Will Trent (2023) s02e07 Episode Script

Have You Never Been to a Wedding?

[AMANDA] Previously on Will Trent
She's scared of me. I
killed her boyfriend.
You weren't here. No,
I killed Lenny. Okay?
- What are you doing here?
- I got a lot of work to do
if we're gonna make this
scene match your statement.
Welcome to Kay's Slaughterhouse.
Is this your first time here?
Hey, look at you.
I'm Crystal. I'll be
helping you out today.
- She's the girl with
- Yeah.
- Lenny?
- Yes.
You are supposed to be going to college.
Do you have any idea how hard
it is to save as a single mother?
[PERCY] Hey, you remember that
old foster dad? Sleeveless Jack.
- What about him?
- [PERCY] He died. Lung cancer.
- Go away.
- What is it?
- I don't want to talk about it, Faith.
- We're partners, Will.
- I might be losing my mind.
- What are you seeing?
It's me when I was 12. He's
been following me around.
[FAITH] You're not crazy.
Just think that little
12-year-old needs your attention.
Hey, what do you think you're doing?
We have to go, like right now.
Five minutes ago.
Uh, not you, Betty. [SIGHS]
- Get down and put your shoes on.
- I-I don't know. It's not right.
Sleeves are too long.
- Don't you think, Brian?
- They are not.
You're not the first person
I've worked with that has arms.
- Do I have to remind you
- [WILL] No. No, you do not.
that you were wearing
flip-flops when we first met?
- We can go there.
- Sorry I questioned you.
- Flip-flops?
- Yes. I was broke.
Speaking of, how much
is this gonna cost me?
I lovingly restored
and tailored the jacket
which I found on eBay.
And the pants?
Mortuary. But they've been dry-cleaned.
Okay. You look fine.
You are saving the earth.
You are upcycling. You are recycling.
Just put your shoes on.
Nobody's even gonna look at us.
Look at these things, all new and shiny.
I am so tired.
Does everything have
to be a battle with you?
Have you never been to a wedding?
No, I have not.
And it's obvious why.
It's an incredible inconvenience.
That was supposed to be
a rhetorical question.
If we don't leave now, then
you'll miss your chance.
So come on. You look like James Bond.
The name's Trent.
Will Trent.
Real stupid.
I'm an international spy.
Actually, no. You know what?
I'm a world-class flautist.
My grandfather invented the pancake.
I'm a financier.
I love financing, so
I became a financier.
Can you talk to yourself in the car?
I would really like to get there
so I could see my son before
the wedding festivities begin.
Fine, okay?
Why are you so stressed out anyway?
I thought this Lindsay
person was your friend.
Was. As kids.
But then she became
an investment banker,
and I'm pretty sure she
and her friends think
that they're better than me.
I swear, it's like they think
we just give out
parking tickets as a job.
Okay. I know I'm only your plus-one
'cause Luke's out of town,
but I promise I'm gonna
do everything I can
to make you look good.
All right. Just gonna grab
my gun, and we're good to go.
No, nope. No gun.
Lindsay said she wanted today
to be about peace and love.
Well, if she wanted peace and love,
she should've gotten herself a dog.
Isn't that right? Look at
this peace and love right here.
Look at that face.
We gotta take a picture.
Anybody else getting flashbacks to prom?
- I didn't go to my prom.
- Me neither.
Prom king.
Come on. One pic.
What's the holdup?
Good happens fast. Great happens slow.
Can you turn toward the light?
- Just take the picture, Nico.
- Okay.
[FAITH] Danielle's friends.
Danielle doesn't really like
her, but she's here just
Donna's just got a new husband.
Okay, your turn.
All right, uh
Let's see.
Okay. Those two over there.
Unhappily married.
He thinks they're
fine, but she hates him
'cause he hasn't taken her
on a date in four years.
Show your work, Special Agent.
[WILL] Look at her necklace.
Expensive, but impersonal.
Says more, "You're
welcome" than "I love you."
You see his watch? Look at all
those diamonds in the bezel.
