Will Trent (2023) s02e08 Episode Script

Why Is Jack's Arm Bleeding?

Previously on Will Trent
I'm seeing me when I was 12.
That little 12-year-old
needs your attention.
No! Please!
Hey, Crystal.
I should clock in. I'm
a few minutes late.
I was working on a paper for school.
She shows up late to work.
She has a hickey on her neck. Okay?
You don't know what's
really going on with her.
I feel like this is the longest
we've ever gone without
Without having sex? Yeah.
I know we had a good
reason for breaking up.
I can't even remember what it was.
Me neither.
- Oh, Hi.
- Hi.
- You, uh, let me sleep in, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
- Seemed like you needed it.
- Mmm.
You were talking in your sleep.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
What did I say?
"Jack's arm is bleeding.
Why is Jack's arm bleeding?"
Who's Jack and why is he bleeding?
I have no idea.
Maybe we should call in sick.
I can soothe you and your night terrors.
I think I can handle that.
- Oh?
- Mm-hmm.
- Betty. Good girl.
- Yeah.
Betty, get out of here.
Let me just
Gotta go.
Okay, well
Since when does Betty use Amazon Prime?
Since Nico created a wish list
for Bad Bitch Betty's followers.
Of course.
Look, Betty. Squeaky burger.
If you figure out why Jack's
arm was bleeding, let me know.
Will do.
I know. I'm on it.
Jack was bleeding.
Why was Jack bleeding?
Couch was here.
Anna was here.
And Jack
Jack was here.
Can you at least say something?
Am I hot? Cold?
You know, you're good
for nothing. You know that?
I appreciate the support, Betty.
It's not adding up.
I'm missing something.
Maybe the ugly beads were here.
Well, then that changes
everything. Come on!
Just remember, trash.
Door was open.
What's, uh
What's going on?
I'm, um, working on a case.
This is my process.
It only has to make
sense to you, nephew.
But if you're busy, I can
take Betty to the park myself.
- I don't wanna disturb
- Oh, no.
- whatever you got
- Nonsense. Nonsense. No, you, um
You're not disturbing at all.
- Okay, let's go.
- Great.
Betty, come.
Come on, girl. Yeah.
Here we go. Off to the park.
Let's go. All right. Come on.
Harry Baker. Age 45.
Former Army Ranger
vacationing with his buddies
till things went horribly wrong.
Yeah, him and three other vets
rented the whole place for a reunion.
Partied hard last night.
Harry here must have
nodded off behind this target.
His buddies used the
course early this morning.
Didn't see him.
Poor guy took all kinds of fire.
Where were you?
Home with the family.
I don't sleep at work.
- Tell us more about your gun range.
- Gun range?
This is my private,
all-inclusive property
encompassing 200 acres of firing ranges,
ATV recreation and
forest-based camping/glamping.
Alcohol and deadly weapons.
What could possibly go wrong?
That's what people
do in places like this.
They drink, they talk about old times,
they sling some rounds downrange,
and then they sleep it off.
Let's go talk to the guys.
We all served together in Afghanistan.
We do this every couple years
to cut loose,
remember the guys we lost.
What happened last night?
We barbecued, drank, lit up the range
and went joyriding like
road warriors on ATVs.
And this morning?
Harry and Mullins weren't at camp.
We figured they went
fishing or something,
so Tank and I went down to the range.
And we blew the air horn and everything.
Never heard a sound.
It wasn't till we checked the targets
that we found Harry's body.
Where were you and Harry?
We were We were riding ATVs
way out in the woods.
It was late.
We were tired, and drunk,
and a little lost.
Harry wanted to go back to the cabin,
but I-I told him we should just
sleep on the ground out there.
I woke up when I heard the air horn,
and Harry was gone.
Well, we're gonna need to confiscate
your firearms and ammunition
until the investigation is over.
How long we talking?
I mean, I wanna help,
but it's my my business.
