Wilderness (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Where White Knights Go To Die

If you want your attorney present,
we can arrange it.
You don't want one?
No, I don't have one.
Will deals with the, erm
We're working to a pretty
clear picture of events
between the statements of the
first responders and your husband.
For me, there are just two bits
that aren't quite adding up.
Why did he go to your apartment?
Man gets his freedom, and pretty
much the first thing he does
is track down two people he
only met a few weeks back.
Let's face it, under far
from ideal circumstances.
I guess we have that in common.
That, em
We, the three of us,
the last to see her.
So he wanted to what reminisce?
Yet somehow that ends up
with a gun in your face.
A person can only take so much.
A person can.
The first blow you dealt Mr.
Lanahan was significant.
Yet there were four further blows.
Why is that?
He was on top of me.
I thought I was gonna die.
No, of course, just
when you realised you weren't,
why keep hitting him?
I didn't
I didn't
I didn't realise I was.
Are you gonna charge me?
Have you ever heard of Castle Doctrine?
It's a man's right to defend
himself in his property.
Article 35 New York Penal Law allows
the use of force for self defence
when the person has a reasonable belief
that they are in immediate danger.
So you know, the million-dollar
question becomes define reasonable.
[WISEMAN] Poor girl,
getting caught up in this.
It's like she wanted to
have the book thrown at her.
DA called it. Criminally
negligent homicide.
And the crime scene
boys have finished up
so your apartment's good to go.
[WISEMAN] Got yourself
a loyal one there.
Liv, Liv, I don't I don't
want you around any of this.
Look, I'll sort us a room at work,
and get a cleaning
company in first thing.
This is my home.
Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪
Liv you can't you can't be serious.
Help or don't help, it's up to you.
Hey, when you look at me like
that I don't really like it ♪
Hey, when you talk to me like
that I don't really like it ♪
When you look at me like that ♪
And when you talk to me like that ♪
- I don't really like it ♪
- When you look at me like that ♪
- When you talk to me like that ♪
- I don't really like it ♪
Hey, when you look at me like
that I don't really like it ♪
Hey, when you talk to me like
that I don't really like it ♪
When you look at me like that ♪
When you talk to me like that ♪
Liv, can we please just
[WILL] I've got news.
I've err, I've done what I said I'd do.
I've put in for a transfer,
with compassionate leave.
Means we'll be ready to
go by the end of the week.
I've I've put in for a transfer.
- [LIV] Transfer?
- [WILL] Yes.
Yep, err, back to, back
to the London branch.
I'm gonna speak to my parents. I'm
gonna ask if we can have the flat.
And we'll dress the whole
thing up as a promotion.
We stop-gap there for a while,
we look for a bigger place.
But I mean, it won't be too long before
we'll be needing the extra bedroom.
I've spoken to the shipping company.
They're gonna drop off
all the boxes tomorrow.
So all we have to do
is fill them and then
Well, I mean, they
do they do the rest.
You have been busy.
Liv, I'm err I'm trying here.
I mean, there's been enough talk.
You know, this is this is action.
I'm acting to try and save our marriage.
Listen, I know that there's err
I mean, there's still
a shitload to process.
You know, even before, but
Liv, I mean the very fact
that we could get through this.
I mean, that only shows
just how strong we are.
I mean, the two of us.
And once we get back home, and
then away from all this mess,
we'll find each other again.
Look, I know, I know we will.
I know we will, and then we can put
we can put all of this,
I mean, everything,
we can just put it behind us.
New start.
New start.
I want a divorce.
[ASH] Well good riddance
to shitty rubbish.
And do you wanna talk about it?
Like any of it?