That's custom.
I bet he spent weeks designing it.
[SCOFFS] And as my final
piece of evidence
- [FAITH] His fly is down.
- Mm-hmm.
Either she hasn't looked
at him at all tonight
or she doesn't care to tell him.
They're in a cold war.
- Marriage.
- Overrated.
Look at my boy!
You look great.
- You look happy.
- Hey.
How's the toast coming?
It's good. I'm still working on it.
Oh, my gosh! Faith.
How are things?
Still fighting crime, shooting bad guys?
Danielle, so good to see you.
You must be thrilled
about Jeremy's new job.
That's exciting.
I sure am.
Jeremy, why don't you tell Danielle
what you were just telling us
about your new job?
Spare no detail.
No. Come on. Today's not about me.
Oh, no. Right now it is. [CHUCKLES]
Um, I'm working with this sound engineer
who produces a lot of cool stuff.
- Mmm.
- It's kinda like a dream gig.
- That's great.
- It must be.
I can't believe you
let him leave college.
Then again, you are so untraditional.
I'm sorry. You left college.
What am I hearing right now?
- Oh, how awkward.
- That is idiotic.
I don't believe we've had
the pleasure. Ricky Morales,
criminal defense attorney
at Morales & Moss.
Made partner when I was
28, but who's counting?
Excuse me. Could you send some more
of those spicy tuna things this way?
Uh, yeah, you got it.
Partner? Nice work.
Try to hold on to this one.
Could you be a
sweetheart and find Colin?
Lindsay needs him for pictures.
I tried texting, but
it won't go through.
Yeah. I don't have service either.
Uh, I'm on it.
Mom [CHUCKLES] we'll talk later.
Yeah, we will.
Criminal defense attorney?
Yes, I bill $7000 an hour.
I have three assistants
and 12 paralegals.
I boss crime bosses around.
I am Ricky Morales and
I am a catch, Mitchell.
Whatever you say. I just need
a drink before I kill my son.
Well, if you kill him, I'll defend you.
Mmm. Something strong, please.
- Manhattan?
- Perfect.
Just one second.
Let me get you a napkin.
Historic home. Please use care.
The deposit was enormous.
Is that why all the windows are locked?
It looks like they were
shuttered from outside.
We don't need everyone
opening the windows
and tramping the topiary.
Anyway, have so much fun.
Look at these freaks, stiffer
than a corpse in a cast.
- [CHUCKLES] I'm Patty.
- Ricky Morales. Pleasure.
You bet your little butt it is, Ricky.
I'ma catch you two on
the dance floor. Hey. Hey.
- [BARTENDER] One Manhattan.
- Yes.
Name's Christian, by the way.
Thanks for the drink.
Oh, my I am so sorry.
Oh, my God. Okay.
No, no, no. No. No. No.
We're not gonna lose it, okay?
We're gonna go upstairs, we're
gonna spot clean your dress,
we're gonna dry off,
say some affirmations.
You're gonna come down, dance.
I'm gonna support you from a
distance. Let's go. Come on.
[CATERER] Where are the folded napkins?
That one bridesmaid is
definitely feeling me.
Isn't she, like, 25?
- So?
- [JEREMY] Colin?
[JEREMY] Hey, Colin, you down here?
Hey, Colin. Man, they
need you for pictures.
Um, we should go.
Too late.
So this is my closing argument.
You are a great mom.
You are successful.
You are independent.
You are a courageous and bold leader.
You are a lioness, protecting her cubs.
My cub is an idiot.
A lot of people think college
is a racket. I'm just saying.
Do you want to make this
wedding black-eye optional?
Whose side are you on?
Yours. Always yours.
Those weren't bottles popping.
It sounds like an active shooter.
[PERSON] Get in there. Go.
Get in there and get down.
In the middle, come on. Hurry it up.
Let's go.
- Shut up! Sit down!
- [PERSON] Don't move. Come on.
- [WHISPERS] Any other gunmen?
- [GUNMAN 1] Hurry it up.