Someone just died at your business,
so it'll take as long as it takes.
And, uh, we need you
guys to stay in town
until we get this figured out.
They found Lily Watkins.
- Where'd they find her?
- Smyrna.
Construction crew clearing land
for a new development found her remains.
- Who's Lily Watkins?
- Teenage girl
who went missing 13 years ago.
Media never picked it up. Guess why.
Police assumed she was a runaway.
By the time they took
the investigation seriously,
leads had gone cold.
That's why it's ours this time.
What do we know?
Broken hyoid bone,
which means she was strangled.
Defensive fracture to the wrist too.
She put up a fight.
Let's finish it for her.
There are 60,000 Black
women missing in this country.
We're gonna get justice for this one.
Lily's last 24 hours.
School, cross-country practice,
home for dinner, and then
babysitting at the neighbor's.
Contacted the parents she sat for.
They're coming in for follow-up.
Good. She was home
for the rest of the night.
Next morning, she went for her usual
Saturday morning trail run.
Only this time, she didn't return.
What'd you learn about the boyfriend?
Derek Atkins. At the time, he was 19.
High school dropout who's had
a few juvenile run-ins with the police.
Petty theft, public intoxication.
I'm sure Lily's parents loved that.
They did not.
But he started work at
7:00 a.m. that morning.
His alibi was solid.
What is it?
It's, um
Her clothes.
They disintegrated.
Most running attire has
some kind of synthetic fiber.
Those take a lot longer
than 13 years to decompose.
The seams.
She was wearing jeans.
If Lily didn't disappear
while she was out running
then what really happened to her?
I couldn't bring myself to move out.
After all this time,
I just kept thinking,
"What if she came back?"
What about your wife, Albert?
She tried. I mean,
she really tried but
After a few years,
she just couldn't anymore.
So she moved back to Tennessee.
Be closer to the family. Remarried.
She moved on, man.
I mean, she just she moved on.
What can you tell us
about the morning Lily disappeared?
Her door was closed
when her mom and I
went grocery shopping.
We figured she was still sleeping.
And when you returned?
Gone. But that was normal.
Lily jogged four miles every Saturday.
But after about an hour or so,
when she didn't answer
our calls or our text,
well, man, we started worrying.
You know?
Is it possible that Lily
never returned home
after babysitting Friday night?
No way. I picked her up
myself, walked her home.
- Did she sneak out ever?
- Absolutely not.
In this old house, it
creaks more than my knees.
You mind if we take
a look at Lily's room?
I forgot so much good
music dropped in 2011.
It's like a time capsule in here.
Did Lily draw?
- Any notes? Signature?
- Nothing.
Faith, you ever have a memory
What the hell?
Forget the squeaky stairs.
Lily totally could've snuck out
without her parents knowing.
And if she did, that means her
ex-boyfriend's alibi no longer applies.
I'll tell unis to pick up Derek.
All right.
Close range to the back of the head.
Look at that entry wound.
He was dead long before he
got hit by these other bullets.
- What?
- Wait.
You're saying Harry was shot
before his friends
shot up the firing range?
That's right.
And judging by the soot on his head,
I'd say it was an execution.
Well, fingerprints and
GSR are gonna be useless
'cause everyone was using every weapon.
You okay?
Yeah. No, I'm just
I'm having a hard time believing
one of those guys murdered Harry.
Well, if it wasn't one of them,
then who was it?
Bunny? There was no one else there.
It's hard for me to
believe that Harry's death
was something other than an accident.
Is there anything you can tell us
that might shed some light
on what could have happened?
- Maybe there was something.
- What was it?
The incident in in Khost.
Four of the rangers were
killed right in front of Harry.
It haunted him.
He started seeing a therapist.
A-And they recommended
that he try to better understand
how it had all happened.
So was he investigating it?
He requested some reports.
I know he wanted to talk to
the other guys about it too,
but he was nervous.
I bet.