Well at the very least we celebrate
With your feet on the air ♪
And your head on the ground ♪
Try this trick and spin it, yeah ♪
Your head will collapse ♪
But there's nothing in it ♪
And you'll ask yourself ♪
Where is my mind? ♪
Where is my mind? ♪
Where is my mind? ♪
Where is my mind? ♪
Where is my mind? ♪
Way out in the water ♪
See it swimmin'? ♪
I was swimmin' in the Caribbean ♪
Animals were hiding
behind the rock ♪
Except a little fish ♪
But they told me it swears ♪
Tryna talk to me coy-koi ♪
Where is my mind? ♪
Where is my mind? ♪
Where is my mind? ♪
Where is my mind? ♪
Where is my mind? ♪
Way out in the water ♪
See it swimmin'? ♪
With your feet on the air ♪
And your head on the ground ♪
Try this trick and spin it, yeah ♪
Yeah ♪
Look, I don't wanna make this
any more hateful than
it already is, so
We both draw up a list for
what we want out of the divorce
I'll get a lawyer, you speak to yours.
[SLURRING] We're not getting a divorce.
Great, you're drunk.
I'm not drunk.
And we're not getting a divorce.
No, you can't stop this, Will.
Even you in your infinite power.
[WILL] Yes, I can.
You're my wife.
And it's staying that way.
Do you wanna know where I've been?
I've been with Ash.
Good for you.
With her, with her.
Why, because it can only be you, right?
Doing what you want,
fucking who you want.
And you
You're my wife.
Yeah, not for long.
[SIGHS] Look, I'm clearly not
gonna get any sense out of you,
so I'll grab a bag and
get out of your way.
Liv, Liv, Liv, please.
Please, please, please, please.
Please, please don't do this.
- No you did this.
- [FALTERING] No, please, I love you.
- I really do, and I'm gonna change.
- No, but you haven't!
But I will! I will.
I will, Liv.
What are you holding on for, Will?
What could you possibly,
possibly think is left
of this marriage to save?
Do us both a favor.
Let it go.
I can't go home without you.
I can't face my I can't
face my father like that.
That's what matters after all this?
- I won't fail, Liv.
- No, but you have.
As a husband, you already have.
Oh, and as a wife you've
been perfect have you?
I'm not doing this dance.
You don't get to be the one
who ends this marriage, Liv.
Fucking look at me
when I'm talking to you!
You have no idea how much I regret
not leaving when I first found out.
Everything from this point on is on you.
This is you pushing me into a corner
I didn't want to have to do this.
But it's my word that keeps you safe.
What are you talking about?
I'll say it wasn't self-defence.
I'll say you meant to kill him.
Like I said
we're not getting a divorce.
- [WILL] Morning guys!
- [REMOVAL MAN] Morning.
[WILL] Please, come on
in, it's through here.
Now if err, if you could keep it down.
My wife's still sleeping,
I'd so appreciate it.
We both know that you're
not actually asleep.
The shippers are here.
I'll help you finish up
packing when I'm back from work.
You know, maybe we could have
one nice last dinner
out, just the two of us.
Love you, wife.
- Hello?
- Hi.
It's Marissa.
Thank you so much for this.
He'll hate it, just so you know.
You guys, come on over.
[EVERYONE] Surprise!
[WILL] Whose idea was
it? I didn't want a fuss.
[BONNIE] Oh, Marissa.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I really shouldn't be saying
this, HR would crucify me,
but compassionate leave? Seriously?
Well, we were attacked
in our own home, Bonnie.
Yes, I know. Yeah, so, move apartment,
not job, city, life.
because optics wise,
looks like shit's got real,
and Cara and the rest of
it, and you can't deal.
Well, we miss England.
Okay, well, now I know you're lying.
Please don't tell me what I think.
[LIV] I learnt this years ago.
Never talk about crown and country.
He's an unironic defender of both.
Well, I prefer 'unapologetic'.
Well, weather and people aside,
I guess it's not the
worst place in the world.
- Are you happy about this?
- Oh, you know me, Bonnie.
I'm happy if Will's happy.
What does you in the UK look like?
[WILL] Work, play,
more work, and then
You know, before long, the
obvious next step a baby.
Never a better way to signal
you're on a sinking ship
than to procreate, eh?
