please
just for me, will you
Just make an effort with him.
I never don't.
One of the neighbours.
She's a talker.
You shower, I'll get rid.
Coming down!
Everything okay, Detective?
Mrs Taylor, good morning. Can I come up?
Oh, I'm just on my way out actually.
May I join you?
Figured you'd wanna know,
we've made an arrest.
Garth Lanahan.
That doesn't surprise you?
I wish it did.
So, were there warning signs?
Out on the trail.
Oh, I wouldn't go that far.
You know, just
You know the way he'd put his
coat around her would read
You know, one way,
protective. Another
Well, I'll let you finish
your coffee in peace.
[LIV] Thank you, Detective.
For taking the time.
Oh, there was one more thing.
Recognize either of these people?
Er, well, that's me
obviously, and, um
Well, that's Cara.
Yeah. So it is.
But you'd never met her before Yosemite.
Your words.
I hadn't. I guess we go to the same gym.
So it's just coincidence.
Because say you had met her,
it would get me to wonder
why you'd lie about the fact,
and what kind of attitude to Cara
you were bringing into the wilderness.
[LIV] They've arrested Garth.
[WILL] But he he he loved
her. That doesn't make any sense.
[LIV] No, that's why it makes sense.
[WILL] Poor Cara.
[STUTTERS] Maybe if she hadn't said no.
Garth, he proposed that night.
Why didn't you tell me?
She felt bad for him. She
swore me not to say anything.
Was there a ring?
Of course there was a ring, Liv.
I mean, it's Cara, some
absurd diamond from Taffin.
Where's the ring now?
What does it matter?
She turned him down.
- Because you have to tell the police.
- Why?
There's no one else in the picture.
And how exactly would I say
I came about this information?
No, we stay out of it.
Because we are out of it.
It's over.
I mean, it's finally, finally over.
- [WILL] Sol.
- [SOL] Will.
I need one of our best suites.
[SOL] Anything for you.
- Very good.
- Thank you.
[WILL] All sorted.
No, thank you. I can
manage perfectly well.
Oh, it's how they make their commission.
Oh, well, go for your life.
- Thank you.
- [LIV] Thanks.
[BONNIE] William.
You've heard, haven't you?
I mean, I just want
to rip his throat out.
Or something slower,
definitely slower. Just
I had him in my home. And I knew
he wasn't good enough for Cara.
Would she listen to me?
No. No, she wouldn't.
The hell she wouldn't.
And I just feel like I really
need to take half a Xanax
but I got the Board coming at two,
so, you know, they like peppy, so
I'm William's mother-in-law Caryl.
Yes, yes, from Scotland.
- Wales.
- Oh, same same.
I was very sorry to hear
about your colleague.
That's horrible business.
Mum, Bonnie is the
busiest woman in the world, we hold
her up, someone's getting fired.
Yes, and I am so sorry to cut in,
and awesome meeting you,
Liv's mum, I'm Marissa.
But, Bonnie, you do have a midday,
so if we want to get our ducks
in a row, we should sidebar now.
Right. So sorry. Please,
have a great visit.
- And I'll see you
- [WILL] Yeah, I'll be right there, yes.
- [BONNIE] Quickly please.
- [WILL] Yes, yes, yes.
Er, you'll come for dinner
with us tonight, yes?
Er, yeah.
Good. Good.
And, um, here. You both go have fun.
I thought we'd just do Times
Square and be done with it.
- Times Square's for tourists, Mum.
- Well, what are we?
This is my home.
I was meant to honeymoon
here, would you believe?
I thought it was one
night in Scarborough.
Yeah, well, I got pregnant, didn't I?
Not that I believed we'd actually come.
Your father was like that. Making
promises he couldn't deliver.
Well, to me at any road.
We could go to Times Square if you
really want, but it's hellish
Years of my life spent on next summer,
once we'd put enough away,
or my favourite, you'll only
burn and then you'll peel.
At least you don't have
that problem with your Will.
What, don't you think I can be
nice about your husband? Is that it?