Stirring up those
memories can be dangerous.
You look agitated, Derek.
Anything you want to tell us?
It doesn't take a rocket surgeon
to see y'all are fishing
for someone to lock up.
I'm not helping you pin this on me
like you tried to do
the first time around.
So what? No justice for Lily?
- I had an alibi.
- For that morning.
Where were you the night before?
I knew this would happen.
I was at a party, then I went home.
Well, can anyone vouch for you?
I don't talk to those people no more.
Are you arresting me?
Not now. Not yet.
Well, until you do,
y'all can kiss my ass.
Both cheeks. Same time.
Did Lily sit for you often?
At least a few times a month.
Our daughters adored her.
Her poor parents. It's awful.
Did Lily ever talk about
her boyfriend Derek?
That's who you should talk to.
Never liked him.
We came home early one time and
found Lily and Derek fooling around.
The girls were already asleep,
so it wasn't a big deal.
It wasn't a small deal either.
Ethan talked to Derek a few
times and said he was nice.
So now Ethan's the morality meter?
And who's Ethan?
My son from my first marriage.
He spent every other
weekend with us back then.
How old was he at the time?
But he wasn't with us that weekend.
I remember that clearly.
Did he and Lily know each other?
Yeah. Different schools,
but they were friendly.
We'd like to speak with him.
That might be tricky.
Ethan Royer. He was with his mother
the weekend Lily disappeared,
but she didn't live far away.
He started a bad drug habit
right around the time
that Lily disappeared.
His parents aren't sure
where he's living now.
It's been a revolving
door of jail, rehab
and halfway houses for Ethan
the past ten years.
Hmm. What about Derek?
Derek's working hard to regain
that prime suspect position.
Maybe Lily was sneaking
around with this Ethan kid.
Derek figured it out
and was waiting for her.
I talked to some of Lily's old friends.
They confirmed that she was supposed
to be at the party that Derek mentioned
the night she disappeared.
Lily's dad didn't want her to go.
Maybe she snuck out.
Yeah, that tracks for me.
There's always a
possibility it was her father.
I really hope not.
But maybe he caught her disobeying him.
Let's start by finding Ethan Royer.
Tell us what happened in Khost.
We'd been staged for months,
hadn't seen any action.
We were bored, itching for excitement.
Boy, did we get it.
How many did you lose?
Three of our guys.
- Not including the captain.
- We were ambushed.
- How?
- I don't know.
Threat level was green.
Should've been okay.
We weren't ready for it.
One sec, I'm joking with Harry
and Alvarez about Superbad,
and the next,
Alvarez is in pieces.
Tank was looking for action.
How about you?
First time we'd seen combat.
Did Harry mention Khost that night?
I mean, it comes up
whenever we're together,
but yeah.
What happened?
When we were in the woods,
he started crying.
He just kept saying,
"We shouldn't have been there.
"We shouldn't have been there."
You think Harry learned something
he wasn't supposed to know?
I think I have a way to find out.
Was Ethan Royer ever
a client at your shelter?
When was the last time you saw him?
I hid the gun.
I hid it when I first moved in
'cause he left the gun on the table
with all those kids around.
He was so drunk all the time.
He didn't even miss it.
Jack! No!
- You bitch.
- Jack. Jack.
- You think you can get away?
- Stop. Leave him.
No! No, Jack. Please.
Please don't do this.
- Please stop.
- I put the bullets in the flour.
I hid everything.
Oh, no! Jack, stop it!
So how the hell did Jack get the gun?
Wait. So you built this bookcase?
Not, like, in woodshop. From a box.
Right. Okay.
Well, many an addict has relapsed
over less than an Allen wrench.
So, good job.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, the place looks good.
I need to find a roommate.
Help pay rent.
You should check out the
Sobriety For Me message board.
Oh, God. "Sobriety For Me"?
- Do I have to?
- It helps match people in recovery.