Didn't I tell you she was funny.
Ah, listen, we really shouldn't
monopolise you, Bonnie, we've
Monopolise away.
[BONNIE] Something's different.
Besides, you know
Yeah, I guess it wasn't
a smooth ride after all.
[CLEARS THROAT] Sorry, excuse me.
- [RINGS GLASS] Sorry everyone.
- [WILL] Liv. Liv!
Can I just, erm
My husband is far too
self-effacing to do this himself
so it feels only right and proper
to say a few words about the
man, the legend that is
Will Taylor.
[QUIETLY] What the fuck are you doing?
You see, he's just
the picture of modesty.
Hey, but don't worry, darling.
Everyone in this room loves you.
Because the minute you pitched up here,
you know, the proverbial
fish out of water.
You set about making them.
I'm sure we can all agree, we've
all been bulldozed by Will's charm.
One way or another.
Here, here. [LAUGHS]
Will was born to do this job.
Because it's all about
making people swallow
whatever shit it is you're shovelling.
He doesn't need to believe in it.
He doesn't need to believe in anything,
beyond, let's be honest himself.
It's all about making you believe.
We should, err, we should
let the people drink.
[LIV] Ha! For fear of
what she'll say next.
To William.
Oh, my darling husband.
The world, and everyone in
it, is yours for the taking.
- [TOGETHER] Cheers.
- To Will!
I would say sorry but
it sounds kind of
I just
I mean, honestly?
I never thought of you.
Why would you?
I'm the wife.
You're the other woman well, one of.
You know, he never even
let me know he was leaving?
I just found out from Bonnie.
What are you doing out here?
Comparing notes.
We're leaving.
Oh, are you having fun?
Don't push me, Olivia.
I'm talking to my friend.
I'd like a word with
my wife alone, please.
I can stay.
If you don't feel safe.
I stopped feeling safe a long time ago.
I said I'd come back.
Didn't say I'd do it with any grace.
Well, I hope you had fun.
Because this, all of this,
is not coming with us.
We, are moving on.
From the Marissas of the world.
And the Caras.
I don't want to hear
her name ever again.
Like she never existed.
From this moment on she doesn't.
- Liv?
- Drive. Drive.
- Liv!
- Just drive.
If we're calling off the funeral ♪
Then I'm calling for a hitching ♪
Just when I thought that it was over ♪
It was only just beginning ♪
I know you've been here ♪
Time and time again ♪
Every man wants his
name on a mountain ♪
How many thought they'd be ♪
The one to keep your love? ♪
I'm not promising forever's ♪
Not your thing ♪
But now if you don't want me ♪
To go dreaming ♪
Don't spend your mornings ♪
And your evenings in my bed ♪
If you don't want me believing that ♪
You're never gonna leave me, darling ♪
Don't go puttin' wishes in my head ♪
You've packed.
Yeah, well, we're going, aren't we?
Do you remember that first day?
We were so upside down from jet
lag and everything was in boxes.
It felt like
like we had everything in front of us.
How did we get so far away from that?
I don't know.
No, I do know.
I broke it.
I need I need you to
know that I'm not a bad guy.
I'm I'm not, I just, em
You saw what Garth did to me.
What he was gonna to do to me.
You saw it was self-defence.
Don't you get it?
It should have been me.
It should have been me saving you.
Not you having to save yourself. I
This'll be good. Promise.
[TRANSPORT AGENT] Mr. and Mrs. Taylor.
Would you come with me?
I get that you're just
doing your job here
and that whatever mix-up that's
gone on is not your fault,
but we cannot, I mean,
cannot miss our flight.
remain seated, sir.
[UNDER BREATH] This is ridiculous.
[RAWLINS] Mr. and Mrs. Taylor.
Oh, for fuck's sake. Right.
We can skip the
introductions part, right?
What is this about, exactly?
Because we have been
nothing but accommodating
to you both for weeks now.
- We're just trying to go home.
- Who can blame you?