No, I didn't say a word.
All I'm saying is, the man
goes after what he wants.
Don't wanna say I
cracked the case but
You cracked the case.
[WISEMAN, ON VIDEO] So you had
dinner and then headed to the bar?
And you left the bar at 11:45?
[WISEMAN] And it was then that you
ran into Ms Parker in the corridor?
Poor thing probably didn't even
notice us, she was so upset.
[WISEMAN] How are you
arriving at that assumption?
Of her mental state.
don't make assumptions, Detective.
The girl was sobbing.
[WISEMAN] Your statement
puts Ms Parker with you
inside your hotel room at that time.
How do you explain that?
It's the same time your minibar
was being liberated
of the following items:
One Coors, two bourbons,
a bottle of red.
That's quite the party.
So not only was the night in question
different than the one you talked up,
but now here it is, ending with you
blowing, like, ten years of sobriety.
No one would blame you for
being in a volatile mindset.
We could even say that you
weren't thinking straight
when you headed out into the storm
after the woman you claimed to love.
I did fucking love her.
I'm not saying another word
until you get me a lawyer.
Oh, I was told this was Will's office.
But you're not Will.
Not even on a good day.
He's down the hall,
second door on the right,
plaque on the wall, sort of
a you-can't-miss-it situation.
Well, how's he settled in?
Don't throw him the bone
of a compliment from me,
but, erm, we would be
lost without the guy.
Oh, so you like working with him?
He's a dreamboat.
Popular, is he, with
clients and the like?
I have a daughter, you know?
She hasn't spoken to me in
three years, but, erm, I get it.
Oh, I'm just interested in their lives,
because Wales is a long way away.
You're worried about your daughter.
Should I be?
The man is at work
16 hours of every day.
It doesn't leave a hell of
a lot of time for cheating.
Not outside the workforce at least.
Trust me, I'd know.
No, it doesn't.
Hello. Who is this?
[GARTH] It's Garth.
Cara's Garth.
Are you still there?
Please, don't hang up.
What what they're saying about me,
it's it's it's not true.
What do you want?
They keep fucking
twisting everything, you know?
Making things seem different
than they actually are.
Look, I just need to know.
Did Cara say anything to
you about us that night?
Because she was gonna leave
me and I need to know why.
Liv, are you still there?
You blanking my texts?
Not sure you can ghost someone
you see, like, every day.
I commend you for trying.
You know, I can take the whole,
"it was a massive error and we
should have never gone there" line.
Hell, I've given it myself enough times.
Leave me alone.
- Well, you look
- Yeah, I know.
Mutton lamb.
No, that's not what I was gonna say.
Now, don't argue with me on this
one, and it's very nice to be invited,
but I want you and Will to
go out on your own tonight.
You deserve it.
Look, I know things haven't been easy.
Yeah, that was an understatement.
It's been an absolute
fucking horror show.
And one, you never
asked to be a part of.
[WHISPERING] Can we not?
The very fact that you're sitting
here means the world to me.
[WAITRESS] Monsieur.
Thank you.
It's more than I deserve.
You know, you're forgiveness
Well, I
I can't even begin to articulate it.
Liv, you're so bloody
wonderful and good
Enough of the past.
Like you said.
It's over.
From here on out
let's only focus on what's ahead of us.
And that's a baby.
A baby?
Not where I saw that going.
I know it's always been me saying
that the timing's not right,
or that we need our own
place, or my next promotion.
And yes, yes these are all true things.
But also, they're really not.
Because at the end of the day,
Liv, I'm just terrified
of letting the kid down,
or of not being enough,
of fucking them up in
an age-old Larkin way.
But I want to be better. I want to
Liv, I want to do
better, proper commitment.
Liv, you'd be the
most incredible mother.
I just know it.
So, what do you say?
- What do I say?
- Yes.
I say
is this just another line?
No, Liv, this is
This is real.
Look, I know, I've myself how
horribly short life is.
And I
I can't waste any more of it.
You know, it turns out there's
something scarier than having a baby.