You gonna make me buy a mug that says
"Easy Does it" in that swoopy '70s font?
Get back to work.
Maybe a T-shirt.
- "Progress, not perfection."
- Get out of here.
Thanks for the carrot juice.
- Worm Wood.
- Ah, Rude Dog.
- What's up, bro?
- How's it going?
- Dude, you look good, brother.
- You too, man.
Hey, you know you don't have
to keep cutting your hair like that.
- Ugh, jackass.
- Knucklehead.
Give me that. Give
me that, give me that.
I hope they have ramen.
Oh, my God. If I never see another
Styrofoam bowl again, I'll be good.
Hey, Franco. Get this
guy some chicken tetrazzini
and some lemon poppy
seed pound cake if you can.
- You hated chicken tetrazzini.
- You were the only one that liked it.
When's the last time Ethan
Royer was at your facility?
About two weeks ago.
He started using again.
And unfortunately,
we have a zero tolerance policy.
Ask me if I agree with it, I don't.
He left a few things behind
if you want them.
Thank you.
Any idea where he might be now?
I can ask around.
He probably didn't go far,
just the closest place he could score.
Has Ethan ever been violent? Aggressive?
Mm-mmm. No, never.
That's definitely her. That's Lily.
Thirteen years later,
and he's still drawing her.
- Man. Oh, man.
- Oh.
Look, brother. I-I-I get it, man.
I-I know why you don't reach out.
I don't like thinking
about that mess either,
but I just wish it wasn't, you know,
hard for you to be around me.
I don't know. I just
I don't know.
Just survivor's guilt, I guess.
Okay. A: I'm still here.
And B: I'm not the
one whose wife left him.
- Oh. Nice.
- Get over yourself, loser.
Come on, man.
Anyways, I looked into that mission
you asked about, the ambush in Khost.
Yeah. Did you find anything?
Just that it was a nightmare.
RPGs took out the Humvees.
Snipers had those guys pinned for hours.
I don't know what that CO was thinking,
walking those guys into a code orange.
I thought it was green.
Wallace lied to their CO.
He was their intel officer.
He's the one that would've told
their captain it was a green zone.
Why would he lie about that?
'Cause he was a stupid kid,
like a lot of us over there were.
Thought he could prove himself,
and he ended up
getting his friends killed.
So Harry figured it out, confronted him.
Wallace took care of it.
- Angie.
- Crystal?
I need help.
Okay. Uh
Okay. Is there someplace you can wait?
- I
- Share your location with me.
All right. I'll be there
as soon as I can, okay?
Go. I can get Wallace.
- No
- I'll call in backup, just in case.
All right?
You sure?
Just be careful.
- Don't get in too deep.
- You either.
Where's Wallace?
Wallace He heard you coming.
He ran into the woods.
What's going on? Did he take a weapon?
No. Are you here to arrest him?
All right. Get these two off-site.
- SWAT team's on their way.
- No, no, no. Please.
If Wallace gets cornered by SWAT,
we all know how that's gonna end.
No matter what he's done,
even if it's something
we'll never forgive,
please find a way to take him alive.
We can't lose another of our own.
All right. Go wait at the gate.
When SWAT arrives, you
tell 'em to set up a perimeter,
and hold back unless
I signal. You got it?
I'm gonna try.
That's him.
Ethan Royer.
- GBI! Stop!
- Hey. Hey!
Hey. You all right?
Thank you. Sorry. I'm sorry.
- I know I'm not supposed
- No, it's all right.
You're okay.
It's okay. You're You're okay.
So, w-what are you doing here?
How did you get out here?
Uh, there was a guy.
Uh, we were going back
to his place, but then he
Brought me here.
Wait, wait. What guy?
What's his name?
Um, Ron Ronald. Something like that.
- I don't know his last name.
- Crystal.
You can't just be getting
into cars with random guys.
Be smarter.
The hostel. I can't sleep there.
It's loud, and it smells funny.