- [WHISPERS] No service.
[GUNMAN 1] Come on.
Hurry it up. Get in there.
- Please, don't hurt us.
- Shut up!
- Sit down. Down.
- [WHISPERS] It's okay.
Slide your handbags and your
phones and your wallets to me.
Smart watches too. Come on.
Let's go!
You! Fill the bag.
Now. Go.
- You.
- [WILL] I see three.
Two men, one woman.
All dressed as caterers, faces covered.
[GUNMAN 2] Come on. Let's go. Go.
I see Jeremy. He's okay, but
they're blocking the main exit.
What kind of guns?
- Handguns.
- [GUNMAN 1] Go!
- Get in there.
- [WILL] One semiautomatic rifle.
- Hurry up!
- Hey! You! Get down here!
Coming down.
[GUNMAN 2] You!
[GUNMAN 1] Phones! Bags! Eyes down!
- Eyes down! Come on.
- It's all right. It's all right. Just sit.
- [GUNMAN 1] Hurry it up.
- [WILL] It's gonna be all right.
Stay calm.
Throw your bags here!
- Down, on the ground. Hey! Down.
- Shut up!
Come on.
[GUNMAN 1] Hey. Sit down now.
[GUNMAN 1] No one is going anywhere.
You hear me? I will shoot
everyone in this house.
- I will shoot everyone in this house.
- Jack. Jack.
- I'll kill everybody.
- [ANNA] Jack.
- Hey, listen please. Please.
- I'll do it.
We're gonna be okay.
I promise.
You finish your intake paperwork?
Not yet. [SIGHS]
[ANGIE] Hmm.
I hate slow days.
Cheer up, buddy. Somebody
will get murdered soon enough.
All I'm saying is if
one bad person was killed
by another bad person,
and then we caught that person
- APD. Drug Unit!
- APD. Homicide Unit.
Absolutely. We will be right there.
Fast-hands Polaski, folks. How
about a round of applause, huh?
Don't take credit for
your partner, Ormie.
We're a team. We share a brain.
Oh, I know. It's hers.
You know, I'd love to sit around
and talk with you about
it all day, Franklin,
but, uh, gotta go solve a murder.
Ready to roll?
I need your paperwork
for the Ryerson case.
They're about to go to
trial. It's a priority.
We will get it done, Cap.
Oh, I know.
Now. Give the call to Franklin.
- What?
- Are you kidding?
I'm never kidding.
[FRANKLIN] Enjoy the paperwork, nerds.
Don't worry, somebody else will die.
[GUNMAN 1] Eyes down!
Get your head down! Get
You think I'm playing with you?
[GUNMAN 2] What are we
gonna tell Dominique?
He was gonna escape.
What was I supposed to do?
- Shut up!
- The basement.
What were they doing down there?
There was a dead body
and-and a big safe.
They must have been
trying to break into it.
Well, the last thing a thief
ever wants is to be noticed.
Hostages weren't part of
the plan. That's not good.
We've become their biggest
problem, even if we do nothing.
Well, what should we do?
I don't know yet. Just sit tight.
Who are you? What do you want from us?
Shut up!
Hey, dinner jacket.
Remember me? I'm Patty.
You look calm. Do you have a plan?
The less we do, the better, Patty.
No eye contact, no
talking. That's the plan.
Just so you know, I'm a
volunteer firefighter. Okay?
I like action and I kick like a mule.
[GUNMAN 1] Okay.
That's the leader.
He's in charge.
You have to do something. Will, please!
- Excuse me.
- Hey, hey! We didn't say you could move.
Sit down!
Nobody should have to
stare at that dead body.
If we can move it somewhere else,
I think it'd be a
huge help for everyone.
Pick a friend. Trae will
show you where to go.
Dominique, we're missing one guest.
[DOMINIQUE] Go find 'em, Spud.
- [SPUD] I think I hear something.
[FAITH SIGHS] Okay. Let's
see what we're working with.
Dominique, right?
You having fun yet?
How's your day going?
Let me shoot this idiot.