And that's spending all our
time pretending like we're fine.
To your mother, to our
friends, to the outside world.
And then going home and
sleeping in separate beds
and feeling so fucking
alone that I want to scream.
is that a yes?
Fuck it.
Nothing else to lose.
Who'd you call yesterday?
We have the call logs.
I called Liv Taylor.
You guys get friendly
out on the hike, that it?
Strange kind of friend.
"Just the way he put his coat around
her would read one way protective.
Another way, possessive."
Nah, she wouldn't say that.
Right, 'cause you trust her.
I just met the woman.
That's a good thing, right?
To get another woman's perspective
on things, ask their advice.
You've got one more hour,
two hours tops with my client,
and you're going around the houses?
I'm just wondering if you let
her in on your plans for Cara.
Plans, what do you what do you mean?
You know, like, forever plans.
A tip-off last night sent us the Taffin.
[LIV] You're on holiday, Mother.
Having a lie-in isn't a
sign of a moral failure.
I'd nearly worn through my others.
Yeah, I know. I saw.
I I don't know a
good way to say this, so I'm
just I'm just gonna say it.
William is cheating on you.
Which you already know.
And you've known for some time.
I just wish you didn't feel
the need to pretend with me.
[SCOFFS] This is what happens when
you skip your first cup of tea.
Don't take me for more of a
fool than you have already.
Carrying on like you're newly weds
as if I wouldn't see through that.
I'm just praying it doesn't mean
that you're planning
on staying with him.
So we're doing this, are we?
You know, instead of
going to see a show,
maybe have a bite, you know,
doing things that normal
mothers and daughters do.
Do you know who it is? Who
he's been carrying on with.
Yeah, well, I'm going to
have my cup of tea at least.
The dead girl.
That's who.
I've got Polaroids.
There's six of the things.
They're all of her.
In various
See for yourself.
He hid them in a drawer in your bedroom.
Right, so that's what last
night was. I mean wow.
This means his hands are tied.
It means you can get whatever
divorce settlement you want.
You could start over. Proper.
I'm doing this for your own good.
I take no pleasure in it. None.
I can only imagine your
face when you found out.
Finally, you could pay me back.
Pay you back?
Oh, come on, Mother.
Why just the two of us here?
For telling you what I saw.
For Dad fucking that woman.
I'd be very careful
what you say next, Olive.
I ruined your life.
Your words.
Not mine.
So here you are trying to
do the same thing to me.
I never said that. You were just ten.
You were too young to
remember anything sensible.
It kind of sticks in your
mind when your own mother
tells you how depraved
you are, how sick
And actually, my, erm, my favourite,
"You're making the whole thing up."
You know the shame that I felt?
No, no, no, actually,
actually more than that.
This belief that you gave me.
That deep down inside,
whatever I was made of,
was this seed of badness.
Yeah, you think something long
enough it comes true, doesn't it?
You've always been a fantasist,
you've been living in your own head,
and this is that, this
is more of the same.
- So you didn't blame me?
- What does it matter?
- What does it matter?!
- It was ancient history!
That's who I am!
It is who you made me. It's
the things that I have done.
You are being very childish, Olive.
If you'd never said,
he'd have never left.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mother.
Do you know how long I've spent
thinking that I didn't deserve love?
And that I wasn't good enough.
And I finally, I finally find someone
who makes me feel okay as I am.
And what do you do? You
come and you burn it down.
No, no, I think you'll find it's
your husband who's doing that.
Just look at the photos.
Please, I don't need to
look at the fucking photos.
I know, of course I know.
- You're coming home with me.
- I'm not coming home. I'm not coming home.
He is my home. This is my home.
I'm not giving up on this
marriage. It has cost me too much.
Are you telling me that you're
happy with this being your lot?
Stuck with a man who doesn't love you?
In a city that doesn't
give two figs who you are.
He does love me.
We have a future.
Oh, don't don't don't tell me
you're fool enough to be
thinking of starting a family
with this man.
Because he will leave you.
And then you'll be stuck.