[RAWLINS] Thought you
might be interested
in a video we received last night.
Will, what is this?
No, I
[WISEMAN] William
Taylor I'm arresting you
on suspicion of the
murder of Cara Parker.
Come on up
You have the right to remain silent
- [WILL] Liv.
- Anything you say
can be used against you in court.
You have the right to an attorney.
Liv, look at me. Liv!
[WILL] Liv, look at me!
You know I wouldn't do
this. I wouldn't do it.
[WISEMAN] If you cannot
afford an attorney,
- one will be provided for you.
- [WILL] Liv, I didn't do it!
[WISEMAN] Do you understand these
rights as I have read them to you
Look, whether or not it
even is me in the video
Come on, we're not going
down that road, are we?
Your watch, your face, you.
No. It's defamatory.
That's what it is.
And I've been advised that in a
court of law it wouldn't stand up.
Who sent it to you? It
was Marissa, wasn't it?
She sent it to incriminate me.
[RAWLINS] But if it's
not you in the video,
then how could it
possibly incriminate you?
[WILL] If it is me in the
video, it proves nothing.
Besides that you've been willfully
obstructing the course of justice
ever since our first meeting.
Which you'll no doubt
also have been advised
carries a custodial sentence.
I wouldn't say you're doing
yourself any favors here.
Sure. It is me in the video.
I had a relationship with Miss
Parker, which ended mutually.
But I am in no way,
and I mean no way,
involved in her death.
Do most of your mutual breakups
result in the other party following
you halfway across the country?
She must have liked you a lot.
And you?
I'm a married man.
I liked her.
Enough to deny the existence
of any kind of connection
- between the two of you.
- Because I knew how it would look.
The night in question.
Humour me.
I refer you to my previous statement.
- You're sticking with your alibi?
- No, I'm sticking with the truth.
[WISEMAN] It's okay,
just take your time.
This has all been a headfuck.
- [WISEMAN] Excuse my French.
- [LIV] I don't understand.
He wouldn't
He would never hurt anyone.
Just like he wouldn't cheat.
Which you were totally blindsided by?
Of course.
[WISEMAN] Look, I can see
that you're a good wife.
That you take things on trust.
So your man he says to you,
"Tell them I was with
you from X to Y to Z".
You don't question it.
Even though you're giving a false alibi.
Maybe you were too
scared to question it.
Maybe you're in a relationship
that's moved so far
beyond what it began as,
you don't know black from white anymore.
Maybe we're looking at coercive control.
Trust me when I say this to you.
The only way he can hurt you anymore
is if you keep lying for him.
It really was longer.
being out of the room.
You're doing great. Really great.
I woke up,
and it was light outside
but he still wasn't there.
Can you put a time on that?
Close to 6:30, I think.
[WISEMAN] And um
How was he, when he finally returned?
No, he couldn't.
He couldn't do this thing.
Just answer the question, Mrs. Taylor.
He was distant.
You know, like he wasn't there.
I asked him where he'd been.
He shut me down.
He was soaked through his shirt, so I
I ran him a bath and then he slept.
His shirt?
In a storm like that?
And then at some point,
the news comes out about
Miss Parker being missing,
and he asks you to lie for him.
It's this, for me.
It's why lie?
You'll think it's pathetic.
Because he asked me to.
We all know it's circumstantial at best.
You've nothing that ties my client
to Miss Parker on the night in question.
The only thing you can prove is
that he broke his wedding vows.
Which, yes of course, rocks my
moral foundations to their core,
but sadly is hardly going to
pique the interest of the DA.
Wiseman, if you wouldn't mind.
[SIGHS] For the benefit of the tape,
I am showing Mr. Taylor
voucher number ending 3624.
Partial fragments of a red windbreaker.
It belongs to you, doesn't it?
We're running your DNA against it.
Better not to further obstruct us.
Again, for the benefit of the tape,
Mr. Taylor is nodding his assent.
Quite the journey it's had.