Oh, that's a great idea.
Make your mess messier.
What's your name?
Ricky Morales. Criminal
defense attorney.
Happy to make your acquaintance.
- This guy's a liar.
- [JEREMY] No.
It's the truth.
[DOMINIQUE] Yeah, I heard him earlier.
Fancy guy like you
bills every six minutes.
I'll give you three to tell
me why I shouldn't kill you.
Dominique Wilkins,
Spud Webb, Trae Young.
It's a cute idea using
Hawks players as nicknames,
but I think that's where your plan ends.
You got one dead body, 50 hostages,
and you can't even
control your own team.
So, what do you think I should do?
Well, we all lost service.
I take it you got a cell phone jammer,
and that's not gonna buy you much time.
You're thieves, right?
Play the hits, stick to stealing.
Get whatever it is you came here for.
Do it fast, then leave.
How do you know all that?
I can see the dust on your pants.
You're digging down there, huh?
What is it? A vault or a safe?
Oh, you don't know the difference.
- And you do?
- Well, I've defended a few bank robbers.
Got them acquitted.
Learned a few things along the way.
But you seem to have it
covered, so I guess
Check on the progress downstairs.
No, I wanna hear what he's got to say.
Look, this situation
isn't as bad as you think.
You took some hostages. Big deal.
You didn't kill this guy.
That was your friend out there.
Maybe you don't even know him.
And even if you get caught,
eyewitness testimony is trash.
It happened after cocktail hour.
Everyone was drunk.
Do you see?
I just got it dismissed.
I can help you, Dominique,
or whatever your real name is.
But if I do, you cannot
let anyone else die.
This is payment.
Congratulations. You just
hired me as your attorney.
We'll get everything else squared away
once you take whatever's in that vault.
Look at that.
Saved you some money.
Now, how about my pal
here takes some snacks
and water back to the group, huh?
Shake on it.
That's a deal.
[MICHAEL] Was the perp 5'9" or 5'10''?
If a man says he's 5'10'', he's 5'9''.
And if he says he's 6 foot, he's 5'10''.
I'll just put average build.
- How's it going?
- Hey, Crystal.
You know, paperwork and onion rings.
- Living the dream.
- I should, uh, clock in.
I'm a few minutes late. I was
working on a paper for school.
- What's the paper on?
- Uh, Flowers for Algernon.
I'll be back.
That's great that she's doing well.
Is that what you want to call it?
What? She's late for work?
You put your career on
the line for her, Ang.
- We both did.
- Watch it.
Listen, I thought Gina
and I were doing fine,
and then she left me with the kids.
You don't know what's
really going on with her,
and you can't fix what
happened with her and Lenny.
So, what do you want me to do?
I want you to stop
thinking like a mentor
and start thinking like a detective.
Okay? She shows up late to work.
She has a hickey on her neck.
And I don't buy for one second that
she's writing a paper on that book.
Max is reading it right now,
and they're a few years apart.
A hickey, Ormewood? Come on.
Let it go.
[SERVER] Fill it up.
Damn it. A Roomba? This is Georgia.
Couldn't somebody have given
you guys a Glock? [SCOFFS]
- Hey, what are you doing here?
- Shh.
It's okay. I'm looking for
something to open a window.
My son is downstairs, and
update on that missing guest?
[SPUD] Still looking.
It's time to go downstairs, Faith.
I'm not gonna do that, Christian.
Oh, hello, fax machine.
[EXHALES] I'm woman
king of Williams-Sonoma.
And I'm gonna save this wedding.
Hey. I know you tried to kill me,
and I know your friends
have taken my son hostage,
but I will forgive you if
you have a pen that works.
[TRAE ON RADIO] Christian,
we're ready for you.
Christian, do you read me?
Anyone have eyes on Christian?
[SPUD] I think I saw him go upstairs.
Let's go.
[PATRON 1] Check, please.
[SERVER] This is for table two.
Focus on the paperwork, Polaski.
[PATRON 2] All right.
I'll meet you out there.