So one day,
I can come and make
it clear to my daughter
quite how much I resent her.
I am just trying to help.
Yeah. First time for
everything, eh, Mum?
[LIV] Fuck!
I know you want this to be over.
So do we.
Only one reason you return a ring.
Girl says no.
You load all your shitting
salary into the thing.
You vomit up your guts
and ask her to marry you.
You make sure to do it all proper.
The way that you know she'll want it.
And what's she do?
Woman goes and breaks your heart.
Makes sense you're going after her.
Wanting answers I bet she
was too chicken shit to give.
So now you're thinking,
if I can't have her,
no one else can.
But you're not a bad guy.
You don't hit her, or strangle
her, or make her suffer.
It's just one clean
Square in the back.
I figure 'cause you can't
look her in the eye
'cause it's love you feel,
not hate
'cause if you see her face,
well then, you'll remember
she's your forever girl.
[SOBBING] I thought
I thought she was gonna say yes.
[SOBBING] But she
But she didn't.
She didn't, and
I got drunk when I shouldn't have.
I thought a bunch of really
dark shit that I shouldn't have.
But I didn't kill her.
I was awful earlier.
Look, if you told me
your mum was in town,
I'd have ducked and covered.
How monstrous we talking?
No more than me.
That's pretty fucking monstrous. Okay.
Can I ask you something?
Why are you so good to me?
Well, I'm a Grade A masochist for one.
Mostly, I've been where you've been.
Not a place I'd wish on my worst enemy.
Let alone someone I actually like.
You know for a tiny moment,
I actually thought I
could see a way through.
Doesn't exactly seem like good news.
Oh, I
- I need to
- Hey.
It's okay.
You know where to find me.
Tell me this isn't. You
are not blackmailing me.
No, this is me keeping you safe.
The girl's dead, Olivia.
You can't think Will had
anything to do with that, can you?
Bottom line, you're coming home.
[WISEMAN] We're letting a killer walk.
Without the confession,
the rest is circumstantial.
At best.
Everyone wants it to be him.
It's not the same thing as it being him.
You win.
Well, if low-key is what you want,
I'll respect that, of course I will,
but Dennis has already said
we can have the function
room at the Yew Tree.
I hardly think they'll be
lining the streets, Mum.
Well, that's where you're wrong.
Because you have been missed.
By everyone.
Are we havin' puds then, or what?
'Cause if I have a whole one,
you're gonna have to
cart me onto the plane
but I think it'd be rude not to
have a baklava, don't you think?
And I'm gonna get this. No arguments.
Because we
are celebrating.
Whatever you want.
I'd have never done it.
And you know that.
Can I have them?
Hang him out to dry, love.
He deserves everything he gets.
It doesn't seem so
bad now we're leavin'.
It's always the way.
Of course, once you see
those hills come rollin' in
and the air hits you, you'll
barely remember all of this.
The whole thing'll be
just like a bad dream.
I do love you.
What you being soft for?
- [LIV] Can you take my mum to JFK?
- [TAXI DRIVER] All right.
Oh, that's a nasty little trick.
And what's this full of, then, rocks?
Put that trench coat in.
Thought you'd get more wear out of it.
I don't need the photos.
I can just tell them.
I can just tell them Will was
sleeping with the dead girl.
- Yeah, you could.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I will.
Just, erm
wouldn't be bad for Will.
[SOBS] I didn't mean to.
- I didn't mean to, it was an accident.
- Shh.
[CARYL] Will did this. Do you hear me?
There is no badness in you.
- [CARYL] You're all right.
I took a walk down my old street ♪
But a little thought occurred to me ♪
I belong to the street
more than it does to me ♪
How tediously Sophoclean ♪
To look for signs of poetry ♪
In the golden litter
and the tinfoil shining ♪
Wave, I'm waiting on a wave ♪
For someone just to say ♪
"Oh, honey, you'll be safe" ♪
[LAUGHS] It's just me.
Nothing to be scared of.
Come, come.
Sit, sit.