Cut off by the paramedics
in the course of their
preservation of life duty
bagged up, very nearly
went to the incinerator,
but the stars were aligned, and
the next of kin took receipt.
Quite unaware that it did not in fact
belong to his daughter, Cara Parker.
No, as you just admitted,
it belonged to you.
So he's looking at 25 years to life.
Now, I don't go in for
the talky stuff myself.
But there are people who can help.
It's a lot, all this
that you're going through.
Especially so far from home.
I see you.
[ASH] This is the time
to visit Central Park.
I'm telling you.
Stick with me I'll
show you all the spots.
[LIV] You make it sound
so easy, staying here.
[ASH] It can be.
a call from Rikers Prison.
An inmate has requested to talk to you.
To return this call, please dial
the main switchboard, then press 3.
[GUARD] Remember, keep your
hands to yourself, don't touch.
I'm here.
Listen, I have to ask you.
Will you will you wait for me?
I know I don't have any right, but
It's just this place doesn't
exactly traffic in hope.
I just need something to hold on for.
I need you, Liv.
Why would you
- Why would I?
- You know I didn't kill her.
You know I didn't kill Cara.
How how do I know?
Because you did.
Don't worry, darling.
I couldn't get my head
around it at first either.
You, my biddable, pliable wife.
As if you had it in you.
And then I remembered.
Right before everything with
Garth, you said the strangest thing.
You said, "I'm sorry".
That's your evidence?
Well, you may as well get
them to uncuff you now.
Start plotting what to
do with your freedom,
where you'll be getting all the
fucks you've been missing out on.
You've won. I say enjoy it.
[LIV] So that's what this is, is it?
This is why you called me
here, you want a confession?
The thing is, to kill her, you
You must have known.
So when did you see it?
The video.
Right about the time you were
pledging your undying devotion to me.
Promising me over and over
that she was a one-off.
Right about then.
So that whole trip, you were lying?
You were doing something
different, were you?
This, fucking me over now.
I mean, I don't get it.
It was done with.
We could've been home.
I mean we nearly were.
Because you hadn't learnt.
Do you honestly think that
you're gonna get away with this?
Get away with what?
I can afford the best lawyers, Liv.
Private detectives.
Whatever resources I need.
And what do you have in your corner?
You have nothing.
You are nothing. All
you ever were, was me.
That's what you do. You find a
warm body to lose yourself in.
So you don't have to spend a moment
looking at your
miserable shell of a self.
Is that any way to speak
to the mother of your child?
Nice try. You're not pregnant.
We ate at Chez Georges.
You had the pâté, I had the tartare.
We both had the lobster.
Guess we must have known
it was the end of days.
Then we came home and we fucked.
You're on the pill.
So much you seem to know about my body.
Now, I thought that you would be happy.
It's what you decreed after all.
A baby.
A legacy beyond your own shitty deeds.
You're lying.
How can you be so sure?
Guess you'll just have to wait and see.
I know what you doing. You're trying
You're trying to drive me insane.
Sucks, doesn't it?
Why? Just answer me that. Why kill her?
Because I thought it was you.
[GUARD] Hey!
[GRITTING TEETH] Who are you?
I'm who you made me.
[LIV NARRATING] The wronged wife.
The irrational woman.
The harpy.
The bunny boiler.
I am all of these things.
And all of these things are me.
I am your everywoman.
I am your heroine.
I am your villain.
I am whoever you want me to be.
Or I was.
[RANGER] Whoa, whoa,
whoa. Careful there, honey.
Someone went over not long back.
What she was doing out on
her own I'll never understand.
Silly girl.
Would have to be her fault, wouldn't it?
Too much makeup.
Too flirty.
Too available.
Walking home without
a man to protect her.
Of course she was asking for
trouble, haven't we always been?
Does it ever occur to you
where any of this ends?
It ends with us reaching the end.
The end, the end, the end of our tether.
And where does that leave us?
We become the thing to be scared of.
We become the fucking wolves.
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