Yeah, nope. [GRUNTS]
She is 17.
Don't even think about it.
I didn't do anything wrong, okay?
Right. Keep it that way.
Hey. What are you doing?
That guy's way too old for you.
I flirt with guys for better tips.
It's kind of the only perk of the job.
Plus, he gave me 20 bucks.
- What did you think I was doing?
- Uh
I don't know. Um.
You know, I-I just want to
make sure you're okay. So, um
I'm fine, I promise.
What did you write on his receipt?
A smiley face with hearts for eyes.
Is that illegal?
No, obviously not.
Um, look, I'm sorry.
- [CHEF] Order up!
- I
I gotta take care of that,
unless you want me to get fired.
Heads down.
Hey, Jeremy.
I need a pen.
- [WHISPERS] What?
- A pen.
Something about a den.
- Yes. Throw it.
- What?
Throw it.
[GUNMAN 1] Down.
- [SPUD] No!
- He's dead.
- Who's dead?
[GUNMAN 1] Spud, can I
get some answers here?
Christian's dead,
okay? Christian's dead.
Somebody killed him.
I'm on my way.
[DOMINIQUE] No. Stay with the hostages.
- Someone killed Christian!
- Who's Christian?
[DOMINIQUE] He's our safecracker.
[GUNMAN 1] This place is haunted.
Yeah, I knew it.
Dominique, control your people.
Spud, find the missing guest.
- Damn it!
- [GUNMAN 1] We're-We're screwed.
Christian's dead, and
I can't even see in this damn thing.
[TRAE] Cover your face, idiot.
Why? It's over.
You said this was gonna be easy.
Pull yourself together! Help him.
I saw my mom.
She said she needed a pen.
A pen? Did she say why?
It's for the den.
[WILL] Well, I trust your mom.
If she says she needs
a pen in the middle
of a hostage situation,
I'ma get her one.
- You have it?
- Yeah.
You have an inhaler. Give it here.
You ever do any acting, Patty?
I've done some background
work on The Resident.
Most of the Marvel
Great. I need you to fake
an asthma attack. Right now.
Make it good. Like
your life depends on it.
Ma'am. Ma'am.
Ma'am, are you okay? Ma'am.
Hey, hey! This woman needs help!
Take a seat, Mr. Attorney.
This woman's having an asthma
attack. Her inhaler is upstairs.
It's a medical emergency.
It's in her bag. I can get it.
You're not going anywhere.
[DOMINIQUE] He can get her the medicine.
Look, you can follow me.
I don't care, all right? But
I'm not gonna let her die.
So shoot me if you want. Add
it to your list of felonies.
Please. She's dying.
[TRAE] Make it quick, lawyer.
[WILL] I'm going.
Faith, it's me.
You okay?
I heard you need a pen.
- What do you got?
- I'm sending a fax to the APD.
I tried pulling the fire alarm,
but they must've disarmed the system.
APD has a fax machine?
It did when my mom worked there.
- What do you got?
- Four gunmen.
There's a vault in the basement,
but these guys are amateurs.
The one you killed was their
safecracker, by the way.
If they find out who I am
- Jeremy.
- He's doing great.
[TRAE] Hurry up, lawyer.
What's the plan?
Same as always, Mitchell. Stay alive.
You too.
Got it.
[OFFICER] Give me a call
for when he's down there.
[GUNMAN 1] Be patient.
It's time to go.
Look, I know it's not
what you wanna hear,
but you guys need to cut your losses.
Why is this guy still alive?
You're no longer playing offense.
Think about it. You're
two hours behind schedule.
You don't have a safecracker
because somebody somewhere took him out.
You're gonna get caught.
Dominique, listen to me.
Prison is full of people
who should have left sooner.
You can still get out.
[SPUD ON RADIO] Found a bag.
I think it belongs to our missing guest.
We're gonna get funky ♪
Funky ♪
What now?
Clap, clap, clap Clap your hands ♪
- Spud! Change the channel!
[GUNMAN 1] It's on every channel.
What do you want me to do?