Now dinner is almost ready,
which is code for "I'm
about to get it delivered,"
and then replate it
so you think I've suddenly
learned homemaker skills.
Who is this?
- Er
- Because it's not Cara.
So I'll ask again.
Who is it?
Erm Would you
[WAVERING] Would you just
let me explain, please?
[WHISPERING] I think we're
kind of past that point.
Look, er
It's, erm
It's it's Marissa.
Cara's friend?
You were fucking Cara's friend?
Before or after?
So before.
[WAVERING] I think there's
something wrong with me, Liv.
But I I can I can I can fix it.
I, er I can I can I can fix it.
You know, with your help, I
can I can I can fix it.
I'll put in for a transfer,
or I'll go to counselling.
I'll do whatever
whatever you need me to do,
I I will do it, Liv.
- I'm gonna have a baby you don't want.
- No, I do.
I do want a baby. I want
it all. With you, Liv.
[LIV] Nah.
No, you want it all with everyone.
Your romantic meal for two is here.
Liv, please talk to me.
Not interrupting, am I?
How did you get in here?
That's not how you
talk to a friend, is it?
Because that's
that's what we are, right?
The three of us.
'Course we are.
You just caught us mid-row.
No point pretending otherwise.
Yeah, I mean, 'cause, you know
Nobody likes a liar. Right, Liv?
Good of you. Bringing that up.
You'll stay and eat with us. Will,
you'd like that, wouldn't you?
Yes. Yes, that would be great.
- I'll go get some plates.
- Yeah.
Why don't I get you a drink?
- [GARTH] Mm.
- [WILL] Come with me.
- [WILL] Whiskey?
- [GARTH] Yeah.
[WILL] Great.
How how do you take it?
No, I'm an on the rocks man myself.
I've, er, got some good stuff.
- [THUD]
I was just
'Cause calling the cops?
That's not a very friendly thing to do.
Just like talking a bunch of shit
to them about how I was with Cara.
[WILL] Garth.
Just put the gun, er, down, please.
And then we can all
talk calmly as adults.
I am plenty fucking calm!
[WILL] No! Sure you are,
sure you are, just
Can you just let my wife go, please?
Right when she tells me why
she's been acting one way
and being another.
You know I wouldn't take
you for a stupid guy.
I'm on your side.
No, there's only ever been one
person who's been on my side.
Or I thought there was.
[LIV] I get it. I get it.
Trust me, I get it.
You tell me what she said to you.
What she really said to you.
You feel like there's no one
You feel like there's
no one to trust anymore.
You feel like there's nothing solid.
You know, I'm thinking,
you not saying anything
that kind of says it all.
[SLOWLY] Who was he?
[WILL] Liv.
Because my girl ain't leavin'
unless she's got some place to go.
[GASPING] I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I wa it wa it wa it
was me. It was me. It was me.
Me and Cara.
Look, it's my fault. It's my fault.
Just, please, just let her go.
She fucking hated you.
Why why why else do you
think she came to Yosemite.
We started we
started sleeping together
pretty much as soon as I moved here.
She she has this tattoo
that rides up just below her
Look, she followed me
out there because
she wanted she
wanted us to be together.
I'm I'm sorry.
Shut up.
- [WILL] Look, I'm I'm sorry.
- Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up.
[LIV] Will!
- [GARTH] You fucking knew.
- Will! Will!
- [GARTH] You fucking knew.
- [LIV] Will!
[GARTH] That's why you lied.
You knew!
He killed her.
He killed her.
She was mine.
She was mine.
Mother said, look now at that fire ♪
You're a lasty ♪
One by one, I watch 'em run ♪
And then they pass me ♪
All get set, taking my mark ♪
Nothing to lose I
got nothing but heart ♪
Take you to your knees ♪
Left us in the dark ♪
Feeling all this heat ♪
Ooh, ignite our spark ♪
To your knees ♪
Left us in the dark ♪
Feeling all this heat ♪
Ooh, now I'm gonna take 'em back ♪
I'm gonna take 'em back ♪
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