I go home with guys sometimes
just to be somewhere else.
To pretend
I'm someone else.
Honey, I-I didn't
I didn't know you were
having such a hard time.
I tried.
I tried to pretend it never
happened like you said.
That's not what I meant.
Maybe it M-M-Maybe it is.
It was in the moment,
but that's terrible advice.
I keep replaying it.
Him coming in my room, and then
And then stabbing him.
Of course you do.
It was horrible.
But listen,
you should talk about it.
And I'm sorry that I haven't
I haven't been around as
much as I should've been.
So I'm I'm gonna be here now. Okay?
So, tonight, you can stay with me.
And tomorrow, we'll figure
that out in the morning.
Come on.
Easy, Wallace.
He said he'd tell the others.
Let me take you in, man.
I can't do that.
We're walking out of here together.
There's nowhere else to go!
Stop! Stop! Stop.
He asked me if I lied.
He knew.
I was holding the gun.
It was just instinct.
It was automatic.
I'm sorry.
Lily Watkins's body was found.
She'd been dumped, left outside to rot.
You two were close?
I only talked to her a couple times.
She babysat my sisters.
You had a crush on her, didn't you?
Maybe obsessed?
These drawings.
It's almost like she's being watched.
Did you watch her, Ethan?
The room where I slept at my dad's,
I could see her bedroom.
She was always forgetting
to close her curtains.
So that night, you waited for her.
I wasn't there.
It wasn't me.
Explain "room I slept in."
You didn't have your own room?
Did someone else use it, Ethan?
Was it a family room? A guest room?
It was
a study.
It was your father's study.
And if you could see
Lily when you were there,
that means your father could
see her when you weren't.
You've been carrying it around
all these years.
Look what it's done to you.
Tell us what you know, Ethan.
He, uh
He said I could use his car
if I took it to get it detailed for him.
There was a barrette.
I'd seen her wear it.
But he was my dad.
So I told myself I was wrong.
I tried to forget but I could
I couldn't forget.
You know what? You need to calm down!
I told you to get back in that kitchen!
Jack! No!
- You bitch.
- Jack. Jack.
You think you
- Hey. Where are you going?
- Um
You okay?
I think I I just
I need some time.
The kitchen was here.
The fridge was here.
The flour was on top.
The ugly beads were here.
Couch here.
This is what I was missing.
There was a doorway
here that led to the hallway.
No, Jack! I won't let
you do this! No, no!
This whole time it was me.
Leave her alone, Jack!
I'm the one who got the gun.
I'm the one who loaded the bullets.
Hello? My hands are full.
I brought some dinner.
It was my fault.
- Will?
- Go away!
Will, what's going on? Are you okay?
- She was here.
- I'm coming in.
It all happened right here.
She was right here.
Here's where it all happened.
- Tell me.
- It was It was my fault.
I blocked it out. I didn't
want to remember, but I do.
Tell me, mijo.
I had a It was a foster mother, Anna.
She was kind to me.
I made her laugh.
But the foster dad, Jack,
he, uh
He hit her a lot.
He hit all of us.
You know what? You need to calm down!
I told you to get back in that kitchen!
One night, he beat her so much
I thought she might die.
I didn't call the police
because I knew
I knew they'd take us kids away,
and I wanted to be with her.
So I got his gun.
I got his gun. So I got his
I got his gun.
I wanted to kill him.
Oh, my God.
I tried to kill Jack.
I shot him.
What the hell was I thinking?
He He grabbed the gun
and he started beating me with it.
He beated me and beated me.
You're good for nothing. You know that?
He shot her.
No! Jack, no!
Killed Anna with the gun I retrieved,
the gun I loaded with the bullets,
the gun I used on Jack.
I'm sorry.
I'm so, so, so sorry.
Because of me.
She's dead because of me. Because of me.
I was a stupid kid. I should've
never grabbed that gun.
No, you were trying to help.