To the left Take it back now, y'all ♪
One hop this time
Right foot, let's stomp ♪
Left foot, let's stomp
Cha-cha real smooth ♪
Turn it out ♪
To the left ♪
Take it back now, y'all ♪
One hop this time
Right foot, let's stomp ♪
Left foot, let's stomp
Cha-cha now, y'all ♪
Now it's time to get funky ♪
To the right now Take
it back now, y'all ♪
[TRAE] Check the channel!
Whoever this is, this is super funny.
I hate this song.
two stomps ♪
- Slide to the left ♪
Crisscross ♪
Crisscross ♪
Cha-cha real smooth ♪
Let's go to work ♪
To the left ♪
Two hops this time
Two hops this time ♪
Right foot, two stomps
Left foot, two stomps ♪
Hands on your knees ♪
Hands on your knees ♪
Get funky with it ♪
Ah, yeah ♪
Come on Cha-cha now, y'all ♪
I am not leaving without the goods!
- You need to think past today.
- I can't go back to prison.
Take it back now, y'all ♪
Five hops this time ♪
The lawyer's right.
Left foot, let's stomp ♪
Let's go.
Everybody clap your hands ♪
We are finishing the job.
Is that clear?
You don't know what you're doing.
Well, lucky for me, I got you.
And since you know all about vaults,
you're gonna open it for me.
You know what?
How about we get one of your
little friends to come with us?
Not you!
You, get up!
It's gonna be okay.
Get funky with it ♪
Get down now, y'all ♪
Come on, come on Cha-cha now, y'all ♪
- [JEREMY] No, no, no. Please.
- [SPUD] Move. Move. Shut up.
Faith Mitchell.
Come down with your hands
up or Jeremy will die.
You hear me?
Get your hands off my son.
Easiest case of my life.
Gunman was still in the
house. Confessed on the spot.
It's all in here.
Nice work. Just put it on my desk.
Get me Amanda Wagner.
And find Ormewood and Polaski.
- Can you open it?
- Don't hurt the kid.
I've got this, all right?
It's a dial lock.
This mechanism, it's
just like an engine.
It's a series of gears.
- [ANGIE] You got a minute?
- Yeah. Any ID on the owners?
- No, not really.
There's a shell corporation listed
on the deed and that's about it.
- I don't like how quiet it is.
- Yeah.
Look, I think there's a way to
get in through the root cellar.
A few years ago a contractor was hired
to seal it off but the city stopped it.
No one's going in there
until we make contact
with someone inside.
- Where's Ormewood?
- There are four gunmen.
We can take the house.
Answer the question, Polaski.
He's on a scout.
Fifty hostages leaves
too much room for error
and I don't want to put
any of our people in danger.
- Do you understand?
- The perimeter's clear
and the windows are
shuttered from the outside.
I think a small team could breach 'em.
Sending anyone in there blindly
right now is too much of a risk.
So what are we gonna do?
You want me to knock on the front door
and tell them the cops are here?
Amanda, I know.
I know it's against procedure,
but it's Will and Faith.
Can I help?
You wanna help? You
can go back to college.
Do you really want this to
be our last conversation?
Jeremy, no.
Listen, I don't care if
you go to college, okay?
I just want you to have
a better life than I did.
Yeah. I don't know, Mom.
I mean, you're setting
the bar pretty high.
Are you sure there's nothing I can do?
Look, if things get really
bad, press this button.
Well, what is it for?
I hope you don't have to find out.
- [JACK] You bitch!
- [ANNA] No, stop.
[JACK] You think you can get away?
[ANNA] No, stop.
You don't know what
you're doing, do you?
You have a terrible
timing, you know that?
- Shut up.
The GBI agent and her son
are in the liquor cage.
What do you want me to do?
If you want this vault open,
you'll leave them alive.
- Hurry up.
- Look, it takes time.
If I trigger the secondary
locking system, we're done.
Then don't.
[WILL] Need to get deep enough to
see the wheel packs.
- What the hell was that?
It's nothing.
It's fine.
You triggered the secondary
locking system, didn't you?
No, I didn't.
You think I'm stupid?
Take care of the GBI agent
and tell Mookie to shoot
anything that moves.
Hey, if you kill her,
they will put a needle
in your arm, all right?
It's a bad situation.
You're only making it worse.
Do you want to get in
this vault or not, huh?
[JEREMY] She's coming, Mom. Hurry.
Guess what?
Time to die.
- So, who's first?
- Jeremy, press the button.
- Press the button.
- I did.
What the hell was that?
I told you not to touch her.
I can still get in this vault,
but I need to know that she's alive.
You're not in control here anymore.
You had your chance.
Shoot the kid.
Make him watch.
- No. Hey. Don't!
- No! Please!
Do not! Wait! Wait!
Just wait a minute, okay?
I can still do this!
Just give me a few seconds!
[ANNA] Jack. Jack.
Okay. Hey, do not touch him!
Leave the kid alone!
Just stop! Put the gun down! Please!
- [YOUNG WILL] Leave her alone, Jack!
- [WILL] Leave her alone, Jack!
I'm so sorry.
I didn't think he'd Please don't die.
Living room secure.
Mitchell, your arm. Let's get an EMT.
I am fine.
There's one more in the
kitchen. She's been neutralized.
Where's Will?
[WILL] Hey.
It's okay.
- It's all right.
Basement's secure.
[DISPATCH] Roger, basement secured.
It's over.
- "Cha-Cha Slide," huh?
- It's a crowd favorite.
- Mmm.
So much better than the Electric Slide.
Oh, no question.
How are you two doing?
Well, we got the bad guys.
That's not what I meant.
How's the arm?
- We got the bad guys.
- Wow.
You two really are partners.
Anything good inside that vault?
Sixty kilos of cocaine.
It turns out the home was owned by
a narcotics kingpin, Alexei Erastova.
He was using the venue
to hide in plain sight.
We're drawing up the papers
for his arrest right now.
And the three surviving thieves,
they're going away for a long time.
Nice work, Mitchell.
Nice work, Trent.
Hey. No more weddings.
Okay. I'm gonna go get
pancakes with my son.
Mandy, you should
come over this weekend.
If you want to.
I'd like that.
[ANGIE] You ready to go?
Go where?
Your house.
I don't want you to be alone right now.
I'll take the couch.
[FAITH] You doing all right?
So, what happened between
you and that guy upstairs?
He found out that
that, Jeremy, you are
the most important thing
in this world to me.
So, what about the Roomba?
Is that, like, my little
brother or something now?
Little sister.
And yeah, we actually want to know
about this new job of yours.
And you're not gonna get mad?
I don't know yet.
Well, it's at this really cool
recording studio in Midtown,
and I'm working with major artists.
I'm learning so much, Mom.
I'm taking meetings with producers.
I got benefits.
Like, it's legit.
You're lighting up.
- It's nice.
- But?
No buts. Keep talking.
I wanna hear more.
Okay. Well, I got a meeting
with another producer next week.
I'm telling you, Mom,
I'm gonna make you proud.
When's the last time
you bought pillowcases?
These go back to the '90s.
Well, you know I don't like change.
- Yeah.
- Look, um
I'm fine.
Okay? You don't have to do this.
After what you just
went through? Yes, I do.
It was like I was back
in some foster home.
Dangerous people who
shouldn't be in charge.
Yelling, threatening.
He was gonna kill that kid.
- But he didn't.
- Then he was gonna kill me.
I saw it happen.
All of it, in my mind.
- That's not what happened.
- I saw it.
That's not what happened, Will.
What happened is that
you kept everyone safe,
and then your friends
came to keep you safe.
I messed up.
The whole vault, the lock
No. No.
They were gonna kill all of us.
And then I'd never see you
again, and that would
that would kill me twice.
It's over.
You're not there anymore.
You're right here.
You're right here with me.
I know we had a good
reason for breaking up.
I can't even remember what it was.
Me neither.
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