You never should've been
there in the first place.
You're not listening to me!
She died because of me!
She died because an
abusive man killed her,
not because a brave
child wanted to protect her.
It's not your fault. Not one bit.
Joey. Hey. Hey, yeah, listen,
I think I found a roommate for you.
Uh, you remember Crystal, right?
Yeah, no, she's really straightened out.
And I will personally guarantee
that Crystal's rent will be paid,
in advance, every month.
Okay. Fantastic.
I'll send you her contact, and
you send us both the address.
Okay, great, Joey.
Okay, talk to you soon. Bye.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Thank you. Thank
you. Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you for coming
in again, Mr. Royer.
I was just hoping you could
help me with something.
I'm happy to.
About a month after
Lily Watkins disappeared,
you traded in your car.
It was practically new.
I'm sure it still ran fine.
I, um
I think it was uncomfortable to drive.
The current owner is a
great guy, by the way.
Super cooperative.
I'm sorry, I'm confused.
You watched her that night
sneak out of her window,
didn't you?
Those long-distance fantasies,
they weren't doing it for you anymore.
You needed the real thing.
How dare you?
Her DNA was found in
your trunk. How dare you?
What did you think?
That people would just forget about her?
That you could throw her away
and go on with your life?
People did not forget.
They were destroyed.
Lily Watkins mattered.
You did so well today.
Did I?
I told that bastard
that Lily's life mattered.
That he's gonna go to prison
and we're gonna say
that justice is served.
But Lily's not coming back.
So many of those women
are not coming back.
So many of them are.
You can't lose sight of that.
You can't lose hope.
Monica Bennett.
Kemmia Pate.
Sonya Tukes.
Nikita Wingo.
Athena Curry.
They all matter.
Never lose sight of that, Faith.
- Café con leche.
- Gracias.
I'm sorry about last night.
- That was, um
- Hey, hey, hey. No, no, no, no.
Everything you shared,
I'm honored. We're family.
You know, I've been thinking
that maybe you need a little break,
change of scenery.
Let me take you to Puerto Rico.
- What?
- You and me.
Puerto Rico.
Air's different. Sun's different.
People are different.
You'll feel different.
- Antonio
- What?
that is a preposterous suggestion.
You're Lucy's son.
I missed your entire life,
and you've had a tough year.
I-I don't know.
Let me do this for you.
- Can you take it off?
- Sure.
Cooper, come on.
No, it's okay. Here. See.
You just roll this down
like this, and then ta-da.
- You wanna hold it?
- Sure.
Hey, how did it happen?
He might not wanna talk about it, Max.
- Cooper!
- I'm gonna try to go up the stairs!
Guys, seriously, pretend
like I taught you manners.
Wait, you never told him?
Huh. Can I?
All right. All right. All right.
So we were west of Haditha,
and we've been under
heavy mortar fire for days.
After we secured the area,
we found the enemy's weapons cache.
Well, it was our mission
to clear the building.
You know, one of the
sections had taken heavy fire,
and it collapsed.
Yeah. Your dad here,
he's the one that pulled me out.
Helped resuscitate me.
Got me to a field hospital.
Your dad,
he's the reason I'm still here.
You never talk about that stuff.
I know. Maybe I should.
I sound like a badass.
Guess rescuing people from
buildings is kind of your thing, huh?
Oh, it kinda stinks.
Now what?
Look at your girl.
Hey, Betty. Come here. Come here.
- Did you go to the beauty parlor?
- Oh, yes, she did.
You doing okay?
I think you were right,
what you said about me.
When? Which time?
When you said I was
more messed up than you.
I just want you to know that I'm trying.
I'm gonna try
to be nicer to myself and
people in my life.
You're nice to me.
I want this time to be different, Ang.
With me and you.
I like having you in my life.
It just feels right.
You're worse at this than I am.
You just said you're gonna be nice.
Worse in a cute way.
I like you too, Will Trent.
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